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4th Quarter Assignments

April 17, 2013-June 20, 2013

1. Video Reflection-questionnaire 2. 1-2 videos 3. Microsoft Word- header footer a. Page #-footer b. Name or title-header 4. PC parts a. Powered devices b. Power cables c. SATA & IDE cables 5. Photo editing a. Black and white b. Cloning c. Cropping d. 6. File converting Software a. Video: i. anyvideoconverter- anv ii. online-keepvid.com or YouTube Downloader b. Documentsi. PDF ii. MS word iii. 7. Shared folders 8. Website: Theme-Summertime a. Add/Replace page with new theme Summertime b. Discussion on: keeping or relieving of ownership of site. 9. Deleting unnecessary files in assigned computers. TheCleansing! 10. Other assignments may or may not arise later on.