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Nature of event: Concert Venue: Coedcae Sports Hall Musicians/Acts: choir soloist Orchestra Small vocal group Acoustic guitar

Date of event: 12/19/2012 Start time: 6pm Resource requirements: 3 SM58. 3 M3mics 1 SM58 DI Piano 2 SM58 1 SM58 Mixer Channel/s 1 to 6 5 7 5&6 5

PA equipment requirements: mixing desk gaffer tape two macbooks mat two speakers power leads two speaker stands moniter leads six microphones (3 sm58 and 3 Rode m3) Two Macbooks. 1 for playing backing tracks. 1 for recording off the desk. six microphone stands leads (xlr,guitar leads and input jacks) loom Timescale: 08.50 - 09.50 Check to see if equipment works and take it down to hall. 09.50 - 10.50 Set up equipment and perform a system check. Troubleshoot if needed. 11.10-12.10 Sound check all microphones. Set levels for each one. 12.10 - 13.10 Soundcheck instruments and acoustic guitar through mic. 13.55 - 14.55 Final rehearsal with all acts. Check levels. Troubleshoot.