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A Comprefieruiae'heatise on tfu, 27 Consuffntbru

tll"strations by Venu
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No. Introduction 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. t2. 13. L4. 15. 16. L7. 18. 19. 20. 2t. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Ashvini Bharani Krittika Rohini Mrigashira Ardra Punarvasu Pushya Ashlesha Magha PurvaPhalguni UttaraPhalguni Hasta Chitra Swati Vishakha Anuradha Jyeshta Mula Purvashadha Uttarashadha Shravana Dhanishta Shatabhisha PurvabhadraPada UttarabhadraPada Revati


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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. t7. 18. ' 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Ashvini Bharani Krittika Rohini Mrigashira Ardra Punarvasu Pushya Ashlesha Magha Purvaphalguni Uttaraphalguni Hasta Chitra Swati Vishakha Anuradha Jyeshta Mula Purvashadha uttarashadha Shravana Dhanishta Shatabhisha Purvabhadrapada Uttarabhadrapada Revati *** 1 19 35 51 67 83 101

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In Vedicsystem of Astrology, knownin sanskrit as Jyotish, the 27 constellations and not the 12 star-signs form the coreof understanding celestial influences on our planet.These27 constellabons ar-e,.f1${Ul$ the 27 Nakhatas. The term "Nakhatra",when brokendown into its constituent parts :- "na/<s" meaning "sky" and "shetra" meaning"region",fandaGs into "Sky Map".Anothertranslationis arrivedat by a differentdissection 1- t'1lgllfigg't is "map" and "tara"is "star"and so Nakshatra is "StarMap',. Bothmeanings clearlyshowsthat in the eyesof the ancientvedicseersit is the 27 nakshatas (consteffations) and not the 12 rashis(zcd,iacal star-signs), whichmapthe sky. Jyotish(VedicAstrology) without nakhatras is as incomplete as the humanbody is without eyes.If Jyott'sh is the "eye of the vda",then Nakshatrasare the "eyesof Jyotish'i The 27 nakhatras, in a way,represent our journey from the momentof birth to the momentof death.The idealpath of one'spassage in life can be viewedthrough the 27 nakshatras in a short, general way : "Aswini relates to the first year or so of our lives,wherewe are totallydependant on outside supportfor our survival and operatefrom a purelyinstinctual awareness. Bharanirepresents the time, when as infants,we staft growingteeth and undergoother transformative processes like change of diet. Herewe haveto take on moreresponsibility, suchas staftingto learnto eat by ourselves. OnenoUces that a sense of primeval will, whichusuallyrelates to wantingand not wanting,is seenhere.


process wherewe learnto walk,talk etc. All this initial the stageof the learning Nextcomes of Krittika.This stagecan extendup to four or five process underthe influence happens fearning is of learningto write is also paft of this stage.A senseof discipline yearsof age. The process primordial andBharani' of Aswini awareness the purely andonehasto outgrow at thisstage required worldwith and enjoyingthe material whereone startsunderstanding Afterthis followsRohini, gathered stage. in the previous knowledge their newfound takesus andin Ardrait is time to our curiosity pointwherewe followwherever Mrigashiraisthe our experiences. and understand analyze purnavasuiswhere one's to understand comeinto beingfor the fipt time. Onebegins emotions of caring' with a sense is combined Playfulness rolein familyand society. pushyarepresents is taken. This is the age around 16, the stagewhen more responsibility andwonder' seems so full of promise whereonefallsin lovewith life andeverything of the world comesinto pictureat around 18 -20 years,where the harshrealities Ashtesha for naievete, as onetries Thereis no place our waythrough. dawnuponus andwe haveto wriggle maturityage. with Rahu's to find one'sown way throughthe jungleof life. Thiscoincides of underthe auspices are established Oncewe find our way,our identityand individuality awareof one'srootsand how takesplacearound21. Here,one alsobecomes This usually Magha. of things. they are relevantin the scheme of under the impulses onetendsto relaxandbe creative is established, individuality Afterone's at puruaphalguni. Somemightmarryand think of havingchildren for a partnerbegins. The search this time. and on family on havinga fixd role in society makingone concentrate tlttaraphatgunifollows, in which occurs individuality, thanpersonal rather social individuality, one's It is aboutfinding issues. Magha.


In Hasta, one immerses themselves in worldlyresponsibilities and affairsand tries to be clever and craftyin it. This is the time for makingplansand startingprojects. Chitrais wherewe create our works,the planshaving beingformedin Hasta are nowmanifested in reality. Swati is where we sell our creations to the world. In other words, we relate to the world throughbusiness. After the business is done and richesare acquired, a longingarisesfor something more meaningful. Thiscatharsis happens within the domainof Vishakha. This longingis only fulfilledin Anuradha, throughthe wisdomgainedin understanding the secretsof nature. Oncethis is achieved, one begins to be seen., u r"r0".,* and responsible elder-figure, under

the energies of Jyahta anda feelingof prideand superiority sets in. Mulacrushes whatever we havebuiltsofar,andshowsusthat thereis a lot moreleft to unravel and understand. In a way this is the beginning of the impersonal. lnthe Puruashadha stagewhichfollows,one feelsinvincible as the resultsof overcoming the trialsand transformations experienced in Mula.Onebegins to shareits wisdomand experience with the world,but stillin a somewhat individualistic way. ln Uttarashadha, one is forcedto lookat the biggerpictureand sublimate oneb individuality for purposes. collective Afterone'sindividuality is zublimated, onebecomes receptive to the fainterbut deeper universal voicesunderthe auspices of Shrauana. Whatever we havelearntfrom our receptivity in Shrauana, is usedfor workingin tune with the rhythmof the universal mind,as symbolised by Dhanishta. This often bestows wealth,abundance andfuffillment on all levels. . , z, ,j,

for something evenmorefulfilling. there is a longing the abundance, After one hasenjoyed overthe question of existence a placewhereone ponders Thiscatharasis takesplacein Shatabisha, itself. penance underthe influence of and austerities leads oneto severe ultimately Thisquestioning plane,in mentaland emotional everything on a material, Oneis readyto sacrifice Puruabhadnpda. knowledge. orderto gainthe ultimate whichshowsthat the is shownin Uttarabhadnpada, The reaf path to gainingthis knowledge milderand morepeaceful means. througheasier, can be gained wisdomand knowledge ultimate comes into being. or the middle-path of the middle-way Thisis wherethe understanding of complete enlightenment under to attainment way finallyleads The following of the middle philosophies, actions andreactions All dualities, complexjties, the finalnakshatra. the careof Revati, and like Vishnu, one risesabovethis oceanfree by Reuati, mergein the celestial oceanrepresented from all of them. hold by the nakshatras, the stagesrepresented It goeswithoutsaying,that for most people, in by the planetsor ascendant on thosenakhatras whichare occupied moremeaning, depending society, the idealpathoutlined by the in today's out-of-balance Especially horoscope. an individual's partially to the majorityof us. above,only applies nakhatras,as described if a learned a nativity.Forexample, still form the coreof understanding Nakhatras,however, a character and goesaboutmaking risingon the ascendant seesa chaft with Aquarius astrologer as a sign,they wouldfind that their traitsof Aquarius of the general sketch of the nativeon the basis wrongin someaspects. Thisis because non-specific andevencompletely derivations aretoo general, - all of - Dhanishta, Shatabhisha andPuruabhadrapada of threenakshatras Aquarius carries energies The sameapplies to all the and functionings. havetotallydifferentnature,characteristics whic'h planetaryplacements. naturejust because their and harmonizing to havean amiable One cannotexpecta person Moonis positedin the sign Libra.This wouldbe the caseif the Moonwas placedin the Swatiprt of



morecomplicated in the relatively wasplaced if Moon different wouldbeentirely Libra, butthe scenario nakshatra,Wshakha. whichsimplifies In this work, the studyof eachNakhatra has beendividedinto 23 sections, of their functionings. aspects of dealingwith the multifarious the process on thesecosmictransmitters It is the author'shope,that this work will fuel fufther research whichour forefathers understanding, andin timewe wouldbe ableto attainthe clearandcomplete possessed.

Thtoughout this wotlc: * Theterm 'Ketu'refersto SouthNodeof the Moon x Theterm 'Rahu' to the NorthNodeof the Moon refers

t. {shvini

o'o' - lr"zot {rfes



(00000' Aries) Aries- 13o20'

In tfu SkAt
in the celestial is represented Ketu's cnergies, especially of everything, Ashvini, the beginning vedic seers sawtheconstellation Theancient of Aries. firmament bytwo brightstarsin the constellation head,and thusthesetwo starswere seenas makinga similarpattern' of Ariesas forminga horse's (Sheratan). (Hanall & futa-Arietes as Alpha-Arietes Thesestarsare knownin modernastronomy has a visual of 2.02,while Beta-Arietes with a visualmagnitude is slightlybrighter Afpha-Arietes ecliptic,right below brightstarslie very closeto the planetary magnitude of 2.66.Theserelatively and are easyto locatein the night sky. of Andromeda, the brightconstellation

A{ame : The Horse"or the "Horse-Woman". into either "Bornof a Female canbe translated "Ashvini" as to whedterthe womanis ridinga one confused one leaves first meaning is clearbut the second later. Aswe shalldiscover headandwoman's body. with a horse's creature horse, or is shea mythical it is probably the latter. Onceagaina into "she who yokeshorses". whichtranslates nameis Asvayuj, Its alternative when we on the horseand a femaleis seen,the root of whichwe woulddiscover strongemphasis get to its rulingdeities

Ashvini's mainsymbolis a "horse's head".This symbol,as we ctln see, is in keeping with its name.A horse's headconveys the ideaof "a beginning". Onecan noticehow riderspat their horse's neckbeforebeginning any journey.Fromtime immemorial a horsehas beenseenas a symbolof polver, courage, movement and vitality. A horse's headsignifies an eagerness to act and a swiftness of approach. A.horse as we knowis alwaysreadyto makejoumeys,not for its own ends,but for the endsof its rideror othersin general.
1'", ..' t

If one hashadthe chance of beingclose to a horse,onewill realize that a horse's headconveys a ceftainamountof sensitivity and alertness. Since Ashvini liesin the beginning of the signAries, whichis seenas representing the headof the kalapurusha (the eternalbeing),it makes sense that Ashvinibe relatedto a headof somekind.The headof courserelatesto the brain,the controlling organof all bodyfunctions. ThusAshviniautomatically relatesto mentalimpulses and leadership. Horses are nervous, fidgetyand highlystrunganimals. Therefore this nakhatra carries all of these qualities in goodmeasure. !o

Its alternative symbolis a 'horsecarriage consisting of two horsescarryingtwo people'. This symbolism relates to the presiding deities of this nakshatra. Thissymbol onceagainemphasizes a needfor movement and relates to transpoftntion of all kinds.This movement can relateto materiq[ transportation m the earthor bavellingbetween diffierent worlds,realms or planes.

Deity :
TheAshvini Kumaras, the two celestial horsemen, are regarded as the mainpresiding deitiesof this nakshatra. Their namesare Dashraand Nasatya, which translateinto "bringinghelp" and "truthfulness" respectively. There'sno ancientculturewhere one cannotfind storiesand legends carrying their symbolism. The talesoften showtwo heroicbrothers travelling aroundsolving the problems of whosoever they encounter in their travels.

In the Vediclegend they are twin brothers, who werebornout of the unionof Sunand his wife hnjana, whentheywerein the form of a stallion anda mare.Onecan referto the previous author's book "Sun' The Cosmic (SagarPublications, Powerhouse" India) for the full story. Thesetwo brothersare seenas the celestial physicians in ancientVedictexts. This is wherethe healinoand rejuvenating aspectof this nakhatra stemsfrom. The AshviniKumaras are supposed to haveknowledge of all herbson the physical and astral plane;and are supposed powersto cure any disease to possess supernatural or fix any problem. They are pafticularly concerned with frictionor obstacles which might come up betweenmarried couples. Thus Ashviniis a nakshatra which promotesmaritalharmony. AshviniKumaras are also invoked to aid childbiffi. Theyare alsoverywell knownin the ancientlegends for curingimpotence and othertypesof sexualdisorders. Thisnakshatra reflects the divinequalities of thesetwo beingsas bestas it can be doneon the plane. material TheAshvini Kumaras are considered so powerful that they can makethe old become youngandevenbringthe deadbackto life.Theythemselves havea youthful appearance and never age. This explainsthe ageless quality of this nakshatra. The generosity and compassion of the AshviniKumaras extendsto the animals as well. Thereare a lot of storiesof them savinggentle animals likelambs from preying creatures likewolves. In our view, Brahma, the creatoramongthe Trinity,can be regarded as the overseer of this nakshatra. Notmanyscholars haveshedlighton thisaspect, butthe factremains that thisnakshatra represents the beginning of all things,including creation. Brahma is the architect of the universe and is responsible for all typesof beginnings. Ganesha, the elephantheadedson of Paruatiand Shiva,is also stronglyattachedwith this asterism'Ganesha also represents the beginnings of all thingsand is regarded as the removerof obstacles. It is interesting to notethat this nakshatra canbe summed up by the phrase "RLmover of obstacles". Ganesha is alsothe mainpresiding deityof Ketu,the planetrulingthis nakshatra. His - puritv,auspiciousness, four mainqualities innocence andsupreme devotion to the Universal Mother principle, can be seenmanifesfed throughthe functionings of Astrvini

Afature U fwrctbnlnt

'Spontaneous'is thewordwhich sums upthisnakhatra's nature andfunctioning. It isa nakshatra whichis wayahead of all the othernakshatras asfar as initiating anything is concerned. It is alsothe quickest qualities the nakshatras. All associated amongst with quickness likeagilityand speediness form the coreof Ashvini's functioning. Onecanseethat in orderto be quickone hasto be directand to the point.Thlsnakshatra hasa straightforward, no nonsense approach to dealing with thingsand life in general. Thenatives with prominent Ashvini neverlosea minutein converting theirimpulses intothoughts pattern, and their thoughtsinto action.This often results in an impulsive behaviour whichin its negative aspectoften leadsto rashness. All the phrases like "Hurrycauses delay,and hastemakes waste", seemto be aimeddirectly at Ashvininatives. Ashvini natives are usually brimming with life,navetivety intelligence, a quickcomprehension youthfuland eager. abilityand a happygo luckydisposition. Theirappearance is usually Theyseem is risingon the Ascendant, to age lessquicklythan othernakhatra types.WhenAshvini it makes the person shoft,athletic,robustandcharming in an innocent soft of way.In fact natives with prominent Ashvini canbesingled out by theirinnocent looks andchildish demeanour. Since theAshvini Kumaras - thesequalities are knownfor their charm,elegance, styleand extravagance are reflected in the mentaland physical makeup of Ashvininatives. Ashvini natives usually havea strongspiritof adventure andrevelin encountering the unknown. A spirit of adventurealwaysrequires courageand this nakshatra has loadsof it. It is a fearless pursuits. jumpingat from heroic Forexample, nakshatra whichderives satisfaction a person bungy the ageof ninetycouldonlybe an Ashvini type.In its negative aspect, thisquality oftencomes out and Ashvininativeshavea tendency to suffera lot as a result.The lesser as foolhardiness, evolved showa marked tendency not to learnftom their mistakes, amongsuchnatives and can de seento the samemistake overandoveragain.Thereis definitely be repeating a lackof reflection associated with this nakshatra improve and the badnewsis that thingsdon'tusually with age.

Ttrere's a distinctsenseof humourassociated with this nakshatra. Natives havea light hearted andjovialhumour and possess an abilityto laughat themselves and others. Its peculiar bnnd of humour is bestexemplified by Charlie Chaplin movies. Theconstant needfor movement makes the Ashvini natives completely useless at all activities requiring stillness andpatience. Thisisthe reason whytheyareveryrarely seen to bring to completion what they havebegun.Theyhaveenoughmotivatbnwhenit comes to iniUating new activities, but they find it hardto stick it out. r

Ashvini natives are known for having an eyefor the needs of others anda helpful nature, but in our experience they are morelikelyto be helpfulin shortterm thingsor thoserequiring quickbursb of energy. If something requires long term attention, Ashvini natives are likelyto transfertheir responsibilities to someother nakshatra type and moveonto the next thing. Theirinnateurgeto quickly moveontothe nextthingmakes them loseout as far as attaining enduring knowledge and wisdomis concerned. This is especially the casewith younger and less evolved souls.In today'shyper-materialistic day and age,suchnativescan easiry scattertheir lives awaymovingfrom one trivialityor distraction to the nelt. 'Naivete'is the keywordwhichsumsup such Ashvini types. Ashvini natives usually have an independent andconfident spiritanddon,tliketo betoldwhatto do.Thisquality is similar to thatof a wildor untamed horse. Thisis alright in evolved soulswho knowexactly whichpathto follow,but for thosewho havenot reached that levelit makes them wantto do thingstheir own way,withoutevenknowing whatto do. SuchAshvini typescan be verystubborn and unyielding, and are likelyto ignore all goodcounsel. Justlikethe wildesthorse can be tamed,all Ashvini natives can be madeto tow the line if handled with a certain degree of sensitivity and caution,mixedwith aggression and firmness. Ashvini natives usually liketo dresswelland can be seenspending u .onriOera'Ule amountof time on their wardrobe. Theyare direct,straightforward peopleand appreciate the sameQuality in others. Theyarealways fascinated by all affairs related to healing, rejuvenation andself-improvement practices of all kinds.They can be easilyfound in the localhealthclub and most of the bodily improvement advertisments seemto be directed at them,

natives they do and howthey are seen.All Ashvini liketo be uniquein whatever natives Ashvini to others.They like to think that they have to feel uniquein comparison havea markedtendency to gifu whichothersdo not possess. It is true that they havea pioneering approach somespecial things,whichmakesthem a step aheadof the rest. In the presentday and age they are tlte ones first. that are likelyto catchon to the new trendsand happenings of Ashvininativesis that they are moderateeatersand are modestin any One peculiarity they are not the showoff typesand are not likelyto their uniquequalities, Despite circumstance. anddon'tliketo be gloatovertheiraccomplishments. Theyhavea thingaboutbeingselfsufficient nakshatra. Natives underits influence always is a very resourceful dependant on others.Ashvini circumstances, as if by magic. resources underthe mostadverse seemto comeup with the required they do, although they may lackthe discipline and aboutwhatever and sincere Theyare competent have endurance are often very Ashvininatives,who required to achieveperfection. endurance comes from otherfactorsin they choose to do. Thisendunncefactorusually successful at whatever a chaft ratherthan Ashviniitself.

Mo[e of functioning :
ancientVedicseerssaw this as an Active In keepingwith its basicnature and disposition, It relates to the very beginning of all activities. as this nakshatra as no surprise Thiscomes asterism. of time and space. The original activityinto passivity force whichintroduces ls the basicprimordial creativesparkcannotbe anythingbut active.

It mightsurprise someto know that casteof nakshatras. or merchant tt UetongJto theVaishya man, but the ancientVedicseersdid not havethe above the originalcreativesparkis a business Doingany kind of the Vtishyacasteto this asterism. indication in mind when they designated with moreinitiative thanAshvini, so it and thereis no nakshatra a lot d initiaUve hsiness requires

gets connected to all kinds of business activitieson the materialas well as other automaUcally just be seenas buyingand sellinggoods, planes Business out herecannot as is mostly of existence. levels, the casenowadays. It relates to interaction andexchange on manydifferent andthe primordial, In the present unconscious motivations underlying all activity. contexthorruever, Ashvininatives gn and makingmoney. be seento be goodat doingbusiness

Qendtr :
It is a malenakshatra, sinceit is the first nakshatra and the number'l' relates to the mah qualities projectsthe archetypical masculine like drive,ambltion, aspectin nature.This nakshatra logicand initiative.It is also mainlyconnected to maleplanetslike Sunand Mars.All its presiding deities are alsomale.

tsofypartsU t{umor (Ayurvedic Corstitution):

Kneesand the top portionof the feet are the main body parts ruled by this nakshatra. Its association with kneesis evidentfrom its association with movement. Kneesare the body parts whichprovides for walking,runningandjumping.Horses us our capacity cirnrun fast because they havestrong knees.The feet againare relatedto our ability to move. It is a primarily "Vata"(airy) nakhatra. Vataas we know carriesa very moveable energyin tune with this nakshatra's basicnature.All of nature'smoveable creahrres like birds,havea Vata disposition.



Its rnaindirectionsare centre, east, south and nodfiwest.


eades(Qnrurs) :
Thefirst padaor quafterof this asterism 00" 00' - 3 20'Aries, fallsin AriesNavamsa and is ruled by Mars.This is the padawhich relatesto the most pioneering, courageous and physically activepart of this nakshaba. This padais full of initiative and bestows abundant energyand drive. padaor quafterof this asterism The second 30 20' - 6o 40' Aries,fallsin Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus'This pada relatesto the more practical and resourceful aspectof this nakshatra. It is connected graceful to the splendorous, and indulgent aspect of the Ashvini Kumaras. Thispadalikes to seethe materialmanifestation of its thoughtsand ideas. Thethird padaor quafterof thisasterism 60 40' - 10o00' Aries, fallsin Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. Thispadarelates to the light,humorous, communicative aspect of this nakshatra. This padagivesa veryquickcomprehension and makes oneadeptat all kindsof mentalactivity. It canbe jack of the zodiac. saidto be the speedy Thefourthpadaor quarterof this asterism 10o00' - 13' 2;' Aries,fallsin Cancer Navamsa ruled by Mmn. This padarelatesto the healingpart of Ashvini. This padahasan eyefor people's needs, and is usually veryin tunewith the pulse of the collective consciousness at anygivenpointin time. It is the birth placeof the emotional facultywhichmanifests itselfas empathy.

lProfessiors :
professions, Equestrian Horse Tminers jobs or sporls; & Keepers andall thoseinvolved in Equine Horse Racing Enthusiasts/Gamblers; All typesof Healing (in the present Professions dayand age Physicians, Therapists, Chemists, Counsellors, Physiotherapists, Druggists & Surgeons); Marriage Counsellors andChildbirth Specialists; Those involved in Promotional & Motivationaljobs & campaigns; Physical Arts like Dancing; Thoseinvolved in the Transportation Industry;Athletes and all Sport relatedjobs; Herbologists; Gardeners; Teachers & Educators for Beginners; All those involvedin Racing Professions likeMotor Sports; Adventure Sports; Explorers; StuntMen;Researchers & pioneers; Concretors & all those involvedin layingfoundations in the buildingindustry;People in Law


Enforcement ng"n.Lq Soldiers; Generals; Mechanical Engineers & those involvedin Engineering Professions in general; Jewellers especially Goldsmiths; Smallbusinpss ownersand Shopkeepers in general.

Q{acu :



- Grazing All places professions relatedto Equine Lands, Stables, HorseTracfts etc.; Hospitals and Places associated with the Medical Profession; Places where Herbsgrow; Botanical Gardens; Sporting Grounds; Race Tracks of all kinds;Roads, Railway Track andall othertypesof Paths meant for Transportation; MilitaryBases;Research Centres;Technological & IndustrialCentres;Health Clubs & Gymnasiums; All places whereInitiaUons and Beginnings aredone;Kindergartens & prinnry Schools.

guna (T-ssenre) anil tattwa (Ebment) :

This is a Sattwicnakshatra. It's Sattwicquality relatesto the purity and innocence attached with all types of beginnings, including the creationof our universe. What ancientVedicseersare sayingthroughthis is that - "In the beginningonly Sattwaexists,and RajasandTamasmanifsL themselves afterwards." It belongs to the Earthelement. All beginnings including the beginning of our universe have - material one and onlyoneobjective manifestation

It is considered a godly or Devanakshatra. This comesas no surprise as all of its presiding deities godlyin nature. are predominantly


Oricntation U Dispositint :
" It is a Levelnakshatra. Levelnakshatras things. This appliesalmost are usefulfor levelling withall kindsof levelling activities suchaslaying foundations literally to thisasterism, asit isassociated etc. We can seethat the levelling aspectis very importantin Ashviniwhen it fur houses, buildings roadsetc. @mesb phces like racetracks, nakshatra. This means to travelling and changein It is a Moveable or Ephemeral that it relates to this nakshatra. a moveable disposition all its furms.Onedoesn'thaveto think twicebeforeassigning This movement This is the mostrestless amongall the nakshatras and is happyonly in movement. planes. itselfthroughthe mentaland physical normally expresses

Lwnr Montfr" U Datt :

This usuallyrelatesto the monthof It relatesto the first half of the lunar month of ,Ashvinl. September or Octoberin the solarcalendar. Ashviniis also relatedto the Pnthma (lst Uthi or day) of the waxing phaseof the Moon's monthlycycle.

Atupicious Actiaities :
learning newthings; thoseinvolving and initiations, especially of beginnings Goodfor all types. and exercise; Good Goodfor all healing,rejuvenation stones;Takingmedicines; foundation Laying andageprevention techniques; physical selfimprovement on otherlevels, appearance, for improving quickness related activities; Favourable requiring of thoughtandaction;Equine Goodfor all activiUes of any kind; Puttingon clothes& Repairing vehicles or machinery fiorbuyingor selling;Travelling; goodfor jewellery;Planting Especially occultsciences; and otherspiritual, seeds;Learning astrology for takingup activities; Favourable etc.; Legal temples installing sacred itemssuchas altars,statues, a new name.


**The first padaof this nakshatra can be avoided for performing activities in general.

Inauspi^cinus Actirtitits :
Unfavourable for marriage; All kindsof endings; All kindsof activities patience requiring and perseverence; Sexualactivity; Not good for activitieswhich are heavyon the emotionalptane; Intoxication; Not goodfor completions of any kind.

lP{anetary Rytcr
The planetary rulerof this nakshatra is Ketu.Ketuas we knowrelates to all typesof beginnings andthus is directly related to the initiatory impulse inherent in this nakshatra. Amongthe plane6, Ketuis the onlyonewhichrepresents the powerof the past,whichcanbe utilised to hl the person in the present.Ketu's powerof rejuvenation and regeneration ii akin to the phoenixrisingfrom the ashes, and as mentioned eadier, this nakshatra's rulingdeitiescan evenbringthe deadbackto life. The creativity of this nakshatra corresponds primordial to Ketu's creativepotential arisingfrom the will aspect of nature.However this creative forcecansometimes be so strongand overwhelming that it becomes difficultto controlor channel. Thisis wherethingsgo wrongwith this nakshatra. Its downfallusuallycomesthroughattempting closeto impossible featswithout properconsid'eration. However when it succeeds, it getsthe pioneer label.Thisnakshatra hasa strongfaith in magicand the dictum- t'anything is possible". Fora moredetailed understanding of its connection with Ketu, the readerscan refer to the author's previouswork, "TheRahu-Ketu Experience /The Astotogy of 'The publications,India) the Lunar Nds" (hgar or Key of Llfe " (Lotus pess, usA). Marsconnects to this nakshatra, beingthe planetary rulerof the signAries.Marsas we knowis the planetof energy, and energyis a mustfor any kind of initiatoryimpulse. Withoutenergythere canbe no movement. In a way it can be saidthat Marsis the engine whichdrives Ashvini,s car


exaltation maximum with Sun,sinceSunreaches alsohasa closerelationship Thisnakshatra it is also this is the first nakshatra, and since to the number'1', Sunis related here.In numerology spiritin muchthe same hasan independent Thisnakshatra with the number'1'. connected directly whichis supposed moving entity, to notethat Sunis alsoa continuously wayas Sun.It is interesting arethe Kumaras thatthe two Ashvini canalsorecall Thereaders horses. of seven to rideon a chariot sonsof our Sun. Jupiter Venus, Mercury in Ashvini. whenplaced strongly themselves express Sun,KetuandMars and Sun/Mars of Sun/Ketu; and Rahuare good here as long as Ketu is well placd. Conjunctions to Ashvini. similar carryenergies Mars/Ketu

iloue{s andAtpfiabe* :
to "Chu"as in Chuck 00" 00' - 3o 20' Ariescorresponds Thefirst padaor quafterof this asterism or Church. to "Che"as in 3o 20' - 60 40' Ariescorresponds The secondpadaor quarterof this asterism Cherry. to "Cho"as in 6" 40' - 10o00' Ariescorresponds The third padaor quarterof this asterisrn Chocolate. to "La" as in 00' - 13o20' Ariescorresponds The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism1Oo Larryor LasVegas. its mantras to "Am","Aam"& "Im", consequently corresponds Ashvini alphabet In the Sanskrit are "OmAm","OmAam"& "OmIm"'


type ond Compati1ility SeretaI :

Its sexualanimalis a Horse.Horses are sensitive and passionate creatures and thesequalities find expression in Ashvini's graceof horses sexuality. givesAshvini The natural natives appeal and sexiness, Ashvini is mostcompatible with otherhorsenakhatraslikeShatabishak. Forsexual & marriage please compatibility with othernakshatras referto the tableson pages 457 & 458 .

Tsoteric :
Ashvini represents the primordial, initiatory urgewhich created boththe manifest andunmanifest universes. Being the beginning of all things,it hasthe powerto set anything right.Thisis why in latertimes,the physicians of the gods,the Ashvini Kumaras, wereentertwined with the energies of this nakshatra. In almostall ancient cultures, the rootsof whichbf course arethe same, one canfind the'divinephysician'archetype. Astoundingly, all thesedivinephysician archetypes areverysimilar to the Ashvini Kumaras in the sense that - theyare alwaysridinghorses, they are mostlytwins,they are born out of a water goddess or a water sourceof somesort. The AshviniKumaras are very learnedin Ayurueda, the originalhealingsystem.They revivedthe sage Dadhichi. Indra warned Dadhichi not to teachthe Kumaras (knowledge Brahma-Vidya of creation)sincetheir occupation placed them outside that realm.He promised to cut off Dadhichi's headshouldhe not heedthe warning. Dadhici relayed thisto the Kumaras. Withtheirgreatmedical abilities however theyremoved Dadhici's headand replaced it with a horsehead.Dadhichi then spoketo them throughthe horses mouth.Theywerethen ableto replace the original humanheadof Dadhici after Indracut off the horsehead. The AshviniKumaras restoring the youthof Cyavana Muni.Throughthis service to a powerful Muni,the twinsweregranted the rightto drinkSomaRasa, an immortalizing drink,with the other demigods. In Mahabharata, Nakul& Sahadeva the youngest amongst the 5 Pandava brothers were sonsof AshviniKumaras.


today in the mindsof the Welshpeople, An ancientWelshlegend,which still holdsrelevance threesonswere bom from a ladywhichhad emerged to this legend, illustrates this fact. According of Myddfai", from a lake calledlannefann.Thesesemi -divinebeings,knownas the "Physicians and wereevenableto dow downthe ageingprocess. were knownto be ableto cureeverydisease which is gaining the assumption, The lake can still be visitedtoday.This story definitelysupports Vedic religion. It corrobrates asthe ancient ground religion wasthe same Celtic now,thatthe ancient (the SolarDiety)wife Samjna Vivasvan's Kumaras. storyof the birth of Ashvini well with the puranic and in orderto hidefrom him took the bodyof a marewhileshe onceran awayfrom her husband for her,finallyfound her by the sideof performed who wasseraching on Earth.Vivasvan, austerities a lakeand turnedhimselfinto a horseand out of their unionthesetwin sons,the AshviniKumaras, were born. the fact that oceans are knownto we cameacross the asterism Shatabisha( Whilstdiscussing herbs.In besides carryingothertypesof magical carryenoughherbsto cureeveryknowndisease, of the Ocean",(pleaserefer to the author's the "Churning the ancientVediclegendconcerning India or 'The Key of Life" Lotus Experience" SagarPublications, previouswork - 'The Rahu-Ketu of the ocean.We canseethat the were bornout of this churning the AshviniKumaras Press, USA), their due to the correlation between havea strongconnection and Shatabhishak AshviniKumaras canonly of Shatabhishak underthe influence whichare caused It is saidthat diseases rulingdeitieq. Ashvini has is a kindof rejuvenation, Since everybeginning of Ashvini. be curedunderthe influence and higherplanes. mental,emotional any afflictionon the physical, the powerto overcome 'In scheme of things,Ashvinirelatesto the universal 'bhidravyapani shakti"or the powerto

is representative of the universal that Ashvini quicklyattainone'sobjective. It is clearfromthe above or delay' energywhiclr assistseveryonein needwithout hesitaUon


' ( ,on, 'fr'zt'*^ U""ILel^'2

Lq^lt^*A .. ; A

.l/u,zqts An-e--.t lt

J[^."iI1 ("%Ku4Lq-

(Cetc,stiat tturyd t Qotro \,/'^:;:r;

;, t!*ift''^fu*$+J I . k*L$ -iquL

This nakshatra is relatedto the SageMarichi,oneof the sevencelestial sageslooking after the affairsof our galary,The nameof this sagetranslates into "light". This oomesas no surpriseas Ashviniis the lightestand swiftestamongstthe27 nakshatras.


Forthosesufferingfrom badeffectsresultingfrom afflictionsto this nakshatra, the bestremedial measure is worshipof "LordGanesha". - "OmAm" and "OmImn 108timeswhenMoon Repetition of the rmt mantraof this nakshatra transitsthis nakshatra and in its corresponding lunar month,is sureto reducesuffering and bring enfightenment into a person's life. Persons who are benefiting from the positiveenergyof inis nakshatra can also increase the goodetrects throughthe abovementioned ways.It is helpfulfor themto wearvarious shades of red and brightvariegated colours, TheyshoulduseAshvini's directions, lunarmonthand U|gdayswhen MoontransitsAshvini to undertake all important actions.

E4atnp{"e :
BruceLe, the famousmartialaftist,wasbornwith Ashvini risingon hisAscendant. Hislife in its enuretyillustrates all the differentaspects of this nakshatra. Besides his amazingswiftness and quickness, the eventwhichimmediately illustrates Ashvini's energies relates to the almostmagical recovery he madefrom an injury whichdoctorsthoughtwouldparalyze him for life.


Misceffaneous :

givesgoodappearance, "Moonin Ashvini rnanners and intelligence. According to Vanhamihin, The nativeis skilledin their chosen field." The nativeis fond of dressing up and ornaments. group "Thefuorc", Jim Monison,hashis Moonin Ashvini. If we Thesingerof the 60'smusical fits him perfectly. ignorehis outbursts in publicappearances, the description


Z. $harani tr"Zo' -26"+0' d.ies


(13020' Aries- 26o40' Aries)

In tfu Skyt

a:.?:. .il

. i.,,

Bharani, the heralder of Venusian energy, is represented in the celestial firmamentby a group of threefaint starsforminga trianglein the constellation of Aries.Theancient vedicseers sawthese stars as forming the femalesexualorgan. Thesestars are known in modernastronomy as 35-Arietes, 39-Arietes & 4t-Arietes.4l-Arietes is the brightestamong the three, with a visual magnitude of 3.62,whichexplains the faintness of the stars of thisasterism. It is onlythrough being privyto somedirectuniversal (galactic, in thiscase)knowledge, that the ancient seers wereableto attachsuchimportance to theserelatively faint groupof stars.In orderto locatethesestarsin the night sky,one has to focus in the regionbetweenthe bright star Alpha-Arietes (belonging to the previous Ashvint) asterism, and the brightgroupof starsof Pleiades star cluster(belonging to the next asterism, Krittika).It is easierto locate4l-Arietes,while the othertwo can be seenlying in a straight lineon its righthandside.

"Bharani" 6n be roughly translated intoeither"Bearing" or "Shewho Bears". It mustbe noted, however, that it doesn't necessarily meanbearing a childas in the caseof pregnancy, eventhough we woulddiscover laterhowthisasterism is directly related to the womb. Thename, whichconveys a majorpartof thisasterism's primarily energy, relates to the feminine sideof natu're and its capacity to receive, hold,nurtureand destroy.

organ.In effectall the female is a "vagina", the femalesexual of this asterism The mainsymbol In all ancientculturesthese organscan be seen as the symbolsof this nakshatra. reproductive civilization, the fertilityaspectof nature.In the Egyptian wereseento represent $gans as symbols represented asthe Buckleof Isisandis seenas the doorwaybetween the vaginais symbolically and regeneration birth,death,transformation TheVedicpointof viewalsoascribes differentworldS. jealousy, restraint, caution, Theyare alsoseento represent symbols. to the femininereproductive love.Bharani nurturing and maternal sexuality, cartharsis, struggle, sacrifice, secrecy, forebearance, attributes. carriesall the abovementioned therefore worldof the livingthroughthe Since a soulfindsits entryfrom the astralplaneto the physical with this symbolism. associated female sexorgan,it is not veryhardto seethe'dooruvay'connotation between the the lord of deathand one of the eight door keepers later, Yama, f discover As we shaf the Thewombas we knowcarries physical isthe ruling deityof thisnakshatri. andthe otherworlds, in the new life in the form of a foetusfor severalmonths,beforeit finallyfinds itself manifested take beforethey suddenly allowsthingsto brewon subdeplanes, world.In the sameway,Bharani very hardto predictwhichdaythe water it is usually forms.In the caseof childbirths, outermaterial brewwithinthe heaftsand whichusually The sameis the casewith revolutions, is goingto break. to deathas well.This Thesameis applicable suddenly erupting. for a whilebefore minds of people in hiddenwaysand revelsin secrecy. whichoperates nakshatra, an unpredictable makesBharani between transportation It againsymbolizes symbol of this nakshatra. A "boat"is the alternative directlyrelatedto the proess is thus a nakshatra Bharani of existence. and realms differentplanes at leaston the earthlyplaneof existence. of birth, deathand regeneration,

Deity :
Heis supposed deityof this asterism. the mainpresiding lordof death,is considered Yama,the doorwaysor exits gatekeepers, who guard the eight directional to be one of the eight celestial

throughwhich the soulstravelfrom the earthlyplaneto other planesof existence. In the Vedic texts, he is mostlyseenas the Lordof Dharma. This apparentmixingof the deitiesof Deathand Dharma may not be instantly clearto the western reader. However whenseenin the lightof the fact it is Yama's duty to assign the life pathsfor the soulswho haveleft their earthlybodies, it cfearthat he hasto be well versedin the lawsof karmaand dharma. Yama, despite being the lordof death, isa veryjovialdeity. Hislightheartedness findsexpression throughBharani's playfulness andjoyousness. It is up to Yama to weighour actions in the present lifesothat we canbe assigned an appropriate newlife.Heis thusa benevolent deityandshould not be feared.Yama is onlyfearedby thosewhofeardeathandthosewhosekarmas are not good.yama is privy to manyof the secretfunctionings of Maya.Bharani also holdswithin itself the complete understanding of the process of life, birth and death. lali,thedarkanddestructiveformof ParuatLisoneofthethreemainfemininedeitiesupholding our universe. JustlikeYama, lGli is alsoconsidered a deityto be feared. Kali's function however is just to kill the demonswithin and without. Her form has to be terriffing because the entitiesshe dealswith are themselves crueland fierce,Herinvolvement with this nakshatra implies that Bharani is a sort of battlefield betweenthe opposing qualitiesof nature.It is here wherethe distinction between rightandwrong,goodandbad,godlyanddemonic is made. Theprocess of uprooting the negative side begins'Bharani dealswith extremes and in the process becomes the most amongstnakshatras. extreme becomes

Afutured furrctionitrg:
'Extreme'is the onewordwhichsumsup Bharani's essential natureandfunctioning. It swrngs polar between opposites likepuritanism andbohemia, naievete andwisdom, mafurity andimmaturity and lifeanddeath. Bharani is representative of the desire aspect of nature. It is thusin a waya lust for life anda fearof death.Bharani is a 16 yearold girl on the vergeof deflowering, a babyin the wombor a person facing the Yamadutas (celestial angels whose taskit is to guidesouls through the afterlifeprocess) after one'sdeath.Because qualityBharani of ib childlike is one of the mosteager


Bharani natives havea desire all of its surroundings, to experience nakshatras. Justlikea childwants in howthey experience innocence to the fullest.Thereis a primeval their surroundings to experience Theymightgo throughinstinctratherthan r@son.Mostof their feelings things,peopleand places. them.Onceagain or placate that very little canbe doneto restrain are so overwhelming anddesires comesinto picture. statusof the soul in question the evolutionary primevalenergy intopositive andwholesome immense channeltheir would Evolved Bharanitypes aboutfrom one pursuits, typeswill be akinto a mothmadlyhopping whilethe lessevolved universal and chaosreign supreme, light sourceto another.In the presentday and age where confusion throughthe mental Thiscan be easilyunderstood Bharani can be a very difficultercrgy to handle. proper guidance afterpuberty.Wthout whichyounggirlsandboysgo through dilemmas andnaievetes withoutcaution andeverything to jump intoanything are ready natives Bharani and understanding, or consideration. whichlife who canwith#nd the manyturbulences natives are often strongcharacters Bharani but nothingholdsthem hasto offer.They do get down and moanand cry like infantssometimes, and radicalchanges down for too long. They are often seen to undergohuge transformations Whenthey get set on a for extremes. their lives.This comesaboutdue to their longing throughout and have all possibilities of it until they haveexhausted path,they want to experience everyaspect 'Bharani new. There'sno set boundaryin completely no option left.hrt to tip over to something universe'. ..'

expresses this sexusually them.Thefeminine urgeinside natives havea creative All Bharani Bharani is on odter levels. whilethe malesextriesto be creaUve children, creativity throughbearing it one of the This makes between the maleandfemaletakesplace. wherethe interplay a nakshatra force whichcreates of nature's is representative Bharani of the zodiac. most sexualnakshatras indulgein, fall prey to and try to Bharaninativesexperience, attractionbetweenthe opposites. placements psychoanalyst, hadprominent Bharani Freud, the famous understand thisforce.Sigmund However everyactivityon the earthlyplaneto sexuality. and it wasno wonderthen that he reduced


hasmoreto do with love,harmony that thisforceof attraction Bharani typesrealize the moreevolved is just one of its manyexpressions. and conscious unity.Sexuality sized lipsand head,medium eyes, a prominent havelarge, expressive Bharani natives usually feature.It encapsulates all their deathlysmih. Theirsmileis their mostdistinguishable a spooky a stillness of life anddeathitself.Justlikethe sunsetemanates mystery andthe processes sexuality, are evenif theirinsides havethe ability to put up a calmcountenance, Bharani natives overnature, to exploration and learning, but whenit comes is quitehelpful Theirchildlikeness a raging torment. knowshowchildren can be morecruel Everyone for a distinct it makes type of crueltyand morbidity. for crueltycomesfrom a lackof responsibility on manydifferentlevels.Bharani's than grown-ups natives to movefrom one actionto the next without one'sown actions. It is very easyfor Bharani caringaboutthe longtermimplications. to life. They have a and energeticin their approach Bharanitypes are usuallyenthusiastic their goals It is seenthat they can only achieve in the fieldsthey pursue. strongsense of adventure guidance from a morematureand wisersource' if they are underconstant

Modc of furctioning :
nakshatra, Bharani is in actuality an extreme nakshatra. to be a Balanced Bharani is considered likebifth and extremes to balance opposing of its tendency as'Balanced'because but it is classified Thuson a whole, nativesoften leaddoublelives,touchingtwo differentextremes. death.Bharani (conveying a a senseof birth) or Sunset(conveying Sunrise their livescan be seenas balanced. (asseenin its image), is the time symbolism whichformsa paft of thisnakshatra's of death), sense why thesetimesare seenas Thisis the reason balanced. are very delicately whennature's energies practices. carrbs a lot of occult Bharani,as we shall discover, the best time for occulVspiritual Venus. potential with the planet dueto its relationship


It belongs to the mltcha (outcaste) nakshatras. It is Bharani's tendency to go towards extremes, whichprobably madethe ancient Vedic seers classiff it as an outcaste. Bharani almost always tries to breakthe socialnormsor taboosone way or the other.It is a highlyexplosive energy, which cannotusuallybe controlled within any societal structure.


It is a Female nakshatra. Thiscomes as absolutely no surprise as Bharani stands for all that is

feminine. It is the second nakshatra and the first feminine nakshatra. Just like the number'2'in numerology, principle it is the initiator of the feminine on all levels of existence. It is the beginning of dualityand maya,and within it lies the essence of the complex functionings of the feminine principle.

tsodyparc U t{umor (AguraedicConstitution) :

The Headand BottomPartsof the Feetare the body parts relatedto this nakshatra. It is (a Bharani interestlng to notethat in childbirth activity), it is eitherthe heador feetwhichcomeout of the wombfirst. It is a primarily "pitta"(fiery)nakshatra. Since all of Bharani lieswithinthe pittasignof Aries, thisclassification comes as no surprise. Bharani represents the original creative fire,whichproduces qualitywhichmakes the worldof matter.It is its pitba it veryactiveon the material plane,despiteits eafthybulkiness.

It is relatedprimarily to the arc covering the directions east,south-east and south.


(@wrters): {Podas
The first padaor quarterof this asterism 13o20' - 16040' Ariesfalls in LeoNavamsa ruledby Sun.The focushere is on creativity and self-immersion. Planets herecan be extremely self-centric andcanoftenoffendothers withoutmeaning to. Thedriveandwill-power inherent in thispadacan be usedfor positive endsif the nativityas a wholeallowsfor it. Sun, Mars& Jupiterare especially strongin this pada. padaor quarterof this asterism The second 16040' - 2Oo OO' Ariesfallsin VirgoNavamsa ruled by Mercury. The emphasis here is on seryiceand hardwork.Planets here functionin an altruistic way.A ceftain degree of organization is seenevenin typically extreme and chaotic Bharani mode. Mercury Mars and Rahu are bettersuitedfor givinggoodresults here. Thethird pada or quarter of thisasterism 20o00' - 23o20Aries fallsin LibraNavamsa ruledby Venus. Theabilityto relateand harmonize opposites characterizes this pada.Thereis however no sense of anylimitsherewhenit comes to sexandrelationships, whichcanbe eithera goodthingor a bad thing depending upon the evolutionary level of the nativity in question.Beinga pushkara padait allows navamsa for fulfillment of one'sdesires. Mercury Venus & Rahuare bestsuitedfor utilizing the energies of this pada. The foufth padaor quafterof this asteris m 23o20'- 26o4l'Ariesfallsin AriesNavamsa ruled by Mars, Theenergy hereis extreme in everysense of the word.Planets hereworkin an uninhibite( primeval fashion. It canbea highlyinventive padaif its explosive andoriginal energy canbechanneled properly. Sun, Mars& Kefuare strong here but may not alwaysgive beneficial results.Only the natural benefics Jupiter and Venus are suitedfor utilizing the energies of this padain a wise,non self-destructive way.

ProJusions :
Babysitters, professions Nannies, Nursery School Teachers; All professions involving children; connected with Amusement, ThemeParks;Children's ToysIndustry;Gynaecologists; Midwives; All


professions relatedto FertilityClinics;Motticians; All with birth & death; Professions connected Coffin Makers;ObituaryWriters;Officialshandling with Morgues and Funerals; those connected from all schoolsand styles;Tobacco, Coffeeand Detectives; Dancers Records; Homicide EtirBvDeah to Slaughterhouses; Veteranarians; connected Hoteliers; Professions TeaIndustry;Cooks, Caterers, Industry; Heavy Industry; Motor Sports;Stuntmen;Coal& Petroleum Fire Fighters;Automobile All professions involving Models; Indusfiy;Photographers; Film& Entertainment Surgeons; Industries; profussions; Industry;ProstituUon; Sfip teaseartists;Pomography Exotic the useof sexandglamour; requiring in Elitepositions extreme secrecy; Those Judges; using sexualenergies; Occultists &Tantrics & Microbiologists; Seed & Feftilizer Industry. Biologists Experts; Geophysicists; Volcanic & Earthquake

Q{acu : Tropical Soil;Volcanic Islandslike Areaswith Volcanic Volcanoes; ExoticLandscapes; Extreme Nursery Nurseiies, Schools; Children Parks; Islands; Farmlands; Kindergaftens, Hawaii andPolynesian FuneralHomes;Maternity& ChildWardsin Hospitals; Parks;Morgues; Cemetaries; Amusement Studios;ExoticNightclubs; High Film & Photography Intensive CareUnits;GynaeologyHospitals; with the above Courts;FertilltyClinics;Streetsand roadswith busy traffic; All placesconnected professions. mentioneC

guna (Essente) and tattua

(Ekment) :

from Venus's rulership of Thiscan be easilyassessed to be a fujask nakshatra. It is supposed lifu processes to the terrestrial Its relation amongplanets. is seenas the mostrajasic Bharani. Venus is very strong,In a way it can be said that it is only Venuswhich makeslife worth living.Since (all hereis primal,highlyclnrged andexplosive its expression energy, the Venusian Bharani heralds expressions). rajasic where the point in creation can be saidto represent It belongs to the Eafttrelement.Bharani Bharani hasevefihing (spewed intothe Eafthelement. transmutes forth by Aswini) the fire element

It is the force which puts a materialsheatharoundthe of materialization. to do with the process plane. Theearthyqualityof Bharani canbe easily the terrestrial astralbody,so that it canexperience animal,the elephant,is the largestand heaviestland understoodby the fact that its representative animal.

Bharani relatesto the second and seventh or Humannakshatra. It is considerd a Manusha whichsum up wlnt humanlife is aboutbr most people. houses in a chart.Theseare the houses paftner, mancares about.These arethe houses familyand resources are all whatthe common One's (killer)houses). Venus is the karaka for boththese of both life anddeath(2nd and 7h are the maraka in humanaffairs,whe$rerit be lift inbnse involvement houses and togetlrerthey conveyBharani's or death.

Orientatint d Disposition :
relatesto the hiddenaspectof Bharani, Thisclassification It is Downward Looking nakshatra. influence As we havediscussed dm't corneto the surface earlier,evenb brewingup under Bharani's in a womb,Bharani likesto until the very lastmoment, Justlikethe act of sexor a foetusdeveloping keepits activities hiddenfrom view of others. is clearfrom Bharani's It is a Fierce nakshatra. The intent behindthis classification or Severe in jobs requiring fierceactionslike rulingdeities.Yamaand Kaliare both fiercedeitiesinterested of chihbifth (ruledby Bharani) cuttingthe lifeforce againsttheir will. Eventhe process of lifeforms is a painfulprocess. amongst all naturd In fact it is considered b be the most painfulexperience processes on the earthlyplane. __


Lunar Montfi d Day:

It relatesto the secondhalf of the lunar month of Ashwin.This periodusuallyfalls in the monthof Octoberin the solarcalendar. Bharani is alsorelated to the Chatwtithi(4thtithi or day)of the waxingand waningphases of the Moon's monthly cycle.

AuspiciousActirtitits :
All Creative Activities arefavoured; for Severe, Good Cruel,Destructive, Competitive or Warlike activities; Sexual, Amorous & Procreative Activity;FertilityRites& Agricultural Activities; Beginnings & Endings; Gardening; Alltypeof activities whichrequire useof fire; Good for takingcareof postponed or neglected activities; All activities requiring spontaneity; Ascetic activities requiring self-discipline; Fasting & other purificatory rites; Dealing with children

Inauspiri^ons Actioitits :
Mostunfavourable for travel(Bharani relates to trafficjams and accidents); Not goodforslow & gentleactivities requiring calmness or serenity; Not goodfor Initiations; In the present day & age it is betterfor endings than beginnings.

e{anetary fot[er :
The mainplanets connected with this nakshatra are Marsand Venus. Marsis rulerof the sign Aries,and Venusis the mainplanetary rulerof this nakshatra. Venuscan be saidto be born in Bharani. As discussed in the Esoteric Section, Venus is a planetsirongly connected with birthand renewai. Venus in Bharani actsas a'bringerof life'.In combination with Mars,which, being the ruler of the signScorpio signifies death,Venus signifies the universal cyclicprocess of life anddeathon all levels of existence,especially biological.


According to the outer planet to one schoolof thought both Mars& Venusare connected Pf creative source and is equated with Shiua.InGreek uto. Plutohasalways beenseenas the hidden, legends, it is supposed to hide in the underbelly of the earth and is responsible for the fertility of earth.Mars& Venusare the two planets mostconcerned with feftility and interplay with the sexes. Nowadays,it has become fashionable men with Marsand womenwith Venus,but the to associate truth is that it is the malewho creates whib it is womenwho createand house the sperm(Venus), (Mars)the new born. Conjunctions of Marsand Venusin a nativitycarriesan energysimilarto that of Bharani. Saturn reaches its maximum debilitation in this nakshatra. Bharani is the warm placeof creativity anddelay.It is easyto seehowthey don't go andfertility,whileSaturnis a coldplanetof obstruction together. Otherplanetsusually do well in Bharani, as longas Venushasa refinedplacement in the chatt

: iloutek an[ Afpfra.he*

The first padaor quafter of this asterism13o20' -16" 40' Ariescorresponds to "Lee"as in Liam. padaor quarterof this asterism The second 16o40' - 20o00' Ariescorresponds to "Lu" as in Lulu. The third padaor quafter of this asterism corresponds to "Lay"as in 20" 00' - 23o 2O'Aries Layla. The fouftfr pada or quafter of this asterisrn23" 20' - 26 40' Ariescorresponds tO "Lo" as in Logan. its mantrais "Om In the Sanskit alphabetBharani corresponG to "Eem"and consequently Eem",


: type an{ Compatihi[ity SeretaI

andsomewhatsensual creatures. Elephants are slowmoving is an Elephant. Its sexual animal in sex.It is very hardfor other elephantine appetites animalrepresents The elephant as a sexual (the otherelephant), Bharani is the most to satisff Bharani. of Revati na$hatras,with the exception and promotessex in all its differentforms. Howeverin its extreme sexualamongstnakshatras itself in it to the point of perversion. or immerse aspectit can ihun sexcompletely please referto the tableson pages 457 with othernakshatras Forsexual & maritalcompatibility & 458.

can be arrivedat from the studyof the planetVenus. esoteric understanding Mostof Bharani's Venus is the onlyplanet which be seenasa plbnet), is a starandthuscannot Besides the Sun(which periodically of birth and death. a process undergoes 584 day cycle,which it makesfrom beingthe The Mayancalendarwas basedon Venus's illumines the skies as the morning starfor a 236day star.Venus morning starto beingthe evening period.After that Venusdisappears as the evening star for 250 days,and for 90 days.It reappe.ars in the east.This of 8 daysbeforeit reappears relatively briefdisappearence thenthere is the second makes a total of 584 days. in the west, too risesin the in the east,to disappear We can seethat just likethe Sun,Venus all ancient cultures sawVenus as it diesandis bornagain, in the east.Because to onedayreappear principle. with the well springof life is the reason why Its connection representing the rejuvenative an occultplanet. Venusis considered (celestial of the Daityas demonicbeings)and the the preceptor In Vedictexts Shukracharya, presiding the knowledge to raisethe to be an adeptat SanjiviniVidya, deity of Venus,is supposed godly beings)doesn'thavethis the preceptor of the Deras(celestial deadto life. EvenBrihaspati, weakerin comparision to Daityas. the Devas knowledge, a fact which renders


All goddesses, especially the fertility goddesses, are connectedwith Venus.The May Day celebration on ls of Mayformsan integralpartof the Celtic traditions. The interesting thing to note is that Sunis transiting year. through Bharani on ls of Mayevery Thisis whythe Celts sawthisasan opportune timeto practice fertilityrites,just likethe Mayans chose to do it in the 8 daydisappearance of Venus. Onemustrealize that all cultures, whichplaced strongimportance on Venus aboveall else, hadrootsin the celestial Daitya lineages. Theharsh andcruelbehaviour of the Daitya racein Puranic legends can alsobe understood from the crueland severenatureof Bharani. Birth and deathare complementary processes, in the sensethat everydeath is a beginning and everybirth is an ending. Whena balance is achieved between birthand deaththe soulfinds progress. easyevolutionary However if the soul finds it hard to confrontone or the other,severe situations andturmoil arethe result. Bharani is the nakshatra of karma andreincamation, oneof the leastunderstood concepts in modern times,especially in the western world.Bharani is the namefor the stagewherethe masculine and the feminine, which havecomeout of a singlegenderless source,copulate, and in doingso, carryforwardthe process of creaUon.

Qotra (Cetzstiattitwage) :
This nakshatra is relatedto the Sage Vashishta, one of the sevencelestial sageslookingafter the affairsof our galaxy. The nameof this sagetranslates into "possessor of wealth",which is in keeping with this asterism. Bharani hasa tendency to be financially well off, as impliedby the sage's name.On the otherhand,we can inferthat this particular sagehasa lot to do with life and death processes withinour galaxy, ..:,;J,.

Onegoodway of gettingin touchwith the energies of this nakshatra is to meditate on death. Worship of Yama, the god of deathand dharmais alsohelpful.However the bestway to masterthe

deity, Worship of any feminine of Kali,the darkgoddess. is throughthe worship of Bharani energies gains). (especially for material is alsoauspicious fertilitygoddesses especially - "OmEem"108timeswhen Moontransitsthis of the root mantraof this nakshatra Repetition suffering and bringenlightenment lunarmonthis sureto reduce and in its corresponding nakshatra life. into a person's the can alsoincrease from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra who are benefitting Persons for themto wearmixtures of white,red ways.It is helpful goodeffects throughthe abovementioned lurar monthandthe dayswhen Theyshoulduseits directions, darkshades. and blackand generally actions' all impoftant Bharani to undertake Moontransits

Bharani's one of the richestwomenin Asia,has her Moonplacedin Bharani. ImetdaMarcos, wellknownfor her massive in her life.Shebecame is exemplified extremes to givematerial tendency She has also had her shareof the harsh numberran into thousands. shoecollection,whose bringsinto the livesof thoseit affectsstrongly. events,whichBharani transforrnative

healthy resourceful, honest, natives are "resolute, Moonin Bharani to Varahamihira, According in Bharani, and alsohas his Moonplaced and happy".nob Dylan,the famoussinger-songwriter, dictatesseemto applymorein his case. Varahamihira's


l. K;*iLu

26"+0'\nes - lo"oo'faurus


(26o.40' Aries- 10o00' Taurus)

In tfu SkU'
in the celestial firmamentby a well known Krittika,the seedof solarenergy,is represented groupof sevenbrightstarshuddled togetherin the star clusterof Pleiades. The ancient Vedicseers and attachedimmense importance saw these sevenstars as forminga necklace to their role in gafactic (Alqone), These starsareknownin modern astronomy as 27-Tauri(Atlas), Eta-Tauri affairs. 23-Tauri(Merope), t7-Tauri (Electra), 29-Tauri(Pleione), l9-Tauri (Taygeta)& 2l-Tauri (Maia). Alcyone is the brightest amongthis group,with a visualmagnitude of 2.88.Thesestarsare very easilyvisiblein the nightsky because of their closeproximity to eachother.In fact they standout in 'the nightsky morethan any otherobjectbecause of this uniqueness. In orderto locatethesestars in the night sky, one has to focus in the region to the right of the the bright star Alpha-Tauri (Aldebaran, belongingto the next asterism,Rohini).

"Krittika" translates simplyinto "The OneWho Cuts"or in a pluralsense"The Cutters". This qualityof this simple,directand straght forwardnameis very muchin keeping with the essential 'The Cutters" asterism. hererelates to a feminine aspectratherthan a maleaspect and as we shall (or the sevenwives)of the sevenmain discover later,this asterism is relatedto the'sevenKrittikas' sages looking afterthe affairs of our galaxy.


Its main symbolis an axe, razoror any sharp edgedinstrumentlike a bladeor knife. This All sharpinstruments relates to ib name,whichimplies cuttingand penetration. symbolism obviously purposes. A knife,for example, can be usedfor or destructive can be usedfor both constructive can be used for or hurting someone. In the sameway, Krittika'spenetration cutting vegetables layers functionings. On the otherhand,it can be of mentalandemotional cuttingthroughsuperficial its destructive aspectis constuctive harmout of angeror enmity.In somecases, usedfor causing pointof view,especially or evil. whenthoseat the end of the bladeare crooked from a universal Thisas we shallseein the next A flameof anytype is anotherwidelyusedsymbolfor Krittika. with Agni,the lord of the fire element. relatesto its association section, The elaborately ornatefeathers of the is anotheralternative symbolof this nakshatra. Peacock paft of this nakshatra. martialnatureof the masculine relateto the exuberant male peacock (please referto the image). vehicle of the maleruling deityof thisnakshatra is the chosen A peacock featheron top of his headand his early life, underthe careof his Krishna alwayswore a peacock (referto the DeitySection). reveals the essence of this nakshatra fosterparents,

Deity :
godly forces,is the primaryruling deity of this of the celestial l@rttikeya, the commander by the aforementioned andwasraised amongShivaSsons Heis oneof the mostprominent asterism. sages).As we can see the name "Krittika"and Krittikas(the sevenwives of the sevencelestial are the fostermothers implied that Krittikas roots,and it is automatically havecommon "Karttikeya" is relatedto fostercareand nurturingof all types. Thusthis nakshatra of a boy calledKarttikeya. preceding in Puranic texts,are as follows:lGrttikeyat bifth, as menUoned Thecircumstances and in their "At one point in time, the gods had lost all of their territoryto the demons, to interyene directly, but his disability to helpthem.Shivaexpressed askedLord'Shiva despera$on


promised that he wouldproduce a sonwhowoulddealwith their problems. Thereare manydifferent versions on how lGrttikeyawas actuallyborn (pleaserefer to the Esoteric sectionfor a common (Pleiades version). However all textsagreewith the fact that he wassentawayto the Krittikas star cluster)in orderto hide him from the demons. The demonshad cometo knowthat this child was born for destroying them and were searching all over to find him, so that they coulddestroyhim first, whilehe wasstill a baby.Hidden from everyone's eyes,the seven wivesof the sevenrishistmk careof lGrttikeya, and as soonas he reached boyhood, he fulfilledhis purpose by destroying the demonic forces and restoring the heavens to the gods." If properlyunderstood, all of Krittika'snature and functioningcan be understood from the abovelegend.Krittikarelates to a senseof imminent danger, whichleadsto secrecy, seclusion and hiding asa result. It relates to the careandnufturing of anything in ib young, delicate sbate andthis is the reasonwhy Moon reachesits maximumexaltationin the secondpada of this nakshatra. Karttikeya's heroicvalorous deedsare mirroredin its functioning is well. Agni, the god presiding over the "fire" elementin nature,is the secondary ruler of Kriftika. Fieriness isdefinitely' required for thecombative andmilitaristic nature of thisnakshatra, assuggested by the war generalpost of Karttikeya. The fire symbolism here can be interpreted at a varietyof levels. On a physical levelit represents the digestive fire, whichconverts the foodwe eat into usable energy.This makesKrittikaan energeticand physically activeasterism. On a mentalplane,fire relatesto the ability of the mind to assimilate new knowledge. The mentalfire constandy seeks knowledge andexperience in orderto keepitselfburning. Thisnakshatra therefore relates to curiosity and an inclination to venture out into unknown areas. On the astraland moresubtleplanes, fire relates principle to the purifoing in nature. It burns awaythe karmafrom previous lives,so that a sense of unitywith the original creative source may be achieved. Krittika,on an esotericlevel, seryesthe functionof puriffing the soul throughthe fires of knowledge and experience.


the actualstarsof as they represent We must not forgetthe sevenwivesof the sevensages, and all its maternalqualitiescome from nakshatra Krittikais a semFmaternal this constellation. the mindandthe Thesesevenwomencanin a way be seenas the five senses, thesesevenwomen. perceptivity mind' of the innocent the limitless then represents TheirchildKartikeya, consciousness. of thesewivesfrorn behind the separation with the reasons associated Thereare manylegends in the Esoteric (theseven Wewill touchupononeof theselegends sages). celestial theirhusbands the fact that thesesevenwivestrainedand we just needto acknowledge In the meantime, Section. the "educational" This fact reveals of knowledge. baby lGrttikeyain the varioussystems educated where traininggroundor university, aspect of Krittika.Krittikais a sort of celestial and "institutional" to pursueone'slife purpose. trainingnecessary one receives

A{ature A funrtioning :
thisone word'Krittika'and hasits rootsin the sanskrit word'critical', It is clearthatthe English qualitylendsitselfto piercing Krittika's basicnatureand functioning. wordsetsthe tonefor Krittika's andfault findingpartof humannature.Krittikaaimsto get to the rootof any actiono'r the criticizing the apparent whichoftenlie between across all the impefections, it comes andconsequently situation its in achieving it seesthemas obstacles because tolerateimperfections doesn't andthe real.Krittika fixed goals. decidedly planetsplacedin Krittikagive one pointedaction and fiery burstsof energy.They act in a and don't approach havea directand straightforward Krittikanatives manner. and explosive sudden whichoften offendsor like to beat aboutthe bush.They usuallyhavecuttingand blunt manners that Krittika nativesare good at those aroundthem. One must howeverremember intimidates all the time' Theydo so only graces puttingup social and do not act in a cuttingor sharpmanner temper,but it doesnot lastfor morethan a few seconds' Theyhavean extreme when roused. lastfor verylong, angerdoesn't Sun's anger. than Mar's angerrather Sun's exemplifies Krittika to stayangry doesnot need TheKing(Sun), attitude. on with an avenging angerlingers whileMar's


for longto declare war,whilethe Soldiers (Mars), whoactually fightthe battle, needsusbained anger to keepthem interested in battles. Krittikanativesusuallyhide their caring,nurturing and maternal side beneathhard, stern exteriors'Fire,despiteits dangerous and destructive potential, cook our food, warmsus up on a coldday and helpsmakemostof the thingswe requirefor a comfortable living.In other wordsfire is what makes possible. ciVilization Goingonestepfurther,we find that Sun's fire makes lifiepossible on earth.Thisis the reason why Krittika natives are usually the life-sustaining element withintheir social sphere' Theyliketo support othersaroundthem throughtheir warmth,independence and will-power. In somecases this maybe excessive and the resultis similarto overcooked food. Krittika natives can alienate thosearound them by theirsharptongueand natureeventhoughthey don,t haveany realmalefic intent. In the universal scheme of things,Krittikarelates to "dahana shakti ', - the powerof the astral bodyto cut its tieswith the physical body.Its symbolism hasheataOove anOtightbelow. Thisrelates Krittikato all the functions of fire - purification, cooking,melting,moulding etc. Firealsosuggests the creativepotency of the nakshatra and itjs saidto havea strongassociation with ttre Moon.In this waythe Moonrepresents a receptive fieldor channel throughwhichthe creativepotential of the Suncanunfold. Krittika onlyactswhenit hassomekindof direction to go in andso individuals with the nakhatra prominent in their charts,havea peculiariy startling andsudden way of eruptingwhen their Krittika energy is activated. n

On a spirituallevelthis nakshatra can provideintense awareness and allowsone the abilityto undergo eltreme formsof purification. On a spirituallevelKrittikais foreverdevotedto cutting its way alonga clearpath towardsthe development of one'strue inner natureand thereforewill slay any obstruction, inneror outer whichblocksib path.when it is strongin a nativityit indicates suddentransformations/ups and downsin life.


of functionirg : Mod.e
of the that the commander It is sacrosanct to be an Activenakshatra. Krittikais considered armiesbe anythingbut active.No matterwhichway one looksat Krittika,all one finds is celestial or battle. nurturing,education activity,whetherit be in the field of leadership, resgess

Krittikato be classified Onemay haveexpected or brahminicalcaste. to the priestly It belongs nature.The reasonwhy the seerssaw heroic,warrior-like Karttikeya's as a khatriya, considering and knowledge with learning, of its intenseinvolvement is because as brahminical, thjs nakshatra with purity. and concerned altruistic It is naturallyphilosophical, education.

relatesto the maternalnatureof this obviously This classification It is a Femalenakshatra. by the sevenwivesof the sevensages' as exemplified nakshatra,

d trtnnor (Ayrnrte[icConstiwtion): tsodyparts

Hips,Loinsand the Crownof the Headare tlE bodypartsrelatedto this nakshaJra. .; Its kaphaqualitymustarisefrom its relationship (watery)nakshatra. It is a primarily"Kapha" with Venus,a primarilykaphaplanet.The fact that Moon,anotherkaphaplanet,finds maximum to havea is supposed this. Its rulingdeity, Karttikeya, re-emphasizes exaltationin this nakshatra, humor' with the kapha associated body,whichis normally lustrous

Directbn :
to south. from east,south-east the directions to the arc covering It is relatedprimarily


eadss (Qtarters) :
The first padaor quarterof this asterism 26" 40' - 30o 00' Ariesfalls in Sagittarius Navamsa ruledby Jupiter. generous pada. Thisis a highly moralistic, andaltruistic There's a daredevil element to this pada,whichconnects it to one type of militarypurs:it or the other.It is the explorerof the zodiac.Planets heregive a lot of will power, strengthand stamina. Sun,Mars,Jupiterand Ketuare especially stronghere. padaor quarterof this asterism The second 00o00' - 3" 20' Taurus falls in Capricorn Navamsa ruled by Saturn.This padaalso has a strongsenseof ethicsbut its visionis more materialrather than mental or spiritual. Evenits spirituality is expressed throughmatter. The emphasis hereis on arranging matterto create a nufturing and motherly environment. The maternal aspect of Krittika's functioning isat its peakhere.Natives undera stronginfluence of thispadagetandprovide sustenance when it mattersthe most.Moonreaches its maximum exaltation in this pada.Marsand Saturnalso functionstronglyhere.However Mar'splacement here has moreto do with receiving nourishment ratherthan providing it. Thethirdpada or quafter of thisasterism 3o20' - 6o40'Taurus fallsin Aquarius Navamsa ruled pada.It combines Thisis alsoa humanitarian by Satum. andaltruistic futuristic visions and ancient knowledge on a weaveof fixed principles. The emphasis here is on 10s housesignifications like oneb collective duty.This padapromotes all typesof learning and canthus be calledthe university getsdebilitated of the zodiac. Since no planet in Aquarius, all planets canfunction wellhererelating to theirown specific domains. Thefoufthpada or quarter of thisasterism 6040' - 10" 00'Taurus fallsin Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter, Thispadahasthe ability plane. to manifest its deepsensitivity on a material It promotes groupwork of all types in a joyful, benevolent way. Planetshere are more creativeunder group padaandso all planets Thisis a Pushkara situations. navamsa goodresults arecapable of conferring here.Jupiter, Venus and Ketucanmakethe fullestuseof the energies of thispada,whileMercury is a liftle out of sortshere.


professions in general; Technical in authoritypositions; & People Generals Critics;Managers; Fencers; Swordsmen; Surgeons; Judges; professions; Lawyers; related University Educators; Teachers; Arts involving Creative Blacksmiths; people who makeswords,knivesand othersharpinstruments; Police;Fire All MilitaryProfessions; and Glassmakers; Jewellers the use of ftre basedprocesses; connected Professions & Orphanages; Homes who work in Foster Those Experts; Explbsive Fighters; alcoholism, smoking, to drugaddiction, it be related whether of all kinds of Addicts to Rehabilitation or for Self-Improvement & techniques methods in promoting involved Professions weightproblems; involving or worship measures strongpurificatory who promote Teachers Spiritual SelfAssertiveness; Dart Professional or Fire Sacrifices; fire like Fire dancers involving the Sun or Fire; Professions likeEmbroiderers useof needles Workinvolving Tailors; & Hairdressers; Barbers players or Archers; likebricks clayobjects who make Those Cook of all varieties; & Miners; Golddiggers or Vaccinators; or Trade Utensils Thosewho makeCooking makers; objects;Furnace or ceramic for buildinghouses useof fire and sharpobjects. involving tools; All professions

{P{acu :
Meadows; lands;Cattleranches; placeswith hot climates;Deserts & Arid lands;Agricultural Buildings; Universities; Government & testinggrounds; Bases Military areas; Volcanic forests; Tropical fire in one areasusing & Industrial Factories in general; Mines Orphanages; Centres; Rehabilitation with the connected within homes;all places devices Heating Furnaces, form or the other; Fireplace, abovemenUoned Professions'

an[ tattw"s (Et"enunt)j Qu.na(Essenre)

with dynamicqualitieslike individuality, due to its association nakshatra Krittikais a Rajasic and initiaUve. leadership projection, motivation,


threefourthsof this because Thisdoesn'tcomeas a surprise It belongs to the Earthelement. manifests itselfthroughthe The fieriness of this nakshatra nakshatra lie in the earth sign,Taurus. food". Krittikarepresents all this is to seeKrittikaas "cooked earthelement. Oneway to understand just as food is made matterwhich is madeusefulin someway by the actionof the fire elemeng palatable of heating. by the process

gana EWr) t
qualityrelates Its demonic nakshatra. to its cold-blooded, It is considered a nkhas or demonic merciless approach to acts of violencelike killingetc. It works by the "tit for tat" dictum and is usually unforgiving.

OriBntatbn d Disposition :
In keepingwith its penetrative nature,Krittikais alwaysmore nakshatra. It is a Downward in relation to our planet,Krittikawouldrelate interested in what is belowthe suface. Forexample, in place.On a morepersonal level,one will find that the to the fiery core,whichkeepsthe surface provoked latentfieriness hidden,unless by someexternal of a Krittikanativeremains agency. It is a Mixednakshatra i.e. it alternates between sharpand soft. Ib sharper sideis exemplified armies, indulges in sharpactions likeattacks, wars by Karttikeya, who as the general of the celestial purposes. and battles.Krittikausually usesits sharper sidefor commanding Its softersiderelates to qualities the nurturingand maternal of the sevenwives.(Please referto the Deitysection).

Lunar Montfi U Day :

It relates to the first halfof the lunarmonthof lhrttika, whichusually fallsin lateOctober, early November.
i;. :.'*:tr:t !. .r , ;.:+; t'.


(6d1 of the tithi or day) of the waxingand waningphases Kriftikais alsorelatedtothe Shashti monthlycycle. Moon's

AttspbionsActiaitizs :
Making swiftchanges andsudden endings; rites;Giving Purification up old habits; Fireworship; Making important decisions; Military ability; leadership andexecutive Acb requiring initiative, courage, Cooking; Sewing & Embroidery; Cutting; Debating; Standing up for oneself; and Interests; Activities & nurturing activities; Goodfor involving the useof fire or hea! All mothering All activities Shaving; new venturesin general;Goodfor activities ventures;Goodfor commencing startingeducational Mostactivities honesty Drumming & Percussion; of discrimination, and frankness; requiring a sense are favourabh in this nalshaba.

InauspiciousActiaitics :
Waterbasedactivities. Restor relaxation; Diplomatic activities; .,socializing;

etmctotyfuter :
givingit a lot of energy, independence and power. TheSunis the mainrulerof this nakshatra, pride, which characterise andselfmotivation ambition insight, rulership indicates thepenetrating Sun's fashion. in a straightand relentless Krittika.Just like the Sun,Krittikagoeson about its objectives energies of the two militaryplanetsmakeit harsh The combined by Mars. Thefirst padais co-ruled or enemies that comein its anyobstacles conquer It canruthlessly andfunctioning. in its approach path. ...

enemies andthusthe are natural SunandVenus areco-ruled by Venus. Therestof the padas extremes and Dionysian part of Krittika the Apollonian has moreto do with harmonizing Taurus It helpsto understand that in Krittika militantapproach. ratherthan havinga cuttingno nonsense


energyand this is the reasonwhy Moon to venusian the solarenergyis strongerin comparision getsexalted here.Thedynamics (Sun'sQueen between SunandVenus hierarchy) in the planetary (Moon's) asthe hidden minister or the Queen's Venus is usually described to understand. arenoteasy Venus relationship with it is obscure. and thus the King's(Sun's) ministerin the planetary hierarchy into Krittika's hot, strictdomainmakingit a more however bringsin love,caringand harmony whichsffivefur knowledge and forms are bothcreativeplanets balanced nakshatra. Sunand Venus functioning. the coreof Krittika's in a horoscope carries to Krittika. or exchange energies similar conjunction Sun/Venus, Sun/Mars givestrongresultsherebut as alwaysalot depends on the padathey Sun,Marsand Venususually occupy.

'loute{sanl Ahfrabe* :
26o40' -30o00'Ariescorresponds to "A' as in Arden. Thefirst padaor quafterof this asterism padaor quafterof this asterism 00o00' - 03o20' Taurus corresponds to "Ee"as in The second Eagle. to "Oo" as in The third padaor quafter of this asterism3o 20' - 6o 40' Tauruscorresponds Uzbekistan. 6" 40' - 10" 00' Taurus corresponds The fourth padaor quafterof this asterism to "Ay" as in Elliott. In the Sanskrit alphabet Krittikacorresponds to uI", "Oou and "U" consequently its mantras are "OmIm", "OmOo"and "OmU".


: and Compatihility Seryat'Type

creature, Its sexualanimalis a Sheepor Goat,an animalwhich is seenas a rather passive andfighting is capable of muchaggression symbol of the signAries, the animal however the Ram, qualities whenroused. please referto the tableson pages with other nakshatras compatibility Forsexual& marriage 4s7 & 458.

was Oneof them saysthat Karttikeya relating to the birthof Karttikeya. Thereare manystories with Sunand the spermfallingon earth.Shivaherecan be equated bom as a resultof Shiva's by the sign whilethe eafthis represented principle in the form of the signAries, masculine original Krittika,as we know,is the of theseenergies,'and suggests a mingling Taurus. This tale therefore Krittika is the of solarenergy. andis the initiator Aries andTaurus, the signs nakshatra whichbridges itself into the Eafthelement. point in creation wherethe Fireelementconverts Krittikain the skies,hasbeenan object whichas we knowrepresents Thestar clusterPleiades, by the seven sinceancienttimes.It is the placewherethe sevenwives(represented of veneration star cluster)of the seven starsthat are part of the Pleiades brighteststarsamqngthe seventeen These to reside. Bear)aresupposed Great starsof the constellation (represented by the seven sages as we know,is the lGrttikeya, youngerson Karttikeya. to Shiva's to be nannies wivesare supposed of the andnourisher Krittika makes a harbinger Thissymbolism Mars. overthe planet deitypresiding with predominantly the souls of sortswhere university asa cosmic In factit canbeseen Maftian energy. by the fact that with Martianenergy is reinforced Martianqualitiesare trained.This association liesin the of thisasterism Thefactthat the remainder a signruledby Mars. in Aries, Krittika begins stronglywith earthlyactivities. this asterism earth itself,connects representing signTaurus,


Alotof ancient telts pointtowards between Pleiades a directconnection and evolution of life on paft of this asterisrn eafth.This relates to the benefic as the nourisher and well wisherof life on earth.This is why Moonis exaltedin the first three degrees of Taurus, whichare governed by this asterism.We can see the last three quaftersof this asterismas carryingthe feminineprinciple illustrated by the symbolism of the sevenwives.Krittika is moreor lessthe representation of the relatesmoreto its martianaspect,as feminine matrixof life. The first quarterof this asterism illustrated by its symbolivnof Karttikeya.

Qotra (CetzstiatLiruage) :
Thisnakshatra is related to the Sage Angiras, oneof the sevencelestial sageslooking after the affairsof our galaxy. The nameof this sagetranslates into "the fiery one".The relaUonship between Krittikaand this sageis immediately clearfrom the nameof the sage.

Forthosesuffering from badeffects resulting fromafflictions to this nakshatra, the bestremedial measure is worship Worship of Karttikeya. of Sunalongwith the recitation of Gayatri mantrais also helpfulin bringingthe best out of this nakhatra. Havinga reverential attitudetowardsthe seven wiveseverytime one gets to seethe constellation of Pleiades alsohelps. - "OmIm", "OmOo" and "Om U" 108times Repetition of the root mantras of this nakshatra when Moontransitsthis nakshatra and in its corresponding lunarmonthis sureto reducesuffering and bring enlightenrnent into a person's life. Persons who are benefiting from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra can also increase the goodeffects throughthe abovementioned ways.It is helpful for themto wearall brightfiery mlours like gold, orange,red, yellowand variegated colourslike those seenon peacock feathers.They shoulduse its directions, lunarmonthand the dayswhen MoontransitsKrittika to undertake all important actions.


lE4nnpb :
the girlfriendof AdolfHitler,hasher Zs lord Mars,placedin Krittika,signiffingher EuaBraun, partnerwouldbe a general.KingJames.I/of England, had his Moonplacedin Krittikain his ninth him in the 16 yearsof exilein a foreignland(9thhouse house.It is this moonwhichprotected This exaltedMoonwas also one of the main factorswhich helpedhim regainhis signification). kingdom when his Moonchartstartedworkingat the age of 32.

: Misceffaneous
fondness for Moon in Krittikagives one "a bright appearance, to Varahamihira, According fame".Varahamihira is right on target as far as extremeappetiteand widespread otherb spouses, is concerned. our example


'L' fi "'**'

+. Kohini I o"oo'faurus - Z)"7g, fau*s


- 23020' (10000' Taurus Taurus)

In tfiz Sky t
Rohini, the seedof lunarenqrgy, is represented in the celestial firmament by a very brightpale rose star in the constellation of Taurus.This star is known in modernastronomy as Alpha-Tauri (Aldebaran). Aldebaran is oneof the brightest starsin the nightsky,with a visualmagnitude of 0.99. In fact this uniquepale rosestar can even be spottedin the eveningsky.The ancientvedicseers reveredthis star because this was supposed to be the abodeof Bnhrm and the Pral1patis.

frfume :
"Rohini" transfates into - the "Reddish One" or the "Growing One".The "one" here carriesa femininetone and can be read as "celestial woman".The colour'Red'evokesnotionsof warmth, passion and liveliness. The fact that in ancientculturesit wasseenas the colourof abundarrce and prosperity, reveals someof the essential characteristics of Rohini. Its alternative names- Vidhiand Wnnchi, a namewhichrelates .to Brahna$he Geatoramongthe Trinity) revealmoresidesof this fascinating nakshatra.

Rohini's pulledby Two Oxen.Oxenhave been usedas fertility mainsymbolis an Ox-Caft symbols by all ancient cultures. Even Taurus, tte signrepresenting'bounties of the earth',hasa bull,

flourished, an ox cart was civilization likeIndia,whereVedic In countries ox or cow as its symbol. Theyserve likecropsover largedistances. various earthproduces one of the onlywaysto transport the samefunctionwhichtrucksservein the presentday and age. is supposed to be the Rohini and readyto useproduce, the harvested Justasthe ox-caftcarries suggests that it has with the ox caft immediately Its relationship carrierof all the fruits of creation. involving material and all otheractivities cattlerearing of agriculture, a lot to do with all aspects An ox-cartis to all kindsof conveyances. produce. of the ox-caftrelatesRohini The "carrier"aspect amongst the nakshatras. isthe mostmaterialistic of fact,Rohini andasa matter symbol a veryearthy Thus in the presentday and age, Rohini of commerce". In ancienttimesox-caftswerethe "wheels dealings. andfinancial relates to all kindsof commerce fixidityand abilityto rompover with oxen likesteadiness, associated normally All the qualities Asa result of the ox caftsymbolism, Rohini. through findexpression in itsway, which comes anything itself.All the qualities therefore'civilization' of agriculture'and relates to the'development Rohini productivity, creativity, fixidity,stability, suchas - eafthiness, to the sign Taurus normallyascribed in luxuryloving, indulgence, idealism refinement, accumulating, acquisitiveness, security, material - are mostly qualities. essential from Rohini's derived and relationships love,beauty

Deity :
is the mainpresiding deityof Trinityof the universe, Bmhm4the creatoramongthe governing deity. whichhaveone of the Trinityas its mainpresiding Thereare onlythreenakshatras Rohini. in regards to the affairsof especially of this nakshatra, the impoftance This saysa lot regarding (the eafthly realm). Bhutolca Themainlegend relates to an to thisnakshatra. Brahma connecting Therearea lot of legends named a daughter whenBrahma, aftercreating of the universe, earlierpointof time in the history is seenas a feminine Rohini, fell in lovewith her.Fromthe Vedicpointof view,everyconstellation is madeclearby the fact that Moon, goddess extraordinary charmand magnetism entity.Rohini's


whoseduty it is to spend onlya certain amountof time with eachof thesefeminine figuresin his monthlytravelthroughthe zodiac, at one point,refused to leaveRohini's abode.So it is not hardto seewhy Brahma fell for her and pursued her,despite the stigmaattached with engaging in "cosmic incest"!However, he wasstopped shortin hischaseby Shiua andhadto be satisfied with just having (please the rufership of this nakshatra referto the Esoteric Section of 'Ardra'). From thisstoryit is clear that Rohini is the mostalluring amongst all nakshatras. lust as money people in the present dayworldspinspeople around, Rohini makes andevenGods chase afterit in every whichwaypossible. Rohini relates to the wish-fulfilling creative aspect of nature, embodied by goddesses of prosperity like Laxmi, the spouse of Vishnu. Dueto its association with Brahma, it has 'abundance'on plane theability to create anything which constitutes'prosperity'and any of existence. All Brahma doesis "create, create and create" and the sameis the casewith Rohini. It is thus not hardto seethat its seruices are muchin demand in all the lokas(planes of existence). Rohini is that impoftantproductive aspect of Maya, whichkeeps the gameof lifsworth playing for thoseinvolved.

Afature (t funrtioning :
Rohini is the harbinger of agriculture andconsequently "civilization", as we understand it. It is a very productive nakshatra whichsupports all type5of growth.Thegrowingof plantswhenwe put seedsinto the eafth is a Rohiniprocess. Rohinirelatesto the production of all typesof amenities required for civilized plane, living. Whenworking throughits higher Rohini is onlyinterested in use of producLs derived directly from nature.In its lowaspect it indulges in all typesof chemical, synthetic and man made products.The evolvedRohinitypes are usuallytrue environmentalists and conservationists, while the lesserevolvedones promoteunwholesome productslike thoseof the presentday cosmetic industry. Rohini natives usually havelarge,clearand expressive eyes,refined feminine features, thick lowerlip anda smiling countenance. Theyhavea stable, eafthyandwellbalanced wayaboutthem. Theyare as unresponsive to external stimulias a cow.Theyonly'open up in extremely intimate qualityoften comesout as stubbomness. situations. Theirunflinching Despite their calmexteriors,

necessary. Theycan act well, whenever with their voiceand gestures. ttreycan be very expressive seductivemannerisms. They are smoothtalkersand have gentJe, They seekattentionand more often than not are able to get it. They are extremelypopular They often usetheir charmand socialeasefor of their.charisma. within their socialcirclebecause ends a goodthing if their personal to suit their own ends.This is obviously situations manipulating of all ends,but whenthis is not the case,they can be the mostselfteruing are in linewith universal day and age,this is people.It is very easyfiorthem to gain the trust of others,and in the present gften usedto derivesomesort of materialbenefiL simplistic theyhave time.Onthewhole at the same alluring andindulgent Theyarebothsexually personalities. This makesthem appeardull and boringto those nativeswho are ruled by more Rohini and sensualists. ln lhli-Yugatheyoftenturn out to be plainmaterialists nakshatras. compfex productive in one way or the other. about beingconstructively nativesare alwaysvery concerned upontheir level depending or the worldin general Theywantto be of useto their home,community their goalswithout fertile natureof Rohinihelpsthem achieve The essential of soul functioning. muchfuss. This abilityto give of one'sthoughtsand desires. the materialization Rohinialwaysfacilitates is a true patronof the arts;andtherefore makes it artistic.Rohini andthoughts to feelings expression definesthe level at any given point of time amongthe collective, the levelof artisticsensibilities to reallyputrid in arts havedeclined whereRohiniis workingfrom. Thesedayswhenthe standards in expression is workingthroughits lower,baser seethat Rohini onecaneasily levels, or abominable the majorityof the PoPulace. untiltheir will is done'They and persevere fixidityof purpose havea tremendous natives Rohini thosewithintheir closecircle.It is not possible andtendto support havestrongfamilyvalues usually for those outsidetheir inner circleto hold their attentionfor long as they are very quickto spot flit throughpeople they liketo quickly fixednature, their naturally in others.Despite weaknesses Whenworkingthroughtheir lower natures, interactions. when it q)mes to socialand communal

Rohini natives are coolandsuaveoppoftunists who havea knackfor extracting favours and financial supportfrom others. Rohininativesare usuallyconseruative to a degree,but at the sametime are open to new influences. Theword'conseruative'is usedherein all its implications. part of their Theconservation nature comesout stronglywhen it comesto preserving the body.Rohiniis very strrongly relatedto the life force within us. Mostnativeswith a prominentRohiniare usuallyvery carefulabouttheir health andliveup to a ripeoldage.In younger souls Rohini cancause a fearof deathanddislike for the ageingprocess. Th.emantraof Rohiniis to - create,createand create.Nativeswith Rohini aonnected to the 5h housein someform like to have lots of progeny. commonenglish wordslike "robust", "romantic", "rom@","rosy","rose"seemto havgthe sameroot as the word "Rohini". All theseterms give us cluesto Rohini's functioning at different levels,especially in regardsb the matter of enjoyment.Rohiniis one of the most enjoymentorientednakshatras. It believes in makingthe mostof the goodthingsin life. In the universal scheme of things,Rohini relates to "rohana shakti"orthe powerto makethings grow. Its symbolism has plantsaboveand water below.This is obviously a representation of the feritilityaspectof nature.Rohiniis the forcewhich makespossible the materialization of the astral impulses.

Modz,of funttUnhg :
Rohiniis considered to be a Balanced nakshatra. Thosewho are involvedin any productive activitywill understand the importance of balance in achieving desired results. Just as natureis creative and productive throughthe balance of heatand cold,lightand dark, rainand shine,winter and summerek. , Rohiniis methodical and balanced in its actions. In its negative aspecthowwer; Rohini, likeotherbalanced nakshatras, makes onego throughlife with the leastamountof adventure possible. It can be ultra-conservative and reluctant to try new thingswhichadd to its wisdomand experience. Onthe positive $de, it knowshowto staywithinthe assigned life path,withor.tunneoesary strain.


this lowly caste. somethat Rohiniis assigned to the shudracaste.It may surprise It befongs in who are involved to the 'salt of the earth'people that Rohinirelates One has to understand (thosewho actuallywork in the fields)and directlydealingwith the earth. Farmers activities to the shudracastein ancjenttimes' wereall seenas belonging workers, construction

Qen[cr :
with the two feminineplanetsMoonandVenusmake Its association nakshatra. It is a Female energy. feminine Rohini a primariV principle in nature. the mothering 4 represents andthe number It is alsothe fourthnakshatra most relatedto the Earth,which is seenas a feminineentity in all ancient Rohiniis the asterism cultures.

: Constitution) tsodgpatsd ,rtmor (Ayu-nedic

to this nakshatra. of the Legsarethe bodypartsrelated Shins andCalves Ankles, TheForehead, with two primarily Thisstemsfrom its association nakshatra. It is a p6marily"Kapha"(watery) related to the earth kaphais mostclosely the threehumors, Among MoonandVenus. kaphaplanets, Rohini a kaphanakshatra. makes Thisautomatically element.

Direction :
to soutft,southeastand northwest. It is relatedprimarily


eadns(Qnrters) :
Thefirst padaor quafterof this asterism 10o00' - 13o20' Taurus falls in AriesNavamsa and is ruledby Mars.Pmsions and carnalnatureare heightened here.The focusis on indulgence and extravagance. Planets herewantquick-fire material results. Onlya wellplaced SunandMars do well here.In its higher aspect this padacanmake onea spiritual warrior fighting against exploitation on plane: a material Onthat levelit is a puriffingenergy whichcombines spirituality with matterwithout differentiation. The secondpadaor quafterof this asterism 13o20' - 16" 40' Taurus falls in Taurus Navamsa ruledby Venus. This padabestexemplifies give all what Rohini standsfor. Planets here usually abundance andability to conjure up required resources in theworstof conditions. Thenative however may tend to suffer from extremematerialism. This pada allowsone to give expression to their thoughts andfeelings padait givesverystrongresults. throughmaterial means. Beinga Var,gottama pada in the zodiacwhen it comesto actualiz'ation This is the strongest and fulfillmentof desires. Moon,MercuryVenus and Saturnare especially stronghere. Thethirdpada or quafter of thisasterism 16040' - 20" 00'Taurus fallsin Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury, The focusof this padais on arts, sciences and business. It is the mostflexible and padasand hasthe powerto accumulate shrewdamongstRohini's wealthequivalent to the second pada.Thisis a lightheatted andjovial padaand haslesschances of gettingstuckon purelymaterial pada.MercuryVenusand Saturngive strong resultsin this issuesin comparison to the previous pada. The foutth padaor quarterof this asterism 20o00' - 23o20'Taurus fallsin C-ancer Navamsa ruled by Moon.The focus here is on homeand materialsecurity. Moneycomesin throughshort placed qualityto them but canget excessively travels.Planets herehavea maternal possessive and narrowminded. A lot of the worstqualities of Rohinilike unnecessary hoarding are relayed through this pada.Onlya well placed Moonor Jupiter function well here.


lhofessions :
processing relating with growing, andhandling of all types;All professions Farming; Agriculturists Industries; Fashion & Enteftainment and Leisure Artists;Musicians; Herbalists; food; Botanists; Dealers; Interior Decorators; Jewellers; Gemstone SexTherapists; Industry;Beauticians; Cosmetic Industry;Automobile Industry;Oil & Tourism Transpoftation Business; Bankers and Financiers; Packaging & Distribution Industry;FoodProduction, Industry;Teltile Industry;Shipping Petroleum products of all types. and Liquids with Aquatic All professions connected industry;

Places where herbsgrow; BusStations, Train Estates, Agricultural Farms, Gardens, Orchards, Institutions; Marketplaces; Banks & Financial Ponds Pools; Yards; & Swimming Stations & Shipping gemstones where for creative artsof all kinds;Places Tourist ResorG; Hotels; Studios Restaurants, Bars, connected with the aboveprofessions. are founds;All places

and tottuta (Ekment) : Qurw ('Esserce)

is obvious considering the materially Thisclassification to be a Rajasbnal<shatra. It is supposed productive qualityof this nakshatra. The fact that it is relatedto Moonand Venus,two primarily rajasicplanets, settlesthe issue. considering Rohinifalls completely Thisisanobvious classification element. It belongs to the Earth uponitsearthyquality manytimes throughout Wehave touched already withinthe earthsignof Taurus. this chapter.

9*a $ype):
Rohini's earthyqualityand its association with or humannakshatra. a Manusha It is considered involved in human affairs. It represents earth's bounties makes it strongly andcivilization agriculture


whichmoststrongly suppofts human cannot surive. It isthe nakshatra without whichhuman beings life.

Orientatbn 6 Disposition :
nameis "the growing nakshatra. If we recall,one of the translations of Rohini's It is an Upward like cropsand buildings. We havealready to all thingswhichgrow upwards one".Thusit relates growth,increase experiences and expansion. statedthat any activitystaftedin this nakshatra nakhatra.Its fixednatureis bestexemplified by the behaviour Itisa dhruva(fixed or permanent) patternof oxen,its mainanimal qualityof nature, Its permanence relates to the defined symbol. which ensures that the trees bear fruit everygrowingseasonand that the riversflow from their to an extent,only due to the sourceto the sea. In moderntimes, naturehas becomeunreliable functionings destructive of mankind.Still, she can be more or less reliedupon to sustainthe six : billion of us.

Lunar Montfi d Datt :

half of the lunarmonthof lGrttil@, Rohinirelates to the second whichusuallycorresponds to in the solarcalendar. the monthof November Rohiniis alsorelatedto the Dvitiya( 2nd Uthior day) of the waxingand wqqng phases of the Moon's monthly cycle.

AuspiciousActiaitits :
: of all types;Favourable for farmingactivities Extremely favourable for initiating activities like planting, All healing Trading & financial dealings of all types;Goodfor marriage; & selfsowing; Beginning Nature consffuction; Romance improvement measures; exploration andfavellingin general; jewelleryautomobiles Putting worldin order;Purchase of clothes, activity; the material andsexual etc.


Inauspitious Actiaitips :
for any actionexceptthoserelatedto death,demolishing Not unfavourable and destruction.

efarutory fu.fpr:
with Rohini.Moonis Rohini's main planetary connected Moonand Venusare the two planets ruler.The lunar energy imbuesRohiniwith primordialfeminineenergy.Venusis also relatedto planets feminine force. Theconfluence of two feminine makeRohini for shakti, the universal a portal materialexpression of shakti. grace, withVenusian nufturing ability and maternity combines charm, creativity Moon's natural It is the mostfeminine to makeRohini one of the mostfruitful nakshatras. amongst and productivity JustlikeMother the mostreceptive andproductive. Eafth,it provides all the nakshatras andtherefore just as womenand Mother Rohiniis exploited, for all without bias.In the presenttimes however, whichruleour planet.Rohini's bountifulness areexploited at the hands of darkforces Earthin general greed.This is the reason levels throughunbounded why mostof the hasbeenexploited to extreme The ruling forcesof the planet eafth is pollutedand most of the womentroubledand unhappy. throughthe useof media. deliberately corruptthe feminineprinciple carries energysimilar to Rohini. Moon,MercuryVenus and Saturn Moon-Venus conjunction stronglywhen placedin Rohini. express themselves

iloutek and Ahfiabets :

to "O" as in The first pada or quafter of this asterism10o 00' -13o 20'Tauruscorresponds Omega. padaor quarterof this a$erism13o20' - 16o40' Tautus corresponds The second to "Va"as in Value.


The third padaor quarterof this asterism16040'.- 20o 00' Taurus corresponds to "M" as in Victor. The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism 20" 00' - 23 20'Taurus corresponds to "Vu"as in Wood. In the Sanskrit alphabetRohinicorresponds to "Rm"and "Lrm" consequently its mantras are "OmRrnl'and "OmLrm".

*d Compatihility : Seryrat'Typt


: i*,


Its sexualanimalis a Cobra. This makesRohiniexhibitserpentqualitiesin sexualunion.The srpas (celestial serpentbeings)are regarded as beingadeptsat sexualactivity.In fact Rohiniis supposed to be the mostsexually adeptamongall nakshatras. This is probably the reason why the joddessfigurine godwasnot readyto leave Moon Rohini's abode. Therepresentative of thisnakshatra is supposed to be the masterof all thifi-two principles of sexualunion.Rohiniis mostcompatible with Mrigashira, the other serpentnakshatra. For sexual& maritalcompatibility pleaserefer to the tableson pages with other nakshatras, 468 & 469.

T.soterk. i. , r, ;,...,
Since Rohini is the foutthnakshatra, all the qualities normally associated withthe number'4'in Numerology form the basisof this nakshatra's universal role. '4' is the numberof structureand concreteness. The materialuniverse takesform underthe energies of this nakshatra. The fire of Krittikais transformed into the eafth element.In the language of physics we can say that pure energycondenses to form physical atoms,molecules etc. Rohini is representative of Brahma3power to tum energyinto mass(tangible matter).

Rohini's role in represents In the modernday Tarotpc( the fourthcard called"TheEmpress" and fertility,warmth,passion representing the gameof life, as the "GreatFruitfulMotherGoddess" paradise. Rohini an earthlyor material Maiaas shecreates to represent Sheis supposed abundance. itselfthroughmatter. throughwhichthe divineexpresses can be seenas a channel therefore card carriesthe symbolof Venus,a planetvery to note that "The Empress" It is interesting 'Tarot"is derivedfrom the The truth of the matteris that the word with Rohini. stronglyconneCted "Star".All the 21 cardsof term 'Tara"meaning whichin turn comesfrom the Sanskrit word 'Taro", the MajorArcanain this packhavebeenderivedfrom the 21 mainattributesof the great mother goddess"Tara"or "Jagdamb" in chargeof universalaffairs. .;'" on varyinglevelsis the basisof the gameof andenjoyment Weall haveto admitthat pleasure the dramaof life,as mindwouldhavea hard Umesustaining the universal life.If it wasn'tfor Rohini, very few soulswouldbe willingto play it.

Lircage) : Qotra (Cetzstlat

sageslookingafter the is relatedto the SageAtri, one of the sevencelestial This nakshatra Atri seems to be a into "onewho consumes". The nameof this sagetranslates affairsof our galaxy. nakshatras. nakshatras andtwo destructive overtwo creative Hehasrulership sage witha dualnature. pointof view,Rohini canbe seenas a side.Fromanother relates to his productive Rohini obviously materblisrn. soulsthrough its excessive devouringnakshatra,in the sensethat it consumes

futnedinl :
towardscows,earth and naturein its variousforms is the best way to get on the Reverance by Vedic deity, is not sanctioned its presiding Brahma, energy.Worshipping right side of Rohini's on the earthlyplane. whichdoesn'tallowfor his worship is underthe curseof Shiva, texts. Brahma


The third padaor quarterof this asterism16040' - 20o 00' Taurus corresponds to "M" as in Victor. The foufth padaor quafterof this asterism 20" 00' - 23o20'Taurus corresponds to "Vu"as in Wood. In the Sanskit alphabetRohinicorresponds to "Rm"and "Lrm" consequently its mantras are "Om Rm"and "Om Lrm".

an^d : Seryat'Type Compatihi[itg

qualities Its sexual Thismakes animalis a Cobra. Rohini exhibitserpent in sexual union. The sarrys (celestial serpentbeings)are regarded as beingadeptsat sexualactivity.In fact Rohiniis supposed to be the mostsexually adeptamongall nakshatras. This is probably the reason why the joddessfigurine godwasnot readyto leave Moon Rohini's abode. Therepresentative of thisnakshatra is supposed to be the masterof all thirty-twoprinciples of sexualunion.Rohiniis mostcompatible with Mrigashira, the other serpentnakshatra. For sexual& maritalcompatibility pleaserefer to the tableson pages with other nakshatras, 468 & 469.

Since Rohini is the foutthnakshatra, all the qualities normally associated withthe number'4'in Numerology form the basisof this nakshatra's universal role. '4' is the numberof structureand concreteness. The materialuniverse takesform underthe energies of this nakshatra. The fire of Krittikais transformed into the earth element.In the language of physics we can say that pure energy condenses to form physical atoms,molecules etc. Rohini is representative of Brahma3power to turn energyinto mass(tangible matter).


- "Om Rm"and "Om Lrm" 108timeswhen Repetition of the root mantras of this nakshatra Moontransitsthis nakshatra and in its corresponding lunar month is sure to reducesuffering and bringenlightenment into a personb life. Persons who are benefiting from the positiveenergyof this naKhatracan also increase the gmd effectsthroughthe abovementioned ways. It is helpfulfor them to wear all reds,whites, crdmes and brightpastel shades. Whitefabrics with flowerdesigns aresuitable. Theyshould useits directions, lunarmonthandthe dayswhenMoon transits Rohini to undertake all important actions.

E4gntp[z :
Krishna, VishnuSSh incarnation, wasbornwith bothhisAscendantand Moonin Rohini. Most personality Indians areaware of Krishna's andlifeandcantherefore easily relate hislifewithRohini's functionings. Krishna wasknownfor his beautiful eyes,strongpersonal magnetism andthe abilityto find materialmanifestation of all his thoughtsand desires. the ladywho wasseenas the crowning monarch of 75o/o of the eafth,wasalso QueenVictoria, bornwith bothherAscendant and Moonin Rohini. In her casethe expansive and acquisitive material aspect of Rohini is brought to light.

Misce[faneous :
According to Varahamihira, thosebornwith Moonin Rohini are "honest,pure,beautiful, have steady minds andpleasant speech." Thisapplies to Krishna totallyandto a certain extent to Victoria as well.


ii "c.**

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{' " / t


\i -..-l

5. l$rlgshira zr"zo' f.urus - 6"+0'$enini


'The Empress" Rohini's role in represents In the modernday TarotpcK the foufth card called and fertility,warmth,passion representing the gameof life, as the "GreatFruitfulMotherGoddess" paradise. Rohini or material an earthly Maia as shecreates to represent Sheis supposed abundance. itselfthroughmatter. throughwhichthe divineexpresses therefore can be seenas a channel card carriesthe symbolof Venus,a planetvery to note that "The Empress" It is interesting The truth of the matteris that the word "Tarot"is derivedfrom the with Rohini. conneCted sffiongly term 'Tan"meaning"Star".All the 21 cardsof whichin furn comesfrom the Sanskrit word 'Taro", the MajorArcanain this packhavebeenderivedfrom the 21 mainattributesof the great mother affairs . -. .: goddess "Tara"or "Jagdamb"in chargeof universal ,,

on varyinglevelsis the basisof the gameof andenjoyment Weall haveto admitthat pleasure the dramaof life,as mindwonldhavea hard time sustaining the universal life.If it wasn'tfor Rohini, very few soulswouldbe willingto play it.

: Qotra (CetutiatLinzage)
sageslookingafter the is relatedto the SageAtri, one of the sevencelestial This nakshatra Atri seems to be a into "onewho consumes". The nameof this sagetranslates affairsof our galaxy. nakshatras. andtwo destructive nakshatras overtwo creative Hehasrulership with a dualnature. sage pointof view,Rohini canbe seenas a side.Fromanother relates to his productive Rohini obviously materialism. soulsthroughits excessive in the sensethat it consumes nakshatra, devouring

: fumediat
towardscows,eafth and naturein its variousforms is the best way to get on the Reverance by Vedic deity, is not sanctioned its presiding Brahma, Worshipping energy. right side of Rohini's on the earthlyplane. whichdoesn'tallowfor his worship is underthe curseof Shiva, texts. Brahma


- 6040'Gemini) (23020'Taurus

In tfie Sky ,
Mrigashira, the initiatorof Martian ene4ry, is represented in the celestial firmament by a bright star and three not so bright starsin the constellation of Oion. The*, starsare knownin modern astronomy as Pi2'Orionis, Pi3-Orbnis,Pi4-Orionis&Gamma-Orionisi**t ,rl Bellatrixis the bright staramong them,with a visual magnitude of 1.66.It is easyto locate, as Orionis oneof the most prominent and easilynoticeable constellations in the night sky.Bellatrix is the brightstar at the top righthandcorner of Orion, whilethe threefaintstarscanbe seenaligned in a bowlike formation a little awayon the right handsideof Bellatrix. Theancient vedicseershowever sawthesestarsto be forminga deer'sheadand we wouldsoonknow"why".

Abnu :
"Mrigashira" translates into- the "Deer's Head", Onecanimmediately seethe correlation between the shape formedby its starsand its name. The legend behind this nameis dealtwith laterin the Esoteric Section. One can also makean obviousinference that this asterism's natureand quality - gumya meaning shouldbe akinto that of a deer.Its othernames "benevolent" or relating to Soma (DivineNectar), Arghayanimeaning "startof the year", Chandra meaning Moonand tJdup, which alsois anothernamefor Moon;eachreveala paft of Mrigashirab functioning, as will shalldiscover in the course of our exploration.


: Sym6o[
to havea deer'sheadas its symbol,as is choose Its main symbolis a Deer.Somescholars possess all deer this nakshatra with a deermakes Theassociation from its name. apparent literally etc. The deer is seenas a wandering fickleness, fragility, lightness, suchas timidity, like qualities of nature with gentleaspects texts,deersare associated Vedic primarily lunaranimal.In all ancient divineand as elusive,magical, and often pla'ymajor rolesin romanticlores.Deersare portrayed creatures. enchanting as a deer),that a demonposing deer(actually it wasa magical epicof Ramayana, In the Vedic of her and Rama's in the disruption it resulted to possess and her craving caughtgta3 attention; lifethrough in married with problems is associated why Mrigashira Thisis the reason felicity. marital for the can referto the Ramayana The readers or plainmisunderstanding. illusion,unduesuspicion We will with the deer aspectof this nakshatra. associated story.Thereare other legends complete Section. amongthem in the Esoteric coverthe most important of quality aboutthem,whichformsthe essence andseeking searching havea constant Deers predictable Thus thisnakshatra trails. oftenroamaround know, deers Asmosthunters thisnakshatra. moreoftenthan not liketo be in scenic travelby road,air etc. Deers to all typesof defined is related only in scenicsurroundings. feelscomfortable habitats. Simihr$ this nakshatra drinkof the gods.It is a kind symbolis a'pot full of SomalSomais the preferred Its afternative of the Moon' names with the Moon.In fact Somais one of the sanskrit nectarassociated of celestial with this nakshatra. later,Moonhasa strongconnection As we shalldiscover

Deity :
qualities of the Moon-inconstancy, All the primary is the Moon. The maindeityof this nakshatra - applyto perceptivity gentleness, sensuality, persuasiveness, tenderness, changeability, fickleness, this nakshatra


of Moon.Moonis knownby manynames, Thisnakshatra relates the mostto the "Soma" aspect As we discussed earlier,Somarepresents the eachreflecting a differentaspectof its functioning. as well as astralplane. nectaraspect of Moon.Moonis the rulerof all kindsof fluidson the material throughthe functioning of our own Fluidsin turn are the essence of life, whichwe can obserue of morethan 600/o waterand are biologically As we knowour physical bodies are comprised bodies. of vitaljuices. The physical counterpaft of mind,the brain,is aliveonly because of the circulation of fluidsfor its functioning. Moon, in its Soma alsodependant uponthe transmission andinteraction mental,ethericand astralplane.This aspect,is relatedto this essential lifeforce on the physical, nakhatrathusrelates to our lifeforceandvitality through the presence andcirculation of thesevital fluids. Moonrelates to the feminine aspect of nature, a factwhichconnects this nakshatra directly to goddess primordial the feminine energy. Ancient vedicseers sawthis nakshatra asa seatof Shakti(the goddess energy).In fact, Paruati, the wife of Shivaand one of the-threemain representatives of universal Goddess energy, is the main presiding deity of this nakshatra. It is her own personal nakshatra, as canbe gauged fromthe factthat ancient textssaythat her Moonis in Mrigashira. All playfulness her qualities like benevolence, charm,changeability, compassion, and joyousness are relayed is not to be confused throughthis nakshatra. Hertimidityandgentleness with cowardice, as she can be very strong,unyielding and wrathfulif necessary. Her fierceforms like Durgaand l@li illustrate thisfact. Mostscholars usually neglect the fixed,strongwilledandwrathful aspect of this nakshatra. Thename"Paryati" tanslates into"shewhohasmanypafts". Thistranslation exemplifies persona multifaceted the multifarious, of Mrigashira. Moonin its Somaaspect, with hundreds is an indulgent character of romantic liaisons. He is often seengettinginto troubledue to his afhirs with other'swives.According to one very famous fegend, Mercury wasproduced wife, Tara.Ina waythis story out of the unionof Moonwith Jupiter's (Mercury), canbe seenasthe birthof intellect of the union of mindandwisdom. asa result Intellect governs is a moreconscious force, which unconscious overthe largely mind.In the universal scheme of things,mindcouldn'thavejust beenby itselfwithouta gorcrningfacultyfor long.


U functbning: fufoane
can be summedup by one word of Mrigashira The essence of the natureand functioning to it - it can relateto Mrigashira's ruling Thissearching can haveany levelor aspect "searching". searching for true knowledge; or a spiritual aspirant for her perfect spouse; searching deityParvati experiences. for new mental,emotional or physical a soul searching andthusmakes oneseeknewareas of is the mostcurious amongst all nakshatras Mrigashira refer to the is very similarto that of the planetRahu(please This aspectof Mrigashira experience. NewDelhi; 'The Key Of Life' Experience" SagarPublication, author'spreviouswork ''fhe Rahu-Ketu This of the natureand functioning of Rahu). understanding LotusPress, USA for a comprehensive with one'slife fulfillment onlywhenit is in keeping contentment, andenlightenment seeking brings purpose.In other cases,it only bringsabout temporarysatisfaction, which usuallygivesway to sorrowand disillusionment. goodat artisticpursuits quality, natives of all types.On makes Mrigashira however, Thisseeking it can lifepathor destiny andon a lowerlevel, mayallowoneto findone's level,Mrigashira a higher just makeone prance experience to the next.Thisis akinto a aboutlikea deerfromonetransitory quality givesriseto manyother person Thisnegative afterthe other. chasing onemirage in a deseft Mrigashira nativesoften haveto learn inconstancy and superficiality. negative traits like fickleness, is achieved. to stickat a thing until somesort of completion Mrigashira natives rather thanthe physical. is on the mental of .Mrigashira Thewholeemphasis with subjects of mind,whichgivesthem the abilityto graspvarious havegreatdexterity usually for all types of mentalwork, but they often stretch effortlessease.They have a great capacity Theyusually needa lot of exhaustion. and neruous and as a resultsufferfrom mental themselves, Alot of Mrigashira types like walkingto balance their mentalenergy. exercise cleanair and physical makes themfunctionally useless, themsusceptible whichbesides making lethargy, areprone to physical ailments. to physical


jovialand features; a smiley, delicate thinlybuiltwith youthful Mrigashira natives are usually as Theyare the restless typeand mayappear andwarm,gentlemanners. lighthearted disposition; and flaky or fidgety to others.They usuallyconveya senseof fragilitythroughtheir appearance takes the formof daydreaming. roaming about,whichin manycases Theirmindis always mannerisms. with people. and relating typeswho enjoymeeting enthusiastic Theyare charming, spontaneous, like talkingand singing. and enjoyall vocalactivities advisors They are good.conversationalists, They andwrittenformsof communication. Theyhavea poeticsouland enjoybeautyin bothspoken are naturalsatirists and havea strongsenseof humourwhichcomesaboutdue to their varied they are naturally shy.Theirshyness theirconversational skilland sociability, experiences. Despite and therefore are very cautious timidity.Theydon't likeconfrontations hasto do with their inherent with. regarding whomthey mingle out of drinking out of it, just likegodstakedelight Theylovelifeand knowhowto suckdelight juice from differentflowers,sumsup about sucking nectar).A honeybee buzzing soma(celestial in theirapproach, natives areoftenquitewhimsical Mrigashira Mrigashira! functioning in thisregard. juicefroma particular just likea honey rhyme flowerfor no apparent not to suck beewouldchoose formsand is not proneto go in all its mildand benevolent Mrigashira craves excitement or reason. to self-destructive eltremes like cruel nakshatras. nature. Thiscomes aboutdueto theirhigh suspicious Mrigashira natives oftendisplay a highly just likedeeror stagsdo in theirforestenvironment. danger, levels andtheirabilityto sense alertness Likeall the nakshatras in regards to marital felicity. troublesome nature is especially Thissuspicious to be promotes and an inability bickerings due to suspicion ruled by Mars,Mrigashira domestic get moreattached to themthanthey do. Theirpartners usually needs. attentive to their paftner's its affections to one person. nakshatra Mrigashira is a part bohemian and doesn'tlike restricting maritaldisharmony in theirchafts, usually experience influence of thisnakshatra Those having a strong giveeachotherenough space, Mrigashira through if bothpartners in oneformor the other. However profoundmaritalstabilitylikethat of Paruati promotes and Shiva. its lovingness and delightfulness,


the arrival energy throughbeginning the signGemini, it is Mrigashira signals of Mercurial Since where is born.It isalsothe firstnakshatra conclusions aredrawn and the place where discrimination Mrigashira, is a very fixed despiteits lightness, fixedopinions areformedas a resultof experiences. It will neverbackdownin anycivilized to attitudes andopinions. argument. nakshatra whenit comes Mrigashira makes one very conscious of their life pathand purpose. In its highest functioning, is to makeone go througha varietyof experiences, for finding The wholepoiht of this nakshatra if onewasbornto be a singer, onemaydabble around witha lot one's truepathin life.Forexample, writing, nineto fivejobsbefore theirtrueniche isdiscovered. likepainting, orjust plain of otherthings generated souls,the variedexperiences throughthe energyof this In the caseof highlyevolved while in the caseof youngerlessevolvedsouls, nakshatra, all fit a definiteand singularpurpose, maze withouta finaldestination. theseexperiences are an endless relatesto "prinana shakti"or the powerto give In the universal scheme of things,Mrigashira Oetow. inis is obviously a representation Its symbolism hasextension above andweaving fulfillment. process. If wetakethisfabric to bethefabric of life,thenMrigashira the weaving of fabricundergoing whichcreatebeautyin the chaoticprocess whichis life. is the structureand principles

Modp of fffictioning
of others. Mrigashira relatesto a strong awareness It is a Passive nakhatra. Its passivity on the outside.In a usuallydoesn'thavethe spotlighton itselfand has its attentionconcentrated in relation of the self. way it is a passive nakshatra to the dynamics

was often relatedto aftisans, It belongsto the Farmercaste.In ancienttimes Mrigashira in general. workers and community agricultural


energyand hasthe abilityto a hermaphrodite is basically Mrigashira It is a Neutralnakshatra. Moonand is clearfrom its rulingdeities Thisdualfunctioning function both as a maleor female. of is the femalecompanion Parvati. Moonis seenas a maledeity by the Vedicseerswhile Paruati Shiua.

tsodyparts U Hurwr (Ayuruedic Corutitution):

are the bodypartsrelatedto this nakshatra. Eyesand Eyebrows of This stemsfrom the fact that it is the bifthplace It is a primarily "Pitta"(fiery) nakshatra. keepin mindthat Pittaplanet. Onemusthowever Martian Marsas we knowis a primarily energy. to the fire whichcook our food,or fiery qualityis not fierceor hurtful.It can be related Mrigashira's but not thetremationpyrefire whichburns the food in our stomach, fire whichdigests the digestive our bodies.

Directinn westandnorthwest. south Its range is thearcbetween

galas (Qnrters):


falls in Leonavamsa andis 23o20'- 26040'Taurus, of thisasterism Thefirstpada or quarter which however has the side pada of Mrigashira, to thefixed andunyielding This relates ruled bySun. activities. andaftistic through creative its experiences ability to express fallsin Virgo Navamsa pada 26o40'- 30o00'Taurus, of thisasterism Thesecond or quarter side of pada satirical andhumorous calculative, represents thediscriminatory This ruled byMercury. is more evident mental ability of Mrigashira andthestrong acumen Mrigashira. Theconversational


here.Thefusingof the planetary energies of Mercury andVenus takesplaceherein sucha waythat practical the moregrounded sideof Mrigashira is expressed. Thethirdpadaor quarter of this asterism 00o00' - 3" 20' Gemini, fallsin LibraNavamsa ruled by Venus. Thisis the firstpadaof Mrigashira whichfallsin the signGemini. Theemphasis hereis on sociability and a penchant for exploring the mentalside of all types of relationships. Just like the previous pada,'afusingof Mercurial and Venusian energies takesplacehere, but on a whole,this padais moreairy in comparison pada;and thus cannotgivestrongmaterial to the previous results. The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism 30 20' - 6o 40' Gemini, falls in ScorpioNavamsa ruledby Mars. Thispadarelates to the intellectual, argumentative, suspicious, flakyandwhimsical part of this nakshatra. This padais not as superficial as the previous Librapada,but tendsto overintellectualize matters,ratherthan gettingto the root of anything.Mostof the negative qualities of Mrigashira find expression throughthis pada.It canfunction wiselyonlyin evolved soulsandthereto throughproperguidance.

lProfessions :
Artistsof all types;Singers & Musicians; Painters; Poets; Linguists; Romantic Novelists; Writers; Thinkers and Seekers; Gemstone dealers;Dealers in Earthrelatedproducts; Thoseinvolved in the Textile professions & Garment Industry; Fashion Designers & Trendsetters; Veterinarians;All dealing with animals as pets;Salespersons of all kinds;Adveftising agencies; Administrators; Landscapers; Farmers Forestry workers; & Gardeners; Real Estate developers; Mapmakers & Navigators; Travellers & Explorers; Psychics and Astrologers; Teachers especially thosedealing with beginners; Artisans & Clerks;Commentators.

Forests, Fields & Meadows; DeerParks; Villages and SmallTowns;Bedrooms; Playgrounds; places Nurseries; Nursery Recreation Schools; rooms;Entertainment of all kinds;Streets, Footpaths


& Roads; Lawns & Gardens; Forest trails;Art & Music studios; Small shops; Markets andothersales places; Astrological & Psychic institutions; All places connected with the aboveprofessions.

and tattwa (Efcment): Quna ('Essence)

It is supposed (inert) nakshatra. to be a Tamasic This however shouldn't be taken in any negative sense, as it is basically (seeGana). a divinenakshatra It is associated with tamasbecause planetMar3. of its association with the tamasic The basicsignifications of Marswereseenas tamasic by the ancientVedicseers;The "I can't get no satisfaction" aspectof Mrigashira is what makesit tamasic. However this nakshatra will behave in a predominantly tamasic wayonly if predominantly planets tamasic likeRahu, Marsand Saturn inhabit it. It is the lastamong the nakshatras whose dominant element is Earth. Thisbasically relates to this nakshatra's quickresults capacity for producing plane. on the material

Qorra$ype) :
It is seenby the ancient seersas a Divine/Dera nakshatra. It relatesmoreto the beings on the astral planethen us humans.This classification reflectsupon the refinementorientedfocus of Mrigashira.

Orient*tion (t Disposition :
It is a Levelnakshatra. Thisreiterates the fact that Mrigashira is not an extreme energyand stayswithin limits.It is alwaystryingto achieve a balance between expansion and contraction. Itis a Mridu(soft, mildandtender)nakshatra. Thisis prettyevident fromthe factthat Mrigashira is mostsuitable pleasure for seeking andenjoying on all planes of existence. Its pursttit of knowledge alsotakesplacein an easygoing, enjoyable fashion.


d Daq : Lunar fufontfi.

corresponds This monthusually to the first half of the lunarmonthof Margashircha. It refates of because This monthis alsoknownas Arghayana in the solarcalendar. to the monthof December the startof the to an erawhenthis monthdenoted Arghayani.Itrefers name afternative Mrigashira's the start of the year. year.In the presentage the lunarmonthof Chaita represents of ( 5thtithi or day)of the waxingandwaningphases to the Panchami is alsorelated Mrigashira the Mmn's monthlycyde.

Actirtitit's : Auspi^ciotu
goodfor travel,exploring nature, Especially activities; for all lightheafted favourable Generally practices; Commencing andrejuvenation work;Healing Alltypesof artistic activity; Sexual sightseeing; requiring Goodfor all activities residence; Changing for socializing; ventures;Excellent educational Good initiations; spiritual itemsandperforming religious up altars, for setting Good communication; a new name. and salesactivitiy;Taking for adveftising

Actiztitits : Inauspici"ous
(Vedictexts revealthat ShivamarriedParvatiwhen for marriageceremonies Unfavourable wentthroughmany their marriage throughthis nakhatra,and consequently Moonwas transitting for confrgntaUons or making of any kind; Notfavourable Badfor hardand harshactions upheavals); nature. of a serious longtermimpoftantdecisions

Qfanetary fu.br :
Marsis are Mars,Venusand Mercury. influences affectingthis nakshatra The main planetary earliq martianenergycomesinto In fact as we mentioned the main ruling planetof Mrigashira. Mars energy for Mrigashira's "search". whichprovides Mars is the source, beingthroughMrigashira.


here acts as an impulseplanet,which encapsulates all the meanings associated with the word "desire". We havealready seenin the discussions on previous nakshatras, howthe originalcreative fires (represented by the signAries),solidifu into the eafth element(represented by the signTaurus). In Mrigashira, thesecreative fires,whichare nowencased in an eafthy,material sheath, try andmobilize matter' Onewayto understand this is to takea lookat how modern dayautomobiles function. The average car is a heavy, metallic object,whichis incapable of movingon its own, and ib movement is only possible due to the fire/sparkbasedinternalcombustion engines.In the sameway, the martianenergyhere,becomes the forcethat drivesmatter,thus instilling a sort of life into it. Mrigashira formsa bridgebetween Taurus and Gemini, and consequently relates to the fusing of Mercurial and Venusian energies. It is interesting to notethat besides Chitn (146 nakshatra) and (23rd Dhanishtha nakshatra), Mrigashira is the onlynakshatra, whichliesequally divided among two signs'Mrigashira hasthusa strongsense of dualityaboutit as it triesto resolve the conflictbetween eafth and air,two naturally incompatible elements. Venusrelates to the moreearthy,Taurus part of this nakshatra, while Mercuryrelatesto the airy Geminipart of this nakhatra. All the desirable qualities of Mrigashira like its aftisticabilities and zestfor life,abiilityto find the true life path or purpose, all comeaboutonly whenthe energies of Mercury and Venusare properlymerged. Planetary conjunctions likeMars/Mercury Mercury/Venus, Mars/Venus and Mars/Mercury/Venus carryenergies similar to Mrigashira. Thepresence of Mars or Saturn in this nakshatra is usually not auspicious for maritalfelicity. Bothof them however cangivegoodmaterial resultsin the Taurus part of Mrigashira. In fact barringJupiter, all other planets give good materialresultsin the can usually part. Taurus

'Iloraek an[ AIpfiabe* :

Thefirst padaor quafterofthis asterism 23o20'- 26o40'Taurus corresponds to uVe" as in Vela.


to "Vo"as in corresponds 26040' - 30" 00'Taurus padaor quarter of thisasterism Thesecond Vocal. to "Ka"as in corresponds 00' - 3" 20' Gemini O0o The third padaor quarterof this asterism Katherine. to "Kee"as in corresponds 3o 20' - 6o 40' Gemini The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism Keanu. its mantrais "Om to "Em"and consequently coiresponds Mrigashira alphabet In the Sanskrit Em".

: Seryat'lypeonl Cotnpatifii[ity
In all ancient in lovemaking. is one of the experts Mrigashira animalis a Serpent. Its sexual and are seen of sexualpotency as symbols beingshavebeenregarded or snakelike culturessnakes Rohini. with the otherserpentnakshatra as adeptsat the art of sexualunion.It is mostcompatible pleasereferto the tableson pages with other nakshatras compatibility For sexual& marriage 457 & 458 .

Tsoteric :
goesthus:of this nakshatra to the formation tale relating The mostancient ,,Brahma,the Rohini(Brahma with hisowndaughter obsessed the trinity,became among creator in the Rohini Hewaschasing aseverywomanis hisdaughter). as we knowis in a veryfunnyposition the trinity,cut the deer'sheadoff with an arrowandthus among form of a deer.1hiva,thedestroyer " cameinto being. starsof Mrigashira the deerhead's whichis andArdra(the nakshatra Mrigashira of Rohini, If one looksat the relativeplacements The deer headof makessense. the story immediately of Shiva), to be the residence supposed in the nightsky. facesRohini Mrigashira


Therearehundreds beenregarded asanArcher. a wholehasalways Theconstellation of Orionas cities, or the skills to killdemons or demonic used hisarchery watching on asShiva of talesof Parvati story. headof Brahma as we saw in the abovementioned the abode,makes sense as it givesParvati is supposed to be Parvati's The fact that Mrigashira Alsothe fact that Mrigashira can pointto obserue in his Rudraform. adventures Shiva's rightvantage of this nakshatra as the dualfunctioning be seeneitheras a deer'sheador an archedbow, reveals boththe hunterand the hunted. are the to be the abodeof Pnjipati. Prajipatis In all ancientcultures,Orionwas supposed is the original progenitors In this senseBrahma inhabiting the universe. of all kindsof species between Brahma a strongconnection storyestablishes Prajipati, Thisfact in the abovementioned however seemsto haveshiftedhis abodeto the sky. Brahma and that portionof the celestial referto the Rulirp Deitysectionof Rohini. neighbouring Rohini.Please Froma of creation. is born in thl process relates to the point wherecuriosity Mrigashira pointof view,we canseethat all motionin the physical universe, evenon an atomiclevel material quantityknownas heat.SinceMrigashira is the initiator of Martian is dependant upona physical reaches the appropriate of the universe it relates to the pointin time wherethe temperature energy, Mars aspects of the planet andthey have Heatand motion arethe primary value for lifeto flourish. their roots in this nakshatra.

Qotra (CettstiatLineage):
one of the sevencelestial sageslookingafter is relatedto the SagePulasthya, This nakshatra the affairsof our galaxy.The name of this sagetranslatesinto "havingsmoothhair". One can with the soft,refined aspect of Mrigashira. immediately hasa strongconnection seethat Pulasthya

from badeffects resulting from afflictions to this nakshatra, the bestremedial Forthosesuffering in increasing the favourable measure is worshipof ParvaU. Worship of the Moonis alsofavourable


e,ffecbof this nakshatra. - "Om Em" 108timeswhen Moontransitsthis Repetition of the root mantraof this nakshaba suffering andbringenlightenment is sureto reduce month of Margashirsha nakshatra andin the lunar life. into a person's can also increase the from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra Persons who are benefiting goodeffectsthroughthe abovementioned ways.It is helpfulfor them to wearcolourslike red and lunar monthand the They shoulduse its directions, white, greenand light brightsparklyshades. all important actions. to undeftake dayswhen MoontransitsMrigashira

lEapmp{e :
his Moonin Mrigashira. Hewas in comp*r Gorge Frderick Handelhas Theftmous classical around singers. Hismusic has hisworkspecifically of histimewhofashioned factthe onlycomposer Mercuryplacedin the qualityabout it. The authorof this book has his atmakaraka a Mrigashira seond pada of Mrigashiral

wealthy timid,shrewd, energetic, is "fickle, clever, in Mrigashira to Vanhamihir4Moon According of this workwho has seemto fit the illustrator Mostof thesequalities in enjoyment." and delighting Moonplacedin the first padaof this nakshatra! her atmakaraka to have her and consortof Shiva,is supposed deity of this nakshatra Paruati, the presirJing as revealed by the various Alot of her qualities, Moonplacedin the Tauruspaft of this nakshatra. goddess, she Since sheis an archetypal puranic description. involving her,fit Varahamihira's stories different.characteristics. new forms like Durgaand Kali,whichembodycompletely @n assume



- 20000'Gemini) (6040'Gemini

In ttu Sky,
Ardra,the seedof Rahu's energy, consisbof the brightstar in the constellation of Oion, knorrrn in modernastronomy (Alpha-Orionis). as Betelguese With a visualmagnitude of 0.57,this red giant is one of the brightest starsin the nightsky.Betelguese is the brightstar at the top left handcorner of Orion.It is reveredin mostancientcultures as a very important star as it is supposed to havea stronginfluence on our planet.The ancientvedicseerssawthis brightred star as beingthe abode of Rudra,the fierce red form of Shiva.

Ardracanhavemanyvaried English translations like- "green", "fresh", "themoistone".Its not hardto noticethat all thesetranslations are connected and carrya feelingof renewal. Forexample, the word "moist"may referto the moisture in the air whichformsthe clouds,whichin fum cause rain' The rain in turn bringslife to the earthlyvegetation and makes them "fresh"and "green". Tearsis one imagewhichcomesacross instantlyto one'smindwhen moisture is relatedwith human feelings. A "teardrop" in fact is oneof the mostwell-known symbols of thisasterism. Sweat is anotherphysical phenomenon whichcan be linkedwith moisture and the ancienttextsassociate this asterism with the oppressive heatof the Sun,whichas vrre knowis responsible br the sweating process.

6. \rdr^

6'10'(;emini -zo"oo' Qemini


: Sym6o[
symbol. as its primary seea Teardrop eventhoughmanyscholars is a Diamond, Its mainsymbol The relatesto moistureand wetness. As we havealreadyseen,the nameof this nakshatra also it with all kindsof sorrow.The tear drop symbolism of the tear drop associates symbolism or the dew dropson the leaves to water in all its dropletforms,like the early morning relates as we cansee, dewdrops, afterthe rainhascomeandgone.These of dropsleft around thousands process and relatemoreto Even tear dropsare paft of a cleansing and renewal. freshness symbolise process to that is similar of it. Thiscathartic of sorrowratherthanthe actualproduction the dispersal happened' the nextas if nothing whichcancry one minuteand be smiling of a baby, one from the decayingpast througha which tendsto release This is a futuristicnakshatra, of a very thoughthat all thesestormsare usually seriesof stormyevents.It must be remembered anddon'tlastvery long.If onedoesnot try to clingto the pastonecansailthrough shortduration after the of the leaves with a renewalakin to the freshness this phasewith easeand be rewarded a new when one losesa job, but this might provide one feelsdisappointed rain. For example, there in. This is the reason and find success vocation one'sfavoured for one to pursue oppoftunity of this nakshatra. is the mainsymbol why'a diamond' for R diurond, as we know,is formedafter beenactedupon by extremeheat and pressure personality after one has a glowing can produce of years.In the sameway,this asterism millions alsorelates symbolism gonethroughthe stormsthat washawaythe old. The diamond successfully from the stormy to extractthe shiningand brilliantjewel of knowledge to the hard work required of this nakshatra. vicissitudes multi-dimensional with its reflective symbol, is mainlya mentaland intellectual A diamond plane).Just as (mentaUintellectual of Manomayakosha aspects layers,signiffingthe multifarious of the mindand on it, the brilliance of lightfalling on the amount depends of a diamond the brilliance "a man'shead", symbol, alternative uponthe amountof lightthe soulhas.Ardra's depends intellect ideaof mindand mentality' a similar alsoconveys


Thediamond is alsothe hardest planeand this hardness knownsubstance on the material in turn relates to the unyielding anddetermined aspect of this nakhatra.Thisnakshatra hasa sharp, piercing quality to it and cancut throughanything with easein muchthe sameway as a diamond can.Getting to the root of the matteris very important to this nakshatra. Ardrais therefore directly connected to one'sdepthof perception.

Deity :
Its presiding deityis Rudra, which translates into'theterrible','the ruddyred','the transformer' 'the or the howler'. The reference to red colourgainssignificance from the fact that astronomers actually referto Beteleguese (the primary starof this nakshatra) as "the RedGiant".Rudra represents the destructive and transformative aspectof Shiva(the destroyer amongthe Vedictrinity). Rudrais alsoseenas the StormGodby someVedictexts,whichagainpointstowardsa sense of commotion andupheaval. Rudra relates to chaos, disorder, confusion, anarchy andhavoc. However mostwise men will agree,that in fact, it is theseterriblethingswhichmoreoften than not turn people around. Veryfew embrace put against change unless the wall! The primaryessence of Ardrais'change'and Rudraknowsexactlywhat is required to bring it about.The periodbeforethe storm,wherethe dark clouds gatheraccompanied by li$htning and thunder, is the atmosphere Rudra revelsin and relates to (referto the image). Ardracan be seenas an expeftat producing thesekindsof situations, bringingin suchexperiences into a person's life. Stormis an impoftant phenomenon through whichnature findsits release. Ardracan be seen as marking the periodjust before,duringand after a rainstorm. Rudrais intimately connected with the constellation lThe Hunter". of Orion, Orionis supposed to be the mostimportant constellation in terms of its effecton earth and humanity. It is reveredin all the Vedictexts as the gatewayfrom where the souls descend to begin theirearthly lifeandis thuscalled the "Giver of Life".It aidsin the process evoluUonary of humanitythroughtriggeringimpoftantchanges. Someof these changes


levellikea violentstorm,but theyare always or collective on an individual destructive mayappear in the sensethat they alwaystriggernew growth. auspicious Vedic texts.Wewill dealwith the most to him in the ancient attached Rudra hasmanylegends in the Esoteric Section, of Orion'simportance theseand other aspects famousamongst

A@ure d functioni:ng:
have to flit an ability underits influence of a child.Natives of Ardrais likethe nature Thenature Ardrais within a matterof minutes. joy to intensesorrow,to somewhere in between from intense to be This makesthe nativesunder its strong influence alwaysinvolvedin a churningprocess. goodthingslike gemsof produces this process In somecases, transformation. constant undergoing thoughts and confusion. thingslikepoisonous negative it produces and in somecases knowledge plane to understand on a mental/intellectual wherean attemptis made Ardraisthefirst nakshatra nakshatra, Mrigashira, is born.In the previous gsof maya.This whereintellect isthe place thefunctionin the to synthesize In Ardraan intellectis developed to roamand wander. its capacity minddevelops the as Mrigashira, Ardrais still prettymuchas curious gainedthroughthesewanderings. experience is mostly the effect,whileMrigashira beingthat Ardralikesto knowthe causebehind onlydifference and enjoyingthe effect' contentwith observing whyall Thisis probably the reason "enjoys" andArdra"dissects". It canbe saidthat Mrigashira Whenan Ardra and probingintellects. orientated haveresearch born underits influence natives recognise their probingquality.Evensevenyear old nativeenters a room one cirn immediately is usually withoutany peoplearoundthem.This obseruing and understand childrenlike to observe for couftesyand they can be quite upfrontaboutvoicingtheir findings regards In the universalschemeof things, Ardra relatesto 'yabtashaki" - the powerto makeefforts.

goal.Ardra thusfinishes off the searching that the desired andreaching Its mainthemeis searching energy' is the resultof Ardra's Achievement beganin Mrigshira.


It is easyto seethat that the english wordslike- "arduous" and "ardent" havebeenderived from "Ardra"and thus relateto ib functionings. In fact, English as a language hasa lot to do with the energies of Ardra. Ardrais the nakshatra where mentalsensitivity and impressionability develops as the stormy vicissitudes of this nakshatra makethe mindactiveand reactive. Thissensitivity makes Ardranatives susceptible to dll kindsof hurts and in somecasesgivesa strongdesireto help those who are suffering or hurt.The underlying emotional thirstof Ardrais based uponempathy. EvenRudra, its rulingdeity,cameinto beingto protectRohinifromBrahma (pleaserefer to the story in the Deity sectionof Rohinipge). Evena thunderstorm is nothingbut nature's way of relievingEafth'svegetation of its misery. Ardrais the first nakshatra whereemotions are encountered by the mind.Thereis a constant need for balancing the mental and emotional impulses in this nakshatra. Natives bornwith Ardrarisingon the Ascendant usually havelargefaces,curly hair and sullen ,'going expression. Theeyeshavea pafticular piercing quality aboutthem and the expression, rcd with anger",literallyappliesto Ardra natives.The mad, absentminded professor archetype is an Ardracharacter. Theyhavegood memory and are quickto respond to factsand figures.It must be notedthbt Ardranatives don't usually veriff the facGbeforethey speak. Although they may appear calmoutside there is usually someragingstormgoingon in their heads. Their livesare full of extreme changes and complete turn-arounds, Ardranatives areintense andunrelenting observers of boththemselves andothers. Thisquality, coupled with the factthat they usually put theirthoughts intospeech, makes them appear impolite and critical.In somecases their sarcasm cancausemuchpainor agonyto others.In lesser evolved souls, Ardradisplays its childlike tendency to serue selfish endsthroughlying,unscrupulousness etc. Theyare, however, courageous like Rudraand don't mindany type of confrontation. Ardrapeople are likestormsrunningaroundand the reactions they get from otherpeopleis as varied.They are good at scaringpeople,especially the softertypes.Their physical constitution is


jobs.Onthe material prosperity quitestrong, oriented whichmakes themgoodat physically usually not goodwith finances, usually Theyare, however, extremes. scale, they tend to fluctuatebetween Just like a sevenyear old child,Ardrais rnt very as they are likelyto spendall of their earnings. about money. concerned and make Ardracancreatea wholelot of confusion of Rahu, energies of the illusionary Because pursuits. It canalso in meaningless energies andmental awaytheirintellectual Ardranatives scatter andtechnology dayandage,wherescience In the present arrogant andreckless. make themstubborn, wastetheir potential on these usually Ardranatives consciousness, havea strongholdoverthe mass on the soul level.It is seen don't bringaboutany evolution which in mostcases materialscience5, latein theirlives, afterexhausting to metaphysics make the shiftfromphysics that a lot of physicists to anymeaningful lives before coming theirwhole canwaste howpeople Thisshows all its possibilities. get a chance their livesfor the better,but in today'shyper to transform All Ardranatives conclusion. abound,it is no easytask. age,whereall typesof illusions materialistic the way. In suchcases, in a different souls,Ardrafunctions In the caseof highlyevolved in order to test their resolve and situations, mind tests them throughstormyconditions universal in haveundergone manystorms is the proofthat all greatpersonalities History and understanding. karmas from testingour faith, thesestormsclearawaythe dust of negative their lives.Besides and makesus howl slumber previous lives.Ardrais the stormwhichwakesus from our stagnating "Why!" and cry out the most impoftantquestion

Modc of funrtioning :
naturestemsfrom its mentaland Its balanced nakshatra. to be a Balanced Ardrais considered go to extremes. All of don't usually and contemplate, Thosewho thin( analyze acumen. intellectual If we are way of restoringbalance. is nothingbut nature's chaosand storminess Ardra'sdiffi.rsion, out is to dissolve and balance life,its onlypurpose in the present situation facingsometormenting wayof manifestation of nature's is alsoa typical Thethunderstorm lives. from previous our karmas restoringbalance.


It belongsto the Butchercaste.It is Ardra'sjob to removeor put an end to whateverhas rid of deity Rudra,is well knownfor gettingthe universe Ardra'spresiding outlivedits usefulness. section,Rudradidn't think twice about a forces.As we will see in the Esoteric unwanted demonic heads. very seriousissuelike cuttingoff one of Brahma's

Rudra is male, all of thisnakshatra's Even though its presiding deity, Ardraisa Female nakshatra. wrathfulstateof nature.The terms functioning, relateto the chaotic, background and Rudra's 'moistness'and freshness'canonly be regarded as being associated with Ardralike'tenderness', experiences after rainfallis alsoone of nature's feminine. The renewal whichthe earth'svegetation phenomenas. feminine

tsodyparts (t l{umor (Ayuruedir Corutitution) :

its to, the Eyesand the Backand Frontof the Head,highlight The bodyorgansit relates perceptive quality. mostof the brain's controlling As neurologists are nowdiscovering, andanalyzing mechanisms are locatedin the front and backof the head. lies It belongs to the Vata(airy) humor.This is clearfrom the fact that all of this nakshatra vata planet.Therecan be rulerRahuis alsoa primarily withinthe vatasignof &mini. Its planetary no stormwithoutair!

Direction :
west and north. It is relatedprimarily to southwest,


ea{as (@nrters)
The first padaor quarterof this asterism 6" 40' - 10" 00' Gemini, hlls in Sagittarius Navamsa placed and is ruledby Jupiter. This padarelates to the exploratory and curious sideof Ardra.Planets herehavea happygo luckydisposition, excesses. but are proneto material This is the beginning of the stormand thus conditions hereare not very unfavourable padaor quafter Thesecond of thisasterism 10o00' - 13"20'Gemini, fallsin Capricorn Navamsa pursuits ruledby Saturn. Thispadagivesa stronginterestin all typesof materialistic andfrustration qualities are manifested throughthis pada.Thestorm therein.Mostof the negative of this nakshatra placed hasgained momentum hereandthusthe planets heregiveconstant troubles andmisfortunes. 13o20' - 15o40' Gemini, falls in Aquarius The third padaor quarterof this asterism Navamsa ruledby Saturn.This padarelatesto the electrical, scientific and research orientedpart of Ardra's positedherecangive functioning. Thestormhereis at its peaklightning stageandthus the planets Mentalactivityis at its peakin this pada. shortstdden burstsof inspiraUon. 16040' - 20o00' Gemini, fallsin Pisces Thefourthpadaor quarter of this asterism Navamsa pada of Ardra. It relatesto the sensitiveand ruled by Jupiter.This is the Pushkara Navamsa desireto helpthoselessfortunatethan itself in the compassionate aspectof Ardra.It hasa sffiong process The storm is endinghere and so the conditions are miH and peaceful of evolution. in padas.Planets positedusually give benefic expansive results. to the two previous comparison

Industry;Computer Electronic & Computer Software Engineers and Electricians; Electrical in Electronic especially thoseinvolved Music; Engineers & Technicians; Musicians, Developers; Sound people in the FilmIndustry; SpecialEffects Experts; Weapon Expefts; Photographers; English Language of all & Sci Fi Buffu;3D & Virtual RealityExperts;ManualLabourers GameDesigners Computer Thinkers & Philosophers; Writers Profound Mathematicians & Researchers; Scientisbs; types;Physicists, poisons Physicians who administer in fictiongenre;Surgeons; of the science & Novelists, especially


smallamountsas remedies like Homeopaths; Allopathic doctors;Thoseinvolvedin mentalsports likeChess, Scrabble, Bridge etc.; Morticians; Chemical & Fertilizer industry; Pharmaceutical Industry; Professions poisons involving handling of any type; Thoseworkingin Nuclear PowerPlants;Eye& brain Specialists & Surgeons; Psychoanalysts & Psychotherapists; Thosespecializing in healingor curing Brain& Headdisorders; Investigators, Detectives & MysterySolvers; Analysts of all types; Lighting expefts;XraySpecialists & Radar Personnel; FoodProcessing Places whichproduce canned, frozen& junkfood;Thieves;Legal& Illegal Drug Dealers; Salespeopleadeptat lying and double talk; Biotechnologists; chemotherapists; Politicians & Manipulators; snipers& Hitmen.

9facu :
places Geographical wherenaturalphenomena like thunderstorms, hurricanes and tomadoes are common;Research laboratories of all types; High tech studiosand shops;Hospitals; Communication centres likeradarfacilities, radiostations, television studios, telegraph offices; Nuclear power plants;All factoriesdealingwith poisonous processes; chemical Escalators; Militarybases whereweapons arestored& maintained; All places connected with the above professions. mentioned In today'sday and age every home has its shareof Ardra because of electrical wiringsand appliance.

, Quna ('Essence) (Etenrcnt) an"d,Tattzaa

It is a Tamasb nakshatra. Its tamasicqualityarisesdue to its association with the tamasic graha,Rahu.Ib tamasic qualitymanifests itselfas chaos,diffi.rsion, disturbance and fuzziness. It belongs to the Waterelement. Its wateriness is evidentfrom its symbolism and imagery. This showsthat thereare strongunderlying emoUons involved within the intellectualism of Ardra.


Qana$ype) :
with Mercurythe planetwhichforms a Its association or humannakshatra. Itisa Manusha whichliesright in it to the planeof humanity relates the lowerand higherworlds, bridgebetween carries the illusoryaspectof (realms) This asterism of existence. the middleof the fourteenplanes with humanityand its struggleon the materialplaneon the its ruler Rahu,which is very involved ' planeteafth.

Orientatint d Disposition :
the sky (referto image)' aimshis arrowtowards Justlike Rudra nakshatra. Ardrais an Upward in all its forms. challenges and higherknowledge Ardrasets its goalshigh. It seeksintellectual the why in our life, we are oftenforcedto question situations troublesome we encounter Whenever the sky, towards the time whenmanyamongus turn our gazeupwards it all. Thisis usually behind lie. whereall the answers the Storm from its rulingdeity, Thisis evident nakshatra. or sharpandforceful Itisa Tikshna aswe knowis a harshplanet. bite.Rahu akinto a snake sharpmanner in a sudden God.It functions with this asterism.Evenwhen giving good eventsare associated and distressful Bitingsarcasm sharpmanner' them in a sudden it gives results

Lunar Montfi d Daq This It refatesto the secondhalf (the middle9 days) of the lunar month of Margashircha' in the solarcalendar. to the monthof December periodusually corresponds -' of the ( 1ldl Uthior day)of the waxingandwaningphases to the Ekadashi Ardrais afsorelated

cycle. monthly Moon's


Auspicbus Actiaitizs :
Only auspicious for activitiesrelatedto its profession and places;Favourable for destructive activities like demolishing old buildings; Discarding old and wornouthabitsand objects; Goodfor confronting issues underlying and difficultproblems which havebeen lurkingaround;Goodfor research and creative activities within its domain;Goodfor propitiating fiercedeitieslike Rudraand lGli.

InnuspiciousActiaitits :
Unfavourable for anytypeof beginning; Generally inauspicious for all auspicious activities like marriage, travel,givingand receiving honours, religious ceremonies and the like.

etarutary fotfer :
Even thoughRahu is the mainplanetary rulerof Ardra,it canbe seenas a combination of the energies of Mercury and Rahu.Mercury planets and Rahuare both intellectual dealing with the duality of lifeandnature. Rahu's Mercurial sideis relayed through thisnakshatra. Thisheightens the intellectual and thinking capacity of Ardranatives, and involvement in activities whichemphasize communication, thinking or useof the hands. It ensures abundant mental and neruous energy and qualitieslike wit versatility, quickness mercurial of thoughtand communication ability.Just like a piercing diamond, Ardra's intellectualism is usually and multifaceted. In its negative aspect the Rahu-Mercury influence of this nakshatra will makeone misuse their skills for selfish endsor harming others. In some cases the intellect is distorted to an extentthat the native doesn't thinktwiceaboutindulging in criminal actions. However onemustbecareful regarding what one doesunderthe influence of Ardra,because the consequences usually haveto be faced withinthis lifetime.This is alsoa goodthing in the sensethat we don't haveto carryour baggage into future livesand possibility of redemption withinthe present life itselfcannotbe ruledout. Rahu and Mercury's energy canalsoget onecaughtup in the present day information boom,whichhas


it cangivetrue knowledge and the ability In its higheraspect, very little to do with real knowledge. give realms andasa result intellect to the unseen one's It canalsoconnect illusions. to lookthrough perception. intuitiveor psychic introduces chaos Herenaturedeliberately energy. mysterious of Rahu's Ardrais the birthplace We can seethat the of creationand manifestation. the process in orderto facilitate and difftrsion, Ardra is thus relatedto that nakshatras. has beenquite orderedin the previous creativeprocess thisis best In the language of physics, whichcanneverbe grasped. in the universe random x-factor principle" statethat theory",bothof whichbroadly and "quantum by the "unceftainty exemplified It In other words, Mayais unfathomable. nothing is certainand everythingis just a probability. - a process whichinvolves all the 27 nakshatras. itselfthroughtrue enlightenment reveals however

iloutek and Alpfinbe* :

to "Ku" as in 6o 40' -10o 00' Geminicorresponds The first pada or quarterof this asterism Kubrick. padaor quafterof thisasterism to "Khal' as in 10o00' - 13" 20' Gemini @rresponds Thesecond Khalsa. corresponds to "Nga"as in 13o20' - 16o40' Gemini The third padaor quafterof this asterism Nancy. corresponds to "Chha"as 16040' - 20" 00' Gemini The fourth padaor quafterof this asterism (hindufor umbrella). in Chhatri its mantrais "OmAeem". to "Aee"andconsequently Ardracorresponds alphabet In the Sanskrit


type and Compatihi[itg : Serc^taf

Its sexual animalis a Dog.As is clearfrom the image,the dog is an aggressive howlinghound and not a friendly Scottish terrier!Dogsare supposed to be sexually active animals andthusArdra canbe excessively indulgent in regards to sexual matters. It is mostcompatible with Mula,the other dog asterism Forsexualand maritalcompatibility pleasereferto the tableson pages with other nakshatras 457 & 458

'Esoteric :
presently Recent findings haveshownthat the constellation knownas Orion, or the hunter, was of special interest to the ancientEgyptians. It hasbeenassigned special statusin Vedicmythology as well.Thisconstellation houses two asterisms, Mrigashira andArdra.Mrigashira is represented by the ftont threestarswhichformthe bowof the hunter. Ardra,aswe havediscussed earlier, is represented by the brightstar of Betelguese, whichis situatedat the top left part of Orion.We also knowthat Ardrais ruled by Rahu, whichconnects Rahuwith Orion. Accogding to someVedicscholars, Betelguese is supposed to be the abodeof Shiva. Orionwas supposed to comeinto beingwhenShiva assumed the formof a hunterandtook out oneof Brahmat headswith his arrow. This makessensewhen one seesthat Brahmais the ruling deity of the neighbouring constellation Rohini. We havealready seenthat Vedicseers think of Mrigashira, the neighbouring nakshatra, as Paruati's(consort of Shiva) abode. Though notwellrecognized by scholars, the fact is that Mrigashira (11h nakshatra) and Ardrafonn a sort of a pair like PuruaPhalguni and (12s nakshatra). UttaraPhalguni As we havealready discussed, Rudra, the fierceform of Shiva,is the presiding deity of Ardn. This establishes a relationbetweenRahuand Shiva,the destroyer amongthe Trinity.SomeVedic texts havegoneto the extentof saying that Rahuresides in the heartof Neelkantha, anothername for Shiva. Wecanseethat Rahuand Shivaare relatives, as Shivais the husband of the sisterof the


Aquarius, the sign why Rahu co-rules with Shiva is oneof the reasons Hiscloseness mother of Rahu. with a colourassociated Theyevensharethe sameelectricbluecomplexion, mostrelatedto Shiva. Aquarius. gateway of the galactic rightin the middle liesin the factthat it stands of Orion Thesignificance on planetEarthcomethrough It is saidthat all the soulsincarnating and Gemini. Taurus between in the sensethat the gatewaypoints this astronomically We can understand this galacticA'ateway. into our galaxy. awayfrom the centreof our galaxyand canthus be seenas a doorway of humanrace. Even This is why Vedictexts relateOrionwith the Pnjapati,the progenitor in veryclose Orionis alsosituated the fatherof all humanity. sawOrionas Osiris, Egyptians ancient discussion to revolve, but a detailed whichour Sunis supposed the stararound the nightskyto Sirius, the scopeof this book. of Siriuslies beyond on the importance to "yatnashaKi" - the powerto makeeffort. scheme of things,Ardrarelates In the universal has huntingabove,and the of the arrow.Its symbolism by the shooting The effort is exemplified goal below.



sageslmking after the one of the sevencelestial is related to the SagePulahu, This nakshatra Ardraas we have of space". into "connector The nameof this sagetranslates affairsof our galaxy. It makes thingslikesci-fiadventures. andall spacey givesa fascination for space before, discussed space. wouldrelateto this sage,who is knownto connect nakshatra that this spacey therefore sense

: fumedia[
the bestremedial fromafflictions to this nakshatra, from badeffectsresulting Forthosesuffering form. is worshipof Shiva,in his terribleRudra measure


- "OmAeem"108timeswhenMoontransitsthis Repetition of the root mantraof this nakshatra nakshatra and in its corresponding lunarmonthis sureto reduce suffering and bringenlightenment into a person's life. Persons who are benefiting from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra can also increase the good effectsthroughthe abovementioned ways.It is helpfulfor them to wear colourslike red, green, shinymetallic colours emulating lightning, all stormcolours likesilvers, darkgreys andblack. Theyshould lunarmonthandthe dayswhenMoon transits Ardrato undertake useits directions, all important actions.

E4arupf"e :
physicist, AlbertEinstein, the famous wasbornwith Ardrarising.Hisappearance, lifeandworks reveala lot regarding Ardra's functioning.

Misceffaneous :
placement According Moon's in Ardramakes to Varahamihira, one "ungrateful, wicked,violent and proud". Janis Joplin, singer hasher Moonin Ardrain the 5thhouse. the famous & musician, 5b house relates to one'screativity Her creative and mentalinclinations. outputand singingstyle is very Ardraish, andsome of Varahamihira's harsh opinions do apply to hereventhoughshewasa benevolent type relaying Ardra's higher energies.




Zo"oo' Qemini -t"Zo' (un..,


/. lunawasu


- 3020'Cancer) (20000' Gemini

In tfu SKyt
Punaruasu, the root of Jupiterian energy, consists of the two brightstarsin the constellation of Gemini,known in modernastronomyas hstor (Alpha-Geminorium) & Pollux(Beta-Geminorium). With visualmagnitudes of 1.58 and L.22respectively, Castor&folluxare easilyvisiblein the night sky.Theycan be located at the top left handcomer aboveOion withinthe constellation of Gemini. In mostancient cultures thesestarswereseenas twins(brothers or lovers). Theancient vedicseers however sawthisasterism as a "quiver.of arrows".

9{gtnrc : Punaruasutranslates into "Good Again","Wealthy Again"or the "Visible Infinity".The Vasusare demigods qualitieslike goodness, carryingall the desirable strength,prosperity etc. (refer to the Deitysection of Dhanistha, the 23rd asterism). Thefact that the term "Punarvasu" literally translates into "Becoming VasuAgain",revealsits first two meanings. We also get an impression of some positive transformation fromdarkness into light.Thisduality and interplay between the opposites is the essence of Punarvasu. Its "visible infinity"meaning is moreprofound and relates to its ruling deity.
r:4.. - 1,\{c


onesinglearrow Sometimes is a'quiverfull of arrows'. of Punarvasu symbol The mostaccepted of this the discussion dominates the arrowsymbolism but in both cases is takenas its symbol, nakshatra. andfunctioning nature of human with everyaspect associated An arrowhasbeentraditional|y Inall these -arowofdesire,arrowof andnottoforgetthearrowoftime. Eros'arrow ambition, The arrows strivingor objective' with somesort of movement, associated the arrowis always cases to be like the divine asfras quiver are not normalarrows.They are supposed in the Punarvasu or mission. their function returnafter fulfilling times,whichmagically (weapons), usedin ancient beginnings. and endless regenerailon the ideaof renewal, This conveys It is up to us command' at one's and resources quiverbasically energy represents Punarvasu's safely of returning thushasa distinction andtimingof their use.Punarvasu the purpose to choose shop as goingto the neighbourhood maybe as simple Thismission it undertakes. fromany mission physical, on any plane- mental, cantakeplace The mission Mt Everest. as climbing or as arduous safereturnto the startingpoint' No functionto ensure It is Punarvasu's astralor causal. emotional, in the eyesof the wisemen.Its alternative with'safety' synonymous became wonder that Punaruasu the ideaof safety' onceagainreiterates symbol,"a house", hasa lot to do with anykindof motion, that Punaruasu inferfromthe above Onecanalsoeasily whichalso with the signSagitLarius, associated normally All the qualities andsearching. movement as well. The fact that the journeyalways to Punaruasu can be applied hasan arrowas its symbol, and not linear, are cyclical Timeand reality us to the ideaof a circle. endswhereonestaftedleads suggests theoryof evolution Darwinian it to be, The modern worldbelieve as mostin the modern This of naturalselection' evolutionby the process that the humanraceis in a stateof unhindered with each passing more intelligentthan our ancestors impliesthat we, as a race,are becoming progress, throughlinear that we are in a stateof perpetual generation. Thetheoryfufthersuggests civilisations, to the view heldby all ancient Thisis in opposition forward. time,whichonly moves This and tiat nature renewsitself throughperpetualrepetiUon. who knew that Unn is cyclical,


repetition has a helical(as is the casewith DNAstrandswhich makeup the geneticcode),rather than a puiely circularnature, but for symbolicpurposes the circle has alwaysbeen used as the (24thnakshatra) imagery whichconveys this eternalre-rllity. Shatabhisha and Punarvasu are the two main nakshatras whichrevealand dealwith this aspectof the universal functioning.

Deity :
Aditi, the motherof the 12 Adityas(solardeities),is the mainrulingdeity of Punarvasu. Aditi translates into "unbounded". Sheis often seenas the goddess of abundance. Sheis a sky goddess who is saidto bethe mother of all the godlybeings in the universe. In a waysherelates to all space. Themanifest universe, as we know,is basically a function of space andtime.Space liketime hasan infinitequalityto it andfor all purposes canbe takenas unbounded. The "visible infinity"translation of Punarvasu staftsto makesomesense whenseenin the abovelight. The realityhoweveris that both spaceand time are finite quantitiesboundedby the circular aspect of nature discussed earlier. Aditior space is the sinequanon for any motionor movement. If there is no space there is no motion.In iact therecan be no concept of existence either.Space has principle always to time,whichis seenin a moremasculine beenthe receptive, feminine asopposed light,Goingby this lineof thinking, Aditishouldbe the motherof all that exists,if it werenot for her silter Diti. Diti,the bounded space,is the motherof all ungodly or demonic beingsin the universe. Diti, like the night, can be seenas dark space,whichharbours the dark, mysterior.rs and evil sideof nature.Aditi relates whichlikethe day,is full of light,and is thus the harbinger to the space, of the benevolent sideof nature. Aditi'srulership of Punaruasu impaftsit with a maternal, caring, sensitive, reasonable and accommodating approach. Just likethe spacewhichaccommodates all, Punarvasu is very accommodating of people, situations, circumstances and energies.


A{ature U functianffig

prapana shakti"- the powerto relates to "vasfuva scheme of things,Punaruasu In the universal The arrow returnand renewal. Its mainthemeis triumphant gainor retrieve or objectives. objects the clouds haswind,whichcarries back.Its symbolism whichhits its targetin Ardranow returns bringsrenewal. the plantsbelow.Just like the rain, Punaruasu aboveand rain,whichrevitalizes to wherethey needto be afterthe rain the clouds this is that the windcarries way of seeing Another is over. and"Harmony". liesin two words,"Nufturing" natureandfunctioning of Punaruasu's Theessence harmonious mnditionsin represents the first light after the storm, Punaryasu Sinceit represents whenthe chirping of birdsand aftera storm, in the period to be at its happiest seems Nature nature. Punaruasu represents abuzzintheair.Consequently, earthcreates thefreshsmellfromthe rejuvenated makes calmof this nakshatra The inherent for life to thriveon all levels. favourable conditions in living people, Theybelieve easily. who get satisfied contented stronglyunderits influence, natives which feelings or thoughts, energies, lifeandstrivehardto get rid of anynegative spiritual a simple, process. theirevolutionary may obstruct is at its most of the mentalwith the emotional is a naKhatrawherethe interplay Punarvasu nakshatra, Ardra, the mental In the previous of strength. amount the same as bothhave fascinating, whicharises Thequality partis in the process of developing. whilethe emotional is muchstronger, the stagein Punaruasu represents is "reasonability". of mentalandemotional out of this fine balance whichis more intoa mindset andsettles andnaughtiness itstempestuous lifewhena childoutgrows at the agesof '9' and'14'.Children between takesplace Thisusually of others. awareof the needs at the same andgoodnatured andarefriendly ability to livein the moment thisagehavethe unique throughout their lives. of this nakshatra by thoseunderstronginfluence time.Thisabilityis retained '9'to'14'are the rightageto get a childinterested astheyare writings andphilosophies, in spiritual practices meantto is related to all kindsof spiritual Punarvasu morelikelyto takethem seriously. givesriseto a of mental andemotional The interplay andenlightenment. fosterselfunderstanding th:s excelin arts like poetryand natives Putmryasu imagination. and inspired very active,profound writing.


Thosewith Punaruasu risingon the Ascendant are usually of shortto middlestature, havea serenecountenance and benevolent expression. One can refer to the many imagesof Rama, incarnation of Vishnu, to understand the appearance of this nakshatra (especially the part whichlies in Cancer). The words- quiet, patient devout,temperance, contraryviews,amiability, adaptability, self-understanding and nobility sumup Punarvasu natives essential nature and functioning. It must be mentioned generosity th.atPunarvasu's is conditional and work on the principle of "giveand take".This part of their natureactuallyaccounts for their safetyin today'stumultuous times. . Punaruasu natives usually lackthe strongmentalcapacity of Ardraand havea muchsimpler approach to life.Theylackforesight, qualitywhichgetsthem into complications, a negative but they are alwayslucky to get out of them unscathed. In fact 'safety' is one of the keywordsof this nakshatra. Onecaneasily punarvasu ruleout any serious misfortune in relation to the significations influences in a nativity. Forexample, having Ascendant lordplaced in Punaruasu wouldruleout any serious disease, accidents, bodilymalfunctions and so forth. On a whole,punarvasu nativesusually leadcomfortable livesfilled with intermittent periods of adventure and upheaval. Punaryasu nativesare usuallyvery atbched to their homes,but at the sametime are ever readyto travelif required. In somenegative cases, Punarvasu nativesmay shuntravelcompletely. Suchnatives usually end up confused anddisillusioned as theyhaveavoided following theirnatural life path' Punarvasu nativesalwaysneed to guard againsta tendencyto stagnate.Their inward orientation usuallygivesthem a lack of drive and focusrequired to attain their goals.Manysuch Punarvasu nativescan be heardsayingstatements like, "What'sthe use?","Why bother?,' etc. In otherwords,theytendto philosophize their inactivity. In its higher aspect, givesa capacity Punarvasu to achieve its goal no matter how difficultor challenging it is. Just like an arrow fired by a good bowman,the evolvedPunarvasu types nevermisstheir mark quality Onestrange of Punarvasu is that evefihing happens in two goesfor the natives under its stronginfluence. Theyalmostalways tendto fail or not get far in theirfirst attemptat any pursuit, but the funny paft is that they almostalwayssucceed if they try a second time. This relatesto the opposing natures of the two stars, Castor and Pollux, whichmakeup the constellation of punarvasu.


andthe other andcruel, is naughty oneof whom(Castor) astwin brothers, starsareregarded These the first one in their first try and tendto encounter natives and wise.Punarvasu (pollux)is generous the latter one in their secondtry. backall brings whilePollux natives, for Punarvasu all typesof losses whichcreates It is Castor, to all kindsof "G@dAgain",relates with its namebanslation in keeping that is lost.Thuspunaruasu, anything find it hardto discard nattves Punaruasu aspect, In its negative and recycling. repetition in somefuture time' The moreevolved just because they think that it might seruesomepurpose soulshoweve[knowwhento let go of thingswhichhaveoutlivedtheir usefulness. to havetheirrootin the "pun","puny"seem "punitive", wordslike"punctual", English Common at some functioning relateto Punaruasu's We can easilyseethat their meanings word "punarvasu". levelor the other.

Modc of functUning :
entity' Spaceby itself is a very passive punarvasu nakshatra. to be a Passive is considered philosophy is very muchto "just be". It requires Punarvasu's agency, stirredby someexternal Unless has been to one. Punaruasu counge to stick to one's life path and finish off the task assigned aspect,it canfail to in its negative However qualityfor that very purpose. with a moveable blessed or idealism excessive throughprocrastination, the journeyof fulfillingone'slife purpose 6gmmence afterit hasbeenshotfroman outstretched travelling hasno problem purelaziness. Thearrowusually to evenstring his bow.This is the archermay lackthe strengthor resolution bow, but sometimes at the very beginning from the Vedicepic "TheMahabharata'2 d to Arjuna (character what happen of his idealistic He rdused to stringhis bow because of the epicworldwar knownas Mahabharata. towardshis kith and kin. compassion


aboutbecause comes obviously caste.Thisclassification or Merchapt to the Vaishya It belongs generosity andkindness planet, Allof Punarvasu's Mercury. with the mercantile of its closeassociation In of reciprocation' workson the principle Punarvasu of reasonability. lie within the framework as peopleare boundto take undue with one'sgenerosity today'sworld one has to be reasonable for whichaccounts trader'smentality, to a reciprocal this adherence advantage of you. It is probably to be the safest is supposed rarelyget their handsburnt.Punarvasu natives the fact that Punarvasu amongnakshatras.

: Qentur
with the male must relateto its strongconnection This classification It is a Malenakshatra. are and functioning in Aditi, but its impulses overseer planetJupiter. has a feminine Punarvasu the anow. imageof the boy shooting in the nakshatra's masculine as illustrated

tsodyportsd t{utrwr (Ayttruedb Corutitution) :

guitar player The contemporary to this nakshatra. and Noseare the bodypartsrelated Fingers singsin one of his songslord Jupiterplacedin Punarvasu, who has his Ascendant limi Hendrix, "Feeling, sweetfeeling,dropsfrom my fingers,my fingers.'.'' with the Vata (airy) nakshatra. This definitelyrelatesto its association It is a primarily"Vata" to spaceor spaceand Vata is the humorwhirlr gets closest planetMercury. represents Punarvasu nothingness. l

to the arc madeby west, northand northeast. It is relatedprimarily


ealos (@wterc)
Thefirst padaor quafterof this asterism 20o00' - 23 20' Gemini, fallsin AriesNavamsa and is ruled by Mars.This padarelatesto the moveable, adventurous and floneeringside of Punarvasu. goals Focus hereis on friendships, and groupwork. padaor quarterof this asterism The second 23o 20' - 260 40'Gemini, falls in Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. This padarelatesto the materialistic, earthyand fixed aspectof Punaruasu. It is connected with hotels,restaurants, tourism,importand expoft industry. The third padaor quafterof this asterism 26040' - 30o0O'Gemini, falls in Gemini Navamsa ruledby Mercury. The focushereis on mentalactivities, imagination and science. Since this is a pada,planets placed Vargottama heregivestrongresults, especially in the mental/intellectual realm. The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism 00o 00' - 3" 20' Cancer, falls in Cancer Navamsa ruledby Moon.Thispadais considered partsof the to be one of the strongest and mostbeneficent placedhereare Vargottama wholezodiac.Planets and Pushkara Navamsa both.This is a maternal, pada,whichbrings nurturing qualityof Punarvasu and expansive out the mothering to the fullest. Jupiter findsits maximum exaltation here.

lProfusions :
people Trades & Sales of all types;Artisans; Fairy TaleWriters;Writers dealing with Astrology & other Esoteric Subjects; Visionaries; All professions involving Travel& Tourism;Recycling ExperG; Hotel & Restaurant Industry;Transport Industry; HouseConstruction Companies; Architects; Alt professions; Science related CivilEngineers; Teachers in Schools, Colleges & Universities; Psychologists; Philosophers; Priests, Monks& Gurus;Preachers involvedwith self-enhancement techniques; Importers & Expofters; Historians; Antique Dealers; Farmerc; Cattle& Sheep Farmers; All professions requiring an innovative approach; Communications Jobs; Radio& Telephone Industry;Courier Companies; Postal Service; Newspaper Industry;MailOrder& HomeDelivery Businesses; Landlords; Keepers of Temples, Churches and otherReligious Buildings; HomeMaintenance Services; Archery


& TargetShooting; All sports involvinguse of hands;Patriots;Aviators;Astronauts & All Space/ SatelliteProfessions.

9falu :
Areas nearPonds, Lakes & Rivers; Farmlands; Pilgrimage Spots; Villages & Small Towns; Post ffices; Transportation Places likeBusStations & TrainStations, Airports;Space Stations; Renovated Buildings; PublicParks;Homes;HomeLand;Hostels; Hotels,Bed& Breakfast Places, Inns, Motels etc. ; Restaurants; Temples & Treasuries; Markets; Rehabilitation Centres; Missions; Educational Institutions; Public & PoliticalAssembly Places; Roads; Science Museurns; Antique Shops; Community

juna ('Esserrce) and tsttuta (Etement)

It is supposed to be a Sattwic nakshatra. The reason behind this classification can be easily assessed from Punaruasu's association with Jupiter, a primarilysattwicplanet.The qualities which makeit godly,arethe qualities whichmakeit sattwicas well,However its mostsattwicquality.is that it neverdeliberately means harmto anyone. It belongs to the Waterelement. Its association with the wateryplanetJupiter, accounts for its wateryquality.Punarvasu is a nakshatra akin to nourishing, nurturing and other suchqualities associated with the waterelement.

It is considered a Deua or godlynakshatra, It is clearfrom its nature andfunctioning that it is generous, a verybenign, kindly andcompassionate nakshatra. All thesequalities are seenas being godly by ancientVedictexts. The first ray of sunlightafter a storm must obviously relateto the divinityaspectof natureand creation.


Orientation ond DisPosition :

In nor too contracting. are neithertoo expansive The levelnakshatras It is a Levelnakshatra. natureand It is clearfrom Punarvasu's and reasonability. of balance otherwords,they havea sense and thus fits this classification nakshatra and reasonable that it is a very balanced functioning perfectly. Anotherway to seethis, is that the archerneedsto keepa levelpostureand levelstate of mindin orderto hit its target. Punarvasu & Functioning, in its Nature Aswe havediscussed nakshatra. Itisa Chanor moveable the kind whichendswhereit begins.It is the first especially is relatedwith all typesof movement, in some can be saidto be moveable eventhoughMrigashira nakshatras, amongthe moveable respects. :

[.unarMontfr d Dag :
fallsin the solarmonthof whichusually to the first halfof the lunarmonthof Pausha, It relates i.e. late December. December, of punarvasu (8h tithi or day) of the waxingand waningphases is alsorelatedto the Ashtami monthlycYcle. the Moon's

Attspiciotu Actiaities :
Goodfor Activities; & all Healing Medicines Taking Pilgrimages; Making & Exploring; Traveling ,'Starting Allactivities Activities; & Gardening etc.;AllAgricultuml Relationships in Projects, OverAgain" Starting work on a building; Starting Cars& Homes; Buying & Innovation; Imagination requiring Activities Philanthropic with Children; for dealing Good for Marriage; Auspicious Activities; Educational & Meditation Altars, Installing likeFasting, Activities for Spiritual etc; Good Teaching likeDonations, Very good for worshipof the.divine simplepleasures; A time fo_le4joylng-life's Self Reflection; MotherGoddess.


Inauspitious Actiaitits :
for Borrowing or LendingMoney;LegalActivitiesor other activitiesrequiring Unfavourable pushiness or conflict.

Qfanetary fu.fzr:
In fact, Jupiterian energyis heralded ruler of this nakshatra. by Jupiteris the main planetary of ethicsis developed andthe focusshiftsfrom It is the first nakshatra wherea sense this nakshatra. itself manifests through a sense of accommodation, well-bein.r. Jupiterian energy theselfto communal As mentioned amongst the nakshatras. earlier, a qualitywhich makesthis the most reasonable represents and naughtiness and Punaruasu the stagein life whena childoutgrowsits tempestuous of others. settles into a mindset whichis moreawareof the needs andMoon, boththeseplanets arealsoassociated Since thisnakshaba hlls in the signs of Mercury aspect Mercury relates to the communicating and moveable of this nakshatra, with this nakshatra. quality with the universal whileMoonrelates mothering and its connection mother to its nufturing, principle. like Jupiter/Moon, and Jupiter/Moon/Mercury carry an energy Conjunctions Jupiter/Mercury simhr to that of Punarvasu. if Jupiter is well placed in the horoscope. especially All planets do well in this nakshatra,

'louek anl A[pfrabe* :

20o 00' -23o20' Geminicorresponds to "Kay"as in The first padaor quarterof this asterism Katie. padaor quafterof this asterism 23o20' - 26" 40' Gemini corresponds to "Ko"as in The second Kodak.


26"40' - 30o00' Gemini corresponds to "Ha"as in The third padaor quafterof this asterism Haft. corresponds 00" 00' - 3" 20' Gemini to "Hee"as in Thefourthpadaor quafterof this asterism Hinano. to "Om"and "Aum", consequently its mantras alphabet Punarvasu corresponds In the Sanskrit whichis most It is interesting to notethat the beginning sound of the universe, are"Om"and"Aum". Thisonceagainreiterates its strong respectd by all Vedictexts,is the root soundof this nakshatra. manifestation. relation with the beginning of material

Seren{ type anl Compati|i[ity :

creatures and this attitude permeates the Its sexualanimal is a Cat. Catsare independent Punaruasu canbe aggressive sexually, but not to the extentof Ashlesha sexuaf natureof Punarvasu. (the othercat nakshatra), with. whichis the asterism it is mostcompatible please referto the tables compatibility withothernakshatras on pages 457 Forsexual & marital &458.

Esoterb :
Punarvasu relates to the balancing aspect of nature.Space is the Beingthe 7s nakshatra, Punaruasu for manifestation of the universe areembroidered. allows emptyclothon whichthe patterns Thosefamiliarwith chemistry will realize that the mediumis alwaysa by providing a medium. givessoulsa chance At anotherlevel Punarvasu to redeem elementin any reaction. balancing negative fromwhatever actions they mighthavedonein the past.It is the mostefficient themselves with Aditi, motherof the gods, the nakshatras. Due to its relationship karmarecycler amongst whichalwaysgivesa secondchance.It harmonizes Punarvasu is a very nufturingnakshatra, the inherentin the universal tendencies scheme. opposing


The twins Castor and Polluxrepresent two extremesidesof humannatureand Punarvasu establishes a happymedium. It can be saidthat Vishnu Tattwabegins in Punarvasu. Thisis the first nakhatrawherea sense of harmony andequilibrium is established between the existing elemental forceson all planesof existence. prior to Punaruasu Noneof the nakshatras engagein the above mentioned task.Rama, the 8thincarnation of Vishnu, wasbornwith Punaruasu rising and hiswhole lifewasnothing but an effottto create an equilibrium on planetEarthin hisday and age. ' Thetwo sonsof Rama, LuvandKusharethe archetypal twin brothers who havebeenusedto

symbolize the twin starsCastor and Pollux through different names in various cultures. Theirreign on Eafth,afterthey took overfrom their father,is regarded as one of the mostpeaceful tjmesin the tumultuous historyof Prithvi(Mother).

Qotra (Cehst'ut Lineage):

This nakhatra is relatedto the SageKratu,oneof the sevencelestialsages lookingafter the affairsof our galaxy. The nameof this sagetranslates into "the inspirer". Punaruasu, because of its association quality with Jupiter, hasa preachy and inspiring aboutit. Punarvasu inspires by setting an example throughits innergentleness.

: fumedi"af
Forthosesuffering from badeffects resulting fromafflictions to this nakshatra, the bestremedial measure is worshipof any goddess figurinelike Durga,Laxmi,Saraswafii Aditi etc. - "Om" or "Aum" 108 times when Moon Repetition of the root mantras of this nakshatra transits this nakshatra and in its corresponding lunarmonthis sureto reduce suffering and bring enlightenment into a person's life. Persons who are benefiting from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra can also increase the good effectsthroughthe abovemenUoned green,yellowand ways.It is helpfulfor them to ralear


Punaruasu to lunarmonthand the dayswhenMoontransits white.Theyshould useits directions, actions. all important undertake

E4antph :
and hailedin the Vedic Rama,incarnation of Vishnuin the SilverAge and widelycelebrated in the rising.His life,whichis documented thoughtas the perfectman,was bornwith Punarvasu got Healways of Punaruasu. shedslight on the natureandfunctionings fegendary epic "Ramayana", them),as suggested by andwife and regained rightonlyin two goes(he losthiskingdom everything "goodagain". the expression

: Misceffaneous
' placement makesone "easilycontented, selfin Punaruasu Moon's to Varahamihira, According

hashis Moonplaced Rama Ourexample fortunate and of goodcharacter". slow-witted, controlled, fit him petfectly. attributes as well and all of the above-mentioned in Punaryasu


s. lushya ,"zo' (un"., - 16"+0'(^n"",


(3020' Cancer) Gncer - 16o40'

In tfu SkAt
as of Cancer, knownin modernastronomy Pushya comprises of threestarsin the constellation among Eta-Cancri. Theseare not very brightstars,as the brightest Theta-Gncri, Gamma-Cancri& house the globuler starclusterknownas M-44. of 4.57.They,however, them hasa visualmagnitude aboutour neighbouring Vedicseerswere privyto someknowledge It is very clearthat the ancient to. Thesestarsare hardlyvisibleto the naked the sameimportance starswhich we don't ascribe Theinteresting thing an'udder of a cow'. threestars as resembling eye.Theancient seers sawthese with the sign of the relatively bright stars normallyassociated to note is that they didn't choose Cancer.

fr{unc :
This simplename or the "Yielding". into the "Nourisher", the "Nufturer" Pushya translates are of the opinionthat Pushya also of this nakshatra. Somescholars carries within itselfthe essence of gentleness and nourishment as the the samesense translates into "a flower".Theflowerconveys othertranslations. meaning which translatesinto auspicious."Sidhya" Pushya's ancientname is "Tishyan, 'prosperous'is are We can seethat all thesenames nameassociated with this nakshatra. another of benevolence. drawn from a @mmonqssence ;


: Sym6o[
seenthat the udderof a cow'.We havealready Pushya's mainsymbolis the 'milk yielding this symbolwith a cowb udder.Oncewe combine ancientseerssaw its three starsas representing clearie. its propensity and abilityto of this nakshatra are immediately its name,all the indications of existence. nourish, nufture, careand givefreelyon all planes


theirowncalfunselfishly. Cows arealso besides theirmilkto others Cows, aswe know,provide Vedic especially in the ancient society. and werehighlyrevered, symbol of motherhood a universal All the notions of fertilityandproductivity amongst all animals. the holiest In Indiait is stillconsidered planefall underthe domain In many of this nakshatra. to the earthon a material that are related with a cow. the earth is often equated ancientlegends, This nakshatra is intimately connected connected with the signTaurus. Cowsare intimately eventhoughit doesnot fall in that sign.As we shallfind later, withthe signTaurus and its qualities, placement of this nakshatra. in a chart carries an energysimilarto the energies Moonin Taurus with the domestication can be equated the rootof all civilization, The practice of agriculture, goddess perspective, it represents the power of the feminine of cows.Froma universal andmilking is required. The milk whichcomesfrom the cow'sudderrepresents for whatever energyto provide Onecanonlygive if one can produce vitalityand creativity. thingslikelifeforce, all kinds6f varied withinour universe. forces operating relates to all kindsof productive andthis nakshatra movement in all is an ancient symbol signifying The'wheel' symbol is a'wheel'. Its alternative in the achieved the movement of time. It can be seenas a motif for progress its aspects, especially the passage of time. This alwaysinvolves or development course of time. The ideaof progress of the time principleto achieveits productive, nakshatra is very awareof the proper utilization Fromthe modernday point of view,we can seethat the useof creativeand nurturingobjectives. than they usedto be. This is just one of the livesmuchsimpler havemadepeople's automobiles gifts from this liberalnakshatra. numerous


Wheel isalsoanarchetypal symbol for civilization, which once again emphasizes the prosperous, courteous and refinednatureof this nakshatra. There's no placefor brutality, savageryvulgarityor animalistic behaviour in this nakshatra. Anotherobscure symbolof this nakshatra is a 'circle'. This generally reflects the circular essence of this asterism. This nakshatra is related to curves of all types.Breasts, the Moon, the Earthand a Cow'sUdder are all circular and rounded. Natives with prominent Pushya in their chartsgsuallyshowan obssessive streakfor roundthings. Somescholars ascribe a 'flower'to be one of Pushya's symbols. As we havealready seen, floweringis one of the translations of Pushya. Pushya represents a floweringprocess of any type. Forexample, humanbeings are supposed to flowerat the ageof sixteen. Theterm "sweetsixteen" is usually usedto describe period this happy, cheerful, carefree wherethe body,mindandemotions havematured or blossomed enough to makeus stepout of childhood. It is interesting to notethat year is regarded the sixteenth as the maturation age of Jupiter, the planetmostclosely associated with this nakshatra.

Deity :
Brihaspati, the guru,priestandchiefadvisor of the gods,is the presiding deityof this nakshatra. Since he isthe same asthe planet Jupiter asunderstood in astrology, allthe attributes andsignifications associated with Jupiter applyto him as well.It is not very hardto correlate Jupiter's basicnature withthe kindandcaring disposition of thisnakshatra. Allof Jupiter's benevolence suchasgenerosity, joyfulness compassion, andoptimism are manifested through thisnakhatra.It is interesting to note that Jupiterrelaysall of its goodqualities muchmorethroughthis nakshatra in comparison to the nakhatrasit is the planetary rulerof. Thisis verysimilar to the caseof Moonreflecting mostof its qualities throughMrigasira instead of the nakshatras it actually rules. This point reveals the fact that the rulingdeity is always moreimpoftant than the planetary rulerwhenit comes to understanding the cruxof any nakhatra.


Afature A funrtioning :
withoutanything pushya is that placeon our journeywherewe can rest safelyand peacefully and bringsus backto that state in our infancy of all nakshatras to fear.It is the most nourishing are stronglyruledby Pushya arms.That is why natives in our mother's wherewe are safelynestled Theyoften end up in comfoftable protective generous, and nourishing. kind,helpful, very maternal, "Milkof human up the expression and this conjures to breasts relates positions in lite. Pushya nakshatra and soothing is a blissful is all about.Pushya is whatthis nakshatra Kindness kindness". and aid. Being are muchsoughtafter by othersfor theirfriendship they produce and the natives turn to whoone canalways stalwarts, dependable anevery reliable, natives ruledby Satum,Pushya in timesof need. it Purnavasu, Likeits neighbour pushya is simplythe mostlovedand benignof all nakshatras. of and senseof wellbeing,but it has the advantage muchcontentment loveslife and expresses givingriseto plane, therefore on the material andexpansiveness thisfullness ableto manifest being natureof its ruler Saturn. This is due to the concrete greatmaterial comfortand prosperity. theyaredirected, wherever pushya andits energies, nourishing is extremely aspect in its positive greatexpansion and growth.Thisis true for any areaof life whetherit be in the emotional produce plane. completely Asthis nakshatra or on the material development spiritual realm,inone'screagvity, natives' are strongin Pushya a senseof family,homeand community in Cancer, resides of kith and kin and and protective will be very generous level,thesenatives On a lessevolved but mayfail to seethe community, handto thosein their immediate everreadyto lenda helping the wholeworldas will embrace underits influence, souls evolved level, picture. On a higher bigger gifu of caring.Pushya talentsand ceaseless the earthuriththeir chosen their family,nourishing through generosity manifest andrichness soothing, calmness, wholeness, qualities of love,emotional suchsoulswith ease. in theirown world,that they can one so comfortable makes sideof this nakshatra The negative outsideof or anyone towardsanything in their attitudes and orthodox rigid,narrowminded become


it, pafticularly in matters of religion, cultureor othersocial conventions. Pushya hasveryfew negative qualities attached to it, exceptthe dangerof it becoming protective overtlyprejudiced, or bigoted. Suspicion andcaution arises towards anything that doesnotfit its highlystructured viewsor opinions. Pushya expressds all the'square{ike'aspects of its rulerSaturnandthe number"4" (relatingto the fourth signCancer). Therefore it always triesto takea balanced and evenapproach to things.It has a senseof realism and sanityto it and will alwaysreactreasonably to most situations and problems, which is why it is the most helpfulamongttre nakshatras. Helpfulness is its primary concern. Natives hereare highlyproductive and work patiently towardstheir goals.Thereis a senseof containment and safetyinherent in this nakshatra, similarto the safetyand containment inherentin the nakshatra Shatabhishak. The only difference is that Pushya's containment, shelterand safety arisesfrom a very trustingsituation, and Shatabhishak's arises out of a needfor secrecy, and many a times,from a certainmistrust. This number"4" influence is seenin Pushya's respect for its roots,foundations and traditions. It hasmoreto do with respecting the conservative outertraditions of cultureand religion, than the inneresoteric aspects of spirituality, whichis moreassociated with the latter nakshatras. Jupiteris givingthesenatives exalted in Ptrshya a strong sense of ethics. Theyliketo do the rightthingand abideby accepted standards and laws.Theyare shiningexamples of hospitality, decency, couftesy, etiquetteand are not likelyto behavein any vulgaror eltreme manner. However, in its negative aspect,Pushya can makeone ledtargic, needy, dependent and proneto addictions due to a lackof will power.If afflicted,Pushya natives tend to get victimized easily. Whenthis nakshatra influences the appearance of a native,it givesfleshyfeatures, prominent chest/breasts, roundfaces and luminous lustre. Natives put on fat easily underits influence andare proneto bronchial disorders. They havea likingfor goodfood,comfortand socialenjoyment. They alsolike to surround themselves with material luxuries of all kinds.Theyare gentle,patien! docile creatures who are very attached to their family,especially the motheror motherfigures.


relateslo 'brahmauarchasa shakti"- the powerto In the universal scheme of things,Pushya powers (the universal creator), Its symbolism hassacrificial harness of Brahma offierings the creative Thisre-emphasizes the priestlyaspect of Pushya, whereone does below. aboveand the worshipper entitiesand divinepowers in general. outer rituafslike homaandyagyato get the favourof celestial

Modz of functUning :
with its basicnatureand disposition, ancient Vedicseerssaw this as a Passive In keeping asterism. If we just picture the behaviour of a cow in our mind,we will cometo understand the passive it does not displaythe restlessness Eventhough it is productive, aspectof Pushya. other hasa muchmorestableenergyand tendsto like ,Ashvini fight nakshatras and Hastahave.Pushya planets, whenoccupied byafflicted it canpromote laziness, listlessness function withoutfuss.However, idealism. and paralyzing

why this seemingly or warriorcaste.It is perplexing It belongstothe Kshatriya brahminical (priestly) be classified in thiscategory by the ancient seers. It is probably nakshatra should because whichis responsible involvement in politics and rulership, for thisclassification. of Pushya's intense caste. EvenBrihaspati, the ruling deity of Pofitics and rulershipis the dharmaof the Kshatriya morethananyothersubject. to havemastery overpolitics Pushya, is supposed

: Qend.er
fromthe fact that Brihaspati, Thisis easily derivable a maledeity,hasthe It is a Malenakshatra. primary Pushya, however, hasa sensitive feminine side of thisnakshatra. to it asexemplified rulership yielding withcows. Cows aregentle, andproductive creatures. relationship In countries by its strong like India, cgwsare treatedwith utmostreverance.


Bodgpats (t g{umor (fuptuediL Corutitutbn) :

Thebodyparts it relates to the mostarethe Mouth andFace. Pushya is supposed to be intimately connected with facialexpressions. Anyaffliction to Pushya therefore canlimitourfacialexpressiveness or projectthe wrong image. One may inferthat because the Kshatriya classis predominantly effectedby the ,'pitta,, (fiery) humor, the ancientseersascribed the pitta humorto Pushya. Theymight,however, havehad more directcognition of Pusfrya's relationship with the digestive fires in the bodyand the fury pranicairs.

Direction :
It is relatedto the directional arc that ranges from westto north.

Ea{as (Qrcrters)
Thefirst padaor quafterof this asterism 30 20' - 6o 40' Cancer, fallsin LeoNavamsa ruledby Sun.Thefirst padaconcerns itselfwith achievemen! limelight, wealthand pridein one,s familyor ancestry' The luminaries, especially, give strongpositiveresultsin this pada.They makethe native a fatheror motherfigureor the nativereceives helpfrom suchfigures Thesecond padaor quafterof this asterism 6040' - 10o00' Cancer, fallsin MrgoNavamsa ruled by Mercury. Thehardworking, seruice aspect of Pushya findsexpression here.Since this is a pushkara Navamsa pada,all planets barring givegoodresultshere,at leaston the materialplane. Venus, This padacan be calledthe Cookof the Zodiac. Thethirdpadaor quafterof thisasterism 10o00' - 13o20'Cancer, fallsin LibraNavamsa ruled by Venus. Thefocushereis on home,comforts, luxuryand sociability. Superficiality and conformity is the downside of this pada.Moon,Mercuryvenusand satum do well here. The foutth padaor quafterof this asterism 13o20' - 16o40' Cancer, falls in Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars'This padarelatesto the esoteric side of Pushya, whichseeksconnections with the


most aspect, In its negative andrituals. in the otherworld.It is the padaof mantras beings celestial throughthis and bigotryflnd expression victimization traits like dependance, of pushyat negative Jupiterand Venusdo well in this pada. pada.Only unaffiicted

grofusiotu :
of all types;Politicians' with the DairyIndustry;Foodand DrinkMerchants All thoseconnected Clergy,Nuns' Business; All those in the Restaurant and Hoteliers; Caterers Rulers& Aristocrats; Those Managers; andPsychotherapists; priests, Counsellors Psychologists, Teachers; Spiritual Gurus, Riverand Lakerelated Hosts& Hostesses; Professional Organizations; with Charitable associated All CareProfessions; Mothers; CareProfessionals: Child Experts; and Education professions; Teachers RealEstate Finesse; requiring Activities andCreative in all kindsof Business Thoseinvolved Artisans; and Religious Traditionalism a livingout of Orthodoxy, making Those & Gardeners; Farmers Agents; Bigotry.

9[aces :
Public Places; Boats; andHouse Boats Canals; Pools, Fountains, Reservoirs, Wells, Docks, Rivers, Aquariums; in general; and Residences Hostels House Women's Breweries; Homes; Quafters, Nests; Hospitals; Maternity ChildCareCentres; FosterHomes; & Restaurants; Hotels & Churches; Temples like buildings Government Manors & Public, & DairyFarmslLaundromats; DairyFactories Schools; to the aboveprofessions' connected parliament All places etc.; CharityOrganizations;

and Tattua (Efpment): Quna ('Essenre)

Onecanonly saythat the ancientseersweretrying to be a Tamasicnakhatra. It is supposed to the involvement It mayrelate thisclassification. through of Pushya aspect the inertia to highlight hasan often just likethe demi-gods Indra andhisentourage, Pushya, of Saturnwith this nakshatra.


side procrastinating and hyperaggressive overidealistic, cowardly, deceptive, indulgent, overlooked Pushya' on the basicnatureof the planetoccupying to it. A lot depends of the 6h housein a chart havingthe rulership if Saturn(a naturalmalefic) For example, if Moon However sidewill be in display. tamasic thenPushya's in Pushya, is placed (a malefic house) the benevolent, of good housesis placedin Pushya, (a naturalbenefic)havingthe rulership will be expressed' and nurturingsideof Pushya compassionate The fact that Moonand Jupiterare primarilywater planets to the water element. It belongs as a its rulingdeity is often portrayed waterynakhatra. EvenBrihaspati, a primarily makesPushya fat belliedwaterytYPe'

gana Eypt)
whichis saidto harbour that a nakshatra It is appropriate a Divinenakshatra. It is considered of divinity' qualities be seenas a representation should all benevolent

OriBntation U DisPosition :
Thisisa nakshatra nature. with its naturalexpansive in keeping nakshatra Looking It isafi Upward and expansion signifyincrease usually placed in Pushya Planets and expansion. increase signiffing by that planet.It is saidthat any activitystartedwhen relatingto the areasin the chart governed will neverfail' Moonis tnnsitting this nakshatra l

and is to quickthinking is related lust likeAswini,Pushya It is a Lightand Swiftnakshatra. one of quickness of mindand body'This is probably requiring to be goodfor all activiges supposed for all kindsoftrade andbusiness. asoneofthe bestnakshatras is regarded why pushya the reasons


Lunqr Montfi U Day :

It relates to the secondhalf of the lunarmonthof Pausha whichusually falls in January. Pushya is alsorelated to the Dashami (10t' tithi or day)of the waxingandwaningphases of the Moon's monthlycycle.

AuspiciousActirtit ies :
The best nakshatra for startinganything;Pafties,Celebrations, Artistic& Creative activities especially Music and Dancing; Travelling; Dealing with Enemies (enemies are at their weakest in Pushya andcannot cause planning much harm);Seeking Legal Aid;Financial & Transactions; Cooking & Foodpreparation; Gardening; Adoption & Purchasing Pets;All activities related to Children; All Healing, Soothing andNourishing activities in general; Religious or Spiritual Endeavours likeInitiations; Spending timewithone's Mother; Good for worshipping Mother Goddess energies; Laying Foundation Stones and StartingConstruction; Seeking help in general.

Marriage is just aboutthe only activitywhich is not seenfavourable underthis nakshatra; Generally unfavourable for harsh,crueland negative activities.

etarutary fu.fer:
The planetary influences affecting this nakshatra are Moonand Saturn.Saturnis its main planetary ruler. Thiscomes moreof a surprise in comparison to the planetary rulers of othernakshatras. Theassociation of Saturnwith Pushya reveals - ib the hiddensideof Saturn's functioning limitations. abilityfor grounded nurturing and painstaking care.Saturn nurtures through conseruation, perseverance and


Moonrepresents emotions andSaturnrepresents stability andsothe keyword hereis "emotional stability". Moonis the mindandSaturn represents matter, whichmakes Pushya the asterism which connects mind with matter. This is the reason why it can give easymaterial expansion on the dictates of the mind. It is important to consider Jupiteq the rulingdeityof Pushya, in the equation here,because by itself the combining of energies of Moon andSaturn is likely to givemelancholy anddepression more than anything else.It is Jupiter's energies whichmakePushya a verywell balanced nakhatra. In its negative aspecthowever, the sameJupiterian energymanifests as dogmatism, shallowness and bigotry. On a higherlevel,Moon/Saturn/Jupiter influence togetherallowone to shapean idyllic world. planner Saturn is a mass andso is Moon, a factwhichmakes Pushya the mostmass-orientated of nakshatras. On a positive level,both Moonand Saturnpromote the mindset and values which helpfosteran idealized civilized society. Moonand Saturnin their negative aspectmakethe masses tow the line, even in timeswhenthe rulingforcesare dark and corrupt.Thosewith strongMoonSaturn in theircharts become mass leaders in today's times. Moon/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in a horoscope carryenergies similar to Pushya. A wellplaced Moon, Jupiter, giveexcellent Sun,VenLrs and Saturn results whenplaced in Pushya. MercuryMars and the nodesdo not give goodresultsin this nakshatra.

'lloraefsand Alpfiabe* :
The first padaor quarterof this asterism 30 20' - 6" 40' Cancer corresponds to "Hoo"as in Hootchie. padaor quafter Thesecond of thisasterism 60 40' - 10o00' Cancer corresponds to "He"as in Helen.


corresponds to "Ho" as in 10o00' - 13o20' Cancer The third padaor quarterof this asterism Hogan. corresponds to "Dah"as in 13" 20' - 15o40' Cancer ofthis asterism Thefourtr padaor quafter Darwin. its mantrais "Om Pushya to "lGu,and consequently corresponds alphabet In the Sanskrit lGm".

: SeryoItype an{ Compatihility

animalis not seenas an emblemof the fact that its sexual animalis a Goat.Despite Its sexual activities. Its sexuality is andsexual is supposed to be adeptat all kindsof sensual Pushya sexuality, to intense. moreplayfulas opposed pleaserefer to the tableson pages with other nakshatras, For sexual& maritalcompatibility 457 & 458.

lEsoterb :
like yagyas the priestof the gods,is the lord of mantrasandall typesof initiations Brihgspati, relatesto a spirituality etc. He relatesto the watersof inner life which nourishthe soul. Pushya's powerful manifestation through findsoutward strength Its emoiional maturity. of emotional highlevel whichtend to affect carry a ceftainspiritualenergy, from this nakshatra Wordsgenerated speech. otherson a deeplevel. . (a wishfulfillingcow),reveals alot aboutPushya related to Kamadhenu Vediclegend An ancient

of its functioning:on all levels A kingalongwith hishundred brothers Kamadhenu. a cownamed "A sagenamedVashishtahad and happened to seethis hermitage to Vashishta's in the forest,whenhe cameclose washunting you wishedfor. He immediately wantedto havethe anything cow, whichcouldproduce wonderful to get it for him. so he orderedhis soldiers cow to himself,


Thesoldiers couldn't evenbudge the cowandcameback emptyhanded. Thekingthendecided to go with hiswholearmyandall of hisbrothers to get the cow.Kamadhenu, in the meantime, had returned to hermaster, Vashishta, andhadtoldhimaboutthe king's intentions. Seeing the approaching army coming,Vashishta orderedher to producea whole army. Kamadhenu's army defeatedthe king's armyin a veryshortspate personally of timeandVashishta killed the king's hundred brothers throughthe powerof his staff. Thekingwasspared hislifeandhe leftthe place bitterandrevengeful. Hewasadvised that the onlyway he canget stronger thanVashishta wasthroughpenance. He performed his penance and when he felt he had procured enoughdivineastas (celesUal weapons) and yogic power,he went backto challenge Vashishta. In the battlethat ensued, all his weapons wereeffortlessly consumed by Vashishta's staff and he hadto returndisappointed and bereftof power. Hevowedto himself that he wouldkeepon doing his penance until he became equalto or betterthan Vashishta. In the course of his longarduous penance/ he wentthroughmanyadventures and mostimportantly, a change of heaft,whichearnt himthe nameVishwamitraor "Friend of the World". Bythe time he hadreached the samebrahminical statureas Vashishta, he had already forgottenabouthis revenge and it wasVashishta himself, who conferred on him the title of Brahmarisht) (a Sagefit for Brahmaloka, the abodeof the creator

Brahma)." Thisstoryreveals thefascinating dynamics (priestly) between the Brahman (warrior andKshatriya class). Pushya, as we haveseen,is a priestly nakshatra, whichbelongs to the Kshatriya class and is playing thusan ideal fieldfor thisdynamic. Kshatriyas aresupposed to besubservient to the Brahman class, despite their martialprowess. Because of the powerwhichthe true sages and priestshave,as a resultof keeping in tune with the universal will, Pushya's strength, confidence and powerarise from its willingness to function as per the dictates of the universal mind.No amountof penance, hardwork or suffering can makeone riseabovethe smootheffoftless powerwhichaiisesout of the submission plan, to the universal


Qotra (Cettstint Lineage):

sageslmking after the one of the sevencelestial is related to the SageMarichi, This nakshatra into "the light",whichis in keeping with the The nameof this sagetranslates affairs of our galaxy. to the finessepaft of this particular sage. and relates light and swift aspectof this nakshatra

fromafflictions to this nakshatra, the bestremedial from badeffectsresulting Forthosesuffering One can also worshipa benign to cows,priests,gurusor brahmins. measure is to pay reverence Mother goddess. - "OmlGm" 108timeswhen Moontransitsthis Repetition of the root mantraof this nakshatra is sure to reducesufferingand bring enlightenment nakshatra and in the lunar monthgf Pausha, life. into a person's can also increase the from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra who are benefiting Fersons good effectsthroughthe abovementioned ways.It is helpfulfor them to wear colourslike white, lunarmonthandthe dayswhen yellow, useits directions, shades. Theyshould and golden orange actions. all important to undeftake Moonlrapits Pushya


who relayedmessages through his music,was born musician Jimi Hendrix,a contemporary impulses the spiritual and nourishing of this He was able to channel with his Moonin Pushya. is like"MayThisBeLove". Unders[anding hismusic in songs hismusic, especially nakshatra through Hisabilityto nourish and of this nakshatra. the higherenergies one of the bestwaysto understand was madepossible throughhis overwhelmingly inspire the ears,heaftsand mindsof his audience on for the power of "sound" andoftencommented He hada veryhighregard fluidcreative talents. problem polluUon" tryingto help puriff the vibraUons in the world.He wasconstandy the "air/noise


of the planetby manifesting sounds qualities that wouldconvey all the Pushya of love,emotional wholeness, generosity calmness, soothingness, and richness.

Misceffaneow :
According to Varahamihira, thosewith Moonin Pushya are "lucky,learned, wealthy, ethicaland of a peaceful nature."Thisdescription perfectly applies to our example.


9. {shlesha | 6"+c'Cun.", -ro"oo, (ur"",


- 30000'Cancer) (16040' Cancer

In tfu Skgt
is represented in the nightsky by a ring of starsin energy, Ashlesha, the heralder of Mercurial as Epsilon-Hydrae, Delta-Hydne, the constelfation of Hydra, knownin modern astronomy Rho-Hydrae, Zeta-Hydrae. These starsare easilyvisiblein a darkskyfrom pollution Sigma-Hydrae& free vantagepointseven though they are not bright stars,as the brightestamongthem, Zetathe wholeof the constellation Hydrae of 3.12.In essence Hydrae can be hasa visualmagnitude seento be representative of this asterism.

Afame' :
withserpent imagery Ashlesha is a termnormally associated andcanbe translated as "coiling", "embracing" "clinging", Aswe shalldiscover, all these termsdirectly define its nature or "entwining". from the serpentking/god "Shesha". and functioning. derived The nameis probably

(please is the mainsymbol A'coiledsnake' referto the image) of this asterism. Alongwith its name,this symbolmakesit clearthat the essence of Ashlesha lies in the serpentimageryan imagery ancientcivilization. whichcan be found in everysurviving


wily,coldblooded, deceptive, insincere, hypnotic Mostcultures seesnakes as secretive, creepy/ qualities Allthese functioning. Onthe positive andpoisonous creatures. findtheirwayintoAshlesha's creatures with access to otherworlds.Theyare supposed to side,serpents are seenas semi-divine powersof insigh! intuition,perception, wisdom,cunning, concentration and havegreat primordial sexuality. Ashlesha,'when throughits higheraspect,displays thesequalities. In the present functioning whenthe worstsideof everything ison display, onecanusually expect onlytheforementioned, times qualities negative to predominate. Brainresearchers havenow beenableto locatethe mostancientpartof the brain.It is known 'R herestands qualities mentioned instinctual, negative for'reptilian'. Alltheabove asthe'R'complex. tangible relation between reptiles, havebeenascribed to this paft of the brain.Thusa clear, serpents is established. and thesetypesof humanqualities It is interesting to note that DNA,the buildingblockof our geneticcode has a helical,coiled the karmawe havebroughtfrorn ThusAshlesha hasa lot to do with geneticheritage, serpent shape. previous one. we are allowedto makein the present livesand the scopeof changes

mythology, serpent kingdom asa whole.In Vedic issupposed Ashlesha to beruledbythe celestial (halfserpenVhalf-human all abound throughout creatures) Nagas andothertypel of serpentbeings (realmsof existence). these beingsare supposed to In someof the legends, the fourteenlolcas reside on the earthlyplaneas well as underlakes,riversor oceanbeds.Mysterybeingone of basic in mystery. The it is no wonderthen that all of thesebeingsare shrouded attributesof Ashlesha, for the proper legendshowevermake it clear that the serpentbeingsor forceswere necessary of the OceanLegend" in the can referto the "Churning functioning of universal affairs.The readers India or 'The KeyOf Life" Erryrien@" SagBipublications, author'spreviouswork 'TheRahu-Ketu LotusPress,USA.


EvenVishnualways incarnates on eafthwith hisserpentguardShesha. WhenVishnu incarnated as Rama, incarnated Shesha as Lakhmana.It is interesting to notethat Lakshmana was bornwith (refer to Ashlesha risingon his Ascendant. Hischaracter reflectsmanyof the qualiUes of Ashlesha the Vedicfegend- 'The Ramayana'). The negative type of serpents however needto be suMuedand won over,just like the lower negative aspecsof humannatureare won overthroughknowledge, wisdom and understanding. (referto theVedic Krishnab killingof the manyheaded Kaliya snake called legend-'TheMahabharab') and in the Greeklegend,HerculeSKlling of the Delphi*rpent illustrate this poinL The only other nakshatra directlyassociated with serpent energyis tJttarabhadrapda. Usually it is noticedthat the higher,more refinedaspectsof serpentenergyare displayed there, while Ashfesha part of the serpent epitomizes the moreprimordial and instinctual symbolism. Since Pabla Loka(the realmruledby serpent beingslyingjust belowthe earthlyplaneof existence), is supposed pleasure ground(baseand grossin comparison to be a seething to the higherheavenly realm) meantfor gratification andindulgence, Ashlesha oftendisplays an unquenchable thirstfor gnUftcation on the earthlyplaneof existence as well.

Notuo U functioning :
The English ("Da","Di","Do")- "Demon", wordswhichuseAshlesha's alphabets "Diabolical", "Darkness", "Debauchery", "Danger", "Deceit", "Devouring", "Deception", "Dastardly", "Dagger", "Decadence", "Degenerate", "Delinquent", "Destitute", "Defile","Destruction", "Depression", - sum up "Damned", "Death", "Delusion", "Desperation", "Despotic", "Doom", "Devious", "Doctor" Ashlesha's natureand functioning. Muchneedn'tbe said after a thoughtis paid to eachof these this doesn'tpaint Ashlesha in a good light, but it is very hard for Ashlesha lerms. Obviously to function in a wholesome and healthy way whenactingon a mundane level. Ashlesha is perhaps the mostdifficultof all nakshatra energies to handle and channel correctly, especially in the present day andage. Eventhe ancientsages and scholars hadveryfew kindwords


whichthe readercan It hasits occultand esoteric significance, to this nakshatra. to say in relation Section of this chapter. look up in the Esoteric wide,thin lips; beadysmalleyes;a face; parallel, straight, risinggivesa squarish Ashlesha lacking facialattractiveness, natives born lookand a palecomplexion. Despite naturally suspicious generally Theirmovements havesexually bodies. aresimilar to that appealing underthis nakshatra arouses sexual of how they move and how their movement of snakes, They are very conscious passion in others. fronts.Theyusecouftesy as a tool andamiable acceptable Theyare adeptat puttingup socially is achieved, they to flatter others.This good humourdoesn'tlast for long,for oncetheir objective whenit comes to climbing Theyarealways scheming andplotting coldandruthless. areimmediately likequality levels, theirchameleon and theyoftenworkfromverysuperficial ladder. Since the social levelof perceptiveness. TheAshlesha havingan above-average deception is very evidentto anyone constant suspicion and mistrust spotted throughthe almost can be easily in a personality element prevalent followthem relentlessly. Worryand caution in the background. Thispower of obseruation natures makethemgoodobservers. level, theirsuspicious Ona positive intuitive andpsychic capabilities tend Ashlesha's intuition. However witha natural is oftencombined quickly cansense danger is there.Natives of danger where an element in situations to function.best In its extremestate, can turn into paranoia. level,their suspicion On a negative and reactquickly, whoserootslie in Ashlesha. is a disease paranoia Paranoid schizophrenia an illnesss. can become but theyalsohave and understanding, exploration canaid othersin psychological natives Ashlesha perceptiveness to exploitothers. to usetheir psychological a tendency of fearandsuspicion. society a cradle whichmakes energy of Ashlesha It is the predominance your neighbour." mistrust It is dueto this inherent is about"lockyourdoorsand mistrust Ashlesha Theydo and feelings. to their true thoughts tend to remainhiddenin regards natives that Ashlesha confidantes and families. their mostclosest bondswith othersand will mistrust not form intimate intruders theirkith andkin andwill wardoff suspicious highlyprotective towards Theyare however in the most ruthlessmanner.


Ashlesha natives canbethe mostmean andstingy in regards to financial affairs. Theirmiserliness neverpaysin the end as they always end up having losses one way or the other. The presence of Ashlesha in a nativityworks both ways; one deceives othersand gets deceived by others.Many Ashlesha natives arevictims,ratherthanthe users, especially natives who haveplanets likeSunand placed Jupiter in Ashlesha. Ashlesha is a glutton and showsgreat interestin food, especially when it is not Sattwicand prepared by others'Ashlesha nativesfind themselves at homein hotels,bars,restaurants and the like'Theyusually cannotbearany kindof hunger. Theyare the hoarders of the zodiac and dislike throwinganythingaway.They can go to real extremes in this regardand needto learnto put the material worldinto its properperspective. Theyhavea natural affinityfor poisons. Theydo not mind drugs,pharmaceuticals, allopathy, doctors, antibiotics etc. Ashlesha natives enjoybusiness activities whichborder on crookery. Theyneveremploy straight methods in business andwant sometype of cheating or deception to be involved. Theyfind humour in tricking others. Theylikemental games and strategy. Theydelightin hoodwinking others. If one think of the characteristics of catsand snakes it is not difficultto sum upanAshlesha personality. Cunningness, calculativeness, caution, coldbloodedness, wiliness, stealthare common traitsamongst catsand snakes. The only way Ashlesha natives cin usetheir singularly negative traitsin a positive manner is by aligning themselves with universal will.Thekeyfor utilizing Ashlesha in a positive way is to overcome one'sinnateselfishness. Having donethat, suspicion will tum into discretion and wiliness into wisdom. Ashlesha is the first stepon the pathof spiritual awakening. The underbelly of natureis encountered here.Onehasto faceall the darkdemons of the inner psychein order to comeout shiningand purified.Ashlesha's nafuraltendencyto look under the surface hasto be utilized for understanding the hidden elements of nature's functionings. In the universalschemeof things, Ashlesharelatesto "uisasleshana shakti" - the power to inflictpoison. Its symbolism hasan approaching serpent aboveand trembling below.Thisrelates Ashlesha with all kindsof sharp,venomous attacksmadeat one'senemyor prey.Onceagainthe dangerous and naturally maleficpotentiality of this nakshatra cometo light. :t:;


Modc of functioning :
to be on the sudaceoften appears Ashlesha to be an Activenakshatra. is considered Ashlesha native are hidden.Evenif an Ashlesha all its activities but that is only because nakshatra a passive plane. manywebson the mental passive, onewillfindthat theyareweaving to be physically seems dayandagewhereall of theworld.In the present in all senses aresubterranean activities Ashlesha's the elite take placein secretawayfrom the eyesof the public,one cannothelp but the workings.of in the hallsof power. seba dominantrole of Ashlesha

(outcaste). In its lower functionings It belongsto the lowestcastewhich is calledMleccha oppressors, cheats, formslikebandits, in allthe known to society menace is a soft of general Ashlesha the world in the search to the yogi who renounces it relates etc. In its higherfunctioning exploiters structure. civilized doesn'tseemto fit into the societal In both waysAshlesha for enlightenment.

Qen{er :
without Sincethe ancientVedicseershave madethis classification nakshatra. It is a Female qualities perceptive and deceptive that the intuitive, we haveto conclude a reason, enunciatihg ratherthan the male.Onecan notice relatemoreto the femaleof the species to Ashlesha ascribed way aboutthem' havea feminine of Ashlesha influence underthe prominent that evenmalenatives

d %wwr (Ayurve{b Corstitution): tsodyports

andthe Earsare the bodypartsrelated the Nails KneeC-aps; Knuckles, BoneJointslike Elbows, to this nakshatra. ) with the signCancer. Thisis dueto its relationship (watery)nakshatra. It is a primarily"Kapha" indulgence laziness, like stagnation, fvlostserpentdeitiesare shownas havingkaphacharacteristics etc

| ltit

Direction :
It is relatedto the directional rangewhichcoversthe nofthwestto the nortr. Likeall serpent energies it is strongin the Southwest as well.

ea{as (@nrters) :
The first padaor quafterof this asterism 16" 40' - 20" 00' Cancer falls in Sagittarius Navamsa andis ruledby Jupiter. Thispadahasthe ability to put in the mosthardwork.It hasa lot to do with dealing with enmity, diseases and other6thhouse affairs. padaor quafterof this asterism Thesecond 20o00' - 23oz|'Cancerfallsin Capricom Navamsa ruledby Saturn. Thispadais mostlyinvolved pada in dealing with people. It is a highlyambitious whichis usually liable to useall of Ashlesha's negative traitsliketrickery and deceitto get what it wants. An inability to let go of possessions is anotherunique aspect Mula of this pada.Being a Ganda pada,this padais considered badfor finances. The third padaor quarterof this asterism 23o 20' - 260 40' Cancer falls in Aquarius Navamsa ruledby Saturn. Secrecy is the keyword to this pada.It however is mostclosely relatedto the occult goesto unusual sideof Ashlesha, discussed in the Esoteric Section. Thispadausually lengths and placedhere adversely takeshighlyinventive approaches to scheming and plotting.Planets effects mother'swellbeing. The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism 260 40' - 30" 00' Cancer falls in Pisces Navamsa rubd 6y Jupiter. This is the padarelatingto all kindsof illusions. The moralstruggleis at its peak here.This is the placewherethe "serpent finallygets slain,and peopleunderthe of Ashlesha" stronginfluence of this pada,are more likelyto get trickedby others,ratherthan deceive others. placed Suchnativesare alwaysputting up fronts and hardlyever showtheir true nature.Planets hereadversely effectthe fatherb wellbeing.


: Qrofessions
Industry; Industry; Engineers; Cigarette Petroleum Chemical with Poisons; dealing All professions professions likepresent dayPoliticians; AllSelfServing DrugPushers; Legal andIllegalDrugDealers; Swindlers; Pornography Industry; Thieves; Psychologists; ConArtists; Manipulators; the Scenes Behind Allopathic & Doctors involving dealingwith Reptiles; Professions Prostitutes; SnakeCharmers; SecretServiceAgents; Spies;Lawyers; Surgeons;Pet Snake& Pet Cat Owners;Poachers; (usuallybeginner types); Hypnotists; Psychologists/ Tantrics YogaTeachers; Physical Pawnbrokers; etc; False Gurusand Cult Leaders; Charlatan Channelists/Psychics SpiritMediums; Psychiatrists; Baseball Players.

Q{acu : (CIA,FBIetc,); Hospitals; Institituions seryice dwell;Secret whereSnakes & Reptiles All places Drug Stores;PawnShops; Processes; with Poisonous Chemical dealing Law Firms;All Factories Institutions thrive; False Cults& Religious & Drug Peddling Places whereIllegalProstitution Sleazy connected with the aboveprofessions. like ISKON etc. ; all places


(Essence) and Tattula (Ekment) :

might perplexthe readerbut the This classification to be a Sattwicnakshatra. It is supposed relatesdirectlyto the kundalini thus - Ashlesha intentionof the ancientseerscan be understood lives'experiences. (seethe Esoteric all of our life,all of our previous whichencodes section), shakti as blueprint and so cannotbe regarded shaKi) is our motherand our individual She (kundalini anythingbut purelysattvic. is in not mLrch to explainhere as this classification to the Waterelement.There's It belongs kaphahumor. with its predominant keeping


Qana(typr) :
' It isconsidered a Rakhas or demonic nakshatra. Thiscomes as no surprise Ashlesha's as Hydra,

representative in the sky, is saidto be the abodeof the most dangerous constellation celestial demonic creatures. Ashlesha aswe haveseen already canbe quitecruelandwicked andveryrarely perspective. functions from an unselfish , I

Orientation ond Dbposition :

It is Downward knowledge nakhatra.It is common that snakes don't live above the ground. Ashlesha in all thingsunderground stands for and is interested both literally and figuratively. Planets placedin Ashlesha often feel contained and often haveto work in a behind-theor constrained scenes fashion. It is a Hard, nakshatra. Thiscomes Sharp andDreadful as no surprise considering the immensity potential. of its negative The readercan referto the NatureSection of this nakshatra for the nitty gritty of it.

Lunar Montfi U Day :

It relates to the firsthalfof the lunarmonthof Magha, a period whichusually fallsin the month of January in the solar(Gregorian) calendar. ( 9thtithior day)of the waxing Ashlesha is alsorelatedtoNauami and waningphases of the Moon's monthly cycle.

Auspitious Actiaitits :
All typesof activities requiring harshmeasures like Administering Poisons, Filingof Lawsuits etc; Goodfor Scheming & Plotting against One's Enemies; Goodfor Sexual Activity;Goodfor all Low RiskShortterm activities; Yoga. Goodfor Kundalini


I nauspicious Actiaitics
Activities; Thisis a goodtime to & Auspicious for all typesof Beginnings unfavouraHe Generally money. or Lending for doingbusiness; Badfor Borrowing lie low; Especially unfavourable

lPfanctary fotfcr :
Mercury beingthe main with this nakshatra, connected Moonand Mercury are the two planets get planetary and deviousness deception the negative Mercurial traits likeevasiveness, ruler.Mostly perceptiveness andcalculating ability, Mercury's alacrity, Ashlesha uses highlighted in thisnakshatra. the casein the present dayand ends.Thisis obviously moreoftenthan not, to fuftherits own selfish by the lvloon). hereis to controlthe mind (represented of Mercury age, but the actualfunctioning itselfto controland directthe is supposed to be the placewhereintellectdevelops Ashlesha abilityto direct workings of the mind.In today'sworld,Mercury's and instinctual vast subconscious (Mercury). (Moon) Thisnegative usage of through the media the masses Moonis usedfor deceiving (present nakshatras in Kali-Yuga age/cycle this one of the mostdangerous Mercurial energymakes is representative evident whenseenin lightof the factthat Mercury Thisis especially of humanity). and the naturalworld are forcesin nature.As a result society/civilization of one of the preserving intellect wherethe war between and is the battleground Ashlesha throwncomfletelyout of balance. takesplace. Its turbulent energies andprimevality reasonability andsubconscious, emotions, conscious to decadence and takingthe wrong path. rnakeit very suscepUble Ketuis supposed give simibr results to Ashlesha. to in a horoscope conjunction Moon/Mercury Nootherplanetcanbe saidto functionwell givegoodresultsin Ashlesha whenaspected by Jupiter. can makethe nativea shrewdand manipulative however, A well placedMercury in this nakshatra. businessman.


Uouek anl A[pfiabe*:

to "Dee"as in corresponds 16040' -20o00' Cancer The first padaor quarterof this asterism Deena. corresponds to "Doo"as 20o00' - 23" 20' Cancer The secondpadaor quarterof this asterism in Dupont or Dude. corresponds to "Day"as in 23o20' - 26o40' Cancer The third padaor quarterof this asterism David. to "Doh"as in corresponds 26o40' - 30o00'Cancer ofthis asterism Thefourthpadaor quarter Dorothyor Doctor. its mantras consequently are to "Kha"and"Ga", Ashlesha corresponds In the Sanskrit alphabet "OmKham" and "OmGam",

Seryta[type and Compatifii[ity:

seethat even sexual animals. Onecaneasily arequiteintensely Its sexual animal is a Cat.Cats embracing andcoiling relate to sexual union. In likeentwining, clinging, for Ashlesha basic keywords for mostof the sexual exploitaUon. canbesaidto be responsible the present dayandagethisnakshatra with Purnavasu. compatible it is mostsexually Asidefrom its own nakshatra please referto the tables 457 withothernakshatras on pages compatibility Forsexual & marital & 458.

'Esoteri"c. :
Ashlesha and Hydra, the mostfearedserpent noticed the connection between We havealready to be this manyheaded serpent whichwas Hydrais supposed in the nightsky.In Greeklegends to note that the royalnakshatra It is interesting of Magha(see next finally subdued by Hercules.


liesright nextto this serpent chapter) constellation. Ancient legends are tryingto tell us that the crown and authority(represented by Magha)is only achieved after the dark serpent(vicesand qualities) undesirable is subdued withineachoneof us.Thelowernature hasto be wonoverbefore we cantune. into our highernature.Ashlesha is therefore a crucial focalpointfor the battlebetween goodand bad,It is the lastamong the firstcycleof nakhatras(a newcyclebegins in Magha). Ashlesha relates is a serpentshaped, directlyto the kundalini. Kundalini two and a half coilsof (sacralroot centre) at the baseof our astral/causal energy,which lies in the Muladhara Chakra spines. It is the function of Ashlesha to arouse andactivate thisenergy. Mostof Ashlesha's fieldand primordial scopeof activitylieswithin the instjnctual, domainof the root centre. The arousal of the kundalini is the first step on the way to enlightenment. This againreemphasizes the pointthat Ashlesha is a pointwherea conscious choiceis made.This choice of grossmaterialistic coursie relates to lettinggo of our baser, natureso that we can beginour journey on the pathof wisdom and enlightenment. Thejourneyof the kundalini, whichbegins in Ashlesha, (seeChapter in Uttarabhadrapada cufminates 26.)

Qotra (Cekstiat Liruage) :

is relatedto theSage Vashishta,one This ndkshatra of the sevencelestial sageslookingafter The nameof this sagetranslates into "possessor the affairs of our galaxy. of wealth". According to According Vedic texts mostof serpent deitiesare saidto guardtreasure. to ancient Vedicmytholoe'; wealthy. mostof the celestial serpentdeitiesare shownas beingenormously Thusit is appropriate overthis nakshatra. that the sagewho has mostto do with wealthpresides

: funnedi"al
ritualslikehrpa Homaisusefulfor Paying reverance or obeisance to serpents or doingserpent gaining Panchami thefavour of the energies of thisnakhatra.In India,a special dayknown as Narga


is reserved for feeding milk to snakes and worshipping serpent deities. Practicing yoga kundalini (alsoknownas Rajayoga)is the bestway of risingabovethe negative qualities of this nakshatra. - "OmKham" Repetition of the root mantras of this nakshatra and "OmGam"108timeswhen Moon transits thisnakshatra andduring the lunarmonthof thisnakshatra is sureto reduce suffering and bringenlightenment into a percAnt life, Persons who are benefiting from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra can also increase the good effectsthroughthe above mentioned ways.Ashlesha nativesare usuallyattractedto dark shades of everycolour. They are often seenwearingred and black.However they are advisedto wear moresattvicshades evenwhen they are usingvariegated colours. They shouldavoidgaudy shades.

Indira Gandhi, the first and only womanprimeminister of India,was bornwith Ashlesha rising on her Ascendant. Her extremely manipulative and deceptive natureis now common knowledge, especially in India.Herlife and worksreveal all of Ashlesha's functionings in modern times.Greed, - she had it all! deceit,tragedy, treacherybetrayal, falsegurus,falsepropaganda Mahatma Gandhiwas bornwith Moonin Ashlesha. Eventhoughhe was a deceptive type with not cqmpletely wholesome motives, he wasableto fool the public, who raised him to Sainthood.

Mkceffaneous :
According to Varahamihira, those born with Moonin Ashlesha are false,wicked,ungrateful, craftyand gluttonous, eatingeverything in sight.



{& ,:'%.


f O. $agha

ooO' - l)'7o'leo


(0000' Leo - 13020'Leo)

In tfie SkUt
Magha,the brightestand largestamongstnakshatras, is represented in the night sky by a groupof starsin front of the royalconstellation sickle-shaped of Leo.Thebrightest among theseis Regulus or Alpha-Leonts. With a visualmagnitude of 1.41,it is one of the brightest starsin the night sky and is alsoknownas the "LittleKing"or the "LittleSun".Its companions, whichcomprise the restof the constellation, lie aboveit and are knownin modern astronomy as EE-Lnnis (AlJabhah), Zeb-Leonis(Adhafera), Mu-Lanis (Raalas), Epsilon-Leonis, (Alterf)& lGppa-Lonis. Lambda-Leonis Ancient Vedic seers sawthis constellation as a thronewhileothercultures saw it as a lion.

Maghatranslates into "mighty","the beneficent", "the great", "the magnificent", "the most impoftant" or "thebountiful". Thistranslation immediately evokes a variety of meanings andfeelings and as we shallseethis nakshatra is true to its name.

: Sym6o[
Magha's mainsymbolis a 'throne'.As a matterof detailone ctrnsayit is a 'royalchamber with a throne'(please referto the image). Thissymbolism immediately conjures up a picture of royalty, power, status,honourand the like.Wecanseethat all theseinterpretations live up to the meanings


liesin onewordthe bottomlineof thissymbolism However evoked by the nameof this nakshatra, nakshatra), it is nowtime of Ashlesha(previous andtribulations Afterthe struggles "achievement". underits influence this rewardon natives realm,Magha bestows In the material for reapingrewards. throughselfknowledge. position, and in the higheraspect, authority; throughpower, In a way the bodyis nothingbut the throneof the soul.Mostof us identiff or attachour sense whichrelates to the individualization is the first nakshatra Magha of selfto our mindsand bodies. process. all that we meanwhenwe say "I". The soulusesthe bodyand mindas its It represents our true identitiesas identity.The mind and intellecthoweverare given the task to understand of the "self".In its with the discovery no greateraccomplishment souls.There's eternal,everlasting usually throughour and prestige, all kindsof worldlyhonours Magha can bestow material aspect, plane. on the material abilityto accomplish means or all of this as a resultpurelythroughhereditary Magha can bestow In manycases that the sonof the kingwill be kingandthe In ancient timesit wasimplicit somesoft of succession. differenttoday,they are still prettymudt Eventhoughthingsappear sonof a barberwill be a barber. the sameif one looksat the full picture. roots,propefi, wealth, whetherit be genes, all that we haveinherited, thronedenotes Magha's whichis is therefore the nakshatra Magha and ancestors. throughour parents status knowledge'or from. we arecoming to whowe areandwhere It relates of identity. to oursense related mostclosely

. Deitg :
that It comes as no surprise are the mainrulingdeityof this asterism. Pitris,or "the ancestorsn, in we owealotto our ancestors earlier, As we discussed Magha. controls the worldof the ancestors it, or acknowledging in life,evenwithouteverknowing and station termsof our actualselfidentity worshipwas anotherone of the commonstrandswhich as is the casein moderntimes.Ancestor civilizations. all ancient connected


foolslikeus and sawit as theirduty and werenot ungrateful obviously ancestors Ourancient with bonding privilege and in somecases of theirroots,by honouring to keepalivethe knowledge like [ndia,ancestor worshipstill in the other realms.In the ruralareasof countries their ancestors to one'sancestry. involveritualsdirectlyrelated remains matter.In fact deathritesusually a serious backto the original Brahmin families, oftentracetheirancestries Many families in India,especially of creation. at the very beginning sevensageswhp werecreatedby Brahma, andcapabilities are hasmadeit clearthat mostof our abilities The modern science of genetics a sortof freegift from our codeis basically codeandthat thisgenetic dependant uponour genetic liberalfavourswithoutany expectation is knownfor bestowing ancestors. In the sameway,Magha however keepin mindthat withthe past.Weshould whichdeals of return. It is basically a nakshatra alive in one of the universal of the past,but are actually our ancestors are not frozenremains realms. realmcalledPitraLokaor "worldof the The Puranic te:rtstell us that there is a a heavenly It is sott of an deaths. Thisis the worldwherealot amongus go to afterour physical ancestors". to earth and restfor awhile,beforereturning intermediary stationwheresoulsmeettheir ancestors findsvividdescriptions in all Thisworldof the ancestors for another lifeor moving on to otherlokas. Indianand aboriginal tribes. day nativeAmerican especially amongthe present ancient cultures, realmandin some on the physical earthly to overlook our affairs Thisworldof the deadis supposed Maghais a nakshatra relating is experienced. and communication cases,somedirect intervention in the present life andour afterdeathjourney. bothto our identity

Afature U functbning :
"manor", "major","mayor", and "master"r "magic" wordslike"magnificent", Common english Themeanings of the word"Magha". to have theirrootin thefirsttwo syllables seem "magnanimous" functioning at somelevelor the other. of thesewordsrelateto Magha's


job to shape this nakshatra is placed It is Magha's the present usingthe past.Wherever in a Thismaymanifest chartonewill experience the positive effects of one'spastkarmas. asopportunities or favourfrom thosein high positiors.Thesefavoursare very suddenand basedon impulse from thosewho bestowthem.. Its fierceness corresponds to the fierceaspect of Ketu,whichis akinto the fierceaspect of Sun. mid-afternoon Ketuis the mostfierceamongplanets. It can be as fierceas the mid-summer, desert Sun.Fierceness as we know is alsoassociated with authority at somelevel.Authority can either fostermagnanimity or produce the merciless tyrantswho are blindedby powerand authority. It is a human whichbrings asterism out the moreworldlyhumansideof esoterically oriented Ketu. Thisis verymucha worldly nakshatra in human affairs. Ketuis known whichis interested to us planet asa separative whichdisassociates ties,butthroughthisasterism it promotes onefromworldly involvement in mundane affairsfor discharging one'sworldlyduties.It bringsout the materially activesideof Ketuwhichis veryconcerned aboutsocial status,prominence and discharging of one's pursuits. worldlyduties. This is why its pitfalllies in making in one'smaterial one overambitious However whenworking throughits higherprincipal, this asterism hasa highdegree of idealism even planetwhenfunctioning whensurrounded in its solar by worldlyattainments. Ketuis an idealistic planet rebellious is directly aspect. Ketuis alsoa naturally andconsequently thisnakshatra related to all typesof revoltsagainstauthority. Thisis an asterism to the sustenance and maintenance aspect of nature.Its primary connected impulse isto maintain established traditions, andcivilizaUons. Thisis usually organizations thefunction represents. of thosein positions of authoritywhomthis asterism risingor strongMagha influence areeasyto spotbecause Natives with Magha of their big noses peoplehavemiddlestatureand lion{iketop heavybodies. Magha Theyhave and regaldemeanour. in general. Theirpowerliesin covering arrogant mannerisms whichmakethem misunderstood up with their ancestral weaknesses throughreservedness. Theyusually aligntheir selves lineage and They are usuallymagnanimous to those belowtheir derivepride througha senseof belonging.


of mind.Magha for their innerpeace codeis impoftant a moralandethical in life.Following station throughprogeny. of theirfami[ lineage for the continuation havea strongconcern natives usually of their progenyand want them to brlng pride and renownto the They havegreat expectations family. to "tyaga shepani shakti"- the powerof the relates of things,Magha scheme In the universal has mourning aboveand the death body.Its symbolism astralbodyto cut its ties with the physical whicharise deathandnewbeginnings likephysical process to all endings Magha Thisrelates below. afterone'sdeath.Thus guides the soulsto PitraLoka(the realmof the ancestors) as a result.Magha Magha is basically a facilitatorin changeof state,

Moda of furrctionlnq :
promotes naturally fierynature activity Magha's nakshatra. Magha is considered to be an Active it pursue an and glorywhichmakes of achievement It is Magha's strivingfor a sense and dynamism. activeway of life.

Caste i the royalnakhatra of Maghathe Shudra enough,the ancientVedicseersassigned Strangely when one comesto the (servant)caste.Their line of thinking may be partiallyunderstood of his people. It is Magha's dutyto be of but a seruant understanding that finallya kingis nothing in the wordsof the contemporary Thisis bestconveyed seruice no matterwhathighthroneit sitsupon. Wet tub Dylan,"Youmightbe the devilor you mightbe the lord, but you gotta servesomebody!"

: Qendcr
to view thingslike nakshatra, It has beena traditionin the Vedicliterature It is a Female prosperity, in the materialworld are fame and fortuneas feminine.All thesedesiredattainments


to notethat eventhe word in the form of goddesses. It is interesting often depicted feminine vice. as a predominantly

'vanity'is seen

Bodyparts (r 5{umar (Ayurvefic Constitutinn) :

thus can noticethat Nose,Lipsand Chinare the bodypafts relatedto this nakhatra. Readers people hav_e It is notverydifficult Magha influence in theircharts usually a big nose. with prominent to seewherethe term "high nosed"camefrom! (watery) It canbe noticed that Magha hastheability to hide "Kapha" nakshatra. It is a primarily its ambitions,motivesand fierinessunder a calm exterior.A calm exterioras we know is often associated with watersignsor the kaphaelement.

Directbn :
and southwest. to east,south,northwest It is relatedprimarily

. Padas (Qyorters):
and is 00o00' - 3o 20' Leo,fallsin AriesNavamsa The first padaor quafterof this asterism where of Magha. Thisis the pada the to thewill power aspect Thisisthe padarelating ruledby Mars. Maghaqualitieslike self throne is won after the killingof the manyheadedserpentof Ashlesha. hereto their fullest. courage and idealism are displayed leadership, asseftion, padaor quarterof this asterism ruled Navamsa 30 20' - 6" 40' Leo,fallsin Taurus The second pada, his position. Thisis a veryambitious Afterthe throning,the king hasto consolidate by Venus. placed Planets here bring organization, is on image,duty and materialistic wherethe emphasis aboutfavoursfrom superiors. Navamsa ruledby fallsin Gemini 6o40' - 10o00' Leo, of thisasterism Thethirdpada or quarter After the throneis safe, sideof Magha. to the often ignoredintellectual This padarelates Mercury.


pursuits the kingindulges in moreliterary artistic and listens to discourses from learned men.The emphasis (knowledge hereis on mentalactivity and a questfor knowledge of the ancients in the presenttimes!). Planets placedhere makeone succeed throughgroup activity,even though it is Magha's essential natureto go it alone. Thefoutth padaor quarterof this asterism 10o(X)'- 13o20' Leo,fallsin Cancer Navamsa ruled by Moon. Thisis the padawhichbrings loveof ritual, out Magha's ceremonies, ancestor worship and familypride. Thekinghereconcentrates on the wellbeing of hissubjects, hisfamilylifeandlooks for progenyto keep his lineagegoing. Planets placedin this pada makeone derivepride from one's family,ancestors and one'scharitability. Planets hereare not very conducive to materialprosperity and createupheavals throughsomeform of selfundoing.

grofessiotu :
Administrators; Managers; Royalty and thosein directtouchwith Royalty; Thosewho bestow (or receive) honours like"knighthood" etc. ; Those in highplaces in Government; People at the top professions; of theirchosen Legends; (thosein a position Bureaucrats; Aristocrats; Officials; Chairmen of authority);Lawyers; Advocates; Judges, Referees, Magistrates andthe like;Politicians; Historians; Librarians; Orators; Dramatists & Pedormers; Upholders of Traditions; Professions relating to Museums of all types;Occultists; BlackMagicians; Astrologers; Exorcists; Dealers in Antiques of all types; Archaeologists; Genetic Engineering Experts; Professions relatedto usingand researching Ancient Knowledge, Monuments etc; ThoseResearching & Documenting Lineages.

Desefts; Forests; Capital Cities;Libraries; Museums; Palaces; AncientMonuments & Sites; Govt. Offices;Residences of Top Politicians; NationalMonuments; Stages& Pedormance Halls; Ceremonial Grounds & Buildings; Places Crematories; of Religious, Spiritual Significance.


and Tattwa (Efament) Quna (Tssence)

why the ancientseerssaw the The primaryreason nakshatra. to be a Tamasic It is supposed moreto of the factthat it relates is because energy by tamasic Magha as beingpredominated active canretardnewgrowthas a resultof beingstuckin the past.Magha a timesMagha the past.Many and trappingsthat the past more often than not carrieswithin itself all the inertia,temptations to cbnjure. manages and in the sense that it is likean ocean It is a waterynakshatra to the Waterelement. It belongs of vastness and prominence is againsymbolic waterysideof Ketu.Ocean represents the expansive out the element of Ketu.It brings Wateras we knowis the secondary in this nakshatra. inherent Theseare likecompassion and benevolence. in qualities sideof Ketu,whichmanifests emotional of authority. for thosein positions importantqualities

EWd : Qana
the ancient seers (demonic) this classification Through nakshatra. a Rakshasa It is considered Thereare many and godly. is not all benign that the worldof the ancestors are givingus a signal with this nakshatra. astralentitiesassociated pretas,pishachasand othertypesof negative bhootas, entities. Mostof anduseof thesenegative practices involve the summoning Mostof thd blackmagic - power, goals status, fame, Magha practices areoftendonein orderto gaintypical darkoccult these - "everyactionhas of cautionfor the blackmagicpractitioners etc. A statement fortune,prosperity t hasits price". and everything a reaction

Orientatbn and Disposition :

with the past relates to Magha's association nakshatra. Thisbasically Looking It is a Downward Magha can be quite a As mentioned earlier, all thingsdown and under. and in the samesense, playsto the'T' in the present and authority a rolewhichthe bureaucracy influence, constrictive


underground, relating to the pastinvolves digging times. It is interesting to notethat alotof research nakshatras with downward normally associated an activity without It is veryclearthat no throneis attained nakshatra. It is an Ugra(fierce or aggressive) prideandambition that burning enemies andthe like.It is Magha's overcoming numerous obstacles, its when it comesto achieving makesit fierceand cruel.Maghasets itself no limitsor boundaries goals.

Lunar Month a Daa :

This periodusuallyfalls in the It is relatedto the secondhalf of the lunar monthof Magha. is still usedfor in the solarcalendar. In Indiathis paft of the monthof Magha monthof February worship. ancestor (15d1 of the tithi or NewMoonDay)of the waningphase Magha is alsorelatedtoAmauasya Moon's monthly cycle.

Arupitious Actirtities :
pompand grandeur; Marriage ceremonies; thoserequiring Ceremoriies of all kinds,especially Public Coronations performances music, oratory or drama; displays; whether it involves & public Stage involving Researching one'slineage; Anything Awardceremonies; Parades; andotherroyalevents; to higherand Takingon a new name;Upgrading studies& research; the pasUHistorical/classical jobs, etc. ; Undertaking Donating Job promotions; careerstrategies; betterqualityin possessions, gifts;Studying of alltypes especially thoseinvolving knowledge; Religious activities ancient elaborate A goodtime to seekfavours or otherwarlikeactivities; ancestor worship;Goodfor settlingdisputes government and other authorityfigures. from powerfulpersons,


hnrupbinw Actiaitits :
Not favourable for lendingmoney;Not good for servile,mundane or commonactivities;Not goodfor futuristic planning andexploration; Notveryconducive for dealing with newtechnologies.

9fanetary \ubr :
Ketuis the mainplanetary rulerof Magha. Oneof Ketu's mainsymbols is a Flag, whichdirectly relatesto authority, eminence, fame etc. This favouredpositionin the presentlife is earnt due to pastlifedeeds. meritorious Ketuas we knowis the guardian of our pastkarmas and it releases the onesthat are ripe enoughto be experienced in the presentlife throughthis nakshatra. The qualities penetrating and attributes of Ketulikedeepperception, insight and independent spirit whichare similar to that of Sun,areexhibited by Magha. Sunas we knowis the royalplanet but mosdywe don't see Ketu in that light. This asterismbringsout the regal side of Ketu.This asterism can be seenas a combination of Sun's and Ketu's energies. Sunis related to Magha as a resultof beingthe rulerof Leo,the signMagha fallsin. planet Ketuas we havediscussed earlier, is a genetic and represents grandfather the paternal grandmother and maternal in a chart.Our connection with our ancestors hasa lot to do with our pastliveswhichis againa Ketudomain. To sum it up, Magha hasa lot to do with the genetic and past heritageaspectof Ketu.It also relatesto the fact that Ketu is responsible for bringingthe wisdom of the ancient agesandcivilizations to the present. Sun-Ketu conjunction in a nativitycarries an energysimilar to that of Magha. Fieryroyalplanets planets likeSun& Marsusually do well in Magha. Seruant likeSaturnhowever feel at sea in this nakshatra.


'I/outek an[ Atpfiabe* :

to "Ma"as in Magic 00" 00' - 3" 20' Leocorresponds The first padaor quafterof this asterism or Marilyn. to "Mi" as in Mia. 30 20' - 6o 40' Leocorresponds The secondpadaor quafterof this asterism to "Mu"as in Mt*ti. 6o 40' - 10o00' Leocorresponds Thethird padaor quafterof this asterism to "Me" as in The fourth padaor quafterof this asterism10o00' - 13o20' Leo corresponds Meryl. its mantras are to "Gha"and "Nga",consequently Magha corresponds alphabet In the Sanskrit and "OmNgam". "OmGham"

: and Compati|i[ity Seretat'lype

Magha becomes to notethat the regalandpompous is a Rat.It is interesting animal Its sexual sex.Ratsare highlysexually for the opposite saidto havea weakness is always a rat in bed.Magha Magha is veryfixedon As we havediscussed, scores of progeny. to produce known activeanimals and recreation. It couldbe is bothfor procreation propagating sexuality its lineage and its rampant match up oftendoesn't who in reality for Magha, showoff medium isjust another saidthat sexuality with its fellowrat PuruaPhalguni. in bed.It is mostlycompatible to its paftner3expectations please referto the tableson pages with other nakshatras Forsexual and maritalcompatibility 457 & 458 .

and thus like the 10b houseits spiritualitylies in l6rma Yoga, Maghais the 10h nakshatra was revered star of Magha, whichentailsfulfillingone'sduty in life. The *ar Rqulus, the principle Hydra, lay beside of Magha Theconstellation seatof power. asthe celestial cultures in all the ancient


the constellation relating to the demonic serpent forces andthe previous nakshatra Ashlesha. This relates to the factthat the crownor throneof Magha is onlyachieved afterovercoming the primordial part of our natureexemplified negaUve by Asfrlestra. In the Greekculture(an offshootof the ancientVedicculture),there are references to many celestial battlesbetween the serpents andthe Gods. The mostfamous of thesebattlesrelates to the kilf ing of Hydrd, the seaserpent with nineheads, by Hercules, the sonof Jupiter. Hydrais the longest constellation in the skyandalsocovers the largest area.Theastrological signs of Cancer, Leo,Virgo andLibra canbeseenplaced alongits northern side.Hercules, the greatwarrior, is alsoa constellation in the sky placedcloseto the star Vega. Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, kills a several-headed serpentcalld Kaliya in a story very reminiscent of the above-mentioned Greeklegend. It wasunderstood that subduing or winningover theseforceswas an impoftantpart of establishing oneselfas beingworthy of the throne,which allowed one to haveinfluence overthe masses. The wholepoint of Magha is to riseabovethe pool of mass-mentality Cancerian and discover one'sown uniqueindividuality. Thefactthat ourancient ancestors wholivedin the Golden, Silver & Bronze agesweresuppposed to be morehighly evolved than us, makes the worldof the ancestors a place wherewe coulddraw wisdomand knowledge from. Ancientnativecultureslike the NativeAmerican Indiansand the Nordics havealways known thisfact.Anyrealchange in the present daysituation of hopelessness, confusion willonlycome andmisery about afterthe knowledge of the ancients is properly understood.

tiat Lineage) Qotra (Cetrs

Thisnakshatra is related to the Sage Angiras, one of the sevencelestial sageslooking after the affairsof our galaxy. The nameof this sagetranslates into "the fiery one".Considering Magha's essential fiery nature,it is no wonderthat it connects to this particular sage,whq as we recall,also presides over the fiery nakshatra of Krittika.


: fu:medinl
and reverential way of getting Maghaon your side is to be respectful One straightforward in the prescribed ancestors for one's ceof a Shradhaceremony Peforman andancestors. elders towards from the blessings that one receives in the sense is auspicious tithi of the lunarmonthof Magha, the energyof this of tGli or Shivais the best way of mastering Worship worfd of the ancestors. nakshatra. - "OmGham" and "OmNgam"108timeswhen of this nakshatra Repetition of the rootmantra and and in the the lunar montt of Maghais sureto reducesuffering Moontransitsthis nakshatra life. into a person's bringenlightenment the can also increase from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra Persons who are benefiting which ways.It is helpfulfor them to wear royalcolours goodeffectsthroughthe abovementioned lunar They shoulduse its directions, of gold, redsand yellows. includes dark and brightshades actions. to undeftake all impoftant Magha monthandthe dayswhenMoontransits

yoga who popularizdkundalini spiritual teachers oneof the famous Yogananda, Paramahamsa in his placed Hislife and worksas recollected in Magha. in the west,hashis MoonandAscendant of Magha. orientedfunctioning revealalot relatingto the lineage of a Yogi", book, 'Autobiography Masters from a line of Ascended werea legacy teaching authorityand his spiritual Bothhis spiritual figure of Eabaji. and the mysterious LahiraMahashaya like Yukteshwara,

Miscet[aneow :
have"lotsof wealth,manyservants, thosebornwith Moonin Magha According to Varahamihira, All of these to godsandancestors". and devoted are persevering livea life of luxuryandenjoyment, indications applyto our example. ***

| |. furvaphalguni lf}ot



(13020'Leo- 26040'Leo)

In tfu Sky t
Puruaphalguni is represented in the nightskyby two brightstarsin the backof the constellation of Leo. These stars canbeseen forming a paftof the lionshape usually associated withthe constellation Leo.However ancient Vedicseerssawthesetwo starsas representing the backlegsof a cot (or the two polesof a swinginghammock). Thesestarsare knownin modernastronomy as Delta-Leonis (Zosma)& Theta-Leonis (Chertan). With a visualmagnitude of 2.56, Zosmais the brighterone amongthem.It is very easyto locatethesestarsin the nightsky as Leois the brightest amongthe twelvezodiacal constellations. Thesestarsare located to the left of the bfight slar Reguluswhere the hindlegs of the lionfigureof Leoare supposed to be, Zosma lieson top of chertan.

9t(rme : Puruaphalguni translates into the "formerreddishone", "the former" or "little fig tree". The colour redalways evokes a widevariety of meanings andfeelings andaswe shallsee,thisnakshatra hasa lot to do withthe nature, qualities generally andtemperament associated with the colour red. The"fig tree"translation b a moreobscure oneandrelates to the procreative aspect of this asterism.


: Syrnfiot
to hereis not the bedwe Its mainsymbolis the front legsof a couchor bed.The bed referred or siesta usedfor a daytime on duringthe nighttime, but a divanor bed/couch usefor sleeping symbols. asoneof Purvaphalguni's hammock alsousea swinging astrologers Some around. lounging In the cycle for this nakshatra. that'comfof is the keyword It is prettyclearfrom the abovesymbols 'throne' in the after attainingthe the soul looksfor comfoftand enjoyment of the 27 nakshatras, previous nakshatra. afterfulfilling andamusement purvaphalguni to a time wherewe lookfor rest,relaxation relates of Thesymbolism nakshatra). (activities ruledby the previous and responsibilities duties our wo4dly process. Whenwe are part of this relaxation relates to the beginning the front legsof a bed/couch in the relaxation go into a modeof complete verytiredand hop onto a couchor a bedwe usually to thisbeginning relates Purvaphalguni to individual). fromindividual varies (thetimeperiod beginning our energy. intentupon renewing and are completely periodwherewe feel like doingno activity link it to the whichultimately purvaphalguni with the forcesof renewal, related is thus strongly processof creaUonitself. withoutbeingactive. canbe creative howsomething for someof us to understand It is difficult Nothing or no onecanworkall the time.It is Ofnon-activity. uponperiods iSdependant All activity periods' and A lot of scientists for the creative/active the impulse of rest whichprovide the periods to them,not whenthey are comes usually to a problem havefoundthat the solution researchers whentheyhavetakentheirmindoff it andare in but in the period at the problem, working actually in cities,people times,especially In the fast pacedlife of modern relaxation. a stateof complete Thisis probably periods activities. of restbetween adequate of having the importance haveforgotten traumasfaced by the fast pacedcity and psychological the root causefor most of the physical results whichusually energy, the Purvaphalguni notto amplifli one mustbe careful However dweller. and indulgence. laziness in excessive


Deity i
(nlar deities), is the mainrulingdeityof this nakshatra. He is Bhaga, oneof the twelveAdityas to the planet Venus. As we shall oftenreferred to asthe "morning star",whichmightbe a reference discover later,Venus is the planetary rulerof thisnakshatra andwasseenin ancient timesasa planet representing nametranslates roughly into "delight". A similar the solaraspect of nature.Bhaga's into "pleasure" or "indulgence". Theterm "Bhagar' findsuse sanskrit wordcalled "bhoga"translates (full of delight), in "bhagavan" names often usedfor gods,incarnations and one of the sanskrit rest,relaxation, evolved souls.In keeping with his name,Bhaga is knownfor bestowing enjoyment, pleasure, ThusPuruaphalguni is seento promote all of affection, sexualpasskrn felicity. and rnarital the aboveindications. Bhaga's strongrelationship with enjoyment and merriment makes this one of the mostcarefree nakshatras. Purvaphalguni nativesdon't like to worry as long as they are comfoftable, especlally pointof view.Bhaga's Purvaphalguni natives froma physical with physicality oftenmakes obsession oveftlyconcerned with their bodies. Bhaga's naturegivesPurvaphalguni natives amorous a strong Bhagastandsfor an easy life full of comfortand desireto appearbeautifuland be appreciated. luxuryand this is what all Puruaphalguni nativesaspirefor. Bhagarelatesto that solar aspectof aspectfrom the universe, not nature,which makeslife worth living.If one removes the pleasure wilt Oewilling manysouls to take partin the gameof life. Bhagais alwaysusuallyinvokedalongwith Aryaman, the ruling deity of Uttaraphalguni, the followingnakshatra. As we shall discoverlater,these nakshatras form a pair in the samevein as Mrigashira and Ardn. worshipped form Purvaphalguni is directlyconnected to the ShivaLingam, the mostcommonly penisis worshipped of Shiua. Thefact that Shiva's morethan Shivaas a whole,relatesto the penis beinga regenerative symbol,representing creation and continuation of life; while Shivaas a whole is the god of destruction. Puruaphalguni thusrelates to the creative and delightful aspect of Shiva, with him. It is interesting whichcanbe easilyunderstood throughthe stories and legends associated


out the essential paft of maleanatomy. Thisfact brings to notethat the penisis the mostdelicate tenderqualityof PurvaPhalguni.

Abture (r' functionlrg :

it is naturalthat battlesin Magha, throughintense Afterthe victorycrownandthroneachieved is all about,A periodof rest follow.This is what Purvaphalguni and enjoyment rest, relaxation all the nakshatras' just like a sunnycalmfollowsa storm.Amongst followseveryperiodof activity, It offersshelter purvaphalguni functionings. aspect of nature's to the recreational is the mostrelated of life. of the drama from the vicissitudes reaches a peakin self-absorption in Magha, beenfirmlyestablished of selfhaving The sense hereare andtimeto rest,the concerns for someplace looking Justlikea tiredperson thisnakshatra. Thefactthat it falls it dramatic. makes of thisnakshatra absorption me, myself andI. Theintensive makingit the most this tendency, Leo,fufther encourages in the middleof the sign of dramatics, nativeshave a strongdesireto be noticedfor Purvaphalguni theatricalamongstthe nakshatras. natives fall preyto why a lot of Purvaphalguni whatthey are and whattheydo. Thisis the reason very hard new things,becomes especially anything, Learning pretentious and attitudes. behaviour their own little world, no matterhow superficial for suchnatjvesas they don't want to look beyond wouldn't exist. and "pompousness" termslike"vanity" it mightbe. If it wasn'tfor Purvaphalguni, is a socialnakhatra.It likesto function Purvaphalguni eccentricity, its self-indulgent Despite flexibility it showsamazing fixedcharacter, its natural Despite socialstandards. within prevailing in, of blending and safety It likesthe comfort norms. social to fittingthe prevailing whenit comes andnourishing canbea warm,susbaining Purvaphalguni aspect, out. In its positive ratherthanstanding whichkeepup the pillarsof nakshatras on thosearoundthen. It is oneof the cornerstone influence humansociety. and is a naturally cruelnakshatra that Purvaphalguni Having saidthis, it mustbe remembered of carryingout ruthless to be capable can be expected thereforenativesunderits stronginfluence


is disturbed or amusement usually comes out whenits rest,relaxation cruelty acts.Purvaphalguni's get easily vindictive over hurt and get extremely Natives underits influence agency. by an outside from amountof attention the caseif they don't get the requisite smallissues. This is especially in theirown minds. others whichtheythinktheydeserve jealousy thesenatives arequitedelightful andvindictiveness, of pride, Despite theirlimitations in life. Theycan be the mostfun to the finer enjoyments creatures to be aroundwhenappreciating from their position on warmthand beneficence their Leonine hangaround socially, as they radiate native in a crowdastheywill bethe onein It is veryeasy to spota Purvaphalguni the bedor couch. in no hurryto begin the dayt activities andliketo lead the mostcomfortable spot.Theyare usually exceptin areaswherelitde livesof luxury evenif they can't affordto. Theyare not overachievers physical is demanded of them.They are happyidlingaboutin the offrce,in the arts discomfort Mostof their effortsgo in tryingto otherswith their personality. studio,makingloveor enteftaining feelings, thoughts and emotions. or exploring their own personal makethemselves comfoftable role.TheirsdfThey usually end up havinga familybut are often not very suitedfor the parental for theirchildren. makes them cruelor unneruing obsessive aspect usually relates to "pralanana shakti" - the powerto In the universal scheme of things,Purvaphalguni procreate. apparent that Its symbolism has femaleaboveand male below.It is immediately Its objective is throughunionof the polarnaturalopposites. Purvaphalguni is all aboutcreation level. as well as microcosmic creationof a familyon the macrocosmic

Modz of functioning :
with Purvaphalguni creativity nakshatra. balances Purvaphalguni is considered to be a Balanced Theaesthetically refined aspect of this aggression with gentleness. relaxation, workwith pleasure, with objects, colours and the like.As far balance nakshatra arisesout of its abilityto find a delicate it is a lazynakshatra. as beingactiveis concerned,


side of the brahmin relaysthe brahminical It belongsto the Bnhmin caste. Puruaphalguni pfanetVenus. is the perceptor of the demons and has the.presiding deityof Venus, ShukraCharya, (knowledge the deadbackto life),which of bringing of knowing Sanjivinividya the unique distinction A brahmin is someone who is supposed Brihaspafi, the perceptor of the gods,doesnot possess. etten with Puwaphalguni relatesit association of MayaandVenus's to understand the secretfunctionings to all kindsof occultknowledge.

Qen[er :
Eventhoughboth of its rulingdeitiesare male,the primaryimpulses nakshatra. It is a Female feminine like beauty, vanity,loveof ease,comfoftand luxuryare all primarily of this nakshatra, with Venus,which is seenin strongconnection concerns. Theycomeaboutdue to this nakshatra's planet. as a feminine JyoUsh

tsodypats & l{umor (Aytnedb Corutitution) :

to this nakshatra. The SexOrgans, the Lipsandthe RightHandare the bodypartsrelated with Leo, Its pitta qualityarisesout of its connection It is a primarily"Pitta"(fiery) nakshatra. of desire. a pitta signand Sun,a pitbaplanet.Fireis the essence

Directbn :
primarily southeastandeast. to the directional arc between It is related


ruled by The first padaor quafterof this asterism 13" 20' - 16o40' Leofalls in Leo Navamsa hereis on just I, I & moreI. The srolvedsoulscan usethe warmthof their soul Sun.The emphasis planets power for younger them,whereas souls in thispada to illuminate the minds of thosearound just heighten here.Sun,Mars, and "Regality" are the keywords Jupiter the ego."Dignity" and Ketu ability. can functionstronglyhereand give somesoft of executive padaor quafter of thisasterism 16o40' - 20" 00' Leofallsin VirgoNavamsa ruled Thesecond pompous by Mercury. amongst all of thesenaturally and lazy Thisis the mostsoberand hardworking padas, A well placed Mercury herecan give good The emphasis hereis on tradeand enterprise. common throughtrade. sense and heavygains 20" 00' - 23o20' Leofallsin Libra Thethird padaor quarter of thisasterism Navamsa ruledby Venus. Venusian Thispadabrings out the indulgent aswellas creative aspect of Purvaphalguni. The refinement, emphasis hereis on travel,harmony, relaxation, counselling, creation andappreciation pada most planetsexceptSun give good results of beauty.Sincethis is the Pushkara Navamsha here.Venus is especially strongin this pada. Thefourth padaor quafterof this asterism 23o20' - 26o40' Leofallsin Scorpio Navamsa ruled homeand familylife, self reflection by Mars.The emphasis here is on intensified emotions, and personal valour. Passions are verystronghereand all thingsin life are approached with a martian giveriseto a lot of unnecessary strifeandcomplexity. spirit.Planets hereusually Onlya wellplaced innerpositive fashion. SunandJupiter are capable of utilizing this pada's

{Profusioru :
Animaltrainers; Executives; Diplomats; Government Officials; Dealers in products related to women;Gemstone Industry; Entertainers; Beauticians; Makeup Artists; Models;Photographers; (more into EventManagers; Art GalleryManagers; mostlyromantictypes; Musicians Singers, profession harmonies Aftists;Teaching thanotheraspects of music); Creative in general; Dyemakers;


with Marriages' connected All professions andDesigners; InteriorDecorators Trainers; Fitness Physical Sexand Allopaths); Doctors(both Naturopaths Nannies; & Childbifths; Ceremonies Marriage Leisure and Biologists; in DatingAgencies; Thoseinvolved Masseurs; Therapists; Sleep Therapists; Toiletries and related of Incenses, & Distribution with Production connected Tourism Industry;People jobs. Secretarial and Silkindustry; Wool,Cotton & Jewellers; Goldsmiths Products; Venusian

!P["acu : places; halls;Exhibition Entertainment Beaches; landscapes; Flowery Hot tropicallandscapes; parlours; the Markets, especially Beauty Art galleries; rooms; Living resorts; Spas; Tourist Bedroom; with connected and homes;All places products; buildings Prettycottages, kind relatedto Venusian the abovementionedprdessions.

: guna (tuserce) anl tattwa (Elpttunt)

on the material is very engrossed Purvaphalguni nakshatra. to be a Rajasic It is supposed the It represents to be the mostr{asic amongplanets. is supposed plane.Its planetary rulerVenus of living excitingand "desire"aspectof nature,Whichbreedslife and makesthe whole process ' delightful. a wateryplanet, with Venus, connection Purvaphalguni's to the Waterelement. It belongs life beganin the life (it is clearthat'allsentient Waterbreeds for this classification. wouldaccount of the creativepotentialin nature.Evenspermare is representative and Purvaphalguni oceans), caniedby a wateryfluid knownas semenand the nnting of spermwith the ova takesplacein a waterymedium.


Qana (Iype) :
It is considered human Puruaphalguni's with society, a tVanrchaor stronginvolvement nakshatra. with what can be termedas human humanrelationships and procreation makeit very concerned affairs. It is oneof the nakshatras dedicated to sustaining the dramaof life.

Orientation an[ Dispositbn :


It is an Upward nakshatra. Purvaphalguni fosters anykindof growth. Theseedmaylie beneath is intimately with the biological the ground, but the plantgrowsupwards. Puruaphalguni connected process of cell division,which is responsible for makinga tree out of a seed,or a baby out of a natives towards the sky,the godsand the creatorfor its sperm.Puruaphalguni alwayslookupwards inspiration and answers It is an Ugraor fiercenakshatra. It comes as a surprise that a soft, pleasure lovingand comfoft nakshatra This relates to Purvaphalguni's seeking shouldhavea fiercetemperament. tendency to getoveftly whenit doesnotgetwhatit wants. Aswe havediscussed earlier, Puruaphalguni disgusted natives are prepared to go to any lengths in orderto secure the luxuryand comfoftwhichthey think is theirright.Disturbing a sleeping lion. Puruaphalguni's comfoftzoneis akinto disturbing

Lunar Montfi d Daq :

It relates to the first half of the lunarmonthof Phalguna, whichusually falls in late February in the solarcalendar. PurvaPhalguni is also relatedtothe Traydashi(13thUthi or day) of tlre waxingand waning phases monthlycycle. of the Moon's


Auspitioru Actiaitits:
Marriage, sex, romance; Goodfor dealingwith authorities and all kindsof persuasion; A good nakshatra for clearing out the air in relation to longstanding disputes; Goodfor confronting enemies in a gentleappeasing way; Rest,relaxation and enjoyment; Artisticactivities like painting,singing powerfor gaining etc. ; Goodfor usingcharisma or personal wantedends;Good for buyingproperty; Mattersrelatingto propertyand construction in general.



Unfavourable for all activities whichrequirelessening downof ego; Not goodfor startingnew things;Not goodfor intellectual activities; Not goodfor healing or curingdiseases; Illnesses which start at this time are hardto overcome.

9fanztary fu.br :
Sun and Venusare the two planetsrelatedto this nakshatra, Venusbeingits main planetary ruler.Venus's involvement with this nakshatra is obvious from the fact that the mainfunctioning of Purvaphalguni. is procreation. Venusrelatesto the force which produces attractionbetweenthe opposite sexes and the mainfocusof Purvaphalguni centres aroundthis attraction. Sun,however, is connected with one'ssenseof self and is not very comfoftable with the ideaof losingone'sself to whichVenus naturally for.Purvaphalguni another, something stands is a battleground for the conflict between ego,loveand harmony. It helps to knowthat the Venusian energyis stronger in comparision way round). to Solarenergyhere (in Krittil<a it wasthe opposite Thefactthat SunandVenus are natural enemies makes Puruaphalguni a volatile andturbulent The decision to be madehere is how muchof the self shouldbe sacrificed nakshatrc. in orderfor loveand harmony to find their rightfulplace.Creativity is the only commonmeetingpoint between Thisis the reason why Purvaphalguni is ableto be creative SunandVenus. andconstructive despite a plethora of inner ragesand tumults.


Sun/Venus conjunction or exchange in a horoscope carries energies similar to purvaphalguni. Sun,Marsand Venus give strongresultsherebut as alwaysa lot depends usually on the padathey occupy.

Uowefs an"d Alpfiaiets :

The first pada or quarter of this asterism13o 20' -160 40' Leo corresponds to "Mo',as in Mohicans. The secondpadaor quarterof this asterism16040' - 20" O0'Leo corresponds b -Ia,'as in Taina. Thethird padaor quarterof this asterism 20o00' - 23o20'Leocorresponds to 'Tee"as in Tina. The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism23o 20' - 26" 40' Leo corresponds to ,Too" as in Tooth. In the Sanskrit alphabet Puivaphalguni corresponds to "Cha'iconsequengy its manbais',Om Cham".

Seryat'lypeand Compatihility :
Its sexualanimalis a Rat,thus its sexualnatureis similarto that of Magha, the previous nakshatra. As discussed earlier, ratsaie highlyreproductive animals and produce scores of progeny. They are alwaysbusy scurryingaround,which makesPurvaphalguni quite indefatigable when it comes to sexual or creative activity.Purvaphalguni is mostcompatible with the other rat nakshatra, Magha. Forsexual & maritalcompatibility with othernakshatras please referto the tableson pages 457 &458.


feminine uponthe passive sparkwhichtouches creative to the masculine relates Puruaphalguni (the principle in natureis by itselfpassive Thefeminine motion. principle and putsit into creative forceto set it alight.The Moon' an external lazy),and needs qualitywhichmakesPurvaphalguni alsoneeds a rnalespurcein form of the Sun amongplanets, the feminineprinciple whichrepresents in orderto furiction. in the why Shivais worshipped andtlre reasons to Shiuabphallus relating Nlthe Puranicstories functioning phallic form relateto Puruaphalguni's (the golden pineforest in Krita Yuga In a famousstory the sevensageslivingin a Himalayan form andall the womenfolk in a wild,naked theirhermitage who visits by Shiva age)aretormented curse narrowmindedness phallus. in their puritanical The sages get seduced by his erect hanging get castrated. As and letshis phallus theirwishes respects phallus fall off. Shiva should that Shiva's gets unsettled. Brahma interuenes and asks of the universe the wholebalance soonas this happens Shiva in their momentof foolishness. they had castrated the sagesto worshipthe Linga(phallus) is restored. balance andthusuniversal again on hisLinga takes pleased andworship bytheirdevotion in a Lingaform to makesurethat worshipped is still primarily age,Shiva Evenin the present principle represented by the Linga, regenerative puritanicalism neverstepsoverthe maleprimeval of universal aspect to thisimpoftant anduttaraphalgunirelate Purvaphalguni the nakshatras, Amongst functioning. governing likesto seethe supreme to the Bhaktipathwherethe devotee relates Purvaphalguni as and Mera, who saw Krishna The livesof bhaktisaintfigureslike Surdas entity as "the Beloved". the eternal way of encountering Purvaphalguni's illustrate respectively, and beloved a playmate divinity.


Qotra (Cetutlat Lineage)

sageslmking after the is relatedto the SageAtri, one of the sevencelestial This nakshatra Aswe havediscussed into"onewhoconsumes". Thenameof thissagetranslates affairs of our galaxy. Alongwith creative anddissoluting. tendencies, to havetwo opposing in Rohini, the sageAtri seems aspectof this sage. to the creative relates Rohini, Purvaphalguni

worship of all futtility and prosperity; related to creativity Worship of Laxmiandothergoddesses the creaUve goddesses; worshipof Shivathroughhis ShivaLingam- are all goodwaysto harness potentialof this nakshatra. - "OmCham"108timeswhenMoontransitsthis Repetition of the root mantraof this nakshatra suffering and bringenlightenment lunarmonthis sureto reduce nakshatra and in its corresponding into a person's life. the can also increase from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra Persons who are benefiting goodeffectsthroughthe abovementioned ways.It is helpfulfor them to wearall light, variegated feminine designs and yellows, pinks Predominantly andwhites. shades, especially colours andpastel whenMoontransits lunarmonthand the.days accessories are good.Theyshoulduseits directions, all important actions. Purvaphalguni to undeftake

popstar, in this nakshatra. Even thoughthe hasher MoonandAscendant Madonna, the famous she has profited gaudiersideof this nakshatra is expressed throughher musicand showmanship, of this nakshatra. from utilizing the sexual aspect


According to Varahamihin, thosewith Moonin Purvaphalguni are "generous in bestowing liberal gifts,havesweetspeech, pleasing manners, a habitof wandering andoftenservethe govemmant in one way or the other".Eventhoughour example doesn'tseemto be directlyrelatedto government functionings, the truth is that she is one of the manypawnswho are usedby the rulingelite for directingmasstrendsand tastes.

I z. Ot+ar.ph.lgrrri ?,6"1f,[-eo - | o"oo' \f irgo


(26040'Leo- 10o00' Virgo)

In tfic Sky t
Uttaraphalguni is the 12hasterism and consists of two verycontrasting stars,knownin modern astronomy as Beta-Lanisand 93-Lunis. Thesetwo starslie at the tail end of the constellation of Lef' Denebola (Beta-Leonis) is amongthe brightest starsin the nightsky with a visualmagnitude of 2.13.93-Leonis on the otherhandis a relatively faint starwith a visualmagnitude of 4.53.

Uttaraphalguni translates into "the latter reddishone" or "the latter fig Fee". The monthof Phalguna relatesto the springseason. We can thus immediately associate Utbraphalguni with all the feelings evoked by the springseason. Obviously Uttaraphalguni will relatemoreto the latterhalf of springinstead whichwouldrelatemoreto the previous of the beginning, nakshatra.

The mainsymbolof this nakshatra is the two backlegsof a bed. LikePuruaphalguni,the bed referred to hereis notthe bedwe usefor sleeping on duringthe nighttime, but a divanor bed/couch usedfor a daytime siesta or lounging around. This nakshatra is similar to Puruaphalguni in many waysjust as the symbolism suggests. In fact Purvaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni form a pair,the first


natureand qualityalthough symbolism, Theysharesimilarnames, of nakshatras. in the sequence there a slightdifferences. represents a placefor rest, the bed or hammock in the previous nakshatra, As we discussed is related to the backlegsand notthe front legs Thefactthat Uttaraphalguni comfortand relaxation. this second half is much around.Usually halfof a siesta or lounging it to the second of a bed,relates gettingoff the relaxation for work. modeand preparing moreactive is one is mentally Purvaphalguni. It to its counterpart in comparison is thus lesscomfort-oriented Llttaraphalguni or involved in somekindof or contemplating thinking, lyingon a couch talking, relates to someone sexualetc. activitylike writing,reading, hasthe the notionthat Uttaraphalguni Thefully grownfig tree (referto the image),represents fig tree,hasthe to a growing provide whichis related fruit,whilePuruaphalguni, capacity to actually canthus be seen to do so. Uttaraphalguni ripeenough potential fruit but is not actually for bearing energy. enjoyment orkntatd and indulgent ratherthan a purelyrecreational, as a productive

Deity :
Aryaman, one of the 12 Adityas(solar deities),is the main ruling deity of Uttaraphalguni. Thereforethe key favoursand kindness. Aryamanis seen as a deity presidingover patronage, Aryaman is seenas the helpfrom others. is towardshelping or receiving of this nakshatra motivation social qualities a verycultured, whichmakeUttaraphalguni and congeniality, of hospitality epitome abouteUquettes deity,is very concerned like its presiding nakshatra. tlttaraphalguni, and civilized and socialgraces. rituals he is In Vedic on friendship. emphasis strong asa deitywhoplaces Arfaman is alsoseen or Mitra(the in a pair,eitherwith Bhaga(therulingdeityof Purvaphalguni), afmostalwaysinvoked is alongwith Anuradha presiding It is no wonderthen that Uttaraphalguni deity of Anuradha). however relates moreto a Utbaraphalguni friendships. to promote and maintain for its ability known within a group. relatesmoreto friendliness personal whileAnuradha bosomfriendship, one-to-one


Aryaman, a solardeity, carries significations being alotof the natural attached to the Sunas an astrological entity.Heactslikea patronbut is bound to losehistemperandact harshly whenfirmly contradicted.

Afatured futrctioning :
Mostof the natureand functionings of Purvaphalguni applyto Uttaraphalguni as well.Other than that, the bestway to understand natureand functioning Uttaraphalguni's is to understand the qualities normally with the kingamong associated the planets, Sun. The namesassigned to Sun in Vedictexts - the illuminator; the chiefamongthe planets;the ever radiant;the shining one; the soult significator; the crueland sharpone; the intense one; - givea clueto its basic bestower of prosperity, wealth andultimate knowledge energy andattributes. All theseholdtrue for Littaraphalguni as well. Sun as we know is the light. ltis a sttwic planet.Sattwaas we know is a qualityof nature path,throughbalancing whose mainobjective is to furtherus alongthe evolutionary the othertwo quaf itiesRajasand Tamas.It is the modeof goodness whichhasthe basictendency to be helpfulto everyone. Sunshines in the samewayon the pauper or the kingand is nevershyof giving. In the samelight Uttaraphalguni has a tendency to be free with its sharing, charity,benevolence and philanthropy. Sunis the onlygraha whichgenerates its ownlight.Thismakes it the mostindependent among the grahas, all of whomreflect the lightgenerated Thisindependence by the Sun. formsa partof its natureandcan be witnessed in Uttaraphalguni. Thisindependence relates to establishing one'sown individuality ratherthanbeingpartof the flock.Alotof ustendto imitateothersinstead of developing our own creativity, thoughts and opinions. The word'self-reliant', whichin today'sworld is only takenin its material refers aspect, actually to reliance on one's own soulfor gaining knowledge and awareness. natives Uttaraphalguni arealways seen tryingto riseabove the seaof mass consciousness. just to stayin syncwith whateveris happening. Theyare not the typesto change their individuality


is the fatherfigure.This is clearfrom the fact that all life on knowledge, Sun,as is common hasa crueland harsh fatherfigure,Uttaraphalguni uponthe Sun.Likea typical earthis dependant at heaft andpreacher is alsoa teacher side.Uttaraphalguni lifegiving sidealongwith its benevolent functioning. in its negaUve and despotic in muchthe sameWayas Sunand likeSuncanbe pompous fearlessness, urgeto conquer valour, aggression, qualities suchas anger, Mostof the warlike Uttaraphalguni' However by Sunand Ut[araphalguni. shared spiritare commonly and competitive in attitudeand is alwaysmoreinterested Krittika,hasa moreforgiving unlikeSun'sother nakshatra of aspect andnourishing Theprotective rather thanthe finalvictory. harmony andhonour upholding It is gentlebut firm. throughUttaraphalguni' the Sunmanifests pointof the energies of is the meeting in the signVirgo, its mainportion having Uttaraphalguni, messenger' Mercury thedivine of theirblending. for the expression andthusallows SunandMercury to the king and dearest the closest is always is the closestplanetto the Sun.The prince(Mercury) just like intensity, tremendous (Sun).In fact Mercury is the only planetwhichis not afflictedby Sun's they sharethe attributesof of the king. Together the princeis neverawed by the presence In a way bothof them faculty. general andthe judgemental awareness intelligence, discrimination, ascompared energy andlighter planets, carries a muchmorehumorous but Mercury are intellectual the mind (Moon)but it takesits cue from hasthe job of controlling to the Sun.Intellect(Mercury) properrelaUons with the it establishes energyunless a frivolous canbecome the soul(Sun).Mercury of news.Sun is the or source withoutany message to a messenger is similar Sun.This situation lacksthe communication Sun however has to deriveits inspiration. sourcefrom which Mercury and cannotexpressitself properlywithout its help.This is the reasonwhy the ability of Mercury is very energies of Sun-Mercury This blending combination. the Sun-Mercury ancientseersextolled present bornunderUttaraphalguni' in thosenatives Like Sun, in its dealings. and unhesitating like Sun, is straightforward Uttaraphalguni, Thereis a certaindegreeof of superiority. is readyto servebut onlyfrom a position Uttaraphalguni howa kingcanbe It is hardfor manyof usto imagine nature. in Uttaraphalguni's inherent ascetism sage to a venerable in whichhe proved Vedic storyabouta kingcalledJanaka, An ancient an ascetic. possible, is a casein point! :that it is perfecUy


"Heasked the sageto carrya burning lampall around hispalace in sucha waythat the fire is not extinguished. Whenthe sagecamebackfrom his roundthe kingasked him aboutthe sightshe had seenaroundhis grand palace, The sagecouldn'trespond as all his concentration had been focused on the lamp.Janaka thentold him that this is the way he ruleshis kingdom." put forwardthe samedoctrineof actionwithoutattachment Krishna in his discourse to Arq'una in the fegendary Vedicepic 'The Mahabhanta'lBoth Krishna and Arjunawere kingsin their own rightand didn'texactly fit the roleof an ascetic. Uttaraphalguni, like Sun,assists in easyexpression of the soul personality. This expression manifests in the outerworldas self-confidence, self-assurance and creativity. In a negative senseit pride,self-aggrandizement can rnanifest as selfishness, or megalomania. Nobility and dignityare also primari[ solartraitswhichother planets cannotreallyimitate. There'sno equalto Sunas far as stickingto one'sword or pledgeis concerned. Just like it rarely path,it alwaysholdsonto its wordor promise. swerves from its celestial Thereare numerous stories of Sun personalities whichillustrate this aspect of Sun'snature,whichis alsoexpressed through qualitywhichsetsit apartfrom othersis its confidence Uttaraphalguni. Another andselfassuredness. $un alsohasa devious sideto it, whichmostastrologers ignore. It is a masterat fraudand lying.Uttaraphalguni hasa lot to do with this part of Sun'snaturebecause of its strongconnection with the tricksterMercury. In the oldendaysthe kingsweresupposed to master64 arts; and lying, gambling andfraudwereamong these64 arts.However it mustbe notedthat Uttaraphalgunitries to usesuchtactics for a noblecause. Being the natural significator of the th and 10h houses, Sun is intimately connected with one'sdharma. Uttaraphalguni is very concerned aboutfulfillingits duty goal.It is always and assigned very conscious its path and followingit till the end. of establishing In a nativity, Uttaraphalguni risingmakes one generous and kind and a goodfriendtowards others.It givesone a noblereputaUon and makes one skilfulat their work. Popularity is due to the native's reliableand helpfulnature.Their physical characteristics mirrorthat of the Sun,especially when the birth is in the Leo part of Uttaraphalguni. The Sun can be described as havinghoney


appearance curlyhair.It hasa majestic andsparse body,sturdybones coloured eyes.It hasa square is coppery reddish or and steadylook, its complexion and is not very tall. It has a courageous gol@r. It hasa prouddemeanour. humour, slenderness, agility traitslikeflexibility, addsmercurial TheVirgopartof Uttaraphalguni moreprincely asopposed Thenauveappears of the nauve. appearance to the Sun-like andamiability to kingly. relatesto scheme of things, Uttaraphalguni In the universal 'chayani shaki" - the powerof

haswealthfrom onet own familybelowand wealthfrom Its symbolism & prosperity. accumulation family, to all typesof gainsmadethrough Thisrelates Uttaraphalguni fami[ above. one'sspouse's properly, andbegenerous theseresources partnerships dutyto uUlize It is Uttaraphalguni's andunions. and fair in theirdistribution,

Modp of functionirg :
quality is prettyevident nakshatq Its balancing to be a Balanced is considered Uttaraphalguni personality to havesocial to havea balanced Oneneeds ftom the natureof its rulingdeityAryaman. In a wayUttaraphalguni creatures. towards otherliving graces, andfriendliness compassion kindness, The only by the term "balance". to all that is encompassed mirrorsthe sign Librawhenit comes is morelikelyto hold onto its pivot or fixed centre,while the sign is that Uttaraphalguni difference balance naturein orderto achieve Librais knownto drown its essential and harmony. ,

andmakes oneconcerned class of nakshatras fallsin the Kshatriya(ruling/warrior) Thisnakshatra It also suggests concernfor about societyand how to directone'senergytowardsnoblecauses. on the materialplaneso one c;itnoccupya positionof power or some kind of accomplishment planet qualities with the Kshatriya from its association are derived strength.Onceagainits Kshatriya Sun.


: Qentrer
classification considering that both its ruling This is a perplexing It is a Femalenakshatra. planetand rulingdeityare male.Whenone considers falls in the that the bulk of this nakshatra behind this classification. of the lineof thinking feminine signof Virgo,one can makesomesense to predominantly femininearchetypes earlier,is connected as we havediscussed Uttaraphalguni, and receptivity. benevolence, consideration like grace,kindness,

: tsodyp'arts U Ifuttror(fuule[ic Constitution)

Lips,SexOrgans and the Left Handare the bodypartsrelatedto this nakshatra. (airy) nakshatra. The only reason, which seemsto be behindthis It is a primarily"Vata" liesin the predominantly vata signof Virgo. classification, is that the majorpaft of this nakshatra vata planet.We can however assurne Mercurythe ruler of Virgo,is alsoseenas a predominantly lyingwithin Leowould showPittaratherthan vata characteristics. that the part of Uttaraphalguni

Direction :
it relates Thetwo directions to moststronglyare eastand south.

gadns (Qnrters)j
Navamsa Thefirst padaor quarterof this asterism 26040'- 30" 00' Leo,fallsin Sagittarius ruled sideof the solarnature. It is likea Sunf upiterconjunction byJupiter. Thispadarelates to theJupiterian placed capacity. Planets heregivefoftunate, naturealongwith an advisory andgivesa strongly ethical resulbas longas they are in goodShashtiamsha. expansive padaor quafterof thisasterism fallsin Capricorn Navamsa 00o00' - 30 20' Virgo, Thesecond conjunction and givesa tremendous ruledby Saturn. This padais akin to a Sun/Mercury/Saturn


placed give very good material hereusually results and a practical, ability. Planets organizational hardworking nature. fallsin Aquarius Navamsa ruled of thisasterism 30 20'-6o40' Virgo, Thethird padaor quafter sideof Uttaraphalguni. Thekeyword hereis seruice. Thispadarelates to the philanthropic by Saturn. placedin The intellectual abilities are sharphere and are usuallyusedfor the socialgood. Planets this padatend'to work in a RobinHoodfashion 60 40' - 10o00'Virgo, fallsin Pisces Navamsa ruled Thefourthpadaor quarter of thisasterism conjunction. Out herethe intellectual abilities by Jupiter. Thispadais akinto a Sun/Mercury/Jupiter picture A balance for seeing and relating to others. between the small arealways utilized the bigger is soughthere.Sincethis is a Pushkara navamsa and the big, matterand spirit, Virgoand Pisces pada,planets placedheregive strong,favourable resultson a material as well as spiritualplane.

Entertainers; Superstars & MaleSexSymbols; Managers; Leaders Creative Aftists,Musicians, like SportSuperstars; Thosein high positions and held in esteemby of all types& PublicFigures MafiaDons;Teachers & industy;Priests;Headsof organizations; others; Media& Enteftainment Marriage Counsellors; SexTherapists; Professions connected Preachers; Philanthropists; Astrologers; fathers Figures; Bankers International Diplomats; Founding andotherPatriotic & to United Nations; in all fields. Workers; Professional Advisors Geditors;Social to professions and can be seenin a varietyof is highlyflexiblein regards Uttaraphalguni position. professions as longas it is in a commanding

Qlacu :
Buildings; Estates; Public Buildings; Government Stadiums; Enteftainment Forests; Gardens; Towers, LargeHalls;Playgrounds; People; Palaces, Cathedrals & Halls;Residences of Rich& Famous Public Assemblies; Buildings; Libraries. other magnificent buildings; UnitedNation's


and tattula (E(tment) : Quna ('Essence)

Thisnakhatra belongs to the Rajasic Not muchneeds to be saidhere,as aroupof nakshatras. tlttaraphalguni in its descriptions naturally comesout as an active,energetic nakshatra. It belongs Thisas we can see hasa lot to do with ib planetary to the Fireelement. ruler Sun and its solardeityAryaman.

It is considered a Manushya(human) nakshatra. Uttaraphalguni, as we havediscussed earlier, plane.All humanvalueslike family,society, is very involved in worldlyaffairson the terrestrial friendship etc. find expression throughthis nakshatra. Utlaraphalguni in a way is a harbinger of cultureand civilization.

OrientationU Disposition:
It is a Downward nakshatra. Uttaraphalguni, because of its natural fixedcharacter,is bestfor laying foundations. Its involvement with foundations and support of all typesmakes it a downward nakshatra. In a building,Uttaraphalguni will alwaysrelate more to the foundationstone or the foundationitself. previously, As mentioned it is a Dhruua(fixed or permanent) nakshatra . Despite its receptivity, amicability andfriendliness, Uttaraphalguni is quitefixedin its thinkings, opinions andfunctionings. This is probably why it canalwaysbe reliedupon.It tendsnot to swayawayfrom vows the reason and pleasures, especially those relatingto friendship. This fixed qualityobviously stemsfrom its solaraspect.


Lurur.r Montfr d Day :

whichusually conesponds to the half of the lunarmonthof Phalguna, It relates to the second in the solarcalendar. monthof March U$i or day) of the waxingand waning is also relatedta tte Duadashi(12d' tlttaraphafguni phases monthlycycle. of the Moon's

AuspicioruActiuitirs :
for beginning all thingsof a auspicious Generally Favourable fur sexualactivityand marriage; and sexualactivity;Goodfor societies, etc.; Goodfor marriage lastingnature like organizations, of all types;Buyingproperty or actions Goodfor administrative dealingwith higherauthorities; & swearing-ins; Making ceremonies a new homefor the first time; Openings/inauguration entering promises;Pedorming sacredceremonies & rituals; Wearingnew clothesand jewellery;Acts of requiring tact and diplomacy. Goodfor activities Paternal activities; related activities; charity;Career

Inauspirious Actirtities :
. Unfavourable retaliation likeconfrontation, for endings of all types;Notgoodfor harshactivities it back' money if you areexpecting Notgoodfor lending with enemies; or engaging

lPfanztary forkr :
into manifestation of naturecomes Thesolaraspect rulerof this nakshatm. Sunis the planetary wherethe solarprinciple relates to the process Uttaraphalguni in the earliernakhatra, Krittika. The the materialworld,just like Sun'srayscan cookfood in a solarcooker. affectsand organizes in primordial as willpowerin Krittika,but it takesthe form of intelligence manifests solarprinciple LJttaraphalguni, with the aid of Mercury.


Mercury is associated with Uttaraphalguni, due to the fact that a majorpart of Uttaraphalguni lies in Virgo,a sign ruled by Mercury. Uttaraphalguni is all aboutthe linkingbetween soul and intellect. Under this nakshatra's influence, the solarenergy is directed towards actualpractical work in orderto achieve certaingoalswhichthe soulhasset for itself,and alsohelpout othersalongthe wayaswell.Justasall livinglifeon our planet isdependant uponSun's rays, all society andcivilization is dependant uponthe guidance of this nakshatra. Sun/Mercury conjunction in a horoscope carries energies similar to Uttaraphalguni. Friends of Sun like Moon,MercuryMars& Jupiterdo well here;whileVenus, Saturn,Rahuand Ketufeel obstructed here,especially Venus, due to its in debilitation in the Virgopart of this nakshatra.

Uouek anl A[pfia.6e*:

Thefirst padaor quarterof this asterism 26" 40'- 30o00' Leocorresponds to "Tay"as in Taylor. The secondpadaor quafterof this asterism 00o 00' - 3o 20' Virgocorresponds to "To" as in Tohnamah. Thethirdpadaor quafter of thisasterism 30 20'-6o40' Virgocorresponds to "Pa"as in Pascal. The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism 6" 40' - 10oO0'Virgocorresponds to "Pee"as in Peter. In the Sanskrit alphabet Uttaraphalguni corresponds-to "Chha" and"Ja",consequently its mangas are "OmChham" and "OmJam(Jahm)".

Tgpean[ Compatiftility Sery.at :

The sexualanimalassociated with this nakshatra is a Cow,whichsuggests its nurturingand qualities. passive qualities Although this nakshatra hasnoble attached to it it is saidto givereputation or scandal throughsexual adventures. This nakshatra hasan adventurous element, whichseems to express itselfmostlyin the sexualrealm.


please referto the tables with other nakshatras & maritalcompatibility compatibility Forsexual on pages457 & 458.

f-soteric :
physical to the visible mostclosely is that it relates thingaboutUttaraphalguni The interesting bodyof our Sunmayhave Thephysical everymorning. whichwe seerising Sunof our solarsystem, solarentity we knowas Vivasvan, startedformingaround5 billionyearsago,but the actualcausal bodyafter mightnot haveentereduntila latertime,just likethe astralbodyonly entersthe physical up to a certainstage.Thiswill alsoexplainthe fact that not every the embryohasbeendeveloped star in the sky has a solarsystemwhich breedslifel Onlythosestarswhich havean astral/causal : to breedlife. them havethe potential entity housing and who are all bornout of the unionof sageKashyapa elevenbrothers of the Sun's The names 'infinitespace' are' Aryaman, Punatvasu) the nakshatra and governs his wife Miti(tnnslates into & Shakra.We can see that pushan,Savitaf Mitra, Varuna, Amasa,Bhaa, Vishnu Dhatra, Tuastaq Mitra with UttaraPhalguni' almostall of thesesolardeitiesare relatedwith nakshatras Aryaman Hasta(the (the 27h asterism),Savitarwith Reuati withAnuradha(the17h asterism),Pushanwith (the 24b asterism)' Shatabhisha 13h asterism) , TuastarwittCltitm(the14s a$erism) andVarunawith to the regalauthoritarian hasits first quarterin the signLeorelates Thefact that this nakshatra lie in the signunder its lastthreequarters Since of solarenergy. It is a doubling sideof this asterism. On a spirituallevel,the of this asterism. in the workings bent is obserued Mercuryan intellectual whichaids (Mercury) andsoul(Sun), of the intellect is the harmonization mainaimof thisnakshatra to the relates plane. Thisasterism on the material benefits growth, alongwith bringing evolutionary of the sign Leo.After the the final degrees process as it covers of the individualization culmination to be of servie to a greaterwhole.The is expected process is overthe individual individualization Virgo. with seruice, associated comesout throughthe sign normally aspectof this asterism seruice


are mostlyborne with the number"12" in numerology The characteristics usuallyassociated formsthe bridgebetween the Ut[araphalguni of this nakshatra. out of the natureand functionings 11 & 12. numbers 5 & 6 and alsobetween the numbers harmonization whichin a sensesymbolizes Sphinx, This asterism can be seenas the Egyptian of the signs Leo and Virgo.It relatesto a periodof time in history(around of the energies from the signVirgoto the sign Leo. Many was passing 10,500B.C.), wherethe springequinox to as the lastgreatflood wassupposed it to be a time of great upheaval and re-alignment, believe of this nakshatra for humanlife the importance that time.Thisillustrates havetakenplace around on earth.

Lircage): Qotra (CetesUat

.., ..:' : '.1,

sageslookingafter one of the sevencelestial This nakshatra is relatedto the SagePulasthya, into "havingsmoothhai/'. The term the affairsof our galary.The name of this sage translates 'smoothhair' may relateto the hair of the sophistocated, sawy natureof the Sagein question, qualities of this nakshatra. whichwill thenvibewellwith the essential

fromafflictions to this nakshatra, the bestremedial resulting Forthosesuffering from badeffects mantrais very helpfulfor nativesunder of the Gayatri measure is worshipof the Sun. Recitation work, "Sun- The Cosmic influence. People can referto the author'sprevious strongUttaraphalguni (Sagar of measures associated with the Sun.Worship Publications, India)for remedial PowerHouse" deities alsosuitthis nakshatra. Durga and otherwarriorlikefeminine - "OmChham" and "OmJam" 108timeswhen Repetition of the root manfas of tris nakshatra lunarmonth,is sureto reduce suffering and and in its corresponding Moontransits this nakshatra into a person's life. bringenlightenment


can also increase the from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra Persons who are benefiting ways.It is helpfulfor them to wearall red,white,green goodeffectsthroughthe abovementioned in The shadeshouldbe neithertoo bright nor too dull, but fall somewhere and goldenshades. whenMoon transits Uttaraphalguni month andthedays lunar useitsdirections, Theyshould between. actions. all important to undeftake

E4pnp[c :
one of the foundingfathersof America,was born with Uttaraphalguni Gorge Washington, the capital city of Washington to notethat he fashioned It is interesting risingon his ascendant. stonemusthavebeenlaid Wecanassume that its foundation (bearing on the signVirgo. his name) it the centerof world powerard have the permanence risingfor it to become with Uttaraphalguni hashad. In rising on his Ascendant. star, has Uttaraphalguni Waren Beatty,the famousHollywood image Beatty ended up having a cassanova Warren natural tendencies, keeping with Uttaraphalguni's sexsymbolof his time. and was seenas the biggest

: Misceffaneous
"earnthroughtheir knowledge, thosewith Moonin Uttaraphalguni to Varahamihira, According Theauthor of thisbookhashisMoon andluxury". andlivea lifeof comfoft arewelllikedandpopular placedin the foutth padaof Uttaraphalguni.


.:@ul ilisr'


I o"oo' \t/irgo- zr"zo'Vttgo


(10000' Virgo- 23020' Virgo)

In tfu SkU t
Hasfaconsists of five prominent easilyvisiblestars of the constellation knownas Corui(the five stars,whosegrouping Crow), whichliesbelowthe constellation of Virgo.These wasseenby the ancient Vedic seers as resembling the top of a hand(fivefingeftips), are knownin modern astronomy as Alpha-&rui(Alchiba), Beta-Corui, Delta-Corui(Algonb),Gamma-hrui(Gienah)& Epsilon-Corui. Beta-Coli is the brightest amongthesestarswith a visualmagnitude of 2.66.The constellation representing this asterism Corvican be located in the nightsky belowthe constellation Virgoto the right hand side of the zodiacal belt. It lies very closeto the right hand side of Spica,one of the brightest starsand canthus be easilyspotteddespiteits relativefaintness

Hasta's maintranslation is "the hand". Aswe shallfind in the course of thissection, thisseemingly generaland inconsequential nameconveys a major part of this asterism's nature,activitiesand approach. Its alternative translation is "laughter". Theroot "Has" in Sanskitmeans Theancient "to laugh". seersmust have pickedthis nameas a pun on a nakshatra most closelyassociated with pun. Its 'Ark" alternative names"Bhanu" translate into"Sun"and"Sun's and Ray"respectively. Theassociation of Hasta with Sunandthe solarprinciple will become clearaswe discuss its symbols and rulingdeity.


: Syrnfiot
One symbolis "a hand with all five fingersspread-eagled". Hastahas three main symbols. relationwith fate. Onecan Hasta's the ancientseersare trying to emphasize Throughthis symbol, linesin the palmas we know,relate out. These seeall the linesin the palmwhena handis spread andbyextrapolation, to the art of palmistry isclosely connected life.Hasta in the present to ourdestiny Thiswill be donewith the useof the hands. to all activities Thd handalsosimplyrelates Rstrology. hand was a symbolof the Sun, with the upon later.In ancienttimes the outstretched expanded through with the Sunis established of this nakshatra its rays.The relationship fingersrepresenting its rulingdeity . Hasta, as anddetermination. secrecy fist", whichexemplifies Thesecond symbolis "a clenched involving like trickery deceitand manipulation is relatedto all kindsof activities we shalldiscover, greed,ambition represents aspect fist in its negative Theclenched two qualities. the useof the above strengthwhich is derived and an inabilityto let go of things.In its positiveaspect,it represents workingof pafts. throughunity and harmonious the intended in orderto achieve with cooperation mostclosely associated Hasta is the nakshatra as thereis a distinctlackof trust . goal.Thiscooperation hasvery littleto do with friendship, however usedact for bonding handsis the mostcommonly It is no wonderthat shaking in all Hasta bondings. with cooperation reflectsthe modernworld'sobssession in the moderntimes. This immediately without trust. The third and morerarelyusedsymbolof Hastais "a potter'swheel".A potter'swheelhas its level On an esoteric in general. with potterymakingand all typesof handicrafts association obvious aboutthe proper of time. Hastais often very concerned the passage the potter'swheelsymbolizes andturn life into a clock. to this issue utilization of Ume.It is veryproneto go to o(tremesin relation associated tmitsusually punctuality, andothersuchrobotic repetition withtimekeeping, It isobssessed with the signVirgo.


Deity :
over Hasta.This solar deity is lust like the previous two nakshatras, a solar deity presides - "the impeller" named"9uitar". Hisnamehastwo translations and "the first nys of the risingSun". is seenasa godwhogiveslife.Hasta is therefore Asan "impeller", Savitar knownasa nakshatra potential whichaidschildbirth. The "first raysof the risingSun"represent the awakening of Hastain The first raysof sunrise werea signal all ancient cultuies and civilizations. for all people to begin theirday's its function beingsimilar to an alarmclock today. Wecanthusinferthat Hasta activities, hasall to do withthetermsactivity andalertness. Hasta is the proverbial'wake up call', a termwhich shouldbe readfrom both a material and spiritualperspective. portrayed gesture. Heis always Savitar hasa jovial,lighthearted typeof persona. with a laughing and games. This makes He is a playfuldeity into all kindsof tricks,amusements Hastainterested in all kindsof sporb on all planes of existence. earthlyplane,Hastarelates On the terrestrial to botl mindgames and physical sports. Savitar is supposed to be extremely skilled with his hands. Thismakes Hasta directlyassociated with evefihing donewith the hands. The reasoning behind the naming of Hastashouldnow be clearto us. Savitar is alsoconsidered to be a craftytrickster, takingpleasure in lying,gambling and fraud.Thesequalities don't seemlikethe kindwhichone wouldassociate with a solardeitybut the truth is that eventhe planetSunhasthis cunning, craftysideto its nature,whichis moreoftenthan not overlooked by astrologers. In the ancient timesall kings(represented by Sun)weresupposed to be well versedin the alts of lying,deceit,fraud,gambling and robbery. The readers can referto the author'sprevious work ("Sun-The Cosmic Powqlrous" hgar Publications, India) for moredetails on this aspectof the Sun'snature. Savitar is almost mercurial in hisapproach, whichdoesnot comeas a surprise since all of this nakshatra falls in Virgo,a sign ruled by Mercury. Savitarcan be seen as a deity who fusesthe energies of Sunand Mercury. Hisqualities yoga arevery similarto thoseascribed to the Budha-ditya (Sun/Mercury conjunctionin a sign or house).Again the readercan refer to "Sun-The Cosmic Powerhoure" on this yoga. for moreinformation . ,;., r.. r. .


is of Savitaris akinto a brightsunnyday whereeveryone In a way the natureandfunctioning one of the of all kinds.This is what makesHasta in creative activities feelinggoodand are involved nrost optimisticand creativenakshatras.

fr{g.tureA func rottitrg

'haggle","have", "hard", "hassle", "haste", wordslike "hand","handy", english Common "hack","harvest"- seemto havethe sameroot as the word "Hasta",Their meanings "harness", Maniana" at somelevelor the other.The well knowngreeting "Hasta functioning refateto Hasta's jovialandeasygoingapproach with all kindsof endings. and its relationship lighton Hasta's sheds After the in which a family is established. the nakshatra Hastafollows Uttaraphalguni, crop up. Thereare little and big and sustenance like continuity of a family,issues establishment going.Hastarelates to all the little basisto keepthe household thingsto be doneon a regular are the handymen that Hastanatives It is no surprise livingpossible. whichmakecivilized activiues Eventhoughthey take their work seriously, householders. Theyalsomakeexcellent of the zodiac. They are very good at carryingplain underneath. there is alwayssomeinternallightheartedness bringout humour energies, whichusethis nakshatra's the comedians Even ftces andsternexteriors. facialexpressions. stnight, serious throughdeadpan, of highlyflexibleand supplebodiescapable it produces WhenHastariseson the Ascendant skill.Theyhavesmall Theyoftenhavesometype of acrobatic of manualjobs. a variety handling smilesand liketo squinta lot. Theyloveto laugh faces.They havemischievous eyesand roundish process they obserue' whatever and playthe joker.They havequick,sharpmindswhichconstantly bohemian to lookdownuponromantically a tendency lines andhave Theyliketo thinkalongpractical Hastanativeshavea tendency orderand arrangement. Theirsis a worldof classification, attitudes. themselves aboutkeeping from an inabilityto sit still.Theycanget obssessive arising br overwork relatively simpletasks.No tasksor complicate them inventunnecessary busy,a trait which makes other nakshafiacomescloseto Hastawhen it comesto an eye for detail. They work at things when their high criUcal painstakingly and expectothersto do the same.They can be exBemely


givessomesoft of tensionwith progenyif relatedto the fifth standards are not met. Hastausually housein any way. In the universal schemeof things, Hastarelatesto 'hastasthapaniya agamashakti" - the powerto put one'sobjectof desirein one'shands. Its symbolism hasattainment of the objectabove andthe process of attainment pronrises below. Thesymbolism makes it clearbeyond wordsthat Hasta immediate acquirbment of one'sobjectof desire through one'sskill.

Mod.eof functionlnq :
Hasta is a Passive nakshatra. Thiscomes asa surprise but thiscanbe understood in termsof its planetary passive rulerMoon. Moonhasa strong, and receptive sideto its nature, whichis moreon dispfayin Hastaratherthan Moon's passivity other nakshatra, Rohini. Hasta's can be seenthrough the followingexample character :"Hasta can be a timid,shy potterymakerwho just spends all his time makingpotteryitems gains.He gets paid muchlessthan he deserves without any desirefor extraordinary by cheating (anothertype of Hastacharacter). businessmen He neverraisesa voiceagainstthe injusticeand accepts his fate of povertyand hardwork lyingdown."

(merchant/business) It befongs to the Vaishya caste.Thiscomes as no surprise because Hasta is predominantly associated with production, buyingand sellingof goods.It can be saidthat Hasta hasthe most business like approach to life in comparison with all other nakshatras. In the present dayandagewherebusiness andcornmerce ruleseverything else,Hasta hasa dominant role.However sincecorruption,deceit and greed form the back bone of most business in todayb world, only the negative sideof Hasta is on display. All of the big,multinational corporations andthe rulingbusiness elite are nothingbut petty thievesand swindlers.



: Qentrcr
is directlyderivedfrom its ruling deity. We have It is a Male nakhatra. This classification andthus hasto havea maleessence, s:lar nakshatra already seenthat this is a predominantly

tsodyparts d 5{umor (Ayurvedic Constitution) :

Hands are the body partsrelatedto this nakshatra. (airy)nakshatra. Thisis clearfromthe factthat all of thisnakhatralies "Vata" It is a primarily its quick,light,agileand derives vatasign,Virgo.Onecanalsoinferthat Hasta in a predominantly from its airy humor. disposition humourous

Direction :
to east,south,nodft and northwest. It is relatedprimarily

(@nrters) : {Podos
and is 10o00' - 13"20'Virgofallsin AriesNavamsa The first padaor quafterof this asterism gives onean expert at underhanded activities. andmakes abundant energy Thispada ruledby Mars. Mars here. A wellplaced or Sunarestrongest skills areenhanced Military andSurgical Mathematical, in this pada. 31'

padaor quafterof this asterism Navamsa 13" 20' - 16" 40' Virgofallsin Taurus The second Planetshere seek material here is on down to eafth practicality. ruled by Venus.The emphasis here in and moralityare more developed as tl6r dharma.Honesty and perfection arrangement A well placedMercuryVenusand artisticactivities. This padasupports to other padas. comparison Saturngive good resultshere.


Thethirdpada or quafter of thisasterism 16040' - 20" 00'Virgofallsin Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. This is the padaof the merchant, person. traderand business Emphasis here is on cireer.Thisis the mostdexterous padas. andcleveramongst Hasta's Wellplaced Mercury heregives perception extraordinary and intelligence. Thefourthpadaor quafterof this asterism 20o00' - 23" 20'Virgofallsin C:ncerNavamsa ruled by Moon.The focushereis on familylife and communal co-existence. This padapromises material security but at the sametime promotes suspicion towards anything foreign. The bestand worstof Hasta manifests givesstrongresults through this pada. Onlya wellplaced Jupiter hereespecially in regards to havinggoodprogeny.

Aftisans; Manual Labourers; All professions requiring dexterity of hand;Mechanics; Jewellery makers;OrigamiExpefts;Acrobats,Gymnasts and Circusperformers;FairyTaleWriters;Those involvedin the inyention and production of daily utility items; Inventorsin general;Publishing & Printing paper Industry; Stage Magicians; Swindlers; Pickpockets; Stock Brokers; Packaging Industry; Industry;Manicurists; All peopleworkingin shareand stockmarkets;Casino dealers; Toy Makers; Carpenters; Professional Gamblers; Bookies; SmallShopOwners, MarketSellers, SmallScale Trade Persons, andBusiness menin allfields; Clerks; Bankers; Accountanb; Typists; Cleaners; Housekeepers; Servants; Masseurs; Doctors; Physiotherapists; Chemical & Toiletry Industry;Textileindustry;Tarot Card Readers; Palmists; Psychics; Astrologers; Auctioneers; Pottery& Ceramicindustry;Interior decorators; Gardeners; Farmers & Agriculturalists; All professions connected with FoodProduction, Processing and Distribution Industry; Barbers, Hairdressers & Stylists;Sculptors;Masons; Those connected Parks;SalesPersons in all fields;Professional WjthAmusement Comedians; Satirical Novelists; Radio &Television Commentators; Speech Therapists; Newsreaders; MartialArtisb; Forgers; Thieves; Robbers dealingwith opening safes;All streetsmartprofessions in general.


MarketPlace; Stock Art & CraftStudios; HomeGardens; Pastures; Fields; Grazing Agricultural parks;Fairgrounds; Factories; In Amusement (WallStreetetc.); Casinos; BettingShops; Exchange professions. places general, with the above connected

gurn'(ksence) and tattzua (Tlement):

immense immersion in worldlyactivities Hasta's nakshatra. to be a Rajasic It is supposed very repeatedly, it is a nakshatra nakshatra. Aswe havementioned rajasic makes it a predominantly plane. active on a material with Sun. relates to its association definitely Thisclassification to the Fireelement. It belongs quickthinking approach to things. and an energetic itselfas innovation, manifests Its fire energy a

gana Eypt) t
rulingdeitySavitar is seenas a primarif Hasta's a Devaor godlynakshatra. It is considered quality anystrong canbejudgedfromthe factthat it neverharbours Hasta's divine deity. benevolent or crueitendencies. negative

Oricntation an[ Disposition :

Mostlevelnakshatras aspect of Hasta. Thishasto do with the business nakshatra. It is a Level thingsup, an of all kinds.Theyare also good for patching to be good for business are supposed activitywhich Hastagreatlyenjoys. previously, This classification can be easily it is a Light and Swift nakshatra. As mentionerJ with is associated nature. We havealsoseenthat Hasta lighthearted from its humourous, derived quickness in thoughtand action.


Lunat Montfr d Datl :

It relatesto the first 9 daysof the lunarmonthof Chaitu,whidr uzually falls in late March. ( 12th Hastais alsorelated to the Dvadashi tifti or day)of the waxingand waningphases of the moon'smonthlycycle.

AuspirionsActiaitits :
Goodfor mostactivities done underthe Sun;Arts & Crafts;Activities that stimulate laughter; All typesof hobbies especially thingslike potteryandjewellerymaking;Planting seeds & C,ardening in general; Domestic Work;Studying sciences & Astrology; Leaming Languages; Allactivities requiring games;All business handskills and repetition;MagicTricks;Playing activities requiring tact & shrewdness; Good for marriage; Buying & Selling, especially itemslikegrains, textiles etc.;Good for gettinga good bargain;Dealing with children;Thievery;Holistic treatments of diseases; Travel& Change of Residence

InauspicionsActiaitirs :
goals Planning longterm andobjectives; SexualActivity; Does notsupport Relaxation or Inactivity; Unfavourable for all activities requiring executive abilityand maturity;Not goodfor mostnighttime activities.

Qfanetary fotfer :
The mainplanetary influences affecting this nakshatra are Moonand Mercury. Moonis the main rulingplanet of Hasta. Moonimparts emotions, careandsensitivity to thisnakshatra. It is this lunar influence whichmakesHastaa doyenof homeand familylife. Whenworkingthroughits lower functioning,all the negativeaspectsof lunar energy like ultra conservatism, bigotry fickleness, excessive attachment and inabilityto let go takescentrestage.However unlikeC-ancer, the lunar


nature hereis under superuision of Mercury the planet of discrimination. Mercuryb influence makes jovial and lighthearted people Hasta thus savingit from the type of depression with prominent placements gothrough. power Cancer Hasta's it to navigate discriminatory alsoallows itswaythrough as compared Ashlesha. to ib nakshatra's counterpaftin Cancer, the watersof life more efficienUy Ashlesha wherethe energies and Hastaare the only two nakshatras of Moonand Mercury combine, the onlydifference being that Moon is the kingin Ashlesha, whileMercury hasthe flnalsay in Hasta. Thismeans that intellect rulesoverthe mindin Hasta, whichis obviously the wayuniverse prefers it. Mooncan perceive but not deriveconclusions, whichis Mercury's doing,It is Mercury whichguides the Moonwhileit is MoonwhichnufturesMercury. Hastais all aboutthis interplay betweenMoonand Mercury.

Thefirstpadaor quafter of thisasterism 10o00' -13o20'Virgocorresponds to "Pu"as in Putin or Pure. padaor quarterof this asterism The second 13o20' : 16040' Virgocorresponds to "Sha"as in Shahor Sharon. Thethird padaor quarterof thisasterism 16" 40' - 20o00' Virgocorresponds to "Nu"as in Nun. Thefourthpadaor quarter of this asterism 20o00' - 23o20'Virgocorresponds to "Tu"as in Tuftle. In the Sanskrit alphabet Hasta corresponds to "Jha"and "Nya"consequently its mantras are "OmJham" and ]Om Nyam".


Serenttype an[ Compati1i[ity :

Its sexualanimalis a Buffalo.Despite its dexterityand skill with handsand fingers,its sexual tendencies are usuallynot very refined.A lot of sexualexploitation takesplacefor makingmoney underthe energies of this nakshatra. It is howevernot proneto extremesexualperversions like othercruelor fiercenakshatras. Whenit is workingthroughits ascetklevel,Hastacan be the most non-sexual amongst all nakshatras. Its sexualenergies are mostcompatible with thoseof Swati. Forsexualand maritalcompatibility please with other nakshatras referto the tableson pages 457& 458 .

Hastais the handyman of the Universe and evenesoteric thingsare nothingbut exoteric when one truly understands the dictum- "AsAbove,So Below" Hastatakescare of all the little things which keepthe foufteenworldsrunning.'The divide between the devilandgod is a matterof detail" sumsup Hastab approach on a macrocosmic level. Its painstaking effortsare however often overlooked on a personal as well as collective level,but suchthingsdon't botherit just like it doesn'tbotherSunif its light is takenfor granted. Thoughthis fact hasnot beenbroughtup in any writtentext until now,Hastahasa connection with Rahu,the planetof Maya,magicand trickery.Hastais partlythe secretbehindthe deviously mischievous all-knowing smileon the faceof Vishnu. Hastais one of the few nakshatras whichhas the ability to seethe whole of creation asa playandfindenjoyment, merriment playing andlaughter it the rightway. Thelegend of Virgin Marywhichobviously findsits parallels in all ancient cultures andcivilizations, is all aboutthe energies whichcomeunderHasta's domain. Hasta is representative of the innerSun whichhasthe ability to hold,produce andfosterthe divine (mainly saviour incarnations of Vishnu). 'inner The term Sun'is usedbecause Virgois the sign of matterand the materialworld holdsand


world the material forcewhichshapes is the androgynous Hasta therefore realm. the spiritual hides to spirituallaws. according knowledge to. It is common whichHastarelates 13 is the number the 13h nakshatra, Being etc. The with the occult, endings,death, regeneration that 13 is a peculiarnumberassociated quality, bestthroughits peculiar can be understood inherentin Hasta of orderand renewal concept by time. For example,manythings which of eventsseparated which relatesto the connections whichwe onlycometo knowaboutmuchlater reason, arefor a specific to us in childhood happen are silentf souls,mosteventswhichhappenin their childhood Forevolved in life in our adulthood. for their purposeand destiny.It is usuallyvery hard to and preparing buildingup a foundation eventsuntil much disconnected meaningless, of theselittle, seemingly, the significance understand lies.The of the number13 and Hasba that the secretfunctioning later.It is withinthis phenomenon - 'The one who understands the number13, shallhavepower statesemphaUcally fuok of Solomon and dominion".

: Ltueage) Qotra (Ce{zstiat

after the sageslooking one of the sevencelestial to the SagePulahu, is related This nakshatm of space".We can imagine affairsof our galary.The nameof this sagetrandatesinto "connector job. It is alsointeresting to note that it is spacemust be quite a detaibd oriented that connecting with the passage as we haveseenis directlyconnected of space.Hasta time whichis the connector ' of time, throughits potter wheelsymbolism.

force, goodqualities the Sunas a creative by worshipping this nakshatra's Onecanstrengthen to thisnakshatra withthe Suncanbe applied normally associated measures Allthe remedial at sunrise. India)' SagarPubli@tions, Powerhouse", (Seeauthort previouswork - "Suy TheCosmt?


Worship of Wshnu or anyof Vishnu's incarnations is a wayof gettingin touchwith the higher - "OmJham"and "Om energies of this nakshatra. Repetition of the root mantras of this nakshatra Nyam"108timeswhenMoontransitsthis nakshatra and in its corresponding lunarmonthis sureto reduce suffering and bringenlightenment intoa person's life. Persons who are benefiting from the positive energyof this nakshatra can also increase the good effectsthniugh the abovementioned ways.It is helpfulfor them to wear all lightershades green.White is alsogood.Avoidbrightshades. especially They shoulduse its directions, lunar monthand the dayswhen MoontransitsHastato undertake all important actims.

Vivekananda, the famous Indiansaint,who madewavesin the westby introducingtheVedanta philosophy, has his Moonplaced in Hastain the 10th house. This placement definitely madehim craftywith his speech. Hecombined wit humourand sarcasm to enthrallaudiences across America and Europe. Backin India,he preached a veryHasta doctrine of working hardon a material level.

Misce[faneous :
According "Moonin Hasta to Varahamihira, makes oneenergetic, daring,merciless, a drunkard anda thief".It is truethat someof thesequalities don'tapplyto our exalted example, but onecan find they holdground in a lot of nativities.


t+. (hit ^ lr'zo'Yirg. - 6"1c,libra


- 6040'Libra) (23020'Virgo

In tfu Sky t
whichare represented by a singlestar.Its star is commonly Chitrais one of the few asterisms Virgo.It can whichlies in the lowerbackpart of the constellation knownas Spia (Alpha-Virginis), by the shapeof the be saidto be placed aroundthe regionwherethe 'hips of the maiden'formed magnitude starsin the nightskywith a visual Virgowouldlie.It is oneof the brightest constellation cities.Ancientvedic of 1.06and can be spottedeven in the pollutedskiesover big metropolitan 6 Vffiwal<anm(or Tuashh), the divinearclritecL seerss;:rw this star ai Urere;iOence

A{ntu :
ranging from"Glittering", "Brilliant", "Bright', in English a widevariety of meanings Chitra conveys uAttu, uArtftJl", "Illusory", "Visually Exciting" or "Magic". "Beautiful", "Many Coloured", "Variegated", more of its inherentqualitiesthrough its namethan any other conveys In a way this nakshatra asterism.

: Sym6o[
In keeping with its name,its main symbolis a 'big, bright,shiningjewel'.Gemstones, as we

for heatand pressure actingover rocksand minerals know,are formedunderconditions of intense plane, the universe hasto comea longwayfromthe initialbig bang millions On a material of years.


suchas ours.A gem canthus be seento be the on planets to the stagewheregemsare produced of form' strivingfor beautyand perfection apexof the universe's is relatedto aftisansand those We have alreadyseenthat Hasta,the previousnakshatra, however, craftsare takento anotherleveland In Chitra, in light crafu like handicrafts. involved and form of with the final appearance perfection associated Chitrais therefore of form is achieved. for givingour Sunits wasevenresponsible Its rulingdeityas we shalllearn, werythingin.nature. look, oversee howa thingshould to finally It is up to Chitra dayform (referto image). finalpresent or a smallleaf. whether it be a galaxy symbolis a Its alternative 'pearl'.Pearls, of as we know,are formed in an oyster'smoments

of irritation anddepression. moments out of the aftist's initation,in muchthe samewayaft comes of usingits clearunderstanding behindcreativity, essence Chitrais thus relatedto the mysterious and delighffulthingsout of It has the abilityto fashionnew, wonderful the laws of the universe. the illusion of form, allows oneto seebeyond Chitra aspect, nothing at all. In its higher seemingly to the pearlof true knowledge. thusgivingaccess

Deity :
He is usually referred to is the mainrulingdeityof this asterism. architect, Tvastar, the celestial (creation worker)in mostof the Vedictexts. He is saidto be an adeptin by the nameVishwakarma of useshis knowledge forcewhichkeepsalivethe dramaof life.Vishwakarma Maya,the illusory like ones,an act whichseems newformsout of the pre-existing to create,mutateand fashion Maya his surrounds are often done in secretand a shroudof mystery magicto others.His workings day we haveto takeour present aspect better, his mysterious To understand and persona. character population soil unaware of how normal are completely on our planet example; "mostof the human whichhasthe abilityto do all thesemagicinto a computer, a device siliconis fashioned containing like functions".


In the sameway, most of the gods and other celestial beingsdo not havea clue as to how Vishwakarma creates magnificent structures usingthe mostbasicelements. Evenon our planetwe can seethat the most impoftantthing defininga civilization is its architecture. There'snonebetter than Vishwakarma in materialarchitecture and consequently nonesurpasses Chitraas far as afts, oafts, design, architecture, beautyand proportion are concerned. Chitrais the grandillusionmaker creating delightful things, formsand objects, whichmakeus wantto live. Vishwakarma, eventhoughhe is friendly to the gods,hasno particular allegiance to anyone. He createsall lokas(planes of existence) for all races(human,godly,demonic, serpentetc. ). It is Vishwakarma who fashions thunderbolts for Indra,the king of the heavenly hosts,but his twin (three-headed) brother Trishiras is a demonaM an enemyof Indra. This dualityfinds expression through Chitra, a nakshatra whichis veryambiguous andthushardto classiff in anyfixedcategory of good,evil, crooked or saintly. LikeVishwakarma, Chitra creates withouta carefor the far reaching implications of what it is creating. It wasthe palace, (referto Vedic whichVishwakarma builtfor the Pandauas legend"Zle Mahabharata knownas Mahabharata. Evenin ), whichin a way ledto the finalgreatwar,commonly the presentday and age, all kindsof new weapons of war are fashioned everyday by scientists, technicians and engineers. Theyhowever can't be held responsible for the way theseweapons are usedby politicians andthe rulingelite.

dature U functinning :
The essence of Chitn can be summarized in the phrase "create,createand create". Chitrais a dynamic, energetic nakshatra whichhasvery littleabilityto sit still.It likesto involve ibelf in one creative activity or another. Whenthis creativity is in harmony with universal functionings all goes well for Chitranatives. However when this is not the case,Chitranatives can become unbalanced, / selfish, indulgent creatures.


this structureand form. Therefore with appearance,r/complexity, /Cnitranativesare obssessed


thingsfrom an architectural, Chitraapproaches lllustonlndglamour. hasto do ryggry ngkshatra I \----extemal on the superficial of maya.It canoperate aesthetic mint of view.Thereare differentlevels <_ and in one'sneed to createharmonyand balancein levelslike a desireto projectouter beauty, or spirituallevelsthe point here is that Chitranatives with others.On both mundane relationships and projection' layersof perception complex energies and utiliseircs can leamto playwith universal in social neverrevealthemselves by this nakshatra It is due to this aspectthat nativesinfluejnced front with a this is a dignified a front of somekind. Usually They are alwaysprojecting situations. quality. hidden of mayathan the Librapaft. The Libra The Virgopart of Chitrahas morecore understanding t, while icate

admiration Chifa loves oriented. partof Chitra is morerelationship TheLibra of things. working detailed ---..-.-..-.--.. . Chitra by that in whateverit d and is motivated --in the sign Sun's lnJ of doubtand hasan element .alwavs of form are and its needsto focus on structureand appreciation its qualities of Libra.Therefore by this inherentdoubtand uncertainty. motivated generally how thingswork and how all the patts fit together, love for understanding Chitra's as a raceare and artisticfields.Japanese technological in scientific, placenatives underits influence and their obssession which can easi! be seen in their technological governed by this nakshatra,

thelechnological will create TheVirgopartof Chitra to create"magic". loves to detail.Chitra attention gadgetandthe Librapartwill giveit an outerform or garmg$to On a appeal. the aesthetic

the inner higherplaneit is the Virgopart of Chitrawhich is more sincerein trying to understand the Librapart can tend to keepone trappedin the mayaaspect of the unive69,whereas workings nther than qoins beyandjt. havewell-ProPortioned suallY fthin eyebrows pruningit), brightlusturous eyes, (if they havehairtheyareconstantly I nairt"o bodies I ability Theyarebomwith a natural havea glintin theireyes. Theyalways mannerisms. / andalluring t'


todazz|e.Chitranativeshaveaverystrongabilityto-@Theyareusua||y passionate when the situationdemandsit. They hold but also have the ability to fake passions themselves with a ceftainOgrTgglgIty whichcovers up their weaknesses. ChitranaUves alwap

makea special effortto comeacross as completely together type of individuals. Since all of themare not afl togetherespecially in the present Ageof lGli, mostof this effort is pretension. -.-_______-| Chitra cancause one a lot of frustration and angst,[rhether it is functioning from a higheror

paininvolved Againthis painonly in stripping and goingbeyond maya. awaythe layers of illusion operates on the egoicplane,whichitself is an expression of ma1a.

Modc of functionitrg :
Chitrais considered to be an Activenakshatra. This doesnot comeas a surprise, as Chitra's /, mainmottois to simply"create, createand create".It i/hyperactive and indefatigableftconstantly projectto the next.In its positive moves from onecreative aspect, this qualitymakes it hardworking
.'7 and efficient,

It belongs to the Farmer caste.Even Vishwakarma, the divinearchitect, is in a way nothingbut a "producer", in keeping with the wishesof the gods,or whosoever he is workingfor at any given point in time. The ancientseersobviously regarded creatingand producing things,especially on a plane, material as a working class activity. In modern times,sculptures andarchitects are elevated puppets to loftypositions in society, but in essence, theystill remain in the hands of the rulingelite who finance them.


Qen[er :
the ancientseersare hintingat Chitra's Throughthis classification nakshatra. It ls a Female the playof life.It can whichsustains of nature, the feminine attribute with maya, connection strong

possess predominant!_&ninirc natives thatChitra beseen 9reces'

tsodyparts6 ,fi"Ltnor(Ayurvedic Constitution ) :

Forehead and Neckare the bodypartsrelatedto this nakshatra. with Mars, a primarily Thisis clear fromits relationship nakshatra. "Pitta'(fiery) It is a primarily pittaplanet. C body. producing processes in the d energy

Directbn :
It is relatedprimari[ to the rangeor arc that goesfrom southeast,to south,to west.

(Qnrters) : eatr"as
ruledby fallsin LeoNavamsa 23" 20' - 26040'Virgo, of thisasterism Thefirst padaor quarter glamour, whib on a higherlevelthis pada hereis on personal the emphasis Sun.On a lowerlevel, Thispadahasa verystrongabilityto keepsecrets, throughselfabnegation. for selfperfection strives of the signsLeoandVirgo)hides just fike the sphinx(an ancientmonument whichis a combination herefunctionin a very hidden until humanityis readyfor them. Planets knowledge deepesoteric stronghere' and Rahuare especially way.Sun,Mars,Mercury non-apparent ruled fallsin VirgoNavamsa padaor quarter 26040' - 30" 00'Virgo of thisasterism Thesecond This is a very and duality. maternity here is on order,arrangement, The emphasis by Mercury. Mercury and Rahu are strong it begins. Saturn, padawhichlikesto conclude whatever disciplined puritanical if workingthroughits loweraspect. Saturnmay makeone excessively here,although


Thethird padaor quarter of thisasterism fallsin LibraNavamsa 00o00' - 3o 20' Libra ruledby Venus. On the materialplane,the main focusof this padais on relationships, self-absorption and equilibrium. This is a very self-centric and at the sametime socialpada,which likesto rise in life throughmanipulating its socialcircle. Ona higher levelit likesto promote loveandharmony, especially in relationships. Planets hereliketo flauntanddazzle. Mercury Venus & Saturn areespecially strong in this pada. Thefourthpadaor quarter of thisasterism 30 20' - 60 40' Libra fallsin Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars. Thispadarelates to the magical and mysterious sideof Chitra.Morepassion and secrecy is in displaythan what is usuallyassociated with the sign Libra.Despiteits non-acquisitive nature, planetshereusually bringsmoothsailingin regards to material affairs.Venus, Saturn,Rahu& Ketu give strongresultshere.

grofessiotu :
Alltypesof Craftsmen andArtisans; Sculptors; Architects; Designers; Fashion Designers; Models; Fashion Industry;Cosmetic Industry;Plastic surgeons; Surgeons in General; Photographers; Graphic Artists;Composers; Orators, Comperes and Broadcasters; All professions requiringspecial abilities and versality; Business Experts; InteriorDesigners; Jewellery makers; Vaastu/Fengshui Experts; All professions involving invention and production of all kindsof machinery; Builders of all kinds; Landscapers; Painters; Screenplay writers; Novelists; Production and Set designers; Art Directors; Thoseassociated with Theatreor Theatregroups;StageManagers; Performers of all kinds;Jazz Musicians; Musicians withanoriginal andoutof ordinary approach; Herbologists; Advertising Industry.

lP[oces :
Capital Cities;Phcesof Architectural Importance like "TajMahal", "EiffelTower","Empire StaE Building" etc.; Stages, Pedormance Hallsand Theatres; Places frequented by artisans, merchants, consumers and women; Markets;Tradeshows;Wardrobes, Closets; All placesconnected to the aboveprofessions.


anf Tattraa (Ekment) : Qma ('F-ssence)

underthe are classified and delusions All illusions nakshatra. to be a Tamasic It is supposed light. itselfwouldhaveto be seenin a tamasic of illusion Thusthe master of nature. Tamas aspect just for the sakeof creating doesnot reflecta mind,creating of the universal Fromthe perspective stateof mind. very enlightened It with Mars. fromits strong association derivable Thisis directly to the Fireelement. It belongs jewelout of plainrocks. to the directlyrelates Thefire element a shining is afterall fire whichcreates in nature. creativeprinciple

Qano$ype) :
the demons In all the puranicmythologies, nakshatra. a rakhas or demonic It is considered illusions creating of maya, to manipulation whenit comes to godsand humans are seenas superior of aspect the indulgent seers are highlighting The ancient and weapons. structures or fashioning Chitrathroughthis classification.

Oricntation U Dispositbn :
Anypefectionof of this asterism. aspect Thisrelates to the balancing nakshatra. It is a Level Chittuit un ubtolurc andproportion. balance of harmony, a sense or form requires beauty and harmony beautythroughbalance ,creating its martial element. considering asa surprise Thiscomes nakshatra. It is a Soft,MildandTender and purposesrather than confrontation In Chitra, the maftian energy is used for constructive sign.Its otherhalf liesin We can seethat half of Chitraliesin Libra,a mild,diplomatic destruction. sign. Virgo,anothernon-violent il


Lunar Montfr U Day :

-:-: It relates whichusually fallsin April. to the middle 9 daysof the lunarmonthof Chaitra, Chitrais alsorelatedto the Dvitiya(2no Uthior day) of the waxingand waningphases of the Moon's monthly cycle.

Arupiriotu Actititirs j
Health& body improvement measures; Buyingnew clothesand wearingthem; Fixingup the . home;Homedesigning; Anyactivityrelated Activityin General; to Arts & Crafts,Creative Any type of mechanical activities; for givingperformances; Putting Good on gemstones andjewellery for the first time; Decorative Activities; like visualizations; Goodfor spiritualpractices All issues relatingto the opposite sex;Goodfor collecting herbsand preparing medicines; Goodfor all activities requiring charisma, elegance & personal charm.


InauspiciousActiztitizs :
getting Unfavourable for directconfrontation; Marriage; Unfavounble for activities whichrequire

to the root of things;Badfor investigative as illusions are strong. activities

etanetary fu.fer :
Marsis the mainplanetary rulerof this nakshatra. Marsis the energyrequircd things to fashion the way we want them to. It wouldsufficeto saythat Marsis the powerhouse whichrunsChitrat factory.The martianenergydoesn'texpress itself in its naturalconfrontational way throughChitn as it is sublimated the secondary ruler of this asterism. Venusis often regarded by Venus, as the souleropposite of Mars.This view is only partiallyconect as Mars& Venusare complimentary to process eachother morethan anythingelse.Together they are responsible for the reproductive in nature.This givesus a clue as to whereChitra's creativityoriginates from. Venubrefinesthe raw


together of the soul.Mars-Venus Chitracanthus be seenas the refinement-meter maftianimpulses. alluring plomotesexuality, makingChitraone of the mostsexually Mercurycomesintop|ayinthefirstha|fofChitrawhichfa|tsinVirgo'@ Mars and words.l4ercury.uses to speech skillsrelaUng promoting skills,promotes technical besides to this part Thereis a Rahuelement functionings. detailsof nature's energyto go into the exacting than it lookson the suface. It is obviousthat of the zodiacwhich makesit more complicated and Rahualwaysform a team help. Mercury without Rahu's cannotbe unravelled nature'ssecrets play). maya(the universal when it comesto understanding carry conjunctions and Mars/Mercury/Rahu Mars/Mercury/Venus Mars/Mercury Mars/Venus, MercurySatutn& Rahuare especi4ly-$rolg.ilge-Yirgo an energysimilarto that of Chitra./Mars, part of Cnitta



'/owe[sanf AIpfiabets :
to "Pe"as in Page. 23o20' -26040'VirgoconesponG Thefirst padaor quarterof this asterism to "Po"as in 26o40' - 30o00' Virgoconesponds The secondpadaor quafterof this asterism Police. to "Ra"as in Rama. 00o00' - 3o 20' Ubracorresponds Thethird padaor quarterof this asterism to "Re"as in Ray. 3o 20' - 6o 40' Libracorresponds The foufth padaor quarterof this asterism its mantrasare to "Ta" and "Tha" consequently alphabetChitracorresponds In the Sanskrit "OmTam"and"OmTham",


: Serya['Iypeand Conpatihitity
attitude in sexual Thispoints towards anaggressive anddominant is a Tiger. Its sexual animal It putsupa highly to itssexual expression. has element attached however a secrecy activities. Chitra when somewhere in between. ease, thetruthisalways image withequal or totally rrcn-sexual sexed
please 457 referto the tableson pages with othernakshatras Forsexual & maritalcompatibility & 458.

Esoteric :
the creatoramong to Brahma, and thus relatesclosely Chitrais the architectof the Universe is oneof Brahma's directmind-bom the rulingdeityof Chitra, the.holy trinity.In factVishwakarma, of the Universe on all planes of o<istence. withinitselfthe lawsandarrangement sons. Chitra conceals that Chitrais the bridgebetween The fact that it connects the signsVirgoand Librareveals is one of the divineviftues,it is often forgotten Eventhoughcompassion compassion and harmony. and harmony. aboutbalance, understanding brings that onlya proper useof compassion of Nakshatras, has simibr The number14, which is the numberof Chitra in the sequence 'Temperance" The card in Tarot imagery. It is relatedto the connotations in occult numerology. fluidswith onefoot in waterandone two heavenly a winged angelmixing symbolism theredepicG job of balancing andprecarious seemingly opposing hasbeenassigned thisdelicate on dry land.Chitra constituents. factionswithin the poolof universal shakti" - the powerto In the universal schemeof things, Chitrarelatesto "punyachayani has truth belowand law above.Chitragains honourand rnerit accumulate merit. Its symbolism laws. with universal throughits hardworkdonein consonance


tiat Lineage) Qotra (Cetts

This nakshatra is related to the SageKratu,oneof the sevencelestial sageslookingafter the The nameof this sagetranslates into "the inspirer". affairs of our galaxy. It is appropriate that a amongthe asterisms overthe mostcreative creative and inspiring sageshouldpreside

Worship deities who ridea tiger like Durga,Bhauani, of feminine Jagdamba etc.is the bestway of gettingthe bestout of Chitra. On a higherlevel,worship cf thesedeities helpsus seethroughthe illusions step on the roadto enlightenment. of maya,an important - "OmTam"and "OmTham" 108timeswhen Repetition of the root mantras of this nakshatra Moonbansitsthis nakshafa and in the conesponding lunar month of Chaitrais sure to reduce suffering and bringenlightenment into a person's life. Persons who are benefitingfrom the positiveenergy of this nakshatracan also increasethe good effectsthroughthe abovementioned ways.It is helpfulfor them to wear all sparkly, bright variegated and glittering colours. Theyshoulduse its directions, lunarmonthand the dayswhen MoontransitsChaitra to undertake all impoftantactions.

AnnaNicole Smith,the famousmodelwho inherited a foftunefrom her 90 yearold billionaire husband, has her Moonplacedin Chitra.Her huge body is very representative of Chitrat love of large,well built and proportionate structures. The life of Anna NicoleSmith has been all about illusions. dazzling and casting MahatmaGandhi, the famousIndian politicalcrusader, was born with Chitra rising on his Ascendant. His life and worksrevealthe energetic, indefatigable aspectof Chitra.In keeping with


Chitra'snaturaltendency, he was a highlysexedpersonin privatelife, despitehavingan almost public persona. sexless saintly

According to Varahamihira, those w$_U@Jhitra g:t|."d., *ith b".r o<ample, AnnaNicole Smith. are found wear d

Thesemeanings moreor lesssum up our Moonin Chitra



d-# #"

t 5. $wati 6"+c,libr" - zo"oo,libr^


(6040' Libra- 20o00' Libra)

In tfu SkUt
Swati is once again amongthe few asterisms which are represented by a single star. Its representative (Alpha-Bootis).It is a yellowish star commonly knownas Arcturus is the centralstar of the constellation of Bootiswhich can be saidto lie on top of the gateway formedbetween Virgo andLibra. However, aswe cansee,thisasterism occupies the heartof the signLibra andhasnothing to do with the signVirgo.With a visualmagnitude of 0.16,Arcturus is the third brightest amongthe stars in the night sky and can be spottedeven in the pollutedskiesover big metropolitan cities. AncientVedicseersassociated a lot of importance to this bright star and saw it as the abodeof hnswati, the goddess of learning.

AS.me :
- "self-going", "Swati",like other sanskritterms, evokesa wide varietyof English meanings "goodgoer","independent", "sword", "self-blowing", "delicate" and"tender". Each of thesemeanings relaya differentsideof this asterism's natureand functionings.


suggests the airy is a'young plantshootblownby the wind'.Thewind symbolism Its symbol pgstlessness, disposition. dexteritv anda roaming adaptability, qualityof thisasterism whichpromotes whythisasterism Thisisthe reason delicacy. suggests +Ive9.&tstgngth Theyoungplantsymbolism element just like a young plant shootstrivesfqf matqty. Air is the balancing and independence, pivotof the zodiac in is the balancing Thisnakshatra in nature. elements the five interacting among on eitherside.It represents with thifteennakshatras that it is the middlemostnakshatra, the sense aspect,wherethere'sneithera lull nor a storm and a gentle breezeis blowing. the atmospheric the periodof our liveswheresmoodtsailingtakesplace. Swatithus represents an idea of force and ability to movethings, like In ancientVedictexts, wind also suggests required. forcewhenever of applying is capable that eventhoughgentle,SwaU This implies clouds. growing a strongsturdytree,whichhasvery littleto to become is always sapling Theyoungdelicate pressures andanimals. likeweather fearfrom nature's its progeny Thecoralis a plantwhichmakes symbol of thisnakshatra. A'coral'is the alernative In the sameway, Sg1li'sqgqllyity and other micro-organisms. out of its own body like bacterias to the planet that coralrelates knowledge comesout of partingwith a pieceof itself.It is common iseStablished' corala connection Mars, butthrough withthe planet hasnodirectcorrelation Mars. SwaU heatandcold,Swatigetsits between to movethroughthe imbalance Justlikewindgetsthe impetus energyand strengthfrom the heatingeffectof the planetMars. mobility, extraordinary alsoseen Thisis whY'asword'is signof Libra. achievement-oriented fallsin the cardinal, Swati its$ng,_nry to represent as a symbolof this nakshatra, jualV In a way,it can be said,that in

youngplantshootinto a hardandstrong,razorsharp from the delicate transforms time this asterism sword. Thus those with prominentSwati in their chartsare late bloomersand have a stronger to the first half. half of life as compared second


Deity :
Its main presiding deity is Vayu, the god of wind. He is one of the five main godsresidingin (heavenly fuuarga astralplane),who are responsible for takingcare of the five main elements of nature- earth, wind, fire, water & ether.All of Vayu'squalities, especially those relevantto the plane, earthly canbeseenmanifusted throughHanuman,son of Vayu andoneof the cental characters in the Vedicepic, "Ramayana", qualities Hanuman's likeerffemestength, morality, stong senseof ethics,moderation, fairness,resourcefulness, intelligence, wisdom,senseof propriety, loyaltyand abilityto seryewithoutlettingegocomein the way;applyto the highest aspect of Swati,s functioning. The"Ramayana" tellsus that Hanuman wasneverconsciously awareof hisown prowess unless reminded of it by others.Swati,in the sameway,is quite humblein its disposition and needsto be told about its potentialfor it to be abte to expressitself.This qualitycan be associated with its planetary ruler Rahu'Rahuas a planetrepresents the potential that is hiddenfrom us, which we needto discover in the presentlife. It is Hanuman's extremeloyaltyand devotion (maincharacter to Rama from the "Ramayana',), whichstill remains the strongest example of unconditional and unselfish servicein the heaftsand mindsof peopleinfluenced by the Vedicway of thinking.It is no wonderthen that the planetof service, Saturn,reaches maximum exaltation in Swati.Bhema, one of the centralcharacters in the Mahabharata is alsoa nn of Vap (one mustremember that in thosedaysgodswerestill copulating with humans). He is a character simihr to that of Hanuman, exceptthat his qualitieswere not as sterlingas that of Hanuman. This is however to be expected as the ageshad changedfrqn Treta (Silver)to Dwapar (Bronze). Swati's relationto gnswati, the goddess of musicand learning, reveals the highernatureof this asterism, whichis conducive for all sortsof learning- material, philosophical or spiritual.Just likeits planetary rulerRahu,whenfunctioning throughits higheraspect, this nakshatra is eagerand - a rarequality. opento learning


Afaane d functbnlng :
Balance of this nakshatra. born underthe stronginfluence for natives is the keyword "Balance" is a doubleedgedswordand manySwatitypesare seento avoidtakingany stanceon any matter Only very evolvedSwatitypes are capableof due to their extremeneedto maintainharmony. Inconclusive is one of the worst traits of this nakshatra' action.Extremeprocrastination decisive to new openness Swati's heremorethananyothernakshatra. thinkingis a featurewhichis apparent overtheir but only a few acquiremastery thoughtsand ideasmakeit idealfor all typesof learning, field. chosen Swatinativesalways the nakshatras. In its loweraspect,Swatiis the mostairy fairy amongst takesa usually of growingtowardsa morestablecentreand still this process haveto be conscious why Saturn and this is the reason long time. Swatiis usuallyin no hurry to achieveits objectives are MostSwatinatives hereis on longtermplanning. here.The emphasis exaltation finds maximum for the future,but onlya few of them stickaroundto nurture the seeds very goodat sowing usually the seedinto a full growntree. proportioned Theycan be easilyspotted bodies. Swatinativesusuallyhaveslim and elegantly of Venus of the emphasis fixedsmileon theirfaces.Because with a continuously in groupsituations go to Theyusually of the zodiac. Theyarethe socialites are borndiplomats. and Rahu,Swatinatives of social They are strongadvocates socialand culturalstructures. any lengthsto ft into prevalent They use their socialcharmto climb the ladderof and civilizedbehaviour. etiquettes,courtesies whichmakes It is this quality the wind?". is "Whoam I to blowagainst Theircatchphrase success. typesbehave Swati veryintelligent Often trends. followmass andblindly theirinnercentre themlose of tryingto please of the worthlessness a clearunderstanding in the sameway,evenafter attaining all the time. everyone .Swati'translates asthis meanings are selfexplanatory These into'independent'or'self-going'. fufthered fromthe individuality is different thisindividuality promotes However individuality. asterism It is not a soul level in this asterism. debilitation as Sun has its maximum by Sun'sinfluence,


based uponsomeskillor talentdeveloped individuality individuality, but a morementaland material on theseplanes. planets placed in menare bornwith eitherMoonor othersignificant Manyof the world'srichest this asterism can be oveftlyindulgent and function this asterism. Working throughits lowerplane, form an Law,sexand money- the thre majorLibransignificaUons, withoutany regardfor morals. integralpart of the activiUes of this asterism.

Mod"e of futrctionhg :
nakshatra. This obviously relatesto its naturally shy and gentle It is supposed to be a Passive quality.Swatiis moreof a "wait and watch"ratherthan a "run and get it" type of nakshatra. As we it is a patientenergy,which is readyto wait for thingsto fall into place havealreadydiscussed, put them in placeitself. ratherthan aggressively together,

what the ancientseerswere trying to caste.It is hard to visualize It belongs to the Butcher it mustrelateto the destructive In our opinion and ruthless side convey through this classification. force when it takesthe form of and unforgiving of Swati.Evenwind can be a highlydestructive Swati, earlier, isquiteruthless in its approach, tempest, cyclones andtornadoes. aswe havediscussed of time. especially when it gainsstrengthand powerover the passage

Qendtr :
the femaleaspectof its planetary ruler,Rahu.It is It is a Female nakshatra. Swatirepresents goddess directly with Saraswati, of music and learning. associated


Bodypmtsd lfutnor (fuunte[ic Cotutitution) :

The body part it relatesto is the Chest, whichemphasizes its connection with the air element and the processof breathing.On an astral level this is related to the flow of prana (life force) throughthe body. (watery). Its constitutional type is "l(apha" Thisclassification stemsfrom the fact that all of this nakshaha lies in the predominantly kaphasignof Libra.

Direction :
It is onnected with tfre west, southwestand the southeast

eadas (Qnrters) :
Thefirst padaor quarterof this asterism 6o40' - 10o00' Librafallsin Sagittarius Navamsa and is ruledby Jupiter. Thispadaepitomises the restless and inquisitive aspect of Swati.It givestalentin give reasonably favourable and promotes all kindsof travel.All planets writing,communications resultsin this padabecause of its eagerand openminded nature. padaor quafterof this asterism 10o00' - 13o20' Librafalls in Capricorn The second Navamsa aspect functioning. It is the most Thispadaembodies the material of Swati's and is ruledby Saturn. rootedamongthe four padasand thus to an extent lacksSwati'sinherentftagility.The concerns here are stabilityand materialgrowth. It can be deemedas selfishwhen it comesto personal Planets heregive a soundbusiness sense. and otherformsof materiality. comforts 13o20' - 16040' Librafallsin Aquarius Navamsa ruled Thethird padaor quarterof this asterism here is on amongst the four padasof Swati.The emphasis by Satum.This is the most intellectual Planets here encourage any kind of group work in order to learning,creativityand cooperation. strong in this pada. achieveoneb drosen goals.Mercury Venusand SaUm are especially


Thefourth padaor quarterof this asterism 16040' - 20o00' Libn falls in Pisces Nawmsaruled by Jupiter. Thisis the mostflexible and adaptable padas. amongst Swati's We havealready seenthat Swati's key to success lies in blowingwith the wind and this padais bestsuitedfor that. Beingthe Pushkara pada,it promises navamsa success throughhardwork, ingenuity, flexibility andsociability. Planets here might seemflimsy in their approach but are serviceorientated and hardworking. All planets give goodresultshere. except.Mercury rr

Qrofusiotu :
Businessmen and Tradespeople of all types; Wrestlers; All spotu, especially those relyingon breathcontrol;Singers; playingWind Instruments Musicians like Horns& Organ;Researchers; Inventors;Technology professions; experts;Independent Enterprises; Govemment relatedService Aeronautical Industry;Pilots;Professions connected with the Aviationindustry;Transportation Industry;Socialites; Professions involving useof speech like Newsreader etc.; Computer & Softrruare Industry;Professions requiring flexibility & quickingenuity; Serving Professions like Housekeepers & Right-hand-man types; Kite Makers; Adventure Sportspeoplelike Skydivers, Balloonists etc.; Educators, Teachers; Lawyers; Judges; Politicians; Trade-Union & Working Class Leaders; Diplomats, Hosts,Hostesses.

lPlaces : High Clifb; Places where winds blow strongly;Agricultural land; Coralreefs; Marketplaces; Business C-enters; Banks;Flnancial Institutions;Sport Complexes; Airports(both civil & military); Educational institutions;Aeronautical facilities& testing grounds;Computer& Softnvare related cenbes; Research facilities of alltypes;DiplomaUc enclaves likeEmbassies, Consulates etc; parliament Houses; courthouses; commuterplaceslikeTrainstations,Bus-Stations etc.


guna ('Essence) anl Tattwa (Efcment) :

Raiasic(materially this asterism quite materialistic whichmakes sideis usually Venusian Rahu's profitable as it always activities, and other financially for business active).It is the best nakshatra else. keepsits own interesbaboveeverything aspectof a hithertounknown The fact that it is fiery reveals to the Fire Element. It belongs motiwtion to the inherent relates Thisfieriness anairyandearthyplanet. whichis predominantly Rahu, of this asterism,which can range from learning,to acquiringfinancialgain, to getting woddly prominence,

QanaEWd t
Its godly nature stemsfrom the fact that this It is considerd a Deuaor godly nakshatra. of knowledge Rahu,its ruler,is the significator to all types of learning. is very conducive asterism throughthis nakshatra and this aspectof its naturefindsexpression

Orientation U Disposition :
quality. the It thus relays in the heartof Libra,it hasa balancing Falling It is a Levelnakshatra. its eventual ends.It canbe to achieve compromise It canalways pleasing sideof Rahu. diplomatic, This functioning. sideof Rahu's theVenusian energy andrelays andRahu Venus seenasa combined like music' relatedpursuits makesit good in mostVenusian with the air natureis borneout of its closeassociation Its moveable nakshatra. It is a Moveable to its rulingdeityVayucoresponds earlier, As discussed throughplanetsRahuand Saturn. elernent in nature. moving elements wind,whichis one of the constantly


Lurw Montfr U Day :

It ref atesto the last9 daysof the lunarmonthof "Chaitra", whichusually fallsin lateApril,early May. (7s tithi or day) of the waxingand waningphases Swatiis also relatedtothe Saptami of the Moon's monthly cycle.

Auspirious Actiaitirs:
Goodfor business & tradeactivities; Recommended for startinganyeducational venture;Good Dealing for learning in general; Social activities & events; withthe public; Financial All transactions; activities whichrequire a calm& flexible Thekeyhereis to blowwith the wind;Grooming approach; and self adornment; Buyingand Sellingin general;Actions wherediplomacy is required;Pursuing Arts & Sciences.

Inmspiriaus Actiaitits :
Notgoodfor travel;Fierce or warlike Anytypeof aggressive activities; behaviour is not likelyto payofFin this nakshatra. ,, ,r

efanetary fotfer :
Rahuis the primaryrulerof this asterism and its airyqualities are relayed throughit. Thereis a strongurgefor comfoftand luxurywhenRahuis manifesting its energies on an earthyplane.Eafth is the secondary element of Rahu.Since Swatifallscompletely in the signof Libra,Venushas a strongconnection with this asterism. The Rahu-Venus influence togetheris a highlyindulgent combination, whichgivesa strongurge for comfortand luxury.A loveof showand pomp is seen whenRahu is functioning throughits loweraspect. Asdisussed earlier, Swatinatives oftenappreciate


in theirdress, mannerisms and of sophistocation a ceftain degree the finerthingsin lifeand uphold

givesSwatinatives success in combined andVenus of Rahu materialistic energy The primarily of thisnakshatra pursuits. natives underthe heavyinfluence aspect, In its negative business Venusian to gaintheirends. by greedanddeceit andareguided to theirdesires a.slave can become is by Rahu,likeVenus, to that of Venus. nature, whichis very similar Rahuhasa diplomatic can be the mostpretentious among Swatiin this regard, naturea socialplanetand enjoyscompany. in muchthe samewayas Venus, temperament to givean aftistic Rahu is supposed the nakshatras. Rahu's Venusian sideis highlighted involved. of unorthodoxy thereisa touch withRahu, butasalways with Venusin a nativity,or is placedin the second/ whbn it is either associated in any horoscope or is positedin the signsTaurus/Libra. seventhhouses, qualities likediplomacy, compassion higherVenusian express Swatinatives In its higheraspect, highest Venusian energies of manifesting is alsoverymuchcapable Rahu anda thirstfor knowledge. throughits higherprinciple. whenworking and harmony love,compassion .likeuniversal and Saturngivesstrongresultsin Swati.Sunand Marsare a little out of Rahu,MercuryVenus andMoon Jupiter of thisnakshatra. withthe energies is incompatible energy sortshere,whileKetu's to otherfactorsin a nativity' are neutraland give resultsaccording

'Iloutek an{ Alpfrabe* :

corresponds to "Ru"as in Ruth. 6o 40' -10o00' Libra Thefirst padaor quafterof thisasterism to "Re"as in 10o00' - 13o20' Libracorresponds The secondpadaor quarterof this asterism Rex. to "Ro"as in 13o20' - 16040' Libracorresponds The third padaor quarterof this asterism Robin.


The foutth padaor quafterof this asterism16" 40' - 20o 00' Libracorresponds to "Ta"as in Tanya. In the Sanskitalphabet Swaticorresponds to "Da"(pronounced as "The")andconsequently its mantra is "OmDam".

Serya[ type and Corryatihi[ity:

Its sexual animalis a Buffalo. Thismakesit fertileand it likesto playa dominant role in sexual activity. Thisnakshatra is oftenproneto exploitmib formsof sexandsexuality for business purposes. Swatican be saidto be moreof a teaseratherthan a whore. Forsexual & maritalcompatibility with othernakshatras please referto the tableson pages 457 & 458.

Swatirepresents the equilibrium point of eveiything.It represents the mid-pointof our lives, the lifeof the universe andevefihing that exists. It isthe midpoint between expansion andcontraction. It is the point wherethe universe stopsexpanding and beginscontracting. It lies directlyopposite Adtwini,a nakhatra whichcan be seenas the big bang,whichcreatedthe materialuniverse. In our bodies, Swatirelates to the fivevital pranas or airs.These airsforman interface between the astraland the corporeal body.It is theseairs whichare normallyreferredto as the life force within us' The preliminary spiritualpracticeslike pranayama are meantto createan equilibrium between thesefive vital airs,so that the mindcanremainfreefrom ripples whenthe realmeditative processbegins.Swati relatesto the immensepotentialof these body airs, which when util2ed properly, as doneby sagesin Agesgoneby, allowed them to meditateunhindered for thousands of yearsand havelifespans whichexceeded lifespans of the Ages.


to "Pndhuamsshaki" - the powerto disperse of things,Sllaf relates scheme In the universal of form below.The relationship aroundaboveand change hasroaming likethe wind. Its symbolism of swati liesin its abilityto adjust here.The mayaelement of Swatiwith the air elementis stressed obseryant Its free, detached, withoutlosingits own essence. or circumstance itselfto any situation , buildupon any levd of being'swaucan qualitymakesit easyfor it to scatterawayany negative cleaner. vacuum seenas the uhiversal be

Qotra (CetestiatLineage) :



afterthe sageslooking one of the sevencelestial to the SageMarichi, is related This nakshatra (as in swiflness) into "Light".The "lightness" The nameof this sagetranslates affairsof our galaxy. that Air is a light element' well with Swati,considering to connect aspectof this Sageseems

\gffiedio[ :
the bestremedial to this nakshatra, fromafflictions resulting from badeffects Forthosesuffering of Saraswati. is worshiP measure - "OmLam","OmKsham", "OmAm"and "Om OfthisnakShatra mantras Ofthe rOOt Repetition lunarmonthis sureto and in its corresponding this nakshatra transits Aam"10gtimeswhenMoon life' into a person's ieducesufferingand bringenlightenment

the can also increase persons from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra who are benefiting ways.It is helpfulfor them to wearall light,variegated good effectsthroughthe abovementioned lunar monthand the dayswhen Moon They shoulduse its directions, coloursand pastelshades. actions' all important transitsSwatito undeftake


Eaampb :
in Swati.In his chaft, his Moonplaced king pins,Nelsn Rockefelterhas Likemanycommercial bothof his thus inffuencing house, in hissecond house and is placed Moonis the lordof the eleventh can one see the extentof like Nelson, It is only in the caseof VirgoAscendants financialhouses. placement in Swati. materialpowerinherentin Moon's Mercury was bom with hisAscendant, commentator, the famousauthorand social Ma* Twain, It is generally sidefindsexpression. andcognitive andSaturnin Swati.In hiscaseSwati! intellectual of Swatito aspect with Swatiin someform for the Sarasruati hasto be connected seenthat Mercury find expression,

: Misceffaneous
havea self in speech, thosebornwith Moonin Swatiare "pleasant to Vanhamihira, According with principles". ways.The personis a merchant natureand compassionate controlled


Zo"oo'Libr -r'Zo' $corpio


(20000'Libra- 3020'Scorpio)


In ttu Sky
Vishakha consisbof four stars,whichform the left half of the hanging scaleshape formedby

the constellation Libra.Thesestarsare knownin modernastronomy as Alpha-Librae, Beta-Librae, Gamma-Librae & Iota-Librae. Despite the fact that all of thesestarsare part of the constellation of Libra,a paft of this asterism liesin the zodiacal signof Scorpio. Amongthese,Alpha-Librae (Zuben el Genubior the Nofth Scale)and Beta-Librae (Zubenel Hakhrabi or the South scale)are the brightest, with visualmagnitudes of 2.75and 2.61 respectively. The easiest wayto spotthesestars is to locatethem belowthe bright star Spica. AncientVedicSeerssaw thesestarsas formingthe shapeof a forkedbranchand associated them with the abodeof the godsunderthe rulership of Indra.

"Vishakha", - "forked,,, like other Sanskrit terms, evokesa wide varietyof Englishmeanings "two-branched", "poison vessel". Its alternative nameis "Radha",which translates into"thedelightftrl". Radha, as a name,hasgainedpopularity by virtueof beingthe nameof Krishna's beloved consort.


Syn6o[ :
is a Its mainsymbol 'decorated is usually decorated thisgateway In depictions arch'or'gateway'.

in India. ceremonies are still a norm in marriage with leaves(referto image).Suchgateways liesin the Mostof Vishakha hasa lot to do with marriage. one caninferthat Vishakha Consequently, sign govemingmarriage,Libra. In the ancientUmesthis gatewaywas symbolicof triumph. It of of a newone.It wasa reminder of a goalandthe beginning or attainment the ending symbolised your goal. after achieving don't end onceyou passthroughthe gateway, the fact that challenges just like the marriage is the ceremony beginwhen one entersthe gateway, The challenges always that Vishakha alsosuggests life.Thegateway precursor to comein married of the challenges overone's of a goal.Thisgoalcanrangefrom triumphing hasits eyesfixeduponthe finalattainment dayandage,wherenegative In the present overone'sinnerdemons. to triumphing enemies external goal-oriented asan obssessive, functions predominate, Vishakha usually qualities of everynakshatra end. the desired to achieve employed for the natureof the means disregard with complete nakshatra nakshatra. Vishakha cannotbe seenas a pleasant with celebrations, Despiteits association of in life, one is likelyto havelittle peace Whenstrivingtowardsa goal becomes the only objective songwriter of life. In the wordsof the contemporary mindand will definitelymissthe true essence whib we are busymakingother plans"' "Lifeis what happens JohnLennon,

Deity :
true to its b*ed quality,hastwo main ruling deities :- Indra andAgni (fire god). Vishakha, as a very is often poftrayed Indra, the chief amongthe demi-gods, In the puranicliterature, his desired who wouldgo to any lengthsto achieve character, goal oriented, fixatedand offensive ungodly and he is getting endsare completely ends.Thefunnything is that manytimeshis desired - pursuing unwholesome themeof Vishakha Thisis a primary as a result. into all sortsof troubles who badkarmaas a result.Indra is alsoseenasa character goalsin questionable waysandcreating


drownshimselfin women,wine and other suchpleasures. This indulgent side-ofIndra also finds o(pressionjh$ughVishakha. -; ' Deceptiveness is alsoassociated with Indra,in the sense that he doesn't shyawayfrom putting

hisown nearand dearonesin danger, in orderto get what he wants.He is alsooften seento act in a cowardly fashion at the first signof realdanger. It is helpful to remember that "Indra"isjust a post whichis occupied by different soulsin different timesin different universes. people Vishakha are alwaysin searchof a post whichgivesthem dominion and pleasure and Indra is just a soul who .makes it, Agni,the fire god, basically represents energyin one of its manyforms.It is because of Agni that Vishakha hasthe capacity to exert herculean effortsin orderto attain its goal. Just like fire, when harnessed properly, can be usedin a varietyof constructive ways,Vishakha,s strongenergy can manifest as courage, determination andthe capacity for hardwork directed towardswholesome pursuits' Firein its negative aspect canrunamok andburnindiscriminately. In thesame wayVishakha Glncause harmto othersaroundit beforefinallygettingconsumed itself.Terms like', burning grief", "burning desire" and "burning passion" are all tailor-made Vishakha expressions. Agniand Indraruleoverheatand rain,making Vishakha an agricultural nakshatra. It utilizes the forcesof natureto produce cropsand then goeson to deriveintoxicants like wine and alcohol from thesecrops.

-' A{ature d furctionlng :

The natureof this Nakshatra can be summedin one word - "fixation..Eventhough its singlemindedness in pursuing its goals is unmatched, ib achilles heelliesin "whatgoalit chooses to pursue"'In the presentday and age, the likelihood of formingunwholesome goals is intensively heightened, the presence of this nakshatra in a nativitybecomes a causefor concern.Vishakha natives easilyfall prey to excesses in regards to sex and alcohol. They are the oneswho havean overwhelming needto flockto the localbar.


whichshowsitself in loveof pompand natives to Vishakha Thereis a ceftainjubilationaspect end up becoming the pathof the senses who choose Veryoften thoseamongVishakhas ceremony. takes place,Vishakha whereactualachievement Swati,the nakshatra mad party types. Following that a It is commonknowledge state after the achievement. victorious the exuberant represents feature is a continous This senseof emptiness followsany accomplishment. senseof emptiness no matterhow muchor how long it Fireis neversatieted natives. the livesof Vishakha throughout aboutwhatthey don't have,ratherthan makinguseof what Theyare alwaysconcerned consumes. a cogmire of unwholesome breeds on the otherside"mentality they have."Thegrasslooksgreener nativesaway Vishakha drivessomeof the moreevolved and frustration This emptiness emotions. and truths' of higherknowledge in search from blindwoddiness with prominentslantsand angleson the have a distinctfierceappearance naUves Vishakha face even in caseof the fairer sex. They usuallyhave sharp eyes and features.Their external Vishakha nasty andobnoxious. andjovialto completely coufteous from extremely ranges behaviour them hidetheir aboutputtingup frontsto gaintheirends.Thismakes natives are veryconcerned fall natives easily with them. MostVishakha othersin their dealings towards feelings innatenegative to thosearound in comparision and can't help feelinguseless prey to envy,jealousy, viciousness them bereftof any real hardto get alongwith making natives them.All thesefactorsmakeVishakha above.The arisefrom the sameemptyplacewhichwas mentioned feelings Thesenegative friends. and feelings aboutthesenegative obsessive become lies in the fact that thesenatives real problem their own selves them staftsburning thoughtsand can't let go of them.This is wherethe fire inside nativesare pretty muchdefinedby their use.Vishakha insteadof being put to any constructive and evolutionary. to soul-nurturing whichcan rangefrom petty and soul-destroying obsessions, to their is that oncetheir mindis madeup theyare devoted Thegoodthing aboutthesenatives that lifecontinuously it is notlced However to fulfilltheirobjective. cause andwill go to any lengths on the to sbay presents them with two differentpaths,and they haveto makea consciouschoice makesimple thingscomplex of softs.Theyusually takelife asa challenge natives rightone.Vishakha the lineof doesnotfollow theirobjectives Thewaytheygo aboutachieving difficult. andeasythings


least resistance. They en@unter lots of oHacles, which they are able to sunnqrnt by their one pointedness, but the processis not free from moansand complaints. The final paradoxof this nakshatra liesat the point whereafter achieving what they set out to achieve, they are not sure if that'swhat they wantedto achieve.

Modc of funrtionhg :
Vishakha is considered to be an Activenakshatra. Pursuit of anygoalrequires constant activity. Vishakha is one of the most activenakshatras because of its obssessive approach to things.After goal,it setsitselfanothergoaland so on and so on....ib activityis ceaseless. attainingits desired This is probably the reason why a lot of Vishakha typescannotgive a reason for someof the bad thingsthey havedone.It is as if someexternal forcegripsthem and makes them act thoughtlessly withoutreflection. Theyare possessed individuals.

It belongs to the Mlucha (outcaste) caste.It is clearfrom this classlfication that the ancient seerssaw Vishakha as a naturaltrouble makerwho could not functionwithin society.It related eitherto bandib,revolutionaries or hermitsretiringto the forestin orderto perfonm bpasto obtain their wishes.Noneof thesecharacters fit into the idealsocietyas envisioned by Manu(the grand overseer and law giver).
' -r J.: . ).2.V-'

*r,r Qen["'


It is a Female nakshatra. This classification seemsto have its roots in its altemativename 'Radha'.Radha is the childhood consortof Krishna who spentthe rest of her life piningfor him.

Vishakha carries withinitself theprimarily feminine attribute of "longing", "separation" and"catharsis". It is the longing for the unattainable, whichcharacterises a Vishakha mindset. Ib otherqualities like


qualities in jealousyard vindictiveness feminine as familiarly possessiveness, are also regarded Vedictexts.

: U t{umor (Ayule[ir Constitution) tsodyparts

to this nakshatra. are the bodypartsrelated The Armsand the Breasts


(watery)nakshatra. is borneout of the fact that This classification It is a primarily "Kapha" earlier, is very good Vishakha, as we discussed Vishakha lies in two kaphasigns,Libraand Scorpio. Vishakha to put whichallows element It is the kapha a calmexterior. under at hidingits fieryquality front evenwhena fiery stormis brewinginside' up a diplomatic

to west & north. It is relatedprimarily

and is 20" 00' - 23 20' Librafalls in AriesNavamsa The first padaor quafterof this asterism The and social ambitions. one pointedness impulse, ruledby Mars.This padais all aboutenergy, instead of commitment arelikely to dominate andinstinct but passion focushereis on relationships, planets for this pada. are the mostsuitable and depth.A well placedMarsor Venus 23" 20' - 26" 40' Libn falls in TaurusNavamsa The secondpadaor quafterof this asterism heretendto give of this pada.Planets arethe hallmarks and durability Endurance ruledby Venus. pursuits.Materialambitions are strong here and sincethis is the Pushkara in Venusian success by the chartas a whole. padatheyare fulfilled allowed to the degree navamsa Navamsa ruled fallsin Gemini 260' - 30" 00' Libra of thisasterism Thethird padaor quarter philosophical communication, itself through thoughts, channels onepointedness Vishakha's by Mercury.


and religious attitudes.There'sa definiteconflictbetweentwo opposing furceshere - one force demands the native to be lightheafted, openminded andjovial, whilethe otherpromotes selfishness, deception and anxiety.Only well placedMercuryand Saturncan be countedon for giving good

tff$Hln thispada.


The fourthpadaor quarter of this asterism 00o00' - 30 20' Scorpio fallsin Cancer Navamsa ruledby Moon. padas. Thisis the mostone pointed of all Vishakhab Theturmoilheretakesplaceon plane,making the emotional this a highlyvolatile,transformative part of the zodiac. and dangerous In its lowestaspect,it is highlyvindictive and revengeful and embodies most of the despicable humanqualities. In its higheraspect, it can give penetrating insight, strongwill power, executive abilityand the conviction necessary to root out the darkforces.Onlya well placed Jupitercap girre the widomto navigate throughthe stormywatersof this pada.

lProfusiotu :
Bartenders; Alcohol& LiquorIndustry; ManualLabourers; Fashion Models& Actresses; All professions involvinguse of speechlike TV & RadioBroadcasters; Politicians; MarchingBands; Spotts Persons especially sporG requiring Herculean efforts; Cults & othertypesof Idealogical Fanatics; Religious Fundamentalists; ProfessionalAgitators; Soldiers; Dancers; Critics; Criminals & Mafia; Custom & ImmigraUon fficials; Policing Jobs;Guards; Prostitution & MilitantRevolutionarbs. Vishakha natives can be foundin all typesof professions but usually havea tendency to switch professions throughout their lives. :..
:' .. , , ,. .. ., .,,. .!'

lP{atu :
RockyRoughTerrains; Mountains; Big Citieslike New York; Breweries; Bars; LiquorShops; Brothels;Theatres;MilitaryBases;Ceremonial Halls & Grounds;Interogation Rooms;Waring Grounds; Danger Areaseitherin the Cityor designated by the Military; All places connected with the aboveprofessions.


Quna (%serce)anl tattwa (Ebnwnt) :

to Vishakha's intense capacity for hardwork It is supposed to bea httwic nakshatra. Thisrelates Vishakha is readyto sacrifice of its goals,a qualitywhich is and penance. a lot for the attainment pointof view.Vishakha's sattwicqualityis moreliableto comeout seenas sattwic from the universal this nakshaba. when planetslike Sun,Moonand Jupiteroccupy with Agni(the deity presiding over It belongs to the Fireelement.Dueto its closeassociation the elementfire), fire becomes the primaryelementof Vishakha.

(trye): Qana
Keeping in mindits basicnatureand traits, It is considered a Rakhas or demonic nakshatra.

A complete disregard for othersis considered it is not very hardto understand this classification. a qualityand Vishakha is one of the nakshatras whichdisplays it to the hilt. It is because demonic of its selfishapproach that it is classified as demonic eventhoughboth of its rulingdeitiesare demF gods.

Oicntotion d Disposition :
imply containment Looking nakshatra. nakshatras It is a Downward Sincedownward and Likeall the nakshatras it is Vishakha's duty to containits multifarious desires. tenanting contraction in relation Leo, Virgo andLibra, it is a veryworldly nakshatra andthushasa lot of ambition the signs it is a downward nakshatra, it goesaboutattaining thesegoalsin a to its rolein the world.Since from secretiveand urderhandedmannerand most of its real intent and activitiesare concealed others. . Thisclassification onceagainemphasizes the duality It is a Mixed(sharpand soft) nakshatra of its name. Its soft disposition relatesto its inherent'inVishakha as exemplified by meanings pleasure The softerside is often sidewhile its sharpness relatesto its fixidityof purpose. seeking


what stopsVishakha typesfrom turning into completepsychopaths and at times it just acts as a disguise whichletsthem get awaywith their darkeractivities.

Lunm Montfr d Da4 :

It refates whichusually falls in earlyMay. lo the first half of the lunarmonthof Vaishakha, Vishakha is also relatedto the Shashti & Saptani(6u'& 7u' tithis or days)of the waxingand waningphases of the Mmn's monthlycycle.

Aggressive Any activity requiringexecutive or warlikeactivities; ability; Gettingthings done whichrequire Harsh activities in general; Anyactivity requiring an argumentative approach; strong mentalfocus;Working functions towardone'sgoals;All typesof cerernonies, and parties; Awards or Decoration Dressing up,Ornamentation, Decorating Ceremonies; oneself; Romance & Sexual Activity; penance; Peforming Resolutions. Making

InauspiciousActiaitits :
Notgoodfor Travel; Marriage; Initiations of any kind;Activities requiring diplomacy or tact

Qfanetary fuitzr
Venus, influences Mars,Pluto,Ketuand Jupiterare the threeplanetary connected to Vishakha. whib Venus, Mars, Pluto andKeturulethe respective Jupiter is the mainrulerof thisasterism, signs that Vishakha occupies. is Erihaspati. Jupiterconnects to this asterism throughIndra,whosepreceptor Jupitersupports mostof Indra'sobjectives and ambiUons, eventhe unwholesome ones,throughthis nakshatra. Its


graceand good fortune can be usedfor pompous naturalbenevolence, extravagance underthe influence of this nakshatra. Venus, Jupiter's counterpaft andadversary is connected with the first threepadas of Vishakha. It is the naturalantagonism betweenthe energies of thesetwo planetswhich makesVishakha a turbulentnakshatra. A lot of Indra'sVenusian puranic excesses as enumerated in numerous legends are not sanctioned by Jupiter; and it goeswithoutsaying that Indralands intosomesortof trouble eachtime. In the foutthpada,Mars co-rules along withJupiter andthusthe energy is moresofted out but hasa militaristic toneto it. The PluWKetu partof Vishakha influence in the Scorpio lends a great deal of impulsiveness, explosive dramaand self destructiveness. Only when channelled into more occultareascanthis energyact as a vehicle for transformation. Venus-Jupiter, Venus-Mars, Venus-Mars-Ketu, Jupiter-Mars and Jupiter-Mars-Ketu-Venus conjunctions carry an energysimilarto that of Vishakha. In the authorbexperience only Jupiter functions well in this nakshatra in the present day and age.

'Ilouefs and Alpfiabe* :

The first pada or quarterof this asterism20o 00' -23 20' Libracorresponds to "Ti" as in Teehan. The secondpadaor quarterof this asterism 23" 2O'- 260 40'Libracorresponds to "Tu" as in Tuesday. The third padaor quarterof this asterism26" 40' - 30o 00' Libracorresponds to 'Te" as in Taylor. The fourth padaor quafterof this asterism 00o00' - 3o 20' Scorpio corresponds to "To"as in Tommy.


In the Sanskrit alphabet Vishakha corresponds to "Dha"and "Na" "OmDham" and "OmNam'i.,., :.. .:

consequengy its mantras are

SereutTypeand Compatifiitity :
dominant attitudein sexual activities. It is mostry compatibre with chitra, the other tiger nakshatra. Formarital& sexual compatibility with othernakshatras please referto the &458. tableson pages 457 Its sexual animalis a Tiger'Thispointstowardsan aggressive and

'Esoteric :
The now globally famousRadha-Krishna lovelegendexemplifies Vishakha,s innercore.This is the reason why vishakha has"Radha" as one of its names. Radha wasalreadymarriedto someone whenshefell in lovewith Krishna and romanced him in his childhood years. But sinceKrishna was Vishnu's incarnation thiswasno ordinary love.It epitomized a desire on Radha,s partto merge with Universal energies, notasan inferior butasa lover. Vishakha's longing for perfection andenlightenment is alwaysexpressed in terms of love and relationships, which more often than not breaksocietal conventions and moralistic taboos.Vishakha does not distinguish betweenfun, frolic and pain of such relationships andta4sya,theintense practice spiritual leading to knowledge andenlightenment. Aboveall else,its ultimate goalis experiencing the divinein and throughrelauonship with the divine itself. Being the 16h nakhatrain the nakhatrasequence, it relates to the whichis seenas the numberof tragedy, uphearal, ruin and turmoil.The only of that whichstands against the universal will. Nevertheless it pathis not all romance and roses. Thisis clearfrom the fact number,,16,,, a number

destruction and ruin hereis

becomes evidentthat vishakha,s

that Radha spenta majorpartof her life piningfor Krishna to"t..l."J"r,,for takingcareof the purpose behindhis incarnation. This intense


and if it can keepthe fire of love burning tapasya is Vishakha's longingand the pain of separation did' like Radha immortality it achieves of the outer circumstances, regardless shakti" - the powerto make lo "vyapana relates of things,Vishakha scheme In the universal above'This has haruestbelowand cultivation variousthings.Its symbolism manifestand achieve its true as we havejust realized' makesit a fruitful naKhatraon the materialplane,eventhough and patient comewith persistent resultshere usually The material path lies elsewhere. spiritual after the grainshave for consumption effort,just like the finestwine takesa longtime to be ready beenput throughthe brewingprocess'

Liruage) Qotra (Cetzsdat

sageslookingafter one of the sevencelestial is relatedtothe Sagevashishta, This nakshatra

theaffairsofourga|axy.Thenameofthissagetranslatesinto..possessorofwea|th.. says''Those As Varahamihira for penance' capacity mustrelateto the sage's that Vishakha imagine money"' at making are skilled with Moonin Vishakha

the bestremedial to this nakshatra, fromafflictions resulting from badeffects Forthosesuffering half shivaforn the half vishnu, onecanworship Alternatively of the eightVasus. is worship measure of the kundalini the raising whichinvolves of Raia Yoga, knownas HariHara.Thepractice commonfy potential' centres,is one of the bestwaysto utilisethis nakshatra's throughthe sevensacred 108 times when of the root mantraof this nakshatra "om Yam"and "om Ram" Repetition and lunar month is sure to reducesuffering and in its corresponding Moontransitsthis nakshatra life' into a person's bringenlightenment the can also increase from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra who are benefiting Persons like red, blue ways.It is helpfulfor them to wearcolours goodeffectsthroughthe abovementioned


transits Vishakha to andgold.Theyshould useits directions, lunarmonthandthe dayswhenMoon undeftake all impoftant actions.

Hermann Goenng, Hitlerbrighthand Nothing muchneeds man,hashis Moonin Vishakha. to be saidabouta manwho wasoneof the mainforcesbehind the fanatical Nazimovement. Hislife brings out the obssessive maniacal streakof Vishakha. NicoleKidman, the Hollywood actress, is a typicalexample of a Vishakha Ascendant type. Her personality obssessive and secretive showsthroughin her films and interviews. Vishakha is one of the nakshatras, which is soft of a prerequisite for beingpart of the community now knownas Hollywood.

Misce[[aneoru :
greedy, According to Varahamihira, thosewith Moonin Vishakha are "jealous, cleverwith words, quarrelsome skilled money, at earning and incitequarrels among others".


t /. y',nuradha tozo' $corpio - | 6'10' $corpio


- 16o40' (3o20'Scorpio Scorpio)

In tfu Skyt
Anuradha consists of threestarsin a row, whichwereseenby the ancients as forminga shape similarto a staff' Thesethree stars are knownin modemastronomy as futa-furpionis (Acnb), Delta-Scorpionis (sidi) & Pi-Scorprbnis. All of these stars lie in the beginningof the zodiacal constellation of Scorpio. Beta-scorpionis is the brightest amongthesestarswith a visualmagnitude of 2'62' All of thesestarscan be easilyspottedin the dark night sky from the countryside, if one focates the bright star Antaresin the constellation of Scorpio,closeto the white stretchof the milkyway. Thesethreestarslie directlyabovethis brightstar in a staff like formation(verycloseto a straight line).

--"Anuradha"translates simplyinto "Another Radha"or"AfterRadha". Its alternative meaning is "Subsequent Success". Thisname,as we ctrnsee,hasits root in the fact that it followsthe asterism these two asterisms(Vishakha & Anuradha)form a pair in the same way as puruaphatguni and ,;;! .:' Uttaraphalguni. ( Vishakha). Radha Eventhoughit is not apparent straightaway, the often ignoredfact is that


Sytnlot :
Vedicseers ancient from the shape is directlyderived of this asterism, the mainsymbol AE!1 of powerandprotection. beenseenasa symbol stars.Thestaff hasalways to its constituent ascribed In the puraniclore mostof the exaltedsagescarry a staff.It is in fact the only weaponthat they penance carry but it is usuallymorethan enoughas it carrls within itselfall lhe powerof their whereall SageVashishf4 challenging storyof Vishwamitra referto the puranic The readers.can against wereuseless missile) to a nuclear the Bnhmartra(similar including weapons of Vishwamitra's It is only usedfor selfstaff. Thesesagesnever useda staff for offensivepurposes' Vashishta,s defence.Ittypifies@dthuscanon|yactincongruencewiththeUniversa| of learnilg=It also relatesto one's and the retention relatesto learning mind.This nakshatra the effectof this the contact,the morepowerful force.The stronger with the Universal relationship ' ! becomes. nakshatra ar--) 1",/ \-/ Sinceancient and sagesto this nakshatra, A .btus, is anothersymbolascribedby scholars havebeenassociated and enlightenment knowledge of purity,auspiciousness, times,the qualities are of prosperity' the goddess of learningand Laxmi, the goddess with the lotus.In fac'.Saraswati, as sittingatop a lotus. often depicted to of this nakshatra the ability Thisrepresents waters. to growin muddy A lotushasthe ability lno\^,|edse It a|so signifiesthe 3EllryIlg keep itse|fpqg_g1q|gatrzliin any surroundings' th."gh the muddyPu njriumpnant gateway symbolof this nakshatra' alternative is another

alsohasthis as its mainsymbol' Vishakha, asterism, that the preceding will remember The readers Just like Vishakha, of Anuradha. is a soft of a ally or co-worker Vishakha earlier, As we mentioned Alurcdna aSo rePresen in muchthe sameway as its ally,but its goalsare usually nakshatra It is alsoa goalcentred plan.It alsolikesto attainits goalsthroughgroupwork rat!sl*!!{ morein tune with universal Sggj and attainsits goalsmoresmoothly alone.This is probablythe reasonwhy Anuradha


with to take help or cooperate is often reluctant Vishakha to Vishakha. in comparison effortlessly, a||ies.Inmyexperience,IhaveseenthatVishakha,moreoftenthannot@ goals.In mostcases this ally is Anuradha.

into The name'Mitra'translates (slar deities)rulesAnuradha. IullXa, oneof the twelveAdityas goodfaithand to friendships, that he is the solardeityrelated as no surprise Yriend'. Thusit comes friendliness, warmth,leadership, with lightheartedness, infusethis nakshatra cgrd'a[y. Hisqualites can be seenfrom concem for friendship viewof life. Mitra's optimistic helpfulness and a generally alongwith either /erurq llthe ruling alone.He is alwaysinvoked the fact that he is neverinvoked from (the rulingdeity of Uttaraphalgunll. Onecan easif deduce or Aryaman deity of Shatabishall
-4 ,,

is mostfriendlywith thesetwo nakshatras. the abovethat Anuradha placeto live in. All the If it weren'tfor Mitra,the worldwouldbe a muchmoredangerous correlate to Mitraas well as Anundha.It with the signAquarius usually associated naturalqualities rising. Under for thosebornwith Aquarius liesin the 10h house to notethat Anuradha is interesting a goal.The in orderto achieve canworktogether evenenemies of Mitra,sometimes the guidance previous work 'TheRahu-Ketu storyin the author's of the Ocean" readers canreferto the "Churning ggarPublications,India or "TheKey Of Life', LotusPress,USAwhere bitter enemies, Experience", godsand demons agreedto work togetherfor attainingceftainends. the of knoutpdger/hraswati, and accumulahon with learning is so concerned Sinc{Anuradha { Thisis the onlywayone connected to this nakshatra. goddess canbe saidto be strongly of learning, canexplainthe@Aswehaveseenear|ier,Sarasn'atia|wayssitson (stringedinstrument). with a Vina a lotus(a symbolof Anuradha)


Ngtuo 6 funrtionhg :
The keyword for Anuradha is'exploration'. This exploration, however, is not a lonesone ordeal, but a joyous,communal combinaUon of peopleand energies. Anuradha bringsto life the hidden secrets of natureb functionings through establishing a bridge between naturally discordant energies. - the youngandthe old; the mature Anuradha fosterscommunication between allthe extremes and immature; the moreevolved andthe lessevolved; the differentraces, castes etc.Anuradha can put it outside thus be seenas a universal solvent. Mostof Anuradha's tendencies the orthodox, social gambit. Thisis the reason why it fallsin the heaftof Scorpio, a signwhichquestions andgrowsout of the socialsensibilities represented by the sign Libra.In a way,Anuradha is the nakshatra of the

it propaganda on social, econoqrjg levels. pnd political ,. :. ,

Inthepresent times, Anuradha

ability to seethroughthe realitybehind all the fakemedia ,.. jr::::

ThefactthatAnuradha isopen to alldoesn't mean that it doesn't discriminate. Evolved Anuradha natives are in factquitediscriminative andcautious as to who they let intotheir innercircle. In the present dayand age,whereeverynakshairab energyhasbeenutilized for negaUve ends,Anuradha friendships. falls preyto excessive openness and frivolous The logicoriented approach of this nakshatra accounts for the fact that manyAnuradha natives aregttracted to-material-sciences like mathematics and physiF.The abilityof Anuradha to combine logic,intuition andfreedom of thoughtproduces deepthinkers in evervfield.Numbers aresomething whichtakesAnuradha's fancylike no otherthing. A lot of Anuradha nativeshavea stronginterest eitherin occult_Allnqldene_lu'meroLogy or statistics. Anuradha always tries to broaden its horizons in relation The moreevolved to its areaof interest. the soul,the moreall encompassing the vision. with stronginfluence Natives of Anuradha on their ascendant are bornwith stouthairybodies. Theyhaveprominent chestand thighsand havea tendency to develop a bellywith age.Theirface conveys a sense of friendliness andwell-being. A slighthintof secrecy emanates fromthe eyesand passivity the overall demeanour in general. Theirsocial behaviour fluctuates between andexuberance. friendliness with aloofness is their special Combining $ftl


Anuradha natives are usually seenmaking special effoft to put people at easeand loveto act as a bridgebetween people, groupsand organizations. Theyare very interested in anythino to do with

the occultand hiddenissues in general. Theyare e ior. It is theirabilityto keepup solidexteriors whichmakes themgoodorganizers. Anuradha nqqy$ 'areoftenseentb be the founders and leaders of organizations. Theyhaveoriginal minds whichare potsof myriad melting pieces of knowledge, understanding and experience.

MostAnuradha natives channel theiremotional energy in the formof devotion to somehigher

deity,universal energyor cluse. Anqradha nativesare at their most vergqtilg_when they haveto combine theirtalentswith others.Despite theirneedfor constant interaction, @AlgeqEjgliyes at onb time of their lives or the other. @ tue3'teJrgsy__lTe relating to and adjusting to foreignenvironments in comparision to other nakshatras. In fact, living in foreignlandsis usually very satisfying and fruitful for them. In the universal scheme of things,Anuradha relates to "radhana shakti"- the powerof worship. Its symbolism hasascension above anddescension below. Thissymbolism stresses uponAnuradha,s abilityto explore and undersbndboth the lowerand higherlot<asthrough its devotirn.&utversal energies. c"riosity makesthem tr to forgiEl rands. Thev

Modc of functionhtg :
Anuradha is considered to be a passive nakshatra. By itsetf, Anuradha is a h1gllypassl5enlgy, just like a seesaw in its stationary position. balanced It usuallyrequires an externalagencyin the form of co-workers/friends to put it into action. Its passivequality often results from Saturn overpowering Mars,whileits activityresulb from the maftianand saturnine energies beingin equal balance.


to the fact that Saturn,the relates obviously Thisclassification to the Silygln caste. It befongs Even nakshatra. orientated is a service Anuradha rulerof Anuradha. planet,is the planetary Shudra

heleads. to those butservant is nothing a leader


Qerdzr: .
deity and its association to its malepresiding relates Thisclassification It is a Malenakshatra. force,whichtries to open up and the masculine represents with the male planet Mars.Anuradha lookthroughthe wheelof nature'
. -i.4;

tsodyparts U l{unwr (Ayutve{ic Corstitution ) :

and the womb are the bodypartsrelatedto this nakhatra. Bowels Stomach, Breasts, and astralfires to allthe electrical relates Anuradha ry) nakshatra. within our body.The astralfires are carriedby the three channelslda, Pingalgand sushumna. It is a primarily"pE'(ft

- Directiott :
to nodft, southand west. It is relatedprimarily

(Qnrters) : tPatros

i t: i:i

ruledby falls in LeoNavamsa 3o 20' - 60 40' Scorpio The first padaor quafterof this asterism in the that understanding one'sinnerselfandapplying hereis on understanding Sun.Theemphasis prideor militancy hasto be curbed towardsexcessive outerworldthroughcareeretc.Thetendency here.Sun,Mars,Jupiterand energyavailable of the intense expression here if one wants posigve strongin this pada' Ketuare especially


padaor quafterof this asterism Thesecond 6040' - 10" 00' Scorpio fallsin VirgoNavamsa ruled by Mercury. This pada is all aboutcontinous learning, groupwork discipline, discrimination, and organization. Thispadadelvesinto the mysteries of the Universe and in doingso takesthe mystery out of them. Numbers, calculation and classification are its domain.Beinga Pushkara navamsha padait promises fulfillmentof objectives. Mercury & Rahuare especially stronghere. Thethird padaor quarterof this asterism 10o(X)'- 13o20' Scorpio fallsin LibraNavamsa ruled by Venus.The concerns here can rangefrom arts, music,bohemia to occult.There is alwaysa certaindegree of self-undoing and wastefulness associatd with this pada,Planets heregivea highly sociable nature.Venus and Saturnsuit this pada's energies morethan the other planets.

The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism 13o20' - 16040' Scorpio falls in Scorpio Navamsa ruledby Mars.Thereis abundant energyavailable hereto pursueall kindsof esoteric and exoteric goals.Only strugglehere lies in channeling the energyconstructively in tune with Universal functionings. Planets herefunctionfrom a planeof excessive passion and emotion.Theycan give the abilityto achieve muchif the rest of the nativitysupports it. Sun,Jupiter, and Ketuare better suitedto haMlingthe energyof this pada.
- :- .+! ..:' :r :-.,t:* .? * _ ,; _'

t '':ii

Hypnotisb & Psychic Mediums; Occultists; Institution & Organization Heads; Astrologers; Spies; Alloccupations involving NightDuty;Photographers; professions related Gnema in general; Musicians; Attists;Managers; Industrialists; Promoters; Counsellers; Psychologists; Scientists; Numerologists; Statisticians; Mathematicians; Explorers; Miners;Factory Workers;Diplomats; All professions connected with dealing with Foreign Countries, Travel andForeigners; group All professions requiring activity.


Q[ocu :
Old Ruins,Castles etc; Lakes;IsolatedLandscapes; Caves& Caverns; Forests;Mountains; Temples Places; & other areas;Study& Research Technological & Industrial MetropoJis; Stadiums; Topics;Places places and OcculVSpiritual of Occult and Studyof Religion usedfor the Practice professions. with the abovementioned All places connected Headquarters; Organization Significance;


guna (T-ssence) and Tattwa (Efzment):

(ineft) nakshatra. This classification comesabout due to its to be a Tamasb It is supposed

job to create planets. It is Anuradha's tamasic two inherently relationship with Marsand Saturn, Evolution takes tamasic tendencies. on all planes of two opposing evolution throughthe balancing is a tamasicnakshatra, it hasthe powerto placeby takingthe middlepath.EventhoughAnuradha '4t&'+ of opposites. and balancing flowering throughinnergentleness bringaboutspiritual with the fiery planetMarsis responsible for this Its relationship It belongs to the Fireelement. petrol.fire Its unlike the explosive of Aries. fire is morelikefireoverwater, Anuradha's classification. and associations. for its warmth,friendship fieriness is resporsible


QanaEWd t
is clearfrom its soft, mild and a ryg.g-@y_naUshatra. This classification It is considered which strivesto createharmonyand Anuradha is the nakshatra tender mode of functioning. makinghumanswork with eachother,it has the Besides at all levelsof existence. understanding all worktogether for a common humans, serpents and sages to makethe gods,demons, capacity cause.


Oripntation d Disposition :


It is a Levelnakshatra in keeping with its balanced nature.Sincethe maintask of Anuradha is to balance out the energies of two contraryplanets Marsand Saturn,it hasto work in a levelway. Itis a "Mridu " or soft,tenderand mildnakshatra. The bestwayto understand this classification is to thinkaboutAnuradha's symbol, a lotus. A lotusis a soft andtenderflowerwith a mildscent. Thisjust goesto showthat Anuradha's approach to uncovering the wheelof natureisn't that of a forcefulwarrior,but that of a gentle lover.

Lunar Montft d Day :

It relates to the second half of the lunarmonthof, Vaishakha. This monthusually corresponds to middleor late Mayin the solarcalendar.

Anuradha is alsorelated to the Duadashi(l2d' tithi or day)of the waxing and waningphases of
the Sgon's qo4fhly cycle.


16.ti:; :- .:ujt].

, Anspbiors 4.*iEiti*,,;

j.s r{ ffragrt

;s :ig g;si


i'- llrA

Group related activities; Research & Study in the sciences or occult subjects; Meditation; Exploring nature;Favourable for managerial activities requiring on the spot decision making;Goodfor travel; Immigration & dealing with all foreignaffairs;Healing; Spending time with friends;Finances & Accounting; Secretive Activities. Quiet reflection;

Inawpiriow Actiaitits :
Marriage; Not goodfor activities requiring directconfrontation; Not goodfor inaugurations or beginnings; Unfavourable for routine, mundane activities.


9{arctary&[.er :

lr*:'-'"' .:

and Ketu are the planetsconnectedto this nakshatra.Saturnis the main Mars,Pluto,Sab"rm in Anuradha. Satum inherent planetary is evidentin the discipline rulerhergand ib sfong influence nativesgo beyondsuperficial seriousabout life in general,It makesAnuradha makesAnuradha of life.It givesthem to the mysteries for the answers interactions andsearch social layers of regular of the materialrealm.A well-defined the limitations and then transcend an abilityto understand of the two main karmic is soughtherethroughthe influence for one'sexistence senseof purpose planets- Saturnand Ketu. foray into occult and the unseenhiddenrealmsof for this nakshatra's Ketu is responsible Pluto for any exploration. the initiative,impulseand energynecessary Marsprovides existence. rather Anuradha to tap into collective allowing boundaries and sub-conscious expands the conscious than personalconcems. when they are placedin Saturnine or mutualaspects,especially Ma6-Satumconjunctions Ketu-Pluto, Satunr' Satum-Plttto, carryan energysimilarto that of Anuradha. signsor nakshatas, similarto that of Anuradha. alsopartlycarryenergies conjunctions Mars-Pluto tike atways, tleir way in this Nakshatra. All planetshavean abilityto functionin a beneficial statusof the tone of the nativityand the evolutionary uponthe overall depends levelof beneficiality
nauve' : ',4i:. i;:A i: ,:qc ::r:' .'':r i'-r:,;i : +:-' :: il.llLf " :i

, [r:-,,. ,-f

: ilouefs andALpfrabe*
to "Na" as in 3o 20' -6o 40' Scorpiocorresponds The first pada or quarterof this asterism

corresponds to "Ni" as in padaor quafterof this asterism 60 40' - 10o00' Scorpio The second Nilofer.


10o00' -13o20' Scorpio corresponds to "Nu" as in The third padaor quarterof this asterism Nutan. 13o20' - 16040' Scorpio corresponds to "Ne"as in Thefourth padaor quarterof this asterism Neha. 'Tham"and "Dam"consequently its In the Sanskrit Anuradha corresponds to "Tam", alphabet
.:,' L':, -'1+*' ,t i'

mantras are "OmTam","OmTham"and "OmDam".


: SeryaItgpe and Compatifii[ity



Itssexua|anima|isaDeer.qry|1:',de|icacyandficklenessarc expressed in thesexual behaviour of those under tlle influence Anuradha is most of thisnakshatra. compaUble with the otherdeernakshatra Jy6ttta. please tor marital withothernakshatras referto Btetables & sexual compatibility on pages 457
& 458. .
:r*5f$n S,

Esoteric :
Anuradha, nakshatra, relates to the number'17'. being the seventeenth Thisnumber is usually seenas a bringerof celestial watersdownto the earth plane.It allowsfor a sdferefrge from the presiding vicissitudes of life. It must be mentioned herethat Anuradha is the nakshatra over the science of Numerology. The Universe, in a way, is a gameof numbers and Numerology formsthe -.backbone like Astrology, of all esoteriggciences Aruradha is_a decoderof the secretfunctionings of the universe.

The reaffunctionof Anuradha, however, relates to the movementofkundalini(serpent energy) (sevensacralcentres), throughthe chakras The awakening of the kundalini from its dormantstate in the Muladhara Chakra happens underthe energies of Ashlesha. After Ashlesha, Anuradha is the first nakshatra wherea full scaleexploration of all the chakras takesplace.Thisexploration usually


to bearsa fot of fruits withinthe samelifetime- one'sold karmasget nullifiedand one getsaccess astral, causal impressions. Thebodilynerues capable of carrying direct, become universal functionings. friendswith the universe. In otherwords,one becomes in one'sthoughts and actions. If the full comesharmony and balance Out of this friendship potential is utilized, andonlya seeking thereis no karmabeingbirthedthroughactions of Anuradha remains. for knowledge and enlightenment startswith its pair nakshatra becomes friendswith the universe The story of how Anuradha (Vishakha). to dedicate Vishakhatone pointed approach oneself to one Radha Onceonehasutilized energies of the universe, it is but naturalthat a very friendlyand intimaterapport of the governing will be established by the time Anuradha comesalong. enlightenment. Moreis expected out of Anuradha thanjust personal AlgtgilUjSlgPPgled to (souls). Thisspreading with its fellowbeings knowledge of and accumulated shareits experiences thosewho are ripe enoughto knowledge is meantto be in a codedform, so that it only reaches (the nametranslates into "friendof the wholeworld"),who receive it, Thestoryof SageVishwamitra (the highest post in the hierarchy of the sages) from an ordinary a Brahmarishi went on to become from a universal standpoint. functionings of Anuradha's king,encompasses the variousaspects

: Lg9rye), Qotra(Cetzstut
sageslooking afterthe to the SageAngiras, oneof the sevencelestial is related Thisnakshatra of affairs of our galaxy.The name of this sagetranslatesinto "the fiery one". The association fallsin the exceptfor the fuct that Anuradha rishiis not veryapparent with this particular Anuradha Mars,Ketuand Pluto. ruledby the fiery planets signScorpio


fumefiat i
Forthosesuffering from badeffecb resulting fromafflictions to this nakshaua, the bestremedial measure is worshipof the terlve Adityas,especially Mitra.Alternatively one can worshipthe half Vishnu, half Shivaform commonly knownas Hari Hara.fhe practice of Raja Yqa, whichinvolves the raisingof the kundalini throughthe sevensaqd centres is one of the best waysto utilisethis potential. nakshatra's Repetition of the root mantraof this nakhatra - "Om Yam"and "Om Ram" 108 times when Moontransitsthis nakshatra and in its corresponding lunar monthis sureto reducesuffering and bringenlightenment into a person's life. Persons who are benefiting from the positiveenergyof this nakhatra can also increase the goodeffectsthroughthe abovementioned ways.It is helpful for them to wearcolourslike red, blue andgold.Theyshoulduseits directions, lunarmonthand the dayswhenMoontrarsits Anuradha to undertake all important actions.

Eagntpfc :
Jim Morrison, the singer& songwriter of the fumous60's group TheDoorc,was born with Anuradha risingon hisAscendant. Hislife, personality and worksreveal the mysterious functionings of this occultnakshatra. Fridreich NieEche, the famousphilosopher, has his Moonplacedin Anuradha. Readers can referto the birthchaftanalysis of boththesepersonalities prcvious in the author's work('The RahuKetuExperience" hgarPubliations, India or "TheKeyof Life"Lotuspress,IJSA).


: Misceffaneous


livingin fureign a traveller, makes one "wealthy, Moonin Anuradha to Vanhamihira, According asthey find it difficultto bearhunger". immediately their appetite to satisfy andone needs countries
'J = ' ,:.1;. ***


,?r.. ,Ji-r'



t e. )geshta

| 6'+0'$coryio -ro"oo, $corTio



*i 3i Jr;'


{ gri'i




ii ':':: .

Scorpq5; 30000' $gorpio)


tfie,Skg :

.r r_r 3<

7- Jyeshta, the seniormost amongthe first eighteen asterisms, consisbof \frree starsin a rowi whichwereseenby the ancients as forminga shape similar to an ear-ring(or in somecases the top of an umbreffa) . These three starsare knownin modernastronomy as Atpha-fupionis (Anbre), Sigma-Scorpionisand Tau-Scorpionis. All of thesestarslie in the middle to end portionof the zodiacal constellation of Scorpio. Antares, the starwith a reddish hue,is the brightest amongthesestarswith a visualmagnitude of L.07and was revered by all ancient cultures. It is in fact one of the brightest objectsin the nightsky,whichmakesit easyfor one to spot this asterism in the night sky.

A{ante : "Jyeshta" translates simplyinto the "Eldest" or "Seniormost". As is the casewith someother asterisms, Jyeshta's nanreimmediately revealsa lot about its natureand functioning. Jyeshtais considered the eldestamongthe first eighteen nakshatras. At somepointof Umein ancienthistory onlyeighteen nakshatras werein useandJyeshta wasthe final,the seniormostor eldestnakshatra. Sincethen more nakshatras have beenadded,but the narnehas stayed


onecansee and legends, civilizations In all the ancient is a'roundtalisman'. Its mainsymbol one will find that it is In manycases, of divineprotection. that a roundtalismanis seenas a symbol position' of an authoritarian alsoa symbol to andall the kingsof the pastwereexpected earringis alsoa soft of roundtalisman A circula.r of this nakshatra. canalsobe seenas a symbol Thusan 'earring' wearbig,roundearrings. forcesof the to the governing to be related ring or earringare all considered A roundtalisman, in circles. happens in nature everylfiing the ages, throughout As all wisemenhaveknown universe. of the higher to be the personwho is representative In ancienttimes, the king was supposed that he wasconnected showed this circlesymbolism governing forceson earth.Thefactthat he used to theseforces. This to all thosein authoritypositions. relates infer that this nakshatra Onecan automatically forces. universal to the governing on one for their relativeproximity authorityis usuallyconferred and This may be the result of repeatedpast life efforts in the fields of karma,occult practices penance. a coiled snake The most importantexampleof a circularoccult symbolis the Ouroboros, shafti' fhe relatesto Rahuand Ketuand the kundalini its tail. The serpentsymbolism swallowing 'The Rahu-Kefu EYprience", SagarPubliations' reader can refer to the author's previous work India or 'The Keyof Life", LotusPress,USA"&

of an umbrella function Themostbasic of thisnakshatra. symbol an alternative An.umbrella'is is forces.In the sameway this nakshatra is to protectone from rain,sun or wind i.e. nature's forces.This is the reasonwhy all kingsand againstthe universal to provideprotection supposed on top of their head.It was the most queensin oldendays neverwent out withoutan umbrella royalinsignia. visible


Thisprotection usually comes aboutthrougha detailed understanding of the occultknowledge of Universal functions. In a way,the priestly wasthe protective class shieldfor a king.In today's day and age wheremostof the masses are totally ignorantof the occultand havelittle knowledge of Universal functionings, the truly protective aspectof this nakshatra is rarely seen.However the politicians andthe rulingclass (awayfrom public of todaydo takethe aid of occultpractices in secret view),to protect their powerand position.

Deity :
'' Indra, the scionof the Gods,is the maingoverning deity of this nakhatra. It is impoftantto

mentionherethat Indra is just a post,whichdifferentsoulsoccupyat differenttimes.A soulwho hasdoneenoughpenance is put on this post.In the sameway Jyeshta hasthe capacity to bestgw an authoritypositionhereon earthas a resultof pastlife efforts. The word "Indra"translates into "a celestial drop".This meaning can be lookedat in different ways.Indra,eventhoughhe is a kingof the gods,is a meredropasfar asthe universe is concerned. Onthe otherhand,we canseethat this meaning relates well to the fact that Indrawasregarded as the raingod in mostof the ancient cultures.
-? . - iliJ*:

Around yearsago, Indrawas the mostworshipped five thousand amongall the deities. The Vedas, especially the earlier ones,are full of remarks abouthis splendour and glory.Hisworship suruived even up to a periodaround500 B. C., as cirn be inferredfrom the fact that the Greek worshipped a thundergod knownas 'Thor".Thisthundergod wassupposed to wielda thunderbolt in muchthe same portrayed wayas Indra,who is always with a thunder bolt in his hand. Rainwasimportant to all civilizations because agriculture wasdirectlyequated with prosperity. It is no wonderthen,that this nakshatra is related to prosperity planeof existence. on the material In a way this nakshatra alsoconveys a certainstrongconcern for prosperity, in muchthe sameway as peoplein the oldendayseagerlyawaitedthe rainsto fall. Whenthe rainbll is irregular, it can destroyagriculture ratherthan supportit. This bringsout the fact that this nakhatra can,at many


Thiscanalsobe seenfrom the fact insteadof prosperity. times,bring aboutdepravityand hardUmes adversity. will encounter its subjects that whenthe rulersof a nationare corruptand greedy, aM on rain diminished of agriculture the dependance of newtechnologies, With the invention people can be saidto be the first one who tumedthe common of Indra. Krishna so did the worship with the directcommunication them to establish awayfrom the worshipof Indra. He encouraged with theseforces.Even Afterall Indra'spoweronly relieson hisconnection forcesof nafurcinstead. people toil whilethe common this connection, to maintain today,the rulingelite go to greatlengths away mindlessly. , in mostof the character proud,vain,tricky and unreliable Indra comesout as a rumbustious,

In this way throughthis nakshatra. puranic of his natureare conveyed Mostof the elements stories. is much however, ruled by Indra. Jyeshta, the other nakshatra is very similarto Visttakha, Jyeshta orp can say that Jyeshta to Vishakha. in comparison and deliberating secretive more controlled, on who the Indra is at anygivenpointin time. In way depending or negative in a positive functions qualities likedepravation, willtendto bringout the negative Jyeshta an afflicted however, a birthchart vainityetc.; while a well fortifiedJyeshtawill bring misuseof powerand authority,unnecessary towardsothers' genuine@ncetnand protectiveness about prosperity, or only throughsomeoccult,supernatural is that it givesprosperity of Jyeshta One peculiarity getshis position and powerthrough from the factthat Indraalways Thisarises means. exgaordinary of a throughthe occultpropitiation Heevengot his thunderbolt penance and otheroccultactivities. 'AmarChitn Katha" comics for puranic stories readers canreferto Dadhichi.Interested sagecaffed
;}tY j(Xtt,f,U ?it. : sr,.
."r*ail t.

rebted to Indra.


Nnt*e d furrctioning :






series the second completes Jyeshta Jyeshta. characterizes "A senseof arrivingor becoming" in worldly This seriesis mostlyto do with involvqment frqg, Magha. beginning of nine nakshatras ' ')J :e. on the earhly plane. activities


Jyeshta is a nakhatra wherekeeping up an imageis more important than anything else. Jyeshtanativesusuallydo evefihing from a point of view which caresa great deal about how othersare perceiving them.Theywant to gain respectin societyand do whateveris necessary to adhere to the prwailing standards. In ancient timeswhenrealactsof charity, kindness andphilanthropy werethe stepping position, stones to a respectful Jyeshta functioned well. In the present day and agewhereexcessive headless materialism is the standard, Jyeshta geb channelled energy in useless, self-destructive ways.The stereotypical mob leaders,conupt and unwisepoliticans, beaurocrab and managers are all Jyeshta characters. Nativeswith Jyeshtarisingor havingstrongJyghta influence connected to the AscendanL usuallymaturevery quicklyboth physically and mentally. They havewell proportioned bodiesbut are not ableto holdonto their youthfor long.Theirupperbodyis usually stronger than their lower body.The easiest way to spotthem is to payattentionto their penetrating and probingeyes. .. Jyeshta natives are apt to magniff their troublesand woes.Thereis no beating Jyeshta when

it comesto unnecessary exaggerated moaningand groaning.The continentof Africa is under sffonginfluence of Jyeshta energy. It is no wonderthenthat tre "Blus" as a musical art form,came from this continent. A rwengefuland vindictive tendency is often noticedin Jyeshta natives. Theyalsofall preyto jealousyvery easilyand are alwayson the lookoutto put othersdown.A strongcompetitive spirit ratherthan an internaldirection is what makes them manifest the full extentof their abilites.

Thegoodness of Jyeshta natives liesin theirabilityto beprotective towards thewea( subordinate, helpless and underprivileged. Theycan purgethemselves headlong into dangerin orderto prctect others.Besides sticking to their word,they havea responsible attitudeto the affairsthat fall under their domain.However at timesthey can alsocarrytheir sense of responsibility and protectiveness to extremes. In todayt day andage, mostof Jyeshta's functioning is confined to the military police and similarMartian pursuits. Since all theseforcesare guidedand controlled by a darkel1ethereb no real sensein zealously llentiffing mesetr with these branches.
::t' .,"!irr'*|En6Fl+-&Jy.i


Modt of functionirg :
' Onceagain,we will take helpfrom the policing to be an Activenakshatra. lyeshtais considered

to be readyand one is expected profession activenature.Beinga policeman, to fathomJyeshta's constant whichinvolves for duty.It is a profession alert24 hoursa dayasthey canbe calledanytirne when their types usuallyget depressed It is noticedthat Jyeshta vigil, activityand responsibility. activityof somekind. don't allowfiorconstant circumstances
' 'L, ,+'4. "4tr1 1i+ Jeu

to the Servantcaste.The servantcastewas seen by the ancientseersas being It belongs eldestamong the why the supposed It is hardto understand formsof seruitude. in different involved we can think of is that The only reason to seruitude. shouldbe relegated nakshatras first eighteen can't activities It is likeIndra,whose art, tradeor profession. in any particular is not skilled Jyeshta is andShudra.Indra lGhatriya,Vaishya underany of the four maincastesBrahmin, be categorised and he is no manuallabourereither.We have neithera priest,nor a soldier,nor a businessman etc. professions like policeofficers, end up in service typesalways alreadyseenthat Jyeshta


' '?sriJ:'


]r: i:



queen.Even as the eldestand seniormost is often portrayed Jyeshta nakshatra. It is a Female Theold,seasoned, andaftributes. attitudes feminine seems to havepredominantly Indraasa chamcter like a 9love. fits Jyeshta jealous,sternand lonelyqueenarchetype *,

tso[ypartsU 5{umor(Aytne{ic Corutitution):

In a lot of The neckand right side of the torso are the body parts relatedto this nakshatra' to neckornamentation to havethe mostelaborate the eldestqueenwassupposed ancientcultures, are used for status. Eventoday in some parts of Africa, huge necklings signiff her seniormost by usinglargerand largersizenecklings' the neck are elongated status.In somecases signifying


It is a primarily'Vab" (airy) nakshatra. Thisagainmustrelateto its relationship with Mercury a primarily vataplanet. Jyeshta, aswe haveseen, belongs to the air element. Its classification under the Vatahumorre-emphasizes its airy aspect.

It is related primarily to northand south.

ea[as (@nrters) :
The first padaor quarterof this asterism 16040' - 20" 00' Scorpio falls in Sagittarius Navamsa ruledby Jupiter' Theemphasis hereis on familyconcerns andinterests. Thispadais veryconcerned about financial affairseventhough its prosperity in that areawill swingfrom one extremeto the other. Thelesson hereisto takea moreeasy goingattitudein regards to finances. A certain enthusiasm towards acquiring higher knowledge is noticeable here.Thenormally secretive Jyeshta tendsto leak out secrets throughSagittarian carefreeness and frankness. The nativeis a risktaker.Generosity is prominent more in thispadain comparision to otherJyeshta padas. Thenative is chivalrous in terms of beingprotective towardskith and kin. Planets herehavea sense of humour. Sun,Mars,Jupiter& Ketuare stronghereandJupitertendsto givethe bestresults. placed Planets in this padaadversety effectthe wellbeing of one'ssiblings. Thesecond padaor quarterof this asterism 20" 00' - 23 20'Scorpio fallsin Capricorn Navamsa ruledby Saturn. Thispadais veryrigidin regards to responsibility anddoingthe rightthing.Natives hereare fiercelyprotective and liketo challenge others.This padaproduces authoritytype figures. This pada can be selfish,stingy,materialistic and vengeful.The native is ruthlessin regardsto gettingbackat others'A strongsense of maturityis seenin the physical and mentalmake-up of the native from an earlyage.The nativehasan authoritative speaking voice. Thispadais veryserious andoverbearing andwill tendto takeits timeto achieve its goals. Thenativeusually onlyachieves their goalslate in life after muchhardwor( perseverance and penance. Natives are cautious, slow


and negative melancholy towardstoo muchskepticism, and stern.They needto watcha tendency that they givesomesort of position Mars& saturnare strongherein the sense attitudesin general. of youngersiblings. planetsplacedin this padaadversely effectthe wellbeing of authority. Navamsa fallsin Aquarius 23o20' - 26" 40'scorpio Thethird padaor quafterof this asterism to playroles the native and allows instinct Thispadagivesa stronghumanitarian ruledby Saturn. whichinvolve worksbestin professions The naUve society. towards or protective whichare beneficial canbeverysacrificing Thenative causes. Theylikeserving or underprivileged. protecting the underdog The or mysticism. science Thispadagivesa lovefor researching others. to protecting whenit comes their personal The nativeenjoysespousing brandof familyvalues. nativehastheir own peculiar saturn, Mercury philosophy to others.The nativegets caught up in bizarresexualencounters' of effectthe wellbeing placedin this padaadversely & Rahuare strongin this pada.Planets Venus one'smother. Navamsa falls in Pisces 26o40' - 30o 00' Scorpio The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism The away. to get carried padaand the nativeis inclined This is a veryemotional ruledby Jupiter. sexual in fantasy, of too muchindulgence Thereis a danger nativecan simplydrownthemselves. expression. into creative their emotions The nativemaybe ableto channel intrigueand intoxication. to an extremeat times. In its and protectiveness The nativecarriestheir senseof responsibility way. abouttheir woesandtroublesin life in an unhealthy are apt to fantasize lowestaspect,natives to devotion natureand a spiritual this padacan give a strongsacrificing In its highestaspect, The nativewill defendthe rightsof othersand take an The nativewill be fond of children. humanity. aspect purposes. The only downfallis that the penance for liberation interestin occultexploration 's in this pada.However to harness is difficult functioning for Jyestha proper whichis so necessary This in this padaand its povertyaspectis decreased' gainis stronger for material capacity lyestha,s like Venusand Jupiterare placedhere. Marsfunctionspoorlyin this is true when strongbenefics somesoft of in acquiring maybe helpful givingmaterial adversity, although Saturn, pada,however its negative through whenworking to bethe mostselfdestructive, tends Thispada discipline. spiritual aspect. .i:


All Policing Professions; Government Officials; Administrative Postsof all types; Reporters; Radio & Television Commentators; Newsreaders; TalkShowHosb; Actors;Orators;Firemen; Trade (mainlyBlackMagicians); Unionists; Occultists Detectives; Mafia;Politicans; Beaurocrats; Naval Professions; Forest Rangers; Military Professions in general; Salvation Armyand othersuch'Caring for the Aged'professions; ManualLabourers; Athletes, especially Sprinters; Telecommunication Irdustry related professions; Ar Traffic Controllers and RadarExperts;Surgeons.

9faru :
HillyInaccessible Terrain; Hot Tropical Jungles; Government Buildings; All places relatedto Telecommunications & Mediain general; Airports;Hospitals; MilitaryBases; CapitalCities;Manors, Forb & Palaces; Old-Age Homes; All places professions. connected with above-mentioned

and tattu.ta (Ekment) : Qurw (tr-sserrce)

It is supposed to be a httuic nakshatra. This classification mainlyrelatesto its elderlyand protective aspect.As we havediscussed earlier, Jyeshtais reverential towardsib elders(or those morepowedulthan itself)and is protective towardsits juniorsor subordinates. Jyeshta is also sattwicin the sense that it is readyto sacrifice a lot of pleasures and enjoyments for the sakeof its duUes and commitments It belongs to the Air element. Thisrelates to Mercury's strongassociation with Jyeshta. Behind its fixedandsternMars exterior, Jyeshta is prettylight floatyandairy in disposition. Jyeshta hankers (whichare natural qualities for freedom and movement of the air element) but is usually constrained by its outer image,responsibilities or circumstances. Forexample, a policeofficer may like to join the crowdin a rockconcertbut he cannotdo it because Ofhisjob and position.


gora ('Typr),
to find that the nakshatra It is a surprise nakshatra. or Demonic a Rakshasa It is considered attached and legends thus.A goodlookat stories whoserulingdeityis kingof the gods,is classified or as far as demonic themselves, the demons with Indra revealthat Indra at times surpasses because sense of rightanowrongcanget quiteflawed Jyeshta's areconcerned. actions unrighteous ofitsprimari|yse|fshandse|fcentreddisposition.'^;.':.:,}';i'|..'':'::

OriBntati"onU Dispositbn :
to'get even'is the first thing whichcomesup in tendency Jyeshta's It is a Levelnakshatra. events with fair play,justice,balancing Jyeshtais alwaysconcerned regardsto this classification. basicnatureto get fuelledby Jyeshta's pursuing is in essence a murderer A policeman and people. donsor Theheads, likethe Mafia. mentalities is foundin gangster even'tendency This'getting even. gameof 'gettingeven'witheachother' playing the endless are always elders of Mafias to is not averse Jyeshta Justlikethe planetMars, nakshatra. and Dreadful It is a Hard,Sharp withinitselfmostof the keywords qualities. carries Jyeshta mentioned the above requiring activities attacKing, focus,tofture, punishment, coldness, with the sign Scorpio- hardness, associated sideof the sign Scorpio' the hard,stonyand ferocious represents and biting.Jyeshta arduousness of organizations, and the heads todayby the policedepartments is well exemplified Its brutality the world' all around and institutions corporations

Lunar'M0ftfr d Dau :
to late May/ corresponds This usually to the first halfof the lunarmonthof Jyaishtha. It relates earlyJunein the solarcalendar. (7b & 14btithis or days)of the waxingand & Chaturdashi to the Saptami is alsorelated Jyeshta cycle. monthly of the Moon's waningphases


Attsryious Actiaitiet :
judgements; one's Passing Getting even;Putting Plotting; Spying; Scheming; Harsh activities; natureout of a one'sauthoritative foot down over impoftantissues;Takingcontrol; Expressing situations; Acting activities; Policing or monitoring Occultactivities; senseof caring;Administrative givingassistance Associating with elders, especially responsibly; Actsof concern, careor protection; requiring Holding Occultactivities a lot of penance; to the elderly; Taking careof familymatters; Actingrestrained for others; discussions Grandplanning; out of conslderaUon over seriousissues; for oneself. Settingdisciplines

Innuspiciotu Actiaitirs :
Wallowing in depression and resentment or havinga harddone by attitude;Infidelity;Actsof Takingadvantage of others;Marriage; Healing; Too muchrest or selfishness or self-centricity; whichrequire recreational Anydealings a lot of tact, sensitivity and gentleness; Not good activity; for travelling

efanetny fo[er :
Mercury rulerof this nakshatra. Mercurial energyrefines itselffrom its is the mainplanetary deceptive, cunning, childlike beginnings to a moreserious energy, which triesto control the scattered functionings that Moonrepresents the mass mentality, Mercury's functioning of the mind.Considering here is directedto controlling that energy.It is no wonderthen that Jyeshta nativesfeel like the police of the world. Mars,the ruler of Scorpio, of coursesupports this policingmentality and provides the energy andinitiative required for it. TheMercury-Mars combination canturn self-seruing veryquickly asthe partof mercurial martian energyafflictsthe perceptive anddiscriminative energy. Muchof the deceit frcm the rnanytales about the and misuseof power inherentin this nakshatracan be understood


Mercurymakes of its ruling deity Indra, the scionof the demigods. behaviour unruly,boisterous of things, whosevalues are not baseduponany real understanding Jyeshta a sort of a chameleon, uponits surroundings. but are dependent along with Mars,also conveya part of Jyestha's Plutoand Ketu, beingco-rulersof Scorpio emotional upheaval outerandinnertransformation, tendencies, energyin the formof self-destructive and penance. energies to Jyeshta. in a chart,carrysimilar conjunctions & Mercury-Mars-Ketu Mercury-Mars In the presentday and age, most planetsplacedhere needto be watchedvery carefullyby the peace can of mind.Onlya well placedMercury work againstthe native's as they usually astrologer give good resultshere.

ilowefs and A[pfiabe* :

' corresponds to "No" as in 16o40' -20o 00' Scorpio The first padaor quarterof this asterism

Nora. corresponds to "Ya"as in padaor quafterof this asterism 20o00' - 23" 20'Scorpio The second Yani. to "Yi" as in corresponds 23o 20' - 260 40' Scorpio The third padaor quarterof this asterism Yeast. to "Yu"as in corresponds 26o40' - 30o00' Scorpio Thefourth padaor quafterof this asterism Yul. its mantrais "Om to "Dha" and consequently Jyeshtacorresponds alphabet In the Sanskrit Dham".

;3ir-r "ii::;;'

-.. r


type : Seryat
which to a deer, ascompared sexual animal, A stagis an aggressive is a Stag. Its sexual animal to havea cold,yet is supposed Anuradha. Jyeshta nakshatra for the previous is the sexual animal It is the proceedings. passionate and likesto dominate towardslovemaking response aggressively, aboutsexuality. eventhoughit can get obsessive not considered a very virile nakshatra with other nakhatras pleasereferto the tableson pagqt For maritaland sexualcompatibility 457 & 458.

with the number'18'.It is associated Jyeshtareflectsthe meaning Beingthe 18h nakshatra, with the 18thcard, of Lunarenergy.The tarot imageassociated the culmination considered scenewith two dogshowlingat two towers, called"TheMoon",depictsa night-time appropriately while A full moonhangs above on the horizon, regionbeyond. whichform a gateway to a mysterious relates darkimagery to crawlout of a smallpoolin front.Thispredominantly is attempting a crayfish of the subconscious. workings with the hidden to a finalconfrontation fears,illusions and pitfallsof the dark confrontthe mysteries, It is Jyeshta's task to constantly of thingsthrough hasto bringorderintothe scheme Jyeshta realms of the left handsideof nature. whento let naturetake its The catchhere lies in knowing forces. the right useof the elemental godslike Agni (fire deity)and courseand whento intedere.Indra, alongwith the otherelemental in terrestrial affairsthroughconfronting (waterdeity),is alwaystrying to keepthe balance Varuna Thedanger here nature's funtionings. tryingto disrupt forces, whoare repeatedly the darkdemonic functionings. Thisis the of the Universal understanding liesin folly,whicharises out of an improper pointwherethe next nakshatra, of Universal Mula,takesoverand triesto gaina root understanding functionings.


Td Bundy, the famousserialkiller,hashis Moonplaced in Jyeshta. Hischaracter bringsout the negative sideof Jyeshta. Al Pacino, the Hollywood actor, who hasplayed manycop,mafiaandfather figureroleshashisascendant lord placed in this nakshatra. J.Krishnamurthi, philosopher, the celebrated hashis Moonplaced in this Nakshafa.Despite the manygoodthingsin his message, Jyeshta stubbornness comes out whenhe refuses to looktowards anythingbeyondmaterial,for arrivingat a completeuniversal understanding. It is interesting to notethat he suffered serious throbbingpainin his headfor mostpart of his life. Thiswasa resultof hisconscious effortto not payattentionto his internalpsychic processes happening atthe kundalini level.

Misceffaneous :
According to Varahamihira, gives"anangrydisposition, Moonin Jyeshta few friends,lustfr:lness, contentment and a senseof responsibilty".


lf. fyfula O"O' - tl"Zo'$agiftarius


- 13020' (00000' Sagittarius Sagittarius)

rn tfu SKy ,
Mula,the first amongthe last nine asterisms, consists of a bunchof nine stars,which were seen by the ancients asforming a shape simibrto a lion's tail.These ninestarsareknown in modern astronomyas Lambda-Scorpionis (Shaula),Epsilon-Scorpionis, Mu-1-Scorpionis, Iota-1-Scorpionis, Theta-Scorpionis, Eta'Scorpionis, Zeta-korpionis, lGppa-Scorpionis & tJpsilon-*orpionis (Lesth). Allof thesestarslie in the end portion of the astronomical constellation of Scorpio, but astrologically theyformthe partof the signSagittarius. Theirlocation corresponds to the centerof the Milky Way whichcan be easilyseenstretching across likea white riverin the nightsky.Whenwe lookat these starsin the nightsky,we are basically looking towards the centreof our galaxy. Shaula and Lesath, having visual magnitudes of 1.53& 2.68respectively, are studded together and form the brightest paft of this asterism.

"Mula"translates into "the Root","the Center" or "the Innermost Core".In our view, nothing reallyneeds to be saidaboutthis asterism's natureand functioning after its meaning is revealed. Mulais straight,directand doesn'tlike to beataboutthe bush.However, we nevertheless haveno option but to carry on with our dissection of its roots.


: Syrnhot
the word'roof Its mainsymbolis a'tied bunchof roots'.Bothits nameand symbolemphasize lies of our galaxy to the'root'ofevefihing.Thefactthatthe centre relates literally andthisasterism to the with getting deals rulerKetu, thisasterism Justlikeits planetary the sameidea. in it conveys that this In the treesand plantsrootsare usuallyhidden,whichmeans of everything. bottom/core etc. The tied events,motives,propensities dealswith all kindsof hiddenthings,realms, nakshatra aspectof this asterism' the restrictive bunchof rootsalsosymbolizes to something Thisnakshatra alsorelates in the word'rooted'. meaning Theterm'rcot'hasanother Its symbolalso to the actionsof this nakshatra. properlyrooted.This givesa strongfoundation to one. Ketu,as we know,is the one who storespast or tying up what belongs meanscollecting the ones ripe enoughto be experienced karmasand releases !n the presentlife. It can help one in fulfillingone'sgoal in the present tools from the past,whichone requires collectthe necessary in a meaningful oneputtogether Mula thushelps of tiedroots. bythesymbolism life.Thisissuggested in pastlives. way one'stalents,whichhavedeveloped ' Mulahasa the earth'ssurface, realmsbeneath into the unseen Justas a tree! rootspenetrate

Ardra,(which Alongwith its counterpaft or unknown. into thingsunseen fot to do with investigation all sense of inquiryamongst anddeepest Mulahasthe strongest in the zodiac), liesdirectlyopposite the nakshatras. systemslike Ayuruda, roots of variousplantsare usedfor medicinal In ancientmedicinal In the sameway,Mulaalsorelates with makingmedicines. purposes, thus Mulais directlyassociated under like viruses,bacteriaetc. Just like everything ie. micro-organisms to the root of diseases, to the nakedeye. jurisdiction, are invisible thesemicro-organisms Mula's andlimitation. Asa result, an ideaof constraint the factthat the rootsaretiedsuggests Finally, one delve and makes awayof energies Mulaoften doesnot allowtoo muchfreedomor scattering in comparison to the In fact Mulais the mostpinpoinbdin approach deeplywithina limitedsphere. other nakshatras.
r-; ;i. lii


Its presiding deity as per Vedictexb is the Goddess of dissolution and destruction knownas 'calamity'. Nritti, a name which translates into She is supposed to be the daughterof Adharma (unrighteousness) and Hima(violence)and the motherof Mityu (death) and Bhaya (fear).Some textsalsomentionNritti as a destructive demon,and sometextssee her as Alaxmi,the opposite of Laxni (gddess of wealth, abundance ard prosperity). In light of the above,it is not hardto seethat this is not a very pleasant nakshatra. However, werythingis not doomandglmm with this nakshatra. Afterall, it liesin the luckiest among the signs Sagittarius, whichin turn is ruledby the greatest benefic Jupiter. In the author'sopinion,Mulais a very powerfulnakshatra, evenon the materialplane.It can giveworldly prosperity status, etc.Theonlythingis that it usually takesit all awayfromthe native in question at somepoint.This, however, is not uncommon in the sensethat deathtakesawayall thesethingsfrom everyone anyways. Nrittishouldn't be seenasa goddess of povefi, misfortune andcalamity. In fact, her nakshatra represents the peakof material achievement and the beginning of the spiritual impulse. Mulais the 19h nakhatra and '19' is a very luckynumberfor all typesof material achievements, Just like lGli, the fierce form of Paruati,her destructiveaspectis alwaysconstructivein some promotes sense. Hernakshatra non-violence and all othersuchvirtuesaftera properunderstanding hasbeenattained.

A{ature d functioning :
primaryapproach Mula's to life is to get to the root of things.It is a relentless nakhatra which willstopat nothing untilit hasexercised its will.Obviously notall natives under a strong influence of Mulaarethisextreme, buttheydo try to fullyuUlize whatever willpower isavailable at theircommand.


that havelosttheirvalue. It is a very It is in Mula's nature to quickly cut out anddestroy things its actions in hindsight. Onlywhenits will impulsive nakshatra. Muchmoreoftenthannot,it regrets way.Thestruggle will,doesMula function in a wiseJupiterian between is in tunewith the Universal is at is peakexpression. individuality and universality reaches its peakhere,as individuality in Magha andculminates in Mula. The begins in Aswinllionizes Theprocess of individualization Having said individual seeks experiences beyond the domainof ego and selfcentredness. completed however, Mula natives, are unableto this, Mula is still quite a proud and haughtynakshatra. this is a goodthing,as their abilityto In somecases, comprehend their own powerand abilities. and othersis restricted by their ignorance. inflictdamage uponthemselves functioning sidecomes fromthe negative of Ketuin its loweraspects. Its dreadful anddemoniac breedego, This can sometimes It is a powerful asterism whichcan give dominion and lordship. Rauana and demoniac actions. and vanityand arrogance whichcanleadoneto performabominable respectively, and Mahabharafa are associated characters in Ramayana l6msa, two mainvillainical influence harassing aftergaining Theystarted and killingwithoutdiscrimination with thisasterism. as it followsthe nakhatra knownas Jyeshta cangivepowerandinfluence, Thisasterism and power. This asterism relatesto the the heightof materialaccomplishment. which signifies or the Eldest, conquered the materialrealm. stateafter one hassuccessfully its capacityto take heavy Amongthe body parts, it relatesto the feet, which emphasizes just as the feet take up the loadof the body.As suggested by the symbolism of tied responsibility, whichhavedeveloped in past way one'stalents, in a meaningful roots,it helpsone put together non-violence and protects the good.It is also it maysound bizarre, it alsopromotes lives. Although powers or helpsthosein needin suddenmagical whicheitherconfers magical a magical nakshatra, gives way.It is usually triumphant in a blazing explosive ways. Thisasterism bothgoodor badresults doestake placeat somepoint of time. in all sortsof wafare, but a downfall noses, earsand thicklowerlips. haveprominent to the ascendant Natives with Mularelating as attractivein the generalsenseof the word, even thoughthey havea They can't be classified peculiar in the caseof highlyevolvedsouls.It is usuallyquite easyto spot magnetism, especially


Mulatypesin a crowd.Theyusually display one form of arrogance or otherin their dealings with others. go handin handin Mula's Sarcasm, boldness and reservedness patterns. behavioural There is a tendencyto overtly dramaUze or underplaysituations.Mula nativeshave peculiarways of lookingat any givensituation, whichoften putsthem at oddswith thosearoundthem.A degreeof over-eagerness is seenwhen it comesto takingdrasticactions or measures to resolve situations or problems. Their special talentliesin getting to the rootof anymatter at hand without anyunnecessary beatingaboutthe bush.However, this straightforward, directapproach landsthem in tnouble when their judgementis skewed.

Mo[p of furctioning :
Mula is considered to be an Active nakshatra. Mula is essentially a seekeron all planesof existence. Just like the sign Sagittarius, it is very proactive in this seeking. It is its activenature whichmakesMulamorescaryin comparison to the otherdemonicand tamasic nakshatras. As we havediscussed earlier, Muladoesn'twastetoo muchtime in converting thoughtsinto actions. Since rllost of Mula'sactivities like deathare feared,not manypeopleare able to creatively harness its activeenergies.

It belongs to the Butcher caste.Thisobviously is in reference quality. to Mula's destructive It is Mula'sjob to cut away anythingwhich has outlivedits usefulness. There are differenttypes of butchery eg. a mancuttingup animals in an abattoir, Kalicuttingoff demon's (referto the heads image) or an ascetic cuttingoff his desires and attachments. Obviously we canseethat thereis a sense of rightandwronghereand not all butcheries are bad.Death,whichis essentially cuttingthe cord betweenthe astraland physical body,is a kind of universal butchery which in a way is a liberating process. and regenerative


the neutralaspectof Mularepresents As far as genderis concerned, It is a Neutralnakshatra. and sometimes as a male seenas a goddess deity is sometimes Ketu.This is why its presiding demon.After all, the centreof the galaxyand the root of all thingscannothavea genderbias.

: tso{ypartsU trtunor (Ayuruedic Constitution)

its capacityto take heavy Amongthe body parts it relatesto the Feet,which emphasizes to the left sideof the just asthe feet takeup the loadof the wholebody.It alsorelates responsibility, torso, is liketryingto this classification Tryingto understand It is a primarily'Vata"(airy) nakshatra. Pitta(fiery)nakshatra the natureof a blackhole.OnewouldexpectMulato be a primarily understand try and give a small We will however with Ketu,Jupiterand Sagittarius. its connection considering here: explanation of tothe pnna (astrallife force)in the body.Theprocess TheVatahumoris directlyconnected dividingline betweenlife and death.SinceMularelatesto only the root is the essential breathing processes, it hasto relateto the Vatahumor.

Direction :
Northeastand East. Howeverit is mainly It is related primarilyto Southwest,NorthWest, with the "cenFe"or the "middh"' connected

(Qwrters) : estras
ruled fallsin AriesNavamsa 00o00' -3o20' Sagittarius Thefirst padaor quarterof this asterism and probes.Thesecan take placeon by Mars.This pada relatesto all types of deep searches The in question. statusof the naUve uponthe evolutionary materialor spiritualplanesdepending


outlookhereis hopeful and optimistic if Ketuis well placed. A certaindegreeof enatic egotismand selfcentredness canbe noticed whenthis padais working throughits loweraspect. Planets, especially Moon,when placedin this padaare supposed to be harmfulfor the wellbeingof the father.Sun, Jupiter, Marsand Ketuare sfong here. padaor quarterof this asterism The second 30 20' - 60 40' Sagittarius falls in Taurus Navamsa ruledby Venus. This padahas both occultand materialimplications. It can makeone hardworking while pursuing material objectives. This sameresoluteness and tenacityis seenwhen planetshere concentrate on realms beyond material. A certain creative sparkis seenwhenit comes to arts,music pursuits. andotherVenusian Planets hereusually causesomesoft of strifeand obstacles. Theygive bad resultsfor the mothert well being.Jupiter, Mars,Moonand Venusdo well here. The third padaor quafterof this asterism 60 40' - 10o00' Sagittarius falls in GeminiNavamsa ruledby Mercury. Thisis the wordplaypada.In a waythisis the mostlightamongst padas. Mula's The focus here is on communication, wordplay and relationships. Mula'sneed for dominionis transferred onto an intellectual plane.At their best, planetshere can createa balancebetween material and spiritualvalues.This padais generally againstmoneyand materialacquisition of any sorts.Affiictedplanetsherecan causedire poverty'. Jupiter, MercuryRahuand Ketucan give good resultshere. Thefourth padaor quarterof this asterism 10o00' - 13o20' Sagittarius fullsin Cancer Navamsa ruledby Moon. Thisis the mosttumultous padas. among Mula's There's a constant struggle in trying to bridgethe emotional realmwith other planes. The emotional natureis too easilydisturbed in this pada.The best optionfor the nativesunderthe stronginfluence of this pada is to sacrifice their emotions for highergoals.According to ancient texts,this padais harmfulfor the general wellbeing of a nativeand somepropitiatory rites are requiredto harness its energyproperly. Jupiteris the planet whichis mostconducive for channelling the energy of this pada.


lhofusioru :
poisons, shots who administer and othersuchpeople Doctors men,Healers; Medicine Shamen, Judges; and Investigators; Police Officers;Detectives Preachers; Dentists;Ministers, and vaccines; Astronomers; & Genetics; in the fieldsof Microbiology especially Researchers, Hitmen& Soldiers; involving All professions Orators& PublicSpeakers; and thosewho performAutopsies; Morticians in Thoseinvolved & @ntrarians; etc. ; Debators RockMusicians abilltylike MassLeaders, oratorical Wrestlers; Homicide etc. ; Bodyguards; likecarrots,potatoes & Rootvegetables Roots Herbs, Selling & Black Voodoopractitioners Aghoras), Tantra(especially Thosepractising squads;Politicians; Agitators; Golddiggers& Treasure Professional Mathematicians; Physicists; Nuclear Magicians; Ascetics; Astrologers; Psychotherapists; in Equine Sports; &allthoseinvolved Trainers Horse Hunters; investigation of any kind;Professions involving All professions Industry; Coal& Petroleum Mining; activities. involving destructive

Pfaru :
& othersuch rainforests herbs arefound;Dense wherespecial regions Deser6;HighMountain subterranean lakesetc; Hidden Bottomof oceans, places; likeAntaftica; Frozen deserLs inaccessible Big islands & places; suface; Smallisolated the Earth's core & all layersbeneath caves;Earth's and Grounds Courts& other couttsof justice;Abattoirs;Cremation Supreme institutionbuildings; Drought Wargrounds; AgriculturalWasteland; Rituals; to Death & Death connected Places Cemeteries; with the abovementioned connected All places havetakenplace; calamities wheremass areas;places professions.

: guno ('Esserce) on[ tattwa (Ekment)

aspect of nature. to the darkand passive that it relates in the sense Itis a Tamasicasterism paranoia, of Ketu's fearsetc. , whichfall in the domain all softsof confusion, Thus it can 6;tuse and intoxication. It alsodealswith all typesof smoking signific:tions.


It belongs to the Air element. Thisis againa puzzling classification, as Mulais moresffongly connected to fiery planets and signs.Since the air elementis directlyconnected to the Vatahumor, the readers can look up in the BodyPafts& Humorsection for an explanation.

jana $ype) :
It is a Rakhas or demonic nakshatra. It is a powerful asterism whichcan give dominion and lordship. Thiscansometimes b'reed ego,vanityandarrogance, whichcanleadoneto do aborninable and demoniac actions.The two Titan kings,who are the main characters in the two main Vedic historicaf texts, Rauana and l6ma, are associated with this asterism. They startedharassing and killingwithoutdiscrimination, after gaininginfluence and power.
,;5:+ .,t. *:

Orientation U Dbposition :
It is a Downward nakshatra. Sincerootsgrowdowninto the groundand not upwards, it makes sensethat Mulais classified as a downward nakshatra. Mula,as we know,has energywhichis always tryingto movetowards the centreor innercore.It involves digging, whetherit be fur earthly beasures likegoldor petroleum, or moreimpoftant thingslikeenlightenment. It is a Hard,Sharpand Dreadful nakshatra. Its sharpness relates to the sharpand often harsh way Ketufunctions. This relatesmoreto the destructive aspectof Ketu.Sometimes sharpness is necessary to initiatean impoftant change andwakeus up from our sleep.It is an intensenakshatra whichinitiates spiritual transformation. For understanding its hardand dreadful side,all one needs to do is lookat its image.

{.uaor MontfrA Daq :

It relatesto the secondhalf of the lunarmonthof Jyaistha, whictrusually falls in June.


& Chatufthi(l$ & 4s tithis or days)of the waxingand Mufais also relatedto the Prathama monthlycycle. of the Moon's waningphases

Arupiciotu Artiuitir^s:
gathering together involving gettingdownto the rootof a matter;Activities Anyactivityinvolving forcefulness and dynamism; requiring peopleetc; Singing, oratoryand all activities of knowledge, and other agricultural for planting,gardening Suitable herbs& medicines; Goodfor administering work, buyingand sellinghomes; construction for houses, for layingfoundations activities;Suitable Goodfor getting even by cutting the for adventures; sexuality;Favourable Goodfor expressing on Favourable for meditation & self-assertion; self-exploration for contemplation, chase;Favourable like into occult realms& study of sciences death and fierce deities llke lGli; Goodfor iniUaUon astrology.

Inruspiciaus Actirtitits :
tact, diplomacy;Not good for initiationsor Doesnot favour any activity involvingbalance, Especially unfuvourable ceremony; for marital pertaining matters; Unsuitable to materialistic beginnings in general. transactions money and financial or lending for borrowing

lPfanetary fu.hr :
Being a of Jupiterand Ketu.Ketuis the mainrulerof this nakshatra. the energy Mulacombines potentialof Ketu. Ketu'sdestructiveness is asterism,Mula relatesto the destructive destructive Ketu transformation. or a spiritual a newbeginning that it eitherinitiates in the sense benign always It is alsoa planet and actions. impulses of all thoughts the root underlying is the planetsignifoing things causes of visible aswellasthe invisible realms intothe unseen andinsight whichgivesaccess or events.


Jupiter's involvement with this nakshatra makessurethat transformations underMulahappen for the better.Althoughit may soundbizarre,Mulaalso promotes non-violence and protectsthe good. It is a magicalnakshatra, which either confersmagicalpowersor helpsthose in need in sudden magical ways.Ketulosesmuchof its powerto givebad results whenassociated with Jupiter in any vyay.In its negativeaspecthowever, Jupiterian energycan foster and expandthe wildly destructive and.idiosyncratic tendencies of Ketu.Mulais a strongenergy, whichcan eitherproduce sageor a demonic a benevolent enUtywantingto conquer everything. Mula's fieriness relates to the fiery aspectof Ketu.Ketu,as we know,is a predominantly fiery planet. Through thisasterism it givesbothgoodor badresults in a blazing explosive way.Its fierinecs makes it favourable for warandothersimilar activities. It is usually triumphant in all sortsof warfare generals but a downfall doestake placeat somepointof time. Mostprominent and militaryleaders planets placed haveimpoftant in Mula. AdolfHitlerSchart is a glaring example of the negative ramifications of the combined functioning of Jupiterand Ketu.He is one of the few people to haveJupiter-Ketu conjunction in Mula,which powerinherentin this nakshatra. allowsfor a complete expression of the tremendous It is Jupiter's task to guidethe Ketuenergyin a wiseand beneficial way.This is usually only achieved whenthe properlyin a nativity(in Hitler'schaft Saturndidn't energies of Jupiterand Saturnare harmonized aspectthe Jupiter-Ketuconjunction, for an uninhibited allowing expression of the darkerdemonic energies of Mula). Jupiter-Ketu conjunction carries Mulaenergy. A well placed Sun,Marsand Jupiterdo well in Mula.Ketualmostalwaysgivessomeeltreme idiosyncratic tinge to the naUve, despitebeingvery strongin its own nakshatra.

'Iloanfs an[ A[pftabe* :

The first padaor quarterof this'asterism 00o 00' -3" 20' Sagittarius conesponds to "Ye"as in Yale.


padaor quafterofthis asterism 3o 20' - 6o40' Sagittarius corresponds to "Yo"as in Thesecond Yoga. corresponds to "Bha" Thethirdpada or quarter of thisasterism 6o40' - 10o00' Sagittarius as in Bhang. 10o00' - 13o20' Sagittarius corresponds to "Bhe"as Thefourthpadaor quarterof thisasterism in Bhesh. its mantras alphabet Mula corresponds to "Na","Pa"and"Pha" consequently are In the Sanskrit "OmNam","OmPam" and "OmPham".

: Sereuttype and Co.nryatihifity

hounddog, ratherthan a Scottish terrior Its sexual animalis a Dog.It is moreof a howling (pfease with Ardra,the other dog nakhatra. referto the image).It is mostcompatible please referto the tableson pages 457 Forsexual & maritalcompatibility with othernakshatras & 458.

Esoterb :
journeyof the soul.It whichsymbolizes the spiritual Mulais the first amongthe asterisms (the 18b Nakshatra), series of asterisms whichis the lastamongthe second dealing foflowsJyeshta Eventhe two Titan kings,Rauana and lGma, and accomplishments. with materiafinvolvement pathafterthey weredefeated in batUe by the two incarnations of werefinallyinitiated on a spiritual Wshnu, Ramaand Krishnarespectively. nakshatras, fromthat of the previous in the whichMulabrings aboutis different Thespirituality In spiritual terms,thismeans that Mulasettles for that Mulagoesfor the'root'of everything. sense (universal soul). Mula goes about this nothingless than the absolutemergerwith Paramatman


process throughmanyextremeways- sometimes it discards everything usingthe principle of Neti Neti(not this, not this)' At othertimes,it goesfor accumulating powerin the three lokas immense (heaven, earthandthe netherworld). It then misuses this powerso that rootdeitieslike Vishnuhave to personally intervene. In this interuention liesthe key to its salvation. The third way relatesto the goddesslGti. on this path Mula goes after and destroys the demonsand negativities within, without procrastination or mercy.Oncethis is done onlyattwa remains and liberation is just a mereformality. Through this path Muladevotes itselfto beinga tool of the universal mind, rather than beinga waywardrebel.The lifestoryof Anjaneya (commonly knownby hisother nameHanuman), an incarnation of Shiva and a devotee (an incamation of Rama of Vishnu),reveals the true spirituality of Mula. Mufa's association with the centreof the galaxyrelatesitto Bnhma, the creatoramongthe Trinity'Mulathus derivesits powerfrom this understanding of the originalprocess of creation. Beingthe 19h nakshatra, it relates to the number19.'19'is seenas a solarnumber. which '19'has signifies bothbeginning andcompletion. the power to stand before thespiritual.sun, because it hasgonebeyond the mundane lunarfunctionings, whichreachtheir culmination in the number '18" It is its association with the number19 whichgivesMulapowerand prosperity on a material plane,even though its presiding deity Nritti is supposed to be averseto materialabundance and prosperity.

Qotra (Cettstiat Lineage):

This nakhatra is relatedto the SagePulasthya, one of the sevencelestial sageslookingafter the affairsof our galaxy'The nameof this sagetranslates into "havingsmoothhair',.pulasthya appears to be a two sidedsage.Hislightermorebenevolent sideis expressed throughhisconnection with Mrigashiraand llttaraphalguni,while his connectionwith Mula andpuruabhadrapadareveals a destructive aspectconcealed underneath the benignposhexterion


: fume[iat
from bad Forthosesuffering

the bestremedial to this nakshatra, from afflictions resulUng

on deathin all andmeditation Contemplation Rudra. of fiercedeitieslike Kaliand is worship measure of Mulaenergy' uUlization its forms leadsto constructive - "Om Nam","Om Pam"and "Om Pham"108 Ofthis nakShatra mantras Ofthe rOOt RepetitiOn lunar month, is sure to reduce and in its corresponding times when Moontransitsthis nakshatra can be Jushsva" life. "OmEshteNirateBhagastam into a person's and bringenlightenment zuffering with Mula'sfirst three padas. recitedto cure the bad effecb associated the persons can also increase from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra who are benefiting It is helpfulfor them to weara milture of black, good effectsthroughthe abovementioned.ways. lunarmonthandthe dayswhen or earthtones.Theyshoulduseits directions, red & goldencolours actions. all important MoonbansitsMulato undertake

Titan king and sorcererof TretaYuga(SilverAge) was born with his the mightiest Rauana, he gained texl, "Ramayana'f in the famoushistorical in Mula.As narrated lordSunplaced ascendant $rlia. aimedat pleasing powerand lordship overthe threeworldsthroughhardpenances immense with the root levelthrougha closeassociation ThisshowsMulat abilityto gainpoweron a universal of Mulaenergyand met his and unwiseaspect bashful fell preyto the haughty, forces.He however the / end as a villianin the handsof Rama, of Vishnu' incarnation

presiding overuniversal deities of the llh Rudra(celestial incarnation Anjaneya,the Hanumanor was born with Mularising.His power TretaYuga, in monkeyform in the abovementioned afFairs) whichin hisUme offeredit to righteousness, selflessly but he always eventhat of Ravana surpassed Rama, by abovementioned was represented


According to Vanhamihira, Moonin Mulamakes one "haughty, richand happybesides givinga fixed,luxuryloving and compassionate disposition".

20. furvu"h.du

I t" Zot - 26'+0' $agittaius


- 26040' (13020' Sagittarius Sagittarius)

In tfu Skgt
Puruashadha, the pinnacle of Venusian energy,is represented in the celestial firmamentby. (KausAustralis),Delta-fugittarii three bright stars,knownin modernastronomy as Epsilon-Sagittarii (KausMedia)& Epsilon-fugittarii (KausBorealis). All of thesestarslie in a line (with a slightdeviaUon) in the middleportionof the constellation Sagittarius. Thesestarscan be spottedeasily, as they are located closeto the MilkyWayas it stretches like a white celestial river across the night sky.Kaus Australis, having a visual magnitude of 1.81,is the brightest among thesestars. Ancient Vedic seers sawthesestarsas formingthe shapeof a handheldfan.

"Purvashadha" translates into "the Former Invincible One"or the "Former Unconquered". Its name,like its successor, concentrates on the basicattribute of this asterism- invincibility. The alternative namefor Purvashadha is 'Apanjita", whichtranslates into "undefeated". We can seeUEt thb namegoesalongthe samelinesas the morecommonly usedname.


with the shapeformedby its stars,a In congruence

'hand heldfan'

A fan can havefour uses:is the mostfamoussymbolof this asterism. cultures' item popularin Japanese/Oriental 1. As a decorative downin hot conditions' 2. To cooloneself 3. To fan up a fire. 4. As a maskto hideoneself. In Venusian aspectof this nakshatra. Its first use relatesto the showy,gliEy and glamourous the status.Thisconveys wasdirectlyrelatedto social the ancientOrient,the type of fan onecarried it to all nakshatras before in comparison It findsitselfsuperior of this nakshatra. aspect superiority realm in the Venusian achieved of perfection ones.The superiority Venusian the earlier especially dependon the soul levelof the nativein question. will however is abilityto get throughhardtimes.Fanning to this nakshatra's use corresponds The second with all kindsof is oftenassociated heat.Thusthis nakshatra against an act of aggression essentially arises. whenever the oppoftunity and aggressive It is patientin adversity activities. aggressive aspect abilityto keepa thinggoing.In its negative to this nakshatra's Thethird usecorresponds energy aspectit is an inspiring In its positive or overexpansion. as exaggeration this may manifest nakshatra. andexpansive Asa resultit is a veryexpressive howto keepthe fire burning. whictLKnows

personality feelings, facts,informations, to conceal ability to thisnakshatra's Thefourthuserelates its enthusiasm andbubbliness to conceal whichlikes nakshatra, etc.It is in a waya shyandsensitive to and whenit begins Onlyafter someinitialreluctance from the outsideworldas muchas possible. : : gain confidence doesit showits true colours'



;.; -r'i



A'winnowing grainof husksiis an alternative basket usedfor ridding symbol, whichmoreor lessconveys the abovementioned meanings for a winnowing fan. Thissymbolbringsout the aspect of this nakshatra relatedto uncoleringhiddentalents.This nakshatra is capable of shedding outer, unnecessary obstacles in orderto bringout the usefulpart inside. This may relateto people, places or things.

Deity :
goddess An obscure by the nameof Apahis the rulingdeityof this nakhatra. "Apah" translates into "water".Verylittle is knownaboutthis goddess, as the surviving vedictexts don't mentionher name much. However, her obscuritymakessense,when seen in the light of the fact that this nakshatra hasa mysterious, hiding,secretive and shy qualityaboutit. Apahcan be equated with the oceangoddesses of othercultureslikeAphrdite, Astaftesetc. It is interesting to notethe "Aph"similarity in the names "Apah" & "Aphrodites". Theyseemto share the samerootsas the nameof the originalcelestialocean"Apas'lEvenPurvashadha's alternative name 'Apanjita" seems to havebeenderived from the sameroot. "Apa"is still the namefor water in manylanguages aroundthe worldand manyof the ancients sawwats as the invincible elenent. "Apah" goddess and "Aphrodites" are bothVenusian figurines and can be seenas the female counterpafts of the male oceandeity "Varuna". Both of them can be seenas part reflections of Laxmi,the universal goddess of prosperity. Laxmiis the spouseof Vishnu, the overseerof the celestial waters whichsustain our universe. The image of Vishnu and Laxmi sittingon a snake bed on top of the oceanof celestial watersis an imagewhichis directlyrelatedto this nakshatra. The 'churningof the oceanlegend'(refer to the author'spreviouswork 'The Rahu-Ketu Experience" SagarPublicationsfindia, "TheKeyOf Life" LotusPress/uSA) in whichvarioustreasures cameout, signifo potential the productive of Apahas a goddess. Hernegative sideis reflected by the deadlypoison that cameout as a resultof the churning. Apahrelates to the churning whichgoeson inside eachoneof us andthe goodand badthingswhichcomeout as a result.


of in the natureand functionings is reflected approach invincible enticing, Her flambouyant, is often cruel and harshin her puruashadha. forces,Apah,though benevolent, Likeall primordial personality. Purvashadha ways,whichagaincan be seento hold true for thosehavinga prominent like real love derivesits higherqualities visionis whereVenus all-embracing Hergrand,all-inclusive, andthusthe realaimof this energy of Venusian is the pinnacle from.Purvashadha andcompassion pointof view. at leastfroma Venusian levelof awareness, is tq ggt to an all-encompassing nakshatra The knownas mermaid. now commonly seacreature to the mythical connected Apahis closely enticing, mysterious, beautiful, sensitive, likevain,alluring, withmermaids qualities associated usually to as well' It is interesting to this nakshatra canbe applied fteedomlovingandadventurous musical, wrotea songdedicated risingon hisAscendant), with Puruashadha notethat J/miHendrix(amusician titled "1983,A MermanI shouldturn to be", He also wrote lines like "Blueare the to mermaids " waterstakenfor granted,they quietlyunderstand. lifegiving this nakhatra hasfor water'In and reverance the sameconcern folKaleillustrates A Welsh to her who hadspentthreedayswith moftalson dry land,uponreturning that folk tale, "a mermaid kith and kin, was askedwhat she had seenamongstthoseon land. She replied,"Nothingmuch, as to throw awaythe very waterthey boil their eggsin' " exceptthat they are so ignorant

Afature 6 funttioning :
is its intense apart from all other nakshatrcs which sets Purvashadha The one characteristic feelsthat it hasthe abilityto comeout on top in wherever that'it can't lose'.Puruashadha conviction with this attached As we haveseen,there is a strongnotionof invincibility its energies. it direcbs of Don Quixote. character at timeslikethe famous be misplaced Thisnotioncan however nakshatra. - leaps of faith,ambitiousness, with the signSagittqrius associated readily Mostof the qualities - usuallystemfrom the nature philosophical zeal,wanderlust spirit,wild exuberance, adventurous does but its optimism nakshatras, of this nakhatra. It is oneof the mostoptimistic andfunctionings readyto bideits time untilthe wind blowsin its favour. It is always not havethe tingeof impatience,


It is completely by setbacks and doesn'tponderon failure.At timesthis is a negative undaunted quality,in the sensethat it hardlyever learns from its mistakes. haveunrealistic Manya timesonefindsthat natives underthe stronginfluence of Puruashadha in the horoscope. hopes, thereareotherbalancing factors Forexample, ambitions andgoalsunless AdolfHitler,who has Moonplacedin Puruashadha, stafteda war with unrealistic aimsway beyond Purvashadha hasa straightfonruard the powerof hlsarmyand resources. driving"just do if'type of energy, whichdoesn't always takeevefihing into account, especially the feelings and concerns of thosearound them.Thismakes this nakshatra an insensitive oneandevencruelin somesituations. This is why this nakshatra is associated with declarations of war and othersuchactions whichbring aboutdeshuction followedby sorrowand regret. It has a cautious sideto it in that it is dow to jump into new thingsand experiences, but once thingsare set in motion,it is the type whichalmostalwaysendsup goingoverboard. At their best Purvashadha natives arean inspiration to thosearound them.In theirpresence onebegins to realize that the universe natives is not sucha bad placeafter all. Purvashadha usually havea freshand uniqueapproach to things,whichhasthe powerto instilllife into the heart and mindsof thosewho are not as bfessed. Jyesflnis unhappy it doesnot knowthe rootof things.Mulamakes because one find the root andthe centre, but it is only Purvashadha whichholds the keyto joy and happiness, after the centrehasbeenfound. Puruashadha is the nakshatra whichcanbe mostassociated with thejoy of living. Thisdoesn't meanthat Purvashadha nativescling onto life like Ashlesha natives.It is just that they like to live eachmoment to itscomplete fullness withouta carefor the pastor the future.Theyhavea nonchalant attitude towardsmiseryand thus are never phasedby adversecircumstances. Obviously much depends on the overall toneofthe chaftaswell,butthe basic energy of Purvashadha is to shrugoff just likea fanshrugs adverse circumstances offthe misery caused by heat.Aswe cansee,Purvashadha has a strongdesireto live a good life and so the nativesunder its influence are alwaystrying to improve their circumstances. It is usually seenthat Puruashadha natives havelittleformaleducation


in orderto enjoytheir circumstances unpleasant or generally and often haveto risefrom depravity for them. is the mainconcern of circumsbances "goodlife". Improvement their goals.At timesthis oncethey haveachieved Theyare the kindswho liketo be exuberant areonlyacting natives the Puruashadha but in mostcases to otherpeople, rlay seemlikea show-off of Jupiter on the refinement show-oft. Muchdepends out their innernature.Theyare born natural itself. expresses and Venusin the cfrart in terms of how their exuberance artisticway of lookingat things.Theycarrya certain hasa pleasant, Purvashadha In general, proudand serious on their faces,but are ever readyto breakinto a smileor laughter. expression tell of an eye.Youcan'talways in the twinkling fromjovialto serious 63nchange Theirdemeanour Theycan be honestat timesbut they alwayslike their innerthoughtsfrom their outer expressions. just as the oceangodsand goddesses liketo havea mysterious secret, to keepa partofthemselves which reflectsthroughtheir way about themselves touch about them. They have a flambouyant is that they of Puruashadha and their work. One markedcharacteristic communication dressing, anduniversities. out of schools dropping andareoftenseen don'tfarewellat formaleducation usually shakti"- the powerto to "varchograhan relates of things,Purvashadha scheme In the universal below.This imagery has strengthaboveand connection Its symbolism bring about invigoration. standsfor. Just as potentialof the watersof life, which Purvashadha the rejuvenation emphasizes batheus consciousness in our dailylives,the watersof cosmic crusesa renewal the bathingprocess away' are washed so that mostof our soul levelhufts and confusions internally

Modz of functionW
purvashadha It is very unlikelyfor a Purvashadha nakshatra. to be a Balanced is considered are Jupiterand Venus,as planets, even in their n1?sicpursuits. themselves, nativeto overextend activityin the samewaythat Sunor Marsdoes' attituderegarding not knownto havean extreme


It befongs to the Brahmin caste.Thisis one of the mostevidentclassifications as puryashadha is onlyrelated to the two brahmin planets, Venus andJupiter. Purvashadha hasa tendency to go for the most cushypositions or modesof existence available at any giventime. In today'stimes, Puruashadha wouldrathertakeup the brahminical profession of beinga rockstartodaylpurvashadha likesto maintain its position at the top of society and havea luxurious existence with the minimum of effort.

It is a Female nakhatra.Thisobviously relates to its ruling deity, Apah,being feminine, andthe factthat Venus is seenas a predominantly planet. feminine

tsodyparts(t t{umor (Ayuvedb Corutitution) :

Thighsand Back(from neckto waist)are the bodypartsrelatedto this nakshatra. It is a primarily "Pitta"(fiery) nakshatra. This classification relatesto purvashadha,s location predominantly withinthe pitta signof Sagittarius. We havealready talkedaboutthe fiery aspectof this asterism.

Directinn : It is relatedprimarily to the directional arc rangingfrom noftheast to southeast, via east.

(Qmrters): Potras
Thefirst padaor quarter of thisasterism 13o20' - 16o40' Sagittarius fallsin LeoNavamsa and is ruledby Sun.Thispadarelates to the proudand confident sideof Purvashadha. Thespiritual urge


placedhere like to bring by a strongsenseof ethics.Planets is strong here and is accompanied relatedto them. limelightin the issues fallsin VirgoNavamsa 16040' - 20" 00' Sagittarius padaor quarter of thisasterism Thesecond A lot of aspectof this nakshatra. alchemical to the intellectual, This padarelates ruledby Mercury, accomplishment. or material of greatspiritual here,butthereisalsothe promise hardworkis required Venus,planetsplacedhereaid one'scareerin one way or the other' Barring falls in LibraNavamsa 20o00' - 23" 20' Sagittarius The third padaor quarterof this asterism sideof this nakshatra. Venusian to the easygoing,luxuryloving Thispadarelates ruledby Venus. Navamsa hard.Thisis a Pushkara the fruitsratherthan working hereis on reaping The emphasis pada and barringSun, planetspositedhere give good materialresultsand promoteall types of partnerships and group relatedactivities. Navamsa fallsin Scorpio 23" 20' - 26" 40'Sagittarius Thefourthpadaor quafterof this asterism aspectof this hiddenand mysterious secreUve, ruled by Mars.This pada relatesto the haughty, posited perversity. Planets greatoccultwisdomor material Hereinliesthe two extremes, nakshatra. and foreignaffairs' hereare good for occultattainments

: {Profusioru
Industry; Shipping Marine LifeExperts; Personnel; Navy Sailors; Mediums; & Psychic Hypnotists Stars;Professional Industry;Rock professions; Entedainment & Hostesses; Hosts Professional Fishing Managers of all types; Philosophies; of Motivational & Preachers Teachers and Inspirers; Motivators liquids;Refineries; especially processing poets,Writers, raw materials All industries Aftists,Painters; jumpers; Para HairDressers; Experts; Fashion Designers; Costume Experts; & Weapons WarStrategists Herbalists; Beauticians; transpott; to civilian profession in regards especially Flying HotAirBalfoonists; in all its forms. with waterand liquids parks;All professions associated Thoseworkingin Amusement


Qfncu :
ports;shipping yards;Temples; oceans;Lakes; Aquarium Parks; Swimming Pools; Docks, Boats; HighClass Estates; Air ports;Luxury Islands & Hotels; Beauty Salons; Amusement Parks; Art Galleries; Music Conceft Halls;Places wherepompous gatherings functions & highsociety are held.

anf,Tattuta (Efzrunt) : Quna ('Essenre)

It is supposed to be a Rajasic nakhatra. This fits well seeingits planetary ruler,Venus,is a primarily planet.Purvashadha Rajasic is a worldlyenergyin the sense that it cansatisffone'sdesires on a materlalplanethroughrelentless activity. It is a suckerfor the goodthingsin life. It belongsto the Air element.We have to go backto the fan imageryto understand this classification. In at least two of its functions,fan requiresthe involvement of air. Whetherit is fanningthe fire or alleviating oneself ftom the heat,the air element @mesinto play.Afterall it is air whichkeeps the fire burning and Purvashadha is a nakshatra whichis mostadeptat keeping the fire burning.

$ana (Typd '

It is considered a Manusha or humannakshatra. Justlikethe humanrace,Purvashadha is a mixedup nakhatradisplaying an e)dreme spectrum of goodand bad qualities. Its humanquality makes it veryinterested in terrestrial affairs.It is no wonder then,that 70o/o of ourplanetis madeup of oceansand 70o/o of our bodiesare madeup of water.

Ori"entatint d Disposition :
It is a Downward Looking nakshatra. Justlike Mula,Purvashadha relates to all thingswhichare hiddenfrom view.Whenwe lookat our bodies, we can't reallyseethe waterin them, eventhough they are 70olo water.Purvashadha's rulingdeityApahis supposed to resideunderthe surface of the


or underthe surface to hide,which makesit a downward tendency ocean.It is Purvashadha's of Purvashadha' Onehasto divedownto pickup the pearls nakshatra. is associated seen,Puruashadha Aswe havealready (fierceandsevere) nakshatra. It is an tJgra withouta naivete of acting of war.It is Purvashadha's likedeclarations with all typesof aggressions It is quitea volatile nakshatra. it a dangerous whichmakes or repercussions, carefor consequences actions on with its severe whichis very hardto controlonceit hascaughtfire. It presses nakshatra, the futility of them' evenafter it hasrealized

Lunar Montfr U Da4 :

' corresponds to late Thismonthusually to the first halfof the lunarmonthof Ashadha. It relates

lune in the solarcalendar. puruashadha 13u'tithi or day) of the waxingand waning is also relatedto the Trayodashi( cYcle' phases of the Moon'smonthlY

AttspicinusArtitities :
enemies andopposition Confronting stance; a strong Taking courage; whichrequire issues Facing others andinciting to war; Inspiring Going debts; Settling andforgiveness; with reconciliations along goalsand actions on the mental,spiritual, one'senergies, and revitalizing into action;Renewal into natureand sportingactivities; exploration planes;Adventures including or physical emotional connected to water; and activities pioneering; over water,visitingwater places Travelling Creative goddess energies; female Worshipping strategies; boosting Confidence andotherwatersports; Sailing Decorating oneself Aftisticpeformances; off; Actsof bravery;Goodfor equineactivities; Showing & occultinitiations/attainments; sites;Spiritual ancient it up; Visiting to spice or one'ssurroundings sexual activity;All activities and invigorating Goodfor marriage activities; for agricultural Favourable to its Professions' connected


Inuupitioru Actiuitits :
for activitiesrequiringtact and diplomacy; Not a time for calm reflection;Not Unfavourable goodfor endings futureor higherstep up the ladder;Not the endingpromises a brighter unless goodfor landjourneys. especially

9fanetaryfo.kr :
Venus is the mainplanetary rulerof Puruashadha . Venus reaches its highest individual energy (its peakexpression however as a planetin this nakshatra comes throughRevati, whereit reaches maximumexaltation). Puruashadha is the powerand purityof the childlike mind,whichis represented by Jupiter in the form of faith and wonder.It is the child which standsbeforethe universe. It is the powerof renewed life that nevergrowsold. That is why Mercurythe etemalyouth, is intimately associated plane on the esoteric with thisnakshatra. Wherever thereis Venus to bringbacklifefromthe dead, thereis Mercury it. Thecombination behind of MercuryVenus andJupiter is the Alchemist's secret. (27h nakshatra). Alchemy first takesplacein this nakshatra its completion beforereaching in Revati Purvashadha is the initiateof the occultmysteryschools, Jupiterin this casebeingthe studentof Venus and Mercury. hasto be blessed Everyone by Venus and Purvashadha to enterthis school. Therefore Mercury has to functionwell with Vcnusin a horoscope for any type of real occult attainments. In general Mercury-Venus, astrological terms, Jupiter-Venus, Jupiter-Mercury-Venus conjunctions carryan energysimilarto that of Purvashadha. Mercury-Venus & Jupiter-Venus exchange alsocarry Purvashadha energy. Besides Saturn, all planets usually do well in Purvashadha. afflicted, Unless evenSaturnwould do well in its 2nd and3'dpadas.


: iloank andA[pfia.hets
corresponds to "Bu" as in The first padaor quarterof this asterisrnl:lo 20' -16o40' Sagittarius Bootis. padaor quarterof this asterism 16040' - 20o00' Sagittarius corresponds to "Dah" Thesecond as in Dahl. conesponds to "Bha"as 20o00' - 23o20' Sagittarius Thethird padaor quarterof this asterism in Bhatt. conesponds to "Dha"as 23" 20' - 26040'Sagittarius Thefourtr padaor quarterof this asterism in Dharma. its mantras corresponds to "Ba" consequently are "Om In the Sanskrit alphabetPurvashadha Bam".

: Seryattype and Compatihi[ity

it very playfulin regards to sexual activities. It is most Thismakes animalis a Monkey. Its sexual the other monkeynakshatra. compatibfe witt Shravana, please referto the tableson pages 457 compatibility with othernakshatras Formarital& sexual & 458.

lEsoteric :
(whichwe cttn in a dream.A goddess Afl of the matterwritten belowcameto my wife Vela, presume secretbehindthis Nakshatra. the esoteric to be Apahor Laxmi),revealed 'The'lifegivingwaters'ofPuruashadha sought after is the'elixir'oflife,the keyto immortality the initiateof the ancientmysteryschools mysteryschools. In this nakshatra, in the Alchemical energy,it is the ultimate of Venusian the bride of heaven.Beingttre highestexpression becomes


unionwith whatis above. Whenonehears the shadowy echoes of the ancients through the wallsof their ancient temples, one is listening to the voicesof immortality inherent in Purvashadha, that whichliveson after death.Whensomeone listens to the feedback of Jimi Hendrix3guitar, (who has Purvashadha rising on hisAscendant), oneis againlistening to the immortality aspect of thisnakshatra. '2' represents This is the 20h nakshatra. Venusand the harmonising of two elements or two '0' signs. is the humberof completion and infinity. Puruashadha is thus the infinityaspect of the Venusian energy. Purvashadha is the harmonising of Mercury/Venus and Taurus/Gemini, the two signswhich form the gatewayto the constellation of Orion.'2' relatesto the secondsign of the zodiac Taurus and'3' represents Gemini, the third signof the zodiac. Thisis why thosewho are bom on the 23h day of the monthcarrysomeof this Purvashadha energy.Mrigashin,the constellation which liesacross theTaurus/Gemini axisalso carries some of Purvashadha's energy.'2'is thefeminine goddess energy, represented by the Moon.Sheis the 'Tsis"mysIery,the High Priestessinlhe Tarot deck,the revealer of secretsand possessor of thosesecretsunrevealed. Thesesecretsbelongto the high initiates of the ancientmysteryschools. This is why Mercury's role with Purvashadha is hidden fromview.Thishiddenroleis seenby the fact Gemini is placed opposite the signof Sagittarius in the natural zodiac. Theseventeenth cardof theTarotdeckknown as "The Star",relates mostclosely to Puruashadha's energies. The femalefigure in the card expresses eternalyouth and beautyand she poursthe watersof life from heavenonto the earth.The motto of this card'watersof life freely'speak for itselfin regards to its relationwith Purvashadha."

Qotra (Cetutiot Lineage):

Thisnakshatra is relatedto the SagePulahu, one of the sevencelestial sageslooking after the affairsof our galaxy.The nameof this sagetranslates into "connector of space".puruashadha,s relationship with connectivity canbe gleaned from the adhesive and connective rolewaterplaysin our bodies'Purvashadha relatesto the sameconnecting forcewhichholdsspacetogetherin muc6 the sameway as it holdsthe waterdroplets togetherin the form of an ocean.


fume[ial :
to thisnakshatra, the bestremedial from afflictions from badeffectsresulting Forthosesuffering deitieslike Lalitaand Tripurasundari. Laxmi,andother Venusian is to worshipGoddess measure - "Om Bam"108timeswhen Moontransitsthis Repetition of the root mantraof this nakshatra suffering and bringenlightenment lunarmonthis sureto reduce nakhatraandin its corresponding life. into a person's can also increase the from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra who are benefiting Persons goodeffects ways.It is helpfulfor themto wearornateanddecorative throughthe abovementioned pastel garments Mixtures of white,lightpinkandlightblueare colours. andjewelleryin variegated go well with the energyof Purvashadha. Oneshoulduseits directions, colours ideal.All psychedelic to undertake all impoftant actions. Purvashadha lunarmonthandthe dayswhenMoontransits

lord Mercury heroine French of the 15h century Joanof Arc, hasher Ascendant The fegendary signVirgo.Mooncarries the in Mercury's placed Moonplaced and her atmakaraka in Puruashadha, child.The lordof Puruashadha, qualities her the VirginSaviour making of this nakshatra, childlike her nameliveson after death. ensuring Venus, the 12b lord, is placedin her 8b house,

"makes one havea lovingand proudspouse Moonin Purvashadha to Varahamihira, According 'a and steadyin friendships". whilethe nativeis of prouddisposition



* b"


zt. O*ar."h"d.

- lo"oo' (apficom 26"10' $agih+adus


(2604o'Sagittarfls- 10000' Capricorn)

In tfu Skyt
lJttarashada, the pinnacle of solar energy,is represented in the celestial firmamentby four bright stars,whichthe ancients saw as resembling an elephantt tusk. In modemastronomy they are knownas Sigma-fugittaii('Asella), Tau-Sagittarii, Phi-Sagittarii&Zeta-Sagittarii(Nunk).The51four starslie in the end portionof the astronomical constellation of Sagittarius. However it must be notedthat thisasterism's influence extends intothe first ten degrees of the zodiacal signof Capricorn as weff . Nunki,havinga visualmagnitude of 2.07,is the brightestamongthem. According to the legend, thesestarscorrespond to the celestial areawherethe godlyforces got theirfinalvictoryover the demonic forces.

"Uttarashada" translates into the "LatterInvincible Ohe"or the "LatterUnconquered". This meaning reveals the crux of this asterism, whichhas moreto do with the term "final victory"than anyotherasterism. It alsoreveals that it formsa pairwith its predecessor Rtruashadha, in the same way as Puruaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni form a pair.


'elephant's tusk'.The tusk is the most prizedpaft of an elephant's Its primarysymbolis an guardthem.Researchers of their tusksand zealously very conscious are usually Elephants anatomy. the to do with who becomes havefound that the type, colourand sizeof the tusk has something issues. hasa lot to do with leadership tribe. It followsthat Uttarashadha leaderof an elephant - fighting' purpose for onlyone practical to elephants the tusk is useful Beside ornamentation, actionslike has a lot to do with aggressive Uttarashadha Purvashadha, lust like its predecessor, form a pair and some and Uttarashadha Purvashadha earlier, of war. As mentioned declarations as well. Theyseethe left tusk for Purvashadha as a symbol regardthe tusk of an elephant scholars as belongingto Rrmshadha and the right tusk to Utarashadha. of royal were known,they were usedas symbols In most ancientcultureswhere elephants during to rideon elephants Indra,the kingof the gods,weresupposed including All kings, insignia. therefore,hasa directrelationship evenduringwarfare,Uttarashadha, processions and sometimes is the mostimportant In a way,'responsibility' it entails. and all the responsibilities with kingship for this nakshatra. keyword It signifies of penetration. as a symbol tusk is alsoregarded an elephant's reasons, Forobvious a certain It alsoconveys penetrating mentalinsightandthe abilityto enternewfieldsof endeavour. and a go aheadspirit. senseof fearlessness

Deity :
means Universal Vishvadevas asthe TenVishvadevas. known hasten rulingdeities uttarashadha "Truth","Willpower", beingstranslateinto - "Goodness", Gods.The namesof theseten celestial 'Time","Desire", It is clearthat all these "Brightness" and "Peak". "Ancestors", "Firmness", "Skill", of the primaryvirtuesof the original, and are representative ten gods are extremelybenevolent the word "good"in of all that represents spark.Theycanbe saidto be the guardians divine,creative all that is good and benignon Q9rplanel the universe.In the sarneway, Uttarasfndharepresents


All the qualities expressed throughthe namesof the Vishvadevas find expression through Uttarashadha. This is what sets Uttarashadha apart from Purvashadha, even though most of qualities Purvashadha's andfunctionings apply to it aswell.As a result of qualities likewillpower and firmness, Uttan*radha hasfar greaterpermanence than its predecessor. It is easyto see that all thesequalities are borneout of honestintrospection, whichmakesUttarashadha moreintrospective in comparison to the extroverted, flambouyant Purvashadha. It is interesting to note that one of these gods is named"Ancestors". This must relate uttarashadha to traditions (seeMagha). aswellasonet forefathers Uttarashadha isthe first nakshatra whichtries to encompass the qualities (Dhanishta of all its predecessors andReuatt do the same). One can associate will power with Ardra and Krittik4 skilfulnesswith Hasta and Cltifr*4time with BharaniandAnuradha;desirewith Bharani,Rohini,Mrigashira andAshlesh4Goodness with Aswini Purnavasuand Pushyq,Truth with Uttaraphalguni Firmnesswith uttaraphalguni, Vishakhaand lyestha Ancestorsto Magha; Brightnesswtth Rohini, Mrigashira,Pumaphalguni and Chitr4 asfi Peakwith Mula and Puruashadha. Ganesha, the elephant headed God,is the final presiding deityof this nakshatra. Ganesha is the only deity with an elephant's head.ihe story behindhis gettingan elephant's head revealsa lot relatingto Uttarashadha's (referto the Esoteric essence Section). Ganesha is alwayspoftrayed as havinga full right tusk and a cut left tusk.Thissymbolises that Uttarashadha hasa morecomplete and coherent energyin comparison to its mate Purvashadha. Ganesha can thus be seenas being strongly connected to bothAshadhas. Ganesha is seenas the "Lordof Beginnings" and "Remover of Obstacles" and hisblessings aresought in all beginnings. Uttarashadha therefore relates to all kinds of beginnings. It is seenthat activitiesstartedunderthe positiveinfluence of this nakshatra are blessed with success and permanence.

A@tured functionirq :
qualities Many of Magha's likeelegance, traditionalism, authority andrespect for couftesies are similarto Utbarashadha. However, Uttarashadha has a more positive,introspective and enduring


It givesa talent for their advice. who maybe valued of verygoodqualities It showsa person aspect. and It is a verypractical to completion. themthrough and seeing new enterprises fur commencing orientated and achievement pioneering type of energyas most of its quaftersfall in the practical one adhereto orderand makes with structures, very concerned It is a nakshatra signof C-apricom. conformist. and sometimes whichare seenas respectable and behaviour activities valuesand a desireto for traditional showsa deeprespect with the ancestors It's assotiation influence on this nakshatra the Saturnine and life. However in one'sbehaviour thesevalues advocate It just as the piercing tusk suggests. of the elephant's symbol can makea pe6on rigidand harsh, lines.Spiritual and for anythingwhichdoesnot follow normalrespectable can showan intolerance to life'sproblems solutions philosophical are directedtowardsfindingpractical motivations rvhich candefeat is oneof the few animals the mongoose, of thisnakshatra, animal Thesexual standsfor' of all that Ashlesha can be seenas the very opposite a snake.In a way, Uttarashadha relationship), thereis openenmity eachother(6h / 7h / 8h house opposite Since they are placed or for underhanded has little tolerance This nakshatra thesetwo nakshatras. and warfarebetween that suggests in its own way and its symbol is cunning the mongoose However influences. deceptive or complo< and cleverin finding wayst0 forge aheadin difficulL dangerous one is courageous towardsor attract tend to gravitate of Uttarashadha Natives underthe stronginfluence situations. levelit makes oneverydetermined Ona spiritual a lot of challenges. in lifewhichrepresent situations one'strue soul nature. to piercethroughthe veil of illusionto uncover shakti"- the powerto relates to "apradhrishya of things,lJttarashada scheme In the universal those to achieve goalsaboveand the strength hasachievable give permanent victory.Its symbolism is that this strength The only thing wofth mentioning goalsbelow.This imageryis self-explanatory. with the aboutdueto an alliance whichcomes strength but the collective strength, is not personal righteousness tryingto establish and unselfishly of good,whenone is wholeheaftedly forces higher over unrighteousness.


Modeof ftmtioning :
Uttarashadha is considered to be a Balanced nakshatra. Thisselfevidentclassification doesnot require too muchcommentary. A centreis needed for anykindof balance andUttarashadha, amongst all nakshatras, relates mostclosely to this centre,from botha universal perspective. and personal It is saidthat the "roadto excess leadsto the palaceof wisdom",but one must remember that this palace of wisdomhas balance as its foundation,

It belongs (warrior)caste.This nakshatra to the Kshatriya is mostlyconcerned with attaining a placeof positionor strengthin society. As we havealreadyseen,it relatesto leadership and the rulingcfass. According to Manu(the lawgiver for our planet), all kingsand leaders cameunderthe khatriya caste.Uttarashadha hasbrahminical tendencies, but they oftenseemto manifest withina kshatriya framework, A goodkingis akinto a sage,but is still not a sage.In factJanakisthe only eafthlyking to havebeenawarded a brahminical title (referto the Vediclegend 'TlreRamayana').

Qen{tr :
It is a Female nakhatra.Thisclassification defiesall common sense as all of Uttarashadha's rulingdeities and planetary rulersare male.Theonlyway we c:rncomprehend this is by considering the fact that all the ten goodqualities are seenin a femininelight in Vedictexts.Vedictexts regard all qualities as beingpaft of "nature", whichin the end is considered principle to be the feminine of the absolute.Uttarashadha is a nakshatra which has moreto do with the benignfunctionings of Mayaratherthan the mab observeresspnce of the Absolute.

BodypartsU Humor (Ayulefic Constitution):

Thighsand Waistare the bodypartsrelatedto this nakshatra.


(closely with this nakshatra) associated Elephants It is a primarily"l6pha" (watery)nakshatra. which is is a constitution, of the kaphahumor.Kapha to be the mainrepresentatives are supposed of earth and a little bit of the water elemenLThe earth elementis derivedfrom the combination lies in) and the little bit of water providedby the sign Capricom(which most of Uttarashadha (partof Uttarashadha Jupiter's sign). fallsin Sagittarius, by Jupiter is provided element

Direction :
and east. to south,west, nofth-east It is relatedprimarily

lPadas(Qurters) :
Navamsa fallsin Sagitbarius 26" 40'- 30o00' Sagittarius Thefirst padaor quarterof thisasterism of this pada. arethe hallmarks and o<pansiveness confidence and is ruledby lupiter.Righteousness, of this pada.It hassupreme the energies through whenone is working impossible Nothing seems pada and a navamsa Beingboth a pushkara and understanding. faith in its ability,knowledge results.Sun,Jupiter,Marsand pada,planetsplacedheregive strongmaterial/spiritual vargottama potenthere.Jupitergivesthe best results. l(etuare especially i

Navamsa fallsin Capricorn pada 00o00'- 3o20'Capricorn of thisasterism or quarter Thesecond of one'sthoughts, expression and material hereis on concretization The emphasis ruledby Saturn. of this padacircle placed of steel.Mostof the issues plansand desires. heregive nerues Planets in the outerworld.It is the goalrather andhowit is expressed aroundone'sownselfand personality to worldliness or attachment attention Anexaggerated important here. whichbecomes thanthe means of Marsand Saturnhavethe abilityto bestutilizethe energies can be noticed. and powerstruct'tres thispada. Navamsa falls in Aquarius 30 20' - 5o 40' Capricorn The third padaor quarterof this asterism or material whetherit be knowledge here is on accumulation, ruled by Saturn.The emphasis here of familycan be noticedin this pada.Planets possessions. to the concept A strongattachment


givegood resultsif one workstowardsone'sgoalsthroughinvolving otherpeople. Groupand team workareessential for the proper functioning of this pada.Rahu, Mercury andSaturn feelcomfortable in this pada.Saturngivesthe strongest results. The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism 6o 40' - 10" 00' Capricorn falls in Pisces Navamsa prowess, ruled by Jupiter.This pada promotesphysical short travels,courageand philanthropy. There'sa constdnt conflictbetween materialand spiritualvaluesas the nativestrivesto achieve a balance. In the presenttimes,moreoften than not, materiality praails. Planets placedhere give abundant energyfor pursuing one'sgoals.Moon, Marsand Satumseembest equipped to handle the energies of this pada.

lProfusinu :
Preachers, (of an ethical Priests; Counsellors; Astrologers; Lawyers nature); Judges; Government officials; professions; Psychologists; Military Professions; Equine Pioneers; Explorers; Wrestlers, Sword fightersand other combatsports;Athletes; Elephant trainers;Business Executives; Organizers; Defense Industry;Authority figures of all types;Teachers; Guards, Highclass Servants; Birdwatchers & enthusiasts; BodyGuards, Security Personnel; Rangers; Hunters; Construction Industry; Cricketers; (as good as they get in the presentday and age); All professions HolisticPhysicians; Politicians requiring a sense of responsibility and ethics.

Prairies; Flat Savannahs; Mountainous Forests; NationalParks;WildlifeSanctuaries; Bird Sanctuaries; Reseruations; Government Buildings & Grounds; Courts;Temples, Churches and other religious buildings; Universities; College Campuses; Military Bases; Traditionalistic Towns & Citres; EliteGentlemen Clubs & Societies; Sports Stadiums; Cricket Grounds; All professions mnnected with the aboveplaces.



: anf tattan (Efement) ff-ssence)

natureof this nakshatra to be a gttwicnakhatra. The sattwicand benevolent It is supposed

the TenVishvadevas' throughits rulingdeity, canbe seencleady with the airy planet must relateto its connection Thisdefinitely to the Air element. It belongs whichhasmoreto Uttarashadha, element. air is the mostall encompassing Besides ether, Saturn. framework to manifust andjustice,hasto havean all encompassing equality do with responsibility, its ten goldenqualities.

QanaEWd '
The fact that its rulingdeitiesare knownas or humannakshatra. a Manusha It is considered is one of the commonterms usedfor terrestrial coupledwith the fact trat Vishua Vishvadevas, wiilt humanaffairson the of this nakshatra involvement the intensive affairson our planeqreveals associated the ten qualities anddevelop It is saidthat onecanonlytruly understand realm. earthly are likedemi-gods that a lot of astralbeings in a humanbirth.It is for this reason with Uttarashadha conditions. undersuitable vyingfor earthlyincarnations

Orientotion d Dispositi"on:
are considered All upwardnakshatras Soodfor thingswhichgrow or It is Upwardnakshatra. underthe positive commenced that all activities progress over time. We havealreadymentioned permanence. Anotherway of grow in leapsand boundsand achieve of Uttarashadha influence takesits cuefrom up above. lookingat it is that Uttarashadha whichcanbe considered If thereis anynakshatra nakshatra. or permanent) Itis a Dhruva(fixed withthecharacter associated In factallthe qualities it is Uttarashadha. of permanence', asthe.doyan are the sameas those of Vishnu), Dhruva(son of a demonking who was an ardentworshipper in the pole star was knownt Dhruvatara In honourof this character, to Uttarashadha. belonging


Vedictexts. In the samevein, one can understand that Uttarashadha is the pivot of good qualities aroundwhichthe gameof lifu revolves.

Lunar Montfr U Day :

It relates to the second half of the lunarmonthof Ashadha, a periodwhichuzually falls in late Julyin the solarcalendar. Uttarashada is alsorelatedto Purnima (15th tithi or FullMoonday) of the waxingphaseof the Mmn's monthlycycle.

Auspi^cioru Actiaitizs
Planning newbeginnings; Laying out plans for anything; Initialplans for anyactivity; Beginning thingsanew;Laying foundations; All spiritual/religious activities & rituals;Putting one'saffairsin order;Activities great discemment requiring and correctjudgement;All typesof Business affairs; SigningContracts; Promotions; Actingauthoritatively; ArtisticVentures;Marriage; Sexual Activity; Entering a new residence; dealing with authority; Public, Politicalor Legal matters; Oneof the best nakshatras for initiatingany kind of activity.

InauspiciousActiaitits :
Unfavourable for travel; Not good for concluding matters/endings. Uttarashadha is generally goodfor evefihing exceptcommitting unlaMulactivities. Unethical, rude,impehrous and primiUve behaviour is not allowedhere.

Sunis the mainplanetary rulerof thisnakshatra. Thesolarprinciple, whichwasbom in Krittika, reaches ib zenith in this nakshatra. Theoretically it is sufficeto saythat the Sundoesnot exist after


a peakin this reaches It meansthat the soul'sabilityto effectits surroundings this nakshatra, will and tunedwith the universal will is completely the individual aspect, In its highest nakshatra. The of egoandselfishness' the involvement plane aretakenwithout on a worldly thusallthe actions humanlawsbut to the senseof right and wrong whichis requiredhere is not relatedto personal is sacrificed the egoand individuality where mind.Thisis the nakshatra divinelawsof the universal for the sakeQfthe greatergood. Jupiterand Saturnhavea and Capricorn, lies in the signsSagittarius Sincethis nakshatra with it. We can notethat Jupiterand Saturnalsorule the four padasof this strongrelationship and Saturnsignifiesmoderation Jupiterand contractive of expansive The combination nakshatra. paft of this nakshatra, it is in the Capricorn debilitation maximum reaches practicality. Jupiter Since or expansiveness is not suitedfor too muchhope,idealism, that this partof the nakshatra implied The not words. for action, this is the place language, In simple and rituals. displays outerreligious to universal world according the material practical action,whichtakesplacehere,shapes concrete laws. similar carryenergies conjunctions & Sunfupiter/Saturn Sun/Saturn Sunpupiter, lupiter/Saturn, can aspect, fromtheirhigher operating unless Venus andJupiter, Mercury Planets to Uttarashadha. whenplaced All planets partof this nakshatra. in the Capricorn if placed makeonetoo materialistic will is working the individual unless idealism, andmisplaced to excessive are prone in this nakshatra, is of this nakshatra underthe influence errorone makes will. Every with the universal in harmony wodd' the material to influence of this nakshatra capacity dueto the enormous magnified,

'lowek andAtpftabets :
to "Be"as in conesponds 26040' -30o00' Sagittarirs The first padaor quarterof this asterism Beth. to "Bo"as corresponds 00o00' - 3" 20' Capricorn The secondpadaor quarterof this asterism in Bohemian.


The third padaor quafterof this asterism 3o 20' - 60 40' Capricorn corresponds to "Ja"as in Jardine. Thefoufthpadaor quarter of thisasterism 26o40' - 10o00' Capricorn corresponds to "Ji"as in Jimi. In the Sanskrit alphabetUttarashadha corresponds to "Bha",consequently its mantrais "Om Bham".

Serynt'lype m"dCampatiSi[ity :
Thesexual animal related to thisnakshatra is the Mongoose. Uttarashadha is not verysexual in the first place,which is clearfrom the fact that the mongoose has no compatible sexualanimal amongst the otlcr nakshatras. To put it simply, sexuality is not Uttarashadha's domain. Forsexual & maritalcompatibility with othernakshatras please referto the tableon pages457 & 458.

Esoteric :
Thelegend of the birthof Ganehacarries withinitselfallthe tragedy, valour, divinity, esotericism, enforced sacrifice, renewaland regeneration inherentin Uttarashada. In shoft the story goes like this:"Paruati $eated a mindbornesonand instructed himto standas a guardand not to let anyone in while she was bathing.Her husband Shiva,returning home,was barredentry by parvati's son. Shivahad not seenthis boy beforeand did not know who he was, and the boy in turn did not recognize Shiva.Harsh wordswereexchanged and a battleerupted.Shivacouldnot defeatthis boy and had to retreat.He felt humiliated after beingdefeated by a merechild and soughtthe help of Vishnu andother Godsto defeatthe child.


finally to defeathim.Vishnu were unable all of the Godstogether In the bat1ethat ensued, shouldfight with the boy from the front, while he flew from cameup with a plan that someone theorywasthat the boy couldn't take the maceout of the boy'shand.Vishnu's behindto stealthily wasableto cut the untilthe macewastakenout of his hand.Theplanworked,as Shiva be defeated the mace' (celestialeagle) snatched Garuda vehicle headwith histridentas soonas Vishnu's boy,s cameto know of his death and the mind borneson she immediately Sincehe was paruati's all the Shaktis enragedand summoned whofestory flashedbeforeher mind'seye. She became to createhavocon Vishnu,Shivaand the rest of the Gods.The (feminine forces)of the universe haywireand all the Godswere scaredout of their wits. Vishnu whole creationwent completely quickly. Thiscouldonly was not appeased if Parvati wouldcollapse that the wholeuniverse realized be doneif the boy was broughtbackto life. on earthand bringbackthe headof the first thing they to descend the Gods Vishnuinstructed the with its head.Vishnuand Shivaattached and swiftlyreturned saw. They saw an elephant Parvati's angersubsided him. Finally whichresurrected headto the trunkof the boy'sbody, elephant's 'Ganeshai into'the whichtranslates The boy was named and order was restoredin the universe. first beforeany otherGods." leaderof all tibes', and was gii,enthe boonto be worshipped the to the ancients relatesto the number21. According As the 21* asterism,Uttarashadha sacral to the seventh refers obviously of theMagl.The'Crown'here Crown 21 is called'The number see it as a The Pythagoreans centre,ghastrara, which is the final restingplaceof the kundalini. 3 and 7, We knowthat thereare numbers of the two sacred it is a multiple numberbecause special through withinour astralbodies whichcarrythe lifeforce Sushumn4 lfu, Pingalaand threechannels of thesethree channels of the passage the sevensacralcentres.21 can be seenas a summation physical, on all levels, to perfection relates therefore Uttarashadha centres. throughthe sevensacral spiritul. mentalryrd the wholeearthly Deck,the 21d card is "TheWoild",whichis seento represent ln the Tarot perfection and finality It alsorepresents and diversities. planeof existence with all its complexities


rulingdeities, with Uttarashadhars perspective. Wecaneasi! relatethis symbolism from a universal of the World". "TheTenLordsor Overseers

Qotra (CettstiatLineage):
sageslookingafter the is relatedto the SageKratu,oneof the sevencelestial This nakshatra others In a way,inspiring into"the inspirer". The nameof this sagetranslates of our galaxy. affairs setsexamples for othersto follow. as its own goodness of Uttarashadha, is oneof the mainfunctions we can inferthat he hasa similar only with benignnakshatras, Sincethe SageKratuis associated rolein celestial circles.

fromafflictions to this nakshatra, the bestremedial from badeffectsresulting Forthosesuffering of wisdom. and bestower of obstacles the remover measure is worshipof Ganesha, - "Om Bha"& "Om Bham"- 108timeswhen of this nakshatra Repetition of the root mantras lunarmonthis sureto reduce suffering and and in its corresponding Moontransits this nakshatra life. into a person's bringenlightenment the can also increase from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra Persons who are benefiting yellowand for themto wearall orange, goodeffects ways.It is helpful throughthe abovementioned lunarmonthand the dayswhen Moon light bluecolours and whites.Theyshoulduseits directions, all impoftantactions. transitsUttarashadha to undeftake

risingon his Ascendant. He exudedthe ten was born with Uttarashadha SwamiVivel<ananda qualities rulingdeities throughhis personality and works. with Uttarashadha's sterling associated

Misceffmuous :
According to Varahamihira, those born with Moon in this nakshatra are "modest,graceful, grateful,fortunate,abideby dharmaand havemanyfriends".

ZZ. $hravana

lO"oO'fapricom -Zr"ZO, (aprlcom


- 23020'Gpricorn) (10000'C-apricorn

In tfu Sky t
Shrauana, the apexof lunarenergy,is represented in the celestial firmamentby three bright starsin the constellation knownas Aquila(the Eagle). In modernastronomy thesestarsare known (Altair), Beta-Aquilae as Alpha-Aquilae (Alshain)& Gamma-Aquilae (Tarazed). Thesethree starscan be seenhuddled together on top of the constellation of Capricorn. Altair, having a visual magnitude of 0.93,isoneof the brightest objects in the nightskymaking Shravana a veryeasily visible asterism. According to the puraniclegends, thesestarscorrespond to the three stepstakenby Vishnuinhis Vamana-auatar.

9r{g:me: "Shravana" translates into two very unrelated terms- "hearing" and "the one who limps".The limping meaning is in obvious reference to Vishnu's threesteps(please referto the storybelowin the Esoteric Section); while"hearing" aswe shalldiscover, formsthe cruxof whatthisasterism is all about. Its alternative nameis "Ashvattha", a term usedfor the sacredPipattree(FicusReligioa).In vedic texts, this tree is alwaysgiven extraordinary significance. It is worttrwhile to mentionthat Buddhareceived enlightenment meditating underthis tree.


: Sytrtot
One is a for this nakshatra. Thereare three main symbols 'row of three unevenfootsteps', by its constituent stars.These image,are represented which as we can see from the nakshatra's the purpose of which to be taken by Vishnuin one of his incarnations, three stepswere supposed to the godsandearthto of the heaven throughthe restoration orderin the universe wasto establish the esoteric aspectof this storyin moredetailwhen we discuss We will discuss the humanbeings. intelligence lawthroughwhichthe cosmic canbeseenasthe threefold These threesteps thisasterism. andthis threefold law in threemodes Nature, as we know,operates maintains orderin the universe. relatesto the three interactionsbetweenthese modes. thisasterism's whichonceagainreiterates symbol of thisasterism, A'tridenf is the alternative of communication and knowthat'3'is the number Mostnumerologists connection to the number'3'. This is why all ancientcultureshad for establishing orderin the universe. is the energyresponsible affairs. for overlooking universal three maindeitiesresponsible directlyfrom whidt we canseeis derived for this asterism, usedsymbol An'ear'is a commonly aspectof this asterismis thereforemorefocusedon listeningthan its name.The communication Toemphasize thisaspect, some anything. is the oneandonlywayonecanlearn Listening speaking. imagethe The readercan seethat in the nakshatra's three earsas its symbol. wise men assigned was orallytransmitted and so tree is'full of ears'.In the ancientIndianVedictradition,knowledge qualityan individual could the mostimportant became (shruti),the powerof listening, automatically is availabbtoday in its that Vedicknowledge possess. of theseoral transmissions It is because in pristinestate. Fromthis we can conjurethat this asterismhas a lot to do with preservation, influence in their with the natureof the signit fallsin. Whena nativehasa strongShravana keeping can safelyadvisethat personto learnto listenmore to others,or pay the astrologer horoscope, in life. attentionto one'sinnervoicein orderto grow or progress


Deity :
Vlshnu, the preserver amongthe Trinity,is the main presiding deity of this asterism. His relationship withthisnakshatra is already established fromthe symbolism andmythology associated with this nakshatra. It is because of this strong relationship with Vishnu that this nakhatragets its strongorganizational ability, whichis normally associated with the signCapricom. In keeping with Vishnu's nature,this nakshatra likesto bringorderthroughtact and cleverness and in manya case, through anywhichwaypossible. It allows oneto be ableto listen, assimilate andcontemplate on a problem to arriveat the solution.LikeVishnu, this asterism doesnot believe in hurrying with and is readyto sit and wait urtjl the tine is ripe. Saraswati, the goddess of learning, is alsostrongly associated with this nakshatra, eventhough veryfew scholars acknowledge this fact.Thisnakshatra is not all aboutlistening. It is alsorelatedto speech andthe abilityto put learning into words.Someone hasto speakfor someone to listenlrhis relationship with Saraswati connects this nakshatra to the useand studyof languages, musicand fascination for all mediaconnected with education. ']; a things

Afature (t functbning :
Ona positive level Shravana is an amicable nakshatra, which triesto be reasonable andkeepits peace with its surroundings. It is calculative, but in its higher expression this calculativeness does not haveselfishmotivations' Evenits stubborn, unyielding natureis directed towards a highercause in its positive aspect. It is a persevering nakshatra whichdoesn'tliketo leavethingsin the middleor undone. This is probably the reason why it is saidthat any activitystarted always in $j9,1,arcfratra reachits completion. used for purelyselfish means. Its powerto listen, learnand teachmeaningful thingsis usually lost in gossip, backbiting and manipulation. Since it is a verygoaloriented nakshatra, it becomes dangerous whenits goalsare unwholesome and unethical. Narrow-mindedness is one of the strongtraitsto In its negative aspect,all its qualities like perseverance, shrewdness and knowledge are

352 toningdown of requires This nakshatra of this nakshatra' functionings emergeout of the negative a dangerwith is the onlywayto learn'Thereis always withoutpreconceptions the ego,as listening born learnthe rightthings'A person maynot always underits influence that a person this nakshatra they keep' shouldalwaysbe very carefulof the company of this asterism undera stronginfluence fall preyto deception caneasily Thenative withShravana' attached foolhardiness some Thereisalways and bad advice.
"1 t;' :.ii3;

and knowledge universal relatesto acquiring this asterism In its highestlevel of functioning, very strong powersof It usuallybestows apptyingit to bring about order in the materialworld. to such and effortlessly comenaturally Oratoryand otherformsof lecturing and sagacity. erudition hasbeenusedfor abilityof this nakshatra times,muchof the organizational In the present natives. to all formsof mediaand in today's is connected ends.Thisasterism and degenerative destructive influences' liesand devoluting falsehood, world mostof the mediais usedfor propagating It hasa very business in publicdealings' whichrevels activenakshatra is a socially shravana If this nakshatra is its primaryobjective' cordiality to things,eventhoughmaintaining likeapproach well mannered cunning, in theirapproach, to be mature is likely the person is risingon the Ascendant, rigidity' and Saturnine is a mix of Moonysoftness with an alert look' The appearance and receptive In the at puttingothersat easequickly' andareskilled cleverin conversation are usually Suchpeople a whole lot of time on the telephone! presentday and age, most of them can be seenspending upon will listenmoreor speakmore,depends of this nakshatra whethera nativeunderthe influence one will tend if saturnis positedin this nakshatra' Forexample, the planetpositedin this asterism. in thisnakshatra who hasMarsplaced whilea person difficult, to listenmoreand mayfind speaking canbequiteachatterbox,butmaynotbewel|-versedintheartoflistening. like"word is God"'" and uponphrases whichrelyheavily attitudes and religious Philosophical to this else "'"' correspondS everything there waSthe wOrd,from whicharOSe "In the beginning, of first soundat the beginning line of thinking.It is true tlat "om" (or Aun) was the nakshatra's lay in a silentstate before that the seedof the universe creation,but it is impoftantto remember
' t''* '


that. The "word" is not "god", but just one of the many expressions of the ultimatecausative principle, commonly knowna5 "god". The downfallof this nakshatra usuallylies in excessive generosity which leadsto debtsand poverty'. It can alsomakeenemies throughbigotry narrow-mindedness or extremeethicalstances. Thisnakshatra is not favourable for having and nising children. Thisseems to holdtrue in charts wherethis asterism falls in the fiflfr house. WhenAscendant or Moonis placed in this asterism, or it is placed in the fifth house, or the fifth lord is placed in this asterism, it usually denotes few chidren and the nativederiveslitUehappiness from them. On the contrary they are alwaysa sourceof anxietyfor them. In the universal scheme of things,Shravana relates to 'apradhrishya shakti'-the powerto give permanent victory'Its symbolism has achievable goalsabove,and the strengthto achieve those goalsbelow. Thisimagery is selfexplanatory. Theonlythingwofth mentioning is that this strength is not personal strength,but the collective strength, whichcomesaboutdue to an alliance with the higherforcesof good,whenone is wholeheartedly and unselfishly tryingto establish righteousness over unrighteousness.

Mod.e of functioning :
It is supposed to be a Passive nakshatra. Its passivity relatesto the fact that it is receptiveand takestime to listento others.In fact, muchof its organizational skillcomes from a passive approach to things.It tendsto let thingsorganize themselves ratherthan pokeits headinto the p_rocess too much.

Its casteis Mleccha (outcaste). It mightsurprise somethat this amicable and worldlynakshatra shouldbe regarded as an outcaste. The thing to note hereis that this nakshatra was in someway connected with the lowerCapricomian type workingclassin ancienttimes.It was relatedto people


whohadtobasica||y|istentoordersandcarrythemout'onthehigher|eve|sthisnakshatrar muchfor the socialorder of who listento and follow the innervoicewithoutcar-ing to individuals ! category their times,whichagainputsthem in an outcaste

: Qend.er
is This can easilybe seenfrom the fact that its primaryrulingdeity It is a Malenakshatra.

Vishnu,oneofthethreebearersofthemasculineprinciple.Itcarriesasenseofobjectivity, one of the three main sideto it sinceSaraswati' quality. It doeshavea soft,feminine masculine to logic' principle againrelates feminine with it. saraswati's is alsoconnected archetypes, feminine impartssomesensitivity' but her influence and learning, reason

: d lfwwr (Ayuruefit Canstitution) tsodyparts

to arethe Earsandsex organs'In our view,it canbe seenas The primarybodypartsit relates its symboland indicatorof sex organs' considering the primaryindicatorof ear and secondary of listening' beingthe organs Besides as no surpfise' with the earscomes imageryits relationship of thisasterism' nature the balanced highlights Thisagain for the body. organs earsarethe balancing as a with procreation to its connection with the sexualorgansis mainlyconnected Its relationship : meansof Preseruation. to gait, but it as we know,is the sign related to one'sgait. capricorn, is alsorelated shravana can resultin part of it which relatesto gait. Any afflictionto this nakshatra is only the shravana are involved' if the lordsof the th, 10b, llb or 12h houses especially or lameness, limping with the Moon' due to its strongrelationship (watery)nakshatra It is a primarily"Kapha"

Direction : di{Si+s-are$rOnO nofthwesL* Its primary *"



eadns(Qnrters) :
and fallsin AriesNavamsa 10o00' - 13o20' Capricom Thefirst padaor quarterof this asterism qualityin Martian an underlying bornunderthis padaexpresses ruledby Mars.Someone is therefore conscious or ambitious anda career as logic,initiative whichis expressed relation to the nakshatra, approach. fallsin Taurus Navamsa, pada 40'Capricorn 13o20'- 16o of thisasterism or quafter Thesecond qualities tactandcourtesy aredominant suchas diplomacy, Therefore the Venusian ruledby Venus. Navamsa to Pushkara itself.This padacorresponds expresses in the way this nakshatra influences This is concerned. posited asfar asthisasterism willgivethe bestresults in thispada andanyplanet the industryespecially padarelates of the enteftainment in organizational aspects to thoseinvolved music h.siness....:: 1 -. . -,ii

fallsin Gemini Navamsa, 16" 40' - 20o00' Capricorn of thisasterism Thethird padaor quarter

versedin which is flexible,cunning, This pada bringsout the part of Shravana ruled by Mercury. to thoseworkingin the mass-media and eagerto learn.This padarelates speech and conversation occupations. oriented and othercommunication Navamsa, fallsin Cancer 20o(X)'- 23o20'Capricorn Thefourth padaor quarterof this asterism which is receptive, sympathetic and ruled by Moon.This padabringsout the part of Shravana padaof thisasterism andthusrelates the mostto those It is the mostmass-oriented understanding. like hoteliers etc. holdingimportantpublk officesa thoseio lunar-occupations
:*1 i. -: i:z

;rlr:. ::1:'

lhofusiotu :
Students and all thoseassociated in all fields;Scholars, Teachers, Preachers and Educators Translators and Interpreters;Story Tellersand Narrators; Language Linguists, with universities; Industry(mainlyProducers and and Recording in the MusicBusiness Comedians; Thoseinvolved their livelihood by somekind of Operators and all thoseearning Telephone Soundtechnicians); ph9ry j9b; Thoseinvolvedin the preservation of ancienttraditionsand those pur:Eq classical


studies; Thoseinvolved in organizational in big andsmallcorporations; capacities Gossip Columnists, NewsBroadcasters, TalkShowHostsand othersinvolved in the radio/television Modern business; day Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Psychoanalysts and Psychologisb; Radio Operators in differentfields (even those who are involvedin catchingsignalsfrom other civilizaUons in the galary!); Travel Agentsand all those involvedin the Transportation and Tourismindustry;Thoseworkingin the Hote/Restaurant business; On a higherlevelHealers and Practitioners of holisticmedicine and on a lower level those involved with allopathy, hospitals in general;Those and the medicalprofession connected with Charitable organizations, clubsand societies.


gatherings; Universities; Libraries; Schools; Colleges; Public Auditoriums andotherplaces of public Recording Hospitals; Telephone Studios; Companies; Basically all the places connected to the above professions. mentioned


('Essence) an"[ tattwa (E{ement)i

It is a primarilyRajasicnaLshafa. Thismeans that it is activeon the worldlyplane. Thisactivity can be motivatedeither by universalinterestsor purely selfish interests,dependingupon the for attaining wealthand worldly wolutionarylevelof the soulin question. Thisis a good nakshatra accomplishments in general. If a personundera stronginfluence of this a$erismis poor,one can inferthat this povertyis self inflicted,ratherthan beingfated. Its elementis Air, which again emphasizes the communication aspectof this nakshatra. It relateswell to the fire nakshatras usuaffy like Uttanphalgunietc.

presides Thisisevident It isa Godly nakshatra. since Vishnu, the harbinger of all godlyqualities, Thb rdates to its genUe,kind, amicablg liberalmirded, prosperous, reasonable wer this asteJism.


nativesalwaysthink twiceaboutdoing harmto othersand are not and sociable nature.Shravana proneto take the leadin any sort of cruelty. .:,

Orfuntation U Disposition :
It is an UpwardLooking nakshatra. This relatesto its expansive attitudein relationto life in general. steps(referto the storyin the Esoteric After all, Vishnu took threevery expansive Section) to take awaythe controlof all the three worldsfrom tuli (the demonking).This expansiveness in today'sworldtendsto boil downto ambition. Thisis a Moveable nakshatra. Thisis thusa nakshatra whichpromotes tmvel,mostlyin relation go touringas part of their job whichmay to the career. A lot of nativesunderib sffong influence involvelecturingand teaching.Nativesmay enjoy the hotel/tourism side of travellingwith this placement. nakshatra b,.

Lunar Montfr U Day :

Its energies correspond to the first 9 daysof the lunarmonthof Shrauan. This periodusually corresponds to the monthof Augustin the solarcalendar. r:

(3'dtithi or day)of the waxingand waningphases Shravana is alsorelated to the Trittiya of the Moon's monthly cycle.

Atupicious Actiaitits :
Religious rituals newventures; and performances; Beginning Entering a new house or buying property; preventive Medical measures; Taking actions andremedial measures of all kinds; Listening (listening to advice in general); interactions Social andpublic involvement; Leaming, studyof languages philosophy andclassical Reading traditions; andwriting;Music, & meditation; Good for sexual activity; peace; Making Organizing in general; Making and takingherbsand medicines; Politics; Purchasing


learning; Initiations in spiritual Giving and for homeor business; newclothes, itemsandequipment for travel,especially towardsits ruling Importantphonecalls;Favourable receiving counselling; of Vishnuor Saraswati. actionsin general;Worship Taking directions; a new name;Humanitarian

warsetc.; Not good suchas lawsuits, for aggressive, unceftain or riskyactivities Unfavourable makingpromises, oathsetc.; Not involving manual work; Notgoodfor lending, for creative activities goodfor puttingan erd to thingslike demolishing Not gpodfor worshipping fierce old structures; for marriage ceremonies or adopting children. favourable deities like Rudr4It is not considered

gtanetary&rhr :
governing Moonis the nalc$atra's main this nakshatra. Moonand Satumare the two planets planetary to the receptive and the signthat it fallsin. Moonrelates rulerand SaturnrulesCapricorn, gentlepart of Shravana, and organizational aspect. whileSaturnrelates to its persevering ". This is with the masses and massmentality. connected Both Moonand Saturnare intimately

the reason whya lot getsits ability mass Thisis probably to influence opinions. where thisnakshatra The 10b house, whichhasa similar of this nakshatra. are undera stronginfluence of politicians in universal position so that one mayeducate the masses and influence to Shravana, bestows energy rnluesandtruths.In today's are ignorant and worldhowever, wherethe majorityamongthe masses of this nakshatra cometo life.In its higher onlythe negative aspects the leaders dumbandselfish, throughenterbaining and easy truths and knowledge to dissemination of universal aspect,it relates Vedicepicslike the Mahabharaband Ramayana. to understand t" '2' is considered to be the in Shravana. In numerology, The lunarenergyattainscompletion

of the lunar signiffthe summation is the 22d asterism andthe double'2's' Moon's number. Shravana throughthis are expressed This means that all the bestand worstof the lunarqualities energy. is very likelywith this nakshatra. Other receptivity, errorin judgement nakshatra. Dueto its extreme


negative lunartraitslikechangeability, vacillation, imaginary fearsandphobias arealsoseenin their extreme expression here.Onlyin evolved souls do the positive lunarqualities of universal @mpassion, motherlynufturing and mmplete receptivityto the universalmind are wiuressed. Moonin Capricorn, Saturnin Cancer or Moon/Saturn togetherin any sign or house,are the placements ard combinations whichcarryan energysimilarto that of Shravana. Moon,Saturn, Mars,Mercury andVenus do well in Shravana. Venus however can makeonetoo materialistic unless there are other elevaUng factors. ?B

ilowek anl AIpfiabe*:

Thefirst padaor quafterof this asterism 10o00' - 13o20' Capricorn, corresponds to ,,Ju" as in Jupiter or Justin. padaor quarterof this asterism Thesecond 13o20' - 16o40' Capricorn, corresponds to "Je,, as in Jennifer or Jet. Thethird padaor quarterof this asterism 16040' - 20o00' Capricorn, corresponds to "Jo,, as in Joe. Thefourth padaor quarterof this asterism 20o00' - 23 20'Capricorn, corresponds to "Gha"as in Ghana or Ghastly. In the Sanskit alphabetShravana corresponds to "Mam",and so its mantrawould be "Om Mam".

SeAtattype ani Compatihility :

Its sexualanimalis a Monkey, whichindicates moreaffinitytowardsaftction and playfulness than the actual sexualact. Thoseunder the influenceof this nakshatra can be exhibitionist in regards to sexual activities. Theyare proneto talk moreaboutit ratherthan actuallyindulgein it.


please 457 referto the tableon pages with other nakshatras & maritalcompatibility Forsexual & 458.

is as follows:with this asterism The mainpuranicstoryconnected (earth,heaven andthe netherworld) Balihadtakenoverall thethreeworlds kingcalled "A demon gods)appealed for help.Vishnu to Vishnu devas(demi Thebeaten throughhis mightand prowess. of the ruleof to them and rid the universe abode their heavenly themthat he wouldrestore assured (elaborate Oneof religious ceremony). a big Yagya Hewaiteduntil Baliwasperforming the demons. this in wasthat Balicouldnot refusethe demandof any brahmin Keeping the rulesof this Yagya boy.Likeall the otherbrahmins in the form of a youngbrahmin mind,Mshnuwent to this Yagya in his do for him.Vishnu whathe could received by Baliandasked present there,he washonourably boy form) askedBalifor land whichhe couldcoverwithin his three hmana form (youngBrahmin boywantsomething thislittleBrahmin "Whywould Balias hethought, amused Thisdemand strides. of other.things?" of land,whenhe couldaskme for millions as littleas threefoot strides act and warnedBalinot to give into couldseethroughVishnu's preceptor, Shukracharya, Bafi's that Baliwasa manof hiswordandtold his preceptor boy'srequest. brahmin looking the innocent go against hisvow,andhadno optionbut him,he couldn't andrespected eventhoughhe honoured furiouswith Balifor not payingheedto his became to fulfil the brahminboy'swish.Shukacharya When Bali was pouringthe sacredwater from his pot as a ritual adviceand left the assembly. in the a tiny form and stuckhimself assumed the boy'swish,Shukracharya for granting marking knewwhatwasgoingon andso obviously pot'sspoutsothat no watercouldcomeout of it. Vishnu It is saidthat this bladeof grassdestroyed he took a sharpbladeof grassto clearthe obstruction. as havingone eye eyes,and this is the reasonwhy he is alwayspoftrayed one of Shukracharya's ever since.


Withthe obstacle removed andthe ritualover,it wastime for the brahmin boyto take histhree strides worthof land.Suddenly the boy'ssizestartedincreasing until it got so big that no one could seehis headanymore. In one stridehe took boththe netherworld andthe earth,and in the second stridehe took heaven. ThenVishnu turnedaroundto Baliand said,"Nowwheredo I put my third foot?"Baliknowing that he had no otherplaceto give,offeredhis own headfor him to put histhird stride. Vishnu smiled and put hisfoot on Bali's head.

Bafiwas immediately transpofted into the lowestamongthe foufteenlokas.Yishnuhad now restored the earthto humans andthe heavens to the gods.Hewashowever very pleased with Bali's magnanimity and devoUon to universal laws.He conferred on him the statusas the doorkeeper of the'outermostuniversal He alsopromised sheath'. to helphim out whenever he wasin need.At a laterpointin time,Vishnu palace actually tookthe job of a doorkeeper in Bali's at his behest |" If onejust contemplates on this story it reveals everything aboutthe nature,functioning and qualityof Shravana. Vishnu takingthe form of an innocent brahmin boy relates to the amiable, innocent front projected by this nakshatra. Thisnakshatra is cleverin achieving its goalsin muchthe sameway as Vishnu was aboutachieving his.This nakshatra keepsto its word the sameway Bali kept his word. Oneinteresting thingwhichcomes out of thisstoryis that Venus doesn'tliketo be placed in this asterism, seeing how this incident was detrimental to Shukracharya, who is intimately connected (Venus). withthe planet Shukra Thismightseem oddas Capricorn is a friendly signto Venus. In our view Venusdoesbetter in other parts of Capricorn in comparison with the $glggg pe$..+.

This storyalso bringsout the highest expression of this nakshatra, which is upholding the universal lawat all costs. Since'2f is seen asthe number of perfection, the number'22'is regarded as'0'or a new beginning by ancientmystery schools. Evenin the Tarotdeclgthe 22d elrd doesnot exist.Insteadthereis a '0'card knownas 'Thefuo|". "TheFool"is a character, who is readyto jump intoany unknown or foreign situation without for the past,futureor ib consequences. anyconcern If thischaracter is receiving its impulses fromthe universal mind,thenall the actions undertaken are


On the other hand, if this characteris guided by the e99 gr other false fruitful and necessary. is all about. is what Shravana This character the outcomeis disaster. externalinfluences,

Lircage): Qotra (Cetestiat

sageslookingafter one of the sevencelestial is relatedto the SageVashishta, This nakshatra of wealth", sothe prosperity into "possessor translates Thenameof thissage of our galaxy. the affairs from this angleas well. is reinforced aspectof this nakshatra

: Xentedia[
the bestremedial to this nakshatra, fromafflictions resulting from badeffects Forthosesuffering Thisworship canbe done of all creation. and maintainer the preserver of Vishnu, is worship measure and aspects. on any or all of Vishnu3incarnations throughuseof mantraand meditation - "OmMam"108timeswhenMoontransitsthis of the root mantraof this nakshatra Repetition suffering andbringenlightenment is sureto reduce lunarmonth, nakhatraandin its corresponding life. into a person's its good canalsoincrease energy of this nakshatra from the positive Persons who are benefiting likewhiteand light ways.It is helpfulfor themto wearcolours throughthe abovementioned effects to take lunarmonthandthe dayswhenMoontransitsShravana blue.Theyshoulduseits directions, all impoftantactions.

for usingwordsto Hewasfamous hashis Moonin Shravana. MuhammdA/, the famousboxer, In his chart,Moon,as his his own balance. whilstalwaysmaintaining his opponents, destabilize house,houseof opponents. lord, is placedin the seventh ascendant

Misce[laneous :
According to Varahamihira, Moon in Shravana makesa person"learned,rich, famousand prosperous; andgives the native a liberal minded spouse". In our example case, all theseresults fit in pefectly. Muhammed Ali did in fact get liberal-minded spouses, who rebelledagainsthis own narrowminded social,religious and politicalsemlbiliUes.

zt phanishta z1"zot (aVdcom - 6"+o'Aquarius


*t...rP a




- 6040'Aquarius) (23020'Capricorn

In tfu Sky t


Dhanishf4 the zenithof maftianenergy, is represented in the celestial firmament by four stars

in the constellation knownas Delphini(the Dolphin). These four starsare arranged in a rhombus shape, whichthe ancients sawas signiffinga drum.In modern astronomy thesestarsare knownas Alpha-Delphini, Beta-Delphini, Delta-Delphini&Gamma-Delphini. This asterismcan be seenlying in the darkemptyspace above the constellations of Capricorn and Aquarius. BetaDelphini, having a visualmagnitude of only 3.63,is the brightest among thesestars,making Dhanishta lessbrightin comparision to otherasterisms" However it canbe easily spotted asthereare no brightconstellations in ib vicinity. ,); 9{atne 7'' "Dhanishta" translates into - "the wealthiest" or "the mostbeneficient". The reader canalready

understand the basic energy of this asterism throughthis simple meaning. Its alternative nameis 'Shravishtau, a sanskritterm, whichtranslates into "the mostheardof" or "the mostfamous". This again isa self-explanatory meaning, which hints quality directly at theextremely lucky of thisasterism. The nameShravishta impliesthat Dhanistrta forms a pair with the previousnakshatraShrauarp.


: Symhot
All scholars agreeon the factthat a musical drumis the mainsymbol of this nakshatra. However thereis a difference of opinionin regards to the type of musical drum.Someequatethe drum with a bbr, somewith a tabla,somewith a mridanga, but in our view the drum is actuallya damaru. Damaru is Shiva's favourite drum. - musicand hollowness. The drum (damaru) conveys two mainattributes Hollowness here relates to receptivity to outerinfluences. In its highest expression this receptivity allows oneto be an instrument of the universal mindwithoutletting the egointerfere withthe process. Since thisnakshatra followsShravana, it relates to the process wherewhat we havelistened to is synthesized. Thisgives this nakshatra the abilityto actually accomplish thingslikeplaying music etc.In its lowest expression, this nakshatra is susceptible to receiving lowerlevelinfluences, and thus its outerworksare not as elevating astheyare in its highest expression. A drumas we knowis a rhythmical instrument, which canbe associated with time,andtime is the rhythmof the universe. Thisis whythis nakshatra is said to haveimmaculate timing. Ib altemative is a flute,whichagainemphasizes symbol the factthat musicis produced through hollowness, in muchthe sameway as celestial musicis created throughthe hollowness of universal space.

Deity :
Dhanishta is presided over by a groupof eight godscalled t'e Vasus. "Vasu"translates into "superb", "excellent or "wealthy". Theirnames are:Apa, whichtranslates into'water'.He is a maledeityusually related to Apah,thewatergoddess of Puruashadha. Dhruva, whichtranslates into 'the fixed',and is relatedto the pole star at any gNen pointin .
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ume. 2

t z'1. (A'o*"" '1 t \

Dhara,whichtranslates into 'a bearer'or 'a streamof water'.This deity is akin to 'the man pouringwaterfrom a pot' - the symbolof Aquarius. Anih, whichtranslates into'wind'.Thisdeityis the sameas Vayu, the wind god who is the ruler O -^of Swati. Vlr^t*('U ' \_/ ' Soma,whiqhtranslates into 'the Moon'.He is the sameas the Moondeity associated with

Mrigashin. Anala,whichtranslates into 'fire'.Thisdeity is anothermanifestauon of Agni,the fire god who / rulesKrittika. (a1". 5) Pratyusha,*rj,.n u.nr,utesinto'dawn'. He is the malecounterpart of lJsha,the solargoddess who rides in front of the Sun.This might be the deity which madelimi Hendrk,a musician with prominent Dhanishta influence, comeup with the phrase "firstraysof the new risingsun". Pnb!9s1,whichtranslates into'lightl Thisis another solardeityrelated to the morning time. ' ' t '' ' ]-'. i'! As we can see,all theseeight deitiescarrywithin them the energies of differentnakshatras. This makes Dhanishta a soft of compendium of the energies of earliernakshatras i.e. specifically Ashwini, Krittika, Mrigashira, Swati andPurvashadha. These eightVasus aresupposed to be wealthy and skilled at music. Thisconveys this nakshatra's mastery planeand relates overthe material it withthe rhythmical, musical functionings of the universal mind. Thisis probably the reason whya lot of scholars associated the signsof astrology with this asterism, whichin a way is understanding the rhythmof the universe. Shiva isthe ultimatepresiding deity of this asterism. This can be easilyunderstood from the hct that part of this asterism lies in Aquarius, a sign completely underthe influence of Shiva. puranic Ancient scriptures are full of stories immense of Shiva's musical ability. Shiva, evenwhile wreaking havocanddestruction, doesso in a graceful and rhythmical dance form knownas tandaua, posture. exempf ified by hisfamousnataral? In fact, two of the mainIndianclassical dancesystems directly originate from Shiva.


It can and Shiva's energy. can be seenas a bridgebetweenVishnub In a way,this nakshatra in India. form whichcanstill be foundin sometemples half-Shiva to the half-Vishnu, thus be related to its musical and bohemian world,whib Shivarelates of the material to its mastery Vishnurelates aspect.
'1" -

AfutureU functbnlnq :
of the eight from the natureand qualities can be derived Muchof the natureof this nakshatra godspresiding over it. disposition, and a warrior-like invincibility confidence, its musical ability, FromApah,it derives leadthis This can sometimes as vanityand obstinacy. can manifest aspect whichin its negative to'beat its own drum'. nakshatra perseverance the fixed part of its nature,whichrelatesto its reliability, FromDruva,it derives natives Dhanishta as stubbornness. aspectit manifests ability.In a negative andgoodorganizational do not like to be told what to do ! In its negative ability. nature and conversational charitable its wisdom, it derives FromDhara, in unconstrucijve, their energies to disperse a tendency or having one a chatterbox, aspectit makes ways. unwholesome and motivationto acumen,resourcefulness derivesits business From Anila, this nakshatra worried about or generally thiscanmakeoneselfseeking aspect In its negative things. accomplish their prospecLs it In its negative aspect and discrimination. mental acumen its energy, it derives FromAnala, others. of hurting capable andconsequently badtempered can makethis nakshatra joy and hopefulness. Natureexpresses happiness, it derivesits radiance, FromPratyusha, through usually tries to accomplish joyfulness whichthis nakshatra throughsunrise, unbounded musicand dancing.


FromPrabhasa, it derivesits lightheartedness, purity,goodnatureand wholesome aspirations. FromSoma, it derives its gentleness andsensitivity, whichsome timescanmanifest asfickleness, deceptiveness or extreme indulgence. The reader can easily inferfrom the abovethat Dhanishta is all aboutlivinga goodlife.The reader canalsoinferhowit is noteasy personality to putthe Dhanishta in a box.It hasmanydiverse aspects to its nature,makingit one of the mostexpressive amongthe nakshatras. It hasan ability to adaptitselfto any situationin whichit findsitself. Those bornwith Dhanishta rising on theAscendant usually carrya rich,liberal, radiant expression on their faces.Theyexudeconfidence and nobility. Theyhavea peculiarly captivating smile,which conveys a feelingof deepsatisfaction at someinnerlevel.In somecases they can haverovingeyes. Beinggoodconversationalists, Dhanishta natives canalwaysput the other person at easevery quickly. This will hold moretrue of thosenatives who are born underthe Aquarius part of this nakhatra. The Gpricorn paft has a moreworldlyorientation and thus lacksin the more refined, divineaspects All thosewho haveDhanishta happening in their chart,one way or the other,havea good senseof rhythmand enjoymusicand dance.It is very easyfor them to excelin thesefieldsif they work at it. Dhanishta natives tend to be goodat sportsbecause rhythmand timing are the key to almost all sports' Thisholds especially truefor trackandfieldathletics, ballgames andgymnastics. Natives goodat sportslike gymnastics, are especially wheregraceis a prerequisite. Thisis a social nakshatra, whichlikes to be partof groups. It is not a lonerand likesto mingle with people'Sinceit is naturally ambitious and is always conscious of its'dharma,, it very rarely shows escapist tendencies. It wouldratherconfront things,whichcan makeit appear argumentative at times. WhenMoonoccupies this asterism, the person concerned oftengoesfor matesor partners who areverydifferent in personality andoutlook to them.Thisobviously leads to a lot of cbnflict in these


A partof thisasterism. the Capricorn occupies Thiscanbe seento be mosttruewhenMoon issues. marital in promoting property of this asterism the peculiar regarding are unanimous lot of scholars sucha thing doesnot makesense so manygood qualities, carries Sincethis asterism discord. for this problem' is responsible of thisasterism aspect In our viewthe martian away, straight againthe Capricorn Once ptanet ior maritalharmony. asthe mostunfavourable Marsis regarded part.This is to the Aquarius as compared in this regard has moreproblems paft of this asterism marital. These to Capricorn, ascompared nature hasa moreaccommodating Aquarius because simply in thisnakshatra, areplaced or Ketu Rahu Saturn, wheneitherMars, enhanced areusually difficulties with the seventhhouse,it has someconnection part. If this placement the Capricorn especially mostC-ancer life.In our experience, to havea smoothmarried for sucha person mightbe impossible lifeor sometimes in married difficulty fallswithin16"40'- 30o00',have Ascendant whose Ascendants, housecusp'Thoseunderthe falls on the seventh Dhanishta don,t marryat all. This is because sex. often end up hatingthe opposite part of Dhanishta of the C-apricorn influence strongnegative Rama, one of Vishnu'savatars,who is regardedas the epitomeof good conductand problems in his marriedlife. In his chart,Marsis placedin the facednumerous righteousness, his kidnapped house.He hadto fight a big war to rescue in the seventh part of Dhanishta Capricorn her on somevery flimsy he had to abandon to normal, wifeSita,and evenafter thingsreturned for the wholestory. Vedicepicof "Ramayana" can referto the ancient ground.The readers of thisis aspect Themostimpoftant source. to tuneintosome hasthe ability always Dhanishta for influence actsasthe primary dayworldwheremedia it tunesitselfinto,In the present the source of culture,music, standards and degenerating them with ever declining and provides the masses, influences. tuningintotheseunwholesome findthemselves kinds fineartsetc., mostDhanishta dance, whichcomeaboutby directtuning of this nakshatra, expressions why the higher Thisis the reason mind,are a rarity nowadays' in with the universal shakti"- the powerto give relates to " khyapayitri of things,Dhanishta scheme In the universal and below'This symbolism has birth aboveand prosperity Its symbolism fame and abundance. Dhanishta can be seen and po$tjveaspectof this nakshatra. the beneficial imageryre-emphasizes


It often attachedwith the sign Capricorn. a characteristic as the zenithof woddlyachievements, requirements goeswithoutsaying achievements arein tunewith universal that onlywhentheseworldly meaning. do they haveany lasting

Modc d funrtioning :
ancientVedicseerssaw this as an active with its basicnatureand disposition, In keeping of this nakshatra are moreactivethan other asterism. Eveninfantsborn undera stronginfluence to musicfrom a muchearlierage than others.This is a nakshatra infants.They start to respond meantfor gettingout in the worldand doingthings.

for everyone why sucha wealthy caste.It is puzzling to understand It belongs to the Farmer Thisrelates to the working caste. to the factthatthis should be assigned andwellendowed asterism class. Dhanishta which wasseen asbelonging to theiworking nakshatra fallsin Saturn's sign,a planet whichdealwith actualproduction of goodsetc. activities, is involved in all farmerlike,creative

Qendtr :
Thisis oddconsidering the factthat all its presiding deities are male. It is a Female nakshatra. relatesmore to the energies of its deities,ratherthan the adual This is because this nakshatra feminine. It is a feminine force are their 'shaktis'andare always deities These energies themselves. It is no wonderthen, that all male whichpresides over all creative arts like musicand dancing. in theirappearance anddisposition ! formsare quitefeminine dancers of the classical


: Ro[ypartsd l{urwr (Ayurue[icConstitution)

The bodyparts it relates to the mostare the backand the anus.Thespinalcordas we knowis related The kundalini energyrisesfrom the area directfy to the planetSaturn andthe signC.apricorn. the anusand travels upwards throughthe backto the top chakra on the head.Thisis the around only way for humanbeingsto tune into the universal mind. As discussed earlier,this nakshatra requires its qualities. one to do that in orderto express It is a primarily"pitta"(fiery) nakshatra due to its strongrelationwith Mars.

Direction :
It is relatedto east,southeast,south,west and southwest.

eadas (Qnrters) :
Thefirst padaor quafterof this asterism 23o20' - 26" 40' Capricorn, fallsin LeoNavamsa and partof thisasterism. is ruledby Sun.Thisportion relates to the ambitious It combines the energies woddly of Sun,Mars andSaturn anddirects onetowards accomplishments. Since Sunaswe knowis planetfor marriage, not a favourable this padais not goodfor maritalharmony. It can alsobe too easysuccess in one'sundeftakings, and oftenbringsthe nativeunder aggressive. Thispadaassures its influence intosomekindof limelight. padaor quarter Thesecond of thisasterism 26" 40'- 30" 00' Capricorn, fallsin VirgoNavamsa paft of this nakshatra. It relates to the skilful Thisis a highly ruledby Mercury. andcommunicative padawhich often givesa lot of success in one'schosenpursuits,howeveronce again adaptable givesthis padagood The rulership Mercury's mutability is not goodfor maritalharmony. of Mercury mind-hand whichpromotes musical and athletic skill. coordination, fallsin LibraNavamsa Thetiird padaor quafterof this asterism 0o 00' - 3" 20' Aquarius, ruled grouporientated happy,social,musical, by Venus. This relates to the amicable, optimistic, and


wealthyaspect of Dhanishta. Since Venusis the naturalsignificator of harmony, this padapromotes marital harmony. Thisisthe pada whichcarries the mostrefined andsubde attributes of thisnaktratra. It relatesto thoseinvolved in music, fine arts,divination and astrology. The fourth padaor quaderof this asterism 30 20' - 60 40' Aquarius, falls in Scorpio Navamsa ruledby Mars.This padahasexcessive maftianenergyand relatesto the rhythmical aspectof this asterism. It is helpfulin creative arts requiring a lot of energylike drumming etc. This pada is sympathetic to the underdog, however this padais not goodfor maritalharmony dueto its excessive aggressiveness. This padahasa warrior's attitudeand givessportingprowess and athleticability.

{Profusiotu :
Musicians, Dancers and Peformers;All those involved in the Management side of the entertainment industry; Drummers andthoseinvolved in the rhythmsections of bands andorchestras; GeativeArtistsof all types;Thoseinvolvedin militarybandsand other typesof marching bands; Gemstones and Precious MetalDealers; Athletes andotherSports Persons; Group Coordinators in all fields;Those in the Real Estate Business; Landscape Artists; Those whodealin Financial Transactions; Scientists and Physicists; Computer Professions; Warriors and Mititarypeople;Poets,Songwriters andReciters of rhythmical incantations; Makers of musical instruments; Vocalisb with moreemphasis on delivery than melody; Astrologers and Divinators; Psychic Channellers & Mediums; On a higher levelthose involved in Holistic Healing throughKundalini Yoga;On a lower levelSurgeons and Medical Practitioners; professions Professions involving hightechdevices and electronic equipment; requiring versatility and multiple taskability;Managers in general. The immense versatility of this nakshatra allows it to be involved in all typesof professions, especially thoseinvolving largemonies.

tPfaces :
All placesrelatedto musicand other creativearts rangingfrom Schools to Studios to Dance Hallsetc; Meditation Rooms; Mapagerial Offices; RealEstate Agencies; Gardens; Science Labs;


and Centres high tech equipment;Amusement or producing with high tech equipment Factories like Banksetc. ; centresand institutions All placesrelatedto sports;Financial SportsStadiums; are stored. wherewealthand valuables Safes

guoa ('Essence) and'Tattwa (Efzment):

tamasic Thisis clearfrom the fact that two inherently to be a Tamasicnalshatra. It is supposed is doesnot meanthat thisnakshatra Thishowever govern thisnakshatra. planets, andSaturn, Mars thancreation dissolution, towards is moregeared that this nakshatra It just means to activity. averse or maintenance. with all the can mingleand cooperate The ether element to the Etherelement. It belongs just as spaceand ether quality, its all encompassing This is what givesthis nakshatra elements. as wide as possible. likesto keepits horizons pervade This nakshatra everything.

QanaEWd t
to its closerelationship Onceagain,thiscanbe attributed nakshatra. a Demonic It is considered an energywhichalwaystriesto bringabout It carries Marsand Saturn. to the two naturalmalefics, the statusquo, so in the are relatedto maintaining changein the present.Mostgodly nakshatras positive from a is definitely quality of this asterism negative this seemingly present timeshowever, pointd view ! universal

: Orienntiott & DisPositi-on

Thisis a nakshatra nature. expansive with ib natural in keeping nakshatra Looking It isan Upward and expansion. signiffingincrease in andchange to travelling that it relates Thismeans nakshatra. or ephlmeral It is a Moveable doeswell in the reasonwhy somerholars say that this nakshatra all its forms.This is probably


foreign countries. A person with a strong influence of thisnakshatra is likely to travela lot andattain success in a foreign land.

Lunar Montft & Dau :

It relates portion (themiddle to the middle 9 days)of the lunarmonthof Shravana. Thisperiod usually corresponds to the monthof August in the solarcalendar. Dhanishta is alsorelated tothe Ashtami(8th tithior day)of the waxing and waning phases of the Moon's monthly cycle.

Auspi"cious Attiaitits :
Religious rituals andpeformances; Creative activities in general, especially musical anddancing; Groupactivities of all kinds;Megacelebratory eventsinvolving hugecrowdslike concefts, opening ceremonies etc.; All activities pompand splendour; involving Purchasing moveable and immoveable - goodfor both shorttrips and longjourneys;All activities property; Travelling requiring aggression and a pro-active attitude;Lending moneyand all kindsof financial transactions; Meditation and Yoga;Gardening; jewelleryetc.; Favourable Buyingnew clothes, gemstones, for treatingdiseases and commencing educational ventures;Career activitiesinvolving fame and recognition; Learning how to use high tech equipment and weapons.

Inauspirious Actioities :
Unfavourable for sexualactivityor marriage; Activities of a fixed or restrictive character like givingup old habitsetc; Not a goodtime to form new partnerships; Homely activities like cleaning etc; Dealings with people requiring tact,cleverness and gentleness.
"ll r:.. ;:a


etrnretary fu.fer:
are Mars,Saturn,Rahuand Uranus, affectingthis nakshatra The main planetaryinfluences braveryis a Consequently enercy. of Martian the pinnacle Marsbeingits primaryruler.It represents with warriors, why it connects This is the reason with this nakshatra. qualitystrongly associated aswellsuchasadventure for a lot of sports isa prerequisite Courage andmilitarypersonnel. weapons in throughpeopleinvolved finds its expression and so this nakshatra climbing, spoftsor mountain suchactivities. abilityof this nakshatra. natureand organizational to the persevering relates rulership Saturn's as we know,is a key goals,whichit likesto fulfil at anycost.Discipline, setsitselflongterm It usualry afts as well' in any of the creative to excelling the the difficulttask of harmonizing whichfinallyaccomplishes is the nakshatra Dhanishta hereand refinement is at its absolute energy The maftian of Marsand Saturn. energies divergent to useenergy(Mars) It hasthe wisdom energy. of Martian is the pinnacle this is why Dhanishta and ib over time (Saturn),a qualitywhlch bringsabout all its other good qualities constructively activity' drumsis a verysimilar whileplaying rhythm Wecanseehowkeeping to gainwealth. ability it reap makes to stickto the rhythm/tune the rhythmof life,and its capacity understands Dhanishta hasto offer. all the bestthe universe andthis is the reason it with the massmedia, connects and Uranus with Rahu Its relationship in their influence industryhavea strong Dhanishta why a lot of top peoplein the entertainment fields,and in the presentday in their chosen chaft. It likesto makepeoplewealthyand respected in anyfield' success are keysto astounding and Uranus and age Rahu ' and Rahu-Mars conjunction Marsin Aquarius, terms,Marsin Capricom, In generalastrological

Anuradha Pushya, Chitra, Purnavasu, fvlrigashira, likeRohini, in nakshatras conjunction Mars-Saturn conjunction Rahu-Mars-Saturn to that of Dhanishtha. similar carryan energy or Uttarabhadrapada caries the energyof this nakshatra. completely


Moon, Mars, Saturn, Mercury Venus andRahu usually do wellin Dhanishta. Moon and Mars do betterin the Capricorn paft whileMercuryVenus and Rahu fare betterin the Aquarius paft. Saturnb positioning in this nak$ratra will makesuccess slowto comeand maytotallydenymaritalpleasures.

'I/outefsan{ Alpfiabe* :
The first padaor quarterof this asterism 23o20' -26" 40'C-apricorn, corresponds to ,,Ga" as in Galileo. The second padaor quarterof this asterism 26040' - 30oO0'Capricorn, corresponds to "Gi"as in Gibson or G. I. Joe. The third padaor quarterof this asterism 0o 00' - 30 20' Aquarius, corresponds to "Gu" as in Guitarand Gustav. The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism 3" 20' - 6o 40' Aquarius, corresponds to "Ge,'as in George or Gertha. In the Sanskrit alphabet Dhanishta corresponds to "Yam"and "Ram",consequently its mantras are "OmYam"and "OmRam",

anf Compatifiility Seryat'Type :

Its sexualanimalis a Lion.As we will discover later in the Esoteric Section, this nakshatra has a strongconnection with the lion, whichgoesfar beyondits sexualpreferences. On a sexualplane this type doesnot relatewell with other nakhatras,exceptthe lion/tigernakshatras - Dhanishta, Chitra, Vishakha and Puruabhadrapada. In keeping with its animal, it is not veryenthusiastic about sexualactivityeventhoughit mighthavemultiplepartners. ;.

Forsexual & maritalcompatibility with othernakshatras please referto the tableson page457

& 458.


Chapter 23: Dhanishta

Boterb :
of Andromda,wherea lot of godly to the constellation lie veryclose Thestarsof this nakshatra which presideover the the eight Vasus, forcesare said to reside.However andasuric(demonic) with Dolphins, is associated Delphinus areall godlyin nature. of Delphinus, starsof the constellation a lot of its shares Thisnakshatra all the seacreatures. among and benevolent the mostintelligent smile! mysterious are knownfor their permanent Evendolphins traits with dolphins. Froman andVishnu'sterritory' Shiva's between soft of lieson the borderline Thisconstellation or the 10s and Aquarius'Capricorn the signsof Capricorn point of view, it connects astrological to the fruits of or the llb housecorresponds houseas we know relatesto karma,whileAquarius as a result goals, andambitions desires of one's to the fulfilment thusrelates Thisnakshatra karrlla. and pointbetween the forcesof maintenance birttrs.It is the balancing of goodkarmafrom previous
deStrUCtiOn. ,..,.:;!,; ,;..4 t,*;..:,

"the with the phrase, in numerology associated and'23'isa number Thisis the 23'dnakshatra the royal star of the lion". This obviouslyalludesto the star Rqulus, which forms the core of part of this uMaghau,In the Aquarius liesdirectlyopposite belt, "Magha" the zodiacal nakshatra aswe know,is the nakshatra Magha, as paftners. canbe seen two nakshatras Thusthese nakshatra. within its latterhalf,alsocarries especially Dhanishta, status. and exalted to royalhonours related with both of these Onecan seethat the lion is an animalstronglyassociated itself thesequalities. .23'is regarded Both completion. as a very fortunatenumbersignifying in numerology nakshatras. the bestin them become whichmakes of this number, aspect carrythe completion thesenakshatras (the part their chosenfields, due to repeatedpast life efforts or having more paramatmamsha one). to the eternalabsolute belonging

Qotra (CetzstutLineage)i

-;.. :.i

afterthe looking sages of the sevencelestial Angiras,one to theSage is related This nakshatra with into "the fiery one",whichis in keeping The nameof this sagetranslates affairsof our galaxy. the martianaspectof this asterism'

The 27 Celestial Poftals


: fumediat
from afflictions to thisnakshatra, the bestremedial resulting from badeffects Forthosesuffering halfa deitywith a half-Vishnu, Goddess Durga,or Hari-Hara, measure is worshipof the lion-riding whichinvolves The practice of RalT-yoga, form.Alternatively onecanworship the eightVasus. Shiva is one of the bestwaysto utilisethis the sevensacredcentres, the raising of the kundalinithrough potential. nakshatra's - "OmYam"and "OmRam"108timeswhen of this nakshatra Repetition of the root mantras lunar month, is sure to reducesufferingand and its corresponding Moontransitsthis nakshatra into a person's life. bringenlightenment can also increase the Persons from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra who are benefiting goodeffectsthroughthe abovementioned like red, blue ways.It is helpful for.themto wearcolours lunarmonthandthe dayswhenMoon transits Dhanishta to andgold.Theyshould useits directions, underbake all importantactions.

: Eryrmp{z
'i exemplifies in the Vedic epic, "Mahabharata TheLifeof Bheeshma, oneof the majorcharacters the functionings of Dhanishta. He took and observed the vow of lifelongcelibacy and was immaculate in battle;wasgenerous evento his competitors and showed courage till unconquerable hisdyingbreath. MarilynMontoe, in the P house. the famousmodeland actress,has her Moonin Dhanishta public The7h house image withthe masses. relates to one's and relationship Shedefinitely utilised Herfamous all of Dhanishta's charm to become a mass sexsymbol. smileandheavy alluring eyelids characterise the peculiar, self assured and captivating facialexpression However of this nakshatra. Dhanishta marriages spoilt her maritallife. She had two unsuccessful and a host of unsatisfying affairs.


According to Varahamihira, Moonin Dhanishta makes a person "liberal, brave,richand adeptat musicand other fine alts". Thosewho know about Marifn Monroecan see that her life fits in perfectly with the abovedescription. Shewas moreintelligent and learned than her publicimage portrayed and wassaidto haveliberalviews.Sheevenmarriedpeople who wereat the top of their respective fields.HerMoonis in the first padaof this nakshatra in Capricorn,which as we menUorred earlier, can makeone a star but,doesnot promotemaritalharmony.




z+. $hatabhisha 6'+0' Aqu"rius - zoooo'Aqrarius


- 20000' (6040' Aquarius Aquarius)

In tfrcSky t
Shatabhisha, the apexof Rahu's functioning, is represented in the celestial firmament by a faint group of stars in the heaft of the constellation of Aquarius. The ancientsdesignated a hundred among thesefaintgroupof starsas belonging to thisasterism. Thebrightest among thisgroupwith a visuaf magnitude of only3.85,isa starknownin modern astronomy (Sadachbia). as Gamma-Aquarii Despite its faintness, the general location of thisasterism canbe gauged by its neighbouring bright (Sadalnelik). star,Alpha-Aquarii Sadachbia liesslightlyaboveon the left handsideof this brightstar.

"Shatabhisha" (alsospeltas 'Shatabhishak'2 translates simplyinto - "the hundred physicians,', "the hundredmedicines", or "possessing a hundredhealers". Thoughthis bizarrenameconveys a part of this asterism's functioning, it doesn'tcompletely conveyits vastconnotations. Its alternative nameis "Shatataraka" whichtranslates into "possessing a hundred stars". Thisis in obvious reference to the fact that the vedicseerssawthis asterism as a collection of a hundred stars,with eachone of the starsrepresenting one physician/medicine.


: Sym6o[
charmor Thiscirclecan be seeneitheras a roundmagical Its mainsymbolis an'emptycircle'. manythings- the circleof A circlecan represent of the infinitevoid of creation. as a representation and dissolution' the circleof creation,maintenance life; the circleof the zodiac; of the circlecan be seenfrom the followingwordsspokenby BlackElk, an The importance indian)does an Indian(nativeAmerican that everything man- 'You havenoticed Srbuxholy Oglata tries andeverything worksin circles, the powerof the worldalways is in a circle,andthat is because to be round... the skyis round,and I've heardthat earthis roundlikea ball,and so areall the stars' tor theirsis the samereligion theirnestin circles, make power Birds whorls. Thewind,in its greatest comebackagainto and always form a greatcirclein theirchanging, as ours... eventhe seasons and so it is in everything to childhood, childhood wherethey were.The lift of a man is a circh fuorn wherepowermoves." or circulation. an idea of containment ideas,the circlealso suggests these universal Besides The circlecan act as a boundary and hidingrelatedto this asterisin. Thereis an ideaof protection just andhidethings canconceal A circle its circumference. outside onefromthe dangers andprotect andthe ability with secrets is thus related Thisnakshatra jar hides the liquidinside. likean opaque to concealsecrets. the ocean separates A shoreline A circlealsocarriesthe ideaof identitythroughsegregation. waterbodieslike to all enclosed thus relates Thisasterism from landandthus allowsfor its identity. In the on all sides. rivers,as riversare not enclosed doesnot represent It however lakes andoceans. and bodyhouses as the physical can be seenin our own beings, sameway the ideaof containment offers protectionto the soul or astral body. of whichcan operateon manylevels hasa lot to do with the ideaof protection, This asterism whereLakhmanadrew a linearoundthe hut The part in the Vedicepic,the Ramayana, existence. containment of the magical example for Sibb *fety and askedSitanot to crossit, is a wonderful of this asterism. connotation and protection


Deity :
Eventhoughthis nakshatra physicians is related to a hundred throughits name,its maindeity is Varuna, the lordof the oceans. In essence, Varuna can be seenas the representative deityof the waterelement in nature. Thisfactautomatically relates thisnakshatra with all kindsof liquids in the physical as well as astralrealm.Varuna can be equatedwith the planetNeptune, as it is seen in modernastrology. Varuna like Neptune is the lord of the cosmic and terrestrial waters. In this nakshatra's image,Varunacan be seen holdinga pot. This pot containsgma - the preferred drink of the gods.This drink is the heavenly ambrosia, which suggests the idea of rejuvenation and intoxication. Wecaneasily seethat the liquids we consume in our dayto day life produce the sametwo effects. In the otherhandVaruna is seenholdingsomemedicinal herbs.This is wherethe hundred physicians comeinto the picture. Thisasterism hasa lot to do with healing on all levelsof existence, whereas the herbsonly signifyhealing on a physical level, The ideaof magical curesthroughdivinewatersis common to all cultures. glass Our everyday of wateris a vital rejuvenator in the sense that it keeps usalive."Bluearethe life givingwaterstaken for granted,they quietly understand ..." as Jimi Hendrix,a contemporary musicalgeniusput it. Oceans have alwaysbeen seen in the Vedictexb as a repositorof herbswhich can cure every possible disease' Some of theseherbscameout duringthe ctruming of the oceanundertaken by the godsanddemons (Please collectively referto the author's previous work 'TheRahu-Ketu Experience" ftgar PubliationSlndia;'TheKeyof Life' Lotus PressllJSA ). EvenAmrita,the elixirof eternallife, cameout of the ocean duringthischurning. 1 ,: :.

On the highest level, thisasterism fallsunder thejurisdiction of Shiua, the lordof the ascetics. Shiva, as we know,presides overthe signAquarius, and sincethis asterism falls in the heaft of the signAquarius, it automatically fallsunderShiva's donrain. Consequently it canieswithin itselfShiva,s mystical, contemplative, ascetic and dissoluting nature.


(t functioning: fr{gture
from other nakshatras' Shatabishak separates is the one qualitywhich immediately Secrecy can be secretive' like Anuradha,Jyesthaand Puruashadha even though a fot of other nakshatras self or motives, to hidingthoughts, of its own whenit comes is in a league however, Shatabhishak, it be almostall of its powerfrom what is hidden'Whether derives else.In fact, Shatabishak anything triesto gain always Shatabishak functionings, of nature's formulaes the herbsin the oceanor secret veryready is notalways shatabhishak its power. andin doingsoattains is hidden to whatever access just oceancoversup it hasdiscover":,*110 git"t"r#*" them to sharethe hiddensecrets "*:*t8 manya treasure. in all its presiding overmedia is oneof the mainnakshatras Shatabhishak As we shalldiscover, on thetwin principles aswe know,functions world,media In today's media. electronic forms,especially knowaboutule truth regarding the show"obviously The people"running and deception. of secrecy is the ultimate Shatabishak get is a smokescreen. whilstall thatthe masses seatof power, the actual con artist. . j., .:,

the influence under Natives with suspicion' is to vieweverything nature essential Shatabishak's and people' to newthings,thoughts,places taketheir time to get accustomed of its energyusually natureofun makesthem be on guard,thus makingthem capableof shielding Their suspicious usually natives into play.shatabishak comes the circlesymbolism from harm.onceagain, themselves to approach it difficultfor others whichmakes themselves around boundary drawa hardto penetrate to createthesewalls arisesdirectlyfrom its inclination aspectof Shatabishak them. The reclusive and boundaries. The plussideto this aspect and introvefted. reclusive, solitaryeccentric, are generally NaUves which alonegivesriseto contemplation, to be alone.Being givesit the capacity that'rtsreclusivity


into canonlytranslate thisseclusion cases, In negative andenlightenment. wisdom in turn produces secrets' as it is on keeping secrets is as keenon unravelling pessimism and self pity.Shatabishak the puzzles or thosewhichinvolve likesolving enjoyactiviUes natives This is why mostShatabishak hidden' pursuit of something


Shatabishak lovesto get to the truth of anything in muchthe sameway as Mutalovesto get to the root of everything. Eventhough Shatabishak nativesare usuallyquiet and undemonstrative, (whichone shouldexpectthem to be sincethey are supposed to be the masters of serecy); they often blurt out harshtrutrs at the most inoppoftune moments. This is in fact one of the major problems Shatabishak natives facein climbing the ladderof success, especially material success. Refinement and.sensitivity is not theirfofte. ' It is noticed that mostnatives under the stronginfluence of Shatabishak grooming lackproper

and education in theirformative years. Theyoften haveto maketheir own rulesfor dealing with today'sroughworld,whichaddsto their innateroughness. They haveextremely cold,calculating heads and there is a marked tendency to completely suppress the emotional nature. Shatabishak in i way represents the culmination of the air dement.It is thus the masterof the mental, analytical and logical. In its higher mode, just likethe air. Shatabishak canbe all pervasive, Thisabilityto relateto everyone judgements withoutpreconceptions, and prejudice is what makes a philosopher outof Shatabishak. Theirphilosophy is usually heavy on intellectualism, buttheevolved soulsunderstand that emotional and mentalbodiesneed to be integratedin order for any true understanding to occur. Thosewith Shatabishak risinghavetheirown pafticular brandof magnetism, eventhoughthey lackconventional charmand beauty. Theyare often unkempt in relation to their appearance and clothing. Their countenance quiet, is usually calm, shyandreserued buttheyhowever have a tendency to explodeeverynow and then. Absentmindedness is one of their markedfeatures.They usually conveya senseof aloofness even if they are genuinely attentivefrom the inside.Their negative traits include laziness, perversions addictions, and vulnerability to all typesof mental/emotional/ psychological disorders. Their positivequalities includeenterprise, moderation, discriminaton, philosonhical attitude,truth -seeking and unbounded vision. plane, On a material Shatabhisha hasa tendency to make a "zero" out of the thingsit affects in a nativity. Forexample if someone hastheirsecond lordplaced in Shatabhisha they mightexperience a pauperstateor a complete lossof familyat somestageof their lives.


shakti"- the power of relatesto "bheshaja schemeof things,Shatabhisha In the universal relatesto the aboveand supportbelow'This obviously has pervasiveness healing.Its symbolism is even showsthat Shatabhisha earthand the netherworld.Thissymbolism threeworlds- heaven, a power which it usesto heal the three worlds.The healing than Puruashada, more peruasive and repentence, throughgenuine that it happens in the sense process hereis differentftomAshvini, powerthat of time. The all-pervasive longerperiods overcomparatively effqrt is required sustained powerand sincethis poweris in the wrong Shatabhisha's mediahas in today'sworld is basically hands,it is not beingusedto healor teachbut to fool, chain,dumbdownand devolute'

Mo[e d furrctioning :
nature' springsdirectlyfrom its moveable Ib activedisposition This is an Activenakshatra. forms. in all its different electricity embodies sign.Thisnakshaba as we knowis an electric Aquarius assumes this asterism is electronic, day and age wheremostof the communication In the present is activeand fast in muchthe sameway as the fast moving Thisnakshatra importance. tremendous world of dectricity. :&.

Caste :


ranging activities, likeor harsh in all butcher andis thusinvolved class to the Butcher It belongs to just plain killing and hunting.The diseases medicaltreatmentof complicated from advanced or canalsobe butcherlike in their own self mortification by this nakshatra nativeshighlyinfluenced is not cruelor to peopleand things.Sincethis nakshatra in regards havesometwistedtendencies to the butcherclass' despitebelonging benevolent fierceit is comparatively

: Qenl.er
and of masculine which meansthat it has a balance nakshatra, or Eunuch It is a Neutral to be genderlel:'Sinceit is a one wouldexpectzeroor nothingness Of course attributes. feminine :w O k.3,


with the 5s houseor Jupiterin a it doesn'tpromotechildbifthif it is connected neutralnakshatra which with people, in regards to its dealings qualityalsomakes it verydextrous Thisneutral nativity. is idealfor mediarelatedactivities.

: tso[yparts d/ hfumor(Ayuwe[b Corutitution)

its relationto the acts of The body part it relatesto the most is the Jaw,whichemphasizes to the RightThigh. It is alsorelated eating, drinking andspeaking. association strong isclearfromShatabisha's Thisclassification It belongs to the Vab(airy)humor. with primari[ vata planetsSaturnand Rahu.

Direction :
to southeast. Its directionis ftom southwest

9a[ns :
Navamsa fallsin Sagittarius 60 40' - 10o00'Aquarius, Thefirst padaor quarterof this asterism sideof this and philanthropic to the happygo lucky,optimistic This relates and is ruledby Jupiter. for thoseunderthe to get carriedawayand so it is important nakshatra. This padahasa tendency the rightthing to get carriedawaywith. Theyare the kindwho will influence of this padato choose go aboutfanatically their causeor belief. espousing falls in Capricom padaor quafterof this asterism 10o00' - 13o20' Aquarius, The second aspect of thisasterism. andorganizational the morepractical ruledby Saturn. Thisconveys Navamsa Onehasto under the domain of Shatabhisha. activities to all material Thisis the padawhichrelates ambitionin relationto the planeb positedin this pada. watchout for excessive Navamsa fallsin Aquarius 13" 20' - 16040'Aquarius, of thisasterism Thethirdpadaor quafter sideof this nakshatra. and philosophical to the visionaryfuturistic Thispadarelates ruledby Saturn.


placed Planets in this padaoftendo well and rebellious. In its negative aspect it canbe too eccentric position. planeas thisis a vargottama on the material fallsin Pisces Navamsa 16040' - 20o00' Aquarius, Thefourthpadaor quarter of thisasterism hallucinatory andillusory sideof thisnakshatra. Thispadarelates to the expansive, ruledby Jupiter. Whenafflictedit can make it can give great powersof healingand compassion. Whenfavourable placedin this padacan often makethe nativelosethemselves in one Planets one too ambiguous. goodfor activities relying likefilm-making on imagination or other. It is however formof intoxication etc.

Technology Experts; Radar & X-rayExpefts; andall thosewho workwith electricity; Electricians Research; Pilots;Radio Space Operators; 45lronurts;Astronomers & Astrologers; Chemotherapists; Aeronautical Rocketor SpaceEngineers; MartialArts Instructors& MartialArtists;Aeronautical, Industry; MovieStars;TrendSetters; Industry;Thosewho work in the Film and Television Nuclear Physicists and Physicists in general; Science FictionWriters& Enthusiasts; Photographers; Herbologists; Industry;Physicians & Surgeons; Thoseworkingin the Drug & Pharmaceutical Pushers; Waste of Alcohol;DrugDealers, with the Production & Distribution Professions connected Thosewho work in the Production of Plastics; & Prostitutes; Disposal & Rrycling Indusfry;Pimps Professions; Automobile Industry; SeaFaring Industries; Bikers SporG; & Motor Petroleum & associated gurus;Zen Experts. Explorers, Hunters & Inventors;Yoga& Meditation Experts; Detectives, Puzzle
.iitr:F-: Jdlii*.t ri9. i,





:, .:::*ier ,.* fo l3ApOhrxl*s*fqrs

Pfatu :



Airports; SpaceStations; Off ShoreDriilingStations; High-tech Studios& Environments; especially Techno Clubs; Physics Labs; Bars & Nightclubs & Chemistry & Planetariums; Observatories Recycling Stations; Herbal in general; Nuclear WasteDumps and WasteDumps Hospitals; Factories; Temples, Meditation, Yoga& Zen Sea-Side; Plants & Reservoirs; Oceans; Centers; WaterTreatment


Centres; OuterSpace;Film & Television Processing Labs;HuntingGrounds; Studios; All places professions. connected to the abovementioned
i :..



('Essence) an[ tattwa (Ekment) :

Its basicessence is Tamas, which relatesto inertiaon all levelsof existence. The qualityof ineftiain this nakshatra relates to its capacity for meditation and zen practices. It alsorelates to its introvefted and reclusivenature and on the negativeside, a tendencytowards intoxkation with drugs,alcohol, sexetc. Its elementis Ether. Etheris the elementin naturewhichcan minglewith everyotherelement. This associates this nakshatra with broadvisionand wide open space.It relatesto its meditative capacity andthe abilityto attuneoneself to the omnipresent emptiness.
,.:'tt gr*3 -ri3fdit-* iE-,,. tstdf ;i;;:' -1.

, ),

Qo* EWd
(demonic)nakshatra. It is a Rakshasa This meansthat this nakshatraprimarilyseeks independence andcanbe eccentric or oveftlynegative in its outlook. It should not however be seen as an oveftlyevilasterism sinceit is mildb;.nature.Its demonic sideis usually u,Stot. breaking throughattachments and conventions.

Oricntation d Disposition:
It is an Upward nakshatra. Thismeans that it is an expansive nakshatra andmostof itsactivities happen above the ground. Since thisasterism rulesall telecommunications in general, onecansee how this fits in. Onejust hasto lookat the professions connected wisr this asterism to understand its upwardand expansive outlook.


Lunar Montfi d Datt :



saidto be ruled by It can be seenas the co.rulerof the month Shraran,which is generally duringthe last9 daysof the to be stronger of this asterism Onecanexpectthe energies Shravana. to the monthof Augustin the solarcalender. a periodwhichcorresponds funarmonthof Shrauan, , tithi or day) of the waxingand waning is also relatedto the Chaturdashi(l4d' Shatabhisha

phases monthlycycle. of the Moon's

Arupicious Actittitits :
activities; Education or learning deals; land& housing deals & contracts, business for signing Good Meditation ventures; Recreational newvehicles; (especially overwater);Bikeriding;Acquiring Travel rejuvenaUon & lift therapies, & astrology;Medicine, astronomy activity;Studying & yoga; Sexual Visitingthe sea-side' activities; Mediaevenb; Technological activities; enhancing



.;n .


Law suits, Fertilitytreatments; Childbirth; in general;Marriage; Not good for beginnings unlessit is work br too muchsocializing or wrathfulaction;Not beneficial Negative arguments; or jewellery;Not goodfor matters;Notgoodfor buyingnewclothes related;Notgoodfor financial activities. domestic

etnutary fotfzr :
- Saturn, Rahuis the mainrulerof this Rahu and Uranus. is ruledby the planets Shatabhisha energy. of Rahu's is the pinnacle Shatabhisha asterism. side of and philosophical relaysthe most knowledgeable In its highestaspectthis nakshatra hidden of nature's knowledge within itselfthe complete Rahu.Rahu,beinga childof maya,carries philosophical of thb asteriSm, disposition all inclusive, The humanitarian, functionings. and complex


whenit is functioning throughits higher aspect, is very in tunewith Rahu's disposition in its higher aspect. Rahuis that forcethat attempts to breakdownall boundaries of race,age,status,nationality and religion to usherin a feeling of oneness of humanity, whichin a sense embodies the spiritof Aquarius. Functioning throughits loweraspect, it relays the aspect of Rahu, whichis responsible for consumption andmanufacturing of all typesof alchohol, intoxicants anddrugs. All the significations of Rahu dealing with poisonous chemicals andsubstances alsofall under thedomain of thisasterism. How planetspositedin Shatabisha will functionin a nativitydepends on Rahubfunctionings and intentions. Saturnis associated with this nakshatra beingthe rulerof Aquarius. Saturn,as we know,is a planetassociated practicality, with coldnesss, slowness, organization, melancholy, stillness, discipline, perseverance introversion, qualities anddetachment. Allthese findexpression through thisnakshatra. However the emphasis hereis on stillness, introversion, contemplation, seclusion and philanthropy instead of the Capricom-Satum baits likeqateriality and organizational capacity. Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius and is a planet whichrelates to sudden events, eccentricity, electricity, science and hightechnology. Shatabhisha, as we haveseen,rulesmostof the electronic mediain today'sworld. Sincemost of the electronic mediais dependant upon advancements in technology, the relationship between Uranus and Shatabhisha is immediately clear. It is interesting to notethat Vedic Astrologers havechosen the nameVaruna for Uranus. Varuna as we haveseenearlieris the rulingdeity of this nakshatra. Anotherinteresting aspectto this correfation is that the name"Uranus" is derived from the Greek root " Otlaronu!'.lustlikeVaruna, Ouaronus was the Godof the seasand oceans. Linguistically, it is pretty evidentthat the sanskit 'Varuna' term metamorphosized into Ouaronus duringthe transference of Vedicknowledge through agesand civilizations. Rahu-Saturn, Rahu-Uranus and Saturn-Uranus conjunctions in a chartconvey simihrenergies to Shatabisha.


doeswell herebut it can

ilowek andAIpfinbe*:
to "Go"as in corresponds 6o 40' - 10o00' Aquarius The first padaor quarterof this asterism Godwin, i::...1 :: ,::

to "Sa"as corresponds 10o00' - 13o20' Aquarius padaor quafterof thisasterism Thesecond in Sally. to "Si"as in corresponds 13" 20' - 15" 40' Aquarius of this asterism Thethird padaor quarter Simon. to "Su"as in corresponds 16o40' - 20o00'Aquarius ofthis asterism Thefourthpadaor quafter Sun, its mantrais to "Lam"and consequently corresponds Shatabhishak In the Sanskitalphabet "Om Lam".

: SeryatWe U Compatihi[itY
animalis with Agtini whosesexual it mostcompatible animalis a Mare.Thismakes Its sexual on manylevels.For sharea deep relationship by a horse.Aswiniand Shatabhisha represented It is the viewof the and rejuvenation. whichdealwith heating they are the two nakshatras example, canonlybe curedin Aswini' whichbeginin Shatabhisha that diseases seers ancient 457 please referto the tableson pages with othernakshatras & maritalcompatibility Forsexual & 458.


'E-soterir :
Theethericaspect of this asterism relates to the subtleelectric forces of the ethericor heavenly realm'It is a deeply mystical asterism whichcanopenone's conciousness to the highest realms. Its emptycirclesymbolism highlights the truth that all creationarisesfrom nothingness and dissolves into nothingness. The present day phenomenon of "cropcircles", is, in the author's view,directlyconnected with this nakshatra. Thesecrop circlesremaina big mysteryto all thosewho don't want to acceptany realityotherthan material. 90o/o of them are formedin the wheatfieldsof a smallagricultural area in Engfand, known as the Wltshire Plains.The interestingthing is that many ancientsites like Stonehenge andSilburyHitt lie within this smallarea. Many of thesecropcircles arecomplicated geometrical patterns based on universal mathematical principles likethe goldenratio1.618, aka.the'golden mean'. Someof themare verysimilar to the ancientmandalas andthe petalled sacredchakraswhich lie withinour astralbodies. Theyare called just because crop circles of the extensive useof circlein their complicated patterns. The important thing aboutthem is that they are all madewith unerring finesse and not a singlewheatplantis damaged or out of place in the finished patterns. Thecropcircles, someof themspreading over300ft, areformed withinseconds andonlyone hasever beenfilmedforming.Manypeoplewho think they are hoaxes havefailedto makeevena simpleaccurate circlein the fieldsin one wholenight.The film clearlyshowed four roundish white lights(earthspirits)makinga circlewithin 2-3 seconds. The film's validityis confirmed by the fact that the newlyformed cropcircle wasopenfor public viewing on the sameday. Shatabhisha, as we know,likesto baffiethroughmysteries and puzzles, and in that way leads peopleinto discovering the real truths of the universe. Despite all the hopelessness in our times, thereseems to be hopefor the future,considering that the othersideis still communicating with us evenif in a secretive playfulway.The messages of thesecrop circlesanevery clearto thosewho


we and the momenta ceftain numberof peoplereachthat understanding, have real knowledge world' wouldall be livingin a different

: Lbwage) Qotra (Cetzstiat

sageslookingafter the is relatedto the SageAtri, oneof the sevencelestial This nakshatra whichis in keeping into "onewho devours", The nameof this sagetranslates of our galaxy. affairs naulreand is has a dissoluting shatabisha natureof this nakshatra. demoniacal with the essential sage' to this particular with the job assigned very muchin keeping

fumedia[ :
which from the badeffectsof this nakshatra, canbe usedfor thosesuffering measures Healing with drug and relatedto the body parts it rules,or problems manifestas health problems


for one'schances energyto increase this nakshatra's etc. one canalsostrengthen alcoholaddiction in meditation' fame in the mediaor progress and duringits lunar The bestway is to reciteits root mantra"Om Lam"108timeson Saturday potentway month.while doingthis, oneshouldsit facingsouthwestor southeast.Theother more to' in any form one is attracted is worshipof Lotd Shiua related activities when undeftaking cglours of bluesand neonelectric Onecan wearall shades to this asterism.

lEapnpft :
paramahana,the lightin the late 19hcenturyhadhisAscendant, spiritual leading Ramakrishna his lifethe Through hima tripleShatabhisha. making placed in Shatabhisha Sunas wellas Mercury foundexpression' of Shatabhisha indications highest


The famoussingerand entertainer, ElvisPresley, hashis Moonplaced in Shatabhisa. Hislife is a demonstration of the nameandfameShatabisha can bestow in today's dayand age.Shatabisha surelymadehimmedia sawy,but laterin hislifu,it alsomadehima victimof its negative, intoxhative, delusory and self-destructive tendencies.

Misceffarcous :
According "thosewith Moonin Shatabisha to Varahamihira, are truthful but harshand cruelin their speech. They are alwayseagerto conquertheir enemies and suffer muchgrief in isolation. They haveindependence of thoughtand actionbut are often seenactingwithoutthought,"Evena cursorylook at our exampleElvisPresley and his life, will testifr that even in moderntimes Varahamihirab meanings havesomewlidity.


25. Yuru bh"dr"p"d"

2oooo'Aguarius - j'Za,fisc"s


- 3020'Pisces) (20000'Aquarius

In tfu Skyt
Puruabhadrapada, the culmination energy, is represented in the celestial of Jupiterian firmament by two bright stars in the constellation of Pegasus, which the ancientvedic seerssaw as being representative itselfwasseenas a full of the front legsof a funeralcot (or sleeping bed). Pegasus funerafcot (or sleepingbed). Thesetwo starc are known in modemastronomy as Alpha-@asi (Ma*ab) and Beta-Pqasi(ScheaQ. The bright constellation of Pegasus lies directlyon top of the astronomical constellations of Aquarius and Pisces. perpendicular Thetwo starsof thisasterism makea straight line(almost to the ecliptic belt)at the junctureof the constellations Aquarius This is in harmony and Pisces, with the fact that this asterism connects the signsAquarius and Pisces. Alpha-Pegasi, whichcan be saidto represent the paft in Aquarius, liescloserto the zodiacal eclipticand hasa visualmagnitude of 2.49,while BetaPegasi, whichcan be saidto represent liesfurther awayand is slightlybrighter the part in Pisces, with a visual magnitude of 2.47.Bothof themcan be easi[ located in the nightsky.

A@me :
"Purvabhadrapada" translates into - "theformer(onewho possesses) luckyfeet".Its alternative nameis "Puruaproshthapada'l into "the former(one who possesses) whichtranslates the feet of a st@I".


Sanskrit when translating one encounters the problems clearlyhighlight Thesetranslations much to convey anddon'tseem seem odd andconfusing translations Theabove termsintoEnglish. of this a$e6ign.As we shallfind out laterthey just relateto its the natureor functioning regarding rulingdeity.

: Sytnfiot
our exit from the world. cot'.A funeralcot denotes Its mainsymbolis the'front partof a funeral this exit. Sincethis asterism or the 12h housein the chart signifies the sign Pisces, In astrology, the front legsof the funeralcot. The that it is ascribed it is appropriate beginsthe sign of Pisces, Sincethe 12h bed can alsobe seenas the symbolof this asterism. front part of a normalsleeping bedwouldalso form of death,a sleeping to sleep,whichcan be seenas a temporary houserelates the momentin time when after doing our worldlydutiesand It signifies relateto this asterism. to bedin the night. for retiring we prepare (Aquarian activities), or 11h house with friends mingling , As you canseein the imagefor this nakshatra, symbolis'a manwith two faces'. Its alternative

Thisrelates mad,violentand destructive' onefacewearsa benignlookwhilethe otherone appears acceptable It canalwaysput up a normal,socially of this asterism. to theJekyllandHydecharacter front on the outsi& while holdingits darkerside insideat all Umes. and cheerful The sword obviouslyrelatesto the A'sword' is also usedas its symbolby many scholars. of nature dissoluting.side relates to the destructive, process of "cuttingoff". Thecuttingoff process deathsand endings. accidents, with all kindsof pains,injuries, this nakshatra and associates to the gloomy' This relates is'a singleray of Sun'. for this asterism symbol Anotheralternative and the light at the end of the whereall hopeis at the minimum aspectof this nakshatra desolate 'Countof MonteChristo"by with the novel who are conversant tunnefis very faint. Thosereaders Edmund of the leadcharacter to the experience can easilysee how this applies Dumas, Alexander on the remoteislandof Elb. Dantes,whife he was imprisoned


Deity :
into "tle one whichtranslates It has an obscurerulingdeity with the nameof Aja-Ekapada, pun,is "the onefootedunbomone". whichcarries a cosmic meaning, footedgoat".Its alternative of with one leg,who formspaft of the entourage monster is a goatheaded Thismysterious creature Rudra(the fierce form of Shiva). foundon the card no. ./5 in the can be easily Aja-Ekapada, a Vediccharacter, Surprisingly, to signifythe evil and dark side and is supposed WesternTarotpack Thiscardis called 'TheDevilu from the Vedicpoint muchof the samemeanings Thisgoat headed creature carries of life in general. to be divinelyordained. and ruin it bringsis supposed of view,exceptthe fact that the destruction directlyto this one footeddeity. alsorelates Wecan seethat the nameof this asterism it hasonlyone paft in Pisces, thisasterism feet andsince ThesignPisces is seento symbolise to notethat this onefooteddarkdeityhasgained can be saidto haveonlyone foot. It is interesting prominence can be seenin all major important in the presentworld age of Kali-Yuga.It enormous like the ftemasns, and brotherhoods All the secretsocieties civilization. centresof the Western this goat god as their main deity.In thesecircleshe is Clubof Romeand the llluminaticonsider knownas Baphomet with elitegroup,whichhasstrongconnections Since our present day worldis run by a secret why thereis so muchunnecessary it is not hardto understand secretsocieties, the abovementioned can be seenas the ruling on our planet.Aja-Ekapada violence and bloodshed beingperpetuated influenced are Ceeply by this asterism deity of all typesof blackmagicand that is why individuals attracted to or practise blackmagic. canseeskullsand boneslyingall around, the reader this nakshatra, In the imagerepresenting has symbol Onecanseethat the skulland bones for thisasterism. symbol whichforma secondary places likehighvoltageareasetc, in dangerous with danger as it is displayed always beenassociated to note that there'sa secretorder in the UnitedStatesknownas the In this light it is interesting 'Skulls& Bones presidents havebeenmembers! American Society", of whichprominent


is Rudra, the fierce formof Shiva. Thisasterism ruling deityof thisasterism Finally, the supreme is that here aspectof Shivain muchthe sameway as Ardra.fhe difference carries the destructive energy on all planes,whib in Ardrathe chaoticdestructive the final dissolution Rudrarepresents planes. can be muchmorecruel As a result,this asterism on the mental,emotional only operates wherethe Universe loses its Thiscanbe saidto be the place to Ardra. in comparison and merciless mind! it hasto be destroyed When the old hasfallenintodecay energy, a purificatory Thisis basically fires of Rudraaim to achieveexactlythat. On a more for the new to take birth. The destructive personal throughpenance and retribution underthe level,soulspay for their pastlife bad karmas firesof this nakshatra. burning

Afature d furrctioning :
it wouldbe'diabolical'. A lot of the so If thereis one wordwhichcouldsumup this nakshatra pessimism, violence, hedonism, debauchery thirst for callednegativehumantraits like paranoia, to thisnakshatra. Thisnakshatra is canbe ascribed cruelty andmorbidity lying,deceit, the macabre, of this asterism havethe Thoseunderthe stronginfluence with transformation. mainly concerned the lowerdark side of life without gettingtheir hands and understanding hugetask of witnessing dirty. amongst all the this fact, this is the most intense don't recognise Although most scholars be manifested throughthe ego,humility aspects canonlyin essence all its negative nakshatras. Since natives. Oneof the few goodqualities of thingfor Purvabhadrapada the mostimpoftant becomes is a doubleedgedsword, Thisagainhowever to thoseit respects. is that it is devoted this nakshatra is not very wholesome. sincemanya Umesits objectof veneraUon (the famous 19thcentury saint), who has his Moon in Paramahansa Ramakrishna Thedark deity Kali,despitebeingfierce, wasdevoted to lGli, the fiercegoddess. Purvabhadrapada, This devotionhelpedhim rise aboveall the negativePurvabhadrapada is ultimatelybenevolent.


characteristics, but manyunderthis nakshatra's influence take to worshipping demonic and devilish deities and spoiltheir karmafor manylives.Thuswe canseethat it is very impoftant for the natives underthis nakshatra to find the right thing to get devotedto from the very beginning. Anothergood qualityof this nakshatra is that it is very sincereand hardworking, even if its goalsare not so wholesome. perseverance It hastremendous and will go to any lengths to achieve its objective. In fact a lot of PurvaBhadrapada naUves end up engaging in bad karmabecause they are ready to do'just aboutanything'toobtain theirobjectives. If a casestudyof massmurderers, homicides andgenocides wascarriedout, it wouldbe found that most of the peopleinvolved would havesomestrongconnection with Purvabhadrapada. This nakshatra relatesboth to the persecuted and the persecutor. Moreevolved soulsusually usethis nakshatra's energyto mortifythemselves instead of others. Aff the sages like Vishwamita, whounderwent penance, extreme arebasically utilising thisnakshatra's energy. Eventodayin India, one citn seea lot of sdhusinvolvedin intense practices involving self tofture and self moftification. A Purvabhadrapada nativeis readyto standon one foot for ten years or evenmore,if they are convinced that it is goingto bringthem their desiredresult. After readingthe abovedescription, the readermay be surprised to know that alot of times Purvabhadrapada nativescannot be distinguished from the rest, just because they have a very strongcapacity to fit in with the contemporary societal structure. Theyare normalpeoplewith nine to five officejobs, who spealgeat and dresslikeeveryone else,and no one can suspect the kindof things they are up to in tteir privatelives.They usuallykeep their idiosyncrasies and nebrious activities secret. Theonlyway of spottinga Purvabhadnpada person is their highlystrung,neruous demeanour alongwith an overtlyserious look.Theyarethe oneswhoarelikelyto snapfirst in anyconfrontational situation. They however try to carrya happylookand act amicably in socialgatherings. Theyare basically two facedpeople, the kindwho workon normal dayjobs,and in the nights they can be found in fetish clubs,bangingheadsat hard core heavymetalconcerts, entertaining


out violentor criminal practising dark tantricritualsor plottingand carrying fantasies, macabre to extremeviewsand often end up being are very susceptible natives ...Purvabhadrapada activities furdannntalist groups. part of e)Greme The energies' to their negative expression persongivesphysical Not every purvabhadrapada mindsand more evolvedsouls learn to fight the battle betweenlight and dark within their own end padapeople, insteadof beingthe perpetrators, Puruabhadra hearts.Alot bf commoneveryday artistswho havethis nakhatra stronglyplacedin their chafis' can up beingthe victims.Creative it all the darksideof life in theirart, whether by implementing its energy, oftenbe seenchanneling be writing, musicor drama. in the sexual extremes between else,tendto oscillate purvabhadrapada likeeverything natives, sphere.A|lkindsofsexualperversionsandphobiasareseentoori9inateinthisnakshatra. at Beingcontemplative qualities of this nakshatra. is anotherof the prominent Regretfulness for all the themselves overthe past,tormenting are oftenseenbrooding someinnerlevel,its natives wrongstheYhavedone. their one peculiarity However to money. are stingyin regards On a materialplanesuchnatives of their spouse,partner, is that they are alwaysreadyto placeall of their wealthat the disposal Alexander again Once nakshatras' among noequal holds for revenge or ctuse.Theircapacity teacher ,'Count how this emotioncan be takento the extreme' reveals of MonteChristo", novel, Dumas,s shakti"udyamana to "yajamana relates of things,Purvabhadrapada scheme In the universal regions andthe astral above, hashumanity Its symbolism level. the evolutionary power to raise


on the consciousness actsas a bridgebetween that Purvabhadrapada suggests below.This imagery in of the humanity in majority whichis blocked planes. It is thisbridge andnon-material the material internal level through evolutionary one's to raise hasthe power times.puruabhadrapada the present firesof penance. I puriftcatbnbroughtaboutby the ragingcelestial


Modt of fututioning
but this doesnot meanthat it doesnot or cannotact nakshatra, It is supposed to be a Passive its relatesto the fact that it takes its Umein formingand visualizing when required.Its passivity its ends. goals in no hurryto achieve It is usually and doesnot act in haste.

:' Caste
casteby ancientVedicseers.It is however is given the Brahmana Surprisingly, this asterism the most brahmanical the why of it with a closerlook. It is ruled by Jupiter, easyto understand through canbe achieved law,that powerand knowledge to the universal It is related amongplanets. both. What it finallydoeswith that power penance, is very capable of achieving and this asterism is anothermatter. and knowledge

rulers, one of its planetary in keeping with its maledeities.EvenJupiter, It is a malenakshatra is a maleplanet.

: Bodypartsd l{urcr (Ayune[b Constitution)

Abdomen of the Thisincludes the Ribs, andthe Sides of the Body. relates to the Sides It mainly to note that Legs.It is also an indicatorof the Left Thigh and Solesof the Feet.It is interesting for war or an aggressive act meantto cajoleor pattingthe left thigh was considered an invitation Duryodhana did a similargesturewhen he asked humiliate others.In the VedicepicMahabharata, Draupdito comeandsit on histhigh,and Bhimatookavowto breakoff histhighin battleanddrink act!) the bloodfrom it (a very Purvabhadrapada (Nr) nakshatra with its expansive nature. in keeping Vata It is a predominantly




eastas compared to south. leaning a little closertowards Ib directions are westandsoutheast,

fallsin AriesNavamsa and of thisasterism 20o00' - 23o20'Aquarius, Thefirst padaor quafter Theenergy hereis sideof thisnakshatra. is ruledby Mars. Thispadabrings out the mostaggressive and violence. It gives more mental.Suchnativeswill do well to controltheir temper,aggression tremendous determination to achieve one'sobjective. padaor quarterof this asterism Navamsa 23o20' - 26040'Aquarius, hlls in Taurus Thesecond The energyhere is sideof this nakshatra. ruledby Venus. This padarelates to the moreindulgent expression to the aforementioned dark moreeafthyandthe natives are likelyto givesomephysical sidesof this nakshatra fallsin Gemini Navamsa 26" 40' - 30o00' Aquarius, Thethird padaor quafterof this asterism means energythroughmorecommunicative This padae)eresses this nakshatra's ruledby Mercury. This is the lightestpadaof this intensenakshatra. the nativecurious, and makes Navamsa ruled fallsin Cancer 0o 00' - 3o 20' Pisces, Thefoufth padaor quafterof this asterism quality, that it canbe extremely benign in the sense Thispadahasan extremely diabolical by Moon. Suchnatives can be and the persecutor. It relatesboth to the persecuted dangerous. or extremely with the otherthreepadas. adeptin comparison foundin all walksof life andare mostsocially

: {Profusioru
likeCoffin Makers, Cemetary relating or thedeathprocess to death Morticians andall professions (basically thosewho administer Practitioners Medical and contemporary Keepers etc.; Surgeons poisons Terrorists etc.; Horror,Mystery and Fanatics, Fundamentalists, Radicals, as remedies); (who often end up makingthingsworse);The dark sideof Writers;Present day Psychiatrists Sci-Fi


the entertainment industry; Thedarksideof the ruling elite;Pornagraphic Industry; Weapon Makers andUsers; Occultisbs dealing withthe darkside,Black Magicians; Perpetuators of darktechnologies; LeatherIndustry;Extreme police AsceUcs involvedin self mortification (like the famousAghoras); Departments particularly Homicide Squads; Soldiers; MetalIndustry; All professions involving the useof fire andhightemperatures; Those whodealwith toxicsubstances andhighlypolluting waste products; Enemies of the environment like LumberJacks;Environmental Activists;pharmaceutical Industry.

lP[aces : Cemetaries, Morgues, Cremation Grounds; Factories; Heavyindustries of all types;LandFills; DarkAlleyWays;Centres for OccultStudies and practices of a dark nature;Operation Theatres and Terminal IllnessWards;Asylums and Penitentiaries; Churches; TopSecretMilitaryResearch Bases; AtomicPowerPlants; Places wherehigh technology equipment is kept; NightClubs and all other places associated with dark entertainmen!The placesrelatedto the abovementioned professions in general.

an[ tattuta (Efement) : Quna (Essence)

The ancientVedicseerssaw it as a Sattwicnakshatra. Onceagain,this classification relates mainlyto its capacity for penance, detachment and generosity. It must be kept in mind that its generosity only extends to thosecloseto it by familyor association. It belongs to the Etherelement. Thisis primarily to do with its planetary rulerJupiter, who also hasa primarily etheric constitution. Thiselement relates to the dissoluting aspect of thisasterism. In a way evenmurdering a personis nothingbut an act of separating their etheric,subtlebodyfrorn their physical body.


Qono$ype) :
one wouldexpectit to be a demonic Goingby its qualities nakshatra. Itis a Manusha(human) are wisdomhere- "Humans an old dictumfrom Vedic to remember but it is impoftant nakshatra, and moregodlyactsthan the gods' " of moredemonkactsthan the demons capable

Ori.entationd DisPosition :
of with what is belowthe surface that it is concerned This means nakshatra. It is a Downward to its It alsorelates of upwards' instead glance is downwards whose a person things.It alsosuggests are by Purvabhadrapada predominanuy influenced of all kinds.Natives for deep research capacity verygoodatkeepingsecretsandcan,tbetakenontheirfacevalue. Thisdoesn'tcomeas muchof a it as an Ugn (cruel& fierce)nakshatra. Vedicseersregarded nature' its essential after understanding surprise

Lunar Montfi an{ Doa :



as Bhadnph' part(firstninedays)of the monthknown It canbeseenasthe rulerof the waning in the solar calender' to the monthof september corresponds periodusually purvabhadrapada is also related6 Chaturdashi(l4t'tithi or day) of the waxingand waning

monthlycycle. phases of the Moon's

Atupiciorts Actirtitits
or technological uncertainand risky activities;All activitiesof a mechanical All dangerous, DeathIssues;Agricultural Puttingan end to things;Exploring funeralservices; nature;Holding with water like sailingetc' connected All activiUes activities;


Inauspicioru :
Generally unfavourable for mostactivities except thosementioned above;Especially unfavourable for beginning newthings or initiations of all kinds; Notgoodfor travelling, sex,marriage anddealing with the government or higher authorities. Mostof the actions carried out underits influence often pain,anxiety, end up causing regre! sorrowor e)ftreme difficulty.

Ptarutary fo[er :
The planets associated with this nakshatra are Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Ketu. Jupiteris its mainplanetary ruler.Saturnand Uranus are connected to this asterism because of their corulership of Aquarius,while Neptune and Ketuconnect to the poftionof this asterism whichfalls in Pisces. It is important to notethat eventhoughRahuis a corulerof Aquarius, Rahudoesnot relateto the partof Aquarius wherethisasterism lies(20" to 30o).Rahu's energy culminates in the previous asterism (60 42'to 20oAquarius). shatabishak Saturnprimarily relates to the grief causing and disciplined aspectof this asterism. It also poinbto the factthatthisasterism always tendsto physically carryout its darkfunctionings. Saturn also provides the detachment aspect,whichcan be best seenthroughthe self-tormenting ascetic standing on one foot (seethe nakshatra's image). Uranusrelatesto the futuristicand technological aspectof this asterism. The most famous amongthe modernscience fictions, "Sbr Wats",displays the Uranian aspectof this nakshatra. It can be seenthat this nakshatra hasa tendency to go overboard with technology, and in its hands technology alwaysendsup beingusedfor destructive purposes. This is the asterism whichfurthers anti-nature and dehumanizing technologies like microchipping, geneuc androids and mindless manipulation.


how a beneficplanet like Jupitercan rule such a It is hard for some peopleto understand we wouldliketo onceagainbringintothe picture this mystery In orderto explain asterism. malefic of putting up a Jupiterian, is very capable This nakshatra the two faced natureof this asterism. front. It is alsoskilledat earningmoneyand and conseryative well mannered acceptable, socialry moneyare of earning its means of wealth,However significator as we knowis the natural Jupiter It however naturaltendency. withJupiter's in keeping asterism questionable. It isanexpansive always sidealsocomesout Its Jupiterian causes. for fuftheringdarker/destructive usesits expansiveness or those of its partners at the disposal and resources when it is readyto placeall of its belongings and resPects. whom it admires that at somestage,Purvabhadrapada Thismeans in this nakshatra. lupiter! energyculminates influence andpreservative the moralistic Once society. whichuphold values goesbeyond the Jupiterian can be seenas This process and dissolution. of Jupiteris finished,the stageis set for destruction destructive the dramaof life,sothat Shiva's whichsustain activities, his preservation Vishnutopping are let loosewithoutrestraint. energies futuristicvisionslike All its Uranian Neptunerelatesto the fantasyaspectof this nakshatra. the cinematic ,'Star aswe know,rules Neptune, movies. successful Wars"havebeenmadeinto hugely Onecan capital,Hollywood' dayshowbiz hasa strongholdoverthe modern m and this asterism reaf out beingchurned of the movies through9}o/o beingrelayed plainfy seethe energyof this asterism in the last 20 yearsor so. Its fantasyaspectgoesinto otherareasas well, especially by Hollywood, and disposition' in its nature mentioned whichwe havealready Ketu, throughthe "little foot" it hasin the signPisces. Ketucomesin touchwith this nakshatra requires and this asterism amongall the planets, anddetached as we know,is the mostdestructive that energyto be able to inflict torture upon itself or others.When it is workingon an internal, Whenit is workingon an withoutanyself mortification. are destroyed level,the attachments benefic innerdesires tries to controland sublimate level,this nakshatra but external,benefic individualized Whenworkingin a through externalmeanslike tormentingthe body throughextremepenance. and this is where we get the cold way, it reakshavocon its surroundings, malefic,externalized manipulator' bloodedmur&rer, serhl killer,the war generalor behind-the-scenes


In general astrological terms,the conjunctions of Mars/Saturn/Rahu/Ketu/Uranus or Neptune in crueland harshnakshatras havean energy similar to Purvabhadrapada. , Not manyplanets farewell in Purvabhadrapada. Onlya well aspected, wellfortified Jupiteris

goodhere.Saturn can alsogive okayresults in Purvabhadrapada, if Jupiteris well placed in the chart.A well placedKetu,especially pa4 can generate in the Pisces detrchmentin a posiUve way.

'lowelsur"{ Atpffie* :
Thefirst pada(20" to 23" 20'Aquarius) relates to "Se"as in the name"Seth". pada(23o20'to 26040'Aquarius) Thesecond relates to "So"as in the name"Somalia". Thethird pada(26" 40'to 30"00'Aquarius) relates to "The"as in "Then". The fourth pada(0" to 3o 20' Pisces) relates to 'Di* as in the name"Divali". In the Sanskrit alphabetPurvabhadrapada corresponds to the letters"Vam"and "Stlam",and consequently its mantras are "OmVam"and "OmSham".

Sery.at We a Compatilitity :
Its sexualanimalis a Lion,whichpointstowardsan aggressive sexualnatureand attitude.It partnerin sexual likesto be the dominant unionand in manycases doesnot havea healthyrespect for its partner. One can noticein the imageof this nakshatra, the lion is a roaringlion and not a tame, gentfeone as is the casewith Dhanishtha. please Forsexual & maritalcompatibility with othernakshatras referto the tableson pages 457 & 458.


: T-soteric
figure and finds little mentionin the is a mysterious Its rulingdeity,as we haveseenearlier, are it is a much revereddeity in the presenttime and humansacrifices Vedictexts. Surprisingly, carriedout underits nameby today'srulingelite.Thismaycomeas a shockto manyof the readers, than fiction!" but as the sayinggoes,"Factis alwaysstranger whoweresupposed to require cultures, of all ancient relates to all the darkdeities Thisasterism The bloodsacrifices of the or humanbeing. of somelivething,in the form of an animal sacrifice famous. are notoriously Mayancivilization in effectmeans thatJupiter's pointof Jupiter's which energy, istheconsummation Thisnakshatra functionof The universal acts of this asterism. in the destructive beneficnaturecannotintervene dissoluting energies of this for the destructive, holdslitUemeaning so dearto Jupiter, maintenance, entourage, typesamongShiva's destructive relates to the extremely this nakshatra Since nakshatra. of Shiva' aspect with the unrestrained it dealsspecifically '' The imageryof the'two-facedman' (refer to the image),on an esotericlevel,refersto the

and at the in the eafthlyrealm, Eachof us whenwe die get to faceall our actions dyingprocess. referred to as "the worldof the dead." sameUmewe get to peerinto the astralplane,commonly

Lineage): Qotra (Ce{zstiat

sageslookingafter one of the sevencelestial is relatedto the SageVashishta, this n'akshatra of wealth".Thisseems into "the possessor The nameof this sagetranslates the affairsof our galaxy. in wealth;especially seems to be goodat acquiring the fact that this nakshatra to be apt considering of our controlof all the resources to havetakencomplete seems today'sworld,as Puruabhadrapada in keepingwith for his extremepenances is renowned planet.On the other hand,Vashishta inclinations. essential Puruabhadrapada's


Forthosesuffering from badeffects resulting fromafflictions to this nakshatra, the bestremedial measure is worshipof Shiva. The practice of lGrma Yoga, whichinvolves carrying out one'sdivinely path in life, is the bestway to neutralize ordained the bad effectsof this nakshatra. - "OmVam"and "Om Sham"108timeswhen Repetition of the root mantraof this nakshatra Moontransits this nakshatra and in the waninghalf of the lunarmonthof Bhadrapada is sureto reducesuffering and bringenlightenment into a person's life. Persons who are benefiting from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra can also increase the goodeffectsthroughthe abovementioned ways.It is helpfulfor themto wearlight colours like light blue. Leatherapparelsand blackcoloursshouldbe avoidd as mucfras possible.

Michael Jackson, the famous enteftainer, hashis Moonplaced in this asterism. Thisnakshatra's energycanbe foundexpressed in his latermusic, especially music videoslike "Thriller". Hedefinitely does not seemto havea normalsexuallife and has beenaccused of child molestation. The self moftification of this asterismis evidentfrom his continuous surgery which he is supposed to be undeftaking pefection.He is alsosaidto havesuffered to reacha stateof physical a lot of abusein his earlychildhood, whichcan be seenfrom Moon's placement in this nakshaba in his fourtr house, the houseof childhood and upbringing.

Misce[.farcous :
Varahamihira states that "those who haveMoonin Puruabhadrapada aregoodat eamingmoney, are stingyand are liableto place their wealthat the disposal of their paftners. Theyspeakdistincily but tendto sufferfrom grief."Allthesecharacteristics seemto fit in with our example, andcuriously enoughthey wouldeasilyfit in with 90o/o of the presentday rulingelite ! ***

26. Q*at bh.drp.dr

,"zo'1i"""" - | 6"+c,1i".""


- 16040'Pisces) (3020'Pisces

In tfu SKyt
in the celestial firmamentby tJttarabhadrapada,the apexof Saturnine energy,is represented of fugasus,whilethe other is seenas being two brightstars,one of whichlies in the constellation partof the constellation vedicseers sawthesestarsas beingrepresentaUve Andromda.Theancient sawthesetwo starsforminga of the backlegsof a funeralcot (or sleeping bed).Alsothe ancients rectangular bed (which is now known as the "Squareof Pqasul'), alongwith the two stars of Puruabhadrapada. respectively, are knownin modern Thesetwo stars,which lie in Pegasus and Andromeda (Alphera2).They can be seen lying andAlpha-Andromedae astronomyas Gamma-Pegasi(Algenib) has a visualmagnitude of 2.84,and lies directlyabovethe constellation of Pisces. Gamma-Pegasi Alpha-Andromedae is the brighterof the two with a visualmagnitude closerto the zodiacal ecliptic. ecliptic.Bothof them can be easif locatedin the of 2.06 and lies fartherawayfrom the zodiacal in the night sky. constellations night sky throughspottingAndromeda, one of the brightest

lrtgtme :
into - "the latter(onewho possesses) luckyfeet'. Its alternative "Uttarabhadrapada" translates into "the latter (one who posseses) the feet of a nameis "Uttaraproshthapada'i which translates are a direct result of this asterismforming a pair with the stool". Thesenamesarrd meanings


of the natureor functioning and don't conveymuchregarding previous Purvabhadrapada asterism this asterism.

our exit fromthe world, cot'.A funeralcot denotes Its mainsymbolis the'backpart of a funeral formsthe this asterism this exit.Since in the chart,signifies or the 12b house andthe signPisces, the backlegsof the funeralcot, while that it is ascribed it is appropriate heartof the signof Pisces, our initialstate the front legs.In a way it represents ascribed Purvabhadrapada,is its counterpart, process Theback of dying. to the actual canbe seenas relating whilePuruabhadrapada afterdeath, the 12h house Since part of a normalsleeping bedcanalsobe seenas the symbolof this asterism. bed wouldalso relate form of death,a sleeping relates to sleep,whichcan be seenas a temporary the deep sleepstate,in whichthe dreamactivityis at signifies Uttarabhadrapada to this asterism. of be alsorepresentative It can however andwe go to the depthsof our unconscious. the minimum, states., all dreams anddreamlike In our view, its altemativesymbolis a serpentwith two and a half coils (see the image), the primevallife force lying at the baseof the spine in humans.This izing the kundalini, symbof throughthe of all the sevenvital centres throughthe awakening enlightenment symbolizes asterism is actuallystartedin Anuradha, of kundaliniawakening This process of the kundalini. movement that Satumrulesboth of theseasterisms. in the sense asterism, whichcan be seenas an associate while of thisprocess, is the initiator Anuradha withAnuradha, dealing in the section Aswe discussed pointof this process. is the culmination uttarabhadrapada

Deity :
with the basicenergyof this and in keeping Its deity is knownby the nameAhir Bhudhanya of the into "Serpent nameroughlytranslates Hispeculiar in mystery. is a figureshrouded asterism, Depths"or "Serpentthat lies beneaththe surfaceof the earth". Most of the Vedictexts don't say


muchabouthim,except the mention of him beinga serpent god dwelling in the primeval depths. Eventhe west hasits own shareof imagined or othenrrise mysterious undenalater serpent creatures likeScotland's Lrchnss MonsterVedicmythology, however, is replete with stories of serpentbeings whichreside at the bottomof bodies of waterlike lakes,riversand oceans. Thesebeings alsoreside in all the netherworlds.Ahir Bhudhanya can be seenas a collective composite of all theseserpent beings. Thereis an obvious connection of the serpent forces,reveredby all ancientcultures, with this asterism. The readercan refer to the author'spreviouswork, 'The Rahu-Ketu Experience" Sagar 'The Publiations,Indial KeyOf Life' LotusPress, USA) for gaininga moredetailedunderstanding of howtheseforces arecentral to the'universal plan.AhirBhudhanya wasseenasthe deityresponsible for maintaining the fertilityof the earth.Thesymbolism of a serpent lyingat the coreof the planetseenas the lord of the underworld, wasgivena simibr portfolio. AhirBhudhanya is a morewiseandcompassionate deityin comparison withA1?-Ekapda(please referto the section on Purvabhadrapada). Its essential natureis akinto the westernNeptunian godfigure,which is not very interested in revealing itself.Like Neptune,it presides over the celestial ocean.Even Vishnu, the preserver amongthe Trinity,hasa simibr symbolism as can be seenfrom his lyingon a serpentbed on top of the celestial oceanimage Finally Shiua,thedestroyer amongthe cosmic Trinity,can be seenas the mainpresiding deiff of this asterism, eventhoughits symbolism relates to Vishnu. Thisasterism hasa dissolution aspect to it in the guises of death,transformation andenlightenment throughdestruction of forms- Shiva,s domain. Shiva alsocarries a serpent around his neckI

the earth,

who maintains eafth's structure andfertility, canbe foundin all ancient cultures. In the west,plutq

A{ature U Dbposition :
The first thing whichmustbe saidhere,is that it is very hardto pin downthe exactnature of this nakshatra. It can functionin a varietyof waysand fashionitself according to its needsand


underits influence the nativestrongly wisdomis the keywordfor this nakshatra, Since surroundings. archetype' to the needsof the momentratherthan from any instinctual actsaccording are alwaysvery hard to know' Nativesunder its strong The real motivesof this nakshatra a wholedifferent as the serpentof the deepsea.Justlikethe oceancarries are as elusive influence has roomfor manydifferentqualities'naturesand this nakshatra varietyof plantsand creatures, expresslons. to verydetermined whichis usually it is quitea fixed nakshatra, flexibility, its apparent Despite the to an end'Thisis the wiseold manamongst hereisjust a means Flexibility its setgoals. achieve actionstoo longfor its own In fact manya timesit can postpone It neveracts hastily. nakshatras. and mentalmatters. good.In a lot of casesit canjust be p|ainlary,in both physica|

A|otcanbeunderstoodaboutthisnakshatrabyunderstandingthenatureandro|eoft It is nativetribes'Its wisdomhasbeengainedfrom experience' of indigenous wisechiefarchetype alwaystry to keepthe big picturein its ends.Thesenatives when it comesto achieving calculative to do evefihingin a controlled likes andthelike.Uttarabhadrapada plans, decisions mindwhilemaking are not self Its ambitions benevolent. are usually Its intentions with care and restraint. fashion servinganditisful|ofqua|itieslikeempathy,understandingandsympathy. water as we know has the nativesusuallymakevery good counsellors' Uttarabhadrapada caneaseandcool watersof this nakshatra anyfire. In the samewaythe cooling abilityto extinguish jealousyetc. Evenin all the nativetribes of the past' out all fiery emotionslike anger,revenge,

everyoneusedtoturntothee|derorwisemanofthetribetofindso|aceanddirectionin dependupon the can show will obviously this nakshatra troubledtimes.The level of compassion statusof the soul in question' evolutionary Theca|culativeaspectofthisnakshatraconnectsittoa||thesciencesconcerne Yoga,Meditauon' Numerology, mind,likeAstrology, of the universal the functionings understanding etc. Divination


Nativeswith Uttarabhadrapada risingon the Ascendant usuallyhave a sereneand calm countenance. Theytry their bestto remainhappyeven in difficult,disturbing and unfavourable circumstances. Uttarabhadrapada has a tendency to give one a large body with broadshoulders. Thiscan be gauged from the fact that oceans are quiteexpansive. Suchnatives are usually short in height, gain,especially witha tendency produces towards weight withage.Uttarabhadrapada usually personalities. shy,reluctant andpassive Such natives are usually in no hurry a tendency whichin its lowestaspectcan makethem lazyand proneto inactionin timeswhereactionis indispensable. Much depends on the placement of Saturn in ascertaining howthis nakshatra will function in a particular nativity. The serpentof the depthsis quitean immobile and inertcreature, and it requires someexternalagencyor forceto arouseit. This is why the presence planetslike of fiery optimistic Mars, SunandJupiter in this nakshatra helpit overcome its latentineftia. In fact,the placement of any planetin this nakshatra makes it dynamic. Uttarabhadrapada can initiate destructive or seemingly evilactions, but unlikeits predecessor, Purvabhadrapada, it usuallydoes so for somewholesome reason.Uttarabhadrapada, even when puts lessemphasis causingdestruction, on crueltyand depravity as compared to its predecessor. uttarabhadrapada's angeris moresublimated andthus its actions are not mindless. Reasonability is another key to this nakshatra. It likesto come out with the best possible solutions, whichare fair to all pafties. The interesting thingto noteaboutthis nakshatra is that it usuallyhas an eye for the needsof others,but almostalwaysends up benefittingfrom others. Natives bornunder its stronginfluence usually fromgifu, donations benefit andinheritance etc.One interesting thingto noteaboutthis nakshatra is that it is usually foftunatewith makingand handling money. Thisnakshatra relates tp the Vana Prastha, thethirdstageof life according to the ancient Vedic texts,in whichthe nativeis supposed to cut off their worldlychordsand retireto the forestin order to seek enlightenment. It hassecretive, reclusive tendencies, whichmaysometimes make the native prematurely underthe stronginfluence of this nakshatra reUre from their worldlyduUes. No matter


towards someseeking nativehas,thereis always statusan Uttarabhadrapada whatthe evolutionary somehigherawareness' shakti"- the relatesto "uarchodyamana of things, uttarabhadrapada scheme In the universal plants This below. and growing above, clouds hasraining powerto bringaboutrain.Its symbolism The rainhereconnects fertilityreference. hasmoreto it thanjust beinga common obviously imagery which can flow throughour astraland causalbodiesif we vibrations with the soothinguniversal ocean of consciousness aboutfrom the celestial raincomes to them.Thisspiritual openourselves ourAtman)touchesuponit. The readercan referto the imageof whenthe hot Sun(representing b understardthe whole processbetter. uttarabhadrapada

Mode of fututioning :
takesits seenthat this nakshatra We havealready nakshatra. to be a Balanced It is supposed to put thingsin their proper it can give one the wisdom Umebeforeacting.Whenwell disposed, and too afraidto confrontrealityor perspective. Whenafflicted,it can makeone too @nseryative face tansformation.

that a prudentnakshatra or warriorcaste.It is strange to the Kshatriya belongs This nakshatra with the energies of its association aboutbecause Thiscomes this caste. likethis shouldbe assigned like cruelsense but not in anyaggressive, a warrior, is always Uttarabhadrapada of plutoandShiva. purvabhadrapada. fashionof settinggoalsand It worksin the typicalKshatriya its predecessor them. attaining

Alsoits its malequality. of Jupitergivesthis nakshatra The rulership It is a malenakshatra. prsiding deitiesare both male.


tso{yparr d Hurwr (Ayurue[ir Constitutim) :

It mainlyrelatesto the Sidesof the Body,including the Sidesof the Legs,the Shinsand the Solesof the Feet. It is a primarily"Pilb" (fiery) nakshatra. This association comesfrom its symbolof a funeral cot. As we discussed earlier, it is relatedto the earth'score,whichas we knowis the hottestpaft of our planet.

Directinn :
It coversthe rangefrom westto nofth.

lPadas(Qwrters) :
Thefirst padaor quarterof this asterism 3020' - 6o40' Pisces, fallsin LeoNavamsa and is ruled proud by Sun.It represents the active, illuminating, andachievement oriented sideof thisnakshatra. (referto the image), Justlikethe risingor setting sun on the oceanic horizon the function of this padais to spreadaroundthe light of its experience. padaor quarter Thesecond of thisasterism 6040' - 10o00' Pisces, fallsin VirgoNavamsa ruled by Mercury. Thisrelates to the analytical, calculative and planning sideof thisnakshatra. It tendsto find wisdomin smallthings,and planeb hereare more likelyto stay irrthe background then reveal themselves. Thethird padaor quarter of thisasterism 10o00' - 13o20' Pisces, fallsin LibraNavamsa ruled byVenus. Thisrelates to the passive, balance seeking andequilibriurn-or:ented sideof thisnakshatra. placedhereseekwisdom Planets throughbalance and objectivity. Ther,:niqhthowever become too passive and may lackthe energyto let their findingsbe known.


Navamsa fallsin Scorpio 13o20' - 16040' Pisces, of this asterism Thefoufth padaor quarter This pada of this nakshatra' and hiddenaspect to the occult,mysterious ruledby Mars.This relates it always way it operates, or depthsof widom. Whichever can go to extremedepthsof confusion is intensehere and things are its energy.Everything externalise has the ability to aggressively (planetor likelyto get to fwer pitch in relationto whateverarea this pada is influencing usualry house).

lProfusiotu :
Practitioners Healers; yogaandMeditation of alltypes;Shamen; &Therapists Counsellors Experts; Monks,Hermits;Thoseworkingin Renunciates; Divinators; of Tantraand other OccultSciences; Those working andArtists; Musicians Writers, Poets, Philosophers; Researchers; Organizations; Charity or awareness; insighterudition whetherit be patience, abilities, extraordinary requiring in professions Historians; Doormen; professions like ShopClerks,Night Watchmen, little movement involving or charity. legacies on inheritance, and relying who are unemployed Those Librarians;

: Pfu.es
Places; Cremation Ancientruins;Historical OccultBmk Stores; Temples & Museums; Libraries, All Meditation Centres; Caverns; Mountainous Caves; Places; HolySitesand Pilgrimage Grounds; High Forests, Compounds; CharityOrganization places and quiet activities; s;itable for meditation solitaryplaces;Bottomsof Lakes,DeepSeas& Oceansl and other uninhabited Ranges Mountain Research. and Spiritual for Psychic Centres Welfare Centres; Social

an['Tattwa (Efzment): Quna ('Essence)

Its basicinert qualityand the hct that it dealswith nakshatra. to be a TamasrT It is supposed this gunato it. We have ascribe Vedic seers madethe ancient of existence, on all levels dissolution deity of this nakshatra. Guna,is the mainpresiding of Tamo seenearl6r that Shiva,the overlord


The Etherelementpredominates for Uttarabhadrapada, as is the casewith the last groupof nakshatras starting from Dhanishfa.Its relation to Ether is clear from its wisdom and all encompassingness.

Qma EWe);
(human)nakshatra. It is a Manusha This goesto showthat Uttarabhadrapada has a strong involvement to otherfiner realmsof existence. in humanaffairs,eventhoughit relates It is one of the nakshatras which form a bridge betweentte astnl, causaland physial realms,bringingin higher, frameof existence. universal truthsintothe material human

Orientation U Dispositi^on :
It is an Upward Looking nakshatra. Thismainlyrelates to the expansive nafureof this asterism. Activities begun under the influence of thisnakshatra are morelikely to growandexpand withtime. It is a Fixed nakshatra in keeping with the natureof its rulingdeityAhirBhudanya. As mentioned earlier, he is a veryfixedsort of character, who literallyand figuratively budges onlywhenabsolutely necessary.

Lunar Montfr. ond Doy :

It can be seenas the ruler of the middle9 days of the month knownas Bhadnpada. This usually fallsin the solarcalendar monthof September. (gth tithi or day) of the waxingand waningphases Uttarabhadrapada is alsorelated to Nauami of the Moon's monthlycycle.


Good & AstralExploration; Development Psychic Meditation, Research, activities; Quietpeaceful activities construction Beginning Marriage; pledges including andcommitments for makingpromises, - homes, requiring suppoftfrom others;Artistic activities Beginning dealings; officesetc; Financial organizations children, a newhome;Naming Sexual activity;Entering of diseases; Treatment ventures; & gardening. etc.; Planting

InauspiciousAniaities :
whichrequirequick' Activities with enemies; Dealing Litigation; for travelling; Unfavourable movernent Toomuchphysical money; Badfor lending & gambling; Speculation swiftactionin general; or exertion.

Pfanztarll &tfcr :
and Ketu.Saturnis the Neptune Jupiter, are Saturn, with this nakshatra associated The planets energy. of Saturnine the culmination represents In fact this nakshatra main ruler of this asterism. are and Aquarius, learnt underthe signsCapricorn lessons This is the placewhere Saturnine role hereis not that of a Saturn's and enlightenment. into true wisdom andtransformed synthesized perseverance and throughpatience, but that of a wise,old teacherwho teaches hardtask master, At throughthis nakshatra. are expressed functionings of Saturn's The mostrefinedaspects example. can give abundantmaterialprosperi$ as one reapsthe fruits of hard work times this nakshatra as a resultof is bestowed this prosperity lives.In more evolvedsoulshowever, done in previous Shivaand whereSaturnbecomes will. This is the nakshatra in tune with the universal functioning painfuldeity of sorow. slow,troublesome, can no morebe seenas an outcaste, does not believein qualityto this nakshatra. Uttarabhadrapada Jupiter lendsan expansive caring, sensitivity virtueslikecompassion, Jupiterian withinitselfall higher and carries boundaries, of the has a lot to do with the final balancing of the divinewill. This nakshatra and acceptance


energies of Jupiterand Saturn, the two planets regarded by someastrologers as beingthe most important. Neptune as we know is directlyrelatedto the celestial ocean,which houses the manifest universe. Uttarabhadrapada as we have seenearlier,is directlyrelatedto this oceanthrough its presiding deityAhir bhudanya. Uttarabhadrapada is one of the few nakshatras whichsetsthe stage for the dramaof life.In a way it can be seenas a directorof the moviecalledlifu.This is the reason why natives underthe stronginfluence of thisnakshatra oftentakeup filmmaking in today's media heavysociety. Ketu relatesto the spiritual/detachment/enlightenment aspectof this asterism. On closer inspection, onefindsthat Ketuhasa strongconnection goesaboutachieving to the waythisnakshatra goals.Uttarabhadrapada its spirituaf relates to Raja Yoga, whichinvolves harnessing of the kundalini shaktiandopening of the sevensacralcentres. Ketuis the planetwhichrelatesdirectlyto kundalini shakti,and the seventh and final centreknownas Sahastrara (please referto the author'sprevious work "TheRahu-Ketu experience"9garPublications, India or "TheKey Of Life" Lofus Press,I,JSA for moreinsighton lGtu's role in this regard). planets Active dynamic likeSun,Mars andRahu do bestin Uttarabhadrapada. Satum alsodoes well hereif it is aspected by activeplanets likeMarsandJupiter. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus canalso do well in this nakshatra when associated with activeplanets. Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and conjunctions of Ketuand Neptune with Jupiterand Saturn carry an energysimilarto this nakshatra. Saturn-Ketu conjunction howeverwould relate more to Purvabhadrapada.

'I/owefsand Afpfiabets:
The flrst pada(3o 20' - 60 40' Pisces) relates to "Du" as in the name"Durga". The secondpada(6o 40' to 10o(X)'Pisces) relatesto "Tha"as in the name"Thatcter".


to "Jha"as in the name"Jhanci". relates Thethird pada(10" 00'to 13"20'Pisces) relatesto "Na"as in the name"Natasha". to 16040' Pisces) The fourth pada(13020' to the letters"Sha","Sa"and "Ha",and corresponds Uttarabhadrapada alphabet In the Sanskrit "OmSam"and "OmHam"' are "OmSham", its mantras consequently

: Seryat type an{ Compatihi"fity

sexualnature.It is not a very a docib and passive Ib sexualanimalis a Cow,whichindicates in sexfrom a tantrapointof view. can be quite interested It however activenakshatra. sexuaffy please 457 referto the tableon pages with other nakshatras & maritalcompatibility Forsexual & 458.

'Esoterb :
and Shiva,the destroyer;this the preseruer; of Vishnu, As a meetingpoint of the energies mind, aspect of the universal to the harmonizing It relates influence. a very special carries nakshatra Vishnu's incarnation, EvenKrishna, of preservation. as a means whichoften times usesdestruction (Shiva's to set thingsright. means) useddestruction or crown centre,the topmost amongstthe seven relatesto the sahastrara This nakshatra forceresiding at the baseof the the serpent of the kundalini, It is the final destination chakras. from the relates to the journeyof the kundalini of this nakshatra spine.Thusthe wholesymbolism with the bottomof the sea),to the crownchakra(which baseof the spine(whichcan be equated ocean). can be equatedwith the sudaceof the celestial one at and become converge channels The left (Ida), right (Pingla)and middle(Sushumna) Brahma and with the trinityof Shiva, can be equated These threechannels the third eye centre. It affinitywith the third eyechaka (Agneya)' hasa special Thusthis nakshatra Vishnurespectively.


is at the third eyecentrewhereperfect equilibrium is established between nature's thre gunas.This allowsone to directlycomprehend the functionings of the universal mind.This is the nakhatra where wisdom isgained, andasa result allthe mental, intellectual andemotional thirsts arequenched. Afterthe third eyechakra, thereis onlyonechannel, the centreone,leading up to the crownchakra, whichmeans that this nakshatra readies an individual for supreme puttingthemon enlightenment, path.. a singular The 'serpentof the depths'is often equatedwith 'a streamin the Milky Way'.This, besides suggesting a pathwhich leadsus throughthe darkness of space,hintsat the fact that the serpent - it is the kundalini imagery is present on all levelsof existence withinour bodies, the sffeamin the MilkyWaywithinour galaxy, andAhir Budhanya in the celestial ocean. Uttarabhadrapada is the unfathomable darkness of space in whichthe materialuniverse dwells. It is the nothingness from whichevefihing is born. It is wherethe answerto the most basic questions eventually enocuntered by all thinkers, scientists, spiritualists and philosophers alikei.e. "how did creation comeout of nothingness and what existedwhen nothingexisted",lies.

tiat Linzage) Qotra (Cetts

This nakshatra is relatedto the SagePulahu, one of the sevencelestial sageslooking after the affairsof our galaxy.The nameof this sagetranslates into "the connector of space".This makes sense whenwe recall that Uttanbhadrapada presides overall the darkspace whichharbours creation.

Forthr:se suffering from badeffects resulting fromafflictions to this nakshatra, the bestremedial measure is worship of Shiva,Durgaor Vishnu. The practice of Rajayoga,whichinvolves the raising of the kundalini throughthe sevensacred centresis one of the bestwaysto utilisethis nakshatra's potential.


- "OmSham","OmSam"and "Om Ham",108 of this nakShatra of the rOotmantras Repetition lunarmonth'is sureto reduce and in its corresponding this nakshatra timeswhen Moontransits life. into a person's and bringenlightenment suffering the can alsoincrease of this nakshatra persons energy from the positive who are benefiting of blue and ways.It is helpfulfor them to wear shades goodeffectsthroughthe abovementioned so underthe term "psychedelic", classified everything whichencompasses yellow.It is the nakshatra this nakshatra's are goodfor conveying with "psychedelia" associated and colours imagerypatterns Uttarabhadrapada transits lunarmonthandthe dayswhenMoon useits directions, Oneshould energy. all impoftantactions. to undertake

risingon has Uttarabhadrapada the famousIndianwriter and musician, Tagore, Rabindmnath earlier'Hisworks discussed Hislife, worksand imagebringout manyof the qualities hisAscendant. of thisnakshatra. qualities whichformthe cornerstone andsensitivity, humanity arefull of compassion, can bestowin the caseof more evolved He lackedthe occult prowesswhich Uttarabhadrapada associated commonly archetype old wisechief/advisor/teacher fits the bearded, souls.He however with this nakshatra.

Mbce[lawow :
denotes"a happydisposition. Moonplacedin Utbarabhadrapada to Varahamihira, According and make Theyare virtuous andgrandchildren. lotsof children end up having usually SuchnaUves to prevailovertheir enemies". Theyare supposed speakers. convincing


rf wu&*#

27. ftevati | 6"+c'fisc"s - ro"oot fi"c"s


. - 30000'Pisces) (16040'Pisces

In tfu Sky t
Revati, the culmination of Mercurial energy, in fact all zodiacal energies, is represented in the celestial firmament by a groupof very faint starsin the constellation of Pisces. Theexactnumberof thesestarsis not specified in the ancienttexts, although27 seemslike an automatic choice!The ancientvedicseerssaw that thesestarsmadea shapesimilarto a dhola(drumstrungacross the neckwith a strapand playedwith both hands,usedfor carryingin processions). The brightestamongthesefaint starsis knownin modernastronomy as Zeta-Pixium,which hasa visualmagnitude of only 5.20.It is located closeto a comparatively brighterlEar, Mu-Piscium, around the fag endof the tail of the fishformed by the constellation Pisces. Thisasterism is noteasy to locatein the nightsky,but one canalways utilizethe fact that Zeta-Piscium liesalmostexactly on the planetary ecliptic(the pathof the planets aroundthe zodiac);in orderto locateit in a very clear new moonnightsky.

- "wealthy". "Revati" hasa simple translation As we shalldiscover later,this nameconveys alot aboutthisasterism on all levels, eventhoughit is not apparent straightaway whythe finalasterism representing completedissolution be relatedto something as transitoryas wealth.Its alternative translaUon is "to transcend", whichis morein keepingWrlhtnis beingthe final nakstratra.


Sincethis asterism hasa lot to do with duality,it hastwo and not one mainsymbol- a " fish in the sea"anda "drum". swimming ' '*

A fish swimmingin the water is an obviouschoiceas a symbolbr this nakshatra, as it falls completely in the sign of Pisces, whichas we know is represented by two fishesswimming in directions. Thesymbolism opposite of a fishswimming in the seahasbeenusedfromtime immemorial journeyin the watersof the univer*,. Vishnu, to showthe soul's the preseruer amongthe Trinity,is often shownsitting atop the sea of consciousness. Thefishswimming in the seaalsosuggests a path.Thisnakshatra hasa lot to do with paths of all kinds,whetherit is just a pathto one'shouse or the wholelife-pathitself.As declared by all wise pathin lifeisthe biggest penance menandincarnations, knowing andfollowing one's of all.In a way it is the oneandonly pathto liberation. Thisnakhatra,aswe know, is the lastamong nakshatras andthushasa lot to do with moksha It should andfinalenlightenment. be notedherethat moksha doesn't actually meanliberation from cyclesof births and deaths,as is enunciated by many schoolsof thought. Evenafter final enlightenment, one mighthaveto take bifth in somecycleof someuniverse. To find one'strue path picture. in life,onehasto learnto seethe bigger Thishappens through connecting oneself with the mind,whichin turn is tunedto the collective This nakhatra represents universal consciousness. collective consciousness. Thishowever is a liftle differentfrom the massconsciousness represented by the signCancer. A drum as we recallis the symbolfor Dhanishbas well. There'sa lot of similaritybetween Revati and Dhanishta. Onesimilarity whichstands is that they are both regarded out immediately as wealthy.Please refer to the symbolsectionin Dhanishta for understanding the signification of a (a type of Indiandrum played drumas a symbol. Revati's drum is similar to a Naggada with two sticks),and othertypesof moderndrumsusedby marching bands(referto the image).


It canbe seenthat Revati's playedby sticksof somekindinstead drumsare always of by hand. Theyalsohavea connotation of bringing news, whichthe Dhanishta drumdoesn't have.In all the ancientcultures, any newsof importance to the community wasalways announced accompanied by the soundof drums.In somecultures, drum beatswere evenusedas a way of sending signalsin muchthe samewayas morsecode.Wecanthus inferthat'communication' is oneof the keyaspects of this nakshatra.

Deity :
Pushan, a solardeity,similarto the Sungod, is considered the mainpresiding deityof this asterism' He is supposed to light up all paths. Thisgiveshim rulership overas diverse a thingas streetlights, which light up the road; a lighthouse, which keepsthe ship from getting lost; to the rulership of the innerlight of the soul,whichlightsup one'slife-path. He is always portrayed as standing at the beginning of all paths andbeginnings (referto the image). Thisis the reason why he popularas the deity connected became with safetravel.Consequently this nakshatra relatesto all - physical, kindsof travelling mental,emoUonal, astralor causal. Pushan is supposed to be a morenourishing, softerdeitythanour Sungod and is saidto give wealth,prosperity and completion. It is not hardto seeseehowfruiffuljourneys or fruitfullife-paths will bringtheseto us automatically. FinallyVishnu,the preserver amongthe Trinity,is the overseer of this nakshatra. At the time of the finaldissolution, job to gathertogether it isVishnu's all of the universal lifeforceandconsciousness. It isthe gathering quality of thisnakshatra which makes it wealthy, whether it be in termsof material wealth,knowledge or experience. Vishnuas we know is the husband of taxmi, the goddess of wealthand prosperity, whichagainbringsthis nakshatra in touchwith the principle of abundance. Mercurythe planetary ruler of this nakshatra is supposed to be directlyconnected with Vishnu. communication is a forte of Mercury and Vishnu and as we haveseenearlie[of this nakshatra as well' The imageof Vishnuand Laxmisittingon a snakebedon top of the oceanof celestial waters b an imagewhirh can very muclr$Jm up this nakshatra. .,'...


(t functioning: Afoture
"represent", "revelry", "reverend", "revolving", "reverent", wordslike"reverie"r English Common ,,resolution,, seethat their meanings Wecaneasily - seem to havethe samerootasthe word"Revati". at somelevelor other' functioning relateto Revati's foftunate It is an extremely of nakshatras. and benevolent Revatiis one of the most pleasing completely andremains optimist light.It isthe eternal it seelifein a positive nakhatraandthishelps It knows It has an innatetrust in divineprovidence. even in the lace of big setbacks. unflustered to not do anythingelseexcepthaving how to keepthe faith but in somecasesit has a tendency quality positive turnsout to its detriment. this usually faith.In suchcases tend to rely too muchon beliefand their beliets Alot of the nativesborn underthis nakshatra groundedness to givea realistic is required influence Saturn that some real.It is seen notalways


aspected in this nakshatra Jupiteris placed In one nativity, Let us taketwo cases. to this nakshatra. withouthavingan aspectof Saturn. by Satumand in the other,Jupiteris placedin this nakshatra whilethe latterwill be of this nakshatra, benefits The formeris morelikelyto reapall the expansive moreproneto idlefantasies' It can createwholeworldsarounditself.This is because of the dreamer. This is the nakshatra the drama which sustains withVishnu, quality related withMala,theillusory association its strong


of their own creation.It is a tend to live in universes Revati of life. Alot of nativeswith prominent The best thing Revati for enlightenment. caseof Mayawithin Maya,which is not very conducive can do is to seethingsas they are. natives of othersand sinceone reapswhat one sowsthey often Revatipeopleare alwayssupportive get support when is that theyalways natives thingaboutRevati get suppofted as well.Thepeculiar they needit most. on refinement, placespecial emphasis Its natives canbe seenasthe apexof civilization. Revati civilization, constitute which Theylikeall the things behaviour. grooming andcivilized sophistocation, or refined A lot of RevatinAtivesare born into rich, aristocratic and abhor primitivebehaviour.


families.Unless there are other conflicting factorsin the chart, Revatipromotes good childhood, upbringing, earlyeducation and physical felicity. Revati natives seemto havepleasing personalities social andare usually well likedwithintheir socialsphere.This is to be expectedfrom someone who has had a good upbringing.No other nakshatra comescloseto Revati as far as beinga socialite is concerned. Theyare very good hosts andtheirfriendships lastlongbecause of theirresponsible nature. Theyarevery understanding of other'sproblems and liketo be as helpfulto as manypeople as they can. However, sometimes they taketoo manypeople's problems on theirshoulders, andcanexhaust themselves mentally, emotionally or physically as a result. :

Theyare always soft and politein conversation andonlyspitefulif hurt or jealous.Revati is one of the mosttendernakshatras and so hasa tendency to get huft very easily.Despite this they are often goodcounsellors and havea knackfor solvingpeople's problems or showingthem their right path. Revati natives usually havea lustrous and luscious bodyand a smiley, lighthearted demeanour. Onecan referto the picture of Pushan in the nakshatra image, or lookup an imageof Mshnu, for gettinga generalideaof the appearance of Revati natives. Revati is a soft but indulgent asterism. It is the nakshatra whichderivesthe npst fun andjoy out of the dramaof life. It must be saidthat whilemoreevolved soulslearnto keepthemselves on an observer status,the younger, lessevolved soulstend to immerse themselves completely in the mayaof life. Thisnakshatra doesn'tactually havea sense of limitsandso it is veryeasyfor it to do too much of anything' Thisnakshatra power likes to exude throughits speech andotherformsof communication. It is the mostcharming andenchanting amongst all the nakhatrasand its charmliesin completely engaging anotherperson's attention.This engagement can at times be so extremethat the other personmay feel that nothingbut the two of them exists.It is alsoa masterat appearing intensely engaged in things,eventhoughits attentionmight be scattered in a milliondirections. Amongthe nakhatras, Revatihas the strongestability to cast illusions, while at the sameUme in its lower aspectit canjust as easilyget caughtup in illusions itself.


whichcanput on It is a chameleon the nakshatras. is the mosttrickyandcleveramongst Revati universal soulsusethis abilityfor seruing any act at any givenpoint in time. The moreevolved soulsend up usingit for selfishmotives. whilethe lessevolved causes, oftentakethemto beveryfinancially People "Richy Riclt"characters. areproverbial nagves Reva6 well off evenwhenthey are penniless. and with all its upsides canbe seenas the heightof civilization To sum it up, Revati downsides.

which can see the biggerpicture,then this is it. Sinceit is the last If there is one asterism of everyother nakshatra' and even mimicthe energies it hasthe abilityto understand nakshatra, in the nakshatra It is the only complete of existence. of all possibilities display Revatiis a complete the there is. There'snothingwhichis beyond all the wisdomand knowledge sensethat it contains it, or put its natureand domainand thus it is very difficultto labelit, stereotype scopeof Revati's just as different completely surprises ottrersby turninginto something in a box. It always .activiues it is beingput into a category. why and evefihing else.Thisis the reason with infinityof time, space dealing It is a nakshatra on the horizon' shining down,as somenew lightis always it is hardto pin this nakshatra every is that it hasthe abilityto see and understand thing about Revau The most significant It is the sigmaandtlre omqa. O|dlter is "summation". keyword Its mostimportant other nakshatra. is at. Obviously canfathomwhereeveryone canonlyfathomwheretheyareat, but Revati nakshatras state of the soul in question'The more by the evolutionary this all seeingcapacityis restricted the vision' the soul,the moreall encompassing evolved schemeof things, Revatirelatesto "khiradyapanishakti" the power to In the universal hascowsabove,and calvesbelow.This imageryemphasises nourishthrough milk. Its symbolism if one pays attentionto the fact that aspectof Revati.However, and sustaining the nourishing oceanknownas kshiraagaqa the holytrinity,sits atopthe celestial amongst Vishnu,the sustainer the celestial opensup. Revatithen relatesto the shaki which sustains whole new interpretation playthe gameof lifa oceanin whichall the fourteenlolcas


Modp of funrtUnlng :
Revatiis considered to be a Balanced nakshatra, This relatesto its love of societyand its conservative and balarrced approach to fosteringcivilization. It also relatesto its wisdomaspect, which afterseeing path.Finally all sides of a situation, takes the middle all philosophkal andreligious schools of thoughtconsider the middleway to be the best way. It is this nakshatra's task to accommodate and resolve the dualityinherentin existence.

It belongsto the Shudracaste.This is the case because ancientseerssaw it as a service orientatednakshatra. As mentioned earlier,Revatinativesare alwayswillingto give assistance to others.In fact this is oneof the few nakshatras whichdoesn'tmindhelping out eventheir enemy. In a way,Vishnu is alsodoingseruice to the universe by maintaining harmony andkeeping the gameof lifealive.

It is a Female nakshatra. It represents the sumtotal of all the feminine forcewhichsustains the universe.

Bodyportt d l{unor (Aguledir. Corrctitutbn) :

Feet,Ankles, AMomenand Groinare the body partsrelatedto this nakshatra. Its association with the feet and anklesis clearfrom its relationship with Pisces. In our view it must relateto the aMomenbecause of the positioning (navel)chakra. of the manipura Vishnu is the presiding deityof this chakra.We are not very clearaboutthe reasonwhy somescholars groinswith this associate nakshatra.


(watery)nakshatra. This is clearfrom the fact that it fallscompletely, It is a primarily"Kapha" with wateryplanetslikeJupiterand Neptune. in a watersignand is associated

Direction :
primarily to northand north-east. It is related

eo{ns (Qwrters) :
Navamsa falls in Sagittarius 16040' - 20o00' Pisces, The first padaor quarterof this asterism sideof this optimistic and philanthropic to the happygo lucky, Thisrelates and is ruledby Jupiter. for thesenatives to to get carriedawayand so it is important This padahasa tendency nakshatra. choosethe right thing to get carriedawaywith. They are the kind who will go about fanatically their causeor belief. espousing Navamsa fallsin Capricorn 20" 00' - 23" 20' Pisces, padaor quafterof this asterism Thesecond This is the aspectof Revati. and organizational the more practical ruled by Saturn.This conveys maintain a sense etc. Naturalbenefics likeAstrology sciences padawhichrelates to all time-related pada Thisis the mostrealistic malefics cangivetoo muchambition. here,whilenatural of balance by blind belief. to not be swayed within this nakshatnard hasa tendency Navamsa falls in Aquarius 23" 2O'- 26" 40' Pisces, The third padaor quafterof this asterism This padafindsit asped of Revati. and humanitarian ruledby Saturn.This relatesto the bohemian plane. on a material its workings difficultto express Navamsa falls in Pisces The fourth pada or quafterof this asterism260 40' - 30o 00' Pisces, results if naturalmalefics It canonlygivegoodmaterial Thisis the eternaldreamer. ruledby Jupiter. easily. to get swayed like Marsand Satumoccupyit. Likethe first pada,this padahasa tendency


lPro{usions :
Hypnotists & Psychic Mediums; Creative Artistsof all kindsincluding Painters, Musicians etc. ; Actors,Entertniners & Comedians; Linguists; Conjurors, Illusionists, Magicians; Watchmakers; Road Planners andthose working in Rail & Road Construction Business; TimeKeepers; Calendar/Ephemeris Makers; Astrologers; Divinators; Managers; Professional Hosts (especially & Hostesses air hostesses, shipstewards etc. ); Gemstone Dealers; Thoseinvolved in the PearlIndustry;All kindsof Shipping and MarineIndustry;Thoseinvolved with FosterHomes& Orphanages; Drivingor Transport Professions; Thoseinvolvedwith Religious Institutions;Air TrafficControllers, TrafficCops;Light HouseWorkers; Thoseinvolved with RoadSafety;DrivingInstructors.

lP[aces :
Roads, Railroad rracks,Airports;oceans,seas, Beaches; shippingyards;stage; cinema; Orphanages; Monasteries; Ships,Aeroplanes, Trains,Carsetc; Bus Stations, TranspoltIndustry; Public Auditoriums; Clock Towers/Watch Towers; LightHouses; Driving Instruction Schools; All places connected with the abovementioned professions.


('Essence) an"[ Tattwa (Ebment) :

It is supposed to be a gttwic nakshatra. This comesas no surpriseas this nakshatra has primariVsattwicrulingdeitiesand is associated with beneficsatMic planetslike Jupiter,Mercury and Neptune. It belongs to the Ether element. Thisagaincomes as no surprise as the Etherelement hasan all encompassing quality, andcan mingle and cooperate with all the otherelements, whichis what the essence of RevaUb functioning is.


EWd Qana
from iB general benefic or godlynakhatra. Thisfact is quite apparent a Detta It is considercd qualityof ib rulingplanets and deities. natureand the benefic

Oricntation ond Disposition :

We havealready natureof this asterism. This relatesto the balanced It is a Levelnakshatra. The means that it doesn'tgo to extremes, whichautomatically how it is a soft nakshatra, discussed flow of life forceon a regular equilibrilized to maintain to its innatecapacity alsorelates Level aspect of existence. all planes relatesto its mild, tender,easy This basically previously it is a Soft nakshatra. As mentioned goingand pleasure lovingnature

Lurwr Montfi.& Dag :

fallsin September. Pada, whichusually to the last9 daysof the lunarmonthof Bhadra It relates monthly of the Moon's (15u1 tithi or day)of the waxingphase to Purnima is alsorelated Revati cycle.

Auspiciaus Altiaities


Anything dealings; and financial activities nature;Business of a positive all activities Initiating rituals;All kindsof activity;Religious & sexual of goods;Goodfor marriage exchange involving (puttingthem on for the first tinp etc.); Buyingcars, travelling;Goodfor dealingwith gemstones dramaetc.; Goodfor kind,charitable goods;Creative likemusic, activities homes and othervaluable Rest and treatmentof diseases; especially spiritualor occult; Healing Learning, and soft activities; of all types(putting Goodfor completion likegardening; activities Goodfor leisure and relaxation; the final touclrcsm things).


Inawpirious Actiaitits :
*The lasttwo quartersof this nakshatra shouldbe avoided for beginnings of all kinds. All activitiesrequiringharshness and boldness shouldbe avoided.Not good for overcoming difficulties, obstructions, enmityor calamities; Notgoodfor negative, sharpactionslikesurgery;Not goodfor strenuous activities of any kindlikemountain climbing.

tPfnnztary Xykr
Mercury is the primary rulerof this nakshatra alongwith its signrulersJupiter, Neptune and pointof Mercurial Ketu.As mentioned earlier, Revati represents the culmination energy. Since it is the lastamongst pointof all zodiacal the nakshatras, it can be seenas the culmination energies. Mercury's functionhereis not so muchanalytical as it is discriminatory. Mercury's functionhereis to categorize, classifi and give everythingits own uniqueplacein the scheme of creation.Mercury doesn'tloseits sense of humourheredespite the fact that its task hereis enormous. Mercury hasto (enlightened evolve and become a Buddha one) here.It is interesting to notethat Buddha is the sanskrit nameoriginally assigned to Mercury by the ancientVedicseers. Theyhad set and encoded its goal in its nameitself! Mercury hasto become Vishnu,the maintainer of universal affairs,who, whilebeingin the gameis stillout of the game. Mercury however cannotachieve this feat withoutthe helpof Jupiter, the harbinger of wisdom andcompassion. It is Jupiter whichgivesan understanding of the basic lawsof nature, as Mercury givesno cognizance to rules- universal The blending or otherwise. togetherof the energies of Jupiterand Mercury createsthe Neptunian field. One ancientschoolof astrological thoughtsap that the three ouQr planetsact as secondary Sunsand in turn controltwo of the inner planets. \ presides According to thisschool of thought,Neptune overthe functioning of Jupiter and Mercury. Onecan easilyseethat this line of thoughtis validated throughVedicMythology and Astrology, Vishnuis in essence a Neptunian deityand mostof the schools of Jyotishrelatethe planets Jupiter and Mercury with Vishnu.


the responsibility realm andshare ruleoverthe intellectual Neptune, Jupiter andMercury Together consciousness. universal with the collective consciousness our individual of connecting the end, Ketu's and the end. SinceRevatirepresents Ketu is the planetof the beginning Ketu is the planet most intimately is not very hard to establish. with this nakshatra relationship that usingthe energyof Revati. with dissolution of our pasl krmas and it achieves connected hereis goodfor Ketu'splacement do well in Revati. and Moonusually MercuryVenus Jupiter, Jupiter/ Jupiter/Neptune; pursuits. Jupiter/Mercury/Ketu; likelupiter/Mercury; Conjunctions spiritual energy. mirror this asterism's Ketu/Neptune; Mercury/Neptune; Ketu;Mercury/Ketu;

'/owe{sandAIpfrabe* :
to coresponds 16040' -20" (X)'Pisces Thefirst padaor quarterof this asterisrn 'The" as in The.

corresponds to "Tho"as in padaor quarterof this asterism 20" 00' - 23" 20'Pisces Thesecond Though. to "Cha"as in corresponds 23o 20' - 26" 40' Pisces The third padaor quarterof this asterism Charlie. to "Chi"as in corresponds 26o40' - 30" 00' Pisces The fourth padaor quarterof this asterism Chile. .:r{'

itS "A" and "Aa", ConseqUently tO "La", "KSha", COrfeSpOndS In the SanSkitalphabetReVati "OmAm" and "OmAam". mantras are "OmLam","OmlGham",

: Sean"t'Iypean{ Compatihility
from canbegauged In factmanyof thesenakshatras'qualities is an Elephant. animal Its sexual preferlevelgrounds rather The fact that elephants of elephants. natureand behaviour the essential are the the levelaspectof this nakhatra. Elephants terrain,onceagainreiterates than uneven


largest among all landanimals. In the oceans theircounterparts, the bluewhales, will alsofall under the auspices of Revati. Onecando a studyof the sexual natureof thesecreatures to understand the sexr.lal natureof this nakshatra. Forsexual please & maritalcompatibility with othernakshatras referto the tableson pages 457 & 458.

Esoterir :
Revati pointin time wherethe material corresponds to the universal as well as astralare drawn into the causalrealmand after the process is completed, the causalis drawn into the supreme eternalvoid. On a more personal level,Revatirelatesto the assimilation of life experiences from manyprevious lives,so that a synthesis cantake placeand a stateof completeness achieved. Revati can thus be associated with the seventh sacralcentreknownas Sahastrara. A state of complete awareness is achieved afterthe kundalini petalled openseverypetalof thisthousand lotus centre.Afterachieving this,the kundalini breaks throughthe top paft of the headknownas Brahma Randha. At this pointthe will of the soulachieves complete harmony witr ttre universal will, and the personal consciousness is submerged into the collective universal consciousness. In other words, the dropjoins with the oceanand can no longerbe tracedas an individual drop. In its highest aspect,Reyatirglates!9.thig.state and process. In a relatively loweraspect, Revati relates to the'oceanof illusion'associated with the third sacraf centreoften knownas Manipura (or the navelcentre).Thisis the placewherethe chi Chakra (lifeforce)is supposed to reside as perZenprinciples. Thiscentreis representative of all the activities plane.Only after the mastery on a worldly/material of this oceanic field doesa soul gain true knowledge aboutthe higherplanes of existence. Onceagainthe imageof Vishnu siftingatop the oceanof illusionbestcharacterizes this aspectof Revati.


forcerests, afterMahapnlaya(universal the creative in which ocean the celestial represents Revati take placeon our planetas and dissolution of destruction scale, cycles On a smaller dissolution). to all the land,Vishnuis supposed are engulfing the oceans weff.In eachsuch Pralaya,where required for the recontinuation andanimals andall the plants sages incarnate asa fishandsaveseven of eafthly death also In fact the process of life. This can be said to be a very Revatioperation. of this life and all the vital pranas(life forces)are as all the actions services, requires Revati's centerbeforethe dprd betweenthe materialbody and the within the astral/causal accumulated astralbodyis cut. - "Whyall of this creation, question for what to the ultimate conceals the answer Finally, Revati purpose, and for whom ?"

Qotra (Cettstiat Lineage):

sageslookingafter the is relatedto the SageKratu,oneof the sevencelestial This nakshatra is in harmony with into "the inspirer",which The nameof this sagetranslates affairsof our galaxy. nakshatras' and inspirational is one of the mostoptimistic the fact that Revati

: fumedi"a[
the bestremedial fromafflictions from badeffectsresulting b this nakshatra, Forthosesuffering of Vishnu. measure is worship - "OmLam","Om Ksham", "OmAm" and "Om of this nakshatra Repetition of the root mantras lunarmonthis sureto and in its corresponding Aam' 108timeswhen Moontransitsthis nakshatra life' intoa person's and bringenlightenment reduce suffering the can also increase from the positiveenergyof this nakshatra who are benefiting Persons light, for them to wearall oceanic, ways.It is helpful goodeffects throughthe abovementioned lunar monthand the days They shoulduse its directions, and pastelshades, variegated colours actions. to undertake all important when MoontransitsRevati


E4amp[z :
DollyPafton, the well-known singer/enteftainer hasRevati rising on herAscendant. Herexpansive body andappearance combined withsoft,friendly features characterise thebenevolent andexpansive natureof this nakshatra. Herlife is a goodexample of Revati's capacity to giveeasymoney, comforts, luxury fame,and an upbringing in benevolent zurroundings.

According to Varahamihira, Moonin Revati"givesone pefect body and physical felicity.The native is supposed to be blessed with purity, luck, wealth anda heroic disposition." Onewillgenerally find that thosehaving Moonor Ascendant in Revati gentle,kindand piousunless are usually there are other overwhelming factorsto the contraryin the chart. Rabindranath Tagore, the famousIndianwriter,musician and thinkerwas born with his Moon placed in Revati andall of varahamihira's precepts applyto his life and personality.


Abhijit is a nakshtara which comesinto picturewhen a 28 Nakshaha systemis used.This systemwasdiscarded by the Vedicseersfor a varietyof reasons. Firstly, the division of 360 degree zodiacal fraction. Thismakes it impossible arcby 28givesan incomplete to specifo the exactdegreecal rangeof each nakshaba, which makesan unequalsize systemthe only possibility. Evenif one unwantingly accepts that eachnaksahtra wouldhavea differentsize,one is facedwith the strange task of dividing28 Nakshatras among9 planets.Evenif one manages to get overthis obstacle by assigning 4 nakshataras to one planetand 3 to the rest, one finds that the exceedingly accurate Dashasyttem hlls to pieces.In other words, it makesperfectsenseto usea 27 nakshatra system. All this hasa lot to do with the fact that 27 is a moreperfectnumberthan 28, but a discussion on that is beyondthe scopeof this work. The average time it takesMoonto complete one revolution throughthe zodiacis 27.32t7days,a figurewhich is closerto 27 than it is to 28. Thus a 27 nakshatra systemalsofits in with the Lunarcalender muchbetterthan a 28 nakshaba system. It is interesting to note that the Chinese and Arabicastrologers are still usingthis borrowed28 lunar mansion system,which has nDsensebesides the fact that it fits in with the sevenday-fourweek sofarcafender (7 x4 =28). Abhfiitcan be seenas an attemptto highlight the speciality of a ceftainportionof the zodiac. Thiscertainportionliesbetween 0 and 12 degrees of the signCapricorn, whichwouldplaceAbhijit TheEnglish between Utbarashada & Shravana. translations of the term "AbhUit' can rangefrom "the undefeatable", "complete victory"& "finalvictory",but they all pointiowardsthe "ever-conquering", general same areaof triumph Nowonder andachievement. thenthat Krishna saysin Bhagawadgita, "Amongst the nakshatras I amAbhrjit". It is in thispartof the celestial firmament that Indraandthe Codsachieved a final & lasting victoryoverthe Demons.


Onefindsthat the triumphant aspect of Abhijitis very similar to that of Uttarashada. Also Abhijitmoreor lesslieswithinthe last l0 degrees of Uttarashada. Uttarashada is the nakshatra wherea conclusive triumphof goodoverevil takesplace.Abhijitthen canjust be seenas a specific part in Uttarashadha wherethere is absolute domination of all that is good from the universal perspective.

Chaft1: Bruqe Lee 27 Nov L940,2.45 pm, Seattle
JuF Ke As SaR Ur PI


'7VeMa MeMo

VeMa NeRa Su Me Mc

As 09:32:15 Su 12:31:53 Mo 23:02:19 Ma 1l:43:52 Me 22:31:33 Ju 14:28:20 Ve 0B:42:59 Sa 16:25:56 Ra 14:56:37 Ke 14:56:37 Ur 00:37:53 Ne 04:22:28 Pl 111 : 1:36

Ari Lib Ub Lib Ari Lib Ari Vir Pis Vir



Sco Anuradha Noo Vishakha Tee Swati Bharani Swati Bharani Hasta Ray Lee Roo Lee Shah Ec Pah Hoh Vishakha Tee

U. Bhadra. Jya U. Phalg.

Tau Krittika Can Pushya

Bruce Leewas knownfor his agility, speed, aleftness and pioneering activities in the martial arts. Mostastrologers failto recognize (thefastest that onlyAswini of nakshatras) rising on hisascendant couldset him on a life pathwherehe received recognition for theseparticular qualities.


Chart2 : India 21 Feb L972,I.20 am, BombaY,
Ve MaMo Sa





As 11:14:18 Su 07:48:57 Mo 26:04:34 Ma L3:17:26 Ju 09:00:56 Ve 18:50:38 Sa 06:29:50 Ra 10:27:57 Ke 10:27:57 Ur 24:29:02 Ne 11:43:02 Pl 07:59:48

Sco Anuradha Noo Aqu Satabhi. Ari Ari Bhatani Goh Loh -, .,.*,--;. Sah Bha Day Oo Hoh Pay Pee

Ashwini - Lah

Me 10:44:52 o79o/o Aqu Satabhi. Sag Moola Pis Revati Tau Krittika Can Pushya Vir Vir Chitra U. Phalg.

Cap Shravana loo

Sco Anuradha Noo

in his foftunesrisingfrom povertyto millionaire This nativehas had suddenextremefluctuations the th lord lord Marsis conjunct of time . HisAscendant statusto bankuptcyin a veryshortspace in the 6h house(winningand losing). of Bharani Moon(luck& fortune)in the extremenakshatra






Chart3 : 6 January 2004, 2.50pm, London

MeRa Su Mo VeR MaSa

Ne AsPl Ke


As 24:39:26 Su 06:15:50 Mo 24:4t:37 Ma 14:39:08 Me II:22:4t lu t5:22:23 Ve 02:03:00 Sa 16:54:58 Ra 16:19:47 Ke 16:19:47 Ur 12:42:22 Ne 21:28:32 Pl 27:32:41

Sco Jyeshtha Tau Krittika Tau Mrigashi Gem Ardra Ari Ashwini Leo P.Phalg. Gem Mrigashi Gem Ardra Ari Lib Bharani Swati

Yee Oo

,. ".

jj.: t. .4

Vay Nga Lah Moh Kah Cha Lee Roh Sah Yoo

Aqu Satabhi. Sco Jyeshtha

Cap Shravana Guh

Thischildhashisfourthlordfromthe Moon, Sun,placed in the maternal nakshatra of Krittika. From birth he hashad beensurrounded by maternal energyof 3 people and is aboutto add another4 to the list to complete the sevenmotheraspect of the sevensisters constellation. It is interesting to notehowthe childhasa Mars ascendant rising the legend of the mars-deity karttikeya , brings being raised by the sevenkrittikasisters to life.


Chart4:BobDYlan Minnesota am, Duluth, 24May1941,11.05
Sa Mo

Me UrJu SuVe

Ke Ma


Me UrJu


11 Ma


As 06:58:45 Su 09:50:03 Mo 20:33:58 Ma 12:29:53 Me 28:54:28 lu 06:28:26 Ye L9:07:42 Sa 26:57:27 Ra 05:32:15 Ke 05:32:15 Ur 03:33:10 Ne 01:54:42 Pl 09:19:21

Leo Magha Tau Krittika Ari Bharani Aqu Satabhi. Tau Mrigashi Tau Krittika Tau Rohini Ari Vir Pis Vir Krittika U. Phalg.

Moo AY LaY Sah Vo Oo Vee Ah Pah Oo Toh HaY

U. Bhadra. Doo U. Phalg.

Tau Krittika Can PushYa

writing' His10hhouse in thefieldof singing/song status legendary achieved songwriter Thissinger karakafor careersun and creativeplanetVenusplacedin lord/natural is full with his Ascendant and riches' creation) beautyof material Rohini( representing


Chaft 5 : 23 October L967,7.35am, Southpo( Australb

As 8




PI JuVe Ma


KeSu MeR Ur

As tB:24 14 Su 05:23:10 Mo 24:00:20 Ma 06:27:11 Me 23:44:48 Ju 07:09:07 Ve 20:06:35 Sa 14:05:51 Ra 04:18:07 Ke 04:18:07 Ur 03:30:32 Ne 29:45:08 Pl 28:22:55

Sco Jyeshtha Lib Chitra Tau Mrigashi Sag Moola Lib Leo Magha Leo P.Phalg. Pis Ari Lib Vir Lib Ashwini Chitra U. Phalg.

Noh Ree Vay yoh

Vishakha Too Moo Tee Chay Ree pah

U. Bhadra Jya

Vishakha Tay Tay

Leo U. Phalg.

Thepresence of the ninthlordMoonin the nakshatra of Mrigshira suggests a

searching disposition

in relationto religious/spiritual issues. The nativedespitebeing born in the west found vedic learning and vegetarianism at a youngage. Moon's exaltation helpsin findingan exalted way. Because of the 7b house involvement, the natives paftneralsohelpedin gettingher deeper into the Vedic realm.


Chart6:NikolaiTesla 9 July 1856,10.50Pm,Croatia
Ju Ra

AsNe - 11AsNe

MeSa Ur Ve Su

Vo Ma Ke

As 15:42:44 Su 25:52:37 Mo 21:06:14 Ma 27:03:11 Me 06:12:48 lu l6:44:0L Ye 22:52:26 Sa 13:41:50 Ra 28:13:09 Ke 28:13:09 Ur 02:04:58 Ne 28:30:51 Pl 13:41:31

Aqu Satabhi.


Koh Gem Punarvasu . Tuh Vir Hasta Vir Pis Chitra Revati Poh Kee DaY Gem Mrigashi

Gem Punarvasu KaY Nga Gem Ardra Pis Vir Revati Chitra Chee Poh Ee \

Tau Krittika

Aqu P.Bhadra. Dah Lee Ari Bharani

of the radio, free energy and the for the invention Teslais credited Nikolai The brilliantscientist riseson hisAscendant signof Aquarius and inventive coil. Theeccentric currentconductor alternate (creativity & intellect)' Ardrain the 5h house placed in intellectual lordSaturn with hisAscendant device, corewith a highvibrationa| andsp|itthe earth,s bui|dings that he cou|ddestroy He c|aimed in his chaft' abilityfindsfull expression and electrical intellectual a very Ardraconcept. Ardra's


Chart 7 i India 18 July 1950,8.10am,Marehra,


Ra PI SaMa Mo


Ju Me AsSu Ne Ve

As 01:53:33 Su 14:06:49 Mo 19:40:56 Ma 03:11:49 Me 01:16:01 Ju 2t:04:36 Ve 21:34:19 Sa 01:46:01 Ra 09:39:59 Ke 09:39:59 Ur 23:46:15 Ne 14:12:08 Pl 18:40:19

Lib Lib

Chitra Swati

Rah Roh Tah

Leo P.Phalg.

Can Punarvasu Hee Sco Vishakha Toh Vir Vir Hasta Hasta Tuh Tuh Koo Bha Vay Shah Dee
'''fi -r.:

Can Punarvasu Hee Gem Ardra Sag Moola Tau Mrigashi Vir Hasta Can Ashlesha

( House placed The of Profession). in the 10b house in Punarvasu hasSaturn Thenative and Mars for over30 years anda majorpartof it wasto do with Air Force in the Indian native wasemployed with air alongwith its associaUon of Punarvasu Thishighlights the safetyaspect Air TrafficControls. and flight.


Chaft 8 : 30 January L967,t2 am, New York

Ma As Ke MeR Su ,7, 10

Sa Ve MeR Su

Ra JuR PI Ma MoUr Ne As Ke

As 08:33:34 Su 16:42:55 Mo 09:45:20 Ma 23:45:53 Me 14:48:29 R Ju 12:28:55R Ve 03:38:58 Sa 26:41:00 Ra 09:38:30 Ke 09:38:30 Ur 10:21:46 Ne 05:02:15 Pf OL:23:07



Roo Koo

Cap Shravana Joh Gem Ardra Lib Vir Pis Pis Pis Vir Vir Vir Vishakha Too Hasta Revati U. Phalg. Hasta U. Phalg. Poo Chee Pee Poo Toh

Cap Shravana Jay U. Bhadra. Doo U. Bhadra. Tu

Sco Anuradha Nah

prosperity as a in her profession increasing shehasbeenhaving dasabegan native's Jupiter Since and medicallawyerJupiter( planetof law)isexaltedin the 10n housein the helpful,righteous of Pushya. constellation institutional


Chart 9: 27 MayL9L7,7.37am, London, England

JuMa VeSu PlKe MeR

iJu Ma MeR .

SaAs NeMo


As 02:41:14 Su 12:43:20 Mo 24:36:01 Ma 23:53:12 Me 28:03:25R Ju 29:45:08 Ve 20:56:47 Sa 04:12:27 Ra 19:54;35 Ke 19:54:35 Ur 01:00:34 Ne 09:54:18 Pl 10:30:18

Can Punarvasu Hee Tau Rohini Ari Ari Ari Bharani Krittika Krittika Oh Loh Ah Ah Voo Hoo Dah Cha Hay Gha ': Can Ashlesha Day


Tau Rohini Can Pushya Sag P.Shad. Gem Ardra Can Pushya Gem Ardra

;*: t

Aqu Dhanish. Goo

Theabove (female) native hasherAscendant lordMoonplaced in Aslesha, whichputsbothherself andmindunder the influence of the energies of thisnakshatra. Thenative chose the medical lineas profession, something whichmany Aslesha natives takeup. Sheremained a bachelor herwholelife in orderto avoidsharing of resources. Shewasalways stocking up for the fearof war or anysuch calamity. Afterfiftyyears of tireless work,shehadamassed a hugefortune but stillalways livedlike a pauper. Most of Aslesha's mass significations in the modern worldareshown through hercharacter. Shestillended up as a benign, harmless typeas the realnasty sideof Ashlesha waskeptin check by the presence of Saturnin Pushya, nextto the Moon.


Chart 10 : RajivGandhi 9.08 am, Mumbai,India 20 August 19114,

SuJu MoVe As Me




SuJu MoVe
Ac lvlp


As 21:25:35 Su 03:50:38 Mo 17:23:37 Ma 01:12:43 Me 28:34:48 Ju 12:12:29 Ve 18:40:55 Sa 14:13:18 Ra 02:49:05 Ke 02:49:05 Ur 19:41:18 Ne 09:33:45 Pl 15:49:10

Leo P.Phalg. Leo Magha Leo P.Phalg. Vir U. Phalg. Leo U, Phalg. Leo Magha Leo P.Phalg. Gem Ardra Cap U. Shad. Tau Rohini Vir U. Phalg. Can Pushya

Tee Mee Tah Toh TaY May Tah Nga Boh Vee Pee Dah

Can Punarvasu Hee

seenin the Magha canbe clearly the maindispositor. in thechaft,being TheSunis the rulingplanet IndiraGandhi of Indiafrom hismother of the primeministership his inheritance lifethrough native's demise, an unfortunate he alsoinherited Following the familytradition Nehru. and his grandfather bomber. having beenblownup by a suicide


Chaft 11 : 6 May 1970,4.55am,Munich,Germany

SaSuAsMeR Mo Ra

SaSu AsMo VeMa


Ne JuR PlUr

As 22:21:35 Su 21:46:19 Mo 28:34:58 Ma 18:24:25 Me 26:42:47 R J u 0 5 : 5 0 : 1 2R Ve 16:40:28 Sa 19:05:29 Ra 15:12:49 Ke 15:12:49 Ur LL:47:34 Ne 06:28:34 Pl 0L:27:58

Ari Ari Ari Ari Lib Ari

Bharani Bharani Krittika Krittika Chitra Bharani

Lay Lay Ah Vee Ah Ree Vee Loo See Moh Poo Toh

Tau Rohini

Tau Rohini Aqu Satabhi. Leo P.Phalg. Vir Vir Hasta U. Phalg.

Sco Anuradha Nah

(female) Native hasintense for children of having up to 9 or more. Ketu(planet desire anddreams of pastlifedesires andinclinations & lovemaking nakshatra Purvaphalguni thechib bearing ) occupies ln the 5 house. Theway she is goingone canseethat sheis stuckin her Ketuarea(pastlife area). If she had movedtowardsher Rahuarea she would havedifferentmoreuniversal interests. The readerscan refer to "The Rahu-Ketu Experience" by this author to understand more about the impoftance Rahu-lGtu of balancing energies.


Chart12 : lohn Gotti NewYork,USA 1940,4.30am, 27 October JuR SaR Ur
PI Mo Me

Ve NeRaAs Ma


Su RaAs


As 19:50:21 Su 10:49:41 Mo 22:09:37 Ma 2L:05:44 Me 03:45:36 Ju 18:29:16 Ve 00:41:58 Sa 18:52:10 Ra 16:36:48 Ke 16:36:48 Ur 01:55:04 Ne 03:35:23 Pl 11:17:33

Vir Lib Vir Ari Vir Ari Vir Pis Vir

Hasta Swati Hasta Bharani Bharani Hasta

Nuh Ray Tee Tuh Loo Loo shah Ee Pah Hoh

Leo P.Phalg.

Sco Anuradha Nah U. Phalg. Toh

U. Bhadra. lya U. Phalg.

Tau Krittika Can Pushya

with the Mafia through madethe nativeinvolved in Uttaraphalguni The presence of th lordVenus influence of Uttaraphalguni relates to fatherandtheauthoratarian lineage fromlathersside.9th house one of the mostwell-known He became and proJession. showsthroughin JohnGotti'spersonality mafiadonsto havecomeout of NewYork.


Chaft13 : 29 Sept1959,9.20am, Belgium


PI MoVe Sa

RaSu AsNe Me Ma

As 06:01:22 Su 12:08:02 Mo 01:06:41 Ma 2t:57:52 Me 21:00:57 Ju 05:35:40 Ye 07:24:13 Sa 07:38:30 Ra t0:23:27 Ke 10:23:27 Ur 26:t6:I7 Ne 12:15:52 Pl 11:41:30

Lib Vir Vir Vir

Chitra Hasta Hasba Hasta

Ree Poo Mah Tuh Tuh Moo Bha Poo

Leo Magha

Sco Anuradha Nah Leo Magha Sag Moola Vir Pis Lib Hasta

U. Bhadra. Jha Swati Ray May

Can Ashlesha Day Leo Magha

(female) Native is a financial playing wizard andenjoys with money.Her2nd and llh lordfromthe Moon,Mercury is placed in its exaltation signin the clever constellation of Hasta alongwiththe l1h lord (Gainlord) Sunand 2m tord (Wealthlord) Mars.The fact that all the 3 planeb are locatedin Hastagivesher a penchant for book-keeping and trackingthe movement of moneyin its present currency form.


Chart14 : Australia 1931,11 pm, Melbourne, 26 January PI JuR

As 7
1 Mo

UrRa Mo

MeSa Ve




As 01:02:24 Su 12:43:55 Mo 07:31:54 Ma 14:30:36 Me 17:59:05 Ju 20:01:47 Ve 26:05:17 Sa 23:48:39 Ra 25:22:01 Ke 25:22:Ol Ur 19:06:08 Ne 12:16:12 Pl 26:34:39

Ub Ari

Chitra Ashwini

Rah Cho Dah Dah Yee Dah Cha PaY DaY MaY

Cap Shravana Joo Can Pushya Sag P.Shad. Sco Jyeshtha Sag P.Shad. Pis Vir Pis Revati Chitra Revati

Gem Punarvasu KaY

Leo Magha

Gem Punarvasu Koh

Laying asa builder. to hisacquaintances andis known rising on the ascendant hasChitra Thisnative with connection Chitras This proves for over30 years. was his occupation for homes foundations The fact that the 10h lord is in Ashvinimakes acivitigs. and all typesof construction Vishvakarma process' paft of the construction him dealwith the beginning


Chaft 15 : 24 Septembert970,10am, London

AsJu Ve .7 -



Me Ke Ma Ne

AsJu PlSu Ve U r

As 09:34:09 Su 07:26:53 Mo 29:37:38 Ma 19:59:46 Me 20:46:52 Ju 13:17:11 Ve 20:54:03 Sa 28:49:35 Ra 07:43:46 Ke O7:43:46 Ur L5:12:t7 Ne 05:12:44 Pl 03:54:52

Lib Vir

Swati U. Phalg.

Roo Pee Tah Tee Ray Ah Goh Moo Shah Pah

Gem Punarvasu Hah Leo P.Phalg. Leo P.Phalg. Lib Lib Ari Swati Krittika

Vishakha Tee

Aqu Satabhi. Leo Magha Vir Vir Hasta U,Phlag.

Sco Anuradha Nah

The native(male)has3rd(enterprise lord) and 6thlord (effort lord) presentin the suavenakshatra of Swati. Heis a budding enterpreneur who is planning to starthisown independent company. This highlights Swati'sindependent entrepreneurial nature. It has howevertaken him a long time to develop enoughself-confidence as Swatiis a nakshatra whichdevelops slowlyovera longperiodof time.


Chart15 : TedBundy Vermont Burlington, 1946, 2.30am, 24 November MeR SuMo KeMa




MEK Ju Su Mc VeR Kp M:

As 16:00:54 Su 08:18:39 Mo 14:41:25 Ma 19:38:28 Me 02:19:07 R lu 19:46:22 Ve 27:56:53 R Sa 15:46:01 R Ra 19:02:09 Ke 19:02:09 Ur 27:24:27 Ne 17:01:37 Pl 20:L4:L9




Sco Anuradha Nee Sco Anuradha Nay Sco Jyeshtha Lib Lib Swati Noh Tah Dah Vee Noh Vo Nuh Doo Sco Vishakha Toh Vishakha Tay

Can Pushya Tau Rohini Sco Jyeshtha Tau Mrigashi Vir Hasta Can Ashlesha

killer, a completely serial gaveTedBundy, the famous presence in Vishakha Thefirst lordMercury's part of Vishakha is that Scorpio may notethroughthis example personality. The readers obsessive than the Librapart. He usedhis Mercury behaviour compulsive muchmore proneto obsessive of those he admiredand of imitation)to get into charcters in 3d house(house energyin Scorpio to lure people(especially charm in Vishakha presentthat face to the world" He usedVenus's scorpio and destructive into hisworldand in the endtheyfell victimto the overwhelming females) caninflictin the present whichVishakha out the damage brings in hischart. Thisexample energy the wrong path. day and age onceit chooses


Chaft17 : RayManzarek 12 February 1939,7.10am, Chicago

Ke Ur

AsJu 5 Ne
Ve MaMo Ra 8 MaMo MeSu

As 05:43:33 Su 29:55:14 Mo 15:36:50 Ma 15:33:17

Aqu Dhanish. Gay Cap Dhanish. Gee Sco Anuradha Nay

Sco Anuradha Nay Me 24:54:19o640/oC-ap Dhanish. Gah Ju L6:44:49 Aqu Satabhi. See Ve 13:33:47 Sa 21:15:18 Ra 19:37:05 Ke 19:37:05 Ur 21:01:02 Ne 29:42:46 Pl 06:53:08 Sag p.Shad. pis Revati Lib Ari Ari Swati Bharani Bharani Boo Doh Tah Loo Lay Tay Hay

Leo U.phatg. Can pushya

60,smusic group,The Doors. The presence of Moonand Marsin the 10thhouse(house of occupation), in the nakshatra of groupwork, pointsto the same.Thereare 3 dhanishta Anuradha, placements in this is onlythe Anuradha planets whichmadehim express his talentswithina groupformatand madehis groupa worldwide phenomenon. chart making it clearthat the native will be deeply involved in rhythm and music. But it

This nativegot famefor his role as organplayerand musical composer/arranger in the



Sinatra Chart18 : Frank NewYork 12 Dec 1915,3.45am,


3 PlSaR Ra Ur Ve Me Su

Ke Ne


As 06:06:29 Su 26:25:37 Mo 11:01:49 Ma 04:51:36 Me 24:19:01 Ju 27:lL:t3 Ve 19:06:33 Sa 22:10:54 R Ra 18:06:26 Ke 18:06:26 Ur 20:06:14 Ne 09:37:54 Pl 09:51:05


U. Phalg.

Pah Yee Sah Mee Yee

.J :i 7

Sco Jyeshtha Aqu Satabhi. Leo Magha Sco Jyeshtha Sag P.Si,ad.

Aqu P.Bhadra. Dah Dah Gem Punarvasu KaY Cap Shravana Joh Can Ashlesha Dee Cap Shravana Guh Can Pushya Gem Ardra HaY Koo

hashis9b lordSunand7hl10blordMercury Sinatra Frank andcrooner, showsinger Thesuccessful was in the hidden12h house. It has becomeknownthat his rise and success placedin Jyestha of the mafia was an employee by the criminalunderworld'He couldbe considered orchestrated activities 12s house hisJyestha Among family' with the Kennedy his mafiaconnections and shared he wasfanprs for bmzing and womanising'


Chart 19 : 21 October 1936, 6am, Enadi,Haryana,India

SaR RaMo I


RaMo VeJu

Su MeAs

As 18:09:32 Su 04:24:56 Mo 04:55:40 Ma 22:A5:4L Me 17:18:53 Ju 28:26:03 Ye 04:17:20 Sa 23:32:06 Ra 04:22:22 Ke 04:22:22 Ur 15:01:18 Ne 24:58:51 Pl 05:45:53

Vir Lib

Hasta Chitra

Nuh Ree yoh Tee Nuh yoo

Sag Moola Leo P.Phalg. Vir Hasta Sco Jyeshtha

Sco Anuradha Nah Aqu P.Bhadra. Soh yoh Sag Moola Gem Mrigashi Ari Bharani Leo P.Phalg. Can Pushya Kee Lee Too Hoo

This Native(male)hasbeentryingto get to the root of his ancestry and lineage for over

30 years.

Thisis very muchin keeping with Moon's placement in Mulain the 4h house (house of familyorigin). He also is highlyinterested in rejuvenating herbswhichwould reverseageing.Considering ihe is undergoing hisRahu period Major andRahu is posited in Mula Mula'srelationships , thisreveals with all kindof herbsespecially the onesin whichthe rootshavemoretherapeauuc importance.



Chaft 20 : 12 December 1955, 1,32Pm, Paris

As As 12



Ka 5U MeVe Sa Mo NeMa

As 08:55:23 Su 26:27:43 Mo O7:I4:43 Ma 15:29:23 Me 00:52:03 lu 08:12:29 Ve 22:08:39 Sa 03:33:19 Ra 23:52:35 Ke 23:52:35 Ur 08:34:46 Ne 06:27:51 Pl 05:20:02

U. Bhadra. Tu Sco Jyeshtha Yee Sco Anuradha Nee Pis Lib Swati Roh YaY Moo Pah Sag Moola Leo Magha Sag P.Shad.

Sco Anuradha Nah Sco Jyeshtha Vee Tau Mrigashi Can PushYa Lib Chitra Leo Magha VaY HaY Ree Mee

all andshehasbeenenjoying for the last8 years majorperiod Venus Thisnativehasbeenrunning PurvashadhasignificaUonslikemusic,seasideho|idays,luxuriesandcomfoftsofa|lkinds of modernlife' All of it thoughcomesat a downers spirit has kept her out of the general carefree & personal freedom lord, shehashadto sacrifice with the ascendant is inimical Venus price- since integrityto haveall the above


Chart21 : 21 November 1925,8.50am, Kasganj, India

AsVe Ju





AsVe SuMe SaMa Ju As 10:14:33 Su 05:29:14 Mo 09:52:56 Ma 12:13:05 Me 27:20:L4 Ju 27:23:36 Ve 22:33:L7 Sa 25:31:59 Ra 05:39:10 Ke 05:39:10 Ur 28:46:57 Ne 01:57:52,' Pl 2L:40:26 Sag Moola Cap U. Shad. Lib Swati Sco Jyeshtha Sag U. Shad. Sag P.Shad. Lib Can Pushya Cap U. Shad. Leo Magha Bee Jee Ray Yoo Bay Pah Hoo Jah Mah

Sco Anuradha Nah

Vishakha Too

Aqu P.Bhadra. Dah Gem Punarvasu Kay

Thenative wasbornintoa serious Brahminical lineage andkepta Thrusday fastthroughout herlife. presence Jupiter's in Uttarashada madeherhave piousattitudewhenit cameto baditional an upright, aspects practices. of VedicBrahminical The self-righteous aspect of Uttarashada wasclearlyevident in the native s personality. Shewasalsothe untitled head of thetownshelivedin andpeople looked upto her.Uttarashada getspeople usually


Chart22 : 7 AugustL942,7'OS Pm,NewYork

Ur MoJu
As 10 4' PlSu Me Ke As


PlSu Me
MaRa Ne

As 03:55:41 Su 2l:43:47 Mo 05:44:55 Ma 11:06:31 l4e 27:07:30 lu 20:00:52 Ye 25:49:45 Sa 17:27:25 Ra 12:11:45 Ke 12:11:45 Ur 11:04:08 Ne 04:58:15 Pl 12:35:33

Cap U. Shad.


Can Ashlesha Doo Gem Mrigashi Kee Leo Magha MaY Can Ashlesha Doh Gem Punarvasu KaY Gem Punarvasu Koh Tau Rohini Leo Magha Aqu Satabhi. Tau Rohini Vir U.Phalg. Can PushYa Vee MaY Sah Oh Pah Hoh

is constellation industry'His Ascendant Nativehas spent his life workingin the musicrecording the righttakes. Thejob in the studioandfinalize artistes Hisjob is to listento the music Shravana. shravana makes definitely good'Thisexample whatsounds anddeciding listening primarily involves live upto its name.


Chart23 : Australia 7 November L982, tl.47arn, Southport,

As 10 4 Mo
VeJu SaPlMeSu


Mo As
NeMa Ke


Ma Srr

VeJu SaPl

As 28:03:38 Su 20:42:26 Mo 04:59:09 Ma 10:57:38 Me 13:00:47 Ju 25:49:15 Ye 21:27:40 Sa 03:52:07 Ra 13:09:25 Ke 13:09:25 Ur 10:02:04 Ne 01:40:02 Pl 03:56:38

Cap Dhanish Ub Vishakha Can Pushya Sag Moola Lib Lib Lib Lib Swati

Gee Tee Hoo Bee Ray

Vishakha Too Vishakha Tee Chitra Ree Gha Bee Vay Ree

Gem Ardra Sag Moola Sag Moola Lib Chitra

Sco Anuradha Noo

Theabove musician. Sheis proficient at drums aswellasorgan andpiano. native is a multi-talented lordexalted in the chitra( the with the ascendant OnecanseeDhanishta rising on the ascendant nakshatra lord,is in a friendlyfire signin the 12s house(house of of form). AlsoMars,Dhanishta's rhythmand dance). Onecan


Chaft 24 : 23 January 1936, 11.54am,London

As 2
11 8 Ju MaSa MeR Su VeRa Mo MaSa





As 06:17:31 Su 09:21:02 Mo 28:40:00 Ma 14:00:14 Me 24:37:16 R Ju 23:10:45 Ve 00:52:09 Sa 15:08:32 Ra 18:45:31 Ke 18:45:31 Ur 08:39:06 Ne 23:28:56 Pl 03:11:51

Tau Krittika cap U. Shad.

Sa9 U. Shad. Aqu Satabhi. Sco Jyeshtha sag Moola Aqu Satabhi. Sag P.Shad. Gem Ardra Ari Ashwini Leo P.Phalg.

Oo lee Bay See Yah Yah See Dah Cha Cho Too

cap Dhanish. Gah

Can Punarvasu Hee

a career out of researching andmade lands haslivedmostof herlifein foreign /writingabout Native is conjunct 12s Her 10b lord Saturn Egypt and Ehtiopa. goldmines of Sahara, in the desertplains vastuninhabitable represents Thefact that Shatabhisha lordMarsin the nakhatraof shatabishak. becomes clearfromthis chart. objects terrainand hidden


Chart25 | 13 March1964,1lam, Delhi, India Ju Ve As


Su in l-' SaMoMaMe

Su SaMo
Me Mc


Ke As 21:40:43 Su 29:19:12 Mo 18:11:46 Ma 23:55:52 Me 29:13:24 lu 29:37:46 Ve 13:05:31 Sa 05:25:57 Ra 14:10:59 Ke 14:10:59 Ur L4:02:21 Ne 24:19:55 Pl 79:t9:37 Tau Rohini Aqu Satabhi. Voo See

Aqu P.Bhadra. Dah Aqu P.Bhadra. Soh Aqu P.Bhadra. Dah Pis Ari Revati Ashwini Chee Lah Nga Boo Moh Tah

Aqu Dhanish. Gay Gem Ardra Sag P.Shad. Leo P.Phalg. Lib Leo P.Phalg.

Vishakha Too

placed Thisnative has5 malefics in the lOh house, 3 of themin the signof Purvabadrapada namely planet hiscreative planet andcoordination Mercury karaka for the bodySunandenergy Mars. He hasspenta greatdealof time teaching his own martial and mastering arts style,wheretraining punching includes treesin orderto increase for painand toughness.Histraining one'scapacity methods involve self-torture in form of hittingtree trunkswith barehands and feet whichis very muchin keeping in withthe nature of Purvabhadrapada. Hehasleft hishomeandfamily to become a wandering Sadhu. The toughascetic lifestyle withoutany realspiritual goalhe haschosen once againpoints to energies of Puruabhadarpada. Before thisascetic turn, he hadalsobceninvolved in drugs,prostitution and all otherkindsof darkdistortions that plague humanity in Kaliyuga.


Chart26 : India 13 lune 1952, 1.34am, Gorha,

As MeUr 3 12

As RaMc

Ju VeSu MeUr

Ma SaNe

As tt:57:24 Su 28:33:50 Mo 02:04:00 Ma 08:01:05 Me 03:11:16 Ju 17:00:22 Ve 25:15:17 Sa 15:00:04 Ra 01:35:08 Ke 01:35:08 Ur 19:36:46 Ne 25:49:00 Pl 26:18:51


U. Bhadra. Doh Vo Goo Roo Kah Loo Vay Shah Goo Mah Cha Pay

Tau Mrigashi Aqu Dhanish Ub Ari Vir Swati Bharani Hasta Gem Mrigashi Tau Mrigashi Aqu Dhanish. Leo Magha Gem Ardra Vir Chitra

Can Ashlesha Day

in her Saturnmajor discipline in spiritual has had a steadyprogress The abovenative(female) potential asthe nakshatra lord.The period.Saturn spiritual releases in thiscase Uttarabhadrapada's givesit morestrengthto act. The native the ascendant fact that it is alsothe 12h lord and aspects realm. enteringthe spiritual/occult ran throughthe wholeJupitermajor periodwithout seriously the nakshatra energy lord has morepowerto unleash the fact that the nakshatra Thisexemplifies is posited. than the sign lord in whichthe nakshatra


Chart2T: 21 May L975,l2.3Lam, Bidar, India

As 11
8 RaNe

MaJu As

SuKe \/o Me Sa




As 00:20:52 Su 05:37:34 Mo 07:02:41 Ma 06:04:09 Me 27:00:00 Ju 21:00:55 Ve 18:42:01 Sa 22:14:40 Ra 07:40:20 Ke 07:40:20 Ur 05:44:29 Ne 17:13:20 Pl 13:09:49

Aqu Dhanish. Goo Tau Krittika Vir Pis Pis U. Phalg. Oo Pee Vo Doh Cha

U. Bhadra. Doo Revati

Tau Mrigashi Gem Ardra

Gem Punarvasu Kay Sco Anuradha Nee Tau Krittika Lib Vir Chitra Hasta Sco Jyeshtha Ay Ree Noh Poo

Thenative hasbeen period running Jupiter for the last4 years. In thattime,he hasalready authored 3 comprehensive treatises on different aspects of the cosmic presence science of Astrology. Jupiter's in Revati in the 2d house(house of accumulated knowledge) allowshim to gainan oceanic and perspective complete of any issuea hand,Obviously the 1s79fr houseconjunction helpsbut the judging stregnth of Mercury is the keywhen Revati's functioning. Mercury is involved in an exchange herewhileestablishing connections with the highlyspirualizing Sun-Ketu conjunction.


, Aftarutn[
It has been the authorb endeavorto write the majority of thb book in harmonywith nature's everchanging & time-bound functionings. Eachnakshatra was dealt with only when Moonwas passing through that pafticular nakshatra. Thesameis the casewith the visualization and drawing of the nakshatra images. Thiswasdoneto minimize the manyimperfections whichtendto creepin despiteutmostcare. Eachnakshatra powerto assertits own energyduringthe Umehasa special periodin whichMoonis passing throughthem and who betterto guidewhat is writtenaboutthem than they themselves. The impoftance of learning & connecting to the energies of the nakshatras throughthe images includedin this work cannotbe re-iterated enough.It is our hope that the readerswill see the uniqueness of theseimagesin relationto the othervedicliteraturepublished in modemtimesand will comeup with their own visualizations process. & techniques to enrichthe learning The studyof nakshatras hasa vast scopebeyondnatalastrology. The esoteric sections in this work are nothing morethan rneresignboards pointingtowardsthe hisrerto unknowngalacticlevel functionings whichnakshatras encode and the ancientsageswere privyb.



by G. C. Sharma' Hora Sastra:VolumeI. Translation BrihatParashara Sage Parashara, India. NewDelhi, Pubfications, Sagar ').

by G. C. Sharma, Hora Sastra:VolumeIL Translation BrihatParashara SageParashara, India. NewDelhi, Publications, Sagar by P.S. Shastri' Translation JaiminiSutram, SageJaimini,
jw {ti i;.,,

NewDelhi, India. Publications, Sagar by Usha-Shashi, Translation Brihat Jataka, Varahamihira, 1992,NewDelhi, Publications, Sagar Translation by S. S. Sareen, Phaladeepika, Mantreswara, India. Publications, Sagar Chand Sharma, by Girish Translation Chintamani, Daivagylq.Muhurta Rama India. NewDelhi, :rr?

pt. DhundhirajrJa6$A,rylfrgtrg,T,tEgp-tion 1998, SagarPublications Sharma, by GitishChand New Delhi,India. (x;. r +qS

Mishra. by Bhatbabhaskara & cpmmentary samhita,Translation Taittriya prashna Delhi, Publishers, Banarsidass Motilal by B. V. Raman, Vol.I & II, Translated Marga, 1985.




x trJ



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CL E 6

-g 2 4 3 3

(, o 2 3



tr o ct (, 3 3 2 4 2

o o

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o 4

3 o (J

3 E




o o I

: tr o = 3 3


o o o o

c o =


.9 J

Horse Elephant Sheep Serpent Dog

Cat Rat

2 2

2 2 2 1 2

2 2

0 3 3

3 2 2

2 2 3 0

2 2 3 2 2 2

2 3


0 1 2
1 1

2 2 3 2 2 2 1 2 4 3




1 I

0 3 2 3

2 2 2 2 3 1 2 3 2 0


2 2 2 3 4





1 1 1 2 2 2

0 2 2




Cow Buffalo Tiger Hare Monkey

2 2

2 2 2 2 2 1 2

2 2 2 2 3 4 2


1 2 0 3

3 0 3 2

4 1 I


I 1

0 2 1

3 3 2 1

2 2 2 2

2 2 1

Mongoose 2 Lion 1



2 1


the samesexual animalare the most sharing Onecan seefrom this tablethat nakshatras one can the Moonsof each paftnerfor sexualcompatibility, compatible.Apartfrom comparing suchas 12h lord, 5n lord, in the horoscopes to lovemaking/sex relating the planets alsocompare 'i J Venusetc.


qtihifrty'Ia6 te ftv{mriag e Conp

Bride groom's Str Bdde's Star Asrlnl Bharani Krittika
Kdttika Rohinl l.lrioashaE ilrigash Ardra

wRG i!
a 3 A







gEgfuE EE tEi iEE Esr EET sEg fui E#F EEg


ei'0 Ec



!r:i !! E 's (,o >


L7 2322 233t27 33 28 2:t lt 25 la 262328 18 10 t5

25 16 1t t7 25?5 19 19 lC

22rO 27 2 0 2 . L ' 252520 19 14 15 L 2 3 2 6 9 1 0 1 2 222'22 18 24 13 12l.23 m 2 2 2 4 L9L7 A 1 9 1 8 3 13 2a 21 18 17 19 L9L7 E 27 zato 9 19 2.3 2 2 4 E 212622 15 10 20 15 14 14 27 t4 L9 16 19 25 25 19 11 t a t ? ? s 2 t ) 1 1 A 1 ' 1 ^ 1 n

t9 19 19 28 18 25 r 7 t t 7 21 23 19 L9 2122 20 18 23 2 2 9 1 4 2t2rl,o 22L5 7 L2tO 21 29 30 23 m 2 2 L 3 zr 2:l 11 2l,243{| 2623 22 26 27 L2 LO21 27 25 25 1a 1 7 1 5 8 tl2l)2j3 13 19 11 16 18 19 24 24 29 2627 L9 z t L 1 8 27 35?' 18 2:t 22 26 19 21 19 t5 2a 23 25 11 1 0 9 1 7 23 2121 L 1 0 1 6 2L26L2 L7 26 2E 25L827 a L r 2 t 19 26 19 2a 33 31 1t 11 13 22r82' 31 :t4 20 L327 t9 13 t3 ta 23L9 23 19 2/t 10 L22122 211 26 la 25 2l 19 2a 25 '42a'5 1 2 m 1 2 2t27 m '42127 m27 20 1 3 1 9 5 L52a27 2t 2217 t9 t2t7 18 26 26 la zt 21 t9 222t 3L24,l !l 21 15 21 25 19 2i2126 t9 27 2l 1 4 2 0 6 ta27 27 2122L6 lE 13 16 r7 2626
21?821 29 m26
tB tt tt

Punanas Pushya

7202') 16 20 1a 16 17 19 t9 26 20 19 25 lO 2L?425 17 10 13 a g a 23 25 18 10 18 2( 34 2a 29 18 14 2:t 15 2tt 11 11 25 20 t9 t7 20 L7 1220 tt il ic 15 15 17 19 19 24 2a 1t 16 la 19 25 22L5 7 11 11 13 2 7 n n 20 20 1C t5 la 15 2a 30 26 18 26 2! 22 16 10 30 28 3a 27 t9 L7 lrt 23 18 2634?l

L6 27 2l 1 2 5 9 413t, 26 27 It 13 13 25 17 18 1t

It 25 24 25 18 26 t7 20 L2

magha Puruaphal lrttrnoh.l

t9 19 15 1 6 9 1 7 E I ' L 9 2023L5 15 25 20 2L2624

t 1 t 7 232117 17 18 12 t4 t1 L9 zt 10 15 2124t2 2 4 1 9 8 9 1 8 2 3 23 L521 9 2 4 1 7 23 2224 20 t7 24 1 9 1 8 5 2420 5 16 15 12 16 25 16 22 30 16 9 2 5 2 5 20 20 11 17 t0 15 15 26 2a 1 6 9 1 4 t7 2826 19 10 13 L5 26 21 16 2!a16 19 10 19

lrttaraph.l Hasta chitra

Chitra Swati

11 2t 16 20252a 31 21 23 t 7 2 0 m L5 23 17 2827 24 15 25 16 ra 2a 12 14 29 29 24 21 L' 11 18 16 2lJ2321 32 tt zl 18 26 2l 15 20 15 25 2a 2a 29 25 18 20 26 13 1527 23 2:t 2/t 1t tt it tE 1 2 4 1 4 zt 18 10 Itu221 21 11 2!t 2 0 6 1 3 2427 28 2i2 Ll2A 23 la 10 12 20 lt 262621 20 21 16 lL1124 2L2:r2lJ 1 5 9 1 7 18 20 2(

27 L3 2t 23 25 23 18 26 18 1 2 3 1 2 19 11 25 21tO L7 27 20 20 2lt 27 3t 2 2 6 m 27 20 t3 12242:' 2J5272l 2A2aZO 9 2 1 1 5 2327 t9 2t 2226 2t 22 23 1 a 1 9 1 1 m 2 0 1 7 16 la 17 17 18 26 33 19 2a 16 16 21 27 2t L3 15 15 29 21 26 20 1 3 1 2 a lt 18 1l 21 22 2l t7 1826 2 L 7 t S 2 A 2 r 3 t 2tLS ' tl 11 25 2125t9 1 9 1 4 9 6 2 0 1 6 28 28 31 15 13 2t 2525 t2 rt2021 21 l7 26 ?sLT?J! 2 1 m A 24 25 tl 9 1 9 2 ! 3 1 2 3 1 5 tt tl 24 19 14 10 31 30 2a 1/t 16 15 20 20 25 2117tO 9 2 0 2 0

Vish.ldt. Anuradha ,ydra

15 16 r,3 t9 13 21 1 1 2 l t 23 1a 18 LOLT23 ?'222!t L 2 2 1

l.lula Purv.sh.d

2 4 1 8 9 13 13 26 2621 26 22 16 16 2a2at3 13 14 19 2 8 2 L ' ] 11 19 25 19 l2 12 21 la 12 , 1 2 3 23t7 t9 ta t8 10 t9 252' zl 1a 16 1 9 1 7 2 5 427 t2 t227 m 16 15 17 272'',/| 2222 S 1123?a 20 19 12 lE 23 17 2l5332' 15 15 13 222t2' 24 25 lt 6 1 0 1 6 '52627 2:222 A E 2 4 2 5 z'?'20

16 2a 26 m 2230 20fi22

t tt nsh.d Shravam Ohanishta Dhanishte Puilebh.d Puilabhad Revati

22 31 1a 1227 2L L l A I ' 2327 25 15 16 21 29 3|J22 a m21 A24L' 27 zata ' 2 ' 6 2 2 t9 7A2l ''''L1 2827 t4 t 2 t 7 2 6 2:t 19 21 2l2at4 5 1 8 2 0 2324t7 24 2l L4 t227 2l L.2215 2624 27 17 L7 20 2',2923 20 11 25 2:l 19 11 la 16 !l 2t L3 2' 1 8 4 1 0 15 17 15 2924?f 26t226 2 0 6 1 4 2527 2A L7 23L7 24L522 15613 2a 10 18 t7 L9 L7 La2|, 24 25 11 25 20 15 23 16 18 18 24332' 11 18 17 1 2 a l a t9 10 25 { E t ta20 26 31 2!t 25 20 12 12 6 1 3 1 9 zt 19 ll 10 10 25 202t 26 26 20 18 22212;/| t 7 t 2 4 33 2a 29 8 2 4 1 5 t7 24t9 2a t0 30 z,17 L' 11 19 12 18 25 16 15 15 17 18 26 20 20 26 11 15 29 29 222227 27 L92l 16 22 19

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