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MARTIN HEIDEGGER ON THE WAY TO LANGUAGE Translated by Pever D, Hertz London, Mexico City, Séo Paulo, Singapore, Sydney Originally published by Verlag Gilnther Neske, Pfullingen, under the title Unterwegs zur Sprache, copyright 1959 by Verlag Giinther Neske, 8810151 ON Titk WAY 70 LANGUAGE. Copyright © 1971 in the English transla- tion by Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in States of America. No part of this book may be used or repro- upper & Rox, Publishers, Inc, 10 East 53rd Stret, 122. Published simultaneously in Canada by Fitz. First Horper © Row paperback edition published in 1982. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data, Heidegger, Mortin, 1889-1976, Includes bibliographical references 1, Languages Philosophy, 1. Title P106,H3613 1982401 77-124708 ISBN 0-06-053859-1 (pbk AACR? 8 8990 109876 CONTENTS A DIALOGUE ON LANGUAGE THE NATURE OF LANGUAGE. 87 THE WAY TO LANGUAGE worbs (Translated by Joan Stambaugh) 159 LANGUAGE IN THE POEM A Discussion on Georg Trakl's Poetic Work 159 ' REFERENCES 199 A DIALOGUE ON LANGUAGE