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(Fanfic by: DragonKnightYunJae)

Chapter 1 ~
And this goes here, and that goes there.JaeJoong sang to himself as he decorated his last cupcake nicely and tenderly like a mother would do. He smiled at his handiwork and sauntered off to the back of his bakery to throw the left-overs away. He wondered what to do after that since it was almost closing time for him. This was Kim JaeJoong, 25 working as an accomplished baker (ok not so much) along the porch streets of Seoul. It might not sound much but he graduated with masters in baking and his creations were featured in international magazines though not so much in Korea but he didnt bother, thus his decision to make his residence with the rich. Ok it sounds a lot. His shop was rather dainty to start with. Hed always been a fan of ribbons so his shop was perpetually decorated by different shades of ribbons. The interior wallpaper was stripped, pink, and white, just like any other adorable bakery. Since his bakery was rather large in square meter, he decided to make it into a confectionary cum caf where customers could come in and out to try his creations. From Banoffee pies to Buccellato to Tarte Caramel Sal to the simplest of Chiffon cakes and cupcakes, he basically had them all. No wonder the folks loved to grace his caf. Most of the rich knew of his bakery and would spent a lot if not most of their time chatting around idly while they enjoyed his refreshing bakes and what nots. Life couldnt be more fulfilling. ----------------------------Oh, alright Appa I got it- Sure, Ill make sure to get a cake for her on the way home- uhhuh, sure- bye. Yunho placed his phone face down onto his desk again as he continued to type out a series of important documents that he needed for the days meeting. Being a CEO wasnt an easy job and so was being un-attached. He was the most illegible bachelor there was but he wasnt interested in anyone at the moment. Not that he had the time to think about it or ponder about his social life. He was a busy man and like any other busy men, his job was all he needed. Meeting was in fifteen and so he did exactly what he would do every day. The routine was, work, meeting, work, meeting, lunch, meeting, chasing his workers for their work, meeting, home. It was pretty mundane but he wasnt about to complain since being the top of the food chain brought him income. His father had handed most of the responsibilities to him trusting that they fell into the right capable hands and Yunho had never let his father down once. Not that he would.

After a grueling whole days work, he packed up and was ready to leave when he remembered his dads instruction to get a cake. Seemed like an easy task, he thought. However as he drove down the lanes of bakeries, his head started to sink as one by one, none of them seemed like the perfect bakery to buy a beautiful cake for his beloved mother. He groaned out loud and rubbed his temples. He was about to give up, contemplating that he would just tell his father that he wasnt able to find a pretty cake as he drove more rounds around the estate when his peripheral vision caught sight of a rather brightly lilted bakery. Deciding that the lights were a way to attract customers attention, he gave it a try. Pull over at the curb right beside the bakery; he noticed the name on the top in light shades of blue and pink with neon lights stuck to the side. The name read Sweet Petite Heaven. Sounded cute enough. As he pushed the front door open, the bell behind the door clanged garnering the attention of the workers there and like any other confectionaries, they greeted him politely bowing slightly then returning back to their normal business. But what caught him wasnt the polite manner, but the sweet aroma that floated around in the shop. They were distinct and distinguishable but they blended together into a painting of delicious smells, probably something he had never smelt before. Temporary being distracted by the smell, he shook his head and decided to look around the shop for the perfect cake. Hes eyes stopped along shelves where mini cupcakes lay. They looked to pretty and he assumed they were the handiwork of a very artistic woman, lest he be wrong. He strolled around till a glass display of an array of cakes caught his very attention. Immediately his eyes lilted up. Bingo! Bending down to admire the lovely colors of the cakes, he couldnt help but want every single one of them since all of them looked totally present- worthy. Running his fingers along the glass casing, he finally settled for one cake. Cherries that lined the base and pink icing ran the length of the cake. On top of it, icing flowers of different colors were stuck to the sides in equal proportions and a ribbon like sugar-topping finished the look of the cake. If Yunho didnt know it was a cake, it would have looked like a present box. He nodded to himself in satisfaction. Can I help you? A calmly voice asked above him. Yunho jolted a little forgetting he was still looking at the sweet pastries. Uh yeah He replied, eyes still fixed on the cake as he lifted himself to full height. Id like- He paused when he finally laid eyes on the person who had asked him that very simple question. Pretty full pouty lips caught his attention and he found himself staring as they moved. Sir- are you.ok?Yunho finally heard as he managed to tear his eyes away from those cherry colored lips and was that dark chocolate he smelt emitting from that man? I must be hallucinating. He told himself and shook his head sharply. No?The petite man asked.

Uh, no I mean Yes!Yunho blurted as he finally got to take a full look at the worker he was talking to. Yes??He asked. Yunho rubbed his face. I mean yes, Im okay, sorry.He apologized and the guy in front of his laughed and gosh Yunho thought he was mad because he watched the smaller person cover his mouth in a tiny shy laugh and it was a little high pitched if he didnt notice wrongly. His eyes gleamed under the light even behind a frame of spectacles and his hair. Dont make me get started on his hair. It was In Yunhos term, GUH! Ah, okay then, getting back to my question, do you need anything?He asked as he tilted his pretty head. Oh yeah!Yunho face palmed feeling a strange burn in his cheeks. Can I have that? He asked, pointing to the cake on the far left hand corner of the glass display. The man smiled sweetly. Sure~ Before scooting to the right at his side to pull out the cake. Yunho had the tendency to stare again. One problem was that maybe the guys shirt was a little too low cut and he could see his pecks under the dip in his shirt or, the fact that the guy was wearing a pink apron and it blended together with his look. The CEO slapped himself mentally as the other resurfaced with his pick. This one?He asked his tone almost too innocent and pure that Yunho couldnt help but bite his lower lip in response. Um, yeahHe managed. Ok sure~ Give me a minute.The smaller man beamed happily as he literally skipped over to the packing section. Skillfully he placed the cake into the box which was equally as cute. Pink and White ribbons and sorts. Then he returned and handed the box to Yunho. Here you go~He smiled and Yunho reached to receive it. Indecently their hands rubbed against each other and Yunho blushed. Uh... Ill pay... over there.Yunho pointed out awkwardly. Yeah sure!The man smiled teeth and all. After paying for his cake, Yunho received his change and again, their hands brushed past each other, the other having no effect what so ever but Yunho on the other hand felt his head skip a beat. What the fuck was that feeling???? Deciding it didnt matter, he quickly walked out the door, leaving the pretty boy to the back of his mind and the shop to the back of his car. -----------------------When he pulled over at their car park, Yunho made sure the cake was still in proper shape, before pulling it out of the car and locking up. Then he took the flight of steps up to the main door and opened it slowly.

His parents were already sitting in a corner waiting. His father was probably whispering sweet things to his mom since she turned to him and chuckled, slapping his arm. Typical mom and dad. Stealthily, he tip toed into the living room. His father seemed to notice and turned around giving Yunho a wink. The boy nodded. SURPRISE!!!Both father and son exclaimed making Yunhos mom jolt un-informed. Her mouth opened in surprised not shock and it turned into a toothy smile and laughter broke out in the family. AigoooooShe crooned. My son remembered my birthday. Happy birthday Umma.Yunho grinned as she pulled him to her embrace. Happy birthday to you honey.Yunhos dad chuckled. It was probably the warmest birthday they had ever had since Yunho was abroad most of the time last year and their father had to run the company in his absence leaving their mom mostly alone, but it if werent for her friends, she would have been in solitude. How was work?She asked as she rubbed her sons forehead. So-soSame-o Im proud youre still keeping the company going, Yunho ah But isnt it time you got a steady relationship with someone?His father asked all of a sudden, making Yunho turn in response. Huh? But- Yunho-ah But- Im fine where I am.Yunho pouted. Dont you want someone to love you? Just like me and your mom???He asked before nuzzling his wifes nose. Aww, gosh, appa! Youre being too mushy in front of me.Yunho scrunched his nose. See, that thats the point. Dont you want someone you can have something like this with? No- Not really, not now. Nope. Mrs. Jung sighed. Yunho yah Son Get someone eh? She walked over to him and set him down on the sofa. At least you have someone you know you can lean upon when you are down or need comfort. We cannot always be here for you. Yunho sighed. I know I just dont have any interest in anyone right now.Then the image of the petit guy he bought the cake from earlier popped into his mind. Not now

Or maybe.

Chapter 2 ~
JaeJoong woke up to the cute little jingle from his hand phone, indicating that it was already morning. Reaching out lazily, he picked up his phone and squinted at the time on his digital display. 7:00am. He moaned faintly under his covers and rolled around under it pouting against his pillow and cuddling up in his white soft sheets. He was too lazy to get out of bed at this time of the day but seeing he had to open his shop and do preparations before customers came in, he wormed himself to the edge of the bed and fell off landing with a thud on the floor after not noticing the empty gap he had. He popped his head out of the side of the bed and rubbed his beady eyes and messy bed hair before laughing to himself. Clumsy was his middle name but he couldnt help it if he stumbled to the bathroom, tripping on the flat surface of the carpeted flooring. After half an hour of preparation, he shuffled to his door way and peered in the mirror, fixing his already perfect black hair for the umpteen time then he was off. ---------------------------Similarly to JaeJoong, Yunhos day started a little later than him. Spinning around on his swinging chair, he peered at a document of one of his clients who had met with him regarding the stocks of their company. He mumbled to himself as the figures one by one popped up at him. It was hard work even for a CEO but Yunho could handle it anyhow. It was the middle of the day when his secretary walked into his office, handing him more documents to sign. Thank you.Yunho accepted them from her and signed them immediately. Whats my schedule for today? His sectary smiled and pulled out her IPad before scrolling down to the list of meetings. You have a client to meet at 10:00am and- Yunho found himself self staring at his secretarys lips, reason why, he didnt know but they seemed to look extra red today. Maybe she put on more lips stick? Then he found himself thinking her lips are red, kinda pretty for a womans lips reminds me of that guys lips.. Hers are pretty but not as pretty as his, yeah wait, what am I thinking about????? -A meeting in 15 minutes.

Yunho snapped back to reality when and looked up. 15 minutes?! Oh gosh, look at the time.He rose up immediately from his chair and paced quickly to the door. Miss Park! Y-yes sir!She turned around and chased after him. The meeting was rather mundane. Figures were thrown around and Yunho found himself doodling on his note pad. Since he was the CEO, hed figured out no one could fire him if they caught him zoning out from the meeting. Do you have anything else to add, Mr Jung? One of the board members asked making Yunho snap his head up. Uh. I dont think theres much we can do now-A voice across the table interrupted. And what do you suggest Manager Shim?The other asked. Since our stocks are not at jeopardy I suggest we stick to the current plan. Then he turned to Yunho and shot him a dubious look causing the CEO to rub his neck. The meeting was adjourned after 1 hour or so and as the board members left the room one by one, Yunho stood to leave as well and a hand appeared over his shoulder. He turned around to find his manager who went by the name of Shim ChangMin shaking his head at him. Zoning out in a meeting. Well thats a first. He commented. I dont know what came over me.Yunho admitted guiltily. Thinking of something, or should I say, someone?ChangMin raised his brow. Like I would.Yunho argued. Im too busy even to date! A dogs life you have Mr. Jung Yunho ssi.ChangMin patted his shoulder. Well, see you around~ -------------------Whatcha doing?A cute voice appeared beside JaeJoong eyeing one of his signature creations- JaeAdore la Fraise. Name after him, yes. JaeJoong chuckled as he carefully placed cut strawberries into the holder made by fine white chocolate and cream. Then he diverted his attention to one of his workers and smiled. This~He beamed showing the boy his half finished work. Looks so sweet it could cause diabetes.The boy pointed out jokingly. Sweet enough to capture some taste buds?JaeJoong asked. Sweet enough to makeem yours.The boy chuckled and JaeJoong pushed his finger to the boys forehead. Why are you so cheesy, Junsu ya.He admonished.

The boy slung his arms around Jaes shoulder and whispered something into his ears causing the other to make a face, smearing cream on his nose. Go be cheesy to your boyfriend.He said turning Junsu around and smacking his ass. Now shoo! Hyunggggg..Junsu whined. Im just not ready to date now, and besides, who would wanna date a baker.JaeJoong joked. Oh youd never know hyung, there are a lot of people out there who wouldnt mind someone with sweet fingers and a pretty face to go with. Oh did I mention, hot abs and a fine butt?Junsu chortled. Pervert. I bet YooChun thought you that. He accused turning his head and eyeing the other worker in his bakery out of the opening, overlooking the bakery. Guilty as charged.Junsu admitted giggling like a little girl. Get working you lazy bum.JaeJoong scolded jokingly, shoving Junsu out the kitchen. Aye, Aye sir! As closing time rounded the corner, the workers one by one started to take their leave, some with their friends and others to their families. Others had dates to go out on, namely Kim Junsu and Park YooChun. See you tomorrow!YooChun called out from the front of the store, waving wildly at his boss. See you Hyung!Junsu did the same too and JaeJoong waved back, smiling. Have fun on your date!He called out. As soon as they left, he turned his attention back to the accounts that he had to do at the end of every day. See, being a store owner was not only about managing the store, being there to look after it and look over his workers. He also had to take care of all the profits that they made that day. It wasnt hard work actually with figures and stuff but it was quite a chore since there was much to account for like rental and mortgage and shit. As he paced to the front of the door to change the hanging Open sign to a Close, a man walked up and pulled the door open in his face. Im sorry, but-JaeJoong couldnt finish his sentence as he found a knife shoved his face. Yeah, doesnt matter.The larger man growled. I just want the money. Uh.JaeJoong started. That wouldnt be a good idea. The larger man burst out laughing at the top of his voice, echoing through the shop. Then he looked back at the petite man in front of him with a stern and sinister smile. Money or I trash this place. JaeJoong shrugged. Gee, rude much. Fine but dont say I didnt warn you.

---------------------------Yunho was driving down the lane which lead to his house and also incidentally the path which lead to JaeJoongs bakery. Previously he hadnt noticed it before but apparently it seemed to attract him more now since, someone, I might just add had captured his attention. Not that he wanted to admit it. As he drove nearer and nearer to the lane just passing the junction, he noticed that the lights in the shop were still on. Maybe he hasnt gone home? He thought, but then as he closed in even more, he noticed another man in the shop. It didnt look like those who worked there. He looked bigger in size as compared to the worker his talked to and was he holding a knife!? Finding something was really off; he pulled over at a curb a distance from the bakery and snuck closer to take a better look. Seemed he was right. The burly man was holding out a knife to someone and clawing over the counter to get probably some cash. Pitiful. Finding it no use to stand outside and be a by-stander, he pushed the door open forcefully and yelled out. YAH!He shouted across and the burly man turned around enraged. GET OUT!He roared. Um..A tiny voice came out from behind him and Yunho shifted his head to take a better look. It was the same worker who had got him his cake the other day. What was he still doing here? The bigger man turned around and stuck a knife in his face again. Shut up and put the money on the table. If you say so.JaeJoong rolled his eyes, somehow feeling it wasnt coming off much as a threat to him. Then the man turned around and fixed his attention back to Yunho. You know, busy bodies should not stick their stupid nose into other peoples matter, itll just end you up getting- !! He stumbled forward when a foot smacked into his back. He growled and rubbed his back surprised at the sudden attack from a more unexpected direction and person. Turning around, he glared at the man behind him incredulously but all he got in response was an innocent smile and cute doe eyes like he didnt do anything. Im sorry Did I hurt you?JaeJoong asked and the burly man swore he heard double meanings in the simple sentence. He snapped his knife forward again and pointed it at the petite guys neck. Youre asking for trouble dip-shit.He snarled, his voice deepening dangerously but what JaeJoong did was just grin, like he wasnt a threat which made him snap. He lurched at the smaller man only to get held back by a hand tugging on his collar. He looked over his shoulder to see Yunhos grip firmly on his coat and tried to jerk backwards to throw him off. When he failed, he turned back only to find a fist in his faces which sent him stumbling backwards clutching his nose in pain.

What the!He groaned, wincing from the stinging pain in his bones. He didnt even anticipate it as two hands appeared around his head grabbing them and when he realized it, a knee was in his face knocking him over and onto the floor. JaeJoong bent down to his level and smiled happily at him. Thank you for coming~ Then he reached into his pockets where he kept his loot and pulled out the ward of cash he stole. Exits that way. Terrified over what hed just experienced, the man picked himself up, scrambling to his feet and stumbling over Yunhos feet before he picked himself up again and tore out the door not daring to look back with the CEO watching him scurry away. Then his eyes followed JaeJoong who just strolled to the door to change the sign. Noticing there was someone still in the shop he turned around and gave Yunho a quizzical stare. Realizing that he was closing Yunhos mouth opened in an O and rubbed his neck. Im sorry were you closing? He asked feeling stupid. Am now.JaeJoong replied, walking past him and fixing his counter, then realizing that he shouldnt be too rude to the person who sort of helped him distract the robber, JaeJoong looked up at him and smiled sweetly. Thanks back there. Yunho got taken aback by the sight, one being that was probably the most uplifting smile hed seen in ages or the second factor being that he was being mesmerized by a guys smile. Um Youre welcome? JaeJoong chuckled covering his mouth and turned to get something out of his display fridge, pulling out what looked like a chocolate clair. He put it on the counter and shyly pushed it in Yunhos direction. My token of gratitude. He added. Ah!Yunho exclaimed.No, its really fine, I was just passing by and I saw your shop light still on and I saw a guy inside so I thought that you might help and-- you know what Im just going to shut up now. JaeJoong did it again, another series of cute snickers and Yunho found himself blushing as the other rounded his counter and pushed the box into his hands. I insist. Seeing it was rude not to accept a gift, Yunho smiled apologetically and received it. Thanks I guess? Then he added. It looks delicious. Maybe he shouldnt have. Wait till you try it.JaeJoong replied, undoing the gathers of the box and pulling one out. Here~ Yunho wasnt a big fan of pastries to being with since he spent his younger days around his mothers bakery before she retired to become a housewife. He was rather particular about what kind of sweets he ate since his mother used to make the most delicious of them and not many confectionaries had the skills that his mother had. After all, a son would always say that their mothers cooking was the best. He started at the chocolaty treat in the smaller mans hands and gingerly received it from him. Then with the same eviction he lifted it to his mouth.

First bite and he paused. Then he looked at JaeJoong surprised. You made this?He asked. Is it nice?JaeJoong asked curiously. Its heavenly!Yunho raved and took another bite. He hadnt remembered the last time he had such taste igniting treats since his mother only made them at home. JaeJoong was different, however. There was something else to it, but he couldnt put a finger on it and if he didnt know otherwise that other thing would be passion. He dove into the box for another one and watched JaeJoong stare at him satisfactorily. I have more where that came from.JaeJoong said after a while. You could give it to your family. Yunho shook his head. Nah, its bad enough you gave this to me FOC, Itll be a dishonor to make you give away such perfect creations away free. Yunho covered his mouth. Did I just say perfect? Fortunately for him, JaeJoong wasnt really particular about what he said so Yunho heaved a sigh of relief. Fine by me.JaeJoong shrugged his shoulders and pulled his apron away, hanging it (neatly) Yunho noted, on a hook near the kitchen. Im closing up, so um If you dont mind. Oh! Oh yeah!Yunho realized and rubbed his neck awkwardly and scooted out of the shop, with Jae following behind. He bent down to lock the door up and Yunho couldnt help but notice the patch of skin that showed as his shirt lifted up a little. He slapped himself again. Well-JaeJoong grinned. Ill be going then. Yeah.Yunho agreed and turned around for his car as JaeJoong walked the opposite way. He kicked himself for being such an awkward pile back there and then again, why would he be awkward unless by any chance he liked him. Oh hell no. Then he groaned and face palm but something told him to turn around and he did. I didnt get your name! He called. JaeJoong halted in surprise and turned around. He let out a little chuckle tilted his pretty face. Names JaeJoong, Kim JaeJoong. Yunho nodded sharply.Got it. Well bye JaeJoong turned around and so did Yunho. A split second later Yunho spun around. Hey uh! Confused the smaller looked over his shoulder. Yeah? Can I Offer you a ride home?Yunho asked. I mean if you live around here and- well I mean its late in the night and you might get- and-

Yeah- sure~JaeJoong almost burst out into giggles. Then he walked back the same way he came from and stood in front of the CEO. Which way then, Romeo? Yunho raised a finger since he was against himself being called Romeo but he didnt want to spoil the mood so he showed all his teeth and pointed out. There. Turns out JaeJoong didnt leave very far from his own confectionary. The atmosphere in the car surprisingly was rather uplifting and from the ride there to home, there wasnt a dull moment. Yunho found out that Jae was really good at making sweet treats and he wanted to try them one day, JaeJoong agreed easily saying that he would give it to him free of charge. He found out that Jae had the same taste in music as him, mainly contemporary and ballads and it turned out that they actually only lived blocks from each other talk about coincidence. After a short drive there, JaeJoong whished Yunho good night before bowling slightly and waved after his car. It was a good night after all and Yunho slept peacefully in his bed, half his mind drifting off to where Jae was, unaware that he had already fallen for the Black Beauty.

Chapter 3 ~ The sound of a crashing plate in the confectionary echoed around catching the attention of a few other patrons. They looked around to find the source of the sound like any other busybody, curious person would do. Being satisfied after they realized that it was another careless patron, they turned back to their own business, namely enjoying their afternoon tea. The flustered female patron frantically wiped the spillage off her dress as another worker calmed her down telling her that it was alright. Ill get you a new one.JaeJoong smiled lightly to her as he bent over to pick up the broken plate. Give me a minute. All she did was merely blink as she stared at the handsome young baker and his efforts to help her. She blushed a deep red and turned back to her seat, lips between her teeth. Thank you. She replied shyly. Back in the kitchen, Junsu chuckled as JaeJoong re-entered with the broken pieces and the older couldnt help but return him a weird look. Whatcha looking at?He asked. Nothing.Junsu acknowledged. Its just, people keep falling for you and yet none of them end up as your date. JaeJoong pulled a stern face. Kim Junsu ssi, you will not talk about my single status at work, and dont you have something else to do like He gestured to the side. Take an order? Youll know what I said was me meaning well for you Hyung~Junsu giggled as he grabbed his pen and notepad. JaeJoong sighed and shook his head. Come to think of it, somehow Junsu was right. He was single but he hadnt thought about dating and sorts since he found his business to be booming at such time. Or maybe he just wasnt ready for it.

As closing time danced around, the workers were already geared up and ready to head to the clubs just few kilometers drive from the bakery. JaeJoong turned them down as usual saying that he wasnt much of a drinker although, note be taken, Junsu and YooChun knew that he was the master when it came to drinking. The boy could hold his liquor and at the end of every session, he would be the only one who looked like he hadnt drunk at all. Nawwww!!!YooChun crooned around Jae. If you dont go what am I and Junsu going to do? JaeJoong face palmed. Need you ask me such question? Yes.YooChun grinned. Both yall can be sickening fluffy without me around. Id just be your third leg if I did join you.He waved his hand at them dismissively. YooChun pouted. Fine. But the offer is still open if you decided to come join us! Not going.JaeJoong repeated himself as the grease ball slung his arms around his boyfriend and waving over his shoulder then as soon as they were gone, he hummed to himself as he continued some of the unfinished accounts he left over the previous day when he heard the rave of a car engine and then a door closing. Figuring it would be another late customer that might probably want to get a late night snack, he made his way out of his office only to see the similar stranger hed gave his name to the other night. What was he doing here? The other caught sight of him and halted in his footsteps. Oh, wait Were you closing again?He asked a little surprised that he would see the same person three nights in a row. Do you ask that all the time when you step into a shop?JaeJoong replied with another question. No.Yunho rubbed his neck. Then yeah, I was. Oh! Im so sorry, I should have called before I came, I- Call????? Wait no, I mean I should have check up before I came here and uh- Check??????JaeJoong asked even more confused than he was previously. Ah- you know what; forget about what I said earlier. I just came to tell you my mom loved your clairs.Yunho finally managed to say through all the confusion. I see. Well, Im glad to hear that. Did you need something?He asked. Wait. I forgot. Yunho stood there stunned for a moment, wondering what exactly he wanted to buy but turned out it vanished into thin air and he ended up stoning on the spot.

JaeJoong burst out into giggles covering his mouth again and turning away. Yunho blushed and turned away as well. Swell Speaking of forgetting, I never got your name.JaeJoong interrupted his embarrassing moment. Yunho tried to swat away the burn in his cheeks and turned back to Jae. Y-yunho. Jung Yunho. Well then, Mr. Jung Yunho ssi, Ill have to kindly ask you to go out of the shop now, cos Im really closing.He said as he spun the CEO around and pushed him out the door. Yunho couldnt help but feel a tingle shoot up his back as those delicate fingers pressed against it. You know you should come by in the afternoon and not at such timings, Im not a vampire and I need my beauty sleep.JaeJoong joked but Yunho was happy to note he said Beauty which in any case was the perfect word he wanted to use on the man in front of him. Im a busy man, Kim JaeJoong ssi. I have schedules and meetings to attend to. Yunho pursed his lips as the baker handed him one of his signature coffee buns. Oh So sad!JaeJoong acquiesced with him before biting into his portion. Tell me about it. Shit happens when youre the CEO of a company.Yunho found himself blurting out without hesitation. Youre a CEO!?JaeJoong dropped his jaw. Yeah. Tough life.Yunho replied conventionally. JaeJoong grinned silly. Im a CEO too~ Yunho turned to him giving him a face. You are? Yeah, CEO of my dreams.JaeJoong joked, earning a hearty laughter from Yunhos side. To be honest, he hadnt remembered a time where someone would make him laugh so much and apparently that person was beside him. It seemed like there wasnt anything topic on earth that they couldnt start a conversion on and Yunho felt a little at ease talking to him. No doubt that they were only three day old strangers, they still talked as if they were friends for a long time. Yunho found it comfortable talking to JaeJoong and so did the latter. Over the bun, they managed to know about each other more and the CEO found out that the owner of the shop was actually him much to his surprise. Why didnt you go abroad?He asked. No prospect.JaeJoong replied matter-of-factly. Really? I thought people loved Italian pastries there. Nah, I think its more worth it here since you dont normally get any tom-dick or harry setting up a franchise that deals with Italian cusine. True fact.Yunho nodded.

JaeJoong returned a sigh. Sides Im not attached either so Im free to do what I want.Yunho heard him randomly say. Youre single?He still couldnt believe such a handsome young man like Jae would not have anyone chasing after him. Sadly.JaeJoong shrugged his shoulder. And Im not exactly attracted to girls either. Really? No. Maybe Im gay. O.KayYunho dragged his word then jumped when the smaller man turned and spluttered. I- oh shit! I didnt mean anything when I said, that I was probably gay, I meant- oh my gosh- oh sorry! I-I- JaeJoong tired to cover up his mistake and in so doing, he dropped his unfinished bun onto the pavement but he was still sputtering and blushing like a tomato. FORGET WHAT I SAID! Then like a stop button was pushed, he stood up still covering his face, the burns rising to his cheek and turning his back against Yunho. Then he walked a few steps ahead from the CEO and settled by a bush beside the bakery, drawing circles on the floor under him. He couldnt help but mope around at the awkward moment which happened and pouted when a hand appeared on his shoulder. He looked up with his doe eyes and Yunhos heart skipped a beat. Dont look at me.JaeJoong lowered his head again clasping his knees in between his arms. I said something I shouldnt have, and now youre going to think of me as a weirdo. JaeJoong ssi.Yunho began. I didnt mind what you just told me and no, I wouldnt think of you as a weirdo. I have the same problem as you. JaeJoong snapped his head up. Youre gay? Yunho blinked. Wa- what? No! I mean I-uh. Have no interest in women either. Which is.JaeJoong asked. Fine.Yunho confessed. Maybe were in the same boat. Swell!JaeJoong exclaimed. See you then. Huh? You. Me. Home????JaeJoong questioned. To your home???? No silly!JaeJoong cried exasperatedly. I mean I go home and you go to yours. Oh-ohhhhh!!!Yunho realized exactly what he had said and face-palmed. Yeah, right. Well. See you then.

Bye.JaeJoong waved, his face with a little smile thought he still felt weird why Yunho would interpret his sentence that way and walked in the opposite direction when two things happened. A hand grabbed his and spun him around, his face coming into contact with a warm bosom. Then immediately those hands let go and Yunho was laughing to himself awkwardly. On the other hand, Jae was still rather stunned at the sudden hug causing him to just stare in bewilderment. Y-yunho ssi, did you just- I know what I did. Im sorry.Yunho apologized immediately bowing 90 degrees. Then he snapped up again and looked Jae in the eye. I guess I was lying just now when I said I wasnt Um Gay?JaeJoong finished his sentence. . So?JaeJoong prompted still demanding an answer as to why Yunho hugged him out of blue. JaeJoong ssi.I-I- You???? Yunho took in a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves but all that came out was IREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYLIKEYOUANDIHOPEYOULLSAYYESTODATINGWIT HME! He said in one go forgetting that he actually needed to breathe. When he finished, he inhaled deeply and shuffled his feet on the pavement. JaeJoong just stood there taken aback again by Yunhos sudden outburst of words. All he caught were the words Really and Date but he could already figure out exactly what the shy CEO wanted to convey. He folded his arms and stared at Yunho wondering it if was for real but when the younger finally calmed down, he reached out to hold Jaes hands. Im serious about this. Still baffled, JaeJoong pulled his hand away and touched his own flaming cheeks. I dont have an answer yet.He said. Realizing Jae was right, Yunho shook his head. No-No, I dont expect an answer from you now but please think about it. Then he bowed politely again and pulled the ebony-haired man into his embrace again. Good night JaeJoong ssi. G-good ngiht.JaeJoong found himself replying automatically and watched as the CEO pulled his car off the curb heading the other way. He blushed to himself. Well that was embarrassing.

That night JaeJoong lay in bed, tossing around under the soft covers of his bed. He remembered Yunho hugging him and even till then, the touches of his hands were still fresh and lingering on his arms. It felt strange yet, somewhat comforting. He shifted his position to face the blank wall staring determinedly at it. Should he or should he know accept Yunhos confession. He wondered what Yunho was thinking.

On the other side of the block, Yunho banged his head against his desk. You silly, awkward fool.He murmured to himself. Now hell think youre a weirdo. Then he threw himself on bed and kicked his legs like a child throwing tantrum would do groaning out loud. He rolled back onto his tummy and crawled to his suit case to pull out his hand phone. He sent a text. Sender: YunHOE I need help!!!!DDDDDDDD=

Five minutes later, his phone buzzed and a message popped out on screen.

From: EvilMin What kind????? I charge consultation fee.

Sender: YunHOE Psh, so not the point.. What do you know about love?

From: EvilMin Love???? You mean the inseparable bond with me and my BOWL OF INSTANT RAMEN THAT YOURE DEPRIVING ME OFF RIGHT NOW?!

Sender: YunHOE Heyyyyyyy.. No one is depriving you from your love of ramen. Just tell me what you know and Ill not disturb you and your Fdate ==

From: EvilMin F-date? Fucking date? I dont know what love it hyung! Im just a kid who got a post as a manager >=3

Sender: YunHOE Fucking show off.

From: EvilMin . YunHOE.

Sender: YunHOE The fuck! I bet you put that as your caller ID dont you! /Grrrrr/

From: EvilMin Oh! How did you know?! Run awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Sender: YunHOE YAH! Defeated my purpose of asking you about love. GAKI! From: EvilMin OH USING JAPANESE ON ME NOW EH! SHOW OFFFFFF! D=

Sender: YunHOE Goodbye ChangMin ==

From: EvilMin GRRRRRRRRRR, Ill get you tomorrow! D=< Yunho placed the phone on the table and rubbed his face before rolling back onto his bed. Will he say yes or no??

Chapter 4 ~ As the sun intruded the bedroom of our love struck CEO, he rubbed his eyes sleepily murmuring under his breath wishing that he didnt need to be woken up by the strong beam of sunlight which penetrated his curtains. It was a Saturday which also meant h e didnt need to go to work. Still his silly internally alarm clock had to wake him up at such a time. He tossed to his side, facing the window and stared out into the vast blue sky. Good time to sleep more. Haha. Deciding that it wasnt good to keep lying in bed, Yunho literally rolled out of bed and headed to the showers to freshen up.

Peering into the mirror in the bathroom, he looked at himself still speculating. He wondered if JaeJoong would say yes or no or totally have no idea whether to ignore his request. Still he wanted to know badly so after splashing cold water on his face, he toweled off and headed downstairs to make himself breakfast. Opening the fridge, he pulled out a carton of Orange juice and some left over chiffon he brought back from his mothers birthday when he spotted the box of chocolate clairs still lying around on his shelve. Smiling to himself, he took the box out and dug into it, taking the last piece out. Ever since he tried Jaes pastries, he was lying if he said he didnt love it. Well that would be the first. Not wanting to throw away the pretty box, he cleaned it up and folded it up before placing it on the shelf. Then he headed out the door. ---------------------JaeJoong hummed to himself while he floated around the kitchen taking care of the pastries he had placed into the ovens to bake. Then he squatted down to take a peek at his creations. They were rising perfectly fine, just the way he wanted it. Since it would take about 20 minutes more for the cupcakes to be ready, he sat on the kitchen top fiddling with his hand phone. Then he remembered the night before. Him in Yunhos arms feeling rather off, rather awkward but yet, he felt warm. Then he was staring into blank space. JaeJoong sighed and leaned his chin against his fist as he rested his elbows on his thigh. To say yes or not to say yes.He murmured to himself when the bell tinged. Welcome!Was the chirpy reply of his workers. Still JaeJoong continued to day dream.

This way sir.Junsu gestured as he lead the man to his sit. Heres your menu.He said before he bowed and left the man to his own decisions. Ah, hold on!Then man turned making Junsu halt, before turning around. By any chance is the owner of the bakery around? Junsu giggled cutely. Its your lucky day. May I ask what you want to see him for? Ah, nothing nothing.The man blushed and Junsu noticed but since he didnt want to embarrass the customer, he smirked internally. Ooooooo someone has an eye on my boss. Sure, sure, then Ill come back when you have decided on your order.Junsu smiled. Though he doubted that the man was actually here to eat, more like find his boss and flirt with him. It was natural since every other day, there would definitely be another guy or girl out there who would be indefinitely attracted to their pretty boss and try to flirt with him on a daily basis. It was quite natural to him. After Junsu left for the kitchen, Yunho looked around the faade of the bakery. It looked rather cute for once since he didnt actually get to take a good look at Jaes bakery. The wallpapers were a light tinge of pink, with white stripes. The windows were delicately frosted at certain portions making them look like icing on a cake. To the left was the bakery where the pastries were displayed. The flooring was of marble which sort of reflected the gleam

from the sunlight outside making the place look lively and spacious. Come to think of it, JaeJoong had a rather good color combination. Pssssssschhh!Junsu hissed into the kitchen jolting Jae from his thoughts. Huh?The black hair man turned to find his worker smirking all over. Whats so important that you have to personally come and find me and wipe that smirk off your face, you might get a face cramp. Junsu tsked. Smirking will not cause face cramps, and for your information, I think you have a taker again. JaeJoong understood the meaning of taker and groaned out loud. So, what is it this time? A girl? A guy? A guy, I might say.Junsu shrugged his brows. Oooooooo~ Do I hear a guy wants to flirt with our pretty boss?YooChun popped his head in from the cashier post. Mind your own business Park and get back to your post.JaeJoong admonished shooing him away. Aww, but Boss nim, its a guy!!! So????????????????JaeJoong asked incredulously rolling his eyes. I get a bunch of guys flirting with me on a daily basis and none of them are good enough what make this anymore different??? But-Junsu whispered lowly.Hes good lookin! Did I mention hes got this sexy mole on the top of the left side of his lip? JUNSU!JaeJoong jerked backwards. Need you describe a person in such detail and JaeJoong stoned on the spot. What was that he remembered? Yunho had a mole on the left side of his lip. Gah. Then he snapped back to reality and glared at both of them. GET BACK TO WORK DAMMIT! Feeling absolutely sure that Junsu had actually described Yunho for him, JaeJoong bolted out the kitchen literally and peered into the hoards of patrons. His eyes darted from table to table and lo and behold, Yunho was there. His heart skipped a beat. Go talk to him..JaeJoong heard his inner voice telling him in a whisper. Yeah. Go talk to- WHAT THE-JaeJoong hollered as he snapped his head back to see YooSu pushing thoughts into his head. He pushed both their heads backwards and made a face. I thought my conscience was talking to me you- askdhaskdjahskdjhaksjdh! Uh, human language please hyung, only Junsu understands that.YooChun teased. Heyyyy.!Junsu smacked the grease ball on his back.

What?YooChun asked. Only you understand gibberish because you always make sounds like that when were in Junsu covered his mouth. PARK YOO- Will you two keep it down?!JaeJoong hissed angrily at both of them then he turned back and peered in Yunhos direction. Sorry boss Then JaeJoong took a deep breath and mustered up his courage. He swallowed hard hoping that the decision he made wouldnt lead him to a bad ending. Cover me.JaeJoong whispered. Im going in. Sheesh, youre not going undercover.YooChun commented. Drama much. Whatever.JaeJoong shook his head and stepped out into the open. Good luck Hyung nim!YooSu cheered him. JaeJoong took a first step and then he froze on the spot. I cant do it.He admitted. Junsu face palmed. Hyung! All he needs is some pushing-Chun smirked. Junsu. JaeJoong turned around and eyed them suspiciously. What are you trying to do? Wait, hey no stop OMO! YooChun had Junsu grab Jaes hand and YooChun pushed their boss all the way to Yunhos spot. YAH! Yunho snapped his head up in surprise, assuming that it was for him when all he saw were two of the workers, mainly one that asked him for his order and another with Jae in their hands. The latter snapped his head down and smiled goofily. Hi.He tried and then he blushed. Hi.Yunho smiled back instantly showing all his white teeth. G-O-O-D-L-U-C-K.YooChun sniggered as both of them backed off. UhJaeJoong began. YooChun and Junsu hid behind the counter as they watched the love fess going on in front of them. Junsu wondered if this would probably be the perfect guy for Jae since he hadnt seen his boss aka his best friend act like that since high school. When JaeJoong liked someone and the person confessed liking him to, Jae would always be the one to be shy and try to avoid topics brought up about dating by his friends. So he was dead sure that man was a match. Yunho laughed and rubbed his neck. Yeah So um... Have you uh

JaeJoong fiddled with his fingers. Actually If you dont want to, I understand. It was rather rash for me as well.Yunho replied hoping to ease the tension between them because - oh was the tension so thick you could slice it with a knife. Worse case of sexual tension.YooChun commented and Junsu nodded vigorously. Can we talk outside?JaeJoong asked suddenly. Sure!Yunho agreed immediately and both of them exited the bakery with YooSu watching on.

So.Yunho prompted. I dont know.JaeJoong mumbled as he looked down. Im not confident. I am. But-JaeJoong replied. I might sink your ship. You never know till you try. I- Back in the bakery, YooSu were trying to make out whatever they were saying just by the movements of their mouths but truth be told they were no Tom Cruise. However one thing they could make out was that Yunho was trying to convince Jae about something and JaeJoong was hiding in his shell. I dont expect our relationship to go smoothly all the time either, but I dont mind. Yunho ssi.JaeJoong began. Look, it must have been hard on you asking you such question but I really really really really want to date you. JaeJoong chuckled lowly for a while. How many times did you say really? Yunho raised his eyebrow. Uh-He put out four fingers. Four? JaeJoong sighed and smiled weakly. The answer is yes, Yunho ssi. The CEO looked at him surprised still not believing his ears. He leant forward. Yes? Yes.JaeJoong flushed, reaffirming himself. Really?! JaeJoong nodded shyly.

Oh-my M-m-manseh!!!Yunho threw his hands up into the air victoriously. Hahah! Mansehhh!!! Back in the shop YooChun was already grinning from ear to ear watching Yunhos actions and he was cock sure JaeJoong had agreed to something. Junsu baby, our boss is finally attached! Hes our boss after all.Junsu smiled happily. MANSEH!!Yunho cried happily and pulled the smaller man into a tight embrace. JaeJoong sputter in his hold but he calmed down after a while and wiggled in his arms. Uh Oh sorry.Yunho apologized and let go. So what does that make us now? Love birds.Yunho described them. Tacky. Cuddly? Mushy. Cupcakes!Yunho randomly suggested and JaeJoong blushed at such a fuzzy moment. Ok. I guess Ill see you l-later?Yunho asked. Like after you close shop? JaeJoong reluctantly nodded. Im having a half day today. Swell! Ill uh, pick you up.The younger chuckled then he turned for his car. JaeJoong watch him walk but half way through he turned around and went back the opposite way before giving the baker a peck to his cheeks. Bye. He smiled then he turned around again and drove off. As Jae returned to the shop, he rubbed his cheeks feeling the kiss still lingering on them and smiled awkwardly to himself when two faces stopped him in his track. Congratulations~ and celebrations~ Boss Nim finally got a D-A-T-E!Junsu cooed. Quit it.JaeJoong blushed, cheeks already flaming from the kiss. Aww~~ But finally after so long!YooChun exclaimed. We should go for a drink! The other lowered his head still rather embarrassed. Nah, Ill pass. Yunho ssi wants to pick me up after work. Both their jaws dropped. Wow Picking his lover up after work. Arent you people going a little too fast? He suggested it, I couldnt say no.Jae admitted.

Well then~ Show him what youre made off. Flesh and blood and bones?JaeJoong asked. No, no, never mind.YooChun had to resist the urge to face desk on the cash register. I mean, go make him happy. JaeJoong nodded. 1pm, Yunho was already outside of the bakery, with his shiny BMW waiting by the curb for Jae grinning to himself feeling happy and all. He finally got someone that he liked although he believed his parents would not be really supportive of his attraction to the same gender. That could be arranged. When JaeJoong exited the bakery through the front door, Yunhos jaw literally felt to the floor. The baker who so conservatively wore a pink apron over his outfit was not so conservative after all. His V neck which clad his body emphasizing his curves was a little lower than usual, showing his flawless chest, really light ash stripes lined them and a little translucent, ending with a simple hoodie at the back and long sleeved. His pants were white with simple grey flairs at the bottom finishing his look. The CEO found himself staring for a moment when Jae opened the door and got into the co-drivers seat. He turned and smiled sweetly. Where to?He asked. Distracted, Yunho snapped out of it and laughed lightly. Diamond bridge.

Chapter 5 ~ JaeJoong walked ahead of Yunho admiring the scenery before them and feeling the cool afternoon breeze. It was a little to autumn so the leaves on the trees lining the bridge were turning to their crispy golden yellow. It was a sight to behold for the new couple. Jae was rather happy that Yunho brought him to the bridge since he missed it and hadnt been there for quite some time. Leaning over the railing of the bridge, he stared out into the vast river that flowed under the metal structure. Yunho joined him shortly, standing beside him and staring out into the clear blue liquid. Jaes hair caught the updraft of the wind and Yunho swore that was the most beautiful sight hed even since in his entire life. Not that hed dated before. JaeJoong ssi? Yunho asked garnering Jaes attention. Hmmm?JaeJoong replied turning his head. Just JaeJoong is fine. Oh.Yunho blushed, nodding in acknowledgment, and then he played with his fingers and inched closer to the other. JaeJoong, can I Hold your hand? The baker looked at Yunho surprised at the simple request. No one had asked to hold his hand before since not many of them were worthy of doing so. Nonetheless, JaeJoong held out his hand and smiled. Sure.He agreed easily.

Slowly Yunho let his fingers slip in between the gaps of Jaes fingers and closed his grip on the slander hand feeling the soft skin under his finger tips. Gosh Jae had really good skin. He thought and grinned to himself feeling the sense of satisfaction. To him Jae was perfect, every aspect of him and the fact that Jae only belonged to him and him alone now made him even happier. Could we walk down this thing?Jae asked. Of course. Yunho replied smiling. But can I still hold your hand? JaeJoong chuckled and covered his mouth with his other hand. Silly, you can hold my hand as long as you want to. Roger that!Yunho affirmed and as they walked down the bridge, the rest of the scenery met their eyes in a stunning display of color and artistry. The CEO thought that it would be something that they would never forget and that this would be the part where they officially start their relationship as lovers. He knew that it couldnt be called love now since they were just starting out. Maybe it was infatuation but he was willing to give it a try and he bet Jae was too. They walked hand in hand swinging them like little kids and occasionally, Yunho would turn and whisper something to JaeJoong making the other blush and giggle like a little girl. Fuzzy as it seemed, their loved seemed to flourish. By evening, they sat on a grass path overlooking the grand Han River. Different to what is was in the afternoon, the scene had changed from a cool afternoons breeze to a chilly evening. The water had lilted up thanks to the glow of the lightings on the luminous GwangGan Bridge and the changing neon lights stepped the mood up for our lovely couple. Scissors, paper, stone!Yunho exclaimed as he held out a rock fist. JaeJoong gave him paper. I win!JaeJoong crooned. No fair, 3 out of five! Loser buys us dinner.Yunho accused. Fine. Scissors, paper, stone!JaeJoong called and he stuck a scissors at Yunhos paper. Awww!!Yunho whined. JaeJoong couldnt help but laugh at his fail. One more! Scissors, paper, st- YAH!JaeJoong squeaked when Yunho, afraid that he might lose, threw himself at Jae and tackled him to the ground. The baker merely squirmed under Yunho as the younger wrapped his arms around Jae in a lock and rolled around on the grass patch not willing to let go. Y-yunho, let me go! But-Yunho pouted as they continued to tussle on the grass. -I suck at Rock paper scissors! That doesnt give you the permission to- HA-HA-HA!JaeJoong burst out laughing as Yunho held his waist pinning him to the ground. His waist was one of his sensitive parts and he couldnt help but wiggle a little at Yunhos touch. He looked at Yunho under his long lashes and pursed his lips. I can see that.

Letting go, Yunho crawled backwards and folded his arms like a little kid, pouting. I dont wanna pay for dinner. Aww, but you lost!JaeJoong cooed. Unless by any chance you have a dick but no balls. I know! But- what the! I have balls!Yunho flailed and trying to pout as much as he could but JaeJoongs laughter distracted him and he found himself laughing as well. Jaes laugh to be honest was infectious. Fine, fine Ill pay but on one condition.JaeJoong held out a finger. What would that be? You will come look for me every day after work. Seriously? That simple?Yunho asked. Seriously. Deal! I love you Joongie!Yunho threw his hand into the air and leaned in to peck Jae on the cheeks. Joongie?The baker asked. I-I mean JaeJoong.Yunho blushed as JaeJoong grinned sheepishly at him. Joongie is fine.He agreed. YAY!Yunho exclaimed. So childish, like Junsu.JaeJoong compared him. I love you too~Yunho joked pecking Jaes cheeks another time. JaeJoong turned to the CEO and grabbed his tie jerking him forward again. Yunho sputtered. Dont kiss me there.JaeJoong eyed him sternly making Yunho stare at him more feeling the burn built up in his cheeks. T-then where would you prefer?Yunho asked their lips in close proximity. Here.JaeJoong murmured lowly as he pressed his lips against Yunhos. For that moment, Yunhos mind went into temporary shutdown. All his mind was all about was how good the kiss felt and how right it was. It didnt even seem like an awkward thing to him but what he was more focused on was those plump lips that melded against his own, moving sensually, fitting together like they were meant to fit. He wanted to scream into Jaes mouth but ten bucks said it would be weird to do so, so he merely closed his eyes and let the other guide the movement of their lips. JaeJoong faintly moaned into his mouth and Yunho pulled away promptly. JaeJoong jerked backwards after Yunho did and blinked, and then he blushed a dark red and turned away flustered and covering his own mouth. He bit his lower and squeezed his eyes shut embarrassed over what he did.

Yunho on the other hand was already on cloud nine, like he was high or something. His felt his world spin a little, feeling light-headed in the least and thought he was getting Hypotension. Joongie.He mumbled. Im sorry.JaeJoong squeaked. I just wanted to- JoongieYunho repeated again and pulled by the arm, turning him around. JaeJoong was looking down still flushing badly. He reached down to lift Jaes chin up and smiled goofily. I liked that. Really?JaeJoong asked. Yunho nodded. It was. Good. Was good the right word to use or was it a little too out of point? I mean I liked it-. Liked? Nah. I mean I didnt mind it-Dont mind? What is this now, charity? I get your point.JaeJoong spoke softly. Would you like another one? Yunho rose his brow. Are you selling kisses? Way to spoil the mood.JaeJoong pursed his lips but Yunho just chuckled and pointed to his own lips. Not complaining anymore, the baker crawled forward and pressed his lips against Yunhos. The second time wasnt so much of how right it felt again, but more of the spark that ignited in Yunho. He never knew JaeJoong was such a good kisser and by the time he realized it, the bakers arms were around his neck, pulling him closer. Yunho didnt resist instead he moved closer, curling his arms around Jaes waist as the ebony-haired man knelt on his knees in between Yunhos legs. Mind working quickly, they next thing Yunho did was to pull Jae closer as he kneaded the fabric of Jaes sides making the older gasp around his lips. JaeJoong grabbed onto Yunhos neck tighter forcing the CEO backward, so Yunho had no choice but to make his hands leave Jaes sides, supporting himself on his palms, arms straightened against the grass. JoongieHe murmured against those cherry lips. Mmm.JaeJoong hummed appreciatively as one of Yunhos hands left his side to grab at the back of his neck pulling him down to kiss him harder. There was a point in time JaeJoong swore Yunhos tongue was poking against his gap trying to make his open up. Of course JaeJoong simply obliged and let him dive his tongue into his cavern. It was maddening because Yunho had already taken control of the reigns and JaeJoong was already hot and craving for more, not that he cared. All the CEO did was thrust his wet appendage in and out of his mouth randomly twining with Jaes randomly twirling around inside his mouth. Apparently the other had the same idea as well, nipping and sucking on Yunhos tongue every time he intruded his mouth it was becoming addictive and as soon as they had gotten a little intoxicated over the kiss, Jae pulled away and blushed again. Gosh.

Um Tell me about it? You taste good.Was Jae random reply. I should say the same for you.Yunho rubbed the back of his neck lightly. Did I grab you too hard? Nope~ all dandy.JaeJoong smiled. Fireworks broke the sky and both of them, startled by the sound, turned and peered into the dark coal sky at night. The crackle of the fiery designs lit up the sky making the surroundings luminous. Yunho contemplated to lean his head against Jaes shoulder but the other beat him to it and Yunho chuckled lowly before placing his head on Jaes hair. I guess we were too caught up in that previous activity to notice this. Yunho murmured as JaeJoong snuggled up beside him feeling his warmth and hearing his pulse. Youre sick.JaeJoong commented when he heard Yunhos heart beat faster. Youre right-Yunho admitted. Ive caught the love bug. JaeJoong made gagging noises. So I suppose that I bit you? Yes, Im love bitten. Cheesy. Yunho got up and too Jaes hand placing it to his head. Jae felt it beat a little faster than usual and looked up into Yunhos smoldering gaze. He smiled gently and as the fireworks lit up the sky, the glow reflected off Jaes eyes, making them gleam, probably the second most captivating sight of the night for Yunho. You need to see a doctor.JaeJoong accused. No I dont Joongie~Yunho grinned silly. Baby my heart beats for you.

Chapter 6 ~ So.YooChun crept around JaeJoong. How was your first date with Mr. Dashing? He asked placing his hand on Jaes shoulder and Junsu peeked out from the other side. JaeJoong flushed and swatted both of them away like flies. Go annoy someone else Chunnie.He complained. Awww.. But we wanna know Hyung!Junsu whined his high pitched dolphin wail. JaeJoong turned around, putting his hands on his hips and staring them down and he couldnt help but grin at their puppy dog pouts and big gold fish eyes, wanting to know how their big bosss date went. He sighed and leant against the counter. It was-He deliberated on his words. -Enjoyable.

Only enjoyable?!Junsu asked surprised at Jaes reply. You spent five hours with him and it was, enjoyable?! YeahJaeJoong replied sheepishly trying to make them change subject and he was glad that a customer happened to walk into the shop, giving YooSu no choice but to leave the topic to serve the customer. He waved after them feeling a certain wave of relief and got back to his own work. Thats when Junsu skipped back to the kitchen and JaeJoong swor e he saw an indefinite smirk on his face. Hes here~~~The dolphin boy announced. I think hes hooked onto you now, he seems to be looking for you all the time. Whos here??? Dont act like you dont know it hyung, I bet you seduced him into loving you. I didnt!JaeJoong sputtered. Im not like you Su, I dont have the ass to do it. What has my ass got to do with it?The boy asked confused, turning around and looking at his perky behind. Nothing and stop looking at your butt, its not as pretty as it seems. But ChunChun love it.Junsu whined. ChunChun?????JaeJoong jerked his head backwards. Oh my gosh, youre becoming a cheese ball like that douche bag outside. Junsu shot him a dubious look. That douche bag outside happens to be my sugar doughnut. JaeJoong felt a cold chill shoot up his spine and his hair stood on end. Oh mother of cheesiness, did I leave the fridge open today? Hyung!Junsu gasped. Im kidding Junsu ya, and what are you doing here?! Actually I came in here just to tell you that whats-his-name was looking for you. His name is Yunho, Junsu and he was supposed to look for me after work.JaeJoong made a face at his employee, but the next thing he did was cover his mouth and turn away because it seemed like he gave away too much information already. Oh! You asked him to look for you, did you?YooChun crooned from outside the kitchen. And on your first date! JaeJoong turned around and stared at YooChun. Could you stop sticking your nose into my love life????? And I only asked him to look for me, I didnt ask him to do any other- He couldnt finish his sentence when both of them merely looked at him with suspicious faces. OH, LOOK, A UFO! JaeJoong exclaimed as he pointed out the window.

Where?!Junsu turned falling for the simple trick and YooChun followed suit. When he realized that they were being tricked, YooChun face palmed and turned back to the kitchen only to find that the baker was gone out of sight. He poked his head out of the side of the cash register. Yunho was gone as well. He smirked. ---------------------I thought I told you to look for me after work?JaeJoong asked Yunho exasperatedly. But Joongie, I missed you, so I decided to take half the day off to come look for you, and besides-He pulled Jae into his arms and whispered lowly. -Im CEO so no one can fire me, technically. JaeJoong hissed at him and pushed him away. Abuse of power. He accused. Id abuse it for you.Yunho cooed into Jaes forehead as he nuzzled the hair, sniffing it. You smell like cinnamon. JaeJoong blushed. I was baking just now, so I didnt have the time to get my hair washed. Does it bother you? Yunho grinned and chuckled huskily. Nope, not at all, in fact, you smell edible.He commented. I what?! The other looked at him incredulously not expecting such suggestive things to come out from a CEOs mouth. He found his jaw opened, so Yunho placed his finger to his lower jaw and closed it shut. Dont gap at me please, you might catch a fly. What?!JaeJoong asked unbelievably. Then he watched Yunhos eyes gleam and the next thing he knew, he was in the youngers arms again being cuddled like a teddy bear. Nawww~~ My Joongie is so adorable when hes confused and mad.Yunho purred into his hair. Let me pat you. He commented, patting Jaes head. Of course Jae pouted unto the CEOs chest as Yunho continued to stroke it lovingly. Y-yunho, d-dont- people- are looking.JaeJoong mumbled in a whisper, his voice muffled by Yunhos jacket suit. But Joongie, 24 hours without hugging you-Yunho protested, still holding the baker in his arms as if he wasnt willing to let go. Arent you over exaggerating?Jae looked up out of Yunhos chest into his eyes and blinked innocently, something the CEO could never resist and in response, Yunho crooned into his hair again messing the already disheveled hair. Yunho, youre messing up my hair.JaeJoong complained. Omo, Im sorry, I didnt realize.Yunho apologized then he leaned forward head in Jaes face. Here, you can mess mine up. Yunho.

Yes?Yunho peered at Jae under his fringe. JaeJoong ruffled his hair. Now were even. But Yunho leaned his head forward more. Could you do it again?He asked. Yunho dont be childish.JaeJoong admonished clicking his tongue but he did as he was told and patted Yunho on the head. Yunho rubbed his head against Jaes hand like a puppy begging for attention and wagging his tail, Jae swore he saw flowers popping out of his head. Stop being so cute.JaeJoong complained but with no conviction. Yunho returned to normal height. Stop being so loveable then. I cant, its in my nature.JaeJoong commented. Then its in my nature not to not love you.Yunho replied with a chaste kiss to Jaes lips. JaeJoong scrunched his nose. Yunho, kissing me in public is not allowed. Why?Yunho asked defiantly. Cos, we have nosey parkers. Oh, you mean those two over there?Yunho pointed over his shoulder and both YooSu jerked up from the bush in surprise. JaeJoong looked over his shoulder and glared at them before the meeped and hopping out from their hiding place and scurrying back into the confectionary. Yeah those.JaeJoong remarked unconventionally. In that case, weve got nothing to worry about.Yunho joked lightly. Oh you dont know what they can do, Yunho ah. One is the master of trolling and the other one just wails like a dolphin.JaeJoong commented. You havent seen what mine can do. He made the astronaut who landed on the moon his lap dog, now what was his name again???Yunho asked in a question rubbing his chin. Neil Armstrong?JaeJoong replied. Oh yeah that dude. Sounds like a war-lord.JaeJoong pointed out. Dont get me started. The last time he watched Resident Evil, he told me that he would make a better villain than Jill Valentine. The CEO rolled his eyes and JaeJoong could see the way he spoke about the mystery war lord and could help but feel a little jealous at his tone. Nonetheless he decided to put it aside and laugh. Poor you.JaeJoong chuckled covering his mouth. Tell me about it. Anyway, I cant wait to knock off.

I cant wait for you to knock off.Yunho smiled happily holding up Jaes hand and rubbing it. I wanna go somewhere romantic. And where would that be?Jae asked curiously. S-E-C-R-E-T.Yunho told him. Cliffhangers arent my forte, to be honest. Aww, but youll love it. It has lights and cotton candy, and- I said too much. Youre bringing me to a carnival?!JaeJoong asked surprised. YAY! Youre not even half way there and already so excited. You cute-cute thing. Yunho cooed, lifting up Jaes glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose playfully but paused for a moment when he peered into Jaes eyes. Without the portion of fiber glass in the way, Jaes eyes looked more attractive than it initially was. They were a shade of ash and Yunho found him easily drawn into his gaze. He drew himself back and put Jaes spectacles back where it was. Why did you pause just now?JaeJoong asked, as he noticed Yunhos previous actions. Nothing Just Joongie has really pretty eyes. Psh, did you have to refer to me in the third person?Jae asked. Yes.Yunho blurted out, and watched JaeJoongs eye smile distracting him again. Fine. Then Yunnie has a really small face. Oooo~~ You called me Yunnie. The CEO rejoiced. Yunnie is happy! Silly boy. I have to get back to work.JaeJoong admonished as he pushed the door of the confectionary open. If you wish to wait for me, wait over there like a good boy. Yunho saluted Jae with a hand to his forehead. YES SIR! ---------------------Hes such a sweet heart.YooChun whispered over Jaes shoulder as the baker decorated his cupcake. Gee, you dont say.JaeJoong replied in a whisper as well, and then he pushed his finger to the grease balls nose, smearing it with cream. Go back to work. But Joongie hyung, hasnt he thought about getting into your pants? JaeJoong shot his glare backwards. Whats wrong with you Chunnie. He hissed under his breath. Nothing But seriously, most of the time they want to get into your tight pair of pants. Well, maybe his different?JaeJoong pointed out wisely. -And my tight pair of pants cannot accommodate two people. YooChun face- shouldered Jae. What Im trying to say is-

I get it; you dont have to say it.JaeJoong cut him off. I think he believes in Slow and steady wins the race? He was probably right since Yunho wasnt the kind of person who tried to rush a relationship. He didnt really have a proper date in the first considering he had someone crush on him before. Back then, when he fell in love, all he got was disappointments again and again, they werent real dates to begin with and therefore Yunho felt that he would try to slow down a notch, to notice the others needs and wants. Yunho wanted to start afresh, start anew and JaeJoong was probably first and the last. Wow, philosophical JaeJoongie Hyung.YooChun complimented. The pretty baker chortle under his breath as he continued to work through the afternoon to about 5pm when. Since it was already autumn, shops were starting their normal routine of closing early and JaeJoongs bakery likewise. Everyone was already preparing to leave by 4:30 and the crowd that was in the caf had dispersed leaving Yunho at the sides, waiting patiently for his date to knock off. See you tomorrow!Junsu called out as YooChun grabbed his bag slinging over his shoulder and pulling his hand. Try not to degenerate childrens brains!JaeJoong replied from the changing room. Before Junsu scooted out of the bakery, he hopped over to Yunhos side and whispered. Do something nice for him. JaeJoongie hyung is a sucker for cute things. Noted.Yunho grinned back at Junsu and thanked him for the tip. Cute huh? All done!JaeJoong called out as he walked out of the changing room in his skinny jeans and shirt that draped to just above his knees. He wore a white beanie which emphasized his coal black hair and black spectacles. JaeJoong pushed his finger to the bridge of his glasses to fix them, and then he looked up and smiled shyly. Yunho found himself smiling back as he walked over to take a good look at his pretty boy. You look adorable.Yunho commented on his dressing. JaeJoong pulled the round neck collar over his mouth and laughed. Flattery gets you nowhere Yunho. But I like it~ and I cant flatter you anymore than I did just now. Shall we?He asked, holding out his hand. Delighted to, but let me lock up first.

The drive along the west banks of the Han River was a short one since they were all connected and as they neared their destination, the outlines of the carnival could already be seen. One of the prominent sights was the Ferris wheel which proudly stood high above everything. JaeJoong looked out the window of the car and grinned from ear to ear.

Were here!Yunho announced as he parked his BMW and got over to open the door for Jae. When the baker stepped out of the car, what he expected to be wasnt quiet really what it seemed. It was more of an amusement park rather than a carnival and JaeJoong ended up pulling Yunho to one side when his eyes caught sight of a parakeet. He smiled at it and tried to touch the bird but got stopped by the trainer. You might not wanna touch it-He warned in a subtle whisper. It bites. Right.Yunho agreed and pulled Jae away. Awww.JaeJoong seemed a little disappointed but Yunho wrapped his arm around Jaes shoulder and promised him hed get to touch a real life bird (no meaning behind it =X) Yunho paid for cotton candy and handed one to Jae who happily bit into it and at the first bite Yunho heard him purr like a cat. He got bunny ears for Jae and stuck it on him commenting that Jae looked adorable so Jae joked around and hopped on the spot like a rabbit. Yunho laughed and hugged the bunny- ah I mean JaeJoong. Wait for me here.Yunho told Jae and walked over to the ticketing counter to get themselves tickets to the Underwater Aquarium. After securing themselves two tickets, Yunho lead his date into the watery lair of the aquatic creatures and as they did, they were greeted by all sizes of fish and other creatures which lived underwater. Yunho spotted a rabbit fish and teased Jae that it was his cousin since Jae was still wearing his bunny-ear band. JaeJoong made faces at the fish hopping to scare them or so and Yunho nudge him playfully. All the while in there they walked hand in hand, leaning against each other and pointing at the colorful aquatic live. Jaes mouth formed into an O shape when one of the divers swam around with the one and only Tiger shark in there and Jae worried that the mammal might attack but apparently it was rather docile. Yunho took the opportunity to sling his arm around Jaes shoulder and instead of Jae shrugging it off; he obliged and leaned into Yunho. He sighed in satisfaction and as the travellator which brought them around, came to an end, they came out giggling and talking about what they saw in the watery world of wonder. It was about 9pm when the lights started to turn on one by one making the place come to life. Before that, the place was rather monotonously colored, but as the neon banners lit up the surroundings, they became livelier. Night life never looked more interesting. The chilly wind had picked up pace and so Yunho pulled his fur coat off and draped it over Jae pulling him into his embrace. Jae played with his breath that turned to vapor as so as he breathed out and both of them giggled. Thanks for tonight. JaeJoong smiled walking down the brightly lilted path to a restaurant which was situated conveniently in the park. No, thank you.Yunho replied as they reached their destination. Table for two?The waiter at the door asked. Yes please.Yunho affirmed.

The restaurant was the same shade of blue as the aquarium, probably imitating the theme of it. The chandeliers were of crystal blue with soft white lightings and the floor was carpeted in a way where they looked like tiny lapses of waves. The waiter pulled their chairs for them and as they got seated, he asked them for their drinks. Over the candle light, Yunho couldnt help but stare at Jae as he peered at his menu. JaeJoong looked up and noticed it. The sides of his lips curved into a faint smile. Dont stare at me like that, Yunho, my face isnt a menu. Yunho chuckled and returned to his menu. Five minutes later, the waiter returned to take their orders and Jae ordered a Crayfish Thermidor and Yunho ordered himself a Che's Creole Crab so they could exchange piece if they wished to. It arrived in less than ten minutes of their expected waiting time and both of them dug into their portions. Yunho poked at his and exchanged some with Jae. They chatted more over dinner and JaeJoong couldnt help but feel fuzzy when Yunho would divulge words of love to him. It made him blush in any case. After dinner, Yunho offered to drive Jae home again, since both of them lived nearby. JaeJoong easily agreed. Reaching their estate, Yunho turned into the parking lot of Jaes apartment where he said goodnight. See you tomorrow?JaeJoong asked. Yunho smiled and nodded. See you tomorrow. JaeJoong chuckled to himself in the co-drivers seat and turned to Yunho. Well then-He played with his thumbs and all of a sudden he found himself leaning forward and he wasnt lying if he thought Yunho was too. I-uh...Yunho began all of a sudden, jerking slightly forward, lips only close proximity. JaeJoong pursed his lips. Just shut up and kiss me.

Chapter 7 ~ Yunho found himself easily being attracted to those cherry lips that melded together with his. Apprehensively, he shifted himself so that he could get a better angle from the kiss. JaeJoong hardly budge from his sit as Yunho lifted himself up, and out of his drivers seat to hold onto Jaes neck for more support. He found himself half rising out of his seat but it didnt matter to him because the bakers left hand reached out to push him back onto his seat and instead leaned forward so that now Yunho was back seated and Jae was on his knees on the codrivers seat, with Yunhos back against the window. All Jae did was hum around Yunhos lip and that was enough to leave the CEO wanting more from the devilishly good looking baker.

Mmm.Yunho mumbled into Jaes mouth, as tongues slipped in and out unintentionally. He could feel the sensation of the others tongue wrapping around his, rubbing in all the right ways, sending sparks flying down his back, to his crotch. Suddenly he felt unbearably hard so he tried to push away but JaeJoong was persistent on him not wanting to let go. Shrugging, seeing there was no use in resisting anymore, he lifted Jae off his seat, and Jae swung his other leg over Yunhos side so that now he was straddling the CEO in his seat . They grabbed onto each others neck as their kisses sparked into a fight for dominance, trying to claim each others lips and by the time Yunho knew it, Jae had sneakily reach backwards to unlock the lever for the driver and both of them feel backwards. Well Yunho fell backwards and JaeJoongs chest bumped into his making the CEO grunt but that didnt stop Jae from crawling all over him like a cat would do. Incidentally their crotches brushed against each other and Jae groaned on top of him. The CEO had to fight the urge to buck into him so he settled for gripping onto the sides of the chair till his knuckles turned white. It wasnt like he was unwilling or anything but the fact that they were close enough to going at it in a car made him uneasy but when JaeJoong rolled his hips temptingly against Yunho, all coherency was lost. Yunnie~He crooned still insistently trying to tempt to doing something. J-JaeJoongie, I- shit-He cursed not trusting himself to speak so he decided to shut Jae up by yanking his head down and kissing him again, trying desperately to ignore the tension in his lower region. JaeJoong gladly obliged feeling Yunhos wet appendage poking his upper palette and worming around in his mouth. To Yunho, the first kiss tasted like milk chocolate but this time Yunho tasted something more distinct. Dark Chocolate Truffles? It was a taste he could be easily addicted to or so he though. JaeJoongs bulge bumped into his again as he tried to adjust himself and Yunho squeezed his eyes shut however the other let out an unrestrained moans causing the CEO to sputter underneath. Yun-JaeJoong purred against his lips before he grabbed the youngers hand and put it to his mouth. Wait- what are you-Yunhos sentence was cut off, distracted by JaeJoong lapping at his two fingers before he took the rest in. It was maddening, just like a blowjob except for his fingers being the replacement. He felt Jaes sleek wet thing swirl around his fingers making his heart pace accelerate. He found himself gasping for air when JaeJoong let go and lean forward. The elder danced his fingers up the path of Yunhos chest and whispered hotly into his ears. Bunny wants you~~ Words, to Yunho were not mean to turn one on but apparently Jaes did. B-bunny??!Yunho repeated blushing at such an erotic use of words. Mmmhmm~JaeJoong replied softly in his ear. Yunho chuckled; surprised that he could even do it. He reached out to Jaes cheeks and rubbed it leaning upwards to lick at it.

Then what would bunny like me to do?Yunho asked, deciding to play along. JaeJoong blinked innocently at him as the sides of his plump lips curved into a faint smirk. He pressed his palms firmly to Yunhos toned chest, holding himself up and then bit down on his lips seductively. I want-JaeJoong stared at him. You-He traced a line along the CEOs chest. To take- Wait!Yunho halted the baker as he got up and looked Jae in the eyes. JaeJoong looked at him confused wondering why Yunho decided to spoil the mood. Yunnie.JaeJoong frowned at him. What is it now? Yunho grinned and grabbed Jaes waist. It wouldnt be comfortable to fuck in the car. Was all that came out of the CEOs mouth catching Jae by surprise. Then he pushed the car door open and nudged the baker out causing Jae to stumble a little. Yunho what are you-!JaeJoongs found himself swept off the floor by Yunho, carrying him in his arms bridal style towards his apartment. Dont drop me! Y-yun! Trust me I wont.Yunho announced as he elbowed the lift. Once inside, Yunho let Jae down and backed him up against the wall claiming his pouty lips in a searing kiss as Jae reached for the button to his floor. All he could feel was how matching their lips were and how nicely they fitted into each other. He stole another kiss and another then he was back on Jaes mouth mauling his plump bottom, Jae nibbled his lips and smiled against them wishing Yunho did more than to just kiss him silly. When they parted for air, JaeJoong threw his hands over the CEOs neck and mused against his jaw sucking playfully on them earning a half whimper half groan from Yunho. He smiled and licked Yunhos jawbone before lowering his head to nuzzle the crook if Yunhos neck. I wish I could spend every day with you like that.JaeJoong mumbled against the patch of skin. There thereYunho comforted him cuddling his head and ruffling his hair. Suddenly the atmosphere in the lift was rather slow and if Yunho hadnt mistaken the term was romantic. However it didnt last for long because once the lift door slit open, JaeJoong pushed him out the lift, causing him to stumble down the hallways of Jaes apartment. He didnt even notice that Jaes house had a lift. Hes back hit the marble wall and JaeJoong slid into his arms like a snake musing against his lips once more. Yunho grinned and grabbed Jaes waist but JaeJoong had other ideas. He peeled Yunhos hands away from his tiny waist and slid it down his jeans butt pocket. Naught bunny.Yunho commented, squeezing his behind. JaeJoong mewled and rolled his hips. Only for you.JaeJoong replied as Yunho slipped his other hand into the other side of his pocket earnestly groping his butt.

Where are we?Yunho asked all of a sudden looking around the place. He noticed a stylish dining table with white ceramic chairs to compliment it. Paintings of different sorts hung one by one on different parts of the walls and at the end of the living room, he spotted a horse lamp. You have a horse lamp?!Yunho asked his hands still under the flap of Jaes pocket. Yunnie-JaeJoong murmured pinching the CEO. Stop spoiling moods. Oh sorry.Yunho apologized and decided hed tour Jaes house after After they were done with... Whatever they came here to do. He spun Jae around against the wall, hands still groping his ass. Pulling his hands out, he settled for kissing JaeJoong for what seemed to be the hundredth time that evening. JaeJoong didnt complain, in fact he tilted his own head so that Yunho could get the better of the kiss, licking and nipping in all the right ways. Yunho jerked JaeJoong forward and rolled him against the wall, back colliding with the marble. JaeJoong grinned and maneuvered Yunho backwards, toppling over the sofa and down onto the soft cushions. Yunho stared into Jaes eyes as he lifted himself half out of the sofa, legs dangling over the head of the furniture. JaeJoong did himself a favor and wrapped his legs around Yunhos waist, the CEO still having his way with his mouth. JaeYunho mumbled. Nnngggh-The baker whined as he kicked reluctantly untangled his legs from the CEOs waist so that they could slide easily onto the couch. Once properly on it, he promptly slipped his hands under his own shirt making Yunho gap at him not in surprise but at the fact that how fast past this was going. Yunho stopped him in mid undressing. Let me do it for you.Yunho explained himself. Suits me, suits you.JaeJoong commented as Yunho agilely pulling off his shirt. Jae lifted his arms obediently letting Yunho throw his shirt away, somewhere, anywhere he didnt care. Then Yunhos lips were around his nipples nipping and pulling it with his teeth. JaeJoong shuddered and let out a series of groans. Yunho hadnt even touched him much and he was already hard and he would be lying if his bottom half wasnt crying out for more attention. He grabbed onto Yunhos shoulder and pulled him closer. Yunho smiled and licked a line up Jaes chest making him shiver, mouth parting in a silent groan. He looked at Yunho through his lidded eyes and grinned like an idiot before pressing his palm to Yunhos shirt. Can I?He asked. When my bunny asks, I cannot reject.Yunho replied smiling all teeth at Jae. Taking at as a green light, JaeJoong ridded Yunho of his shirt, shrugging it off his shoulder, fingers grazing over toned muscles. He hadnt noticed how well built Yunho was since he walked around with a suit all day long busy being a CEO of a company. He hardly showed off

his guns but Jae found himself instantly attracted to them. He rubbed his fingers over Yunhos biceps which flexed oh-so-deliciously when he bent down to kiss Jae. He wanted to take a moment to admire his boyfriends body but soon he was busy with other things like the hand that was cupping his bulge and kneading it. AhhhHe exhaled feeling the maddening sensation around his crotch region. He licked his lips involuntarily and tried to move but Yunho pinned him to the couch as he continued to massage his growing bulge. Y-yunho Am I doing it right?Yunho asked huskily into his ears and Jae couldnt remember the last time he heard such a sexy voice. Y-yes-JaeJoong stumbled on his words. A little l-lower would be ahh- Here?Yunho asked, dipping his hands lower. JaeJoong nodded but it wasnt enough to satisfy him, not with pesky fabric in the way. Slapping Yunhos hand away, he deftly undid his own belt and his jeans. Yunho lifted himself up so Jae could kick his jeans down then he was back on Jae again, hands dancing around his hard-on. Yours.JaeJoong pointed out seeing Yunho still had his pants on. Oh, right.Yunho agreed before he rode himself of his own pair of pants, boxers coming down with them. Did you this when you said Dont worry, you can touch a live bird later?JaeJoong smiled crookedly at Yunho before reaching out only to get his hand pinned to the side of the couch. Not now. You can touch it later if you want to.Yunho chuckled as he pulled Jaes briefs down to his knees erection springing free from its confines. But Yun-oh-! JaeJoong moaned as Yunho darted down to take the head of his cock in his mouth. N-not there-Yunho ahh --

Hmmm??Yunho hummed in a question which sent vibrations down his erection making him gasp for air. Yunho dont stop!He all but cried out as Yunho treacherously bobbed his head up and down only taking in the head. He grinned, lips stretched around his dick. Then he lowered his head and relaxed his throat till he was sure he felt Jaes member at the back of his throat and all Jae do was to squirm at the feeling of being deep-throated. Yunho wrapped his tongue around his erection before he pulled upwards making Jaes toes curl at the feel. JaeJoong reached out to grab something and found Yunhos hair fisting into it. Do you like it?Yunho asked when hes lips left Jaes dick. I would if youd hurry up.JaeJoong pointed out still fisting the CEOs hair. He turned to the large window and thank goodness he lived on the 7th floor.

I have something else in mind.Yunho grinned all ears. Then his weight was temporarily off Jaes. He scooted back with a box of something JaeJoong couldnt quite figure out but when Yunho pulled out the contents, he blushed like a school girl. Bunny ears and a furry bob tail not to mention a furry pink handcuff with a ribbon attached to it. Y-yun?!He asked trying to pretend to be confused when in the fact; he knew exactly what Yunho wanted him to do. B-but- now? Now.Yunho nodded and smiled. JaeJoong pouted and grabbed the bunny band before sticking it on his head then he gingerly took the bob tail. He stared at Yunho for a second hoping he wasnt actually serious. Truth be told JaeJoong himself was a freak for. Toys but not on first dates, still Can I leave out the tail?He asked playing with it. Fine.Yunho accommodated to his request. But you have to be my bunny for a night. JaeJoong nodded quietly and stepped out from the couch and straightened himself. Taking in a deep breath, he blushed and pulled his palms in a ball to his chest height. Then youll have to follow me.JaeJoong replied almost too adorably as he turned to hop, hop, hop to the bed room. It was cute, rather adorable so Yunho followed behind Jae. Once in, Yunho grabbed Jaes bare waist and threw him onto the bed behind them, crawling above him. Now this is where the pair of cuffs comes in.He mumbled against Jaes ears, making the baker mewl in anticipation. He grabbed Jaes wrist and maneuvered them upwards before he heard a click and then. Now be a good bunny and wait here. Y-yun?? When Yunho returned he was clutching a tube of lube victoriously grinning like some Cheshire cat. He crawled back onto bed beside Jae and squirted generously onto his fingers. JaeJoong watched him with lidded eyes and bated breath as Yunho quietly slipped his digits down and under his balls promptly sticking his finger in stretching the rim of muscles. JaeJoong groaned at first intrusion, walls resisting Yunhos lubricated digits. With his fingers pushing and twisting all Jae could do was mewl and squirm around, cuffs restraining him from reaching out and twining his fingers with Yunhos hair. Yun-He said quietly trying to move to let Yunhos fingers hit the right spot but it was in vain. With his fingers pumping in and out, all Jae could do was trash around as his toes curled from the mere little pleasure that Yunho was inducing. More- ahh- More?Yunho asked as he peered at Jae. Yes please.JaeJoong pouted. Bunny wants more.

Aww~Yunho cooed and took Jaes word for it, plucking his fingers out only to add one more to the two. JaeJoong moaned and clamped down on Yunhos digits making him barely able to resist anymore. He wondered what it would be like to have that hot tightness around his Yeah.. Removing his fingers, he bent Jaes knees before he spread them apart, worming between them. Then he leant forward and smiled at JaeJoong before experimentally nudging his dick against Jaes hole. Ahh!JaeJoong cried just by the sensation of that hard thingamajig along his crevice. Y yunnie.. Seeing the reaction he got, Yunho grabbed his dick with one hand positioning it and with one swoop, he thrust into Jae. He watched JaeJoongs mouth part in a silent moan and Jae felt his walls stretched just by Yunhos hard length and by the time the CEO buried his member to the hilt, JaeJoong was perspiring, making his body gleam with a light sheen of sweat. Yunho thrust once experimentally. Yunho- ahh~ Yunho gasped. Do you always make such sexy noises for everyone? JaeJoong tilted his head and shook it. No- ahhh- Just for you. You kinky bunny.Yunho commented and JaeJoong chuckled but his smile contorted into an expression of half pain half pleasure as Yunho thrust at him again, his head knocking the side board. You could Do it harder.JaeJoong mewled as Yunho merely pulled out and shifted in shallowly. You sure?Yunho asked, hoping that he wouldnt hurt JaeJoong. Im s-sure.JaeJoong half smiled and arched upwards when Yunho slammed in. Like this?Yunho asked as he started to hammer down on Jaes supple body. All he could think off was how good Jae was, clenching and sheathing him in all the right ways. He didnt even bother to set up a rhythm as he pounded hard against Jaes hole, shaking the bed. JaeJoong trashed around trying to break free from him confines but he couldnt so he settled for tangling his feet around Yunhos waist tempting him to go faster, harder, deeper. Y-yun-oh-oh- He moaned disjointedly. Please- the cuffs, I want to- oh- You want to?Yunho asked with a smirk causing Jae to whine in response. He shifted himself and delighted when Jaes whole body buckled against his. Jackpot! Jaes cries made him pound even more and he watch as the bakers eyes tear up from all the yanking at the cuffs, begging him to release it as his toe curling, stomach coiling orgasm tore

through his body. He arched totally off the bed causing the cuffs to clang at the collision with the head rest. YUNHO!JaeJoong cried, trying to make Yunho release him and half of him wanting to shoot his white liquid all over Yunhos chest. Joongie- ughh-He grunted feeling himself being torn by this on coming wave of orgasm and before he knew it he was cumming, staining Jaes inner walls with his own and JaeJoong unable to hold it back shoot his own against Yunhos chest, mouth parting before he sank back to bed, Yunho slumping onto of him heaving. Minutes later, JaeJoong wiggled and Yunho got up to undo the cuffs that held Jaes hand together. The baker sighed in relief and reached down to grab Yunhos neck to kiss him, so he obliged and let Jae dominate the kiss. I shouldnt have done it on our first date.Yunho poked his fingers together guiltily. JaeJoong smiled faintly.Its fine. I didnt complain. Dawww~ my bunny is the cutest.Yunho cooed against Jaes nose. Only bunny for you.JaeJoong agreed and wrapped his arms around Yunhos shoulder in a hug. By time they made out, it was 12:30am. Yunho grabbed the blanket that had fallen off the bed during their rumble and pulled it over both of them. JaeJoong purred and snuggled under the sheets against Yunhos chest as he draped his arms around him. They fell asleep exhausted. JaeJoong wasnt about to tell the experience to YooSu. Not-Just-yet.

Chapter 8 ~ When Yunho woke up the next day, with the sun streaming through the frosted glass window of Jaes bedroom, the memory of the intimate (and kinky) night they had still floated around in his mind and the warm form of JaeJoong under the best, arms around him was a pleasant reminder that Jae was all his and would probably be his alone. He shifted around for a while trying to let JaeJoong lean his head against the soft pillows instead of his rock hard abs. JaeJoong hummed appreciatively in his sleep as Yunho caressed his head gently shifting it. Then he decided to get out of bed to freshen up. As he rolled to the side to get out of bed, those arms which were wrapped around him held him back and he smiled, pulling Jae into his embrace. He chuckled and slowly plied Jaes slender fingers away from his abs. All the other did was pout cutely in his sleep and mumbled something like which sounded like a murmur. Yunho could help but stare at Jae for a while grinning as he did then he got out of bed gently wrapping the rest of the blanket around Jaes bare form. Yunnie-He heard as he turned to the bathroom. Come back to bedJaeJoong whispered faintly still half asleep.

Crawling back, he pecked Jaes forehead and ruffled his hair affectionately. Dont worry baby-He murmured softly. Im not going anywhere, go back to sleep, mm? JaeJoong chuckled still sleepy and drifted off to sleep again. After a short bath and some freshening up, Yunho went to look for something comfortable to wear. Deciding that Jae wouldnt mind him wearing his clothes, he walked down the short hallway, towel riding low on his hips to look for his walk in closet, if he could remember where it was. It was quite easy to find actually, sliding doors and all were translucent enough for him to make out that was a closet. Pulling it open, he just stared at the amount of clothing that Jae had. For a baker, he sure knew how to dress himself up. The shelves were line with pairs of shoes, sneaker, slippers, business shoes, studded boots not to mention low platform shoes. Nice taste in shoes.Yunho commented to himself and continued the rest of the closet tour. On the far end of the shelves, he spotted tank tops of all color and T-shirts that he swore were too small for him. Hey, Jae had a nice figure, Yunho noted. Anything he wore would make him look like a freaking model even if he just wore a lose T-shirt and pair of shorts. He bent down and found more fancy button-ups and ties. Oh the ties were colorful. Then he headed backwards where some suits were hanging on their own with pretty pink hangers. So girly.Yunho mumbled before continuing his quest for a shirt which would fit and at last he found something that might be able to fit after all. An oversized T-shirt lay next to the pile of designers underwear that Jae had. He noted Calvin Klein, Skins, Emporio Armani, and Hugo Boss he couldnt actually name all of them so he stood up and marveled at them. So Jae was a huge fan of Calvin Klein since eighty percent of his underwear were branded that. Pulling the white T-shirt over himself, he sighed in relief as they managed to fit just nicely. Now comes the problem of pants. Hoping JaeJoong would have a pair of sweat pants, he rummaged the bottom few drawers and delighted to see one. Having fulfilled his quest, he decided to tour the house. First steps into the living room and he was staring at the ceiling. The chandelier looked like it was made of Swarovski crystals which, when the lights were not turned on, emitted a little sparkle of their own when the sunlight bounced off it. He turned around admiring Jaes taste in furniture. It was rather artsy considering Jae was a baker artist. He stared at the horse lamp that was placed nicely behind his grand piano and wondered why he would get such a funny contraption. Not caring, he returned to the bedroom only to be greeted by an armful of JaeJoong. Good morning~He sang as he hugged Yunho smiling against his own shirt. Then he pulled backwards and looked at Yunho. Youre wearing my T-shirt.

Yunho looked down at JaeJoong and looked at his shirt. Is that- ok? He asked. JaeJoong smiled back sweetly. Its fine. It didnt fit me anyway. He said patting Yunhos chest. Then Yunho looked at them time. Gosh, Im late, youre late, both of us are late, my dad is going to kill me. Not to mention those nincompoops back at my bakery. Awww~~ Joongie.Yunho cooed as he cuddled his cute little bunny. Cmon, Ill make breakfast. JaeJoong chuckled and lead him to the kitchen. Again Yunho was distracted by two things. One was the fact that his kitchen looked like a hotel rather than a kitchen and two being the fact that his selves were lined with ingredients of all sorts. Mostly baking needs. The baker scooted over to his fridge and pulled it open before taking out two eggs. Omelet? He asked. Super~Yunho smiled grabbing a whisk. JaeJoong squeezed some fresh oranges to make orange juice and Yunho got down to the omelet making. When all was ready, they sat down beside each other still rather snuggly enjoying the view that Jaes kitchen over looked. You seem to like windows a lot.Yunho noticed. Yeah I do. It makes everything look bigger and more spacey. Besides, I like it when they house looks bright, beats something gloomy.Jae grinned then he picked a piece of the fired egg and pushed it to Yunhos mouth. Ahh~~ Yunho opened his mouth obediently and took a bite. Then he did the same for Jae. Ahh- JaeJoong opened wide and took the spoon in his mouth. Youve got something stuck on your lips.Yunho pointed out. Oh really?JaeJoong asked. Ill get it. He said reaching to his lips to get it off. Nah its cool. Let me get it for you. Yunho snickered leaning forward and kissing Jaes lips. He pulled away and grinned. All clean. JaeJoong stared at him and blushed. You just wanted to kiss me didnt you? Yunho gave Jae the utmost innocent face and covered his mouth to laugh. Jaes habits were slowly growing on him as well and both of them started for no reason at all. I guess well have to get back to our own business.Yunho began. Ill drop you at your place then Ill come back you up after work okay? Yunnie, I cant walk home.JaeJoong poked Yunho on his nose playfully. Im not a small boy.

B-but honey bunny. That name sent goose bumps down Jaes back and he had the tendency to blush dark red. Bunny will take care of himself.JaeJoong pursed his lips cutely at Yunho and pinched his nose shaking it. He got up, pulling Yunho along to return to his walk in closet before picking out proper attire for work, but realizing that Yunho probably didnt have anything proper to wear, he took out his suit jacket that he would only wear on formal occasion and handed it to the CEO. Thanks. I dont exactly have proper pants for you.JaeJoong pointed out. Sok, I can wear my pair of jeans.Yunho waved dismissively. After debating about with himself about his own attire, JaeJoong settled for a pink color Vneck and some ripped jeans. He turned around. How do I look?JaeJoong questioned. Gor-Jae-ous.Yunho commented. JaeJoong smiled dimples and all, to adorable and Yunho wanted to hug him again. So he did, pulling Jae into an embrace before nuzzling his hair. JaeJoong tilted his head to one side in a question. Sorry, I like hugging you. It calms me.Yunho explained holding Jae moving around. Yunnie, you can hug me more later, right now, work.JaeJoong mumbled against Yunhos chest. Right. ------------------------A short drive to Jaes confectionary and Yunho waved goodbye out of his window before blowing a kiss out of it as well. JaeJoong made a face and caught the kiss with his lips sending one back to him. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out his spectacles. He was blind without it so. Adjusting his shirt, he stepped into the confectionary where he was greeted by his two nincompoops. JaeJoong pushed pass them like sliding doors. So, so, so, so, so so, hyung!~Junsu revolved around his boss. How was first night??? Good.JaeJoong tried to sound indifferent but in fact deep down as in really really really deep down he was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Good????YooChun asked trying to affirm what he just heard as good. Mmhmm.JaeJoong hummed, still smirking internally.

B-but- Hyung! You spent the whole night-YooChun sputtered. -Not to mention half the day.Junsu added. JaeJoong paused and turned around hands on hips. My love life is not a book where you can read it Su. B-but hyung! Ah- but no buts!JaeJoong said pushing a finger to the dolphins mouth. Then he turned around and half skipped to the kitchen. Almost through the day, YooSu noticed the change in their bosss attitude. It wasnt bad to begin with, in fact it was up-lifting somehow in a strange- lovey-dovey sort of way Usually JaeJoong would be happily humming to himself while baking or decorating his precious creations but today, JaeJoong was on cloud-nine. He would randomly smile or grin to himself while icing a cake or doing finishing touches on the cupcake. His chocolate truffle cupcake looked cuter than usual making YooChun even more curious as to what made Jae this way. Half a million bucks said it was whats-his-name-again? Yunho.Junsu whispered into YooChuns ears. His name is Yunho. Ohhh~YooChun nodded and then both of them turned to look at Jae who had so dil igently prepared another pretty cake to put on display. JaeJoong looked up from the glass casing and shot them a sheepish look. Stop looking at me like my faces has words onem.JaeJoong pointed out. He walked over to the cash register and punched some digits making the drawer fly out. He trailed the cash in there, probably doing mental sum, then he nodded and stepped back into the kitchen once more humming under his breath. Boss is so creepy when hes happy. Tell me about- ah- ta-ta-ta-ta-!Junsu whined as a hand pinched his ear. Bad mouthing me during work, eh, Su.JaeJoong asked. Im not hyung, ah-ouch- let- ah- go- ow-ow-ow.Junsu tried to take Jaes fingers away. YooChun laughed at Junsus plight. You shouldnt talk bad about boss nim behind his ba- ah-ah-ah- ow- pain-pain-YooChun cringed as well when JaeJoong reached out and pulled his ear. You too. Pot call the kettle black.JaeJoong admonished before letting them go. YooChun rubbed his stinging ear and Junsu pouted poking his fingers together. Hyung. No more questions. Ill answer them when I want to.JaeJoong said firmly. Yes, boss.YooSu shuffled their feet around on the floor like bad little kids being punished by their mother.

Then JaeJoong lifted his head in a satisfied smirk and turned back to the kitchen, half floating around. He was doing the finishing touches on his icings when his ringtone went off.

~Honey Funny bunny- softly like a sweet scent Day by day-yeah-e day-yeah-e Honey Funny Bunny - like hot fireworks, like a deep first kiss wow-wow wow-wow~
He giggled and pulled his phone out recognising the user ID on his incoming text message. Sender: YunnieBear Hows my bunny doing?? :O JaeJoong chuckled and texted back.

From: Honey Jae Bunny Fine~ Im baking~=,,^^,,=

Sender: YunnieBear With lots of love? =DDD

From: Honey Jae Bunny For you~~

Sender: YunnieBear Nawww~~~ Thats so sweet. Hey, Ill knock off in 10 minutes then Ill come look for you, its that ok???

From: Honey Jae Bunny /Nods/ Sure~ Dont knock off early because you want to see me badly. Dont abuse your CEO power, Ill be angry. =(

Sender: YunnieBear Nope, I wont I promise. See you in a few! ^^

From: Honey Jae Bunny /Muacks/ seeya~ ^____^ JaeJoong put his phone back in his pocket and smiled happily to himself while he continued what he was doing previously- a cake he wanted to make for when he would finally get a date or a boyfriend. He meticulously placed dainty flower icing on the sides of the cake and drew patterns around it using red and pink icing made out of his own secret ingredients. Then he laced the middle of the cake with chocolate shavings and to top it off, he placed a chocolate flat shaped like a heart into the middle. Then he stepped back and admired his own creation smiling satisfactorily to himself. It was about 5pm when he heard the raved of an engine and then the ting of the door bell. He smiled and looked out the kitchen top. Yunnie~He called as he rounded the kitchen top Hey~Yunho waved back and walked over to hold Jaes waist looking at him. He leaned forward to smell Jaes hair. Just like cinnamon. You smell nice.He commented. Dont I always.JaeJoong joked then he looked to the side spotting dumb and dumber. He face-palmed. Dont hide Junsu, theres nothing on earth that can hide that big behind of yours. Aww! Busted!YooChun exclaimed pushing Junsu out from behind the potted plants. Junsu, tame that ass of yours. B-but, but! Butt is right.YooChun wiggled his eyesbrows. JaeJoong cleared his throat and Yunho laughed. Would these two nincompoops like to join us?He asked casually. W-what? Why?JaeJoong asked exasperatedly. Yunho laughed again all teeth and Jae couldnt stay mad for long. Im kidding; I wont want a third leg on our date.Yunho pointed out. YooChun nudged Junsu forward and the dolphin boy stumbled to Yunho. Have a nice date!He squeaked. JaeJoong wanted to face desk but resisted the urge to do so. So he smiled, not wanting to spoil their moods since he was already in a good one. YooSu, go date already. Let me have my alone time with Yunho ok? Getting the meaning, YooChun pulled Junsus hand and bolted out the door. See you tomorrow hyung! JaeJoong waved back then he looked to Yunho who was grinning all over. What are you thinking again Yunnie? He asked.

HmmmYunho hummed. Remember when you said you liked to go to the beach? Uhhuh? Im bringing you there now. JaeJoong looked at him surprised. Now? Yeap! We can watch the sun rise from our car after that~Yunho pointed out happily. Watching the sunset with your lover from a cliff with the wind blowing from the sea on a cool autumn morning, sounds romantic enough. JaeJoong gladly nodded. Ah! Before that.He ran into the kitchen where his cake still lay. Then he ran out with it and almost tripped over himself before he steadied himself. I made this for us. You made a cake?Yunho asked as he eyed the over pretty moist cake. Yes. You like? Yunho laughed and got over to help Jae with the cake. Anything you do I like. Flattey.JaeJoong accused with no conviction scrunching his nose in the most adorable manner. He fixed the cake into a box and threw in a plastic knife and some serviettes. All ready~ Lets go!

Chapter 9 ~ I wonder where Yunho ssi is taking JaeJoong hyung this time.Junsu wondered aloud as he held YooChuns hand, walking in the park. Knowing hyung, he might have opted to go to the beach or something. You know how much he loves watching sunsets.YooChun replied swinging his partners hand. Id love to watch the sunset with you too.Junsu replied shyly. Anything for my muffin.YooChun cooed, ruffling Junsus hair with his fingers. Junsu giggled a shy high pitched giggle and YooChun slung his arms around the dolphin boys shoulder. They walked down the path admiring the scenery and greenery, though there wasnt much green you could see at night but the lights where bright enough to give the place a luminous glow. YooChun occasionally whispered fuzzy lines to Junsu making him blush like a fire engine. YooChun was as much a grease ball as ever when dating, no wonder Junsu stuck to him like glue. They caught the cool nights wind in their faces and YooChun took out his coat to drape around both of them, more around Junsu, hand still twined with each other. Oh Junsu ya!YooChun exclaimed garnering Junsus attention. Yeah?

Look at the moon!YooChun pointed to round ball of space rock. Junsu chuckled and stared at it. Its so round tonight.He commented and YooChun had the tendency to troll. As round as your butt?YooChun asked. Junsu made a face and smacked YooChun on the arm playfully. Cant you be serious for once? YooChun whined. Ow.Why are you becoming like JaeJoong hyung? Both of you hit like rugby players. So hard! Junsu lifted his head and smirked, and then he covered his mouth and laughed which sounded more like a squeaky rubber toy and all too adorable making YooChun cuddle him in response. Lets go for dinner.YooChun mentioned. Im famished. ------------------------------

JaeJoong laid out a blue checked mat that Yunho had prepared in the back of his car and placed it onto the sand. Yunho soon joined him with take-outs from a Chinese stall just a few miles before they came to the beach. He set them down on the mat and JaeJoong put the box in front of them. As both of them sat down to enjoy the ambience, JaeJoong turned to Yunho grinned like a silly boy. Yunho returned the grin with a chaste peck. Digging into their food, JaeJoong watched the waves together with Yunho as they lapped and crashed against the shoreline in a watery melody. The sun was already below the line where the sky met the sea giving off an orangey yellowish glow to the play. It looked like paradise to them, one the only both of them were alone to and no one else. Yunho sat a little closer to Jae and chatted with him about his day while JaeJoong listened intently like a good lover would do. Yunho told him about stress at work, how he coped with them while randomly thinking of him. JaeJoong smiled widely showing his teeth and rubbed Yunho on the cheeks as thought to tell him you silly boy. Then as the finished their portions of food, JaeJoong suggested that they took a moment to enjoy the water down further down. Yunho agreed and grabbed Jaes hand as they walked leisurely towards the water. You know something?JaeJoong asked out of the blue. Yeah? Id never had such a date before-Yunho began. As in coming here, watching the sunset and eating with someone you love. Really?JaeJoong questioned. Dont CEOs have hoards of girls after you? Yunho nodded vigorously. I do but I have no interest in them whatsoever-He turned to Jae and smiled. -I only have eyes for you.

JaeJoong shuddered. Thats probably the cheesiest line Ive heard from you so far. Yunho nudged him playfully to the side and JaeJoong nudge him back. Yunho poked him and Jae poked back then Yunho not letting down, grabbed JaeJoong by the waist and spun him around on the water, legs kicking up the clear cool liquid. Yah-ha-ha!JaeJoong laughed aloud as Yunho grabbed him from behind, making him squirm in his hold, but all he could do was laugh, so he grabbed Yunhos arms not letting go and backed up against the CEO making both of them topple and falling into the water. Yunho let go promptly to pull his wet hair back making faces at Jae who was still on fours on the wet sand laughing hard as the CEO got over to help him up. Once on two legs, JaeJoong shook his wet ebony coal hair to let the water disperse and Yunho swore, under the luminescence glow of the sunset JaeJoong looked like a model advertising for some shampoo or something. Beads of water droplets dripped from the ends of his hair and he reached to ruffle them making him look cough- even more charming. Yunho had the tendency to stare. JaeJoong peeked from under his long lashes and grinned at Yunho who was probably mesmerized by his beauty. He waved a hand in front of the CEO. Hello? Yunho sighed in satisfaction still dazed. Yunnie, hi~ Still no reply so JaeJoong stuck out his tongue wetting his own lips then he walked forward and waved his hands in front of Yunho again trying to grab his attention. He sighed when Yunho just grinned goofily at him. Deciding it was no use to grab Yunhos attention this way, he gave a sly grin then he wrapped his arm around the CEOs neck and pulled him into lip lock. Of course that did it and Yunhos eyes widened a little but after realizing that he was day dreaming uh- note the setting sun- just dreaming, he chuckled against Jaes lips and grabbed the bakers waist, returning the kiss. Zoning out on me.JaeJoong admonish, poking Yunho in the abs and turning for the mat. Yunho chortle and caught up to his boyfriend. I cant help it when I have an angel in front of me. Aigoo~JaeJoong sighed before jerking off his jacket and setting them to the side of the mat for it to dry. Yunho did the same for his jacket and heard JaeJoong sneeze when the cool breeze hit him. Tsk tsk tsk...Yunho cluck his tongue before scooting over to hug his lover. Who asked you to wear such a thin T shirt out? Tell me you dont like it.JaeJoong pouted. I like it. But youre all wet now and the wind is going to cause you a cold.Yunho pointed out hugging Jae. Actually he was rather cold himself but that didnt bother him. Rising out of h is position, he asked Jae to wait there while he got back to his car to grab some change of clothes.

Dont take long.JaeJoong told him. I wont. Yunho called over his back then he jogged off to his car which wasnt very far away from where they were. When he got back, JaeJoong was in the same position he was before just that he was playing with his hand phone and waiting quietly like a good bunny. Yunho took his place beside Jae to hand him a towel and a T-shirt which was regrettably a little larger than Jaes normal T-shirt size. JaeJoong scrunched his nose at the size but didnt complain as he lifted his shirt over his head, showing his biceps and all. Yunho couldnt help but lick his lips involuntary at Jae as his toned muscles flexed on his back. He noticed something else. You have a tattoo?He asked noticing a large tattoo which laced across his upper back and wondered why he hadnt seen it before when they wereall lovey dovey in bed. You didnt notice it?JaeJoong asked, reaching back to rub his tattoo. NoYunho replied. Maybe I was too caught up with That, yaknow.He mumbled with his lips to the side. Ayyyee, you pervert.JaeJoong shook his head. Im your pervert Honey bunny.Yunho grinned. Aigoo, you cheese ball.JaeJoong admonished, fussing Yunhos already messy hair. Yunho snickered and reached out to grab the box the cake was in. Can we cut this?He asked. JaeJoong nodded. But first-He pulled out a lighter from inside the box and a few candles. Then he took the cake carefully out of the packaging and placed it in between them. He stuck the candles onto the cake and lit them. The glow that the candles gave off made his eyes gleam beautifully. He smiled. Two candles representing both of us, one big candle to start our first official Anniversary. Starting now? Now.JaeJoong agreed. Happy first official date?Yunho asked as he leant forward to prepare to blow out the candles. Happy first official. JaeJoong chuckled. Then both of them took turns to blow out the candles. Actually it was a challenge; they had to blow out one by one not blowing out the other. Yunho failed a little, JaeJoong failed completely so they ended up blowing out all at one go. Grabbing the plastic knife, JaeJoong cut the cake nicely and handed a piece to Yunho who took a whiff of it and moaned. Nice?JaeJoong asked in response to his reaction. Better than nice!Yunho raved and took a bite. You should go for a competition.He commented. Youd win hands down!

Arent you over exaggerating?JaeJoong pointed out as he took a bite of his own cake. Im good but not that good. But you are to me.Yunho replied convincingly. Then Ill take your word for it. The cake was finished in a moment since it wasnt very big. It was just the right size for two people and JaeJoong with his head on Yunhos lap as the CEO crossed them. Yunho absentmindedly played with a lock of Jaes hair and stared into the wide ocean. Id like to spend an eternity with you if thats possible.Yunho began, breaking the silence. Like wise. Then JaeJoong got up remembering something. He turned to Yunho, asking him to wait a while, while he grabbed something out of the plastic bag he carried the cake with. He pulled out sparklers. Ja-janng~ Ooooh~ Resourceful.Yunho commented as Jae handed him one. Then he took the lighter and lit them up. As the sparklers caught the flame, they burst into sparks and colors. They got out of their positions and walked around the beach for quite some time admiring the stars in the coal night sky. Yunho wanted to tell Jae that his hair was as black as the night sky but it seemed too cheesy so he left that portion out and continued to play with the sparkler in his hand. They chased each other around, trying to catch one another life Love Birds would do when they were trying to impress. Yunho caught Jae and both of them rolled on the sand. After a while, exhausted, they lay in that position, on the sand staring at one another. Yunho leaned forward to peck JaeJoongs forehead, rubbing his hair affectionately. He didnt want this night to end so fast but sun rise was in a couple of hours and Yunho decided to lead his date back to the car so they could get some shut eye before the sun rose again. Hand in hand they walked back to the BMW where Yunho released the catch of both seats to level them. It was a four hour journey to the main land and the roads were dark, making it impossible to drive so they decided to crash there for the night. Once in the comfort of the car, JaeJoong snuggled up in the co-drivers seat and turned to Yunho who was about to take his place. Thanks for today.He smiled. Good night Yunnie. Good night~Yunho reached over to plant a good night kiss to his cheeks and JaeJoong drifted off into slumber. Half way through the night, he felt something draped onto him and smiled faintly in his sleep. Yunho had placed an extra coat over him to keep him warm. As morning arrived, Yunho nudged JaeJoong who sleepily roused from his slumber and rubbed his eyes in the most adorable manner. Y-yunnie?He asked. Look.Yunho pointed to the wind screen. JaeJoong peered out the glass to the horizon and although the sky was rather dark, he saw a lining in the distance. Smiling he sat up and opened the door of the car, catching in inviting

cool breeze from the sea. He rounded the bonnet and leaned against it while Yunho took his place beside the baker. The sun slowly crept over the line peeking out just slightly over the horizon where sky and water met changing the water from a coal black sheen to a shroud of amber. The rays of the sun skimmed across the ocean bursting into fiery crystals and it was not just the sight to behold but the company that Yunho had with him that made the moment even more memorable. Ah!JaeJoong exclaimed out of the blue. I just thought of a song title! Yunho turned to Jae and tilted his head quizzically. What would that be? Until the Sun Rises~

Chapter 10 ~ Do you happen to know how long I've wondered? Whenever I was weary. Saying I love you is still hard.But I'll say it one day Your love is all I need. Because of you, I'm able to fight against pain. Baby, I'm not afraid of what will come tomorrow. If we're together. Always believe in me. Eh. JaeJoong hummed to himself as he penned down a certain lyrics that came into his mind. He stared at the unfinished piece of music and sighed. He was out of juice. He poked at the piano keys on his grand and tapped his pen against this chin wondering what else he would think off. Deciding inspiration would come to him if he did something else; he settled the manuscript on the top of the piano and went to whip himself a crme Brule. Since it was a Sunday, he took the day off and being the boss of the confectionary, his workers didnt need to go to work either seeing they earned a much needed rest. YooSu were coming over to his house to hang out with him since he wasnt the sort to really go out. At 9am, the door bell buzzed telling him that they had arrived. He got to the intercom and buzzed them in. Heeyyyy~~YooChun greeted as they stepped out of the lift. Look what I brought! Oh sweet! You brought Jenga!JaeJoong exclaimed excitedly. What would a day be without le Jenga?YooChun asked as Junsu took his paper bag into the living room behind Jae. You never told us you had a horse lamp!Junsu pointed out as he gestured towards the ornament. It was a gift. I didnt buy it.JaeJoong shrugged. Looks rather tacky but I dont mind. Maybe when Im bored I could pretend Im a cow boy and ride on that thing. Giddyap! JaeJoong joked bouncing up and down like a cowboy would on a horse. Lame, can we do something? Im so bored I could chew the carpet.YooChun laughed.

Dont chew my carpet please.JaeJoong made faces. Thats a nice smell, were you baking?YooChun asked. CRME BRULE!Junsu called out from the kitchen and YooChun looked past Jae. I swear if that thing crumbles because you moved it Im going to blow torch your ass!JaeJoong shouted from outside. Hes joking.YooChun called. Im not! I have a blow torch and Im not afraid to use it!JaeJoong retaliated, running to the kitchen where he took a look at his creation to ensure it wasnt out of shape. He sighed in relief and strolled out of the kitchen with a grin. Whats with that smile?YooChun asked suspiciously. It has, Im going to eat you up written all over it. JaeJoongs brow crept to his hairline. Its not that creepy issit? Uh Stupid Park YooChun.JaeJoong admonished. Im calling Yunho. Oh So thats what the grin was all about.YooChun pursed his lips. Youre going to call your lollipop boyfriend. JaeJoong crooked his lips. Yunho is not my lollipop. Then what is? His dick? JaeJoong stared at him in disbelief and groaned aloud. Then he pulled out his phone and dialled Yunhos number. At the first ring, Yunho picked up. CEO of Bunnys heart speaking~ how may I help you? JaeJoong blushed deep red making YooChun eye him shaking his head at the bakers reactions. Y-yunho!JaeJoong replied flustered, he jerked away from YooChun when the other tried to listen in on their conversation. Go away! He hissed under his breath to YooChun. Sup Joongie?Yunho asked over the phone as he walked down the corridor of his company to the water cooler. What made you call me at-He peered at his watch, - 10am? N-nothing, I just wanted to ask if you were free tonight because I m-made something for you.JaeJoong stuttered around on his sentence as he watched YooChun grin wolfishly at him. Sure~ Yours at 7?Yunho clipped the phone in between his shoulder his ear. That would be nice.JaeJoong smiled over the phone. Oh, YooChun brought Jenga so Theyre with you now?

Yeah They would be staying for the whole day so If you dont mind I- Not a problem.Yunho smiled over the phone. Seven it is, see you Joongie. He crooned and JaeJoong wasnt wrong if Yunho kissed him over the phone making him giggle shyly. See you. AyyyeeYooChun clicked his tongue. Ever since he became your boyfriend youre always so girlish. I dont see you being manly either.JaeJoong blurted out as a retort. Then he turned around and scurried off to the kitchen where Junsu was poking at his stove trying to heat up something hed brought from home. JaeJoong bumped him away with his hip and did it for Junsu instead. After setting down some snacks that Jae had specially made and Junsu had, experimentally made, they pulled out their game and laid it on the table and placed bets. Who ever lost had to receive a slap to the wrist. Fifteen minutes into the game and Junsu was whining that YooChun wasnt playing fair. JaeJoong was having the upper hand and YooChun complained it was because of this long fingers. They ate and tortured each other over a game of Jenga. JaeJoong shot his hand up in victory when YooChun made the tower to unevenly distributed block topple to the floor. Not going to admit his lose, the grease ball opted for another round. The game lasted till almost noon, so YooChun offered to order-in. After lunch, YooChun and Junsu laid back on Jaes large sofa while they watched a round of rugby. JaeJoong floated around his apartment, more like his walk in closet wondering what he should wear for when Yunho arrived. Deciding he didnt care, JaeJoong closed his closet and sat on the opposite end of the couch playing with his Ipad. Junsu cheered when the player scored a goal and he grabbed YooChun going Yayyyy!!! JaeJoong grinned at Junsus reaction still starting at the game on his Ipad. It was 6:59pm when his door bell rang. YooSu looked up from their movie and JaeJoong smiled so wide, YooChun swore he was going to get a face cramp. The baker literally ran to his intercom to buzz Yunho in. When the lift door opened, Jae literally ran to greet him with a smile and a peck to his cheeks. Yunho returned the gesture to Jaes forehead, rubbing it affectionately and heard YooChun gag in the background. Oh hi~Yunho greeted him. Heyyyyy~YooChun grinned as he waved with his fingers. Junsu waved back too. I heard from Jae you were here from morning. What do you do around here?Yunho asked curiously as curled his pinky finger around Jaes index finger pulling him along. Jae followed behind like a good boy. Yeah He told me since you were at work, he was bored to death with-He looked at JaeJoong who was probably flustered by his words because JaeJoongs head was lowered a litter and he was eyeing him telling him not to finish his sentence silently. -Out you around.

JaeJoong cringed and shot YooChun a thousand volt death glare before he smiled at Yunho and laughed awkwardly. Awww~~ my honey bunny misses me.Yunho crooned, musing against Jaes hair. He heard Jae whimper at that simple touch and pulled away to find Jae biting his lower lip and being all shy. That made Yunho made faces at Jae even more. And he says were cheesy.YooChun pointed to Junsu who nodded insistently. Since Yunho was there it was rude not to invite him to have a drink and a chat with his friends so JaeJoong sat his boyfriend down on the cushion beside his loveseat and sauntered over to the kitchen to get him a glass of his freshly made lemonade. Yunho shifted over picked up the piece of Jenga that fell on the floor. Can we play this?He asked and JaeJoong nodded in agreement. They played the game for quite a while and Yunho seemed to get the upper hand at the game. YooChun just played for the sake of playing and Junsu seemed to do nothing but lose. As Yunho jerked out the very bottom piece of the tower, he very carefully placed it on the top. The tower wobbled a little but didnt fall making YooSu gasp with admiration. JaeJoong thought they were silly but really funny. Then it was Jaes turn. Yunho ssi, JaeJoong hyung is unbeatable.YooChun pointed out. Oh is that so?Yunho asked grinning at Jae making the baker click his tongue. Then he shifted the lower block out cautiously. However the next thing they knew was that the tower came crumbling down like an earthquake just hit it. JaeJoong gasped in surprise and Yunho exclaimed in victory. Then he turned to Jae who was sulking in one corner pouting hard. Hes always cute when hes angry Yunho ssi, he either pouts or glares at you but his glares never last long.YooChun advised the CEO. Yunho chuckled, earning a little squeeze from Jaes index finger. He turned his attention back to Jae and pinched his cheeks. Youre so cute when you are angry.He said scrunching his nose at his lover. JaeJoong mumbled something quietly shooing the Yunho with his hand. As if on cue, YooChun stood up from the couch and pulled Junsu. Oh wow~ Look at the time. I guess we better get going. He turned to Junsu in a wink. Right? Junsu stared at him confused. But I thought we were staying for desert and- Junsu.YooChun said firmly. You. Me. Home. Now. Still confused Junsu reluctantly nodded and YooChun literally ran to their private lift before pushing the button. He leaned into Junsu and whispered under his breath. Let YunJae have their private alone time. Junsus mouth formed into an O shape and turned around with a large grin hanging on his face. Have a fun time without us Hyung! YooChun face palmed.

JaeJoong sighed in relief when they left and arm appeared around his waist. Yunho leaned his head on Jaes shoulder, musing into his ear. He was still pouting, unhappy about earlier but couldnt stay mad long when Yunho rocked him about and hummed something familiar to him. How did you know the melody to Wasurenaide? He turned back and looked at Yunho quizzically wondering how he knew. I toured your house the other day while you were sleeping, and came across this scores on your pinao.Yunho chortled. I know its not much, but I remembered it. You know how to play the piano?JaeJoong asked confused. I took it up when I was just a boy but I stopped when I took over my dads company, I think I suck balls right now.Yunho shrugged. Crude.JaeJoong accused and pulled Yunho over to his grand eagerly. Play~ Yunho peered into Jaes hazel brown eye and knew he was serious so he turned to the keyboard, tentatively setting his fingers over the smooth keys. He took in a deep breath and began to play. It was rather soothing to be honest because JaeJoong had never heard Yunho play; neither did he know the CEO could play the piano. JaeJoong found himself easily drawn into the simple yet sweet melody that Yunho probably whipped up impromptu. He settled for starting at Yunhos expression while he played. A calm and serene composure over took Yunho ask he pressed onto the keys, creating a calming tune. He looked concentrated on the key board and yet, he had a smile on his face as he play. It was like that song was dedicated to Jae and by the time he finished playing, JaeJoong was blushing beet red again. You play so well!JaeJoong raved. Yunho laughed in agreement and pulled Jaes fingers onto the keyboard. Id like to hear your composed piece. JaeJoong sputtered. B-but its not completed yet! Its fine. Let me hear it.Yunho encouraged him. Gingerly, Jae pressed down on the keys and began to sing. Do you happen to know how long I've wondered? Whenever I was weary. Saying I love you is still hard.But I'll say it one day Your love is all I need. Because of you, I'm able to fight against pain. Baby, I'm not afraid of what will come tomorrow. If we're together. Always believe in me Because we're together During each repetitive day. You're the sun that revolves around me; I hope all of my dreams Do not change tomorrow. Including your feelings... I havent thought of everything yet.JaeJoong poked his fingers together but Yunho pulled him into a tight embrace. I love it.He admitted.

When its finished Ill sing everything to you okay?JaeJoong asked. Looking forward to it.Yunho grinned with all his teeth. Then JaeJoong remembered his crme brule. He shot up out of his seat and ran to the kitchen, where he came back out with a white holder in his hands. On top of it, there was a layer of custard cream which was blow torched to a golden brown and sprinkled with cinnamon powder. I made this for you.JaeJoong pointed out as he sat it down onto the glass table in his living room. He returned to the kitchen to get some utensils and handed it to Yunho as the CEO sat down with Jae admiring his handiwork. Smells nice~Yunho commented, poking at the top with a fork. JaeJoong smacked his hand lightly. Dont break it. Sorry.Yunho apologized and Jae chuckled in response, before he skilfully cut out a piece for Yunho to try and the CEO put it into his mouth immediately. The moment it touched his tongue, the cream that was on the top layer melted and blended with the cinnamon powder which mixed into a swirl which sparked something refreshing. He groaned in response and shoved his plate to Jae. One more? JaeJoong set the cup in front of him. Knock yourself out. Literally? No, course nowJaeJoong pinched Yunhos nose bridge and Yunho returned a peck to his lips. Jae could still taste his crme Brule on the CEO lips and licked his own. Dont kiss me with food in your mouth.He admonised. When Yunho had finished his desert, he turned to Jae and grinned. Now may I kiss you Mrs. Jung? JaeJoong screwed his face. No.He joked sticking out his tongue and standing up. Aww~~ Joongie.Yunho whined. JaeJoong giggled and walked ahead of Yunho. Then turned around and taunted. Catch me if you wanna.

Chapter 11 ~ Taking Jaes words as in invitation, Yunho lifted himself off the floor and half chased after Jae, catching up to him in a bear hug. JaeJoong grinned as Yunho tickled his sides, trying to squirm away but Yunho held on persistently giving Jae no other choice but to duck down under Yunhos arms and running away.

Yah!Yunho called after Jae. What happened to Catch me if you wanna? Thats the general idea!JaeJoong called from inside his bedroom. If you can catch me then you can have me but if you cant catch-Yunho bounced onto the bed and closed the gap, his face only proximity from Jaes. Ive got you cornered, my little helpless bunny, what do you have to say?Yunho murmured low. JaeJoong scrunched his nose and threw a pillow in his face and scooted out of bed. You aint got me yet! Yunho pulled the pillow away and cluck his tongue as he followed the baker out of his bedroom into his kitchen where he slammed into Jae pinning him to the table top. You were saying? JaeJoong meeped and tried to push Yunho away but the CEO insistently pressed against Jaes front, bending him backwards against the marble top. He grinned wolfishly as he placed two firm hands to the side of Jaes head musing down his neck, nipping at the junctions. All the older could do was to arch into Yunhos ministration and mewl but soon after he had something in mind. Like a snake, he slid down easily as though he was made of silk and crawled between Yunho legs to get to the living room. Bunny playing hard to get eh?Yunho turned around leaning against the marble table smirking. Bunny stuck out his tongue before he ran down his hallway into his walk in closet. Actually Yunho was quite amused at JaeJoongs game of hide and seek in his own house so he decided to play along. He walked out slowly from the kitchen and called out. Bunny~ Ready or not here I come! No answer so Yunho stepped quietly towards the first door on the right. He clicked the door open and looked in. Joongie~ The bathroom, he noted and rubbed his neck. Nope not there. Then he turned to the next door and peeked in it. Guest bedroom. Nope still not there. Wondering where Jae would hide, he stealthily snuck into the next best hiding place he knew Jae would hide in- the walk in closet. He slid the door open silently and snuck in. Honey bunny- you here?He whispered. No answer. Behind the large empty space where Jae kept his umpteen amounts of shoes he sniggered when he spotted Yunho tip toeing in his closet. He wanted to laugh but that would just give away his hiding spot so he covered his mouth and vibrated on the spot. He drew his knees into his arms so that he would seem smaller and Yunho couldnt see him. Apparently it worked because Yunho scratched his head and backed out of his closet. Outside, Yunho wondered where Jae could be. Seeing it was useless and concluding that Jae was an excellent master in camouflage, he padded quietly out into the hallways and hid

himself in the room next door. He crouched down like a jaguar prowling for its pray ready to pounce when Jae appeared. After a moment of silence from Yunho, JaeJoong peeked out of the closet. Being so sure that Yunho had given up, he giggled and inched out from the gap between the sliding door and its ledge and he didnt notice when Yunho came up behind him. GOTTCHA!Yunho exclaimed and JaeJoong screamed as he stumbled backwards into the CEO. Y-yunie!He grabbed his pounding heart. You scared the cupcakes out of me! Yunho chuckled apologetically and held the baker up, wondering if he would actually faint from hyperventilation. Im sorry baby, I just wanted to scare you a little, why are you such a scaredy bunny?He asked as he hugged Jae rocking him to calm him down. Dont do that again.JaeJoong exhaled heavily and smacked his arm. He turned to walk away but Yunho grabbed his arm and spun him back into his arms, grabbing his butt in the process. I caught you, now you cant go back on your words.He grinned and squeezed Jaes ass cheek slightly. JaeJoong sputtered in Yunhos hold as the CEO backed him up against the wall behind biting at this jugular. Instead of trying to push the CEO away, he fisted Yunhos shirt from the behind bringing him closer. Tiny whimpers escaped the back of his throat as Yunho nipped lower onto his exposed collarbone. He only stopped when the rim of his T-shirt prevented him from going lower. That didnt stop Yunho from backing away, instead, he slipped his palms under the bakers shirt tracing along toned abs bunching the material up to his chest. JaeJoong blushed when Yunhos hands came to rest on his chest. He chewed his lower lip and looked away wondering if Yunho was going to do what he thought he would do. The CEOs lips came to rest on the cleft of his chest and he congratulated himself for being right but not for long when Yunho lifted his shirt higher forcing his arms up so that he could slip the shirt off. Y-yunnie.Jae murmured as he turned back to look at Yunho in the eyes. He bit down on his lips to hold back a smirk for no reason and found himself giggling suddenly. Of course Yunho pulled back a little and looked at him curiously. Whats so funny?He asked amused. JaeJoong still in between giggles covered his mouth and whispered lowly. I looked into your eyes and I saw myself. Just that statement made Yunho burst into fits of laughter and Jae flushed red, cheeks flaming and heart pounding against the rib cage.

Trying to stifle his laughter, Yunho turned back to Jae and shook his head. I always have you in my eyes.He explained, dispersing the earlier funny episode. He leant into Jaes ears and commanded lowly. Seduce me. JaeJoong blinked hard and looked at Yunho thinking he was just kidding but his expression told him otherwise. Jae swallowed his saliva, turning away. I dont know how to.He admitted, shifting his spectacles. Yunho made a face and reached for Jaes glasses. The baker held his hand. Take it off.He commanded. B-but, I cant see without them.JaeJoong explained. Im as blind as a bat without them. Yunho kissed his cheeks. It doesnt matter. Where we are going, you dont have to see. Just feel. Jae swore Yunho was just trying to get him to take off his spectacles so he gingerly pulled them away and shut his eyes. Dont close your eyes, look at me. JaeJoong puffed his cheeks cutely and opened his eyes to stare at Yunho. To be honest the CEO was taken aback slightly at those orbs. They were bigger than they seemed up close. They looked beautiful and Yunho wanted to stare at them all day long or night as he noted. Fortunately for Jae, his eye sight allowed him to see object till a certain length and Yunhos face was one of them. He reached up and rubbed the side of Yunhos lips with his thumb, going over the tiny mole at the corner of it. He smiled slightly and leaned in to kiss those lips. Chortling, Yunho returned the kiss which turned into a long languid one. Gently massaging the bottom of Jaes lips with his own, he sucked on them. Tracing his fingers along JaeJoongs jaw line, he tilted Jaes head a little so that both he and Jae could get the better of it. The other didnt even mind when Yunho asked him to open up by poking the crevice between his cheery lips. Tongue curled and intertwined with each other until Jae couldnt think straight but only how good the kiss was. Hot as he was, he grabbed Yunhos hand from his jaw before pushing it down to his waist. Yunho gladly obliged, kneading the skin there. Then he traced the bands on his underwear which was sticking out from his jeans and flicked it making Jae grin into the kiss. Yunho dipped his hand over and under Jaes butt to his thigh and jerked his leg over his hip instantly pulling him closer. The baker didnt even mind when Yunho massaged the swell of his ass and he hooked his leg onto Yunhos thigh trying to pull him even closer. You know-Yunho mumbled as he pulled away, JaeJoong was still reaching for his lips. -we could take this up a notch in bed. JaeJoong licked his lips and unfurled himself from Yunho, he rolled down under Yunhos legs again and between for the second him that night and as he got back to full height he walked ahead of the CEO, swaying his ass in the utmost tempting manner and all the younger wanted to do was to reach out and.. Grab.. yeah.

Yunnie~He called from inside the master bed room. Yunho followed slowly and stood at the door. JaeJoong had one leg over the other staring at him with those big doe eyes of his, tongue sweeping over his already wet bottom plump calling his name like a cat purring for his master. He rolled his finger and gestured the CEO to come. I like it when my kitty takes control.Yunho grinned wolfishly. Im your kitty now? Yunho stopped in front of Jaes now out spread thighs and walked in between them. No-He mumbled lowly as he made Jae lean back against the bed, hands supporting himself. -Youre still my cute little bunny. JaeJoong smirked and jerked Yunho forward with his legs, causing him to fall back onto the bed and Yunho onto him. He bucked up against Yunhos already hardening member and both of them groaned in unison. Yunho grabbed Jaes waist and pinned him to the bed before pushing him backwards, having enough space to lift his legs on to the mattress. The baker sighed in relief when Yunho reached for his jeans and pulled them down to his knees. He watched as the CEO did away with his own kicking them to the floor and turning his attention for Jaes boxers. D-dont.JaeJoong stopped him. Why? Because-The older lifted himself up by his arms and shifted backwards a little more, before pulling his own undergarment down. Ill do it myself. Seeing Jaes initiative Yunho shrugged and freed his hard on before bouncing on to the empty space in front of Jae and locking his legs on his back. Jae obliged and arched into the CEO as his lips shaped itself around his tits. Y-yunnnggh- yun~He mewled arching impossibly higher. There there, baby, all in good time.Yunho pointed out pushing Jae down. He took the other of the bakers thigh and hooked it around the other side of his back then he bucked into Jae teasing him with his member. JaeJoong gasped and reached down to grab Yunhos arm. He pouted when he found out the CEO was merely teasing him. Yunho jerked into him again and he swore he was going to cum even before they did the actual thing with all this dry humping. Deciding not to shot the blank, Yunho danced his digits along the rim of Jaes puckered entrance where he stealthily slid them in making Jaes body jerk in surprise, his insides clenching around them instantly, Jaes legs putting more pressure on his back. Ahh- Y-yun-younnnggg-JaeJoong moaned when Yunho decided to scissor him with jerky movements. He threw his head back when Yunho pulled out and slammed two fingers into

his entrance. Hes body spazzed when those long piano digits brushed against his prostrate slightly. Whats this?Yunho asked in a teasing manner. He drew his fingers out and plunged them back in this time touching the spot. D-ontnngg- tease, Yunnie.JaeJoong squeezed his arm. But that wont be fun and you wont get the fun.Yunho explained before he began to finger Jae in an increasing pace every time hitting his prostrate and Jae had no choice but to jerk at the same pace. He moaned as the pleasure induced prostrate hitting motion carried on. It was enough for him to cum on the spot but something told him it wasnt the right time so he squeezed his eyes shut and groaned aloud. Just Jaes cries and groans had Yunhos cock throbbing in excitement and the need to stick his rod up his ass. It took him great endurance and determination not to rock into Jae but when he watched the baker peer at him thought half lidded and glassy eyes, he couldnt help but want to. Yunnie-!JaeJoong cried out. A-are you ready?Yunho asked cursing himself for not keeping his cool. Y-yes! Yes! Just-JaeJoong panted feeling like he was falling apart. He bucked up showing how much he wanted Yunho so the CEO grabbed his hip, trailing down to his thighs and spreading them impossibly wider than it already was. In one foul swoop, he thrust into Jaes supple body and watch the bakers eyes widen and mouth open in a silent groan probably of pleasure. Then as Jaes back hit the bed, he began to hammer down into Jae stretching his walls, making the baker flail under him, fisting the sheets. The CEO shifted himself hoping that that move would let Jae feel the amount of pleasure he was feeling. JaeJoong trashed around under him and he felt the olders heels dig into his back wanting him closer, deeper and faster. Jae- uugh..He murmured. S-shut up and thrust- oh-!JaeJoong admonished between mewls. Yunho managed to let out a soft chuckle between his power thrust and JaeJoong squirming. Yes sir~ With every hammering into Jae, bead of sweat rolled down his back until his behind was covered in a fine sheen. He tried to pull the baker impossibly closer so he could hit that spot and when Jae buckled under him, he knew he hit the jackpot. JaeJoongs mewls became purrs as he plunged into Jaes depths rocking his body and rocking the bed. All Jae could do was moan at the immense amount of vibrations that shot up his body, making his heart kick into over drive. His pants matched the timing of Yunhos thrust and all the nerves in his body were crying out, igniting everything. Yunho only had to touch him slightly and he was already spazzing under him diving into an impending orgasm.

His face contorted into an expression of pleasure when Yunhos thick rod kept brushing against his prostrate and he couldnt help but moan disjointedly as he came, hard and white spurting onto his own chest and Yunho cheek. Still bucking insistently into Jaes entrance, Yunho lifted his head and moaned as his own toe curling stomach coiling orgasm hit him in his head and he spilled his seed into Jae, causing fresh moans to slip from Jaes lips at the sensation of being filled. He then pulled out and rolled over beside Jae, chest rising and falling from the heavy breathing. JaeJoong managed to laugh after a while of their normalized breathing and rolled over to wrap his arms around Yunhos chest. He nuzzled the side of the CEO and hugged him. Yes?Yunho asked considering that Jae had a reason for that hug. Bunny loves you.JaeJoong murmured into his chest. Aww~~~Yunho cooed as he ruffled Jaes hair. I love my bunny too. He chuckled and reached to spank Jaes ass. It couldnt be helps as Jae lifted himself up and sat across Yunhos ads putting his other leg over. He pressed his palms against Yunhos chest and leaned forward. YunnieHe mused and kissed the CEOs lips. Part two. Yunho stared at him and grinned. Ooooo, you naughty. Then he rolled Jae over initiating round two.

Chapter 12 ~ Uuhhnn- Joongie, d-dont move around so much, youre supposed to be s-seated.Yunho managed to form a proper sentence as he watched the baker fiddle with his already hard member under his ass. Yunho grabbed his ass and seated him back firmly making Jae release his fingers in a low whine. Seeing there was no use to just let Jae sit there and no do anything, Yunho bucked up, once and Jae gasped above him. That was the general idea since Jae suggested he wanted to top for once. Well technically Yunho was doing the fucking but Jae was on top in a reverse cowgirl style but physically speaking he still bottomed so. Nevermind. JaeJoong looked over this head and bit down on his lower lips seductively before shifting his butt around trying to tempt Yunho to do something, anything. He mewled when Yunho lifted his hips, slamming into Jae as he lurched forward slightly. Was this the fun part for you?Yunho asked as he slammed into Jae again making the baker purr in response. Jae grabbed Yunhos thigh and lifted himself up slightly only to be pulled back into his seat by Yunho hand around his arm. Let me do the fucking-Yunho said bluntly making the elder pout in his seat.

F-fine.Jae agreed shifting a little so that Yunho had a better chance of hitting his nerve bundles. JaeJoong purred and fisted the sheets in front of him as Yunho finally set up a proper rhythm he could follow, and damn his moans and pants matched the timing of the thrust making the CEO even hotter than he was previously. He hadnt even recovered from his previous rendezvous with Jae causing his knees to quiver a little as he bucked up into Jae, into heaven. The baker licked his lips and grinned when Yunho decided to roll up into, slipping his arms round the front to maul his nipples. With Yunho still grinding into him, JaeJoong threw his head back into Yunhos collar and half kissed half nipped at his lips showing how much he wanted Yunho and how much he actually, well enjoyed what Yunho was giving to him. Their lips melded into each other and both of them groaned into each other enjoying the sensation of their tongue toying and poking at each other. Yunhos fingers slid up a trail from Jaes nipples to his chin to tilt his head so that he could get a better angle at the kiss as they battled it out. It came to a point in time where Yunho completely forgot that he had stopped thrusting and JaeJoong had completely forgotten that he was still, pretty much seated, on Yunhos dick. Still intimately connected, JaeJoong withdrew his tongue and licked his own lips before he peered down and blushed. UmHe began, covering his mouth with his palm as me murmured cutely. Distractions.Yunho admonished and jerked Jae forward, forcing him on his hands and knees. The baker murmured a low curse when Yunho decided to pull out leaving his hole clenching around nothing but air. He mewled and pushed back on Yunho, trying to tempt him back inside but Yunho seemed indifferent when he duck down and stuck his tongue into his entrance earning a gasp from Jae on the other side. Y-yunnn!JaeJoong exclaimed when Yunho slithered his tongue around his puckered entrance only to pull out as if he was teasing and so much as to make Jae want more. He pressed back again and moaned in want but Yunho ignored his please and pulled him back against himself licking a line up his back to his delicate tattoo. JaeJoongs body shuddered with delight wanting nothing more but Yunho to return to his body. The CEO chuckled and grabbed Jae. You sex fiend, I see you wanting me so much your body is shivering. He admonished. Jae could only whimper an agreement when Yunho finally thrust into him taking most of his energy out of his arms when his body decided to make him face plant into the sheets. He jolted as he chuckled weakly under Yunho and forced himself up with his arms still desperately hard and wanting release. He lifted his head and noted the time on his clock out from under his eye lashes. 1.30Am. Ok. But all that was dispersed when Yunho slammed up into him from behind and JaeJoongs lips parted with a long drawn out moan making the CEOs eyes roll to the back of his sockets as his cries turned him on igniting his nerves and sense and the room seemed ten times hotter. He thrust into Jae like a jackhammer not giving Jae time to relief the pleasures that

course through his veins. The pain that had shot up his spine evolve into spine chilling ecstasy when Yunho hit his prostrate dead on and he swore Yunho had dead accuracy to be able to find that bundle of nerves all the time. He heard Yunho grunting above him and smirked a little, impaling himself harder against Yunho trying to make him hit against that spot that would probably make him orgasm for the second time that night. As the CEO continued to make his mark against Jaes neck, hes lips seemed to be torn between Jaes jaw line and his ears, nipping here and there. JaeJoong smiled and reached back to grab Yuns hair while the CEO continued to rock his body making the mattress under them creak in the same motion. Yunnie- oh-ohI cant- I-JaeJoong sentence were punctuated by moans and whimpers but Yunho understood perfectly. Just cum my little bunny. I want you to feel me filling you- just cum-He whispered into Jaes ears hotly and with that JaeJoong began shaking, his hands giving way almost as he spluttered his white ribbons against the white sheets. Yunho too spilled his cum into Jae in the same motion and tugged away almost immediately making JaeJoong jerk back with him, the baker falling into his chest. He sighed and hugged the baker leaning his chin against his shoulder as they heaved against each other. JaeJoong chuckled lightly and smiled like an idiot into Yunhos chest as he turned around to lean his head against the other mans broad chest. I didnt know I had so much energy in me even at this age.JaeJoong joked softly. Tell me about it.Yunho grinned and hugged Jae tighter. Do you love me? I love youJaeJoong muttered and closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep. Yunho smiled into Jaes hair and caressed the bakers head so he could place it on the pillow beside him. He pulled the blanket over Jae afterwards and proceeded to drape it over himself. Halfway through the night, Yunho felt Jae snuggle into his bosom purring like a little kitten. He wrapped his arms around Jae unconsciously and both of them were out like a light till 10am the next morning. At 10:30am, the alarm went off jolting JaeJoong awake, his head hitting Yunhos chin and the CEOs eyes shot open. He opened his mouth as the pain which was delayed due to the fact that he was still half asleep became something that shot up his jaw. Ahhhhhh-Yunho whined looked down at Jae who was grinning like a little kid being guilty for doing something wrong. Sorry.JaeJoong apologized with his big eyes and innocent expression Yunho couldnt bring himself to get angry at him. He shook his head dismissively. Its fine, itll disappear soon.

Getting out of bed, he padded to the bathroom, pulling the baker along with him. He noted Jae was still stark naked and pulled a towel to cover up his junk. JaeJoong did the same for Yunho accept using his hands and both of them burst out laughing. Yunho took the opportunity to spank Jae on the ass on the way out of the bath room making Jae murmur at him under his breath. After sending Jae off to his work place at the bakery, Yunho drove off to his office as he watched the elder wave to him from his rear view mirror. JaeJoong half skipped into the confectionary and stopped short as he strolled slowly into the kitchen to pick out his apron before putting it on casually. He noted YooSu werent around, explained why the bakery was rather quiet without them being all lovey dovey even during work. He hummed to himself as he proceeded to pick up where he left off on Saturday. He mixed flour with sugar and eggs, and then he added water lightly into the mix while he kneaded the dough that formed after the mixed had settled. He wondered where YooSu were for a while then he continued to shape the dough mix. Subconsciously, he made one into a shape of a rabbit and stared at it tentatively. He chuckled to himself as he decided that would do. Then he continued to shape the others into bun size dough fitters. Leaving them to rise a while he proceeded to do cupcakes. As he whisked the batter, the little bell on the doors back clanged and he looked out the kitchen to spot the two love birds make their way into the confectionary, Junsu looking rather.. Shag. JaeJoong almost grinned so wide his teeth were showing. He got out of the kitchen abandoning what he was doing early to stare the dolphin boy up and down. What have you been doing?JaeJoong asked with a gleam in his eye. He made me-Junsu panted. Up and down- hard- tired- oh my gosh He continued still rather tired. -Legs hurt and my butt- What?!JaeJoong exclaimed. Junsu looked down and blushed and JaeJoong was dead sure it had something to do with YooChun shoving his. Up his Yeah... Long story short-YooChun began. I made Junsu run 2km with me. JaeJoongs jaw dropped a little. You made him what?! I made him run! Hyung what do you think I was doing with him the whole morning?!YooChun asked exasperatedly. JaeJoong wanted to retort but he ended up making a face and shaking his then he shook his head and turned around. Nevermind.JaeJoong blushed unseen as he pictured if he was the one who actually said that. That made him flush like a fire engine.

Aigoo, hyung, I know what you were thinking you pervert.YooChun accused. I bet you made Yunho fuck you twice in one night. How the heck did he know?! I-I- I didnt!JaeJoong hollered trying to cover up the fact that he actually did. Your body language tells me you did.YooChun pointed. You look like a love sick fool back there. JaeJoong opened his mouth to retort something but decided that he might give himself away so he shut it and threw YooChuns uniform at him. Shut up and get changed.He scolded and stormed back into the kitchen with YooChun grinning and musing behind him and Junsu still panting like a dog. The blonde marched up to Chun and smacked his on the arm. Owww!YooChun whined as Junsu ground his teeth at him. Never ask me to take a run with you again.Junsu managed. Unless you by any chance wanna kill me. But sugar cupcake. Dont cupcake me!Junsu raised his voice garnering the attention of some of the customer around. Then he looked at YooChun and pursed his lips. JaeJoong smacked his forehead and walked out of the kitchen. For goodness sakes, dont wash your dirty linen in public! He said sternly with his hands on his hips. See!YooChun pointed out at Junsu. See what! All I see if your grease.Junsu argued. GUYS!JaeJoong called out. Sorry.YooSu bowed their head in shame making Jae groaned aloud. Business was as usual if not, it actually picked up even more since Yunho graced the shop. Something told Jae that he was the one who instigated people to patronize his confectionary seeing he was so biased towards JaeJoong. As usual, some would come into the bakery specially to flirt with the big boss there but he had no interest whatsoever in them. YooSu did their job rather diligently although sometimes they needed pushing because they were flirting during work. JaeJoong continued to work hard during the day and by night; his other half would come and pick him up without a doubt. The door bell clanged as Yunho pushed it open and was greeted by an apron wearing JaeJoong. You look cute.Yunho pointed out.

Why all of a sudden?Jae asked as he walked around with his last touch ups. I dont know. Maybe I havent been able to tell you how adorable you look in an apron? I mean the last time I saw you was before I knew you- I mean before I dated you. AhJaeJoong nodded. Would you like me to wear an apron more? Would I?Yunho asked. I love you see you in an apron more. Looks so homely. Not kinky?JaeJoong asked as he turned around and leaned against his glass display and crossed his legs. Uh If you put it the other way-Yunho side eyed. -Yes. JaeJoong laughed and rounded his display to the kitchen. He took out an adorable pink icing coated cupcake decorated with five silver stars and a cherry on the top, with a chocolate covered pepero stick to finish it off. The CEO just stared at it and wondered it if tasted sweeter than it looked. JaeJoong lifted it up, encouraging him to try it and Yunho took a small bite out of it. Surprisingly it didnt taste very sweet. In fact, the mix was perfectly blended together by Jae in such a way that the ingredients didnt over lap and mask each others taste, instead, he could taste, raisins, cinnamon and chocolate just in one bite. He took the thing from Jaes hand and began nibbling into it much to Jaes delight. Ive got more~He called over his shoulder as he walked into the kitchen. Should I pay for them?Yunho asked as Jae walked out with a box of it. Silly, no you dont. You can share it with your family. JaeJoong explained pushing the box to the CEO. Aww~Yunho cooed as he took the baker into his arms. Thank you baby. Im tired-JaeJoong pouted. Can we go to your house? Really?Yunhos eyes gleamed. JaeJoong nodded. YES WE CAN!Yunho literally pulled Jae out of the confectionary and he wasnt about to let go if it wasnt for Jae protesting he had to lock up. JaeJoong laughed heartily seeing how enthusiastic Yunho was when he suggested going to his apartment. To tell the truth, it was a shame not to since they only lived a few blocks apart so JaeJoong gladly took the co-drivers seat and they began their five minute drive home, ah, to Yunhos apartment. Swiping his pass-card along the door, he pushed it open and JaeJoong found himself staring at the interior. It was a nice and homely faade, compared to what he thought it would be. The walls were a light hint of brown but they were cleverly covered by vintage wallpaper. A 1990s couch lay along the side of the living room which was directly in front of his 16inch plasma screen. He

had a grand just like Jae on the second level of his apartment. The flight of stairs which led to his bed room had Cartouche intricately crafted into them. He rubbed his palm along the ivory and chuckled. Nice touch~He whistled. Thanks? Jaejoong smiled and disappeared into his kitchen. Yunho waited for a while and when Jae didnt reappear, he made his way into the kitchen only to be confronted by a JaeJoong in just a pink frilly apron, with absolutely nothing underneath. He gasped and swallowed his own saliva. J-jae???? JaeJoong grinned and sauntered to Yunho, swaying his hips temptingly. Then when he had closed the gap, he rolled his body up against him like a cat and purred. Yunho~ So this was what you wanted to do when you said you wanted to come to my h-house-JaeHes sentence was interrupted when Jae reached to grab his tie pulling him forward. What if I said yes?He asked in a low voice. Oh damn- I knew I was right when I called you nympho- mmffff-.Yunhos words were cut off again by Jaes lips.

Chapter 13 ~ Yunho murmured into the bakers mouth as he was being guided backwards together with Jae against his own table top. JaeJoong was nipping at places of his neck that made his whole body shiver with the anticipation of what would come next. Even after the previous night of rough housing he wondered why the other wasnt out of energy. Still, he grinned into the kiss and bent Jae backwards, mauling his lower lip, pulling it between his teeth. JaeJoong grabbed Yunho by his neck and kissed him hard and it wasnt a show but the fact that his member was rock hard and poking against Yunhos pants through his overly cute pink apron was a proof of it. The CEO slid his hand under Jaes back to cushion it since he heard Jae grunt when the hard ivory table dug into his back awkwardly. Nonetheless, JaeJoong ignored the little ache and arched upwards against Yunho, fitting his body into Yunho as he curved forwards slightly. Their mouths were already battling it out and no one seemed to be winning or losing. With Jae had bent out from the table, Yunho supported both their weights with one hand when Jae decided to cling onto him harder. His other hand slipped down from the curve in Jaes back to his bare behind where he decided to squeeze hard, just enough for Jae to gasp, clutching onto him even more. You kinky bunny.He mumbled hotly into Jaes ears and took his hand off the table to grab both ass cheeks before hoisting him up onto his table sitting him there. Jae shivered as the

cold surface came into contact with his ass and chuckled shyly when Yunho closed in on him. Spreading his legs a little, Yunho took the invitation to cover the gap with his body, in between Jaes legs. Then he rubbed Jaes cheeks with his thumb before he pressed his lips there again. All Jae did was to purr around Yunho as he gladly allowed himself to be guided backwards onto the table till his back pressed against the ivory, Yunho lifting himself up so that his knee could rest on it as well, gently nudging Jaes member only covered by a thin layer of that silly apron that Yunho wanted to take off as soon as possible. Using his knees, he gently nudged Jaes thighs wider. Grinning, Jae lifted both legs and wrapped them around Yunhos back, his heels digging into the curve. Y-yunHe mewled. I want you- So do I so can I take this off?Yunho asked out of courtesy. JaeJoong blushed. I forgot that I brought back a fruit cake.He pointed out randomly realizing that it was probably in the living room and would melt since there was icing cream on it. Yunho stared at Jaes random remark and then his lips pulled into a big grin. He reached back to grab Jaes thighs peeling them off and hearing Jae whine at his actions. Wait here, let me get it.Yunho said as he scooted off the table, weight disappearing from Jae. The baker stared from his position and watched as the CEO clutched the paper bag victoriously returning to the kitchen. He set it down on the big empty space beside Jaes head and turned back to the baker. JaeJoong stared at his cake curiously when Yunho pulled it out. Yunnie??? He asked as he decided to lift himself up with his arms supporting him. Dont get up.Was the CEOs simple reply. Obediently JaeJoong lay back again on the table. He wasnt even sure what Yunho was going to do but when the CEO reached back to lift the apron out of Jae, he realized what Yunho was about to do. He whimpered slightly when the cold air hit his bare chest. Yunho just chuckled lowly and got onto the table. Y-yun?JaeJoong managed to ask as he felt Yunhos hot breath ghost along the flat of his abs. He looked down to see Yunho smirking all ears as he leant up to kiss JaeJoong on the lips hard. It would be a waste if you brought back a cake and we didnt finish it wouldnt it?Yunho asked conventionally. W-what are you-JaeJoong sentence was cut off by Yunho shushing his lips and bending over to poke his finger into the layer of icing cream on the cake and returned to face Jae. The CEO pressed two fingers to Jaes lips again and the baker knew what he wanted him to do, so he leant up a little tongue out stretched softly curling around Yunhos fingers as he took them

in. Yunho had to shut his eyes in order not to get turned on by the slightest sight of Jaes erotic face when he licked his finger oh- so- gently. JaeJoong mewled slightly as he released his tongue. What were you thinking when you were doing that?Yunho asked out of the blue and Jae had the tendency to blush. N-nothing.He lowered his head as he wiped his lips with his index. Yunho grinned as he pulled away his suit jacket and shrugging off his shirt underneath. Reaching for the icing cream again, he all but painted a path across Jaes body. From his neck, to his jaw, down to his tits, then along his toned abs further down to the rim of his pelvic bone. Then he chortled to himself as he leant back to admire his handiwork. Then he decided to do one last bit of touch up grabbing a little more sweet cream, he reached down and lathered Jaes man-hood in it. You look edible.Yunho commented as the sides of his lips curved into a slight smirk. JaeJoongs blush grew a tone darker as the CEO shifted his hands under to tickle the underside of his dick. Ahh-! He squeaked as he darted his hands down to stop Yunho from tickling him any further. Why are you always so sensitive?Yunho asked, more like a sentence than a question. He grabbed Jaes thighs and shifted them up into a 90 degrees angle and crawled slowly back to face Jae. He bent down to kiss Jae lips and the older willingly let him have his way. Hes body twitched when Yunhos fingers ghosted along the inner of his thigh mapping them out but the fact that Yunhos lips had left Jaes to trail down his jaw line made it even more maddening. Finally stopping at his neck, Yunho murmured against the patch of skin. Im gonna lick you from here, to there. Jae could only mewl in anticipation as Yunho breathed against his lucid skin and began the tortoise trail, lapping at the spots where the CEO had so skillfully placed the icing. So he was being the cake and Yunho was going to be the one to eat him. Yeah. After the patch of icing on his neck was licked clean, Yunho decided to leave hickeys on it nipping and biting. It was soft enough to make Jae squirm and shudder but hard enough to leave dark red spots after he was done. Then he continued lower till he reached the top of Jaes chest. He swirled his tongue around the spot and shifted right to take Jaes tits into his mouth, playing with the erected nubs with his teeth. He did the same for the other side and continued the criss-cross motion down to his abs, tracing the fine lines of his packs. He stopped short just above the bakers pelvic bone and smirked as he pressed a barely there kiss to the top of it. JaeJoong trembled even at the slightest motion, his body crying out for more attention. Y-yun-He whispered from above.

ShhhYunho shushed him and then it didnt come as a warning when Yunho licked up the underside of his dick causing him to yap. The yap turned into a sharp intake of air when Yunhos lips parted to take in his head. He looked down and bit on his lower lip just to see the CEO taking the rest of his hard-on into his mouth. Dont- oh!JaeJoong cried when Yunho gently squeezed his rod with his teeth. Ahh -!Ahh! Yunho smirked around his dick and pulled up on only to begin a treacherously slow paced down again each time letting his tongue linger around. When he had licked out of the cream, he pulled up and peered at Jae from under his lashes. The baker was already a shuddering mess. His hands were over his eyes and he was flushing madly, toes curling against the hard ivory table. Did you like that?Yunho asked gently as he peeled Jaes hands away to stare into his doe eyes. I-JaeJoong managed. I l-liked it. Good.Yunho smiled happily and stuck two fingers up his puckered entrance out of nowhere. JaeJoongs eyes flew open as his body arched upwards and then fell back to the table with a light thud, nothing coming out of his mouth but an exclamation. He didnt notice his fist below balling at the intrusion but soon released it as he panted it out. Yunho nuzzled Jaes neck apologetically and began pumping his digits in and out letting Jae get use to it as the tight walls resisted his intrusion. DeeperJaeJoong pleaded and Yunho relented shifting further up till he was knuckle deep. JaeJoong purred when Yunho decided to add another finger. He was oh so ready but Yunho wasnt about to do anything else but make him want more and just by fingering, he was already leaking pre-cum. He shut his eyes and tried to only feel, just feel Yunhos fingers slither around inside. He shifted around rocking his hips so that against the timing of Yunhos digits. Incidentally they bumped against his prostrate causing him to buck up again, head banging against the table. He whined lowly and Yunho reached up to rub his head in apology. Reaching to capture Jaes lips again, he withdrew his fingers on only for Jae to sigh at the loss. But it wasnt very long before he found Yunhos clothed member nudging his entrance. Shit.Yunho cursed when he realized that he still had his pants on. Im such a bad person. Im neglecting my little brother down there. He joked and JaeJoong had the tendency to laugh weakly at him. Need help?JaeJoong asked as he half lifted his leg off the table to clip Yunhos zipper between his toes. If you wish to. With that in mind, the baker undid his zipper and Yunho pushed his own pants down, ridding himself of his garments, boxers together with it. Then he returned eagerly and grinding his hard erection against Jaes entrance.

The baker gasped and grabbed Yunhos arm, nails scrapping his skin at the sensation of being just teased and rubbed down there. Hes plump lips were parted and all that came out were cries of gibberish and senseless utters. S-stop!JaeJoong called out trying to make Yunho actually fuck him, not just tease him. Why?Yunho asked innocently. Y-yunho! Ahh-He groaned knees weak and trembling. Beg for it.Was the simple reply. Y-yun-!JaeJoong exclaimed frustrated. F-fuck, fuck me now! Yes sir!Yunho snickered and thrust into JaeJoong without warning or notice. Ahhnnnnnggguuhh-Yunho heard as he pushed the rest of the way in till he was buried at the hilt. He paused there and stared into Jaes eyes intensely. Is this what you wanted me to do?He asked grabbing Jaes thighs and rubbing it. Y-yes- ahh~JaeJoong agreed softly. He couldnt even think straight with all the commotion that was going on below, Yunhos thumbs rubbing his inner thighs, his thingamajig ball deep in him. He couldnt form a proper sentence at the least and when Yunho decided to pull out and inch only to slam back in, JaeJoong let out a long drawn cry of more pleasure than exasperation. Just that was enough to make him crave for more. Look at you.Yunho whispered into Jaes ears as he began to thrust lightly against the baker. Asking me to do you right here, on my table- I bet you would like me to do you on the kitchen top in your confectionary wouldnt you? NnnnnggggJaeJoong whined trying to make Yunho thrust faster, harder than to just inch out slightly. Was that a yes?Yunho asked. No-JaeJoong mouthed. No? A-asshole!JaeJoong accused grabbing Yunhos hair and jerking him forward before kissing him hard on the lips. Yunho mumbled into his kiss and drew out more, to hammer down on Jae again. His thrust sped up when JaeJoong bit his lips almost drawing out blood. He let go and watched Jae scrunch his nose in the utmost adorable manner, telling him Jae was pissed. AwwYunho cooed when he slowed down. My bunny is so adorable. Idiot.JaeJoong pointed out. Baby~~Yunho mused against this ear as he licked the rim. Ill thrust for you.

D-do it, dont say it!JaeJoong pleaded still clenching wildly around Yunhos thick rod. Wanting nothing more than to feel Yunho bucking against him again, he tightened his ass and Yunho lurched forward, the feeling of being sucked into Jae surprising him a little. He made a face at Jae and rolled Jae upwards, hooking his legs on his shoulder. I hope you came prepared.Yunho murmured. I drop trees with this thing. Y-yunnie-JaeJoong pleaded want Yunho to shut up and just thrust no talk and no do. He sighed in relief as Yunho finally picked up speed, slamming against him again and again. He stared at Yunho and watched the CEO ram head on into him with abundantly. He mewls became strings of moans and groan panting like a bitch in heat, his body rocking in the same damn notion of Yunhos point break thrust. His plump lips were forever remaining open as his face contorted into a pleasured one. Waves of ecstasy shot through his body pushing him into high gear and his heart pounded again his rib cage so hard he swore it was going to jump out and yet Yunho still continued to thrust into him. He felt his eyes fluttering shut when a spark of orgasm tingled his entire fatigue body. Hes stomach coiled and his ass erratically tightened around Yunhos member. Seems the CEO felt it too and he struggled to thrust more, trying to drag out his orgasm, but it hit him without warning and both of them groaned as Jae shot his cum against Yunhos chest and Yunho emptied himself into Jae in the same motion. Yunho didnt even have the time to pull out as he fell onto the bakers chest huffing and puffing, heaving against one another. Seemed like the previous nights rendezvous had taken quite toll on them after all. After a moment of heavy breathing, Yunho finally pulled out and JaeJoong winced at the feeling. The CEO rolled over and got off the table before he bent down to pick up his clothes left lying on the floor. Getting up, he grabbed Jae and pulled him off the table. All the baker did was stumble into him face planting into his shoulder showing how beat he was. Deciding that Jae could hardly walk, not to mention a straight line after shooting all his energy out his dick, he summoned the rest of his strength and picked Jae off the floor and all but ran up the flight of stairs where he kicked open the door to his bed room and there, placed JaeJoong on the sheet. He threw his clothes back onto the floor, not bothering it until the next day perhaps and climbed into bed beside Jae. He was out like a light just as his head hit the pillow, half smiling and grinning to himself. Halfway through his snoring, JaeJoong rolled and slapped his chest. Pig.He murmured.

Chapter 14 ~

It was almost 10am in the morning that Yunho had woken up. He rolled out of bed and lumbered to his bathroom to take a cold shower. His head was throbbing from last night and he wondered if he still had the energy to go to work. JaeJoong was still sound asleep and he thought it wouldnt be a good idea to wake him up so he tiptoed around his bed room when he was doing washing up. He scooted to the side of the bed and kissed Jae on the forehead before heading out the door, probably to get both of them breakfast. Driving by Jaes bakery, he noticed that his two good friends were already there handling the confectionary like it was their own. Seeing they were in good hands he grinned and drove off. ---------------------I bet boss nim is at Yunho ssis house.Junsu assumed as he walked into the kitchen to place the empty plates that he had collected from the tables just as the patrons left. Yathink?YooChun asked. Why not? I mean boss nim likes him and he likes boss nim so.Junsu crooked his lips. Smart alex.YooChun joked. Aww, I know I am!Junsu agreed. The bell tinged as a customer walked in and Junsu literally left the plates in the sink to welcome the patron. It wasnt like there werent other workers to do it. Junsu energy was set on high today so he just wanted to burn it all off. Welcome~Junsu beamed with all his teeth. The patron smiled back and him briefly and looked around the confectionary for a particular someone. His eyes darted around and sulked when he couldnt find who he was exactly looking for. He turned to Junsu and opened his mouth. Who are you looking for?Junsu asked even before he did, beating him to the chase. UhActually, Im looking for someone important.The man replied as he continued to look for the certain someone. Can I help you with that?Junsu asked as YooChun closed their gap. Nah, actually, I can do it on my own. Hes not so hard to spot.The man joked then he turned to Junsu. Are you the owner of the bakery? Junsu chuckled which sounded like a high pitched toy and shook his head. Nope~ that would be our boss. Oh?The man asked. I really like the place.He commented. Thanks.Junsu replied with a warm smile. Oh yes anyway, if this person comes around tell him someone is looking for him. I havent seen him in work since yesterday.The man groaned, before handing Junsu a name card. On it wrote Jung Enterprises, CEO- Jung Yunho.

Junsu took a look at it and squeaked before he looked at the man in surpise. The other stared at him confused wondering what his reaction was all about. You know him?The man in suit asked. Are you kidding?YooChun exclaimed. Hes dating our boss nim! D-dating?!The man asked incredulously and YooSu nodded vigorously. He stared at them for a while and then his mouth opened in a wide unbelieving manner and rolled his eyes smirking on the spot. Would you like us to pass a massage?YooChun asked. The man, still between chuckles rubbed his chin wisely. Its ok. No message. Just tell him Shim ChangMin is looking for him. Will do! Thanks and hes getting into big shit with me.ChangMin chortled as he half walked half ran out the confectionary. -------------------------------------When Yunho returned with breakfast, JaeJoong was probably up as well since he heard footsteps upstairs. Deciding to check on Jae, he left the plastic bag on the kitchen table and headed up his winding stairs. First thing when he entered, JaeJoong had his back facing him, clad in nothing but his own white shirt which draped down to above his knees coving his junk generously. JaeJoong looked over his shoulder noticing Yunho and smiled, captivating the CEO again. Hi~He sang and ran to Yunho in a hug. Letting go he stared at the CEO from top to toe and shot a questioning gaze. Yunnie?He asked tilting his pretty head. As if on cue, Yunho snapped out of his trance and grinned like a big silly idiot. He reached to Jaes collar fixing it. Then he looked at Jae and rose his brow. You look.He paused, wondering what word he should use. Nice?JaeJoong finished his sentence. No thats not it.Yunho shifted around. Uh Comfortable? JaeJoong sniggered at Yunhos poor choice of words. I couldnt find anything that was small enough for me so I wore your shirt.He pointed out as he shifted his spectacles. Then he blushed and walked pass Yunho to go downstairs. Cute.Yunho mumbled to himself. Bagels!JaeJoong cried from downstairs. Yunho made his way to Jaes side and pulled open the paper holder with the chewy dough sticks and handed one to Jae who bit into it and hummed appreciatively. He was famished

from the night before and finished it up before digging into the holder for one more. Yunho laughed and handed Jae another. A familiar jingle went off upstairs and JaeJoong turned him head to acknowledge it. Ill get it.Yunho offered and bolted upstairs. He came down in a split second and handed Jae his hand phone who with one hand held on to the phone and the other, the Bagel still chewing away on it. Hewwo?He answered muffled by the pastry. Hyung!Came the reply over the phone. Where have you been? JaeJoong turned to Yunho and mouthed YooChun. Yunho nodded and left the kitchen for his room. YooChwen ah-JaeJoong replied. I was at-He swallowed his food. Yunhos house. Hyyyyyunngggg!!Came another perky voice from the background, indicating it must be Junsu. JaeJoong grinned at their cute manner. It was like they children missed their mother and longed to hear his voice even over the phone. Tell Junsu I said Hi.JaeJoong chuckled. JAEJOONG HYUNG SAYS HI!YooChuns voice seemed distant telling Jae he actually shouted across the confectionary. YAH!JaeJoong hollered into the phone. Dont scare my customers! Sorry.YooChun apologized. Anyway, I called you because theres this guy who is looking for Yunho ssi. Oh.JaeJoong didnt sound really pleased. He said his name was Shim ChangMin.YooChun conveyed the exact thing the man had said. Whos he?JaeJoong asked, frowning a little. He wondered what the guy had got to do with Yunho but he didnt want to be a spoil spot and make the day a moody one so he took a deep breath and kicked it aside. I dont know, maybe someone in the same company as Yunho?YooChun suggested. I quote hes getting into big shit with me. What does he want?JaeJoong asked, feeling his lips pull lower. He scrunched his nose and tried to erase a silly though that crossed his mind. Yunho has people working under him, hes probably getting people looking for him all day long. Get your jealousy intact Joongie. Maybe business thing?YooChun asked. Anyways, tell him that ChangMin guy was looking for him. Bye~ Yoo-!The line was cut off even before Jae could say another word. He folded his arm and walked upstairs with his phone in his pocket and his arms folded. Then he stood at the door and looked at the CEO who was styling his hair as usual.

Yunnie-JaeJoong began. Yeah? YooChun says a guy by the name of Shim ChangMin is looking for you.He deliberated a little. Thats when Yunho turned to him eyes wide, palm to his face. Then he sprinted over his bed to his phone and dialed a number. Probably ChangMins. JaeJoongs brows crept to his hair line. First ring and the manager picked up. ChangMin ah!Yunho called over the phone. Idiot!He head and pulled the phone away from his ear. He turned to Jae and grinned who was still staring at him intently. Yeah?Yunho asked wondering if he should actually be the one shouting over the phone not his manager. You owe be big time! You know how many things I have to handle when youre away flirting with your boyfriend, dont mention-ChangMin spat all at one go. Woah! Slow down Minnie.Yunho tried. Minnie????? Dont Minnie me! Come to work now!Were his last words over the phone before the man hung up the line. Yunho turned to Jae and scratched his head. So?JaeJoong asked curiously. ChangMin wants me back at work. Manager can handle stress with CEO MIA-ing.Yunho chuckled awkwardly. So the ChangMin guy was his manager What were you thinking Kim JaeJoong? Jealous much. He scolded himself internally. Then what are you waiting for?JaeJoong asked as he turned to push Yunho out of his room. Company needs you, go! B-but how about you?!Yunho questioned stood at the front door. Ill think of something to do. I am an artist after all.JaeJoong pursed his lips and shooed Yunho. Now go and be a good CEO. You sound like my wifey now.Yunho pointed out as he leaned into kiss Jae on the cheeks. JaeJoong blushed in response and turned the CEO around again. He waved after Yunho and watched him drive off into the distance. Closing the door, he turned around and stared at the grand exterior of Yunhos house. What to do, what to do?He asked himself. Since staying at home wasnt going to be fruitful, he decided to get change and made his way (by himself) to his own confectionary.

---------------------------HYUNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!Was all JaeJoong heard once he opened the sliding doors of his bakery and the next thing he knew, he found himself in an armful of YooSu. He gagged and pushed them away. If you suffocate me youre going to get it.JaeJoong scolded, but his expression told him he was joking. He flitted around the bakery to check stocks as usual observing his pastries as he walked from shelve to shelve. See the good thing about being the boss was that would dont have to do much, just walk around and make sure your workers got the job done perfectly. He returned to the kitchen, eyeing at the pack of flour that had just arrived the day before. He wanted to do something new with it but nothing came to mind, so it had been lying there for half a day. Wondering what he would, he sat down behind the cash register where YooChun was, pulled out his sketch book and began to doodle something on it. He drew a black cake onto the paper and tapped it, before twirling his pencil around. Then he looked out the window. A Sakura tree stood swaying in the breeze, flowering like there was no tomorrow. He rubbed his plump lips with his fingers and stared into blank space. YooChun continued to carry out his duties, occasionally turning back to Jae still deep in thought and he wondered if it was the first time in a long long while that JaeJoong was so concentrated on something. Suddenly JaeJoong stood up and raised his arms. EUREKA!He cried and sat down before his hand started to sketch something out at lightning pace. You thought of something?YooChun asked. What?!Junsu leant over the counter in interest. This.JaeJoong spun his sketch book around and grinned from ear to ear. YooSu merely stared at it with their jaws to the floor. Youre going to make that?YooChun asked. Of course!JaeJoong announced. It would be my greatest challenge yet! Junsu would like to help.Junsu volunteered, suddenly referring to himself in the third person. JaeJoong shot him a dubious look. You sure? VERY! CERTIANLY! 100 PERCENT SURE!Junsu affirmed. You sure you can do it?YooChun questioned eyeing the sketching on the paper. Do it-?Jae looked at him incredulously. Trust me; by the time Im done with it, it wont look like a cake anymore. Chapter 15 ~

You know how many documents I had to sign while you were away flirting with that boyfriend of yours?!ChangMin hollered as he stormed into the CEOs office and slapping a milana file down onto his table huffing and eyeing him angrily. Yunho looked at the files as he flipped through the pages and returned his gaze to ChangMin who was still making faces at him. It cant be that bad.Was his reply. I mean its just signing of documents delegating assignments to the workers. Whats so difficult- Two fucking meetings and a talk to attend to, not to mention three of our workers over paid; I had to do the fucking account because the accountant wasnt in!ChangMin cried exasperatedly running his fingers through his hair and pulling it. I wasnt paid to do this shit. The CEO chuckled at ChangMins desperate look and rose up from his chair. There, there, Ill treat you to a good five course meal okay?He suggested and he swore he saw ChangMins eyes light up with enthusiasm. Gets him all the time. Ya serious?ChangMin asked, still trying not to show that he was already half eager to go, though his tone already killed half of his own suspense. Five course at a good restaurant?! Yunho chuckled and nodded his head. Yes ChangMin no doubt was a manager at a tender age of 24 but he was still a boy at heart and Yunho couldnt help but feel a sense of fraternal love towards him. ChangMin to him was a good friend not to mention a rather resourceful manager to him. He would run errands outside of work time and he had resources whenever they needed. He once made their share sky rocket making them the riches company in town. No wonder his dad hired Min. Anyway speaking of shares, Yunho had decided to spend the day off after work stopping by JaeJoongs confectionary to share some quality time. He promised ChangMin he would bring back top notch cupcakes and clairs just to be appease him. As 5pm rolled around, Yunho was already half out of his office, hand clutching his briefcase and the other with his phone to his ear. The phone rang for around three times and by the fourth ring, JaeJoong finally picked up the phone. Hello~Yunho grinned to himself as the sweet melodious voice he longed to hear after a hard days work rang in his ear. Joongie! I missed you~ He crooned and smiled so wide if people walked past and didnt know he was actually talking to someone on the phone, they would have thought he was someone mad. He opened his car door and threw his bag into the co-drivers seat before he stuck his keys into start his engine. Deciding it was going to be difficult to drive with just one hand, he set it to loud speaker and placed it on his dash board. JaeJoong giggled over the phone- another sound Yunho loved to hear. I missed you too. Yunho grinned. Hey listen, Im coming over now, work just ended, do you have room for two?

Two??JaeJoong asked confused. Yeah, you and I honey.Yunho replied as he reversed his car out of the parking lot. Aww~ I thought you were bring someone else.JaeJoong chortled over the other line. Im sorry, Im the jealous kind. Youre jealous?Yunho asked confused as he peered out the window to turn. Yes. Sadly.JaeJoong sighed in contrition. That doesnt matter-Yunho laughed. Im the jealous kind too, Im JAElous. JaeJoong snorted over the phone. Dont be lame. Jaelous isnt found in a dictionary. Yes it is.Yunho argued. Its in mine! Y-yunho..JaeJoong stuttered over the phone and he could almost Hear him blush. Yunho smiled happily to himself as he crossed First Street. Two more and he would have arrived at Jaes confectionary. He heard YooSu arguing in the background and wondered if it was a good time to get there. Nonetheless, he sped up wanting to get there faster. Listen, Ill be there in a few, tell YooSu I said Hi and I love you.He smiled before he made kissing noises over the phone. Gross-JaeJoong murmured. I love you. Once off the phone JaeJoong turned around and glared at YooSu who were probably making a fool out of themselves for the nth time in a day. Would you two act normal for once?!He admonished putting his hands on his hips. Then he marched to them and pulled the mop from YooChuns hands. Aww Hyung.YooChun pursed his lips. You-!JaeJoong pointed to Junsu. You arent a damsel in distress who needs saving and youre not in a star wars movie for crying out loud!He turned to YooChun. -And you! The mop isnt a freaking light saber. Aww but- No buts!JaeJoong cut YooChun off and sighed. Then he turned around and looked out the glass panel of the confectionary wondering what time Yunho would arrive. The grease ball just made faces behind Jae and Junsu hit him on the head. I think JaeJoong hyung is more like the damsel in distress.YooChun mumbled to Junsu who nodded in agreement. He looks like he needs saving. I can hear you.JaeJoong murmured. Yunho to the rescue!Junsu exclaimed. YooChun imitated the gesture and posture of Yunho who would walk into the bakery and look around to spot Jae. When he did he would wave and flash all his pearly whites before walking over and grabbing JaeJoong by his waist spinning him around and kissing him on-

WOULD YOU CUT IT OUT?JaeJoong scolded as he pulled YooChuns hands away from his waist. But honey bunny~YooChun crooned, lowering his voice a tone deeper like Yunho would and making kissy faces at him. PARK YOOCHUN, YOU LET ME GO NOW OR SO HELP ME IM GOING TO USE YOUR CURLY HAIR TO MOP THE FLOOR!JaeJoong cried in desperation trying to make YooChun let go. Aww, hyung youre not fun.YooChun pouted and let go. That was when Yunho arrived, right on time. Speak of the devil.Junsu announced. You mean bear.YooChun corrected. Bear.Junsu agreed. And 3, 2, 1-!He pointed. Right on cue, Yunho eased the sliding door open and the bell tinged. Ting!YooSu followed. They watched as he strolled pass the tables and chair walking towards the kitchen and JaeJoong who had left them to greet his boyfriend. YooChun mouthed. How are you honey? Junsus lips shaped into an O and gave him a thumbs up. YooChun mouthed again I missed you, did you miss me? Junsu grinned and snickered as the peeked from the ledge of the kitchen. JaeJoong blushed and smiled sweetly. I missed you, Yunnie. Im about to leave thought.He said and shot a glance to the side of the kitchen. YooSu squeaked and stuck their head in again. Then he turned to Yunho and sat him down on the chair before he returned to the kitchen where YooSu were just well Trying to tease him again. Ha-ha very funny.JaeJoong grinned sarcastically at them. It wasnt. YooChunnie was doing an imitation of Yunho.Junsu pointed out. Seriously.JaeJoong gave Junsu a dubious look. I would give you an academy award. He drawled. YooChun sniggered and the baker just face palmed. He rolled his eyes briefly before he walked over to the counter to pick up Yunhos favorite clairs. Where are you going?YooChun asked. JaeJoong groaned. Cant you leave the adults to their own private moment? He asked in exasperation. Adults? Priva- Oh Hyung, you sound like my umma. JaeJoong gapped at him and pushed him out of the kitchen. Get out!

Hyyyunnnnggggg!!!YooChun whined as Jae threw the dolphin boy literally out of his kitchen. Go! Now- go lets go!Junsu grinned at YooChun, pulling him by his hand and spinning him to the door. Go go go go go! But- Im president of the YunJae fanclub!YooChun argued. Chunnie.Junsu looked at him sternly. But- Park YooChun!Junsu told him sternly before kissing him on his lips passionately. JaeJoong and Yunho just stared at both of them wide eyes and googly. When Junsu had let go, YooChuns mouth was wide open and confused, but then his lips slowly closed and pulled into a genuine smirk. Ooo you naughty.YooChun neighed. I see where youre going with this.He looked over Junsus shoulder. See you hyung! Then he all but grabbed the dolphin boys hand and ran out the door. YunJae still stared after them in surprise expression, unexpected. Well that was a first.Yunho commented after a moment. Tell me about it. Yunho turned to JaeJoong and grinned wolfishly. When are you going to shut me up like that? What? Seriously? No? Awww~~Yunho whined. I dont have to.JaeJoong mumbled. Why not? The baker lowered his head and blushed. I do more than just shut you up with my lips dont I? Yunho put up a finger. Good point. Then he pulled Jae into his arms, by his waist and grinned into his lips. As I was saying- Wha-JaeJoong mumbled as Yunho mused against his plump bottom lips. He pecked at them and grinned again, feeling Jae shudder in his hold. He nuzzled Jaes nose bridge and smiled into his hair, smelling the sweet scent that emitted from it. I really like that smell.Yunho commented taking in the delectable scent. Yunnie.JaeJoong muttered. I made something for you today. Yunho let go. Really?

JaeJoong smiled sweetly and nodded then he disappeared into the kitchen while Yunho waited patiently outside. The baker emerged with another of his creations which Yunho hardly could make out if it was a cake or something you display on your shelves. It looked too pretty and adorable like it wasnt meant to be eaten. The cake was white in color laced with sugar icing, it had three layers which was decorated by flowers which looked so much like Sakura except they were made of sugar icing and they were shades of pink ranging from carnation to rose to Persian rose. The connections of the flowers were also linked with icing sugar except they were painted gold and to top it off, Jae had placed gold icing beads to the sides of the cake sparingly making it look like an ornament rather than a cake. You made this today?Yunho asked in awe. JaeJoong nodded happily as he twirled the cake around to let Yunho have a better look. You like?He asked. Like?Yunho answered. Its beautiful! I cant bare to eat it. JaeJoong chuckled and blushed as a thought past his mind. I wish this could be our wedding cake. W-wedding?Yunho asked in surprise. You dont wanna get married?JaeJoong asked wondering where Yunho was going. N-no! Of course I want to but- JaeJoong jokingly rose up and punched the CEO in the arm. Im kidding.But somewhere in his heart died a little. Yunho noticed Jaes slight change in tone. He sighed and stood up before he walked over to give the baker a hug. Joongie ah~ If it were possible I would have asked to marry you a long time ago. JaeJoong remained silent and huffed into his chest. I was kidding back there.He mumbled. Yunho let go and knelt down in front of Jae. He reached out and cupped his cheeks. I wasnt. Then he watched as JaeJoongs tears began trickled down his pale cheeks much to his surprise. JaeJoong sniffed and turned away to wipe his own tears. W-why am I crying?He asked himself confused over his own reaction. He tried to laugh it away but Yunho looked at his sternly and pulled his chin back to face him. Joongie.Yunho began. Im serious. Jae stared at him for a while wondering what Yunho meant by serious. He blinked a few times when Yunho got up and reached to his side pocket to pull out a casing, red and velvety. Then he grinned and knelt down again in front of Jae on his knees. He stretched his hand and popped open then casing.

There it was, sparkling and shimmering like anything under the lightings of the confectionary a silver Cartier ring which had mini-blue diamonds attached to the sides of it. They sparkled when Yunho pulled it out. Joongie.Yunho muttered lowly. JaeJoong stared at him confused for a second. Hes mind was temporary shutdown no knowing what to do. Should he be flustered and blush harder than he was already then or should he just drop his jaw and stare. Yunho leant forward and picked up Jaes hand, picking up his finger. Y-yunho.JaeJoong breathed, his heart beating wildly in his ribcage. Kim JaeJoong, will you marry me? That was it. JaeJoong literally broke into tears and cried like a baby. He didnt know what to do again so he ended up hiding his face in his hands as he sobbed inaudibly into his hands. His tears spilled from his hands and dripped onto his jeans and Yunho had no choice but to pull him into a crushing hug until he was sure that Jae had stop crying. When he did, Yunho pulled away and gripped onto Jaes fingers. Jae-He began. Y-yunho.JaeJoong sniffed. He looked up and Yunho looked at him. His eyes were red, because of the tears but his lips were quivering. They looked like weak smile or something so he let Jae calm down. I know its all so soon but-Yunho tried. I willJaeJoong finally said, though it was a little soft. Yunho gazed at him. Jae- Yes.JaeJoong repeated himself and stuck out his fourth finger willingly though a little gingerly. The CEO couldnt believe his ears. Yes?He asked to assure he wasnt dreaming. JaeJoong nodded and he threw his hands up into the air. MANSEEEEHHHHH! JaeJoong couldnt help but grin to himself. He sniffed as Yunho lowered himself to slip the ring on. Then he beamed like a Cheesier cat and stood up again jumping around like a little kid. He turned back to Jae. SoJaeJoong began. Hypothetically, were married, cos theres no such thing as a marriage counsel for us. Hypothetically?JaeJoong asked and Yunho nodded. Technically?JaeJoong asked again. Uh-Yunho scratched his head.

Its cool, Im kidding.JaeJoong smiled softly and Yunho bent down to hug him. Dont kid, your emotions are giving me back lashes.Yunho admonished. Fine.JaeJoong agreed. I love you. I love you too.. Chapter 16 ~ Throughout the meeting, Yunho seemed to be distracted by different things. One would be to find a place they could actually go on a honeymoon, well hypothetically they were married but technically speaking they werent. Still that didnt stop Yunho from pondering over his options. He stared into blank space while his manager and good friend ChangMin gave a presentation on the overview of their stocks and shares for the year 2012. He sighed internally as he weighed each option. Prage? Nah, too far Switzerland? Nope. Too cold... Italy? Yunho rolled his eyes while he thought over and over again. Japan? Uh. Anything else to add Mr Jung?ChangMin asked, jolting him out of his deep thoughts. Yunho grinned awkwardly as the board of directors turned to look at him. Uh... Nope. Was his quick reply. Taking it as a yes, ChangMin turned back to the projector screen and flipped to the slide on their investment in the tropical island off the coast of the Pacific- Bora Bora. He talked about how they would try to improve services for them there so that honey moon couples could spend quality time there without any disturbance from the outside world. Thats when a light bulb went off on top of Yunhos head. Thats it! When meeting was adjourned, ChangMin grabbed his Mac-book and before heading out the door he stopped beside Yunho and shook his head. Look at you fool; you look like a cupid just struck an arrow up your ass.Snarky as he was. What was it? Huh?Yunho turned to him realizing that the meeting was over. He stood up and gathered his notes and papers. One of them had JaeJoongie written on it. Oh goshChangMin exclaimed. Are you a pre-schooler now? Yunho ignored ChangMin comment before pushing him out of the meeting room where the boy turned around and eyed Yunho. What is it now?Yunho asked. Nothing, just Congratulations.ChangMin said grudgingly. Have you found a place for your honeymoon yet? Yunho pursed his lips. No. But I was considering Bora-Bora. Bo- hyung Tell me youre not serious. That place is crawling with your dads workers aka your workers and you want them to see you and your boyfriend being all lovey dovey? You

havent told your mother that youre agreeing to this and by the look of it, shed throw a fit if she found out you were dating another person and guy in the matter. My mom will not throw a fit.Yunho pointed out. She asked me to find a date, and I found one. Just not a guy. Stop splashing cold water on me Minnie-Yunho whined. Look, JaeJoong is a good guy, hes even more caring than a girl should be and I feel comfortable around him. Heck he does all the chores like my wife. So youre marrying him because he does your dirty laundry.ChangMin rephrased him. Fuck you ChangMin, of course not! ChangMin rose his hand in a surrender position. Im not going to point fingers or anything Hyung but just remember this, I cannot cover you if you mom finds out about this. No ones asking you to cover me. I can handle this myself.Yunho drawled. If you say so.ChangMin shrugged as the lift door open. He waved to Yunho as the door slid close and Yunho sighed, shuffling his feet around. He pulled out his handphone and dialed home. It was almost 6pm and he didnt even know that he had worked over his normal timing. Jae must be home. --------------------------------JaeJoong hummed to himself while shuffling in and out of Yunhos kitchen placing his cooking on the dining table. Hed always wanted to cook for someone he loved and that person happened to be the big CEO of Jung Enterprises. He grinned to himself as he stirred the contents in a pot where he was making his famous Kimchi Jjigae soup. He wondered if it would suit his taste buds or just be too spicy since Jae was a lover of spicy food. He twirled around and pulled open the fridge before poking his head in to see if Yunho had any Kimchi left. Lucky for him, he had big box of it and Jae wondered why he didnt eat it. Maybe he was busy? Adding the finishing touches to his dish and finding that it was just the right flavor, he turned off the stove and prepared to take it out into the living room when the door bell rang. Wondering if it was Yunho, JaeJoongs lips lifted into a smile and he strode to the door to open it. Yun-He blinked when he realized the person standing at the door wasnt Yunho but a woman, probably in her mid 50s. She seemed surprised as he was and she stared at him for a while before opening her mouth. Who are you?She asked and took a step back as if to make sure she entered the right house. UmIm- Ahhhh-She opened her mouth in recognition. You must be Yuns butler.

JaeJoong looked at her quizzically. No-Im actually-Actually Yunhos lover and he has agreed to marry me so technically, but hypothetically speaking Im his husband, nice to meet you should I get you a drink? You must be his umma. -His house attendant. JaeJoong lied. She nodded believing the lie and stepped into the house over the threshold where she smelt something cooking. The madam turned to Jae and smiled. You must be waiting for him to come home.She commented and JaeJoong had the urge to half smile half laugh it away. His heart was racing and he didnt know what to do. Should he just sneak out of the house and come back when she had gone or should he just sit there and await his impending doom. Mrs Jung sat down in the living and peered into the ceiling. Dont you think my son has a weird taste in furniture? She asked randomly and Jae couldnt be rude so he just grinned awkwardly and nodded in agreement. Um If you dont mind Ill go get something ready.He said in a rush and scurried off into the kitchen where he ran into the backward which their kitchen overlooked and took a deep breath before pulling his hand phone out and dialing Yunho. First ring, second ring, Yunho didnt answer. Jae assumed he was probably driving and needed time to use his ear piece. Third and fourth ring Yunho wasnt answer. Pick up Pick up!JaeJoong hissed under his breath, the phone line clicked. Honey bunny?Yunhos voice sounded over the phone. YUNHO, YOUR MOTHERS HERE!He screamed hoarsely into the mouth piece and heard Yunhos breathing hitch. SHIT! JAE! What am I going to do now?He asked with a worried tone in his voice. JaeJoong huffed exasperatedly. Youre asking me?! I should be asking you the question! You could sneak out my front door.Yunho suggested. Are you freaking mad! Shes sitting in the living room, and unless I have the ability to turn invisible, no shit I cant.JaeJoong scolded. Then sneak out my back gate!Yunho hissed. You have a back gate?JaeJoong asked all of a sudden and looked up. He face palmed wondering why he didnt notice a gate there, I mean since it was a back yard so it had to have a back gate and okay never mind. Keys beneath the flower pot.Yunho advised. But your mom!JaeJoong breathed. Dont care! Get your ass out of my back gate Ill pick you up when the coast is clear.Yunho pointed out.

Fine, but you owe me an apology.JaeJoong replied. For what? For not telling me your mom visits your home and thinks that all people who are in your house are your butler. She called you my butler?Yunho asked trying not to chuckle. Duh, I lied though anyway, talk to you later!JaeJoong hung up and put his phone in his pocket. He sprinted to the back gate and looked under the flower pot. The key was there, so he snatched it up and zipped out of his back yard even before his mother noticed he was gone. Once home, he slummed against the door heaving. He scratched his head and sighed. He wondered if Yunho could handle himself but he was Yunho after all, nothing seemed to difficult for a big CEO, so he decided not to worry. He dialed for Yunho again. Jae, are you- Yeah, Im at home now. Gosh I havent ran in ages, my legs hurt so badly.JaeJoong exhaled. Im sorry baby.Yunho pouted over the phone. Ill make it up to you when we land our butts in Bora Bora okay? You booked us tickets to Bora-Bora?!JaeJoong exclaimed, feeling almost half as excited as Yunho was. Was that his heart beating fast because he was exhausted or was he excited? I did.Yunho grinned as he padded up the steps to his front door. Oh yeah, I cooked, so um You can share it with you umma.JaeJoong laughed, scratching his head sounding a little disappointed. You cooked for me?!Yunho gasped. Oh my gosh, JaeJoong Im so sorry! Its fine-JaeJoong lied. You can have quality time with your mom. Joongie, Im so- Dont apologize. Im fine, really.JaeJoong assured Yunho though on the other side of the line hes lips were in a slight frown and his eyes lost its gleam. Well, Im still sorry Ill make it up to you, I promise. Dont make promises you cant keep.JaeJoong joked. I wont. I love you Joongie. I heard you. Go.JaeJoong assured him, and then he pushed the end call button and got up before he walked to his kitchen to whip himself up a bowl of instant ramen. JaeJoong you pathetic person, what are you eating ramen for when you cooked just now? Sigh.. He turned off the fire and called pizza. --------------------------Mom!Yunho called as he entered up his front porch into his living room.

Omo~Mr Jung crooned. Let me look at my baby boy~ Yunho squirmed as Mrs Jung gave him a big hug which he felt she wasnt going to let go soon. He made a face. Mom, Im not a child anymore.He whined as she sat him down on the sofa beside her. Listen, your house attendant cooked so we can have a meal together.She said. Yunho wanted to giggle a little. So that was what Jae told her. Mom.Yunho drawled. I know I know Youre tired, but you cant leave your mom alone can you? No, Im not going to.Yunho agreed where he led her to the table where Jae had so nicely laid the dishes on the table. They smelt heavenly and wondered if there was nothing Jae couldnt do. He felt a spark of guilt wash over him as he stared at the lovingly made Jjigae on the table. It had a decoration made in a shape of a heart using carrots. He sighed and his mother noticed. Are you not happy Im here?She asked. No! No of course not!Yunho replied immediately. Lets eat okay? As they sat down to eat, Yunho stared blankly at the food and wondered if Jae was the one sitting across from him or actually beside him, trying his best to make him open his mouth to feed him. He sighed again this time softly so his mother didnt notice. Jae was an excellent cook and every mouthful of food he chewed he wished his could summon the courage to tell his mother. He ended up deep in thought. Yunho ah-She began randomly. What are you thinking off? Yunho snapped his head up, chopsticks still in his mouth. Huh? Nothing. You seem to be pondering over something. Is it work?She asked. Uh Yeah, you can say that.Yunho lied easily, and then he picked up his glass of water to take a sip. Oh yes, Ive arranged for you to go on a date with one of the directors daughter, Lee HyeJin. His mother suddenly brought up and Yunho spat out his water before coughing on it. He pounded his chest and looked at his mother desperation in his eyes. What?! Why?! I dont know her! Yunho, calm down, youll get to know her better soon.His mother assured him. The back of his mind suddenly flew to where Jae was and the head desk on the table. Mom.He groaned. Dont worry, Itll be fine, shes a nice girl and a good candidate to be your wife- But-!Yunho snapped his head up. I dont want a wife!

His mother looked at him confused. What? You want a husband then? What?! Wait no! I didnt mean that.Yunho rubbed his temples. I just- dont have the time to date. You always dont have the time.Mrs Jung commented. Its on a Sunday, dont tell me you cant. But mom, Im flying off to Bora- Bora.He explained desperately. Bora-Bora?She asked. For business? UmYes, no, something like that.Yunho couldnt really find a good explanation. He fiddled with his chopstick and lowered his head while he ate. He already felt so sorry towards Jae and now he was going to lie because he didnt have the courage to tell his mother he was dating JaeJoong. Oh, then well set it when you come home.Mr Jung suggested. Yunho just laughed awkwardly. After dinner and wash up, Mr Jung hugged him and kissed him on the forehead before saying goodbye. Right after Yunho closed the door; he turned to his phone and dialed for his other half. Y-yunnie?JaeJoong answered meekly. Yeah, dont worry; my mom doesnt govern my phone.He joked and heard Jae laugh softly over the line. He smiled to himself loving the sound of Jaes voice especially his laughter. So, how did it go? Was the food nice?JaeJoong asked curiously. It was excellent! Did I mention youre a good cook?Yunho raved. Thank you. Dont mention, oh by the way, dont go anywhere, Im coming over.Yunho replied. Okay, Ill be waiting. ------------------------In fifteen minutes, Yunho was buzzing Jae from below. The baker immediately ran to the intercom to let him in. Just as soon as the lift door slid open, Yunho threw himself to Jaes arms and hugged him tight. Im so sorry.He apologized for the umpteen time that night. Very very very very, sorry. Stop walking on egg shells. Im fine.JaeJoong admonished as he mumbled into Yunhos shirt. Are you sure?Yunho asked as he let go a little to examine Jae from head to toe. JaeJoong grinned slightly and pushed Yunhos forehead. Youre just doing that to check me out.

No, Im not-Yunho argued. Im genuinely, sincerely, truly worried. Well, I dont have any defects do I?JaeJoong asked spinning around and Yunho caught him in mid spin, wrapping his arms around Jae in a back hug and leaning his chin on the bakers shoulder. You dont have to pretend youre fine.Yunho murmured into his ears. I can see youre upset baby. JaeJoong sighed, trying to pry Yunhos hands away but failed to. He just stood there and puffed his cheeks cutely looking down and his toes and shuffling them around. Im not upset, I was just petrified. Im sorry. Stop apologizing. JaeJoong pursed his lips. Im not angry at you. Im angry at myself for not being a girl. Yunho let go. What? He chortled. Isnt it?JaeJoong looked at him. I mean if I were a girl, your mom wouldnt have trouble accepting me and furthermore you dont have to hide. Joongie.Yunho replied unbelievably. I dont need you to be a girl, I love you just the way you are. But- Kim JaeJoong-Yunho began. You listen to me. There is nothing- nothing in this world that will separate you, from me not even my mom. But- And the fact that she wants to govern my love life I dont even care. He continued before he reached to pull the baker into a hug again. I love you, and no one else-He bent lower and scrunched his nose. One one is as adorable as you are. He said pinching Jaes cheeks. Im not a baby.JaeJoong whined shooing his hand away. Yunho chuckled as he reached into his coat pocket to pull out two tickets. One them was printed Pacific- Bora Bora- Asiana Airlines, Flight number KE 331. Jjang~He exclaimed. Like I promised. JaeJoong smiled peering at the tickets. Okay. We leave at 1pm tomorrow.Yunho said as he leant into kiss Jae on the lips. JaeJoong nodded and pushed Yunho to the lift. You need to pack, go. After saying goodbye for like three times Yunho finally drove home and first thing into the living room, he was sprinting to his bedroom and pulling out an assortment of clothes. JaeJoong on the other side was doing the same. He smiled happily to himself like an idiot wondering what new adventures the tropical cost of Bora Bora would bring them.

Chapter 17 ~ At 8am in the morning, JaeJoongs ringtone went off. He beadily opened his eyes and rolled to his side to pick up his phone. It was Yunho and he smiled at the ID before sliding the answer button, placing it to his ear. Get up sleepy head.Yunho crooned over the phone. Mmmmm-JaeJoong answered sleepily. Its 8am- five more minutes. Yunho chuckled over the phone. Joongie-He murmured lowly. Im just outside your door. JaeJoongs eyes shot open and sat up immediately. What?! Wait right there! He ordered and literally jumped out of bed with nothing but his pajama pants on. (JaeJoong doesnt wear a top to sleep; he complains its hot when he sleeps so he ends up just wearing pants.) He ran to his intercom to let his lover in. When Yunho came up through the lift, the first thing that greeted him was a bare chest beauty with his messy bed hair and sleepy doe eyes. JaeJoong ruffled his already disheveled hair and grinned like an idiot making Yunhos heart skip a beat. It wasnt like this was the first time Yunho saw him this way. It was just that Jae seemed too look more beautiful as the time went by in his eyes. JaeJoong smiled, eyes pulling into curves and grabbed Yunhos hand. Why are you standing there?He asked. Come in. Right.Yunho agreed shaking off his day dream. He lugged his baggage into the living room and set it down there before he took his seat on the couch next to the TV. Breakfast?JaeJoong asked as he put on his wife beater. Sure~Yunho agreed getting to his feet to help Jae out in the kitchen. They made cheese filled omelets and JaeJoong spread hazel nut chocolate onto pieces of bread. Not breakfast was complete without juice so Jae squeezed orange juice and set them down on the table where they had their meal. Ive never been to Bora- Bora.JaeJoong explained as he put a piece of bread into his mouth. Never?Yunho asked. Nope. Ive only seen it on TV thats all. AhhThe CEO replied. Ive been there a couple of times, mostly when I was a boy with my parents for business, I dont even remember how Bora-Bora looks like already. Not even a tiny bit?JaeJoong asked tilting his head. Okay maybe I remember the crystal blue waters but thats all I swear.Yunho put up his palm. JaeJoong giggled and pat him on the shoulder. Then he got off his chair to grab himself and apple. He showed it to the CEO. Want one?

Yunho shook his head. Nope, I just want a bite. JaeJoong pushed the apple to him and the CEO took a portion out of it before handing it back to Jae who made a face. Big mouth.He commented. Yunho chuckled and leant into kiss Jae on the lips. Its used to kiss you. JaeJoong shivered feeling the cheesiness of his words and saunter off to his bedroom to get changed. By the time breakfast was finished and JaeJoong did the last of his packing, it was already 10am. Jae lugged his luggage out of his room and into the hallways while he watched Yunho call for a pick-up. You didnt drive?He asked. I walked here.Yunho pointed out. Oh.JaeJoong shuffled his feet. Yes, pull up at the suites just along the road, thanks that will do, Ill be right there.Yunho directed over the phone. Sure. Then he put his phone in his pocket and smiled. Yunho.JaeJoong began poking his fingers together. What about you mother? Yunho stared at him for a while when he realized where Jae was getting at. He wanted to tell his mother all this time but he didnt have the courage to do it. He wondered if his father would think the same way as well. If they knew he was dating Jae they would probably disown him or something and he dreaded it. Nonetheless he decided to push it to the back of his mind and concentrate on their not so official honeymoon. SheCan wait.Yunho mumbled feeling a little guilty he was going to betray his mother on this one. He still wasnt ready to tell Jae that she had arranged a blind date with a girl he didnt even know or care about. If Jae found out, he would be disappointed. You sure?Jae asked genuinely concerned. Yunho thought for a brief second. Yeah, Im sure. He smiled shallowly. JaeJoong returned the smile and went to look for his eye mask. Now where did I put it?He asked, voice floating down the long corridor from his bed room. Yunho strolled into the room to find Jae digging into his drawers for the mask and chuckled. Need help?He asked, grabbing Jae waist. The baker jolted in Yunhos hold causing him to squirm since the most sensitive part of his body consisted of his waist. He whined, peeling Yunhos hand away before scooting over to the other side of his room to search for it. Found it!JaeJoong cried victoriously as he clutched the cotton mask in his hand. It had white hello kitty prints on it in a black background. Yunho took a look at it and giggled. Well, thats girly.He commented earning a slap to his chest in response. Im not girly, theres no rules saying guys cannot like Hello Kitty.JaeJoong mentioned as he stuffed the thing into his bag. He peered at his watch which showed 10:30am. Spinning

Yunho around, he pushed the CEO to the lift and got in with their luggages. They reached the ground floor where a pick up limo was waiting for them. Packing everything in nicely, Yunho gave instruction to the driver to go to the airport and they were off with JaeJoong excited and anticipating the trip. He peered out the window of the limo staring into the sky as the sun began its slow ascend. Once at the airport, they checked in before having some free time before he actual flight at 1pm. JaeJoong gripped onto Yunhos hand as they walked down the aisles of shops that littered the place. They happened to walk past Cartier and Jae literally ran to take a glance at the pretty rings and bracelets they had on display. He grinned at them as he turned to Yunho who joined him peering at them sparkly diamonds. They switched shops as JaeJoong walked into Louis Vuitton. He had always been a sucker for their designs as he picked up a bag which looked really stylish. Slinging it on his shoulder for show he turned to Yunho who nodded in agreement that it looked good on him. Actually anything he wore or carried went well on him. It was a matter of buying it. They took a rest at a caf in the departure hall and sipped on coffee as they waited for their flight to be announced. What do we do when we get back?Jae asked. Yunho rubbed his chin wistfully. I dont know, continue with what were doing? Which would be?Jae asked. You being a baker and I still carry on being a CEO? Good point.JaeJoong agreed. He took another sip of his coffee staring at the hoards of passengers that walked by. Suddenly, everything seemed to him like it was just a dream, like Yunho was just some random person that he met by the waysides because Yunho to him was too good a person to be true. He was caring in all ways and he was accommodating even to the minutes of details. Yunho was someone who had the qualities he wanted and dreamt of spending the rest of his life with, except he didnt really expect it to come in the form of Yunho. He felt like he was dreaming, like if he were to wake up, all that he had experienced this past half a year would just be a huge, beautiful dream. Then he turned back and watched Yunho looking elsewhere probably also observing the person he realized, Yunho was a real as he could lay his eyes on. He wasnt some other person that his dreams concocted, Yunho was real. He smiled and Yunho noticed. What are you smiling at?Yunho asked. You.JaeJoong answered. Why? Nothing, Im just happy thats all.JaeJoong admitted before he turned to stare into the surroundings again. Yunho chortled to himself.

Attention, flight number KE 331 is ready for boarding; all passengers please proceed to the departure bay now. Thank you. Yunho reached over to tap Jae. Thats our call. Nodding, JaeJoong followed the CEO into the crowds of people who were heading the same way, probably to other parts of the Pacific, not specifically Bora-Bora. While they waited for their tickets to be tripped, Yunho held onto Jaes hands tightly, not because he was afraid of losing him but because his heart was pounding so wildly in his chest, he was afraid it might go into over drive and shut down. He was excited on one hand and worried on the other. Worried why? Worried that the trip they took there would be their last one. He sighed mentally and as the air stewardess received their tickets and passports, it was time to throw away all those thoughts and focus on their honeymoon. It was a good thing Yunho had got them business class tickets so they had their own comfy space next to each other. Not too far but close enough to talk to one another. Once inside, JaeJoong curled up in his seat and smiled at Yunho who smiled back. It was going to be a 10 hour flight to the tropical island and both of them were so ready. Fifteen minutes of waiting and the plane began its ascend into the heavens. The trip from the ground into the air was a short one and soon JaeJoong could see the clouds that enveloped the plane in a white blanket of sheer mist. He peered out the window wondering how the clouds would feel like it he were to touch them. Yunho scooted beside Jae and wrapped his arms around him peering into the distance. Its so serene out there.Yunho commented staring at the puffy white clouds. Mmmhmm~Jae agreed. As they past the clouds one by one, they started to take on form and shape looking more like snow on a winters day as they became more defined and lined. They spent half the day in the plane and as the sun began to set on them, dinner came by, YunJae played games on the consoles together and chatted happily, suddenly leaving all the cares in the world behind. JaeJoong had left his confectionary in the more than capable hands of YooSu knowing that they would do their job. Yes they may goof up sometimes but when it came down to work they were dead serious. That he didnt need to worry. Yunho on the other hand had ChangMin. Of course that boy wasnt someone to mess around with. He was the brightest there was in his company and he knew ChangMin would see to it his company didnt fall into wrong hands or fall into trouble while he was away. Nightfall was rather cold in the airplane. JaeJoong hand snuggled up in the space of his own sleeping soundly and Yunho was still up reading his favorite book. He would occasionally turn to see if Jae needed thing. The baker murmured in his sleep and curled up a little more, feeling the cold air through his blanket. Yunho smiled softly and walked over with his extra blanket draping it on to him so that Jae could drift off to sleep again. Halfway thought the night, Yunho turned off the lights and dozed off to slumber as well and by morning, he was wide awake and ready for the plane to land. Jae on the other hand was still fast asleep and in his own dreamland.

Yunho shifted himself over to Jae to rouse him from sleep, patting him softly on the shoulder. Yawning, the bakers eyes fluttered open to stare at Yunho and grinned silly. Good morning He mused. Did you sleep well?Yunho asked as he kiss Jaes forehead affectionately. JaeJoong rubbed his neck wearily staring at Yunho. I did, how about you? Slept well because I have you.Yunho replied, suddenly feeling a little cheesy. JaeJoong chuckled like a shy boy before turning to look out the window. It was cloudless indicating they were halfway down under the cloud banks. He stared into the distance and spotted the small tropical paradise enclosed in a huge barrier of clear crystal blue water called the Pacific Ocean. As their plane landed, YunJae headed to the luggage holding bay to grab their baggage where a private jet was waiting for them to take another ten minutes to the coast of Bora-Bora. Yunho specially arranged for that so that they didnt have to travel by a shared plane. As their jet landed on the water, JaeJoong peered out into the ocean as they docked. Lifting the door open, the first thing that greeted them was a gentle breeze that came from the sea. JaeJoong took a moment to take in the view, standing at the docks and staring at the vast collection of water. The ocean was so clear; he swore he saw fish swimming under them. After the attendant showed them to their rooms, JaeJoong unpacked immediately before running to the side of the deck and pulling open their curtains which overlooked the clear blue waters. Under them was a glass panel which allowed them to view the marine life from right where they were. It was retractable so they could put their feet into the cooling water if they wished too. Its beautiful!JaeJoong exclaimed as he breathed in the scent of the ocean. It was calming and comforting. Still the ocean was a vast place holding mysteries and wonders which made it rather intimidating. Yunho grinned. Wait till you see our jet ski. J-jet?!JaeJoong asked surprised. Yeah, my dads got one so he puts it here and as and when he needs a vacation he comes here to ski.Yunho chuckled, putting his clothes into the wardrobe. Show me show me!JaeJoong asked excitedly bouncing to Yunho grabbing his arm, tugging it like a child who wanted sweets. Patience Joongie.Yunho smiled. Hurry up! I wanna see the ocean!JaeJoong whined. Aigooo, such a child.Yunho cooed ruffling Jaes hair. The baker merely gave him two peace signs with his fingers and ran out the door. Changing into his casual wear, he locked up and followed Jae down the attap hallways into the open where he watched Jae skip happily along the walkway which separated the water from them.

JaeJoong had already sat himself down afar off, legs in the water, enjoying its coolness as he kicked it up. He turned to Yunho and waved for him to come and join him so the CEO fastened his pace and sat beside Jae. Placing their feet in the water, they observed the many sea creatures that inhabited the water. Schools of colorful fish swam by avoiding their legs. Some circled around them and swam off while others like some of the curious fish nibbled at their toes before swimming off. JaeJoong giggled at the feeling and watched as even a sea turtle swam their way, probably curious of their new visitors. Yunho reacted down to touch the shell lightly as it swam away. After a while he got up and Jae followed as they padded down the walkway to where Yunhos dad kept their jets boats. Tada!Yunho exclaimed. Jet ski anyone? Go go!JaeJoong cried as he ran down the steps to the jet boat. Putting on their life vest, Yunho tied a harness to Jae and both of them got their skis. To be honest, it was the bakers first time skiing on a surface of water. True he had skied on snow back in Seoul but a different surface meant more challenges. He was so prepared to fall into the water. I hope I dont face plant into the water, cos that would suck.JaeJoong joked. It would.Yunho agreed as they got onto their skis. Once they were ready, Yunho turned to Jae who was rather nervous at his first attempt at this. Ready to fall?Yunho asked teasingly. JaeJoong pursed his lips and shook his head. To be honest, if I fall, youre coming with me. Yunho laughed and turned to his jet boat driver. GO! They were off skimming across the surface of the clear water where their skis kicks up foam and their boats created backwash. JaeJoong had the tendency to laugh when he felt like he was about to lose his balance but lucky for him, he maintained it and they sped across the water like swordfish on attack mode. After a while, Jaes legs tired out and he lost a footing before plunging into the water, boat slowing down. He broke the surface and grinned goofily, hair wet and sticking out in all angles. Yunhos boat turned around as he got into it heading back to pick the baker up all soaking wet. Once on board, JaeJoong shook his hair dispersing the droplets in all directions. As he pulled off his life vest and shirt, ruffling his hair, he smiled through his wet curtains and Yunho couldnt help but see an aura of light emitting from him. Love struck much. Half a day went by with them trying out most of the activities there on the island. JaeJoong tried a Thai style massage and made faces when they snapped his back. Yunho looked worried but laughed it away when Jae started to giggle. Yunho went for a fish spa where the

tiny Gura rufa or as they liked to call it Doctor Fish nibbled at his toes and soles. He couldnt help but squirm from the tickles making Jae tease him and laugh out loud in response. Dinner time rolled by and YunJae tried one of the delicacies on the island- Herb marinated Lobster coated with a layer of basil sauce. The waiters were rather happy to serve them since Yunho was a good friend of the owner of the restaurant. Dinner was on the house overlooking the ocean once more. So they spent the time chatting while enjoying the sea breeze before returning to their chalets along the coast. JaeJoong looked a little worried back there since they were workers for Jung Enterprises. No worries, they are more loyal to me than to my mom.He assured Jae with a light smirk. I told them to say that we were never here if she asked. But-JaeJoong began. Thats cheating. No its not; its called protecting our privacy.He replied. And speaking of privacy. Yunho reached for the remote control and Jae watched as the curtains closed on themselves with a push of a button. He pushed it aside and turned to Jae as he lay on the bed beside him and turned off the lights.

Chapter 18 ~ The next day was a whole different experience on the tropical ethereal island of Bora-Bora. Yunho had convinced JaeJoong to try scuba diving although the baker wasnt very good at swimming. As the crew helps the couple don their scuba attire, JaeJoong spun a circle in front of Yunho unconsciously wondering how he looked in one making the CEO grin. He pulled out his hand phone and snapped a picture of Jae for his own sake, handing it to him after that. I dont see my ass.JaeJoong commented. Thats because you dont have one.Yunho replied patting Jaes shoulder. What?!The baker exclaimed. Im kidding; its too small its hidden under the scuba gear.Yunho joked reaching to hold Jaes hand. Lets go~ Smiling while shaking his head, JaeJoong let Yunho lead him into the jet boat where they began their fifteen minutes journey out into the big blue Pacific Ocean. Jae sat on deck peering out into the vast waters and taking in the sea scent as it blew past them and as the boat slowed to a stop, they strapped on their live vest before diving back first into the clear blue waters. Once underneath, Yunho swam to get a hold of Jae since the baker seemed a little confused of his surroundings. He wrapped his arm around Jaes waist and pulled him along. It was a

good thing he knew how to swim because after a while or so, the older got used to it and began to swim on his own further down. The world of water was so much different from the world above. Suddenly everything seemed more serene and easy going as compared to the hectic surface. Fish of all colors graced by them giving them a preview of the beautiful aquatic animals that inhabited the Pacific. They came in all shapes and sizes both big and small. Shoals of blue parrot fish swam by them, probably wondering who the intruders were. They made their way deeper where they touched the seabed. Corals with different postures and colors stuck out from the soft white sand and they could observe seahorse latching themselves onto the branches that grew out from them. A moray eel slithered its way in and out of the tangles of seaweeds and coral reef. They took pictures using a water proof camera for future memory. Yunho posed with a manta ray gliding gracefully in the background. JaeJoong took a picture of him goofing around underwater with the schools of fish as they tried to avoid him. He turned the camera and took a selca then he swam back to Yunho who made peace signs together. They spent almost half a day under the sea getting pictures of the beautiful aquatic creatures and by the end of the whole expedition; they had almost a thousand photos to hold. They finally broke the surface as they got back onto the boat to bring them back to shore.

Id never had so much fun!JaeJoong exclaimed as they walked along the wooden link way after dinner stretching over his head to loosen up stiff muscles. Me neither.Yunho agreed. I havent had so much fun before I dated you. So youre saying that Im fun?JaeJoong asked even if he believed the obvious answer was a yes. Yes.Yunho repeated what Jae thought. JaeJoong grinned and walked ahead of Yunho before turning around, facing the CEO and walking backwards. Dont you feel fortunate you fell head over heels for me? Yunho grinned wolfishly. I feel like I fell head over heels for a baker with seduction at his finger tips. JaeJoong tsked and turned around before he slowed his pace to match Yunhos, slipping his fingers in between the CEOs. Yunho obliged, wrapping them around Jaes, swinging their arms out. They talked about their trip a moment ago laughing at the hilarious moments they had underwater. Yunho chuckled when Jae told him a jelly fish wanted to be his friend. JaeJoong scrunched his nose and covered his chest like a girl. The wind was blowing in from the sea again, gently caressing their hair and faces. The sun had set in a distance and the stars decided to show themselves. They made their way back to the straw roof huts and JaeJoong literally threw himself onto the bed resting his head on the soft pillow. He stared into the ceiling and watched as they parted to give him a view of the

millions and trillions of stars that light up the coal black sky. They looked like tiny diamonds twinkling and he felt like he could reach out and grab one of them. He shifted his gaze to the left of the sky, Yunho joining him on bed. He gasped and pointed. Oh! Yunho turned to give him a puzzled look. I see Cassiopeia! ~ Yunho turned to the spot he was looking at and lo and behold there it was, shinning like pure light in the ebony covered sky. The stars twinkled and sparkled so brightly they out lit the rest of the stars hanging over head. They dazzled in the night sky and it looked like they were dancing to a heavenly melody only the angels could hear. JaeJoong drew imaginary lines in the blackness and mapped out each star forming a W in the sky. Its beautiful.Yunho mumbled lowly as he inched closer to JaeJoong. JaeJoong just nodded as he turned to Yunho. The CEO did the same as he shifted himself to face Jae staring into his eyes. Its as beautiful as you.He commented smiling before reaching for Jaes shoulder pulling him close. JaeJoong chuckled before moving closer and Yunho kissed him on the forehead while he slipped his arms around Yunhos back leaning on his chest feeling his warmth and the cool of the night. YunhoHe mumbled into Yunhos chest. Hmmm?Yunho asked, fiddling with Jaes hair as he stared into the sky. Can we Do something passionate tonight? He asked out of the blue. Yunho got upright to a sitting position, with his hands supporting him from the side to look at Jae who peered up at him with a questioning gaze. How so?Yunho asked while Jae got up, blushing. I dont know.He crooked his lips to the side in a shy tone. MaybeHe reached for Yunhos neck and pulled himself closer. Like this?The he kissed Yunho on the lips once and pulled away. Getting the message, Yunho smirked and leant forward to peck Jae on the lips again. JaeJoong chortled a little and moved closer while Yunho slipped his fingers along Jaes hair pulling him into his lips. They kissed again, shyly, little pecks against each others lips. JaeJoong smiled against Yunhos lips as they melded against each other, their kisses saying more than their actions. He ended up putting his arms around Yunhos neck as he shifted his head to the side so Yunho could take advantage of his angle. The small chaste kisses evolved into long drawn sucks against each others lips, Yunho dominating a portion of it. Obligingly, JaeJoong let Yunho slip his tongue into his cavern, tasting his mouth and twining together.

The CEO shifted JaeJoong backwards where his head rested against the headboard of the bed kissing him sensually. He pulled out his tongue to lap at Jaes jaw line before he returned to his mouth nipping and biting. Just that action had JaeJoong half panting and half bulging out of his pants. It was like nothing he ever felt just back then before they made their trip to Bora-Bora. Yunho wasnt holding back anymore, not like before. He was his and his alone and Jae knew it. Yunnie-He mused against Yunhos lips as the CEO shifted himself up and over so that he knelt in between Jaes thighs giving the baker no choice but to spread them a little to give way. He let out a cry of surprise when Yunhos right hand ducked down to grab at his fabriced crotch making the CEO grin from ear to ear. He hadnt even begun the real thing and Jae was already trembling in his hold. It made Jae grab on to Yunhos neck tighter trying to get him to get back to his mouth instead of being distracted by his ever bulging crotch. He nipped and toyed with Yunhos jaw line, delighting to hear the CEO growl turning back to him. Forever begging me to do you.Yunho muttered as he plunged back into Jaes cavern, hearing the baker purr into his mouth in an affirmative. He couldnt utter a proper response since Yunho was utterly devouring his mouth. It was a different twist from earlier when they were just pecking. Jaes head tilted backwards as Yunhos lips fell onto his neck, biting and marking the skin there. Then the CEOs lips trailed lower down along his collar bone onto the buttons of his shirt where he picked it up between his teeth. JaeJoong just stared at him while he began to unbutton them. Pushing the top of his shirt down his shoulder, Yunho gave a rather strong suck to the side of his neck bruising it in the process before he continued down to his shoulder where he pressed kisses to it, letting JaeJoong fiddle with the buttons of his own shirt. His lips trailed left along his collar bone again torn between his blades and the nape of his neck, licking and sucking. Jae shuddered as the last of Yunhos buttons came off. Smirking, they grabbed at each other and yanked off each others shirts crumpling them somewhere under and over them on to the floor. Yunho lurched Jae backwards, head flopping onto the pillow hovering above him. He grinned, sliding his palms along and under Jaes thighs to grab his ass making JaeJoong lift his legs to wrap themselves around Yunhos waist. He lifted himself a little when he felt Yunho tugging at the band of his jeans. He smirked before raised his body for Yunho to tug it off. It came of like silk surprisingly even without the need to unbuckle anything. Yunho marveled at the fact his boxers came down together with them all at one go. Then he leant down to press a kiss to Jaes hard on before travelling upwards to his abs. There he traced the outlines of the toned muscles with his tongue earning tiny tremors from Jaes lewd body. By the time he reached Jaes chest, the baker was jostling around under him hot and edgy. Yunnie-He prompted, bucking up; his bare lower region hitting Yunhos clothed one. Aigoo, my wifey is so impatient. He mused against Jaes lips, pressing a kiss to it. JaeJoong hissed when the rough demines of his jeans rubbed against the surface of his cock. Yunho pitted him so he leant back to undo his belt buckle pulling down his own jeans, he didnt even realize when JaeJoong had gotten up with a gleam in his eyes and with one swift motion had Yunho under his weight.

Yunnie-hehe-He smirked and Yunho gasped in surprise as Jae pawed at his hardening erection. So this was what you meant by passionate?Yunho asked from his position. He had his legs clipped in between Jaes thighs he clearly remembered spreading. He grunted when JaeJoong leant down to nip at his inner thigh and tried to look at what Jae was trying to do but by the time he did, JaeJoong had successfully wrapped his lips around his erection. JaeJoong smirked a little trying not to be too please with himself as he stuck his tongue out to lick a line up the thick vein under Yunhos crotch. He groaned at the feel of that wet appendage licking nonstop at his manhood driving him insane. Yunho ended up reaching down to grab Jaes hair instantly bucking into his mouth. The baker grinned and chuckled sending vibrations down his dick making him gasp for breath. With Jaes hot cavern surrounding his dick, he couldnt help but groan and fist Jaes hair more. Watching Jae hollow his cheeks out sucking him hard and fast made him squeeze his eyes shut wishing Jae did it faster. All that thought had him wanting more, he slammed into Jae making the baker pull away, his cock falling from his lips. Mmm?JaeJoong murmured in a question and a light smile. Yunho growled before scrambling up and grabbing Jae before both of them flopped back in the opposite direction. JaeJoong just lay there staring at Yunho while the CEO took in his body splayed before his very eyes. Did I mention how beautiful you are?Yunho asked randomly. About a couple of times. Yes.JaeJoong replied worming his legs to Yunhos chest as he rubbed them clipping the CEOs nipples between his toes. Yunine~ Give me- Give you what?Yunho asked purposely trying to tick Jae off. JaeJoong whined bucking off the bed, showing Yunho almost everything, trying to tempt him to do something other than just stare. Give me your-JaeJoong began. Ah~ I know what you want, I wont give it to you just yet.Yunho grinned placing his finger on Jaes lips and pulling grabbing both his legs to hook them around his shoulder and leaning forward. JaeJoong whimpered at the feel of his body being bent in that position but his thoughts were soon dispersed by Yunhos fingers darting along the rim of his entrance. He hissed when Yunho poked at it, pushing into his body. All he could do was clench around the digit his walls throbbing at the intrusion. Chapter 19 ~ WOAH-WOAH! JaeJoong cried as the wind took his parachute a little too roughly. He squeezed his eyes shut holding on to the cable for dear life, afraid that he would let of and be dragged off by the updraft of the wind. The cable below was taut and swaying about in all directions. Yunho clung on to Jae to keep him steady assuring him that the cable was strong enough to hold both of them.

Joongie!He called over the wind behind of his lover. I DONT WANNA DIE!JaeJoong yelled. Yunho chuckled shaking the cable beside him. You wont die! Look, carbon fiber cables! I still dont wanna die!JaeJoong spluttered as the jet boat took a turn making them swerve a little to the right. Yunho taking pity on him held on to his shoulder to calm him at the same time pulled him closer to his own body heat. He leant his chin on the bakers shoulder and smiled. Dont worry, I wont let you. JaeJoong let out a string of incoherent utters when the boat turned again jerking against their cables. He squeezed his eyes shut only hearing the wing ringing in his ears and the wind in his face. Yunho grabbed onto Jae for the rest of the way, feeling a little guilty he made Jae go to such heights. He wasnt much of an adrenaline junky as he remembered. After a while or so, the crew began to reel YunJae in slowly as they reached the shore and once off the boat Jae practically ran onto the platform and hugged the pole. OH DEAR LAND!He exclaimed. Yunho laughed so hard he couldnt stand straight, before walking over to pull Jae by the back of the collar like a little kid. Arent you being over dramatic about it?Yunho asked, still in between fits of laughter. I ALMOST DIED OUT THERE, UP THERE, WHERVER WE WERE JUST NOW!JaeJoong gasped putting his hand to his heart. You didnt die; you came back in one piece.Yunho pointed out poking his waist. I could have.JaeJoong replied pursing his lips. For all you know you might be talking to a soul right now. Soul dont walk, souls float.Yunho argued. Stop changing the subject!JaeJoong whined. Im not, Im just saying.Yunho shrugged trying not to making Jae more panicky than he was in the air. JaeJoong folded his arms like a little boy and walked off in the opposite direction. Early on he had tried to convince Yunho not to take him along since he was rather scared of heights. Since young he had a phobia for high altitudes but Yunho told him that if he wanted to overcome fear, he had to do it with the fear itself. Bad idea. Though he had to admit that there was a point in time when they were airborne, he felt secure because Yunho was holding him, but the fact that his feet touched nothing made him frightened. So that was what his nightmares were made of.

Naww~~Yunho cooed behind Jae as he caught up to his pace. Dont be mad at me, huh, baby? Dont baby me.JaeJoong replied hard trying not to give in, his back still turned against Yunhos. Joongie.Yunho mumbled grabbing him in a back hug. I dont like when youre mad at me. Im not mad at you.JaeJoong replied. Im mad at me. The CEO raised his brow. Why? Because I had to spoil a perfectly good windsurfing moment for you.JaeJoong muttered but all Yunho did was chuckle lightly against Jaes ear. You didnt spoil it for me. I had you and that was all I wanted.Yunho pointed out. Besides, who wouldnt be happy if he had a sexy ass like you with him 10 feet in the air with nothing to grab out but his waist.Yunho teased and JaeJoong elbowed him in the gut. I knew it.JaeJoong muttered lowly. Youre a pervert after all. But Joongie.Yunho began. Go away, you rich ass pervert.JaeJoong stuck out his tongue at the CEO before walking the opposite way. Joonige!!Yunho whined as he raced after the baker who round a bend only to get Jae back up against him in his chest before turning around and hiding behind the next to him. He looked at Yunho eyes wide mouth open and inched further down the hallway. The CEO gave him a questioning stare so Jae pointed backwards and whispered Mom. Yunho literally jumped, pushing Jae further down the corridor asking him to lock himself in the room. Yun- Go!Yunho commanded and Jae didnt need to be asked twice before sprinting top speed towards their room. He shut the door and backed against it. He heart Yunho low baritone voice outside and cringed on the spot hopping against all hopes his mother would not come in. ----------------Yunho stood on the spot a little stunned and surprised that his mother had shown up at such a timing and in the middle of the day. He grinned awkwardly as his mother spotted him and waved from a far before running to greet him. Aigooo, Yun ah-She crooned.

Mom-He began, shifting his eyes focus to the other side of the corridor ensuring Jae wasnt seen. W-what are you doing here? Checking up on my son of course. How is business? F-fine.Yunho stuttered. AhhMrs Jung smiled not hearing the panicky tone in his voice. Oh yes! She continued and Yunhos heart almost jumped. Your dads here too. Im dead. Yeap. Well thats-Yunho contemplated on his words. Swell! He tried to smile but his lips were stiff and mechanical. His insides were screaming to him telling him that he was going to the gallows in less than 24hours and Jae would accompany him in hell. Of course~ A family together, shall we go to your room?His mother asked. NO!Yunho immediately blurted out shocking his mother. Y-yunho? I mean, the cleaners are cleaning my room so we cant go in.He managed to salvage the situation. His mother believing him nodded and smiled. You scared me there. Yunho laughed awkwardly as he led his mother back down the corridor where his father was waiting for them. When he did the necessary greetings, they made their way to the lounge not far from their hut. Yunhos heart was beating wildly in his chest wo ndering how he would tell both his parents hoping that they would not get a heart attack if he did actually decide to spill the beans. So, how was business?Mr Jung asked. So-so-Yunho lied. Clients say that Bora-Bora is a nice place and worth investing in.Another lie. I see youve tried the activities.His father pointed out and Yunhos face turned pale. Uh- yeah, I did. So that the clients would get a better understand of the things that are available to them if they ever came. I cant explain it to them a little better.Yunho managed, surprise he could even whip up such stuff at such a time. So, how old is your client exactly.Mr Jung asked. Huh?Yunho blinked. You know the person youre talking to. Oh-ohUmHow old was Jae? 25-ish. Is he nice?His father continued. Where was he going with this? Its as if he knows Im dating Jae or something.

Uh Very.Yunho replied. His father nodded and smiled. Has he asked for that thing yet? W-what?!Yunho gasped still wondering what his father meant. It was like he was asking whether he was dating or something. What thing? Honey!His mother cried, smacking his father on the leg. Let our son do his own business properly without always prying him for answers. That client will as it from him when hes ready. Yunho shook his head sharply. What it? Give what thing? His mother looked back. Approve letter. A-Yunho smacked his face. No father, he hasnt. See.Mrs. Jung admonished his father. Mom.Yunho interrupted. Im not a 5 year old child; I can take care of business myself. Behind the walls, JaeJoong had already snuck out of the room, even after being told by Yunho not to come out, but how could he when he was too curious to hear what Yunhos parents had to say. Frankly speaking, there wasnt much of the conversation he was particular about but they sounded funny. He missed his mom back in DaeGu and wondered if she could even see him. He ended up giggling with his hands to his mouth at the awkwardness Yunho had while having a moment of inappropriate use of the words Give it to him. -About that date.Yunhos mom began. Mom, I thought told you about his.He reminded her. Yunho-ah, I know you wont like her at first sight but Im sure you will after a few meetings.She persuaded him. JaeJoong gagged. Like her after a few meetings.He mouthed to himself. Fuck me after one day. I win.He chuckled shooting his hand into the air then he realized it would attract attention he shrunk as best as he could into the background and continued to eaves drop. But-Yunho protested. Listen to your mother, son, its probably best for you.Mr. Jung continued. Probably best for him.JaeJoong murmured to himself again. Best for him equals me.He giggled and bit on his lip to prevent himself from snorting. But I dont want a wife!Yunho whined. Why not?Mr. Jung questioned. Cos he has me.JaeJoong continued in a whisper. Cos I have someone else.Yunho covered his mouth immediately. JaeJoong fisted the air.

And who would that be?Mrs. Jung asked. Yunho grinned awkwardly and rubbed his neck. I. Cant tell you who right now, Ill tell you when Im back in Korea okay? Its a secret. His mother chuckled and pulled the CEO into a big hug. Aigoo, my son has a secret to hide. Im the secret.JaeJoong sniggered to himself blushing. Mommmmmm.Yunho drawled. I know, I know, but just for the directors sake and mine go meet HyeJin okay?His mother tried again. Its not nice to blow off meetings when youve made one. Yunho groaned. The only blowing off he gives me is a blow-job.JaeJoong giggled and grinned as a worker walked past him wondering what he was doing. Do as she says.Mr. Jung nodded. Maybe youll like her instead. Theres a lot of fish out there in the ocean not just one. But Im an Arowana. (Arowana- Big long snake like fish worth thousands of dollars if its reared properly. Very rare in countries.)JaeJoong commented. One in a million. But Dad, I dont want a fish, I want an Arowana.Yunho grumbled. JaeJoong almost laughed at the same term he used for him. How can you describe a girl as a fish???Mrs. Jung scolded his father. Honey, I just- Mom, Dad!Yunho exclaimed exasperatedly. Fine, Ill go, but I cant guarantee Ill like that girl. He heaved a sigh when he saw the relieved face on both of their faces. He was their own son after all and he wanted to be a good one to them so. JaeJoong shrugged to himself and pranced back into the room, shutting the door. Luckily for Yunho, his parent had opt for a chalet room closest to the sea since his father hand to fly back to Korea the next day for some important meetings and when he got back to the room, he nearly dropped his laptop (His mother brought it for him). JaeJoong was lying on the bed, legs outstretched, topless, hair messed up looking like hed um J-jaeYunho began. Hi.JaeJoong crooned rolled out of bed and twirling around him. Whats gotten into you?Yunho asked watching the fair display of luscious skin dancing about him. Nothing.JaeJoong admitted before bouncing back onto bed and petting the spot beside him. Sit.

Yunho did as he was told before getting over to Jaes side and sitting down. He turned to Jae in a questioning stare when JaeJoong smacked his chest hard. Ow!Yunho whined.What was that for?! You!JaeJoong pinched his nipple. Ow-ow-ow! Jae-ahhh- ow stop!Yunho winced as JaeJoong jerked it. How come you didnt tell me your parents were dropping by? Scared the shit out of me! I nearly pissed in my underwear!JaeJoong exclaimed. I didnt know they were coming! They just popped out of nowhere and poof!Yunho raised his hands in exaggeration. Rolling his eyes, JaeJoong let go before scurrying back under the sheets and tugging it over his shoulder. Good night.He muttered. Joongie.Yunho whined. Good night, I need to get rid of the trauma I got a moment ago. We Aruwanas cannot take stress you know. Yunho jerked his head back. You heard what I said? JaeJoong didnt reply. Joongie! Yes.Was the short reply. Then you heard what my mom said.He continued. Mmm...JaeJoong murmured. I- No worries, Im fine.JaeJoong mumbled into the pillow. Sleep, flight is at 2pm tomorrow. Yunho sighed and nodded. He didnt want to disappoint JaeJoong but somehow or rather, he could feel Jae was a little mad at him for not telling his mother. He wanted to, and he needed to. Then an idea struck his mind. Let her see how nice and caring Jae was, probably she wouldnt oppose too much. He turned back to Jae who was fast asleep before getting off to head for the bathroom. Try hard, or die trying Chapter 20 ~ The flight back to Seoul was a rather quick one since Yunho had opted for their private jet to bring them home. He had a cab pick both of them up to send them back to their homes

respectively. Yunho waved goodbye as he watched the baker walk into the lobby of his apartment. As the CEO walked up the porch leading to his apartment, he noticed a few pairs of shoes outside of his house and the door slightly ajar. Assuming it was his mother, he padded up the stairs to open the door. Im home! He naturally called out, watching his mother walk out of the kitchen with a claypot in her hand. He peered at his watch. Just in time for dinner. Welcome home honey. His mother crooned as she set down everything on the dining table. Then she turned around and called out. Hye Jin ah you can come down now. Yunho stared at his mother in surprise, not expecting her to have invited the girl. So thats why there were two pairs of shoes outside. His jaw dropped so did his luggage which attracted his mothers attention. Yunho? She asked as she turned around to see a flustered son. Whats wrong? Mom..Yunho groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. I told you Ill meet her on my own why did you have to- Yunho ah~ A bubbly voice floated down the stairs making him cringe. He turned mechanically around watching a young woman probably the same age as him walk down the flight of stairs. She smiled with all her teeth when she spotted Yunho. H-hye Jin.Yunho muttered as she made her way beside his mother bowing slightly. She seemed mild mannered and polite but Yunho couldnt take it at least because she wasnt anything like Jae. She was nice on the outside or so speaking but he didnt know her heart. He sighed internally as they sat down to dinner. Hye Jin kept her eyes on Yunho smiling sweetly at him. The CEO grinned awkwardly as he took his spoon up to take a mouthful of soup. Fifteen minutes past as they ate in silence with HyeJin merely glancing across the table to where Yunho sat. Yunho noticed and lowered his head, shoving rice into his mouth. Yunho ah? Mrs. Jung asked. Why dont you talk to HyeJin? Yunho snapped his head up in surprise and scratched his head. He hummed under his breath as he swallowed his food. Um.Yunho began. Yunho oppa-She cut him off. If you dont mind me asking, how old are you? Yunho blinked, his lips twitching into a crooked smile. 25-ish. He answered shortly. AhShe nodded. Im 24, but I hope we can get along. Yunho nodded slowly returning to his food. That was all he said and the dinner died down into a silent one again. His mother cluck her tongue. Yunho. She began sternly. Talk to her.

Mom. Its ok Mrs. Jung, it our first time eating together. I bet he doesnt know I was coming, Its fine with me. She smiled. Yunho shove more rice into his mouth trying to get rid of the awkwardness. He jolted when his phone rang and he pulled it out to see JaeJoong on his caller ID. He heaved a sigh of relief at the right timing, shooting out of his chair and pointing to his phone. I-Ive got to answer this. Business. He lied before scurrying off to the kitchen, into his yard where he pressed the phone to his ear. Yunnie~He heard over the line. Ah, JaeJoongie ah, um, Im in the middle of something. Of? JaeJoong asked curiously. My mom sorta brought that girl to my house and- Yunho scratched the back of his neck in guilt. That girl is in your house?JaeJoong asked and Yunho could already hear the clear dip in Jaes voice. Yeah, but I dont really want to talk to her. I dont even know her! Yunho whined. He heard his mother open the yard door and snapped back to smile at her before mouthing Ill get back soon. She took his word for it, closing the door. Then talk to me.JaeJoong suggested. I want to but my mom will grow suspicious if I take too long.Yunho sighed. Fine-JaeJoong huffed. Hanging up. Click. Yunho pulled the phone from his ear and sighed at the blank screen. He hit his head, shaking it and groaning. He had to tell his mother about Jae sooner or later, the problem was when. Returning back to the dinner table, he sat down to continue with his meal. -----------------------------JaeJoong sat in the confines of his living room staring at the television, flipping from channel to channel feeling rather bored. He swung his legs around onto the couch hopping there would be a proper program for him but every channel he switched too were either thrillers or romantic movies. He groaned, turning off the TV immediately, leaning his head on the arm rest of his couch and before he knew it, he was fast asleep. ----------------------------------I have to get going. Mrs. Jung announced as she grabbed her hand bag. Your father is waiting for me.

So quick? Yunho asked, not appreciating that she was leaving HyeJin all alone to him. You can have some alone time with HyeJin. She pointed out much to his dismay. Now be a good son and listen to you mom okay? She asked, kissing him on his forehead before waving over head as she walked to her car. Yunho groaned internally again, closing the door before turning around only to get a shock of his life. Long manicured fingernails curled themselves around his collar before a crushing kiss landed on his lips. A noise of desperation came out from the back of his throat as he pushed away immediately rubbing his lips in appall. You-! Yunho exclaimed gasping. Dont like it? Hye Jin asked. I-! What are you doing?! He asked in exasperation. What else? Kissing you. She said shrugging. But were not even dating! He argued. A sly smirk lit up on her face and she shook her head. Yunho ah, dating is a thing of the past, who dates nowadays? Yunho couldnt believe his ears, let alone the things that were coming out from her mouth. A moment ago, she seemed rather mild mannered, probably because his mother was around and now she turned into a she devil. He took a step back against the door when he closed in on him a little. I do. He protested, but she grabbed his shirt again and stared at him in his eyes, her black eyeliner eyes burning into his. Dont be a mamas boy. She hissed before tip toeing to try to kiss him again. Yunho cringed on the spot turning away and trying his best to increase the gap between him and the canaiving devil in front of him. His head was screaming JaeJoongs name and at the same time screaming to himself. He squeezed his eyes shut promptly as she pulled closer until he could take anymore. HYE JIN! He hollered making her stop in her tracks. Yunho grabbed her hand yanking it away hard. She gasped at his force, scowling at him. Part of Yunho wanted to kick her out of the house that very instant but remembering what his mother said made him think twice. He was a good son in the least and didnt want to disappoint her but he couldnt love this woman, not when he had JaeJoong. He gripped onto his collar to straighten it up before looking at her sternly. I will not date you. He said firmly. Hye Jin frowned. Thats not for you to decide. Yes it is. Yunho argued. Oh? You mother said to make you like me. She grinned.

But I already hate you. Yunho blurted. She laughed, high pitched and piercing. Well see about that. Then she pushed past him to open the door, slamming it behind him loudly. Yunho gripped his hair and pulled it in agony. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!! He cried. -----------------------------------JaeJoong ah Wae Yunnie? I might have gotten myself into deep shit. Eh? Tell you about it tomorrow. I need to sleep. My mind has been tormented. My poor baby. Go to sleep, talk to you tomorrow when you feel better unngg? Mmm Good night. Good night. --------------------------------------------The next day, Yunho hardly had the mind to concentrate on his work. One thing for sure, his mind was floating around stressing over what he had to do with the woman and what he wanted to tell JaeJoong. He banged his head on the table a few times groaned aloud then he leant his head back onto the head rest of his chair staring at the ceiling hoping that the answer would just pop out suddenly out of nowhere. It was hopeless. A knock on the door brought him back to reality before his trusted manager made his way into his office. Looking so shag. ChangMin commented. What did you do last night with your boyfriendah- wifey? I did nothing. Yunho groaned massaging his throbbing forehead that was hurting the whole morning. Then why do you look so haggard? ChangMin pressed tilting his head to the side. Long story. Yunho heaved a loud sigh making his manager more concern. It wasnt like Yunho to be this stressed. In fact, he hadnt seen Yunho this stressed in years. Something was definitely up and he wasnt sure what. Spill. Was ChangMins straight reply. Yunho lowered his head, clasping them in between his hands shaking it.

Yunho hyung. ChangMin began. Im not your manager for nothing, if theres anything I can help you with you can ask me for it. But I dont wanna trouble you. Youre already busy enough and Im not going to add a burden to you. The manager huffed as he rounded the table patting Yunho on the shoulder. Try me, theres nothing I cannot handle. Fine. Yunho agreed reluctantly. Yunho told ChangMin about HyeJin, how she seemed so nice when his mother was around and when she wasnt turned into a devil with horns. ChangMin shook his head listening to Yunho tell him about how that she vixen forced him against the door and kissed him out of his own free will. ChangMin fumed as the CEO continued to tell him about the incident that happened last night. There was one thing in common with ChangMIn and Yunho and that was that he hated two faced women who only went after them because they were either rich, or handsome and in this case Yunho was both. He was about to advice Yunho when the CEOs intercom buzzed. Sir, someone is looking for you at the lobby. His secretary said. Um, Im kinda busy. Yunho replied. But she said its important and she wants to see you immediately. Yunho turned to Changmin who raised his brow. She? ChangMin asked. Oh god, not her. Yunho groaned banging his head against the file. He didnt even have time to recover when his door opened and a skimpily dressed woman strutted into the room kissing Yunho on the lips again ignoring ChangMins existence, her ass in the managers face. ChangMin gritted his teeth and violently cleared his throat. She turned back to stare at him. Uh, hello? In the middle of a damn meeting. ChangMin pointed out. How rude are you? Rude? She snorted. Im his wife to be. W-wife? ChangMin gasped. More like whore. What?! She exclaimed turning full length to face ChangMin, her hands on her hips. ChangMin. Yunho sighed. Let me handle this. No. Im not going to let you. ChangMin straightened up to full height towering over the lady and glaring into his eyes. I- dont- like people- interrupting- me- when Im talking. He articulated every single word.

If this was a stare down, ChangMin clearly had the upper hand but she didnt let down glaring at him in defiance. You take that back. She commanded. Who are you to me? My boss? He asked. Technically yes, cos Yunho is my husband to be. She pointed out boldly. Oh, no-ChangMin shook his head. Unless he had his dick shoved up your ass then youre considered my boss, in any case he didnt and even if he did, Im not going to listen to the likes of you. I rather listen to my fridge than listen to the likes of you. He looked her up and down. What, tailor missed out pieces of fabric for your piece of rag? She glared at him even more. I paid 20 grand for this dress! 20 grand? ChangMin laughed sarcastically. Id find this drapes in a flea market for $20. ChangMin! Yunho cut in from their bickering. Enough. Hyung. ChangMin asked. Yunho turned to HyeJin. Get out. But oppa! She whined. Im not your oppa get out! He yelled pointing to the door. Pouting she turned for the door not before she hissed at ChangMin brushing past him. I need a bath! ChangMin yelled across the room at her. She glared at him before walking off. Great. Yunho sank back into his chair. Im going to hear nagging from my mother. Bitch. ChangMin spat. He reached over to hug his boss patting his back. As much as he wanted to help, he knew the only person who could help him was probably JaeJoong, whoever he was. After knocking off early from work, Yunho made his way down to Jaes confectionary, hoping that the baker could ease his headache. YooSu were sitting down at the far end helping out in the accounts while Jae was cleaning up along his display panel. YooChun noticed him and ginned waving to him in a polite manner. Yunho smiled and waved back as he walked over to who JaeJoong looked up from his glass display before smiling happily. Hey. Yunho greeted as JaeJoong wrapped his arms around his neck nuzzling his shoulder. Strangely JaeJoongs hug had a calming effect. His heart which was beating wildly a moment ago seemed to slow to a steady beat. He sighed into Jaes arms inhaling his scent. Immediately JaeJoong sensed something wrong. He let got to look at Yunho. Whats wrong? He asked concern in his voice.

YooChun pulled Junsus hand and crooked his head to the side telling him to leave. The dolphin boy for the first time nodded and both of them got out quickly leaving YunJae to themselves. Im in big shit. Yunho mumbled as the baker looked at him pitifully. Yunnie. JaeJoong replied softly. I can help. No you cant. Yunho sighed. Yes I can. Let me carry some of your burdens. Im not as weak as you think I am. But my mom. Yunho began. Its about yesterday isnt it? JaeJoong pointed out and Yunho nodded. Smiling, the baker pulled Yunho into his arms again before sitting the CEO down on the chair touching his cheeks. JaeJoong. I dont know what to do. He sniffed. He felt like crying but he didnt want to make Jae cry as well so he settled for rubbing his eyes. Everythings gone wrong. Dont say that. JaeJoong replied softly rubbing his face. You have me. The CEO collided his forehead with the table again making Jae a little jumpy. Im so afraid to lose you. He mumbled. You wont. JaeJoong assured him. But my mom, HyeJin, oh my gosh, Hye Jin. Yunho began. What about her. JaeJoongs voice dipped a little lower, eye brows pulling to the center of his forehead. She kissed my twice! He exclaimed smacking his own forehead. JaeJoong just stared at him in surprise. Then he immediately pushed away from his chair and stormed to the door. THAT BITCH! HOW DARE SHE KISS MY HUBBY! I WILL CLAW HER EYES OUT NOW- Joongie! Yunho grabbed his hand in mid-way. It wont do you any good. Shes the daughter of the director in my company. But-! JaeJoong protested angrily and Yunho saw fire in his eyes. Strangely he felt happy that Jae felt that way about him. She didnt have the rights to put her hands on him let alo ne kiss him. Listen- Yunho began. Ill find a way to convince my mom that shes a bitch. ChangMin was already appalled by her yesterday. He said hell help me get back at her. He pulled Jaes hand into his. Will you be my partner in crime? JaeJoong stared at Yunho for a second. Then he grinned. Gladly.

Chapter 21 ~ After tucking JaeJoong in bed (JaeJoong wanted to be tucked in like child according to him) he wished the baker good night kissing him on his forehead before heading back out. When he got home, the lights in his apartment were on and as he padded up the steps to his house, he recognized those pair of shoes anywhere. He heaved a big sigh knowing well sure that if he stepped over the threshold; there would be a severe scolding on the other side. He cringed at the thought of and angry mother and father but nonetheless, he bravely walked down his hallway to his living room where he got a shock of his life. Hed expected his mother to be there but the person beside her wasnt who he quite expected it to be. Her legs were crossed and she looked rather mildly dressed and wellmannered smiling like an angel in his mothers presence. HyeJin. Immediately Yunho pointed out in surprise. M-mom! Why is HyeJin here?! Mrs. Jung glared at him before she stood up to take three big strides over to Yunho, pulling his ear and forcing him down onto the sit which was opposite from them. Then she took her place beside HyeJin again and clasped her hands together. Yunho swallowed hard. Why did she come crying to me that you shouted at her? His mother asked with a stern tone to her voice. I didnt shout at her. I was working and I was busy so- Yunho explained. Work is more important than your future? Mrs. Jung shot back at him. Mom! I can handle my own love life and for your information, she tried to seduce me when you went off! Yunho blurted out, not bothering if HyeJin was in the same room. HyeJin gasped, which Yunho thought was rather fake to begin with. He shot her a glare then turned back to his mother who didnt look like she was buying his explanation. How can you say that about HyeJin? Shes such a nice girl. His mother sided. Mom! Yunho argued. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see the devilish look in the bitchs eyes. He so wanted to go over and give a slap to her face but something told him his mother would only side her more and put all the blame on him for being a lousy person. Instead he settled for gripping onto the sides of the sofa till his knuckles turned white. He bit his tongue, resisting the urge to spill bad words out of it. Mrs. Jung, its alright. HyeJin voiced out much to Yunhos surprise but he knew it wasnt real. Mrs. Jung turned to HyeJin who gave her the utmost (plastic) innocent smile with her big eyes and white teeth. Are you sure? Because he wasnt being really nice to you. Mrs. Jung asked concern in her voice.

Im fine, just a little upset but Ill let it pass. Besides, Yunnie is going to become my husband soon. She sounded really cute. Yunho wanted to barf but he calmed his nerves feeling them sparking at the ends. He looked up and grinned lightly. His mother still shot him a warning glare before she stood up together with HyeJin. One last chance. His mother said before both ladies walked past him and there was no mistake that the sides of HyeJins lips curved into a sly smirk as she strolled past him mouthing Ive got you now. Yunho could feel his blood boil in his veins and his patience slowly crumbling around him. When she turned around one last time to smirk at him that was it. Oh youre going down. Yunho mumbled under his breath as the car door closed. He waved mechanically and as soon as the car was out of sight, he literally ran back into the house, bolted the door shut and jumped onto his couch before pulling out his phone and dialing for the only known prankster in his entire life. At the first ring, the other person picked up. Sbout time. He heard. Yeah. Screw with her mind so hard she wont dare come near me anymore. Yunho literally spat. Ooo. Harsh words. Consider it done. Remember the 5 course mean I promised? Yunho asked, with a slight grin. What about it? ChangMin asked. You get an extra hot spring. Yunho chuckled. Nice bargain but you didnt have to. I wanted to mess with her from the moment I saw that she devil. ChangMin frowned over the other side. Yunho smirked. What do you need? He heard the boy snort over the phone. Actually, I dont need anything but since you asked. I need you and your boy- wifey. Why do you need JaeJoong for? Yunho asked confused. Oh youll see. ChangMin literally sounded like he won half the victory, like he knew that his plan would go so smoothly one would never know it was planned out. Deal. Where do we meet? Yunho asked, mind drifting to JaeJoong already. At your wifeys confectionary. Bring lube. Wait youre going to literally screw with her? Yunho asked flabbergasted. ChangMin faced palmed on the other side and laughed so hard he almost hung up. No silly! Youre going to do it!

HUH?! Not to her. ChangMin groaned. Yunho just sat there stationary on the spot. Then it hit him what ChangMin actually meant and wanted him to do and what Jae was for. All pawns in his little game of hide and seek but all fun. Deal, but Jae is going to kill me after that. Yunho pointed out. The boy chuckled. My dear boss nim, if those kinks you told me about your wifey are true, hed be all over you even before you start to carry out the plan. Trust me. ChangMin. Yunho began. Do you.. Watch gay porn?! There was a pause over the phone. WHAT! NO- PSH- OF COURSE NOT! ChangMin denied immediately. Im not you Yunho hyung, I watch food porn! Oh Yunho replied. I was wondering how you knew about how Jae was going to act He muttered more to himself. What?! Nothing. Yunho scratched his head. Tsk. ChangMin cluck his tongue. Bring HyeJin and let me handle the rest. Click. -------------------------------------Being a CEO was a bonus point. You could literally just take the day off or just take leave without anyone being suspicious or anyone asking where you were going, what you were doing. Those kinds of things were just annoying according to Yunho. Bonus, bonus. He let the work place early that day and even had the mind to call her telling her he would pick her up because he felt bad that he was harsh on her and that he wanted to make it up to her by bringing her on a date, conveniently at Le Petite Heaven and HyeJin being the desperate she devil, not even suspecting anything agreed easily to it. Showed how cheap she was- according to Yunho. At 4pm Yunho had parked his car adjacent to Jaes bakery. When he walked in with Hye Jin, the first person to greet him was not JaeJoong but Junsu. Yunho had specifically told Jae not to come get him at the door so to avoid suspicious since Jaes normal routine was to give Yunho a big hug and a peck to the lips. Today was different. Junsu smiled politely before showing them to their seats, which also JaeJoong had helped to reserve.

Boy when Jae heard about the plan he was, mind I say, exactly as ChangMin had predicted, excited actually more excited than Yunho himself that he would be getting back at the woman who kissed his hubby, and twice. Junsu bowed before walking away, telling them he would be back for their orders, which, in any case wasnt going to happen. Pssssscchh! Junsu hissed into the kitchen making Jae rush to him. Theyre here? He asked peeking out from the counter. Junsu nodded before giggling like a little girl. Apparently YooSu were part of the plan, just not the whole thing. With that JaeJoong sauntered out of the kitchen towards the two. Yunho spotted Jae a far off and excused himself to the bathroom. ChangMin was already there grinning like an idiot. Ready? He asked. Am I ever? Yunho groaned. You know it took me so much resilience to talk to her and make her think that I was about to fall for her. JaeJoong pursed his lips at his husband. If you said I love you I will castrate you. I didnt come to that stage Joongie, not sweat. I feel like Mission impossible on replay. ChangMin joked. And youd be Tom Cruise? Yunho asked. No. Im the villain. ChangMin replied putting two fingers to his upper lip like a mustache. JaeJoong laughed. Thats Hitler you idiot. Yunho hissed. Fine and youre my Nazis Shut up. Yunho scolded. The baker just shook his head at their bickering which reminded him of him and YooChun. Mission: She-devil meets her maker start! -------------------------------------Lucky for Yunho, HyeJin assumed he was too urgent so he had to clear his bladder and would take a long time. By the time the CEO got back to her, Junsu was right with them. He grinned with a note pad in his hand and Yunho merely read out orders from the menu. Junsu just pretended to write them down. All part of the scheme. Muhahahah! As the dolphin boy scurried off, Yunho turned to HyeJin who was peering at her hand phone admiring her hair as usual. He cleared his throat garnering her attention. Oppa-She began. Im glad you changed your mind.

Yunho laughed short and abrupt then he turned to the far end of the confectionary, better than looking at her anyway. What surprised him was when HyeJin boldly reached over to his hands and grabbed them, squeezing it between her manicured fingers. The CEOs obvious reflex was to pull his hand away but he kept it there resisting the urge to do so. He had to keep up the game if he wanted to prank her. After a while, YooChun returned with two glasses of water and complementary cupcakes, courtesy of boss nim he said. Yunho understood perfectly because one had a Motilion in it. YooChun had actually called Jae an evil son of a gun for doing that but that was part of the plan. Immediately when HyeJin saw the cupcakes she couldnt help but squeal at how cute they were. Any typical girl would do that, at least to Jaes cupcakes. They were adorable beyond description so she picked it up wanting to put it into her mouth when she noticed Yunho. She pulled it away and pushed it to Yunhos mouth. Ahhhh~ She said. Uh. Yunho hesitated. Ill tell your mom if you dont. Her tone immediately changed so Yunho shrugged, listening to her opening his mouth. He took a bite out of the cupcake and grinned before reaching for his, doing the same to her, and damn his acting was rather good because half of him was cringing while trying to feed HyeJin, but that was the plan after all. She bit into it happily not suspecting anything and Yunho almost wanted to jump up and down in glee but that would make him seem like a weirdo so he held himself back from doing stupid things. He bit his lip and kept calm while the base of it was quivering so much holding back his laughter. From behind, ChangMin fisted the air before scurrying into hiding. Half an hour into their date and Yunho was wondering if the drug had taken effect. You see the pervious one that HyeJin stuck into his mouth was a blank. He knew as much she would try to feed him so he had Jae interchange the cupcakes so that the Motilion-ed cupcake was on his side. Smart eh? Yunho sighed feeling a little disappointed but all of a sudden HyeJin clasped her stomach as though she had a tummy ache making the CEO notice. She grinned awkwardly when the pain shot to her back. Then she bit her lip and excused herself to the bathroom. Yunho just acted surprise and nodded. Step one complete. Outside ChangMin was giggling so much he swore he would get a face cramp even before she came out. Yunho had gone out back to find JaeJoong who hung two furry cuffs around his right wrist.

He turned to Yunho in an innocent stare. I brought lube. JaeJoong blushed. But- Dont tell me youre shy. I am-JaeJoong began, shuffling his feet on the floor. I dont wanna show my butt to anyone but you. Yunho chuckled at Jaes confession before reaching over to smack his ass. No one is going to see it but me. JaeJoong nodded. Sounds fun. He mumbled looking away, still blushing. Does the thought of us making out and getting caught by someone else turn you on? Yunho asked conventionally. He would be lying if Jae didnt turn to him still blushing and he had to look away because his face turned even redder, not with shame but with embarrassment. Maybe? JaeJoong replied quietly. Near the bathroom, ChangMin snickered to himself. He must be enjoying the scheme. HyeJin reappeared from the bathroom a little exhausted for her previous. Uh business when a firm hand appeared over her, pressing her firmly against the wall. Dont turn around. ChangMin deepened his voice purposely. W-what?! HyeJin hissed against the polished wooden wall. Ive been watching you for a long time. ChangMin continued grinning and blowing hot air into her ear. B-but-She spluttered trying to push away to no avail. -------------------------------Are you sure cuffing you to a pole wont hurt you? Yunho asked, cautiously clicking one side of the bakers hands to the side of the pole. Then he turned to Jaes other hand and stared at it hesitantly. No it wont. Its furry, so its soft. JaeJoong pointed out as Yunho clicked his other hand around the pole. You know we dont have time for preparation right? JaeJoong rolled his eyes before hitting Yunho lightly on the leg with his feet. Who needs em. Thats wheres lube comes into play.

JaeJoong giggle before he turned around, hugging the pole. I think Id get bet rookie actor award of the year. Yunho shook his head before leaning into Jaes ear. No, youd get best porn star of the year. He whispered low. JaeJoong just chuckled before he shifted himself properly so as not to get a backache after Yunho actually prepared to do. I feel bad. Were pranking a girl. Yunho mumbled awkwardly as he reached forward to grab Jaes crotch. The baker jumped a little as the CEO pawed his growing bulge. But its not just a girl were pranking, its she devil were pranking. JaeJoong pointed out. Now hurry up- He prompted shaking his butt. Gosh, so eager-Yunho commented. ChangMin was right. The baker just cluck his tongue as Yunho pushed his pants down his hips in the same motion, reaching for his own zipper to reach for his dick. I hope YooChun has the camera. Yunho muttered as he lubed his dick and nudged Jaes entrance. Ahh!- I-impromptu sex in my s-storage compartment, this is the first. The baker laughed weakly. Yunho hummed against Jaes back as he started his slow descend into Jaes body stretching his walls, fighting resistance. JaeJoong on the other hand clenched wildly around him as he bit on his lip and gripped onto the pole tighter. He inhaled a little when Yunho pulled out to jerk back in setting up a thrusting pace he was glad to follow. -----------------------------------------Why dont you make out with me? ChangMin asked, gagging at the back of his mind but at the same time smirking so hard he wanted to massage his cheeks. YooChun stood in the corner camera at the record. He shrugged his shoulders when Junsu laughed softly. I- d-ont know. HyeJin whispered timidly. He might get angry. Whos he? ChangMin asked as though he didnt know. My boyfriend. Your boyfriend? But he doesnt like you right? ChangMin continued, recalling what Yunho said. I think he does. But Im doing this because I just want his money. She replied to ChangMins expectation. Money? I can give you more than just money. I-

Just say yes. ChangMin prompted. And I can get him off your back. HyeJin gulped when he immediately spun her around only for her to get the shock of her life. He smirked before grabbing her face and angling it so that it looked like a kiss to the camera. Man Im an actor. Oooo.So close. YooChun teased. The girls eyes shot open as ChangMin muttered to her lips. Hello, cheap ass slut. W-what?! She sputtered as she pried his hands from her face to make a dash to the back of the bakery where another blow was installed for her. ChangMins lips curved into a sly grin as he waved after her. Desperate to get away, she turned the corner only for her eyes to fall upon a familiar figure. HyeJins eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she took in a rather feminine looking male in the front, Yunho ramming him against the pole, his moans trailing off when he spotted her. And Action! H-hye Jin ah-Yunho began, acting like he was rather shocked at her appearance when in fact he knew way beforehand. Yunnie-JaeJoong mewled rocking his hips against Yunho. Y-un-ho- o-oppa- why-She backed away taken aback by his actions only to bump into ChangMin who patted her shoulder. Hard life you have there maam. He joked. She turned around, frightened by his sudden showing behind her. Who-HyeJin began, her words choking on themselves. A head peeked out from the side of the store room. Who? JaeJoong asked smiling innocently. Im his lover. ChangMin nodded wisely. You were just pranked. And weve got your little confession on tape. YooChun mused as he floated in just in time for the grand finale. Yunho leaned his arm against the door. Your little innocent charade ends now, HyeJin ssi. The girl shaking knelt down and began to shake and sob. She covered her eyes as they flowed down her face. It made Yunho feel a little bad that it was four against one but she had to learn a lesson for her own good. JaeJoong sighed after a while; also feeling bad pulled the tape from YooChuns hands before bending down to HyeJins height. This tape isnt going to Yunhos mom or your dad, but if you harass my hubby again. It will.

HyeJin just let out a series of desperate sobs rubbing her face and her eyes before turning and scurrying out of the confectionary not even turning back to look at Yunho or JaeJoong. ChangMin waved after her smiling. Why are you so nice? ChangMin asked Jae once she was out of sight. I dont know I just am. JaeJoong giggled before he rubbed the back of his thigh. Ahhh--- Yunho chuckled awkwardly. Sorry. He turned to ChangMin wondering if he had a solution to all this. What do I do now? ChangMin rubbed his chin wistfully. Moms the word. Chapter 22 ~

Yunho pulled out his hand phone from his drawer before peering at the screen wondering if he should do what he was determined to do. He sighed hard imagining the scolding and nagging he would get himself when he finally told his mother the truth about him and JaeJoong and their love life. It was now or never and he felt that the sooner the better and best if he told her instead of her finding out and throwing a fit swearing never to talk to him again. He groaned pushing the buttons on his phone. Spinning around on the chair he shut his eyes and tried to calm himself. He wanted this to work out he had to make sure that he was determined about this. He loved Jae and nothing and absolutely no one was going to separate them, not even his mother. He bit on his lower lip rehearsing to himself on what to say, to stay calm and to sound serious over the phone. Then he turned back to his phone and stared at the screen hard. He called his mother. Standing up and out of his chair, he paced around the room while the dial tone went off, still rehearsing to himself. Yunho ah? His mother answered after three rings. Ah, mom, um Yeah, I have something to tell you. He stuttered on his words a little cursing to himself to keep his cool. Go ahead. Yeah Yunho began, scratching his head. You know about that dating thing. Uh huh? Yunho pushed himself to open his mouth, but nothing came out. He drew a breath and tried again but still nothing. Are you free tonight? He finally managed, though it wasnt what he actually intended. Say around 9pm? Mrs. Jung laughed over the phone gently. Any time my son wants to talk to me, Im free.

Yunho returned the gesture awkwardly. Ok, then Ill be coming over. Then he added. I want to introduce you to someone. Oh?? Bringing HyeJin? His mother asked, her tone seemingly rather happy. Why would you introduce her to me when I already know her? Yunho shook his head. Im not bringing HyeJin. Youre not? Mrs. Jung asked, and Yunho heard her tone die down a little. No. Someone else. Someone really important to me. He finally managed. His mother sighed over the phone. Alright, Yunho ah, If its someone you really like then I trust your decision. Trust my decision eh? You promise? Yunho asked, taking advantage of what his mother just said. Even if you dont like the person? Mrs. Jung sighed again. Yes I promise. Swell! Yunho exclaimed. 9pm! See you mom! Immediately after hanging up, Yunho flopped back onto the sofa in his office, burying his head in his hands. He thought of a few scenarios where he told his mother the truth and all seemed to end up disastrous. Shaking his head vigorously, he decided to disperse the thoughts as he went back to get his work done. Halfway through, he slapped his pen down before turning to his phone. Time to call JaeJoong. Baby bunny speaking. He heard over the phone and chuckled. At least Jae knew how to lessen his anxiety for a while. Joongie. Yunho began and ended with a sigh. Mmm?? JaeJoong asked. Could you um, come to my office? He asked, rubbing his neck. Now? As in right now? JaeJoong replied sounding confused. Uh, yeah now- Is it convenient for you now? Sure, Ill be there. Yunho straightened up on his chair. Great! Stay right there, Ill get someone to pick you up. Ah, no thats no- Yunnie? JaeJoong pulled the phone from his ear when he heard a flat lin e. He grinned shaking his head as he headed out of his bakery. He told YooSu specifically to take care of the bakery while he was gone, although he didnt really need to.

About ten minutes later, a black BMW pulled up outside of his confectionary and a rather formally dressed woman in a blouse and an A-line stepped out of the car. She bowed gently and Jae bowed back in a gesture. Mr Jung is waiting for you. She told him smiling. Ah, okay. JaeJoong agreed smiling back as she opened the car door for him. Getting in, JaeJoong surveyed the interior of the car. He chuckled since it wasnt Yunhos car. He crossed his leg and sat there quietly while she got back into the car, pulling out from the lot. He observed her for a while wondering why Yunho didnt like her in the first place. She was pretty, she seemed educated and she was polite, a big 180 degrees difference from that woman called HyeJin. Excuse me. She began randomly jolting Jae out of his observations. Um, yes? JaeJoong answered. If I may-She asked. Its okay, if you dont want to answer it but, what is your relationship to Mr. Jung? JaeJoong blinked in surprise at the question and laughed awkwardly. Im his He deliberated over the word lover. -Very good friend. Oh, I see-She smiled at him from the rear view mirror. Because Mr. Jung seldom has the time to go out with friends and the only friend he has is Mr. Shim. Ah JaeJoong agreed. You must be really important to him. She observed. You can say that JaeJoong muttered blushing. Hes really lonely at times, since hes very busy so its hard for him to make friends. She explained. JaeJoong noticed how gently she spoke and the affection that she showed towards her boss was unimaginable, again he wondered why Yunho didnt like her, or maybe he did just in a different way to him. JaeJoong hummed in agreement to her sentence as he peered out the window. Were here. She said as she turned off the engine, proceeding to open the door for him. JaeJoong bowed as a thank you gesture and she smiled before leading him into the building. Once in the lift, she pushed the button to the highest floor. JaeJoong watched the lift door slide close when a hand appeared in between shocking him. Hold it! A familiar voice called out as the man darted in grinning. Ahh! ChangMin! JaeJoong recognized.

Mr Shim! ChangMin turned around, hair messy and tie loosened. J-jae- I mean Hyung, what are you doing here? Yunho secretary looked at ChangMin then back to Jae then back to ChangMin. She shifted her glasses. You know each other? Do I know? JaeJoong Hyung is Yunho hyungs-ChangMin began and Jae shook his head subtlety telling him not to say that word. Mr. Jungs? The lady prompted. -Friend. ChangMin grinned and Jae heaved a sigh of relief. Oh, I see, he told me on his way here. Oh really? ChangMin shrugged his eyebrow. Anyway, why did Yunho call you here? Unless by any chance he wants to- JaeJoong shook his head sharply glaring at ChangMin. Dont-! -Talk to you. ChangMin finished his sentence with a know- it- all grin. In fact he already knew what Yunho wanted Jae here for. Yeah-ha-ha-JaeJoong agreed breaking out into a small cold sweat. Well, then I wont disturb you-ChangMin sniggered as the lift reached his floor. He slid out the lift waving overhead leaving Jae flustered on the spot. I dont like him. He heard randomly. Why not? JaeJoong asked curiously. Hes really snarky. Came a reply. Oh, actually JaeJoong shuffled his feet on the floor. Hes really nice once you get to know him better. You seem to know him better than I do. She seemed confused. Ah, frankly speaking, not really. JaeJoong laughed softly. I have this thing for knowing people and I think hes really nice, its just that he doesnt show it in ways you expect. Yunhos secretary looked at JaeJoong as he continued to explain about how he felt about ChangMin and she started to realize why Yunho was always talking about a certain friend lately in his life that was caring and understand. She realized that JaeJoong was someone who liked Yunho for who he was and not just for his appearance and money. Sure Yunho was handsome and the man of every girls dreams but he was human too. She smiled to herself and Jae noticed. Um

Ah! She exclaimed. Its nothing. Its just Its hard for friends like you to come by. There are money hawks all around Mr. Jung thats why he shuts himself out of the world but s trangely not you. He has ChangMin. Jae pointed out. Mr. Shim is different. Hes more of a companion and a punching bag to be honest. She pursed her lips. P-punching bag? Yeah, Mr. Jung takes it out on Mr. Shim when hes depressed. And by taking it out, you mean- Banging his head on Mr. Shims shoulder. Oh JaeJoong grinned awkwardly. Actually he was expecting more of a Yunho, beating ChangMin when he was frustrated or something or shouting at him but face planting into his shoulder was hilarious. As they reached the 30th floor, she showed Jae to Yunhos office which was just a walk down a really long and glassy hallway. At the end of it, there was a door and she knocked on it. Mr. Kim is here. She called into his office. Jae heard some ruffling of papers and a squeaky chair when the door opened and a smiley face popped out of the gap between the ledge and the door. Hi! Yunho grinned with all his teeth. He turned to his secretary thanking her then he immediately grabbed Jaes hand pulling him into his office and shutting the door. Whats the occasion? JaeJoong asked as Yunho sat him down on the sofa and sat next to him staring at him intently. Yunho rubbed his neck. I want to bring you to see my mother. JaeJoong sat there stunned. Now?! He asked. No not now, tonight. Yunho replied pulling Jaes hands into his. B-but, Im afraid JaeJoong explained. Im scared to death as well but we cannot hide anymore. I want her to see how much I love you and that I cannot live without you. Yunho stressed gripping Jaes hand. I dont know-JaeJoong lowered his head. What if she doesnt like me? I will make her like you! Yunho blurted out. How?

Yunho was taken aback by the question and ended up cracking his brains. It led him to make weird faces like he was thinking of something that was not going to happen. He ended up scanning through all his options. Then he looked back at Jae and sighed. I Dont have one. JaeJoong chuckled patting the CEOs head. Its ok, well do this together. Joongie!!!! Yunho lurched into Jaes arms hugging him. Awww. The baker cooed. There, there, well get through this together okay? Yunho nodded onto his shoulder as the baker stroked his hair gently rocking him. Suddenly he felt he was the one comforting Yunho and not the other way around. He chuckled to himself. He agreed to stay in Yunhos office until knocking off time, knowing well that Yunho couldnt concentrate without him around and he could see that the CEO became more jumpy as the time drew nearer. Yunho looked up at the time. 8:15pm. Im so dead. He groaned as he pushed out of his chair to pack up. Im not even mentally prepared to get disowned. JaeJoong made a face at him. Dont be over dramatic; your mom wont disown you just because you profess to be gay. You see! Thats the point! I profess to my mom that I am gay and shell just think Im mad and send me to the mental hospital where Ill just rot there for the rest of my gay life. JaeJoong stared at him before laughing so hard he fell over onto the sofa clutching his tummy. You still have your dad. JaeJoong pointed out after a while. My dad, oh yeah, I think hell just shoot me with that old shot gun of his handing on the ceiling. Thats harsh. JaeJoong replied. Yunho shivered at the thought of actually being shot. He grabbed his heart and groaned making JaeJoong laugh at his hilarious actions. Well, if I die youre going down with me. Yunho grinned earning a half ass punch to his shoulder by the baker. If I die you wont have anyone too call Bunny. Valid point, but Im scared to death at what my mom would to do me. It cant be scarier than what I might do to you right? JaeJoong asked in a challenge.

Yunho pouted. Fine, its getting late, I better get this done with, and go home, provided I live to see tomorrow. JaeJoong patted Yunho on the back. Poor baby, well get through this together - As they walked out of the office together JaeJoong teased Yunho that he could become an actor and he would earn lots of money from his over exaggeration of situations since his actions were rather comical. Yunho wobbled from side to side imagining what it would be like if his mother were to clobber him. Oh gosh. When Yunho reached the basement of his parents condominium, he put the car in reverse getting into the lot before locking up, holding JaeJoongs hand as they walked into the lift together. He needed moral support from his lover now and all of it. The baker held onto it tightly, squeezing them gently assuring him. Pressing the doorbell of his parents apartment, he heard quick footsteps to the door and the perky voice of his mother. Coming~ She sang before she opened the door to see Yunho and a smaller figure hidden behind him. Her smile died down and she dropped the oven glove from her hand. Mom. Yunho began. This is JaeJoong. Chapter 23 ~

The atmosphere around the table was so thick; you could slice it with a knife. Yunho sat on one end of the dining table while JaeJoong sat quietly beside him head down not daring to make eye contact with anyone in the room namely Yunhos parents. He shuffled his feet awkwardly under the table while he poked at the food on his plate. Yunho too felt the tension but he didnt want to make it worse than it was already. He peaked up from under his fringe and spotted his mother staring JaeJoong down. Hes breath hitched a little when she moved in her chair. His father cleared his throat at a point in time but didnt say anything. JaeJoong bit on his lower lip hardly touching his portion of his dinner. Yunho reached down to grab Jaes hand, surprised at how cold they were. He was probably as nervous and anxious as him. Still he tried to calm the bakers nerves. Yunho. His father began abruptly and both YunJaes head shot up towards his direction. Y-yes? Yunho asked, stuttering hard. Mrs. Jung huffed before pulling her attention away from her food to face both of them. She stared sternly at JaeJoong before turning her eyes to her son. Can we have a word? Mrs. Jung asked as she turned back to JaeJoong. Yunho looked at Jae who had this utterly terrified look on his face before squeezing his hand tighter.

Its okay. He whispered. Just talk. But-JaeJoong replied in a mutter under his breath. A word? Mrs. Jung repeated herself, rising out from the chair and heading back into the kitchen. Yunhos dad too had left the table for the kitchen. I feel like Im going for an interview. JaeJoong chuckled weakly trying to calm his own jitters. Dont worry Joongie, Im here. Yunho assured him. With that JaeJoong got out of his seat and dragged himself into the kitchen, looking over his head worriedly as Yunho gave him a little thumbs up and a weak smile. The baker gulped before turning back disappearing into the kitchen. Jaes heart was beating so fast he felt like he was about to faint. He pictured himself walking to the gallows when he stopped short to see both Yunhos parents folding their arms awaiting him. He blinked hard anticipating their daggers of words that would shoot straight to his heart. He wanted to say something, but his throat ran dry and his head hurt as they stared hard at him. Mr. Jung-He began hoping that it was the right thing to start with. Kim is it? Yunhos mother asked raising her head a little. JaeJoong nodded. Yes. Kim JaeJoong. I see. I wondered why I have seen you before. She continued. You said you were Yunhos housekeeper. JaeJoong lowered his head in shame. That was a lie Mrs. Jung, I didnt mean to- Didnt mean to lie to me that you were the one Yunho was seeing all this while? She completed his sentence. Mr. Jung huffed beside her still staring at him. JaeJoong cringed head still low staring at the floor. Yes. Mrs. Jung let out a long sigh. Stop looking down. She admonished making Jae snap his head up immediately. Im sorry. He apologized. Outside Yunho wondered what was going on between his parents and JaeJoong. He wanted to know what they were saying, what his mother was telling Jae. He dreaded that his mother might, out of anger, make JaeJoong leave or worse, force him to leave. He fidgeted in his chair gripping the handles tapping his fingers on the sides feeling anxious and flustered at the same time.

How long have both of you been dating? She asked. JaeJoong had the tendency to lower his head. Half a year now. Mr. Jung couldnt help but let out a loud exhale and Jae wondered if he was angry at the fact that Yunho didnt tell them about them dating or the fact that they managed to keep this dating thing from his parents for so long and not even get found out. I see. She replied, to Jaes surprise. Why was it she seemed rather calm, like she knew part of it or something about it, but why did she ask then? JaeJoong remained silent trying his best not to make any kind of movements of sounds that would irk them probably. He swallowed the lump that formed in his throat and his heart continued to pulse against his chest. Yunho was a good son before he met you. Mr. Jung added which made Jaes heart twitch . What did he mean before he met me? Hes not that bad now-JaeJoong muttered. He heard footsteps towards him and then a shadow in front of him before he looked up to see Mr. Jung. No-Mr. Jung began as he raised his hand and JaeJoong cringed back immediately, anticipating what would come next. However what happened next wasnt what he quite expected. He felt a hand on his shoulder and a squeeze. Timidly he looked up to see Mr. Jung smiling. M-mr. Jung. JaeJoong spluttered. Yunhos mother sighed in dismay a little before she walked to JaeJoong peering at him with her large eyes. I dont expect Yunho to be perfect. She began. JaeJoong shook his head in confusion. I-I dont get it. Mr. Jung patted Jaes shoulder. What shes trying to say is, we dont object of this relationship, you and Yunho-and JaeJoong watched as Mrs. Jung nodded lightly. JaeJoong wasnt ready to actually comprehend what was happening. Were they accepting him as Yunhos boyfriend? When they noticed Jaes really confused expression Mrs. Jung began to chuckle covering her mouth. She shook her head before pulling Jaes hands, surprised at how cold they were. She smiled again. Relax. She cooed. Dont be so afraid of us. We dont bite. Mr. Jung snorted at his wife and she shot him a look before turning back to the half terrified half confused baker.

What Im trying to say is, Yunho doesnt really have anyone in his life that cherishes him, other than us. He is always busy with his work and he doesnt have time to date. That is why I set him up on a date with the directors daughter- JaeJoong blinked. But recently, ChangMin sent us a tape of his daughters act against Yunho and I realized that he was right. People are only out for his looks and money. JaeJoong just stared at her blankly and she chuckled watching his rather odd expression. Its just Yunho over the last few months has been rather nice. Mr. Jung pointed out. Dont get me wrong, hes a really nice son but he seemed nicer than usual. So I began to wonder if he actually met someone. We just didnt expect it to be you. Mrs. Jung continued. Mrs. Jung I- JaeJoong ah-She interrupted. The baker tilted his head. Y-yes? Please continue to take care of Uri Yunho okay? She asked in a kind tone and JaeJoong was sure he was about to break down in front of them just because a moment ago it seemed like they were going to kill him or something. I-will. He assured them. Mr. Jung smiled. Just make sure he has the time to come visit his parents once in a while okay, hes not all yours. JaeJoong grinned crookedly before rubbing the back of his neck. Then when he fully grasped what was happening around him, he turned and bowed so many times he swore his back would hurt after he stopped. T-thank you for accepting us! He spluttered. Thank y-you! Still bowing like crazy. Mr. Jung immediately grabbed Jae to straighten him worried he might actually really hurt his back. Dont be so formal with us. After all we are one family now. He said. A feeling of guilt and also relief washed over Jae and he had the tendency to bow as a gesture again with Mrs. Jung shaking her head still smiling. How come Yunho is not as polite as you are. She complained. Mr. Jung shrugged his shoulder. He got it from you honey. W-what?! She cried. Preposterous. Never. Mr. Jung rolled his eyes and Jae swore both of them reminded him of Yunho. So thats where he got the genes from.

Yunhos mother pulled Jaes hand as she walked out of the kitchen and when Yunho caught sight of them, he stood up immediately only for Mrs. Jung to gesture him to sit down. Strangely to him, she was smiling gently and in her hand she held Jaes. Yunho wondered what went on in the kitchen but something told him that his mother had accepted JaeJoong. M-mom. He began. You! She pointed to him as she let go of Jaes hand and walked over quickly to pull his ear. Ahh-!! Ahh- mom! Ahh- what I do? Yunho whined in pain. Why didnt you tell me you were dating? I did! About a couple of times ah-----! Yunho jerked backwards as his mother twisted his ear. Honey put his ear down; youre going to pinch it off! Mr. Jung cried. Yeah! Mom, go easy on my Ah-! Ear! Yunho repeated what his father said. JaeJoong chuckled at the side watching the hilarious display of mother and son. So this was what a real family was all about. Suddenly he missed his mother again. No you didnt, you said you liked someone but you didnt tell me who it was. She pointed out. But I was afraid you might kill me! Im going to kill you now, for not telling me. She admonished grabbing him by his neck and pulling him backwards. MOM! Yunho cried, losing his balance. H-honey! Dont kill our child! Mr. Jung tried to salvage the situation. Yunho ah! JaeJoong sighed at how goofy the Jung family actually was. Yunho always looked so cool and suave outside or in the office. He would be a gentleman to everyone around but away from all that, he was just a dork, like the rest of his family. Um JaeJoong raised a finger and all three of them stopped to turn to look at Jae making the baker splutter again. D-dont look at me like that. Mrs. Jung let go of Yunho after a while letting the CEO take his place beside Jae. Then in a hug, Yunho pulled Jae into his arms and rocked him gently much to his fathers delight. Dinner after that went really smoothly, and the tension in the room seemed to disappear with Mrs. Jung constantly shooting glares at Yunho but smiling to JaeJoong. The baker grinned awkwardly but he turned to feed Yunho like a good lover would do. Mr. Jung seemed to enjoy the romantic atmosphere making Yunhos mom smack his head in response. After dinner, Yunho said goodbye to his parent and he was lying if he didnt say that it was the first time he could walk in the open, infront of his parents, with Jaes hands in his. ---------------------------------------------------------------

Nothing much changed after that. Yunho continued to send JaeJoong home every day after work occasionally staying over at his house. Actually, JaeJoong complained that he wanted Yunho live with him since they were again, hypothetically married. Yunho agreed easily much to Jaes surprise shifting into his apartment and he even offered to renovate his apartment. Since the house next to them was vacant, Yunho bought it over and paid the contractor to knock down the dividing wall between the rooms to make it bigger.

You know something. JaeJoong asked as he sat down with Yunho at the piano after work. What? Yunho asked pressing the keys on the keyboard. I actually finished the song I wrote previously. JaeJoong ginned. I wanna hear it! JaeJoong blushed and nodded as he placed his fingers to the keys and began playing. Do you happen to know? How long I've wondered? Whenever I was weary, I always thought about your hands that always reached out. Saying I love you is still hard. But I'll say it one day. Your love is all I need. Because of you, I'm able to fight against pain, Baby, I'm not afraid of what will come tomorrow. If we're together. Always believe in me Because we're together During each repetitive day You're the sun that revolves around me, I hope all of my dreams Do not change tomorrow ,Including your feelings. The feeling of love I wasn't sure of it at first, so I didn't trust it deep in my heart Pain silently melts away Now I'll wipe away the tears and pour in happiness, when I hold you in my arms Your love is all I need We're not alone, it might be early but I will let you know Baby, I'm not afraid of what will come tomorrow If we're together Always believe me, We're together Because we're together. JaeJoong lifted his fingers and turned to Yunho placing his palms on the CEOs face. I love you. Yunho chuckled, pulling Jaes hands into his. And I love you too. Then he pressed his lips to Jaes as they melded together in perfect harmony.

Chapter 24 ~ The confectionary was suddenly a messy place, since Yunho decided to chip in money to build it up. Walls were repainted the marble flooring was repolished, windows were swapped with anti-glare and clear fiber glass. On top of that, Mrs. Jung suggested a second floor for the confectionary so that the basement would just be solely for the sales and the second level would be for him to run his own caf. JaeJoong wanted to reject the offer seeing that it cost nearly half a million to refurbish the place but Yunho wouldnt take no for an answer so he agreed, a little reluctantly. He gave YooSu the time off since business couldnt resume due to the reconstruction of the bakery which also gave JaeJoong time off with Yunho. The CEO gladly brought his wifey to work every day and suddenly everyone in the building knew who JaeJoong was and his relationship towards Yunho, not that he cared. Yunnie-JaeJoong murmured as the CEO held his hand walking into the lobby of the office. Everyones staring. Yunho chuckled but he held on tighter. I know, I dont care. But Yunnie, its embarrassing. JaeJoong replied gingerly. You dont like me to hold your hand in public? Yunho asked as he pressed the button to the lift and the door slid open. No, its just- Just? Yunho asked but JaeJoong shook his head and let it pass. Two more workers walked into the lift and noticed their intertwined fingers. JaeJoong pulled away immediately making Yunho eye him quizzically. JaeJoong blushed looking to the side of the lift as he stared out the transparent glass. Yunho sniggered, leaning closer to Jae, picking out his pinky finger with his own curling around it. The baker pursed his lips at the glass when he felt Yunhos finger around his but kept his position. The CEO nudged Jae. Dont be so shy baby bunny. He whispered low but it caught a female workers attention beside both of them. She shot them an odd look before the lift reached her floor and she walked out. JaeJoong shuffled his feet still blushing at her reaction. On the 11th floor, the door slid open and the rest of the workers walked out. A talk man dressed in a black suit walked in. Sup love birds. ChangMin grinned. Nothing, now turn your head to the front and stop grinning. Yunho commanded. ChangMin shrugged before turning around and facing the door. So, I heard your mom accepted both of yall He began. Yunho hummed in agreement. She say anything about marriage? ChangMin asked.

No. Yunho replied offhandedly. Why the sudden curiosity? Nothing. ChangMin shrugged again. Its just I really wanted to see JaeJoong hyung in a wedding dress. JaeJoong dropped his jaw. I will not wear a dress! ChangMin turned around. But youd look good in one. I mean, curves and all, you could wear a wig! I WILL NOT WEAR A WIG NOR WILL I WALK AROUND IN A DRESS! JaeJoong pointed out, flustered. Suddenly he had an image of himself in a white flowing gown with laces and white embroidery around his waist, tube top and a pearl necklace to finish the look and a wig to go with. He blushed and slapped himself physically. You were imagining yourself in one werent you? ChangMin chuckled. ChangMin! Yunho hissed. No. JaeJoong lied. Liar. ChangMin accused. ChangMin! Yunho hissed again. The 27th floor tinged signaling ChangMin to get out. Ill talk about it later. The manager chuckled before making a virtual wig figure on his head to Jae. The baker merely stared at him googly eyed before face palming. Of all things he had to imagine himself in a dress. When he turned back to Yunho, the latter was looking at him from top to toe and stroking his chin. Dont tell me you are imagining me in a gown. JaeJoong groaned Actually-Yunho began. I was. JaeJoong smacked his face again. The last thing I want to be in is a frilly lacy white gown with white flowers and lace. Yunho gapped at him. So you were imagining yourself in a gown. W-what? No! Never! The baker spluttered. Yunho smiled so wide JaeJoong wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide his face in it. He blushed beet red holding his face, trying to get rid of the burn. When they reached the 30th floor, JaeJoong walked ahead of him still blushing like a fire engine and trying to get rid of his previous image on himself. He looked at the corridor up ahead and suddenly he was imagining himself walking down the aisles with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, a veil covering his head and that silly wedding gown picture he couldnt get rid of. He groaned aloud before Yunho slung his arm around his shoulder musing at him.

Stop it. JaeJoong admonished, flushing as Yunho teased him lightly. But I bet youll look beautiful in it. I dont wanna look like a girl. JaeJoong pointed out. I have a dick. Yeah but you dont use it. Yunho joked, making JaeJoong flail at him, smacking him on the arm. Outside Yunhos secretary greeted both of them bowing lightly before Yunho smiled and closed the door. He opened it again and grinned. Um, Ms. Park- Yes? She asked. You. Might not want to be around here for the next couple of hours. He scratched his head. Oh? But what if someone needs to see- Trust me, its better if you sit further away. ChangMins voice came floating into the corridor. I dont know how loud his wifey can get. C-chang! You!-Yunho ground his teeth. Can you not be obnoxious? He turned around to see Jae hiding under the table dying from embarrassment, something which he found rather adorable. He gave ChangMin a dubious look as his secretary walked past him shaking her head. I just came to tell you some bitch in the lobby is hollering your name. I can hear it from like my office. He complained. I mean her voice is practically the high pitch whiny voice that I cant get rid of. Ugh someone save me! Whos screaming in the lobby? Yunho asked. Who else? ChangMin pointed out. Hye- I bet her boob job is fake- Jin. Yunho straightened up. Why the heck is she here?! I dont know. ChangMin shrugged. Shes screaming about that tape I gave your mom. You gave it to my mom, you clean this up, and Im not going down there and showing her my face. Yunho pointed out. But Hyung, she wants to see you! Not me. He argued. Ill go. JaeJoong peeked out from beside Yunho. The CEO stared at Jae But shell breathe fire into your face. JaeJoong rolled his eyes. Are youre being to over exaggerating. Girls do not breathe fire, they cat fight. And JaeJoong hyung is the master. ChangMin joked. Yah! The baker scolded pinching ChangMins arm.

Ow! ChangMin whined. See! JaeJoong ignored his whine before running to the lift, with Yunho following behind. He waved over his head to ChangMin who smirked all ears. If anyone could win a cat fight it was probably Jae. Pull her hair Hyung! Changmin cried out and got a middle finger from Jae. Once at the lobby, the lift door slid open and all Jae heard was how shrill HyeJins voice was. He cringed not because he was afraid but because it was rather piercing to his poor ears Yunho had to put two fingers into his ears to drown out the sound. HyeJin! He shouted. Stop screaming! This is an office not a market! When the woman spotted Yunho she literally charged up to him only for JaeJoong to stand in her way staring her down. Step away from the CEO. He said firmly. She glared at him before trying to side step towards Yunho. JaeJoong stuck out his arm stopping her. Fuck off! She screamed. JaeJoong shook his head pinching his temples. So rude. Did you mom teach you manners? HyeJin just stared at him incredulously still not believing that he was still so calm and composed when she was furious. She hissed at Jae but the baker remained motionless so she tried again, reaching for his shirt to try to pull him away. JaeJoong didnt budge instead he grabbed her hand an yanked it away from his shirt before brushing it. Stop being a spoilt brat and go home Hye Jin. JaeJoong suggested nicely. Who are you?! My mom?! She asked in spite. No, but Im going to chase you out of the building in three seconds if you dont. Yunho just stood behind Jae and watched him reason with HyeJin. To be honest, Jae looked more composed than he imagined him to be. He thought the moment Jae saw HyeJin all hell would break loose but it seemed like Jae was trying to rationalize with her and winning. HyeJin gritted her teeth and shot Yunho a glare. You take back the tape and tell your mother thats not true! I didnt give my mother the tape. ChangMin did, take it to him, not me. Yunho pointed out. I DONT CARE! She screamed trying again to get to him of course JaeJoong blocked her path. HES YOUR FUCKING MANAGER! HyeJin! Yunho shouted, garnering more attention. He frowned when they gathered around. The last thing he needed was more attention and the passersby in the building were not

helping. He didnt want to tarnish the name of his fathers company neither did he want to tarnish his own reputation. He sighed massaging his forehead. JaeJoong tsked at her vulgar nature shaking his head. He took a step forward towards HyeJin and she backed up. Look, if you want to find fault with my Yunnie, you can do it after hes off work and not when-His sentence was cut off when she threw a palm in his direction. JaeJoong dodged the slap thanks to his lightning reflexes before he grabbed her hand squeezing it. Yunho was a little stunned and HyeJin winced when she felt Jaes uncanny strength. For a dainty man, he was rather strong. JaeJoong scowled at HyeJin as she pulled her hand away from him, massaging her aching wrist. Get my point? JaeJoong asked again. Ok, everyone nothing to see here. Yunho heard a voice from behind and turned around to see ChangMin dispersing the crowd that so indecently gathered. He waved at them dismissively and one by one they left the place, leaving three of them and a still angry HyeJin. ChangMin shrugged. Im sorry, girly, I couldnt let you endanger my best couple here so, I decided to hand the tape to his mom. He pointed out leisurely. You-She balled her fist. Eh- Easy come easy go. ChangMin crooked his lips as he turned for the lift again. Now my dad thinks Im cheap! She screamed. Not my problem! He waved over his shoulder. She glared daggers into him as he sauntered into the lift leaving YunJae staring at her. Turning back to Jae she scowled at him who returned her gesture with a light smile which took her by surprise. HYEJIN! A loud voice bellowed from behind. Of course the girl jumped in shock before she spun around to see her father angrily storming towards her. He saw Yunho and bowed furiously apologizing for his daughters misbehavior. He turned back towards her before grabbing her hand, pulling her out of the building with her whining. After everything died down, Yunho looked at Jae who was rather calm. I thought you were gonna claw her eyes out. He pointed out. JaeJoong grinned before patting Yunhos chest. Not everything needs violence Yunnie. Yunho nodded in agreement as they made their way back to his office. So this was the more benevolent side of JaeJoong. Hes always thought that his lover would be the jealous type who used his actions more than his words, but this incident proved him wrong. JaeJoong was kind on the inside as on the outside. He found himself smiling as he drew the baker into a long hug.

Mmm? JaeJoong asked, wondering why Yunho hugged him out of the blue. Nothing. He pointed out. I just love you thats all. Excuses to hug me? JaeJoong asked. No, I just like hugging you. It calms me. Yunho cooed. You have work; you can hug me after work. JaeJoong admonished teasingly pinching Yunhos nose bridge as he turned around. Agreeing to Jaes statement, Yunho sat Jae down on his sofa, before rounding his work desk, picking up a milana file. He peered at Jae who crossed his leg leisurely and gave him a thumbs up, chuckling. Just like that, Yunho spent the day, with JaeJoong in his office working. He was quite surprise when JaeJoong actually helped him with some of his accounts. It seemed like doing the accounts for his confectionary was a plus point for Jae. Towards evening, Yunho promised to bring JaeJoong for a spa to relax. He felt a little guilty for blowing ChangMins appointment off but the boy merely dismissed it saying wife was more important. Who knew someone so snarky knew love. Go figure. It was just a few kilometers drive from Jung Enterprises and Yunho had booked a whole portion for themselves. JaeJoong seriously had to thank himself for letting a CEO fall in love with him. Please enjoy yourselves. The owner bowed politely as she handed them towels and a bucket. Yunho smiled in reply and turned to look for Jae who was already half way there, as eager as a beaver. Shrugging off his shirt and slipped out his pants before he ran all the way to the side of the spa pool and cannonballed into the water. Yunho laughed at the childish sight as he made his way into the water. It was cool and just the way he wanted it to be. Slipping under the water, he let the cool liquid take away the stress of that day before he resurfaced. He watched Jae wade about in the water before leaning his head on the marble slab sighing in satisfaction. The water was warm and it caressed their weary bodies taking calming their sense and the aroma that floated out of the ginseng water was a soothing scent. JaeJoong turned around enjoying the feel of the water swiveling around his body. Nothing like a relaxing day at the spa eh? He asked. Mmm~~ Jae agreed. Speaking of relaxing, my shoulder his been stiff the whole day. He complained tapping his shoulder and flexing it. Need a massage? Yunho asked grinning. Please and thank you. The CEO chuckled before wading towards Jae but the baker had to stand up with his bare back facing him, water dripping down the dip in his spine and Yunho watched as the droplet

of water trailed down to his lower back. He realized he was fixing his eyes on Jaes ass. He blushed and duck underwater. Yunnie? Jae asked as he turned around only to find Yunho missing. Here. He murmured resurfacing taking in a full view of Jaes nude upper body. He couldnt help it when he reached. What are you staring at?? Jae asked, though the obvious answer was staring at him in the face. You. Yunho answered as he got over to Jae. I cant help it if youre always drawn to me. JaeJoong pointed out shrugging. Valid point. Yunho agreed, putting his palms on Jaes shoulder turning him around. Shoulder? Jae nodded and Yunho pushed him down into a sitting position before he began to knead the bakers stiff shoulders. It was not joke, the muscles there were so tense, they were rock hard so Yunho used pressed on them, trying to relax his shoulder. The baker hummed in appreciation, feeling those skillful fingers along his shoulder. You should work as a reflexologist. JaeJoong joked. Tsk, Im a CEO, I dont work for people. Psh, youre just saying cos you dont wanna get your hands dirty. JaeJoong counted. Youre right-Yunho agreed easily leaning into Jaes ear. Only for you. JaeJoong shuddered as the cold air blew into his ear. Mushy. Yunho kissed his neck. Tell me you dont like it. The back reached backwards to smack Yunho on the lap. Shut up. Ohh, make me. Yunho challenged so JaeJoong snapped around and tackled Yunho into the water. Chapter 25 ~ Rebuilding the bakery took quite a long time since they had to install a new second level to it so Jae had no choice but to follow Yunho to work almost every day. Not that he minded it; he actually gladly followed since there was absolutely nothing to do at home but to face the four walls. He even offered to help Yunho in his accounts, if you mean helping him work was another way of getting rid of his boredom. Yes. JaeJoong shuffled around Yunhos office arranging the files in order, occasionally being su ch a clean freak. Yunho complained that things would just become dirty after some time so no use cleaning. JaeJoong just ignored him and carried on. Yunho thought that he as becoming more and more like a wife and teased the baker about it. Of course they ended up in a tussle, if Jae throwing girly slaps at his arms was called fighting. Yunho nuzzled his nose bridge on

Jaes musing into his hair successfully winning. You see Yunho though he was equally as shy or not as shy as Jae normally had the ability to make his wifey succumb to him. Wifey, meet husband; 3 Work was piling up since payday was coming. He had to approve payroll slips and agree on audits to the company. On top of that he needed to sort out new staffs that were coming in. It was mostly ChangMins job but he couldnt leave everything to him so he decided to share some of the work load and it was share with Jae as well. Something about having a spouse finally paid off. At the end of the day, Yunho was exhausted with his constant running up and down the office. He called it a marathon and Jae called him drama king. Slouching back against his reclining chair he closed his eyes to rest them and before he knew it he had dozed off mouth awkwardly hanging open in the process. He didnt even rouse from sleep when JaeJoong pushed the office door open on his way back from his water cooler quest. He caught the CEO in a rather adorable position elbow on the arm of the chair, fist against his cheek, nodding away. A naughty thought crossed his mind. Tip-toeing beside Yunho, he lowered himself until he was at the same level with his face. Then he closed in on the CEO observing the man murmuring something that sounded like gibberish in his sleep. He chuckled before leaning forward even more, skillfully pulling Yunhos hand away but at the same time supporting his head with his own so as not to wake the man. Then he whispered low and seductive into his ear. Yunniee~ Im nude. He teased and congratulated himself when the CEOs eyes shot open, snapping his head around only to come face to face with a mischievous grin. Y-you! Yunho blushed. I thought it was for real! Aww~ Yunnie you and your naughty thoughts. Whos the troll here? Yunho pointed out pinching Jaes cheeks. The baker chuckled as he made to straighten up but Yunho had other things in mind. He grabbed Jaes arm jerking him forward making the baker fall into his lap. Ahh! JaeJoong squeaked when Yunho pulled him upwards again. Actually-Yunho began smirking. I had something else in mind. JaeJoong tilted his head in a question but he soon realized what Yunho meant by something else in mind when the CEO meshed his lips against his own plump ones. Shrugging, Jae reached down to find somewhere to place his hands so he could hold himself from kneeling on the floor to keep their lips connected. Yunho shifted backwards on his chair up against the window and Jae crawled onto the empty space in between Yunhos thighs shifting his hands to Yunhos chest. The CEO hummed into Jaes mouth before his tongue snuck out of its cavern to lick the rim of Jaes lips. Incidentally, Jae tried to move closer so his knees bumped into Yunhos fabriced crotch in the process, making him grunt into his mouth. It wasnt like Jae was stopping because he kept fidgeting on the chair and the lack of space was proving a hard one. Every time JaeJoong moved his legs, his keen would brush against Yunhos crotch, driving him

nuts so the CEO finally grabbed Jaes waist pushing him off the chair and they stumbled back against his desk, bending JaeJoong backwards with the edge of the wooden desk digging into Jaes back. Yunho returned to Jaes mouth utterly devouring it, not caring if Jae was reaching all around to grab his ass or not. He trailed his free hand down under the swell of the bakers butt, sliding it along his thigh hitching it up while he continued to pay attention to Jaes mouth. They tongue were battling it out against each other, poking and sucking. After a while, both of them pulled apart for air and Yunho smirked. Why are you so erotic? He asked randomly. Isnt erotic the wrong word to use? Shouldnt it be sexy? Jae pointed out. No, definitely erotic and I like it when you praise yourself. Yunho commented, his other hand flying to Jaes crotch after hed let go of his hitched thigh. I accept your complement. The elder chuckled as he reached out to grab Yunhos neck, kissing him hard on the lips. Yunho just grinned. He took his time to fiddle with the buttons on Jaes shirt sliding his palms down and under his cloth to pinch his nipples. JaeJoong just shuddered at the feel and clung on harder to his lover. I dont know why, but I suddenly thought of something-Yunho began as he shrugged the bakers shirt of his shoulders revealing lucid pale skin underneath. He shaped his lips around one of his erected nubs and sucked it playfully. JaeJoong let out a low purr looking at Yunho from above. A-and what would that be? Yunho flicked the band of Jaes pants, digging under his to cup his butt. I dont know its just random. JaeJoong lifted himself up a little when Yunho massaged his cheeks. He took his turn to unbutton Yunhos white shirt parting them, fingers skimming over the youngers shoulders. The CEO jerked Jae a little and both of them lost their balance on the table, falling onto the carpeted flooring, JaeJoong on top of him. That was embarrassing. Yunho teased with Jaes face against his bare chest. The baker lifted himself up, supporting his weight with his palms as he straddled Yunhos lap. He blushed. W-well, I didnt see this coming, this is the first time I get to top you. Yunho clicked his tongue. As if you top me. Youre just sitting on top of me. The baker pursed his lips smacking Yunhos thigh. You cant admit that I top you right? No, I admit you are on top of me, but you dont top me. He argued. Tsk. JaeJoong hissed. Fine.

JaeJoong lifted himself up so that he could slide out of his pants. Then he returned to his seat- Yunhos lap and rubbed his own butt. W-what are you doing? Yunho asked. JaeJoong chuckled before he slid a finger in between his ass cheeks. He exhaled as he intruded his own entrance and Yunho gapped at him. He jerked up and tried to reach for Jaes hands but the baker firmly pinned one hand to the side of his body as he continued to poke his own entrance. J-Joongie! Yunho cried, lips in between his teeth, squirming under Jae. Hes breathing sped up when JaeJoong moaned at his own doing and his heart pounded against his chest. S-stop! Ignoring Yunhos pleas, the elder plucked his fingers out only to add another one. He bit on his tongue to hold back a moan but it came out long drawn from the back of his throat. Yunho was going crazy under him, one because he wasnt able to move his arms and the other because Jae was too far down and he was still with pants. Ahh---JaeJoong exhaled again when his own fingers found his prostrate. He lurched forward, halting to a stop all of a sudden. Let me go this instant! Yunho pleaded. Why? JaeJoong asked with the utmost innocent tone in his voice. Because-Yunho stressed. If you dont I will punish you when we get home. JaeJoong shrugged an eyebrow. Ooo~~ I like the sound of that. Yunho groaned. Joongie! The baker chuckled leaning forward. Fine but youre cleaning up afterwards. Then he lifted his hands free from Yunhos arms and the moment he did, the CEO had grabbed him by the waist and flipped him over with minimal strength. Y-yunnie! JaeJoong cried in surprise. The CEO smirked in victory before he himself ridded his own pants kicking them against his chair. Im sorry but my ego as a top cannot let you top. So not the point. JaeJoong rolled his eyes. He wanted to ignore Yunhos comments but when the other pawed at his crotched again, he couldnt help but groan in response. Why not? Yunho asked before slipping his finger into the crevice of Jaes butt. All Jae could do was mewl when his digits found his puckered entrance. He wanted to protest but that feel of Yunhos long fingers in him was enough to shut him up. He settled for squirming and gripping onto Yunhos shoulder. Ahh!- Y-yunnie! JaeJoong exclaimed when his fingers hit his prostrate again making him jerk.

I know you like that. Yunho pointed out, skillfully avoiding the olders bundle of nerves as soon as he found it. JaeJoong uttered a curse when the sensation of being aroused disappeared again. He lifted his leg to curl around Yunhos waist, nudging him into giving in. Of course Yunho didnt relent as he continued to scissors Jae with two fingers instead. P-please! JaeJoong begged wanting Yunho to aim at that spot again but the CEO just continued to miss his prostrate only occasionally hitting it. JaeJoong flailed under him breathing heavily only just by the CEO fingering him. Yunho chuckled before plucking his fingers out of Jae. About that random thought just now. Yunho began. JaeJoong was half groggy already but his body was still hot and bothered he couldnt think straight with that electricity still coursing through his veins. He couldnt help it if his entrance was so sensitive even to the slightest touch. W-what about it? Jae asked eyes half closed. Suddenly this looks like those serials I watch on the television where the couple will make out in the office on the carpeted floor and not get caught because they are fucking behind a desk? JaeJoong opened his eyes and crooked his head. What about it? I think we might get caught in the act. Yunho pointed out. The baker wanted to laugh but he was still partially aroused his body was going over drive. Instead he settled for banging his head against the carpeted flooring. Yunho reached out to stop him from going any further, clicking his tongue at him. D-does the thought of getting caught in the act turn you o-on? JaeJoong asked. Actually it does. Just not by my secretary or ChangMin. Yunho replied matter-of-factly. Headlines: CEO Jung Yunho gets caught assaulting his spouse in the office. JaeJoong teased. Assult? You started it first. Yunho accused. But you had to continue. JaeJoong pointed out. But I dont plan on stopping. Yunho replied grabbing Jaes thighs locking them above his shoulder, staring down at his ass. It wouldnt benefit me or you if we stopped halfway would it? N-no. JaeJoong agreed. Yunho smiled satisfactorily and duck down. My hand or my mouth. Huh? The baker asked. Around your dick.

JaeJoong blushed deep red at the request. It wasnt something he wanted Yunho to say out loud neither did he want to answer it out loud because it seemed a little embarrassing. He turned his head to the side and pointed to his lips as an answer. I assume the answer is-Yunho began. D-dont say it! JaeJoong cut in. Just do i-it. He gasped when he felt Yunho wrap his hot cavern around his manhood. Mmmm? Yunho asked teasingly with his tongue around Jaes below. AAHHH-! JaeJoong cried as the trail of vibrations shook his body semi-paralyzing his limbs. He exhaled hard when Yunho just slipped around only to slide back down his shaft. He couldnt take any more of it so he just reached for Yunhos hair fisting it. F-faster! Yunho shrugged before fully enveloping Jaes hard-on in his mouth slowly swirling his tongue around. JaeJoong bucked up a little, held back by the position he was in. He mewled and fisted Yunhos hair more as he bobbed his head up and down treacherously slow bringing JaeJoong closer and closer to the point of release. JaeJoongs mouth hung open forever in a silent moan, muscles twitching. Yunho felt it too so he pulled out only to get Jaes spurt his cum on his face. OMONA! JaeJoong squeaked. Im sorry! He spluttered trying to get up to wipe his semen away. Yunho stopped him as he cleaned the liquid away from his face with his palm. He pushed closer to Jae catching his lips again then he grabbed his dick, shoving it into Jaes hole in one quick move giving the baker no time to adjust to his intrusion whatsoever. YUN! JaeJoong exclaimed when Yunho penetrated his depths. Oh! Let me hear you moan baby~ Yunho whispered into Jaes ears as he began to thrust against Jaes body slowly. I just want to hear you and nothing else. Y-yun- ahh- nnnggg- JaeJoong uttered. I-ahh-ahh- You? Yunho asked, rocking Jaes depths more. Oh- I- want- to--- cum- Oh damn bunny. Yunho groaned pounding harder into him, this words driving him insane. You dont say that aloud either. AhhbutJaeJoong protested rather weakly. His knees were shaking and his body was aching a little with the physical exertion of his position and Yunhos thrust. Hes entrances muscles merely clenched and sheathed Yunhos cock in the most fantastic way according to the CEO. A light sheen of sweat covered Jaes forehead and Yunhos back and their pants matched the timing of every strong but subtle thrust of Yunhos. Jaes moans bounced off the office wall and somewhere in his mind wondered if the outside could hear him causing him to blush in unison. Fuck, Joongie, why

Y-youre noting going to ask me why Im so t-tight are you. JaeJoong asked boldly even through all the pounding. Actually, yes I was but since you mentioned it-Yunhos sentence trailed off as he leaned forward to capture Jaes luscious lips. Im not going to. JaeJoong turned his head to the side panting. D-dont just talk- oh- thrust! Yunho grinned wolfishly as he increased his speed a little rocking Jaes depths. I tell you if ChangMin busts us, Im gonna have to treat him to two more buffets just to make him forget what he saw. Ahh! JaeJoong cried when Yunhos thick member brushed against his prostrate. Hhhaahh- OH! Theres where it was. Yunho exclaimed. He aimed for the spot a few more times each time dragging Jae with him. The baker just grabbed onto Yunhos shoulder until it turned red moaning away. His walls were so sensitive they twitched and spazzed at the sensation of being fucked, hard. Nnngg- Yunho grunted above him giving it his all. Y-yunnie- s-s-so close! JaeJoong spluttered under him. I know! Im trying! Try harder! JaeJoong finally managed though all the thrusting. AHH--! He cried as he arched off the floor, shooting his white ribbons against Yunhos bare chest, then he fell back as Yunho too coated his walls making the baker moan at the sensation of being filled. They collapsed onto the carpeted flooring again chuckling weakly, Yunho nuzzling Jaes chest with his nose. I like this-Yunho pointed out. Its like Mission impossible. I suppose youre the villain. JaeJoong heaved. No, Im not ChangMin. Im Tom Cruise! Yunho argued. Rolling Yunho off him, he got up after a while when his breathing resumed to normal. Nah, youre Jung Yunho. Yunho got up, grabbing his pants not far off and his shirt. Youre right. JaeJoong took a look at the carpet under them and groaned. I got cum on the carpet. Damn. Yunho face palmed. Guess Im cleaning it up. Impossible. Yunho gave him a dubious look. No.. Impossible is my middle name. Jung impossible Yunho? Jae joked. Then I suppose youre Kim Possible JaeJoong? Yunho asked.

The baker face palmed. Lame. Im out of puns. Yunho whined. Go get tissue. JaeJoong pushed him up and Yunho grabbed Jae to haul him up as well. The baker stumbled a little before he rubbed his butt. If I walk out here with a limp, ChangMin will definitely know what we did. For a boy he knows porn. You see! Thats what I asked him. Yunho complained. What? I asked if he watched gay porn and he denied. In my ear! JaeJoong shook his head. Which guy would tell their boss, let alone the CEO know they watch gay porn? ChangMin? No shit. JaeJoong drawled. Now go get tissue. Okay okay, dont go anywhere baby. I wont now hurry up. JaeJoong admonished. With that Yunho literally sprinted out of the office down the corridor where he got a roll of paper from the restroom nearby and ran back quickly avoiding curious eyes and a curious ChangMin. Dammmnnn. Yunho hyung? ChangMin called out as Yunho slammed the door to his office. The boy smirked. I knew it. He murmured.

Chapter 26 ~ After a grueling few more hours of work and a good nights rest, YunJae retired home to get some shut eye. The CEO ran a warm bath and made Jae get in with him giving the excuse that he wanted to save water without any conviction but JaeJoong agreed happily as he hopped into the bathtub together with Yunho with bubbles and foam. When they had toweled off, finally, JaeJoong headed for bed and literally threw himself on it, snuggling up under the blanket as he hugged his pillow to sleep. Yunho made his way to bed when he had his nightly does of a novel that he just got hooked onto since the last couple of days. He crawled into bed, lacing his arms around Jaes waist pulling him closer. The baker of course tugged himself nearer to Yunho before muttering something under his breath which sounded like Good night. When morning came, Yunho got out of bed early since he had to rush down to the office to meet a particular client. As he climbed out, JaeJoongs hand stopped him from doing so as he held on in his sleep.

Mmm JaeJoong murmured as he rolled over rubbing his eyes cutely. Where are you going? Yunho chuckled as he leant down to rub Jaes hair lovingly. To work. I have to go down early so, you can stay at home today. Okay? He asked. But-JaeJoong muttered. Go back to sleep, baby~ Yunho mused against Jaes hair as the bakers eyes slid close again. Then he headed to the bathroom to freshen up before heading into the living room forgetting that he was no longer living in a two storey apartment but one big one. He snatched up his keys on the table, grabbed his briefcase and headed out the door. When he got to the office, ChangMin was already with a file in his hand waiting for him. Sup, CEO of Jung Enterprises. He asked. Ready to kick some asses? Yunho smacked the boys shoulder chuckling. Ready! Well someones enthusiastic today. ChangMin pointed out as they walked down the lobby to take a lift up. I thought that was my motto? Wasnt your motto Hoes for life? The boy teased. Shut up; dont make me reveal the secret stash of porn you have kept hidden under that large fridge of yours. Yunho countered. What the actual fuck?! You know I keep porn under my fridge? You do?! Yunho asked. Fuck you Jung! ChangMin cried as he pushed the lift button. Technically you cant fuck me. Yunho pointed out. ChangMin groaned smacking the file to his forehead. Sometimes he wondered if Yunho was just being clueless or he was just acting stupid. 10 bucks said he just wanted to tease the hell out of him. What the heck. ChangMin kicked the CEO on the leg and Yunho turned back to poke his manager. In so doing, the boy nudged his waist and Yunho nudged back harder making ChangMin move a little. The latter tsked before using his file to smack Yunho on the butt which made him shoot a look at the boy. ChangMin stuck out a tongue as the lift door slid open, and a worker walked in. They looked as if nothing had happened but when the lift reached its designated floor, HoMin walked out of the lift shooting stares and trying to get back at each other. Actually to them it was more like playing but to others it looked like they were actually fighting. So childish. I bet I could beat you hands down in arm wrestling. Yunho announced. Oh really? I bet you let Jae hyung top you. No shit I dont. My ego wont let him.

Your ego has no ego. What the fuck does that mean?Oh wait were here. Yunho pointed out as they reached the room. ---------------------------------------------------The beauty yawned as he stretched overhead loosening his stiff muscles. He rubbed his eyes, cherry lips in a pout as he looked around the room for Yunho. Remembering vaguely that Yunho had to go to work early, he rolled out of bed, falling out of it and onto the carpeted flooring again. After so long, he was still that clumsy. He got back to his feet when his stomach sang the song of its people. He shook his hair and walked into the bathroom to wash up. Heading down stairs, his tummy made another series of medleys and he groaned pulling the fridge door open to look for food. He didnt know he was that famished but part of him was craving for something sweet and the other was craving for sour. He didnt even know why he was looking for food like that so he just pulled out a can of whip cream and his homemade lemonade. Strange combination but at least it might fill his hungry self. He bit his lip staring at the whip cream for a while wondering what actually to do with it. His stomach growled again so he headed back to the fridge. He peered in it for a long time finally finding something food worthy- a left over Jiggae from last night. Grinning silly to himself at the food, he pulled it out and warmed it over a stove before chucking it down immediately. He patted his tummy once he was sure he was full and sauntered into the living room. He turned on the TV and watched a program. Half an hour later, he was craving for something sweet again. Sighing, he lazily got out of the sofa, pulling out the can of whip cream once more. He stared at the tip when he finally decided to put some on his finger and put it into his mouth. He purred at the sweet sensation of the cream melting on his tongue and took another bit out of the can. He didnt even know why the heck he was doing it but by the time he finished, he was running to the toilet. Slamming the door shut, he leant over the sink, throwing up. It wasnt like him to do it since his was known as the man with the iron stomach as described by YooSu. He could chuck anything down in the morning and still feel okay when others had to empty their bowels. He stared at the sink for a while when the feeling of nausea came back. Uhh?? He asked pushing a hand to his forehead. Am I sick? Still rather confused, he let it go before cleaning up and heading out into the living room. He sat down still touching his forehead. Nothing. Shrugging, he lifted his legs off the floor and onto the couch where he sat cross legged watching TV. It wasnt until afternoon when the feeling came back to him. He literally ran to the bathroom to make another series of deposits into the sink.

Deciding that he might be really sick, he pulled out his phone and called Yunho. Three rings and the CEO picked up. Hi~ He sang. Y-yunho. JaeJoong replied meekly, his voice so soft it was barely audible. Whats wrong honey? Are you sick? He asked. I think so. I keep throwing up. JaeJoong complained and covered his mouth feeling it again. What?! Yunho exclaimed through the phone. Wait right there! Im coming home! No! Its okay Yunnie! Im fine! I think I just came down with food poisoning thats all. JaeJoong tried to assure Yunho to no avail. I dont care! Stay right there! Im coming! Yunho scolded. Yun- JaeJoong began but the CEO had already hung up. JaeJoong wasted no time throwing the phone down and running to the bathroom for the umpteen times that afternoon. The next thing Jae knew was that Yunho had already burst through the door and into the living room, rounding the kitchen where he saw Jae curled up in a corner, arms around his knees looking pale. Joongie. Oh my-He sputtered. Im bringing you to the doctor now! ---------------------------------------------------------Yunho stood outside the doctors room pacing worried up and down the corridor. He hadnt see Jae that pale since the last time he got stomach flu and threw up almost everything he ate. This was different. He sat down burying his head in his hand when the doctor pulled open the door looking rather puzzled and confused at the CEO. Yunho panicked on the spot. D-doctor, is Jae okay? I mean hes been like this before but that was stomach flu and- The doctor raised a hand silencing Yunho before leading him into the room where Jae was sitting on a chair looking down. He noted the baker was blushing hard. Joongie? Mr. Jung. The doctor began after a moment of silence. When was the last time you hadHe deliberated on the word -sex. Huh? Yunho asked confused. Yunnie- I- JaeJoong mumbled softly. What do you mean by when did we- Yunho asked again. Mr. Jung? The doctor prompted.

Uh. Yunho snapped his head up to look at the doctor. Um Yesterday? The doctor sighed which sounded like half relief half confusion. Putting a hand on Jaes shoulder he looked up to Yunho and began. Your partner is-He cleared his throat. Pregnant. Silence befell them and Yunhos mouth literally dropped to the ground. B-b-but thats! Impossible? The doctor asked. Yes! Yunnie. JaeJoong murmured again and then that feeling of nausea resurfaced again, so he turned to the side throwing up into the dustbin just conveniently lying there. The doctor stood up, rubbing his temples. In all my years as a doctor, Ive never come across Mpreg cases but this is the first. He said staring at Jae before reaching out to try to access the situation. But its possible? Yunho asked growing more confused. It Is... But the chances are one in a million. JaeJoong shifted backwards a little when the doctor pressed his palm to his tummy. Will it hurt? He finally asked. I dont know. The doctor rubbed his neck. I really have no idea. Yunho just stood there a little dumbfounded. He wasnt ready for this, neither was he even prepared for instances like this. Yes, hed watched on TV whereby movies portrayed Mpreg was possible but he never imagined that it would land on Jae and so soon. He turned to Jae who was fiddling with his thumbs. Why now? Yunho asked. All the other times that we-He paused feeling embarrassed on saying that word. He was okay, why now? The doctor shook his head, as confused as Yunho was. I guess hes is a special case. JaeJoong remained silent staring at his own abdomen. What do we do? Yunho pressed. What else can you do than to go home and wait? The doctor replied. --------------------------------------------------------------------Throughout the drive home, JaeJoong remained as quiet as a sheep peering out the window and staring at the lights that passed by. He wondered if half of what the doctor said was true, that guy could get impregnated even without a uterus. He sighed softly but Yunho noticed. He reached over to Jae to hold his hands, surprised at how cold his hands were.

Joongie. No answer. I- I dont wanna hear it. JaeJoong murmured. I have to say it. Yunho pushed. Well I dont wanna hear it. JaeJoong jerked his hand away from Yunhos. Joongie. Yunho stressed but JaeJoong snapped his head back and glare at Yunho, tears streaking down his cheeks, eyes red, angry and confused. He sobbed hard before turning back to the window staring at it insistently. Jae- Dont Jae me! JaeJoong yelled in the car and Yunho swerved a little car slowing to a halt along the silent highway. Joongie, just let me- No! I dont want to let you- dont fucking touch me! He screamed and Yunho grabbed his shoulder. JOONGIE! Yunho exclaimed exasperatedly. Well pull through this together! I dont wanna pull anything! JaeJoong cried. You dont make sense! You dont make even more sense! JaeJoong argued. No! You listen to me Kim JaeJoong. Yunho stared in his eyes sternly, grabbing his cheeks. If theres one thing I know is I dont care how much you hate this but I will make sure that you will get through it! JaeJoong peeled Yunhos hands from his shoulder. I dont want to do it! Fuck! Yunho! Im going to grow fat because of you. Whos the one who ate my sperms??? JaeJoong pushed the car door open. Ughhh! Unlocking his side of the door, Yunho got out of the car to grab the crying beauty. I didnt mean that, its just. He wrapped his arms around Jaes shoulder again, shielding him from the cold wind that night. Im scared. JaeJoong muttered against his arms. Im scared because I dont know what to do. That makes both of us. Yunho replied though he thought it sounded like a joke.

JaeJoong made another series of sniffs and sobs as he grabbed onto Yunhos arm shivering into it. He felt warm strangely but it wasnt very strange since it was Yunho. He lowered his head as the CEO shook his gently. Can I make the decision? JaeJoong asked randomly. Yunho nodded. But first I will ask my mom for advice okay? If you give me wrong advice I will castrate you. JaeJoong accused. I will castrate myself if I give you wrong advice. Yunho pointed out and heard Jae chuckle softly. At least Jae wasnt as worked up as he was just now. I dont know how to bring the message across to those idiots. JaeJoong murmured. Dont, not until youve made a decision. Jae nodded, letting Yunho let go of him before taking his cold hands, leading him back to the car. He held on to his abdomen. Well so much for tight abs.

Chapter 27 ~ Hi umma, I need to ask you something really important. Yunho asked over the phone, noting that the time on the wall clock was already pass 12am. What is it Yunho ah? His mother asked as she sat up on her bed. She turned to the clock, also noticing the time but being a mother, she was glad to hear Yunhos voice any time of the day, even if it was a rather unearthly hour. Um Yunho deliberated before he turned to look at Jae who was fast asleep beside him. He turned back to his phone pressing it to his ear as he got out of bed, walking to the bathroom and locking himself in it so Jae didnt get disturbed. Yes? Mrs. Jung prompted after hearing a rather drastic pause in her sons sentence. She knew something was up but she didnt know what but if she had to guess, it was probably about relationship or better, something to do with JaeJoong. Probably. Yunho bit his lip. Mom JaeJoong is pregnant. WHAT?! Mrs. Jung nearly jumped out of her bed waking her husband in the process. HOW? WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW? Mom you said how twice. Yunho reminded her. I know what I said. She nagged. How is it possible for a guy to get impregnated? Thats the thing umma, I thought it was impossible myself! He whined over the phone banging his head against the wall, and then he stopped afraid that he might wake Jae with all that thumping. He sighed heavily massaging his temples. Did my lover just defy the laws of science?

Yunho ah-Mrs. Jung began. Are you pulling a prank on me? What?! No! Mom Im serious! Yunho exclaimed before covering his mouth. Fine Ill take your word for it- first of all, pregnant people PMS a lot. She said. They tend to get all emotional and teary over small things which are insignificant normally. Okay? His mother sighed over the phone. They have weird cravings at weird times and they get morning sickness every now and then. Which means?? Yunho are you sure you were listening in Biology class? Mrs. Jung asked making a face. They didnt teach me about pregnancy! His mother chuckled over the line and heard his father rattling on about him disturbing them during their sleep. Mrs. Jung turned back to scold him and he whined. Typical mom and dad. In a nut shell, be more understanding towards JaeJoong, honey. Yunho nodded over the phone. Thanks umma. Anything for my son~ She crooned. Good night- ah- morning. Yunho joked. Good night Yunho ah. His mother laughed. Taking a deep breath, he slid the door of the bathroom open and snuck out on tip-toes before worming back into bed. He felt JaeJoong snuggle closer to him unconsciously, so he wrapped his arms around the bakers tiny waist before he himself drifted off to sleep. When dawn came, the side of the bed was empty when he opened his eyes. JaeJoong was probably in the bathroom puking. He sighed pulling away the blanket and running to find Jae and true enough he was. When the baker saw Yunho, he grinned like a silly boy rubbing his aching tummy. I feel queasy, like I ate something wrong. Morning sickness? Yunho blurted out remembering what his mother told him. Huh? You know-Yunho scratched his head. Part of being- pregnant. Seriously he wasnt used to using that word, especially on Jae who happened to be a guy and in his books it was still impossible. Oh. JaeJoong pressed his lips into a firm line but it didnt last long when he threw up into the sink again. Are youOkay? Yunho asked, patting Jaes back earning a look from Jae.

Do I look like Im okay to you? No. Then stop asking me if Im ok! JaeJoong snapped. Oh right. Yunho laughed awkwardly. Ahh JaeJoong suddenly groaned, holding his abdomen and kneeling down on the floor. He felt a pain shoot up his back as he squeezed his eyes shut exhaling a big breath. Joongie! Yunho cried, grabbing the baker by the shoulders. Where are you hurting? JaeJoong looked up at Yunho as a bead of perspiration rolled down his forehead, still clutching his aching stomach when another series of pains ripped through his lower walls. Doctor He panted. Y-yes! Yunho cried grabbing Jae slinging him over his shoulder before running all the way down the flight of stairs instead of waiting for the lift. JaeJoong bit his lip as he cringed making him grabbed Yunho by his shoulder. Hurry He whimpered. Yunho got Jae into the car and he all jumped into the drivers seat. He didnt even bother to put on his seat belt as he sped down the highway to the hospital. Jae just squirmed at the back, in so doing gripping onto the seat of the car tightly. The pain was numbing and mostly at the lower abdominal area. A few moments later and Jae felt like throwing up again. It wasnt morning sickness, it was something else. When they reached the hospital in a jiffy, Yunho grabbed Jae and carried him bridal style all the way through the sliding doors. He didnt even bother about the eyes that followed him wondering what had happened. Luckily a doctor was nearby and noticing his plight, led them to a ward where he instructed the CEO to leave Jae in his care. -------------------------As Yunho paced up and down the corridor, the doctor who checked up on Jae walked out of the ward holding a chart. He looked vexed again so Yunho rushed up to him immediately. Is JaeJoong alright? He asked, panic in his voice. The doctor nodded with a light smile. Then he pulled out his chart and a few pieces of paper, looking at them. Hes suffering from a case of food poisoning which was left uncured which led to stomach flu. He explained, pulling out another sheet. Yunho nodded, listening intently. Anything about his pregnancy? The doctor raised his brow. Pregnancy? Isnt JaeJoong-um

Mr. Jung, Mr. Kim is a male. The doctor pointed out tilting his head. Yeah but the previous doctor told me that- and he had a stomach ache and-Yunho asked growing even more confused than previously. The doctor pushed the sheet to Yunhos hand. The abdominal cramps are due to the stomach flu and his throwing up is because of the food poisoning. So- Yunho began. No, Mr. Jung, he is not pregnant. Hes creatinine level is just high because of the constant throwing up. Potassium levels are low, glucose levels are also low, and that explains his dizziness. Yunho just stared at the doctor listening to his explanation. Half of it was a blur and half of it was just one ear in one year out because frankly speaking, he still hadnt gotten over the old news that Jae was supposed to be supposed to be pregnant and now wasnt and then again, what was that about him and his beliefs that guys do not get pregnant. He face palmed as the doctor pulled out a doctors prescription pad. I think the previous doctor had a mix up of some sort, but I assure you that your friend is fine. The doctor smiled scribbling down words on the note pad. Oh, Okay. Yunho scratched his neck. Ill get him some charcoal tablets and something for his stomach flu. Oh yes, and make sure he drinks plenty of water to replenish the ones hes lost. No heavy carbs for a week till he gets the toxins out of his system. Yunho just nodded trying to understand the doctor as he mildly accepted the prescription note. The door opened and JaeJoong peeked out of it, still rubbing his abdomen. Oh yes, one more thing. The doctor turned around as Yunho held on to the baker. Make sure you finish the course of antibiotics that I just prescribed. Will do. Thanks. Yunho smiled. JaeJoong made a face and smacked Yunho across the chest. Even though it was a little weak, it still hurt and he whined. Seriously, you made me work up. JaeJoong accused. How would I know? Yunho pouted. That other doctor said so, so I assumed, since he was a doctor you know. JaeJoong rolled his eyes. I might have gone into cardiac arrest right there and then you know! Then hes hands flew to his mouth. Fuck, bathroom! Oh! Yunho exclaimed as he grabbed Jae again and ran to the nearest toilet. The baker literally threw himself into the cubical to throw up and boy it wasnt pretty. So all this while Jae was actually suffering from food poisoning without treatment which bloomed into gastritis. Wait then what about his PMS??

After a few minutes, JaeJoong emerged from the bathroom. He looked rather tired from all that purging so Yunho decided to bring the baker home. He called in to the office to inform ChangMin of their whereabouts, taking the day off. --------------------------------------Pulling the blanket over Jaes body, he kissed the smaller man on his forehead nuzzling it apologetically. Yunnie-JaeJoong mumbled under the sheets. Im sorry for shouting at you. Why are you saying sorry for? Because I was being insensitive. JaeJoong replied rolling to the side to face Yunho who was kneeling beside him against the bed. I should be the one saying sorry. Yunho replied stroking Jaes face lovingly. I didnt see this coming. Well, thank the doctor. He scared the shit out of me back there. Yunho chuckled rubbing Jaes lips. I nearly lost my soul! Over exaggerating is your forte Mr. Jung Yunho. JaeJoong admonished without conviction before he closed his eyes mumbling something which Yunho couldnt pick out. He just let it go, shifting JaeJoong further in. Then he set out into the kitchen and pulled out his cellphone. Yunho ah? His mother asked over the phone. Mom Yunho replied. As expected. What, guys dont get pregnant? Mrs. Jung asked, as though she already knew what he was going to say because Yunho just paused on the spot holding the phone and opening his mouth only for her to say what he wanted to. No. Yunho blushed. I knew it. She drawled. You sounded ridiculous back there. I think I did. Yunho laughed awkwardly. Anyway, JaeJoong is sick. Again? She asked. Why does your lover have such a low immune system? He got food poisoning. Yunho explained. And I have no idea what to cook for him. Mrs. Jung smiled over the phone. It was probably the first time Yunho actually ever really cared about someone to the extent of cooking for him. She exhaled as she paced into the kitchen before pulling opened her drawers and cupboards, looking for something. She found a packet of instant porridge and a can of soup. Not much but she chucked them into a paper bag along with a few other items she felt was useful for Yunho especially when attending to a sick JaeJoong.

Ill be over in a few. She told him before hanging up. When Yunho opened the door, Mrs. Jung had her hands full with a paper bag and a few other plastic bags of grocery. Since Jae was out sick and Yunho was probably going to be an idiot in marketing, she volunteered herself to do it for them. Setting the condiments down on the table, she went to work. Mom? Yunho asked, as he peeked over her shoulder to see what she was doing. If hes having food poisoning, porridge will do. She replied, chucking a long carrot to Yunho. Cut it. Oh ok sure. Yunho grinned before scouting around for a chopping board. Setting it down on the table top, he took his first swing at the long vegetable. His mother turned back and groaned. Are you sure youve cooked for yourself before Yunho ah? She asked in an incre dulous tone. Um Ive fried eggs. Yunho pointed out. Mrs. Jung rubbed her temples. You peel the skin first and then you cut it. Oh. Right. Yunho laughed awkwardly. Now he knew how much Jae was a master at this kind of things. Somehow he didnt really appreciate them until now. I need to remind myself to thank JaeJoong when he gets better. He told himself. When their little culinary fest was done, Mrs. Jung brought the pot of porridge out to the dining room before setting it down. Yunho had gone into Jaes room to wake him up. The baker opened his beady eyes, staring at the CEO with half lidded ones before yawning and rubbing his eyes sleepily, probably still tired from his ordeal. He lifted himself out of bed with Yunhos help swatting his hand away because he wanted to do it himself. But- Im not that weak Yunnie, I can walk. See~ He replied in so doing tripping over the carpet again. Omona! But Yunho caught him. Aigoo, you really do have two left feet. Yunho sighed. Come on twinkle toes. As they got out to the dining room, Jae got a whiff of something nice and smiled. You cooked Wait... You cooked?! Yunho laughed it away. No actually my mom did. I just stood around giving eye power. I knew it. JaeJoong grinned before sitting down. He stared at the porridge. I cut the carrots you know. Yunho pointed out. Thank you for cutting them Yunnie. JaeJoong replied patting his back. Well, arent we a little chirpy today? Mrs. Jung sang as she sauntered to her sit in front of the baker. Aiggooo, you look like my mother when she puts on make up, so pale.

Mom! Yunho whined. Cant you use a better term? Mrs. Jung made a face. Fine, your face looks like Yunhos baby bottom when he was just 12 months old. MOM! Yunho cried exasperatedly hearing JaeJoong laugh. According to Jae, he was feeling better than usual and as they sat around the table to have their meal, Yunho talked about work and how it was a ball. JaeJoong just listened intently and nodded while he shared his thoughts. JaeJoong shared his experience at the bakery and Mrs. Jung was actually quite impressed at how much he knew. They exchanged recipes over dinner when the doorbell buzzed. Ill get it. Yunho said. When he opened the door YooChun was standing behind it with a bouquet of flowers and herbal tea. Junsu waved vigorously to the sick JaeJoong inside. Oh! Yunho!Yoochun grinned. How did you- Oh, your mom came to look for us in the afternoon, telling us our pretty boss nim was sick, so JaeJoong hyung! Junsu was already half in sprinting towards Jae with open arms. Oh yeah. YooChun smiled. Heres for you Jae Hyung. There was a knock on the door. Can I come in? A voice asked. Yunho turned back to find his dad standing all cool at the door and laughed. Dont act cool appa, come in. Mr. Jung cluck his tongue. Suddenly it seemed like something cozy where everyone was gathered around with him. JaeJoong sighed in contentment as they took their place beside him. Nothing could be better than that. Chapter 28 ~ finale Renovations for the bakery were done in a months time and Jae could finally go back to doing what he loved best- baking. Through the hiatus that he had for that period of time, hed gotten better and even came up with new recipes that he and Yunhos mom h ad discussed about. She even agreed to help him along with his business seeing that now they were son in law to mother in law. Mrs. Jung offered to help out in the baking and creation of new products. The confectionary had never been so flourishing before since the touch up. On top of that, Yunhos dad had offered to aid in the rental fee and expenses of everything so Jae could concentrate on his business. Yunho would also drop by in the afternoons to see how Jae was going, giving the excuse that he just on his rounds, since Le Petit Heaven was now under Jung Enterprises.

More workers were hired since the bakery had expended to make things easier for all of them and nothing seemed lacking at that point of time, so much so that Jae was rather grateful to the Jung family for being so supportive of them although initially it seemed impossible. Suddenly everything worked out for good. As the end of the day came around the corner, Mrs. Jung bid farewell to Jae as she prepared to leave for her evening out with her husband. JaeJoong prepared to close up as well since it was rather late. He sighed in contentment as he hung up his cute apron Yunho had stubbornly chosen for him. He looked at the bear prints on it and poked the cartoon character. You silly bear. He scrunched his nose. I bet youre thinking of me 24/7.He poked it again when he heard the tingle of the bell. Assuming it was Yunho, JaeJoong left the apron and literally ran down stairs to meet him but what he saw was the opposite of what hed expected. UmMy I help you? JaeJoong asked and the man snapped his head up realizing that was someone still around. The man reached backwards and JaeJoong realized what this was. He frowned. Not again. Get me the cash register! The burly man shouted across the room pointing a knife at Jae from a distance. JaeJoong raised his brow before taking a step forward. It doesnt work that way sir. Please put down the knife. Dont play games with me asshole! The man roared striding forward closing the gap between them. Cash register or I put this knife to your pretty little face! JaeJoong sighed. Fine. He shrugged, walking to the counter with the man following closely behind. He felt the robber nudge his back in an impatient attempt to hurry him up but JaeJoong simply too k his time punching in the code for the register before it rolled open. Immediately the man pushed past him making him back against the wall before beginning to grab as much loot as he could from the register. Jae just stared at him in disbelief and snorted. Hearing the gesture, the man snapped around angrily pushing the tip of the knife to his face. What was that bastard? JaeJoong shrugged. Nothing. Just, how is it that people like you have nothing else to do than to come here and take whatever you please? Rude much. That sentence enraged the robbed and he grabbed Jae at the shirt yanking him closer, only hair-length from his face. Dont try to be a smart ass, pretty boy. He snarled. JaeJoong merely rolled his eyes. Oh please. YOURE ASKING FOR IT ASSHOLE! The man bellowed man handling the baker and hauling him over head over the counter and onto the floor.

JaeJoong rolled on the floor before he looked up to see the man storming towards him. Instinctively all he did was pout with those big doe eyes and angelic face of his. It took the man back a little suddenly being captivated. Thats when JaeJoong grinned swiping his feet in one quick motion tripping the man causing him to fall backwards clumsily. He pulled his hair back as he got up walking to the robber who was awkwardly sprawled on the floor. When he looked up, JaeJoong had leant forward to grab at his collar. I dont like when someone walks in and shouts at me. JaeJoong warned, flicking the mans forehead, in so doing causing him to cringe at the strength such a petite man possessed. I dont like when someone man handles me. JaeJoong continued, grabbing the robbers hand and twisting it behind his back. The burly man cried out in pain from the simple submission move. JaeJoong just giggled a little looking at his pained expression. Hes always been a little of a sadist himself. He noticed when a car pulled up at the curb just outside his bakery and recognized the car plate. Yunho walked in just in time to see JaeJoong sitting on a guy bigger than him holding his hand behind his back and the man squirming around trying to get Jae off. The baker looked like a rodeo prince-ess on a bull. Someones been busy I see? Yunho commented. And youre just in time. JaeJoong grinned happily. Some things never change. The CEO chuckled. Tell me why they always come to look for you at such an unholy hour? Because Im beautiful? JaeJoong asked. JUST LET ME GO DAMMIT! The man cried in desperation trying his utmost to free himself from Jaes vice. Its rude to interrupt when people are talking. JaeJoong pointed out. Fuck! Who are you?! The man gasped as JaeJoong jerked his hand again. Im just a baker. JaeJoong shrugged. He looked up at this hubby and grinned. Call the police for me will you honey? Yunho didnt have to be told twice as he pulled out his phone and the police whizzed down to the destination in fifteen minutes of the call. As they dragged the crook out of Jaes bakery, the latter smiled while waving goodbye. He heard the man rattling on and on about the scary guy in there. So, Mr. Scary guy- Yunho began turning to meet Jaes gaze. What would you like me to do tonight? JaeJoong chuckled. Well. He started. For one, you could help me pack up the kitchen. Its in a mess. Aye, aye, Capitan~ Yunho crooned as he followed the baker into the back.

The flour needs to be kept in their cupboards and the icing-JaeJoong turned back to see Yunho already fixing what he asked. As expected from a CEO. Oooo~ He heard. I see cupcakes. You can have them if you want Yunnie. JaeJoong called over head as he packed the kitchen top. Nah-Yunho declined the offer as he returned to wrap his arms around Jaes waist. I rather have you. JaeJoong tsked. Keep your horny for later will you? Awww Yunho whined nibbling Jaes neck. I want you. You want me 24/7. JaeJoong accused, elbowing his gut gently. Now go pack. Yunho pouted as he grabbed a bag of flour before bending down to search for its rightful spot in the cupboard. Jae continued to clean up over at the kitchen top, making sure it was squeaky clean for the next day- part of being a perfectionist. Done! Yunho exclaimed before he returned to JaeJoong. Can you not stick to me like a leech? JaeJoong murmured, sounding a little annoyed. You called me a leech! Yunho pouted making the most puppy dog face he could. You are a leech. JaeJoong pointed out. I dont suck your blood. Yunho argued. No, but you suck my- Dick? Yunho asked finishing his sentence. JaeJoong just looked at him with an open mouth and cleared his throat, returning to what he was doing previously, which would be nothing. No. JaeJoong blushed, avoiding eye contact with Yunho. Cmon, admit it. Yunho snickered, slithering his arms around Jaes sides. You like it. N-no. The baker stuttered. In an attempt to get away, he picked up a finger full of whipped cream from the bowl he was going to keep and smeared it on Yunhos nose, before running past him. The CEO, cleaned it off and grabbed Jaes hands spinning him back into his arms, bending him backwards. Baby you have no idea. He laughed, kissing Jaes cheeks then he pulled the baker back up into a hug. No fair. JaeJoong whined. Im supposed to be the person with awesome Taekwondo skills and you are just a CEO. Yeah Yunho grinned. Awesome Taekwondo skills, meet manly CEO.

Chi. JaeJoong cursed, pushing his way out of Yunhos arms. Well, hello there, Sir-cheesea-lot. Awww! Yunho whined again. I wonder why your dad made you a CEO. Youre a kid! JaeJoong pointed out. Kid at heart. Yunho explained. More like physical age 25, mental age 5. JaeJoong joked. Hey.. Ha! Ran out of come backs! JaeJoong cried victoriously. Now whos the kid? Yunho pursed his lips grabbing Jae back again. Still you. Damn. ----------------------------------------------------------Mrs. Jung had actually planned out a wedding date for both of them and she insisted that Jae wore a gown since he was supposed to be the wife. JaeJoong shook his head furiously as he peered at the white frilly lacy, flowery white gown making his point that he was a guy and guys do not wear dresses. He even stated he would not want to go in public in a dress. JaeJoong, honey. Mrs. Jung insisted. Wouldnt it be weirder if two men in a tux walked down the aisle? No. JaeJoong whined. Joongie! Yunho pushed. I rather die than wear a dress!! JaeJoong cried. Hes right. Mr. Jung chuckled. It would be weird. Hes got no boobs. Dad! Yunho gasped. What? Honey! Mrs. Jung admonished her husband. What? What?! Guys! JaeJoong groaned, massaging his temples. I can wear a Yukata if you want me to wear a dress that badly. At least that doesnt look so frilly. Yunho and Mrs. Jung looked at Jae and for a moment they felt it was the bestest idea ever that he had come up with. MISS! Mrs. Jung called out as she walked after the wedding gown tailor. Do you have a Japanese Yukata?

Im so going to regret this. JaeJoong rubbed his face wearily. In a moment or so, the tailor walked out with a pink and white kimono. The white one was a little lacy but lesser than a normal wedding gown, it was sleek and most fitting, flowing at the bottom was a semi-transparent lacing which had flowers stuck to them. The pink color one on the other hand had elegant written all over it. The lacings at the ends were also translucent with intricate golden flower patterns. JaeJoong immediately face-palmed. I regret it already. Choose one~ Mrs. Jung exclaimed excitedly, constantly interchanging both kimonos as she tested them in front of him. But-JaeJoong insisted. No buts, it was your idea. Mrs. Jung said firmly. I think he looks good in pink. Yunho suggested. Yunnie! JaeJoong cried exasperatedly. Pink? Mrs. Jung asked, shoving the pink one into Jaes hand. Gorgeous! Noooooo!!!! JaeJoong whined. --------------------------------------------------------------Um. JaeJoong called out shyly from the fitting room in front of them. The curtains opened and Yunhos jaw almost dropped to the ground. Mom. He asked. Yeah? Mrs. Jung replied also staring at the sight before her. Is that a girl? He asked. No, honey. Mrs. Jung shook her head. Thats still JaeJoong. The baker blushed hard gripping onto the long gown beneath him. He had a hundred and ten reasons why he wanted to get out of it so badly but one of them didnt include Yunho staring at him like something out of this earth. Um JaeJoong mumbled again. How do i- GORGEOUS!! Yunho cried running up to him and grabbing his shoulders. I would have mistaken you for a woman if I didnt know you. Now wear this. Yunho joked, putting a wig over Jaes head. OH YOU SO WANTED ME TO WEAR A WIG! JaeJoong scolded the CEO, kicking his shin. Yunho hopped on the spot and whined. Owwww!! Brides are not supposed to be so violent! JaeJoong scowled at Yunho who scowled back. Now, now, children, behave yourselves. Mr. Jung commented.

But he kicked me! Let me kick you again! JaeJoong hissed as he ran after the CEO in a gown, in so doing, he tripped over the lacing only for Yunho to catch him in midfall. Youre not supposed to run in a gown idiot! Get me out of this-mmmmfff- JaeJoongs sentence was silence by Yunhos kiss to his lips. His parents just sat there gapping. Omona, omona! Mrs. Jung cried. Not in front of your mom and dad Yunho ah! When Yunho let go, JaeJoong was blushing hard a spluttering under him trying to cover up the burn in his face. Y-yunnie- you- why did you k-kiss me in public! He uttered incoherently. Because I wanted to shut you up. Yunho whispered into his ear still holding him. B-but! Awww, isnt that sweet. ChangMin clapped robotically as he strolled in from outside. Fuck off. Yunho scolded. Potty mouth groom you have JaeJoong hyung. JaeJoong nodded vigorously. Anway. ChangMin began. I sent invitations already. Expect a big show up. He shook his head. No medicine can cure this. Yah! What does that mean?? Yunho argued. Just shut up and get re-married already. ChangMin admonished. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Three months later. Are you trying to kill me?! Junsu cried as he burst through the front door of the bakery with YooChun. Dont tell me. JaeJoong guessed. Chunnie made you run 2km again. No Junsu panted. He made me push his car up a hill. What do you always do to your boyfriend Chunnie????!! JaeJoong gasped. He insisted that his butt would cushion the fall if he rolled down hill! YooChun replied. And you let him do it. Yes?

Idiot. JaeJoong face-palmed. He turned back to the kitchen. Jung Yunho! Put your back into it! I am! Putting my back into it! Yunho whined from inside. Youre such a commanding wifey. YooChun pointed out. Shut up and youre such a manipulative grease ball. Why didnt you use your grease to run the car? Ha-ha- funny Mrs. Jung JaeJoong. JaeJoong smacked YooChuns shoulder. Seeing it was no use arguing, he ended up laughing it away as he returned to the kitchen. Hed though Yunho how to bake actually, ok not really and the CEO often took time off to learn a thing or two from him marveling at how perfect Jae actually handled his pastries. I still havent told you what a good cook you are. Yunho raised. Really? Yeah, you are. Awww~~~ JaeJoong cooed.