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Night by Elie Wiesel final draft Ivan Tejeda 12/20/12

Though it is unknown to most people in this generation, 78 years ago hell was unleashed. The germen dictator Adolf Hitler and his German army wanted to conquer Europe. He wanted to kill all Jews; it was part of his final solution plan. He even gave them a warning, but no one believed it was possible to kill an entire race of people. Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor wrote a book called Night; it was about his experiences about how he went through a lot of pain and surfing. The themes that I have explored through this story that are loss of faith, family relationships, and acts of cruelty. Loss of faith is the reason or the different ways that the characters change in the story. I have two examples to why I think this is an important topic in Night. First example is that Elie meets his cousin stein and asks if his family was okay, but Elie says that they are fine but was lying because he knew that the Nazi got to them already. He lied because he wanted stein to have hope. But then stein goes to check for himself and finds out that they were dead. Then he gives in to the Nazi and is never seen again. He left. We never saw him again. He had been given the news. The real news.The second example is that when Elie and his family got to the first stop Auschwitz they were to get into groups women on one side and men on the other. Thats the last

time that Elie sees his sister and mother forever. In addition thats why I think these are good reasons there is loss of faith in Night. The bond between families is a way to show that they kept each other alive. During the times that Elie and his father were together they helped each other out all those times. Like after they were walking them down the path to another camp, they stop at a shed and take a break. They both tell each other to keep watch or sleep so that they can save their energies. Then after Elies father fell asleep he didnt wake up when they were putting dead bodies in the truck so Elie tries to tell them that hes not dead. Father! Father! Wake up. They are going to throw you outside and onto the truck wake up. He got up and continued to walk with Elie at his side. And when Elies dad was weak, he gave him his soup and bread so that he can survive. Then another time Elie was sleeping and his father woke him up when they were in a shed after walking for so long. Dont let yourself be overcome by sleep.. Come. get up Moreover these are the reasons why Elie and his father had a good father son relationship. The acts of cruelty in Night were the highest in history. The ones I want to focus on are the one time when Elies friend was told that he had to put his dads own body into the furnace. He had been forced to put his dads own body into a furnace. To have to put your own flesh and bloods body into the burning pits of hell thats really pure evil. Another act of cruelty is when was at the beginning of Night when they arrived at the first camp and the German soldiers where throwing little newborns and small babies into a fire pit off a truck. Thats the most cruelty in the world in my opinion that Ive ever seen or heard of. Babies! Yes, I did see this, with my own eyes children being thrown into the flames. In this quote it sounds as if Elie is freaking out and is so scared just by the way it looks written. Furthermore thats why I know that these examples support my reason for acts of cruelty.

So now that you have learned about what different reasons support why in Night that there were acts of cruelty, bond between families, and loss of faith. With all of this you now should know and understand that in Night a lot of things happened that were evil and wrong. Thats why I think that Night had cruelty, loss of hope, and family bonds.