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BIMM 110 Molecular Basis of Human Disease

TA: George Chen gtchen@ucsd.edu

OH: Tu 12:30-1:30 Sierra Summit or by appointment
Section: W 4:00-4:50 Center 203

Problem Set 3
• No answers for problem sets will be posted, we will go over the problems in section
• The following problems cover lectures 5 & 6
• Please complete the sample problems from Professor Zhang that are posted on
WebCT. We will be going over these answers in detail.

1. Based upon what you know from class, devise a molecular mechanism that could explain how
only one X chromosome is inactivated in the cells of a female embryo.

2. Turner's Syndrome is the only developmentally viable monosomal disorder. Given that
Turner's Syndrome is XO, why would YO not be viable?

3. Why does the expression of the XYY genotype result in a relatively less severe phenotype in
comparison to other sex chromosome disorders?

4. What is the molecular basis of XY females and XX males? How are their treatments similar?

5. Monozygotic twins can form from egg division during what three stages of early

6. An embryo has a mutant Y chromosome that does not express the SRY gene. Describe their
genital development.

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