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Performs Tests under Sliding Wear Conditions Used for Materials, Coatings and Fluids Simple, Quick and Easy Test Methods Measures Wear, and Friction Versatile Test Conditions Meets ASTM G99


The Falex ISC-200PC Tribometer uses a pin-on-disk system to measure wear. The unit consists of a gimbaled arm to which the pin is attached, a fixture which accommodates disks up to 2,75 in diameter, an electronic force gauge for measuring the friction force, and a unique computer chart recorder for displaying, printing, or storing data for analysis. Included with the Falex ISC-200PC is a weight set capable of applying contacts stresses up to 2 GPa. The motor driven turntable produces up to 180 rpm. Wear is quantified by measuring the wear groove with a profilometer and measuring the amount of material removed. Originally designed and developed by the NASA Lewis Research Center, the units precision components and solid state circuitry ensure accurate, reliable system operation meeting even the most demanding wear test requirements. The Falex ISC-200PC operates much like a conventional record player. Users simply specify the turntable speed, the load, and any other desired test variables such as friction limit and number of rotation. Designed for unattended use, a user need only place the test material into turntables fixture and specify the test variables. A pre-determined Hertzian pressure is automatically applied to the pin using a system of weights. Rotating the turntable while applying this force to the pin includes sliding wear as well as a friction force. Since pins can be fabricated from a wide range of materials virtually any combination of metal, glass, plastic, composite, or ceramic substrates can be tested. Software included with the ISC-200PC provides for quick calculation of the Hertzian pressure between the pin and disk. The cup-like enclosed fixture permits the use of liquid lubricants during a wear test. DATA ACQUISITION The friction coefficient signal is displayed in real time on a color monitor using Falexs PCStripchart. Data can be viewed as it is recorded or accumulated over an extended period of time and later retrieved for display or printing. PC-Stripchart features a data compression capability which allows many hours of data to be condensed and displayed on a single screen or printed on a single sheet of paper. To smooth dat, PC-Stripchart can be used to calculate the average over a specified period of time and then display or print the result. PC-Stripchart also displays the test time, turn count, linear velocity, and user-defined test parameters. This data can be stored and printed along with the friction traces.

ASTM Specification G 99 - Standard Test Method for Wear Testing with a Pin-on-Disk Apparatus Scope: A laboratory test procedure for determining the wear of materials during sliding using a pinon-disk apparatus. Materials are tested in pairs under nominally non-abrasive conditions. The principle areas of experimental attention in using this type of apparatus to measure wear are described. The coefficient of friction can also be determined. (Ref. ASTM G99-95a.)


Pin Pin Radius Vertical Loads Contact Stresses Turntable Sample Size Speeds 0,0625 to 0,25 up to 10 N up to 2 GPa (depending on materials) up to 2,75 diameter up to 180 rpm 400, 800, 1500 rpm (optional) Weights Vertical weights 1 to 2000 grams (weight set included) Table Dimensions Width Depth Height Weight Shipping weight Electrical Voltage Current Frequency Force Gauge Accuracy Range Output 17 12 8 Materials metals glass plastics composites ceramics coatings bonded film lubricants Includes test machine personal computer data Acquisition Softwre Measures coefficient of friction wear behavior between materials wear behavior vs. Hertz stress integrity of thin films and coatings Test Variables sliding speed Hertzian pressure applied disk material pin material lubrication conditions high temperature (optional) controlled atmosphere (optional)

150 lbs

120 V / 220 V (optional) 2 amps 50 or 60 cycles

0.25% full scale 0-454 g (standard) up to 2,3 kg (optional) Digital and analog

Data Acquisition PC-StripchartTM included Supports most paper chart recorders Software Included Data Smoothing Software Hertz Pressure Calculation Software

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