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Fatma Akyz-2i1

Podcast Task 5
1.a. dialectical relationship between teachers and students b. Cooperative learning c.reflection d. negotiation e. participatory instruction f.active learning g.role play h. authenticity i.creativity j.four skills k. motivation and engagement l. problem posing task 2. Participatory Language Learning refers to a systematic instructional method in which students have cooperative learning. Comparing participatory language learning with traditional language teaching may help us deeply understand its princibles and superiority. Teacher role is facilitator and negotiator and stres the autonomy.Relationship between the teacher and the students is embraced.Reflection and action are two required elements in the learning process.Four skills are important from the beginning of the curriculum.Its scholars are Pennycook and Auerbach.techniques of PLT are problem posing task,songs and jingles,games,role-play,debate,field or educational visits,reflection.Formative and summative assessment are done.It may not be appealing to different types of learner styles such as introvert learners,since active participation is desired throughout the class. Students may find themselves involve in requesting, clarifying, making suggestions, encouraging,disagreeing negotiating of meaning. 3.Differences::PLL:Little use of L1 CLT: L1 is not recommended PLL:Reflection and action are two required elements CLT:Inductive learning PLL: Authentic texts CLT: A wide variety of materials Similarities:In both teacher is facilitate the communication in classroom, communication is important, students are active learners.There are authentic materials, role plays and games in both. 4. No, I havent experienced any problem while listening to the Podcast 5 and also performing the related task.