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My Arguments

- I think that telekinesis is real, because based on scientific articles as a University

of Mexico, it is said that man has a magnetic body, considering this and according to the laws of physics, as a magnet can attract and move metal bodies, the human being is able to focus all their energy on a moving target and thus achieve

-Action potentials measured with a stimulus of any kind, all of this together gnera energy emanating from body, it would be hard to believe that there telekinesis (guyton,
libro de medicina, fisiologia del cuerpo humano)

-The synapse, which is a complex proseso for communication between neurons and so run to the brain also requires energy (guyton, libro de medicina, fisiologia del cuerpo humano)

-Remember that based on a scientific journal (http://www.muyinteresante.com.mx/preguntas-yrespuestas/338915/porcentaje-cerebro/) humans use all your brain, contrary to what some people think, if these energies were crammed together as a method of relaxation and concentration, would achieve acquire the ability of telekinesis - although they all have the same amount of energy in the body, not everyone might be able to perform telekinesis, in the same way that we are not all gymnasts because not everyone is able to develop this skill, that is the existenicia of charlatans, who only seek a method for obtaining money or attention, which discredits the real person doing the telekinesis