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This agreement has been made between Rama Tijariah Sdn Bhd, company number 1043130-v (hereinafter called the first parties) and First Bollywood Services Sdn Bhd, company number 1036398-k (hereinafter called the second parties)

The following agreed by both parties:


For the consideration below, second parties agree to perform all the work for the renovation of the restaurant in accordance with the plans specifications to be provided by first parties.

2. The second parties agree to supply materials, tools equipment and supplies and to construct by highly skilled workers excluding air conditioner and light that will be supply by first parties. 3. The second parties must ensure that any material supplied used meet specified or high quality for their intended use. Thus, before the material used it must first seek approval from first parties.

4. The first party agree to pay the second party the sum for the said work at the times and in the manner hereinafter set forth: a. upon signing of this contract RM b. on 50 % completion of renovation c. Balance RM 9000 RM 36000 3000



*10% of the balance will be keeping for one month after completion by first party.

5. Second party has to complete the renovation of restaurants within one month from the date of 10 may 2013. If the second party fails to complete the renovation of the restaurant

in time has been given, the second party will be fined to pay compensation to the first party.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set their hands and seals on this the of , 20 .