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Game Presentation Art Charades Nina Bubolz Teaching English Language Learners Drugo 1 October 2009

Game Name: Art Charades Game Objective: To review and test recognition, and knowledge (title, artist, period) of wellknown art work, and to solidify knowledge and recognition through student posing/acting. Number of Players: At least three Materials Needed: Art Cards or postcards, art books, internet searches _______________ Pencil, Chalk, etc (score keeping) ______________ _ _Table/Chairs/desks (recommended) Buzzers (optional) Minimal props (cloth, stick, etc) (optional) Student Directions: This should be a review game for art work you have already learned about in class. You have the option to briefly go over/quiz yourself with the cards, but it is more fun to see how much you and your team mates already know! Steps: For the first round, decide who will guess and who will charade. Shuffle your art cards and place them face down The charade(s) will take the top card, and pose/act like the figure(s) on their art card
Guessers will compete to figure out which art work is being depicted, and guess its title and/or creator.

After artist/and or art work is guessed, points are given accordingly. Charaders and guessers will rotate clockwise to new positions. Place the old card at the bottom of the deck or in a discard pile. Continue until you either use all your images, or reach a certain point amount. Rules: Charader-talking is permitted, unless otherwise stated. The first guesser to raise his/her hand from their desk answers first If the first guesser is wrong, the other guessers may still give an answer. If the guessers are stumped, charaders may give a verbal clue/hint, give the answer, or rotate to the next group of charaders without revealing the answer. Guessers receive one point for the correct title of an art work, and one point for correct artist (last name is sufficient).

Make and Take you will need either a small deck of art cards (print out/purchased) or another resource such as museum brochures, books, post cards so on. The cards should be kept in small bags labeled art Charades for transportation and storage. Students will need paper/pencil to keep score, and a small print-out of game instructions. If you want, a buzzer may add more excitement to answering in the game. -Arrange your class in groups so that there are two or more guessers and one charader. You may want to have 2 guessers, a team of charaders and rotate individuals. Or small teams of 2-4 people, the options go on. Diversify your groups. -In addition to art work title/artist you may want students to include an artworks period, medium, or year when answering. -Props are optional for this game. They may help nervous charaders and encourage creativity, but may also create distractions. -Let the students know that it is okay for boys to portray girls and girls to portray boys with each art work. -This game can segway into a lesson where students dress up and pose as their favorite art works. Their picture may be taken and used for a personal project, or other students can sketch them live for 5-10 minutes.