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Family Reasons for Polygyny

Bismillaahi aktubu,

- Women are suppose to be marry for life. Divorce is in “the Black

book list,” it is hated by Allahu Jalla Jalaaluhu.

- All the wifes will share all the babies together. Just as if they are all
their own.

- This is about having high moral standard.

- It is for making family.

- Gays having Jima’ (hurrying) with another men. Lesbians having Jima’
(hurrying) with another women.
Polygyny is having Jima’ with more than 1 wife, so the husband will beat
the Gays and Lesbians, because they accept the fact that men are naturally
really love being amongst his wifes.

- The wifes could be best friends, as they are in one family. So too with all
the families of the husband and wifes.

- The Polygyny are done because of Allahu Tabaraka Ta’ala. The

husband value is small compare to that reward by Allahu Jalla

- The fact is that when you look at An Nisa (4) :3 and An Nisa (4) :129
You’ll know that it was sent to men to marry more than 1. And so the

The A (a man) marries with B (a woman), then he (A) marries again with C
(a woman) after getting an approval from B, and then he (A) marries again
with D after getting an approval from B and C.
This is the way to do it.

- The Polygyny is different than Polyandry. Polyandry could create

sickness and no man would like to accept Polyandry. It’s just against
the nature of man and woman.
- How do thou change the society, from liking Zina (fornication and
adultery), into liking marriages.

- Polygyny up to 4 wifes, will protect the society from having Sex

partners more than 4. Like we could find in modern day society, they
have so many different Sex partners already.

- Women who do not like Polygyny means do not care for the fate of their
own kind of people.
The women who want to get married could pick the men they love without
ever giving the condition that he has to be single, as long as he is not having
4 wifes already.

Assalaamu manit taba’al huda (May peace, development and safe from guile
be upon who follow the guidance).

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh (May peace,

development and safe from guile be upon who follow the guidance and
blessings from Allah and His mercy be upon you).