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Author Victoria Biruta Komolova September 11, 2010


Humanity in its eternal evolution is a completely extraordinary period of ascent. How often in their School of Excellence "First Principle" we said - God's plan grows out of our Gods! And now it's happened! Until a few years ago for many (and some might even now) it seemed incredible arrogance, and even more .... Yet for many, this process is now in the stage of fulfillment, and there are those who have ascended to this level evolution - taking very high and responsible mission - to God. Archangels, Lords of the White Brotherhood and other higher divine nature, nurture us and our countless hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, is now completing its evolution phase and move on to the next round of the Divine excellence in other levels So now (actually more than four years of linear time) they carry out the process of transferring the mission prepared Lightbringer people who have one of the most important tasks in the incarnation is precisely this - to accept the mission of evolving gods. So there is nothing unreal in this process not - this is the promotion of excellence, which has no limit. The presence of the gods on Earth, in the material world is also necessary because, now that there is a process, which in the universe (and in space) has never happened before "THE FUTURE unplanned." This means that more than ever it's important now, at the beginning of this unprecedented process, to get close to people and wake up the gods were already consisted of Gods people. A small digression about my climbing and improving Spirituality. My conscious way in the world of esotericism began in the early 90's of the last century. Completed a variety of workshops, schools, courses, initiation ... At such events, getting to know people, who later became associates. Came the idea of how prorabotyvat own fields, how to help the earth and humanity. I knew there was a starry worlds and planets, inhabited by gods.

It was very interesting - and how they got there? Created specifically for them planet, or have already come to the rendered habitable planet, or any way ... Later, I realized - much of it the result of the evolution of creatures that inhabit the planet or star system. This process is happening in the world. Humanity in its evolution goes back to the vibrational frequencies and the level of the gods. The planet is already more than two years in space registers is listed planet with divine civilization. This is not the advances of mankind, and all of us deserved evaluation of comprehensive development. Every man in his endless higher levels has long been accepted and live in high-divine vibrations. We can only move in the same vibrational state of our physical reality. A plan of this material with denser energies very small part of our identity and areas of her life. However, this little piece is transformed slowly, because the vibration of the material change cells, atoms, and molecules, which make up this layer, not instantly. But the process goes on, and much more quickly than could have been anticipated. Earth is gradually degenerating world order, all that is taking the growing process of crystallization and crystal streams in different forms of existence. Crystal energy fill our material world, creating an opportunity for the transformation of consciousness and systems of thought, humanity is moving on vibratsionnyms levels and plans are increasingly going up to the Divine, imbued with divine status, gradually becoming Gods. Of course, this is not an instantaneous transformation. It is a gradual process, a very multi-faceted, multi-stage, multi-level, multi-dimensional, a lot ..... We now exist simultaneously in different dimension and levels, because our true divine essence in conscious man body - it's a small part of all that we are in fact present. INITIATION AND ACCEPTANCE OF SPACE ARKHANGELSK MEET - NINA Simakovo - ARCHANGEL LYUMIRAEL Careful readers of author's publications in our schools that are sent to the contact address or submitted to, vozhmozhno noticed that it is not just a publication - is deep training materials for self-study. Site has a direct connection to the Source of the Prime Creator, other forces of Light and God's plan in all its glorious diversity. This is to ensure that the readers of publications site can be directly in the space of receiving knowledge of our Divine Teachers. And all that is written in the publications, one could activate or transform as a personal preparedness and awareness. That's how I met correspondence with Nina Simakova.

She asked me a few questions about the methods of independent work. Gradually formed a certain distance communication, sending more detailed topics for independent work. And I hear from her that she would be the first of September in Riga and is it possible to arrange a personal consultation. I myself was very interesting to meet with a person who is engaged in absentia, to see the results of this method of knowledge transfer. I got pictures of it, and realized that our meeting can not be simply consult with figuring out some parts of our programs. All around us is very important intensified divine powers, went clear understanding that the arrival of Nina in Riga, and before that it was about 20 days, it is necessary to modify a great deal in absentia. Then I still do not understand why this activity for its preparation and a very intense cleansing and transformation. September 1st we met and got to know personally. (The Day of Knowledge!) Nina was a man of very open, receptive to everything literally half a word. It is in itself a very highly spiritual essence, deep feeling and seeing (though she herself seems that it is not so!). She has a lot of his methods, programs of various activations, she has traveled the world, sharing their knowledge further. Perfect contact with the Archangels and Angels. I'm wondering why she underestimates herself. But it is still common to many, and it is an inhibiting factor for our evolution. And on the second day of our working together, we started talking about angels and archangels. At this time began contact with the Archangels, who bukvalko behind her solidified so that was viewed as a divine stiluety who surrounded us. Nina had gathered behind him a very unusual Arkhangelsk command I could call the Supreme Archangels. I have the dialogue with them and I get the problem. Many questions may arise - why I do not call the names of the Archangels - because at this level, they merge into a single Arhangelskoe space where pronounced divine integrity, each of them represents everyone. And we, too, are moving it to a state of fusion in integrity. Nina Simakov power, vibration, information, your state of DNA, all of its cellular structure of a biological body prepared to accept the new status - Archangel space. This is not channeled space of reception and transmission of information. She is the Archangel. I appeal to Nina and convey information about the opportunity to Archangel status.

Of course, she lost in the first moment of surprise proposal. But very quickly I can see how it opens the understanding that otherwise can not be. It is consent and the process. From the center of the heart of the space is an opening and the birth of the New Archangel. We obgovarivayem - what is the name of the new Archangel. Very clearly felt that the powers it gave many Archangels. Building the corresponding energy, information state, opredyaetsya name LyumiRaEl. On the physical plane were three of us, I was helped by Edwin. When the name was formed, its sound evolved by us together, it was very joyful, because we did not have differences of opinion .. Here it is necessary to understand clearly - is not contact with the Archangel, namely the establishment of the Archangel. By this extraordinary state have to get used to them and feel. Very imaginatively training to stabilize the received space formed Edwin, giving Nina how simple it is to turn out. When you take that pen or write, then do not take this pen Nina Simakov, and Archangel LyumiRaEl when enjoying a delicious tea - it's Archangel LyumiRaEl naslazhdetsya them, etc. ..... It is important to live in feeling Archangel anytime, anywhere, ever. Of course, what has happened to Nina Simakova - is its new launch pad. Archangel LyumiRaEl to independently determine their Arkhangelsk tasks together a program, what it can express themselves well, because the life of humanity at this crucial moment is very complex, and the structure of Arkhangelsk and Angelic help people, being close to all the moments of life for help, hints, assistance. It was very cool when we realized that her charge to form and your Angel komnda. It will have new initiation that Archangel LyumiRaEl hold with those who are energetically prepared and can accept such a mission.

That's it passes the transfer of its functions Archangels and other forces of the divine plan, leaving the earthly plane. When a person who has a space in its overall vibration pattern desired purity, it can consciously accept the mission departing for further evolution turn gods and divine beings. The mission of specific divine essence, leaving further evolve not only sent to one person. ETA functions are delegated and distributed to many people.

For example, El Morya left the near-Earth space of about 4 years ago, dividing the space of its energyprepared for this people, some of whom are children. Also, people are now transferring their task Egyptian Gods standing next to humanity at the dawn of the Egyptian branch of the Aryan race. This process started earlier and is still ongoing. The Aryan race, blending smoothly into the new efolyutsionnuyu form initially need again embodied Gods living near people. In the early days of the evolution of any civilization by taking the mission of the Gods, and living among the people, highly spiritual essence helps people take energy of the new world. Receiving the status of God can not do it for the demonstration of superiority. It's a huge responsibility, and service to humanity. Any new status - this is primarily the responsibility for how the mission will be completed. After such significant initiation as an initiation into the divine level (not just the penetration of the divine energies of all levels) are changing lives and commitments. We can no longer live the way they used to live. Changing the system of values, priorities. Everything we do in our everyday life on earth, has an accompanying focus - service to humanity. The new status we gain new strength and divine power that we get to help humanity successfully enter into a new vibration, pour and participate in the creation of a new world order. We need to help all others to accept this status of God. Of course, these processes do not occur in a few days. On Earth, there is much that gradually withdraws from material reality. There are people, especially the elderly and seriously ill, many of which more than gumannnym will enter into a new body through reincarnation. Many of them are very hard to rebuild the attitude, change the physical state of the highly deformed cells of the body. This is a three-dimensional physical levels of thinking seems to biological body center of all that is. And for the divine essence of who we really are, without exception, the biological body is a bit of a shell on a given day, which is easy to change if the weather come other. We have gradually come to accept Sway eternity and infinity in the ascent of perfection. Mountains. Riga. Latvia

"School of Excellence" First Principle "