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Genital development at puberty

Stage 1 : preadolescent has no pubic hair except for a fine “peach fuzz” body

Stage 2 : sparse growth of long, slightly darken downy hair mostly along the
labia. This hair is usually straight or only slightly curled.

Stage 3 : pubic hair becomes darker, coarser and curlier. It now grows sparsely
over the mons veneris area.

Stage 4 : the hair grows in more densely. It becomes as coarse an curly as in the
adult, but there is not as much of it.

Stage 5 : has the classic coarse and surly pubic hair that extends onto the inner

Breast development at puberty

Stage 1 : consist of a small elevated nipple with no significant underlying breast

Stage 2 : is the breast bud stage. Here, there is elevation of the breast and
nipple as a small mound ; the areola begins to enlarge. Milk ducts inside the
breast begin to grow.

Stage 3 : there is further enlargement and elevation of the breast and areola
(with no separation of their contours). The areola begins to darken in colour. The
milk ducts begin to give rise to milk glands that begin to grow.

Stage 4 : projection of the areola and nipple to form a secondary mound.

Stage 5 : there is projection of the nipple only (though in some woman the
areola continues to form a secondary mound).