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Hotshot, hotspot in UNIMAS!

Terms and Conditions 1. Take and submit a photo around UNIMAS. 2. Use your own camera (camera phone is allowed). 3. The picture must be original (no edit/Photoshop/picture-enhancing application e.g. Camera 360, Instagram allowed). 4. Fee RM1.00 for single person. 5. The submission of the photo(softcopy) must be done in this booth before 3pm. 6. The winner of this competition will be announced at 4pm.

Spot the Differences!

Terms and conditions

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Fee 50 cent per image. Using pen to circle the differences is mandatory. The image is going to be chosen by using lucky draw method. You can submit as much as you want. Thats mean better chances to win the prize! The first 15 image with all correct differences is going to win the prize. The image must be send to our pigeon box/submission box.