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Bharati Vidyapeeths

Institute of Management and Information Technology

CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai

Internship Project Guidelines & Schedule

MCA SEM VI (Batch 2010-13) Points for evaluation are: a. Students who are doing in-house project can do projects in a group of maximum 3 members . b. Even if student is doing project in groups, each should submit different documentation illustrating his/her role/contribution in project & write the documentation from his/her prospective. c. Each student should coordinate with the Internal Guide & submit the progress report. Please send the synopsis of the project by <23rd Feb,2013> This should include 1. The organization 2. The platform 3. Title of the project/module 4. Brief overview of the project The synopsis should be of 3-4 pages Dates for project progress report are First project progress report and it should cover(16th March,2013) 1. Literature survey 2. Acquisition of knowledge 3. Domain knowledge 4. System study ( limitation of system, proposed system) Second project progress report and it should cover ( 20th & 27th April ,2013) 5. Synopsis/ Abstract 6. Write up on problem definition 7. Requirement gathering 8. Design approach

Third project progress report and it should cover (1st June,2013) 9. Methodology 10. Implementation 11. Testing 4) 19th & 20th April ,2013 will also be the date for the MID TERM PRESENTATION

5) All students should get the soft copy of document approve by 8th June,2013 6) All students should compulsory submit the documentation by 15th June ,2013. Certification of the Project Report will be done on the same day. 7) Final project presentation will be tentatively in last week of June,2013 (subject to change)

Note: All students should write one research paper related to their project (under the guidance of their Internal Project Guide) before the mid term presentation