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Microsoft and Linux Server Management

Lab 02
Exercise 1:

Exercise 2:
Question 1: Why is the Store the zone in Active Directory checkbox grayed out? Because the Active Directory Role is not installed. Question 2: What resource records appear in the new zone you created by default? Adatum.com Woodgrovebank.com Question 3: What resource records appear in the new domains you created by default? HumanResources, Sales and Production

Exercise 3:
Question 4: What must you do before you can select the Create associated pointer (PTR) record checkbox in the New Host dialog box? I need to configure the DNS Reverse.

Exercise 4:
Question 5: Where did the wizard obtain the IP address that appears in the Preferred DNS Server IPv4 Address text box by default? Because it is the Servers Local IP. Question 6: What happens? The IP address is valid.

Exercise 5:
Question 7: Notice that the wizard automatically adds a value to the Subnet mask text box. Where did this value come from? This value comes from Class A IP Address.