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2.70 m .85 m 1:8 .84 m .45 m 1.30 sq. m .70 m 1.20 m 1.10 m 2 3 .30 m 250 sq. m 1.

80 m 750 sq. m G.A 18 300 mm / .30 m 300 mm / .30 m 200 mm / .20 m 2 600 mm /.60 m 2 / 50 mm 12 mm / .012 m 400 mm / .40 m 3 .90 .28 .75 .60 m m m m

10.70 lux 1.10 m 30 mm / .030 m 800 mm / .80 m 50 % of lot area 10% of lot area Inner court 750 mm / .75 m 1.20 sq. m 1.50 m 1.00 sq. m 3.00 cu. m 14.00 cu. m 300 sq. mm / .30 sq. m 300 mm /. 30 m 3.00 m .90 m 1.20 m 3.00 m Setback 2.00 m 1.20 m 12.00 cu. m 1.80 m

NATIONAL BUILDING CODE (PD 1096) Maximum height of a combustible stand Minimum spacing for seats in a chair type measurement from back to back Maximum line of travel to an exit of an aisle Maximum slope of an aisle In standard seating, the minimum spacing of rows from back to back Minimum width of any seat Minimum area of a double acting door view panel Minimum clear width of an exit doorway Maximum width of an exit door leaf Minimum width of an exit corridor Minimum no. of exit for floors above the first storey having an occupant load of more than 10 No. Of exit for occupant load 599-999 Minimum downward projection of a draft curtain Maximum area of an attic made of combustible materials Maximum center to center spacing of a draft curtain sprinkler Maximum area of an attic made of incombustible materials Standard gauge for metal hood in barbeques Minimum height of Siamese connection above grade Standard maximum distance of standpipe from an opening in a stairway Minimum wall thickness of a fireplace Minimum no. of exit for a projection room Minimum extension of a chimney above a roof Minimum air space bet. Walls of a masonry chimney above the roof Minimum glass thickness used for floors Maximum distance of one row of seat to the next Minimum number of exits for stands within a building serving an occupant load of 300 Minimum height of a guard rail located in front of the grandstand Minimum width of a run in a stand stair Minimum spacing for seats with backrests measured from back to back Minimum spacing for seats without backrest measured from back to back Minimum width of an exit door measured from aisle to aisle Minimum intensity for lights for exit Minimum for side aisles Minimum increase in width of aisles for every linear meter Minimum width of an aisle serving only one side Open space requirement for an interior lot Open space requirement for a corner lot/through lot Bounded on all sides or around its periphery by building lines Minimum stair width for a residence Standard minimum area of a toilet Minimum dimension of a kitchen Minimum area for vent shafts Air space requirement for a school room per person Air space requirement for a habitable room per person Minimum area of an opening of air duct Maximum projection beyond the property line of a footing along the national road & at least 2.40 m in depth Minimum clearance of a canopy or a marquee from a sidewalk Minimum stair width for an occupant load less than 50 Minimum width of a temporary walkway Minimum clearance of an arcade above the sidewalk The vacant space left between the building and the lot lines less than 2.00 m in width Minimum horizon and dimension of a court Minimum width of passageway connecting a street to a court Standard air space requirement per person for factories Minimum headroom clearance for a mezzanine


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.30 cu. m 10% of floor area .60 m 300 m /. 30 m 2.40 m 2.40 m 600 kg. / m2 1.00 m 120 kg. /m2 .90 m 2.70 m 1.20 m 1:10 250 mm / .25 m 2.00 m 1:8 1.20 m 6.00 m 2 1.20 m 750 mm / .75 m 560 mm /. 56 m 1.20 m 900 mm / .90 m 2.50 m Show window 1.20 m 1.00 m 10% of lot area 300 mm /.30 m 1:10 2 1.50 m 1:125 sq. m of G.F.A 2.40 m x 5.00 m 1:10 bedrooms 1:25 beds 60.00 m 1:5 classrooms 1:50 sq. m 4 .90 m 1.10 m x 1.40 m 30.00 m 1.40 m / 1.60 m 3.70 m 200 mm / .20 m 2.10 m 6.00 sq. m 30 mm / .03 m 500 m / .50 m .90 m 200 mm / .20 m 1.10 m

Air supply per person per minute for auditoriums Minimum total area of a window or an opening for a room without artificial ventilation Minimum dimension for a vent shaft Minimum horizontal clearance of the curb line to the outermost edge of the marquee Minimum clearance of the lowest portion of an awning to the ground Minimum height of a construction fence Minimum live load bearing capacity of a construction canopy Minimum height of protective railing in a construction Minimum wind load capacity for roofs for vertical projection Maximum height of a handrail above the stair head Minimum ceiling height for naturally ventilated rooms Maximum dimension of a stair landing Maximum slope of an exit court Minimum width of run for a circular stair Minimum headroom clearance for any stair Maximum slope for an exit passageway Maximum height of a Siamese connection above ground Maximum distance of any portion of a building from the nozzle of a 23 m. fire hose Minimum no. of exit for any stage Minimum extension of a proscenium wall above the roof Minimum width of a stair in a stage egress Minimum thickness of jalousies glass Maximum length of jalousies Minimum width of an exit in a stage Minimum lateral bracing for skylights A store window in which goods are displayed Maximum width of a business sign Minimum distance of any sign from any electrical post or telephone wire Minimum open space requirement for an open lot Minimum size of entrance tread for an entrance or exit step Maximum slope for an entrance or exit step Minimum number of steps for an entrance or exit stair Standard turn circle of a wheelchair Office building parking ratio Standard size of a perpendicular parking slot Hotel parking ratio Hospital building parking ratio Maximum distance of a handicapped parking from the facility being served College university parking ratio Theatres, cinemas, auditoria & stadia parking ratio Minimum number of wheelchair seating space for 51-300 seating capacity for auditoriums Minimum width of a drop curb Minimum dimension of an accessible elevator Maximum distance of an accessible elevator from the entrance of a building Minimum height of signs on walls & door for the disabled to see comfortably Minimum width of a parking slot for the disabled Minimum run of a stair for group A dwelling (residential) Minimum ceiling height from 3rd floor to succeeding floors with artificial ventilation Minimum area of rooms for human habitation Least dimension of an air duct Maximum encroachment into a public sidewalk of foundation at least 600 m below the grade line Minimum width of exit door Maximum width reduced by handrails & doors fully opened to balconies and corridors Minimum width of stairs serving more than 50 occupants


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750 mm /.75 m 100 mm / .10 m 150 mm / .15 m 300 mm / .30 m 5 mm / .005 m 3.00 m 1.00 m 300 mm /.30 m 480 mm /.48 m 8.40 m 1/3 100 mm 300 mm / .30 m 250 mm / .25 m 150 m / .15 m 200 mm / .20 m 4 900 liters / min. 4 / 100 mm 5 / 125 mm 6 / 150 mm 190 liters / min. 2 / 50 mm Residential , hotel & apartments Business & mercantile Industrial Accessory 1 truck loading slot 20% 1/ 50 sq. m gross floor area 1/50 sq. m shop floor area 1/100 sq. m shop floor area 1/ living unit 1/ 8 living units 1/50 sq. m. of congregation area .60 m 1.00 m 4.50 m 4.50 m Storage & hazardous Industrial Business & mercantile 1.10 m 1.30 m 0.00 0.75 m .70 m 1.20 m .74 m Safety

Minimum width of stairs less than 10 occupants Maximum reduction in width of a stair due to trims & handrails Minimum run of a winding stair Maximum run of a winding stair Allowable tolerance in the rise & run of every step Width of stair requiring an intermediate handrail Minimum width of aisle serving both sides Maximum no. of seats between the wall and the aisle Maximum distance between the back of each seat to the seat behind it Maximum width of seat in a stand Maximum projection of a penthouse or other projections above the roof Maximum ratio of a penthouse area to that of the supporting roof Minimum thickness of masonry chimney for residents Minimum thickness of rubber stone masonry chimney for residential Minimum firebox wall thickness Minimum thickness of smoke chamber back walls Minimum thickness of front & side smoke chamber wall Minimum number of storey requiring 1 or more dry standpipe Minimum volume of water & dry standpipe should provide Diameter of a dry standpipe requiring a two way Siamese connection Diameter of a dry standpipe requiring a three way Siamese connection Diameter of a dry standpipe requiring a four way Siamese connection Minimum volume of water an interior wet standpipe should provide Minimum diameter of a wet standpipe Under what classification of occupancy does monasteries fall? Under what classification of occupancy does aircraft hangars fall? Under what classification of occupancy does cold storage & creameries fall? Under what classification of occupancy does private garage fall? Minimum loading slot requirement for hospitals & hotels Percentage required for number of parking garages are available within 200 m. of structure Parking requirement for amusement centers Parking requirement for markets Parking for neighborhood shopping center Parking requirement for multi-family living units of more than 100 sq. m. of living unit area Parking requirement for multi-family living units of more than 50 sq. m. of living unit area Parking requirement for places of worship Maximum projection of a balcony over a street of over 3.00 m but not more than 6.00 m Maximum projection of a balcony over a street of 10 m to less than 11 m. in width Maximum height of 1st floor area for a 2 storey wood structure with a height of 7.00 m Maximum spacing of post for 2 storey wooden structure with a height of 8.00 m Under what classification of occupancy does fences of over 1.80 m. ht. Fall? Factories and workshops using incombustible & non explosive material Police and fire stations Standard length of wheel chair Width of wheel chair Meters above the floor is the comfortable reach persons confined to a wheelchair Comfortable clearance for knee & leg space under table for wheelchair Accessibility, reachability, usability, orientation, workability & efficiency & ______ are the basic planning requirement of BP344


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4 RA 7277 Corridor Curb 750 mm / .75 m 6.00 m 2.00 m 250 mm / .25 m 600 mm / .60 200 kg / sq. m 150 kg / sq. m 130 kg /sq. m 750 mm /. 75 m 200 m / .20 m 200 m / .20 m 2.40 m 2.70 m 2.70 m 2.40 m 1.80 m 2.10 m 6.00 sq. m 2.00 m 3.00 sq. m 1.50 m 1.20 sq . m .90 m 3.00 cu. m/person 12.00 cu. m/person 14.00 cu. m/person 1.20 m 2.00 m 1.20 m 600 mm / .60 m .10 sq. m 300 mm / .30 m .30 sq. m 1.80 m center to center 600 sq. m 800 mm / .80 m At least 2 exits 45.00 m 60.00 m Not< 800 mm nor > 900 mm .30 sq. m net flr. area 1.90 sq. m net flr. area 2 hrs. 2 hrs. 900 mm /.90 m 30 deg

Number of wheelchair seating for an assembly seating capacity of 51-300 Magna carta for the disabled A long interior passageway providing access to several rooms A raised rim of concrete stone or metal which forms the edge of street, sidewalks etc. Minimum roof eaves Maximum ht. Of spires Setback for inside lot Minimum thickness of footing Minimum depth of footing Minimum. Live load ground floorMinimum live load 2nd floorMinimum wind load for roofs Minimum width of stairs Minimum riser of stairs Minimum run of stairs Ceiling heights artificial ventilation Ceiling ht. For natural ventilation Ceiling ht. Ground floor Ceiling ht. For 2nd floor up Mezzanine floor ceiling ht. Minimum headroom Minimum size of rooms Minimum dimension of room Minimum size of kitchen Minimum dimension of kitchen Minimum size of t&b Minimum dimension of t&b Air space for school Air space for offices, factories, workshops Air space for habitable rooms Max. width of fire escape Min. horizontal dimension of court Min. width of inner court Min. dimension of vent shafts Min. cross section area of vent shaft Min. dimension of air duct Min. cross section area of air duct Max. distance of a sprinkler Min. opening of an attic Min. clearance headroom =atticMezzanine 185 sq. m /18.00 dim Distance of exit w/o sprinkler Distance of exit w/ sprinkler Ht. Of handrails in exits Horizontal exits per ambulatory occupant Horizontal exits per non-ambulatory occupant Minimum enclosure walls fire resistive Smoke proof enclosures fire resistive Ht. Of guardrails Angle of guardrails


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