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Whatever we shout at the igba7 it agrees to; What a giant rat tells the earth, the earth agrees to; Suggestions made by a chameleon, the divinities accept; Cripples and hunchbacks do not defy Obatala;8 Sango does not ignore orogbo' 9 Divinities do not ignore obi 10 Obatala does not ignore sese-efun 11 Small insects do not ignore grubs; Even the king does not ignore salt; Water lettuce12 does not ignore water; Water lilies 13 do not ignore the river; The grass we pick for soldier-ants is what they grab on to; A sharpened, prepared cutlass cuts right through, it doesn't fail to cut; Sputum never returns to the mouth; Water never flows back in the direction it came from; The stinging-leaf14 imparts an instant jolt, Dead leaves do not inspect the ground and then rush back to their branch; Adigbonnaku 15 never postpones its day of faulting; Compulsion is the mark of aidan 16 The day a child looks for oyin'7 it finds it; The day we drink alcohol, it intoxicates us; The day we dig holes to plant seed yams, we cover them up; The day the placenta comes to light it is buried; The day a rooster crows on the earth, its fellow roosters take up the call; The day we perform eegun 18 the ancestor acknowledges us; The day we perform an Oro 19 ritual the fact becomes known; The day oluwongaga 20 appears, it dies off. On the same day, fire's force grabs a tree. On the same day, a snake's poison grabs its victim; On the same day, the stench of urine permeates the soil.

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It is instantly that ijimere abandons his seat on an ant-infested tree It is instantly too, that a child abandons his seat on the werepe21 tree It is instantly that we observe a maggot die, instantly; It is instantly, too, that this utterance should take effect, instantly!