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Research Executive (Qualitative & Quantitative)

Company Profile Name: CIMIGO Address: 9 Nguyen Huu Canh, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC Size: 101-300 employess Website: www.cimigo.com Company Description: Cimigo is an independent research and consulting firm, employing over 300 research professionals and operating throughout Asia Pacific. The company prides itself in being an Asia specialist, investing heavily in the local region and placing customers at the heart of business growth. Companies trust Cimigo to represent, analyse and interpret the voice of their customers - something the firm does by: anticipating clients business opportunities and challenges; respecting and inspiring customers, resulting in true collaboration; providing thought leadership in trends impacting the Asian consumer; and distilling the voice of customers into actionable advice. Cimigo's engagement inspires and empowers client decisions. Cimigo has been constantly expanding and consistently growing with double-digit annual growth since its launch in 2003. Cimigo now has consultant and data collection offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Jakarta and Delhi (Gurgaon). In Vietnam Cimigo employs over 120 full-time professionals and over 700 of part-time data collection employees. To learn more visit www.cimigo.com
Post the Job online in the Graduate Employment Opportunities section of the RMIT Vietnam Alumni website. Note that this is viewable to the public.

Job Description Responsibilities: The Research Executive is responsible for designing, executing and delivering research projects. The role of the Research Executive involves making decisions independently and to transfer knowledge and learning to more junior team members. The Research Executive is expected to have a relatively broad understanding of the whole research process.

Requirements / Skills: Would like the opportunity to work with the latest quatitative / qualitative research techniques. Have 2+ years of quantitative / qualitative research experience. Are looking to work with a team. Good at both written and spoken English. Job Type: Job Level: Department: Salary: Location: Close Date: If Other, please specify: Full-Time Experienced If Other, please specify: Research From 8,000,000 NVD/month Ho Chi Minh City 30th Apr 2013

Contact Information Name: Ms. Lam Ngoc Thuy Phone: 0918 994 488 E-mail: hr@cimigo.com