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Career Profile

By Clay Emhoff

These are some of my results and explaining what they mean.

Realistic You are a "Do-er". You enjoy "hands-on" activities -- building, tinkering, fixing. You find that using tools and machinery seems to come naturally to you.

Investigative You are a "Thinker". You enjoy observing, learning, evaluating. You like the challenge of thinking through problems.

Enterprising You are a "Persuader". You enjoy leading or managing other people. You often respond well to competition and enjoy leading teams

Here are some of my career interests

Agronomy Ranch Manager

Here is what I think about my cluster

They somewhat do but I like to work by myself. I dont like people looking over my shoulder and watching what Im doing all the time.

Here are some of the results from the work value sorter
Support Relationships

Here is explaining how I like to work

Support-It's very important to you to know the company stands behind its workers and has competent, considerate and fair management. Relationships- It's very important to you that you have friendly co-workers. You would like to be of service to others without compromising your sense of right and wrong.

Here are some of the interesting jobs in my cluster

Oil Well Driller Faller I wouldnt want to do these jobs but they seemed interesting.

This is explaining what I like to do

I think some of them do but most of them dont because I wouldn't want to work at a desk all day or stand in front of a grill and cook. I like to be outside and active.

This is what focus cluster I'm in


Summarize the description of that Cluster.

In agriculture its not all about just being a farmer driving a tractor. There is a lot of chemistry in this field working with soil, animal or plant genetics.

Here are some intresting careers in that Cluster

Agronomy Ranch Manager

Agronomists are scientists who look for ways to increase soil productivity. They also work to improve the quality of seed and the nutritional value of crops. Educational requirements for agronomists depend on which specialty is chosen. Some are hired for low-level positions right out of high school. However, a bachelor's degree is usually required for applied research, farm management and agricultural product inspection Average Annual Earnings-$52,800 Average Hourly Earnings- $25.38 Kansas State would be a good school for anything in agriculture but I would want to live in Iowa.

Ranch Manger
Records information such as production figures, farm management practices, and parent stock data, and prepare financial and operational reports. The completion of a two-year degree or, preferably, a fouryear bachelor's degree program at a college of agriculture is becoming increasingly important for farm managers and for farmers and ranchers who expect to make a living at farming. Average Annual Wage-$68,674 Average Hourly Wage-$33.02 Kansas State would be a good school for anything in agriculture but I would want to live in Iowa.