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Methyl Isocynate (Bhopal Gas Disaster)

STEL:- 15 Mg 0.07 Mg /Meter TLV TWA 0.02Mg/M It is widely used chemical but it gained world wide notoriety after its disastrous release from Union Carbide Pesticide Plant at Bhopal on 3rd Dec 1984. It had been used there in the chemical synthesis of Carbonyl Pesticides & had been stored in liquid form in 2 steel tanks. The cause of the incident is still not known but at 00.30 hours on 3 rd Dec 1984 an exothermic reaction took place in one of the tanks resulting in the escape over few hours of 40 ton of Methyl Iso Cynate. A dense cloud of MIC flowed over an area of 40 Sq. Meter at a time when there was temperature inversion & the light wind. (Temperature Inversion:- Cold temperature, up in winter weather & so the gas did not go up, instead spread along the ground causing heavy mortalities). At least 4,000 people were killed & upto 1 lakh injured. Toxicity:-A) Acute:Breathlessness Cough & Throat Irritation Choking Chest Pain Hemoptysis Death due to Bronchial Necrosis & Pulmonary Edema 2) Effects on Eyes:- i) Severe Watering ii) Photophobia iii) Eyelid Edema iv) Corneal Ulcers B) Delayed Effects:- i) Pulmonary Interstitial Fibrosis ii) Bronchiolytic Oblitarance iii) Increased Risk of Eye Infections & Hyper Responsive phenomenon possibly due to Immune Disturbances iv) Teratogenic Effects 1) Respiratory:i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi)