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Week 1

Monday Introduce Theme: The Journey (15 min) Quickwrite: about what their journey means to them (5 min) Introducing history of mythology and the Trojan war (30 min)

Tuesday Introduce events of the Odyssey before Chapter 9 (20 min) Discuss Epic Poetry (10 min) Begin Character Chart as a class (20 min) Homework: Read Chapter 9

Wendesday Introduce Literature Circles (15 min) Randomly assign groups (5 min) Practice Literature Circles in groups for Chapter 9 (30 min) Homework: Read Chapter 10

Week 2

Week 3

Class Discuss Chapter 12 (20 min) Quickwrite: How Odysseus will be perceived when he is home/how it will end (5 MIn) Discussion on Quckwrite (5 min) Introduce assignment: Map of their personal Journeydue Friday (20 min) Homework: Read Chapter 13 Quickwrite (10 Min) Read The Road Not Taken, Silently (5 min) Read it again out loud. (5 min) Close Reading, in groups (20 Min) Class discussion (10 Min)

Class Discuss Chapter 13 (20 min) Introduce In-Class Assignment with Literature Circles: Map of Odysseus' Journey (10 min) Have students work on map in class (20 min)

Have students finish Odysseus' Map in class (30 min) Present Maps (20 min)

Quick Write (10 Min) Around the room Response (20 Min) Introduction to where Im from poem (10 Min) Brainstorming (10 Min) Assignment- Where Im from poem

Share Where Im From Poem (10Min) Soundtrack of your life Introduction (10 Min) Computer Lab work (30 Min) Assignment- draft Soundtrack of your life.

Week 4

Week 5

interpretation example good vs. bad (10 Min) Power of voice. Partners (10 min) learning to critique (10 Min) youtube clip (5min) Quickwrite (10min) Prep for Poems. Rubric (5 min) Pre-writing (15 Min) Introduce novel (20 Mins) Begin Chapter 1 (15 Min)

Oral Interpretation Marathon (30 Min) Introduce shooting for the stars project (20 min)

The Burried Life (25 Min) Discussion (15 Min) Brainstorming as class (10 Min) Assignmet: Finalize 10 ideas

Reflection of pre-writing (20 Min) Intro to forgiveness poems (15 Min) Discuss forgiveness (15 Min)

Workshop of character writing (25 Min) creating character profiles (25 Min) Week 6

Revise character writing (20 Min) Share character profiles (20 Min) Intro letters to Charlie (10 Min)

Outline/brainstorm forgiveness poems (30 Min) Class discussion of Charlie and forgiveness (15 Min) What are themes? (5 Min) Draft letters to Charlie (30 Min) What is Charlie's journey? (20 Min)

Thursday Literature Circles about Chapter 10 (20 min) Every group choose one person to present their assignment to the class (10 min) As a class: Venn Diagram comparing/contrasting the Laestrygonians (15 min) Homework: Read Chapter 11

Friday Class Discussion about Circe's Island (advantages/disadvantages) (15 min) Quickwrite on whether or not the student would stay on Circe's Island and why (5 min) Class Discussion about Quickwrite (10 min) Revisit the idea of "The Journey" and discuss Odysseus' journey and obstacles in his life. (20 min) Homework: Chapter 12 Have students work on map Student's presentation of of Personal Journey their personal journey (50 min) (50 min)

Biographical information (15 Min) Extended Writing (35 Min) Assignment- Finish Final Soundtrack of your life.

Music Festivle(30 Min) Reflective Journal Entry (10 Min) Introduce oral interpretation project (10 Min) Assignment- look for poem.

Project work day (50 Min) Assignment: finish shooting for the stars project

Project presentaions (50 Min) Assignment: reflectmore in depth over one item on your bucketlist.

What are themes in Perks? (20 Min) Workshop for poems (20 Min) Share other poems (10 Min)

Discussion of book so far (likes/dislikes) (20 Min) Students share poems (20 Min) Intro to character writing (10 Min) Discuss where Charlie ends up after the book ends (30 Min) Share poems (20 Min)

Read letters aloud (20 Min) Discusion and turn in letters (5 Min) Intro to "Where I'm Going" poem (10 Min) Quickwrite: What are your predicitions of the end of the story? (15 Min)