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Course Pro Forma Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan Dengan Kepujian (Matematik Pendidikan Rendah) Course Title

Course Code Credit Contact Hours Language Of Delivery Prerequisite To Entry Semester Learning Outcomes Linear Algebra (Aljabar Linear) MTE 3110 3(3+0) 45 hours English Nil One/ Two

1. Find the determinant and inverse of a matrix 2. Calculate the length of a vector, the dot product and angle between
two vectors

3. Determine a given vector as a subspace or independent vector 4. Apply concepts of linear equations and linear inequalities to solve
related problems

5. Integrate knowledge of matrix algebra and vector space in daily

applications Synopsis This course provides students with the knowledge of linear equations and inequalities, matrix algebra and vector space. The idea is extended to using Elimination, Substitution, Gauss-Jordan Method and Cramer Rule in solving linear systems. In addition, students are taught to find the inverse of a singular matrix using the adjoint method or elementary row operations. Concepts of vector space in R2 and R3 are also discussed. Kursus ini membekalkan pelajar dengan pengetahuan tentang persamaan dan ketaksamaan linear, aljabar matriks dan ruang vektor. Idea ini dilanjutkan kepada Kaedah Penghapusan, Penggantian, dan Gauss-Jordan serta Hukum Cramer dalam penyelesaian sistem linear. Selain itu, pelajar diajar mencari songsang matriks dengan kaedah adjoin atau operasi baris elementari. Konsep ruang vektor dalam R2 dan R3 juga dibincangkan.

Topic 1

Content System of Linear Equations and Inequalities Solving linear equations o Elimination Method o Substitution Method o Gauss-Jordan method Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming o Homogeneous systems o Applications of Linear Equations and Inequalities Matrix Algebra Matrix arithmetic Systems of linear equations ( up to 4 unknowns) o Elementary row operations o Determinant and its properties The Cramers rule Singular and non-singular matrix Inverse of a matrix o Adjoint method o Elementary row operations method Vector Space Vectors in Plane R2 o Introduction to vectors o Vector Operations o Properties of Vector Operations o Length of vector o Dot product o Angle between two vectors Vectors in Space R3 o General vector space o Subspace o Linear independence o Basis, dimension and rank Applications of vector space in daily life Total

Hours 15




Assessment Main References

Coursework Examination

50% 50%

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Additional References

Herstein, I.N. (1975). Topics in algebra. 2nd ed. Lexington, MA: Xerox College Publishing. ONan, M. & Enderton,H.B.(1990). Linear algebra. 3rd ed. NY: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.