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The book Third Battle of Panipat is an authentic account of the battle fought between the Marathas and the

allied armies of principle Muslim chiefs of India and Afghan Invader Ahmad Shah Abdali .

The book gives the detailed description of the armed strength of the two armies ,the diplomatic moves made by the two parties, the political scenario and the various causes that led to the defeat .

The key features of the book are that the author has done some special research on some topics that have been untouched by other historians and authors such as :-

How far had the Marathas penetrated in undivided Punjab(Modern Pakistan)?

What was the necessity of the expansion to the north-western frontier?

What role did Shuja-ud-Daula of Lucknow (Awadh) played in this battle .Did he really remained neutral? As suggested by most Authors

Were there any traitors in the Maratha army ?

Did Ibrahim Khan Gardi remained loyal in the Battle ?

Was Sadasivrao , Govind Pant or Peshwa Balajirao was responsible for the disaster ?

How much was the causality of the Marathas?

Did Malharao fled from the battle-field ?

What role did Mahadji Sindhia played in the battle ?

How did Nana Phadnavis and Parvatibai escaped ?

What happened to the captives of the battle ?

All This and many more you can find this in this book

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