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Load due to buckling pressure

Regarding the pipe there is no difference between inner negative pressure and outer positive pressure.The important factor is the resistance against buckling of the pipe. Short-term (less than one hour)and long-term loads are differentiated. Inner negative pressure can occur, when a suction is induced through dynamic drain or fast closing of a valve. These are mostly short-term loads. Outer positive pressure occurs as a long-term load through ground water considering soil covered pipelines. Buckling pressure-calculation The critical buckling pressure can be calculated as follows:

Pk Ec e r

critical buckling pressure in N/mm (10 N/mm = 1 bar) creep modulus in N/mm Poisson`s ratio wall thicknessin mm mean pipe radius in mm

A pipe under absolute vacuum is adequately dimensioned against buckling when the critical buckling pressure Pk=2 bar, i.e. when a minimum safety factor of 2 is calculated. Any influence caused by out-of-roundness and eccentricity must be specially taken into account. In case of questions, please contact your nearest GF representative.

August 27, 2010