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We Make America Mapper Local 2700 — County Negotiations Update #17 COALITION NEGOTIATIONS: We made more progress atthe table on Thursday as we mace a new counterproposal fo the County. Our new counterproposal ‘extended furlough days over two years, beginning July 1, 2009. Our counter included 24 hours in each of the two years, in contrast to the County's proposal for 80 hours each year. We also rejected the County's proposal to eliminate our foating holidays and the three ‘corresponding holidays for our members who workin 24/7 operations, (On health care, we proposed to change the GCHP subvention fo 95% employer and 5% employee for Plan A and to 87%/13% for Plan B, effective January 1, 2010. The County has proposed 90%/10% and 85%4/15% to begin as soon as the contract goes into effect. It has also proposed to pay only 34% ofthe increases for each plan January 1*of 2010 and January 1*of 2011. We responded by Proposing thatthe County pay 75% ofthe increases for Kaiser and Health Net HMO January 1* of 2010, 2014 and 2012 and no further ‘change to CCHP beyond what we have proposed for 2010, We are stil proposing that the contracts expire June 30, 2012, with a wage ‘opener July 1, 2011 triggered by revenue increases. The Counly is sticking fo its proposal that the agreements end June 30, 2041 Now that we are singing from the same songbook ~ both sides are talking about furloughs, and the County has moved off ts proposal to freeze what it pays for health care —- our challenge is to find a fair compromise on the amount of furlough days and reach agreement (on health care. We also have to negotiate the details of how to implement furlough days. We sill have some other issues on the table, including improvements in the grievance procedure and more layoff protections for our members. We are continuing to stress that all County employees, including management, must make the same sacrfoes we are prepared to ‘make and have proposed specific protection to ensure that we are not lft holding the bag. We are expecting the County wil make another counterproposal next week. Management Proposals (No Change as of March 19, 2009}: ‘* OPEB (Other Post Employment Benefits) = Cap what the county pays for retiree medical at 2009 rates — 3/19/09: County's new position is to pay 1/2rd ofthe heatth care Dremium increases. Union's Response: Efiectve 4/1/10, 1/11 and 414/12 the County to pay 75% of the increases for Kaiser, Health Net HMO and Health Net EPO ~ employees to pay 25% of the increases. — Eliminate etree medical coverage for new hires: Union's Response: Reject «HEALTH CARE ~ _ Removal of dual coverage — Union's Response: Reject = _ Different ir for new hires — County dropped this proposal. = Cap employer's contribution on premium ~ 3/19/08: County's postion is to pay 1/Srd of the heath care premium increases. Create separate active employees from retirees for premium purposes — Union's Response: Reject + CCHP- Increase employees contribution (CCHP A: from 2% fo 10%) (CCHP B: from 10% fo 15%) Union's Response: Effective ‘1/4710 increase employee's medical and dental contributions for CCHP A from 2% fo 5% -CCHP B from 10% to 13% © DENTAL ~ Effective January 1, 2009 provide benefits for implants and additional exam and cleaning during pregnancy + RETIREMENT BUY-BACK ~ Eliminate Tier I! o Tir Ill buy back effective August 2009 - Tentative Agreement (1/8409) + HOLIDAY PAY and COMP TIME — Establish county-wide process on payment of holiday and comp time Union's Response: Reject - Current MOU language provides for beter benefit -thisis a takeaway from 24/Poperations ‘+ SERVICE AWARD DATE — Change practice of how employees accrue vacation when they are hired on the 1s ofthe month Union's Response: Reject - For employees hired on the ‘st ofthe month, the County has history of implementing vacation acoruals effective onthe 1st ofthe month —if we change this is a takeaway. + WAGES = 80 unpaid furlough hours July 2008-June 2010 = 80 unpaid furlough hours July 2010-June 2011 — Eliminate 2 hours of Personal Floating Holiday (24 hours year) March 27, 2009 Coalition Proposal = WAGES = 24 unpaid furfough hours to use by June 30, 2010; — 24. unpaid furough hours to use by June 30, 2044; — Wage freeze until June 30, 2011; — Wage increase opener July 1, 2011. + WORKFORCE REDUCTION, LAYOFFS REASSIGNMENTS ‘County to provide employee(s) with 30 day notice prior to being laid off - County's Response: Reviewing ~ County to meet and confer at least 30 calendar days before issuing layoff notices - County's Response: Reviewing ~ Provide for an employee who will be laid off with more seniority to bump the least senior employee in the County in the same classification — County's Response: Reviewing ~ County to recognize countywide seniority for layoff purposes — County's Response: Reviewing Union to recelve seniority ist 30 calendar days before layofs ~ County's Response: Reviewing + HEALTH CARE — Add surviving spouse coverage option for retiree (at no cast to County) ~ County's Response: Reject = County to explore with Kaiser for greater portabiity ~ County's Response: Reviewing — Increase lifetime maximum for plans — Hetime maximum for PPO increased to 2 millon ~ Tentative Agreement ‘+ GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE ~ Add expedited arbitration — County's Response: Reviewing Replace Step 4 - Adjustment Board with non-binding confidential Stale Mediation & Conctition — County's Counter: proposed mediation only by mutual agreement of County and Union if no mutual agreement proceed to Adjustment Board + DISCIPLINE County to provide Union with copy of Skelly Notice ~ County's Response: Reject = Provide Skely notices for suspensions less than 40 hours ~ Tentative Agreement No discipline issued later than 30 days of event when management has knowledge of event - County's Response: Reject County to recognize disciplinary actions are progressive — County's Response: Reject ‘+ PROBATIONARY PERIOD - Eliminate grace period to confim an employee tas satisfied probation ~ Tentative Agreement SIDE TABLE NEGOTIATIONS We met with the County on Wednesday, March 25th and spent most of the day discussing our proposal that involves the seniority rights for Animal Services Clerks (see proposal below) and other classifications that may not be accruing seniority propery. We leamed from the County that certain deep class positions may not be accruing seniority in a manner which is consistent with our MOU. ‘ANIMAL SERVICES CLERK ~ Address the seniority rights of employees hired into the Animal Services Clerk classification + EFFECTIVE RESIGNATION — Tentative Agreement resignation is effective when delivered or spoken to the appointing authority, operative either on that date or another date specified, except that an oral resignation rescinded in writing by the end of the workday following the oral resignation must be ‘accepted by the appointing authority. ‘+ PERFORMANCE EVALUATION — Establish fair consistent process that governs when peformance evaluations will be given, clarify purpose for evaluations and explain an employee's appeal rights. We are very olose to reaching 2 tentative agreement — however, we felt it was necessary to include language that states: Evaluations are not intended fo be used as a dscininary fo + VACATION LEAVE REQUEST— Notify employee if vacation time off is approved within 10 calendar days after request is made. County's Response: County countered with a supervisor to notfy employee within 15 calendar days after the request is made. Bargaining Team Response: We countered with a supervisor to natty employee within 10 work days after the request is made. We are awaiting a response from the County. We are having ongoing worksite meetings. Watch for one at your site and be sure fo attend. f you went a meeting at your site, please contact Carnie Del Bonta at delbontac@aoLcom. Ithas never been more important that we remain strong and stand fogether. NEGOTIATING TEAM Mary Alejandro, John Christolos, J, LaTonya Davis, Margaret Harris, Rosa Jaureque, Imelda Lucas, Phyilis Osenga, Jan Reynolds, Nicole Rochin, Cynthia Ruehlig