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Recruitment Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in Westminster Academy. We would be grateful if you could take a few moments to complete this questionnaire and return it to the address at the bottom of the form. Your comments will be dealt with in confidence and will be very helpful to us in improving our recruitment information. 1. Please give the post title of the job you were applying or considering applying for? 2. Did you receive the information by post or electronically? Yes No

3. If posted out to you, approximately how many days after you requested the pack did you receive it (please tick as appropriate)? 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days or more

4. In your view, did you receive the pack quickly enough? Yes No

5. Did you have enough time between receiving the application pack and the closing date to review the information and to complete and submit an application should you have wished to do so? Yes No

6. What attracted you to apply for this job?

7. Where did you see the vacancy advertised?

8. Was there enough information included in the pack to enable you to make an informed decision about whether or not to apply for this job? Yes No

9. What information would you have liked to have seen more/less of?

10. Did you find it useful having the interview date detailed in the advert?



Date was not included

11. Westminster Academy is committed to equal opportunities, and welcomes applications from suitably skilled candidates regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, religion or age. Was this apparent from the information you received? Yes No

Please add any comments.

14. Did you look at our website? Yes No

15. Do you have any other comments about the information you received or our recruitment process that would be helpful to us?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

Please e-mail completed form to: Or post to:-

Personnel Manager Westminster Academy The Naim Dangoor Centre 255 Harrow Road London W2 5EZ