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INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________


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Pejabat Tanah dan Galian Pejabat Tanah Daerah Timbalan Pengarah Ukur (Pangkalan Data) Pengarah Ukur dan Pemetaan Negeri Ketua Cawangan Pelan Berdigit Doers Cawangan Pelan Berdigit Cadastral Survey Record System Permohonan Ukur Pelan Akui Pelan Hakmilik Tanah Dokumen-dokumen Pengesahan Upah Ukur National Digital Cadastral Database Peraturan Ukur Kadaster 2009 Peraturan Ukur Kadaster 2009 Document Management Storage Survey Not Required

10. B1 Tiff 11. Fee 12. NDCDB 13. PUK 2009 14. PKPUP 15. DMS 16. SNR

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________ TABLE OF CONTENT

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CONTENT Abstract Acknowledgment Introduction JUPEM Malaysia: 4.1 History of JUPEM Selangor 4.2 Definition of logo

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4.3 Vision, Mission, Objectives, functions of JUPEM Selangor 4.4 What is e-Cadastre 4.4.1 Function 4.4.2 objectives 4.4.3 Strategies 5.0 JUPEM Selangor: 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Organisation chart (e-cadastre environment) 5.3 Branches in JUPEM Selangor 5.3.1 Land title section Application Survey branch (Permohonan Ukur,PU) CRM (Cadastral Reference Marks) branch 5.3.2 Strata, Stratum, Marine section Strata, Stratum, Marine branch Inspectorate Branch 15

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Jabatan Ukur Daerah (JUD) Comment and Proposal Conclusion

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INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT

Industrial training is one of the requirements for the students who taking Bachelor of Surveying Science and Geomatics (Hons). In this regard, reports of industrial training are provided as a proof that we have undergo the industrial training. It is also a report based on the organization where we underwent training that industry on the whole organization, benefits, learning and experience we have gained.

Industrial training report contains six main sections. The first part is an introduction, second part is about JUPEM Malaysia that include history, logo, vision, mission, objectives, functions and e-cadastral. While the third part is about JUPEM Selangor and include all section under Penawanan Data involve and their role. Forth part is about JUD (Jabatan Ukur Daerah) and their role. Fifth part we express our comments and Proposal. And finally, is a cover for my report with a conclusion.

Overall, studies and observations conducted on the sections in JUPEM Selangor and units in the technical measurement and management of land in JUPEM Selangor that is one of the pillars that drive and develop the Department of Survey and and at the Mapping Malaysia. These same time see how the

include legal system land use, measurement techniques

Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia increase the productivity from time to time.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

All praise and thanks only to Allah SWT, a greeting peace for Sr Ahamad bin Zakaria, Director of JUPEM Selangor, Sr Abd Rahman bin Mohd Jazuli, Deputy Director of JUPEM Selangor (TD), Sr Luta a/k Buli, Deputy Director of JUPEM Selangor (PD) and Sr Aszaman bin Misran, Assistant of Director of JUPEM Selangor as our supervisor. This report is about the practical training at Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia (JUPEM) is a platform to all Geomatics students UiTM to prepare for the real working in environment after finishing their studies. So we would like to thank you to our supervisor, Sr Aszaman bin Misran, all staff in JUPEM Selangor and my lecturers because give we opportunity to doing this practical. In the beginning, we are not confidence regarding to the capability to do the Practical Training at JUPEM Selangor but the government officers are very open minded, friendly and ready to give us the guidance and advices and also other information that have related our study in Bachelor of surveying science and Geomatics (Hons), AP220. This condition makes us very excited to precede this practical training until the end. Last but not least, we would like to say thank you very much and give high respect to all staff in JUPEM Selangor where we have responsible for our practical training because their teaching and give us knowledge and share their belong experiences in field work in District Surveyor about what their work and give co operate to us. One more thing, we are so happy and enjoying with what we are learns in JUPEM. With all of the experiences we are get, we can use after we are finished our studies. In this JUPEM, we get more opportunity for search understanding and knowledge that benefits and can be benefited until finish our future studies.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION

Industrial Training which we went through is one of the prerequisites to meet the requirements for the award Bachelor of Surveying Science and Geomatics (Hons). Industry training is a compulsory course for all students to take courses Bachelor of Surveying Science and Geomatics (Hons), Faculty of Architectures, Planning and Surveying. Industrial training is carried out through one practical module (SUG551).

Industry Training is conducted semester break in January and February Semester, 2012/2013 session, and the period is 5 weeks. The purpose of industrial training is compulsory for all students is to train students in various aspects of land surveying profession and enhance students' practical skills in the field of land surveying.

Industrial training is also to meet the objectives of the Industrial Training Courses for:

Enable students to identify through direct participation in various aspects such as concept design, design, const ruct ion and project administ rat ion . Enable students to see and take part in practices other than learning the theory learned in lecture rooms. Expose students to the department or a firm organizational structure and training to recognize the role of a specific posit ion in t he organizat io n. As is well known that the engineering work and management are not always based on the work of the office but the work involved in the site is likely located in the interior is very challenging.

Industrial training is also an opportunity to train the students to write technical reports are complete and orderly.

Industrial training is an important component of the course Bachelor of Surveying Science and Geomatics (Hons) and also an opportunity for students to acquire skills through real work out. Hence it is necessary benefit to follow the by students of all training provided, enhancing the experience and seek clarification during the training session in the department.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________


History of the Department of Survey and Mapping has been started since 1885 with the establishment of the Survey Department of the State of Johor and Perak Trigonometric Survey. In this year, a plan of land titles has been published and is available on file at the Survey Department in Johor. Beginning from this year until 1957 is the history of the Department of State, Department of Survey and topography and their union in stages to an organization that is there today. In 1965, the Government has approved the establishment of the Directorate of National Mapping, Malaysia to conduct the work mandated surveying, mapping, topography and geodesy.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________

Chronology of Establishment

Year 1885 1908 1909 1910 1920

Description Establishing Jabatan Ukur Johor and Jabatan Trigonometri Perak Kol. H.M Jackson was decided as the first of National Surveyor Establishing Jabatan Ukur under Federal Malay Land Authority from Federal Malay Land was borrowed to Jabatan Ukur Johor, Kedah and Kelantan as dominate Jabatan Ukur Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was taking back Jabatan Ukur as Negeri-Negeri Selat The first Practice Survey Camp for Federal Malay Land has been at Port Dickson. Succession have supported to establish School Teachical in Kuala Lumpur and up level to Maktab Teknik on 1948 and now have known as University Teknologi Malaysia. All Survey Department have combined under the Administration of National Surveyor Survey Department transfer to own building at Jalan Gurney ( Jalan Semarak ), Kuala Lumpur Y Bhg Tan Sri Haji Mohd Yatim b Yahya, the first of Malaysian have decided as the National Surveyor


1946 1962 1963

1964 1965 1982 1983 1989 1989 1995 Now

Establishing Directorate Mapping Malaysia Government declare satisfactory Development of measurement Directorate with authority in handing measurement activity, topography and geodesy Department have integration under Kementerian Tanah dan Kemajuan Wilayah ( now Kementerian Tanah dan Pembangunan Koperasi ) The foundation of agencies continue with development of Sabahs JUPEM Federal Territory of Labuans JUPEM Sarawaks JUPEM Ending with Perliss JUPEM Survey Department carries the responsibility in spuring the countrys development and acts as the governments advisor in survey and mapping duties. Since it is foundation, JUPEM starting from conversional equipment usage until to satellite application. JUPEM always move forward according with expanding of newest technologies in measurement and mapping scope.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________

Definition of logo

Based on its role and mission of the department to conduct a survey and mapping services and geographic dissemination of efficient, high quality and suitable for national vision, the department logo, the acronym for the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia, has been created.

Design department logo consists of three basic forms of points, circles and lines of large orbit. Dots arranged in symmetry and form a rectangle that is a strong and stable geometry is often used in activities that symbolize the survey and mapping activities are conducted in an orderly, systematic, accurate, high quality and state department of an organization a stable and dynamic. These points separate the two by two line orbits reflect the main activities of the department activities pertaining to cadastral surveying and mapping activities measured. Both these activities have balance and equality in terms of importance for the prosperity, security and development. Performance of the points it also gives an indication that the department uses electronic technology and the web to circumvent the system and strengthen the information in the survey and mapping. Large circle represents the community cohesion departments to comove, and put the department to develop a greater proud. Lines orbit is emphasizing the importance of communication, information dissemination and networking. The green color makes it officially. Green was chosen to reflect that the department is always caring and giving serious attention to the aspects of nature in the maintenance of a healthy environment, not contaminated and is always aware that the natural heritage that is entrusted by the Creator to man. While the color is orange symbolizes happiness, pride, sensitivity to customer needs and the department stating the existence and importance to society and the state department. The new image is displayed on the overall level department is more energetic, dynamic, progressive and able to compete in challenges that are universal, particularly in the provision of survey and mapping infrastructure to support the National Development Policy.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________


Make the distinction in the service department of Surveying and Mapping management of geospatial data to fulfill the national vision.


Provide the Survey and Mapping Services and the management of geospatial data quality through the best system, competent human resources and a good work environment.

Ensure the products and services of cadastral survey and mapping follow the quality system and fulfill all the customer needs. Ensure the quality of database creation and maintenance of Cadastral Survey and Mapping is meeting the needs of geospatial data infrastructure. Make sure that JUPEM can be the centre of reference in cadastral survey and mapping. Ensure the determination, demarcation and survey of state and international borders fulfill the state administration and guarantee the sovereignty of the State.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________ FUNCTION General:

Advising the Government in the areas of cadastral survey and mapping as well as state and international boundaries. Provide cadastral information is complete and permanent withdrawal of land titles for the strata and stratum. Manage the database of cadastral survey and mapping efficiently. Publishes topographic maps, cadastral, thematic, and utilities for the purpose of planning, natural resource management, environmental conservation, development, monitoring and security.

Determine, demarcate, survey and maintain boundaries in order to protect domestic and international sovereignty. Provide geodetic infrastructure for cadastral, mapping, engineering and scientific research.

Mapping department:

Formulate national mapping. Create, publish and print a variety of maps. Copyright and production licenses. Aerial shooting for mapping purposes. Maintain a database of topography and cartography. Maintain the central store of the country. Secretariat to JPDSN. Measuring the international borders / states. The size of the control for mapping purposes. Provision of survey and mapping infrastructure. Maintenance of the topographic and boundary information. Topographic Mapping. Computation on rukyah / calendar. Consultant to the BKN and camp. Outside in the preparation of the document claims the islands.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ____________________________________________________________________________

Cadastral division:

Advise the Department on the basis of the cadastral survey by the provisions of laws,
regulations and circular measure of the Director General of Survey and Mapping.

Plan and supervise the work of cadastral survey and cadastral data bases held by the state
department to be completed within the period as well as meet the goals set.

Monitor the quality of performance in cadastral surveys carried out by Licensed Land
Surveyor (LLS) to comply with legal provisions and regulatory requirements. Job performance can be evaluated through a report prepared by the state department. While quality can be determined through random checks at the airport.

Plan and implement the development of cadastre system that is always efficient in the state
departments which cover aspects of working in the field and in the office.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ORGANIZATION CHART OF JUPEM MALAYSIA

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ________________________________________________________________________________

New revolution in cadastral survey

e- Cadastral Environment

E-Cadastral is a system that utilizes technology, ICT, GIS and surveying the current aim to accelerate and strengthen the delivery system through a effective national cadastral integration system. It involves the dismantling of conventional measurement processes to Bowditch and Transit Survey Accurate Coordinate through adjustment Dual Two Squares and the creation of Digital Cadastral Database (National NDCDB - National Digital Cadastral Database) and the Survey Database Strata / Stratum / Marin (PDUSSM).

E-Cadastral project is to shorten the time of the measurement system from two years to two months. In order to meet this need, a new survey technology with productivity improvement programs have been introduced and developed to ensure successful project E-Cadastral. There are many components and modules that are involved and intertwined in this project; eCRM is one of them other than JUPEM2U, CSRS, EPU, eSPID, eCRM, eTSM, SUM, ESPEK, EQC, DRP, eGLMS, SPAK, eReporting, eNotification, eKiosk, eFee, NDCDB, ePKI, eSupport, SSM, Medmas and FIES.

Accelerating the delivery system of land title from 2 years to 2 months. Establish national cadastral database (NDCDB) for the whole country Sarawak. Developing a database o f survey strata / stratum / marine. Integrating e-cadastral with e-land in partnership with integrated spatial information to the government's delivery system is fast and quick Provide infrastructure and information ready GIS. Apply measurement technology satellite (GPS) in the cadastral.

Strategies a) Accelerating the delivery system of land title survey from 2 years to 2 months.

Remodel existing work procedures. Utilizing the latest technology to ease the process of cadastral. Strengthening the rules and regulations existing survey. Integrating e-cadastral-Land system, e-LJT, department Geoportal.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ________________________________________________________________________________

b) Establish a national digital cadastral database (NDCDB)

Based on the success of pilot projects in Melaka. Base is homogenous and seamless data based on accurate survey coordinates. Using the national datum GDM2000. Integrating with a database of mapping and satellite imagery such as Ikonos. To create a layer of Cadastral Control Infrastructure (CCI). Support the implementation of utility mapping.

c) Developing a database of survey strata / stratum / marine Strata contract of the existing 499,963 parcels. Using a fully digital method.

d) Preparing 3D information e) Preparing infrastructure and information for GIS ready NDCDB fully ready GIS. Diversify eGLMS layer. Support the creation of multi-purpose cadastral.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR ________________________________________________________________________________



State Survey Department was established in 1892, and is based in Kuala Lumpur. In 1978, the Department of Surveying and Mapping State moved to Shah Alam, based in Selangor State Development Corporation Complex. Later in 1982, the Department of Surveying and Mapping State Building moved to Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah. In 1995, the Selangor District Survey Office of East and West have been exiled to the other as an administrative building which today is located in the Bangunan Tabung Haji,Klang. Whereas, in 2010, officials were surveying the area Selangor separated. Where, the Western regional office of the survey located at the Tabung Haji, Klang and the Eastern District Survey Office located in Taman Melawati, Wangsa Maju. Once again the Selangor Department of Survey and Mapping has been moved to the Plaza Masalam, Section 9, Shah Alam, Selangor, in 1998 and remained until today.

We are here!!! JUPEM Selangor

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ORGANIZATION CHART OF JUPEM SELANGOR (E-CADASTRE ENVIRONMENT)

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________



Ensure the provision of survey application and processing of digital SKL is regularly and meet the requirements stipulated in the manuals, circulars and regulations.



Firstly, we have briefing that related to management in the application for survey that is responsibility under Director of Survey and Mapping Department (DSSM). In briefing, have done by Encik Mat Isa bin Wahab who working in this unit. He said that the flow of the processing about this application where came from Land Office. Then, in look of the documents of application for survey have been completed so that process to transfer all documents to further can be action by Vice Director DSSM, Unit Leader of PU, JUD (fieldwork) and Unit PU with vice verse action for approved. This process is using with Cadastral Survey Record System (CSRS) software that in new generation as revolutions the e-Cadastral. After the entire document that has received, we must open new file in CSRS and register the PU. We must scan the hard copy PU to insert into the CSRS. After all data are inserting into the file in CSRS, we must sent the application to Vice Director for checking the PU. If the Vice Director is accepting the PU, the Vice Director is given PUJ number (permanent file number). Vice Director are sending back to staff and continue the work.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________ APPLICATION FOR SURVEY (PERMOHONAN UKUR)

Survey application is the application which is made by land owner. Survey application must be apply at Land Office. After the application been accepted from Land Office and Land Office must be sure enough all documents for survey application then the application has been signed by Land Administration. After that, the application will be sent to Director of Survey and Mapping Department (DSSM) for the further processing.

All lists about the survey application as below: i. Letter of the survey application from the District Land Office and need have approved by a Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (MMK) ii. iii. Form of the survey application Recipes of survey that have Number of recipe and date survey, place, area and type land use

In DSMM Selangor now, the method of the processing for survey application is known as e-PU where for submit is using electronic in computer through in mailbox form. Therefore, now is using e-Cadastral system since the old system has been blocked to upgrade of the new system.

In DSMM Selangor for this unit, we have learn with the new of software is known as CSRS (Cadastral S Reference System). Before this, they have e-SRS. Among the processing that we have learned are search lots which are referring on the document of survey application for get title TUSEL (Temporary).

Before to get TUSEL, we must check out lot to make sure have lot if not have lot. We must to search the certified plan CP then to register in CSRS software. Next, to wait the feedback from Director of Survey so that we will doing the PUSEL processing. All this processing document survey application is in mailbox form system.

Document must have for the application of survey in the diagram forms which we are known: a) The letter from the District Land Office has PTD No.. Then, this letter will submit to Director of Survey after District of Surveyor has received and there are signature by Land administrated after check it. This letter has PU No. for survey, whether have government Gazette and other information such as

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

been got pass from Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (MMKN). Figure of Letter from the Land Office such as in appendix. b) The form of the application for survey, inform about type land use. It inform for survey that should doing on land. Category of Title of Letters and lot for survey. There are informing the payment for survey and date payment. Also, have address applier, location of district, area, and land user. Then, have been signature by Land Administrator. Figure of Form of the application for survey such as in appendix. c) Then, need the recipe of payment fees also look in appendix. d) Lastly, documents have ready with the Certified Plan where place for survey.

1. Accept PU from PTD then check from where PTD 2. Do register file to get department file, file title and when key in information, system will give file (TUSEL) Temporary Survey Selangor. 3. E-SPID to scan information is need to clip for legal such as PU, PU plan, payment receipt and else. DCPU where to key in data like clip with information that be scanned. If wrong or have not insert PTD, can delete directly whether have saved. Then, if enough file must to submit file completely to further action by KCPU 4. KCPU to check in and transfer file to PPU (Assistance Director Survey) 5. PDU Approve and transfer to Vice Director Survey. 6. TPU feedback file is passed or not yet to TPU, PPU so on. KCPU and DCPU to the further action process so on. Further action is register PU, insert PTDND, insert survey payment or free, know whether it is SNR (Survey not Record) or Survey 7. Use module e-PU with using NCDCB using CSRS software 8. Process is started with press toolbar have on screen if SNR (Survey No Record) are following : New Job Find lot, Check Out Graphic Editing Tool Enable Create Lot (Copy and Paste) Featurize Assign Lot Details

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

Compare Area Append to NDCDB Check Out

9. To check result, if SNR (Survey not Record) is only attachment PU Details and Pre NDCDB lot on Map it. 10. While process is started with press toolbar have on screen if survey are following : New Job Find Lot Check Out Register Raster Graphic Editing Create Lot (if same boundary with NDCDB - copy and paste) Featurize Assign Lot Details Compare Area Extract Lot Create ASCll (Transpose) Check Out Append NDCDB Transpose

11. To check result, if survey is must have SKL folder, pink PU lot Map IT) and must have ASCll. 12. Result all above procedure is prepared with using Number of PUSEL (Permanent File Survey)

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

Figure 2: Letter from the Land Office

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

Figure 3: Form of application for survey

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________


INTRODUCTION In this unit is new is known after using e-Cadastral system that is bring changing. Method of surveying is the difference compare compared previous period which we inform by JUPEM. JUPEM will operating completely cadastral survey using e-Cadastral since 1 Mei 2010. The works of cadastral survey will be going by License Land Surveyor (LLS). So, the Rules of Cadastral Survey 2009 have prepared to fulfil all requirements. This unit CRM is reference marks that have positioning on determination each other. Collection data for cadastral survey can doing by using method of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), traverse, intersection, trans intersection or other combination method.


Cadastral Reference Mark (CRM) means that is a station of Reference Mark of Cadastral Survey with Coordinate GDM2000 that used to purpose data adjustment cadastral survey.

Datum Geocentric Malaysia (GDM2000) means that is a datum where it coordinates system is based on International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2000. Where GDM2000 coordinate origin in earth mass centre or is known as geocentric.

Cadastral Reference Mark (CRM) that has positioning for datum:

i. Approximately, two new CRM mark that distance not less than 30 meter made together observation with MyRTKnet for first mark and static method for second mark; or ii. Approximately, two new CRM mark that distance not less than 30 meter made together observation with static method for both of marks; or iii. Approximately, two new CRM mark that distance not less than 30 meter made observation with MyRTKnet method for both of mark in one initialization; or

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

iv. Approximately, two new CRM that distance not less than 75 meter made observation with MyRTKnet method correct time for both of marks in two initialization; or v. If old two CRM mark used so it marks must be evidenced it position with third mark with survey angle and distance whether from old CRM or NDCDB nearly; or vi. Two survey mark from NDCDB that distance less than 40 meter where original position its marks have been evidenced with direct survey or traverse and computation, also with astronomy observation for azimuth or MyRTKnet observation; or vii. Two survey mark beside from NDCDB that certified it position and evidenced with third mark with angle survey and distance or with traverse and have in original position. Purpose CRM in Cadastral Survey works are follows: i. Cadastral survey can be made with do binding to station CRM or old boundary mark that have approved as original position. ii. Traverse must be closed to station CRM nearly or old marks that approved in original position not more 25 stations or control bearing make with astronomy observation. iii. For area new development that is development of housing and commercial areas, station CRM with maximums grids 500 meter x 500 meter or station CRM already need is existed purpose to traverse.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________ PROCEDURE IN FLOW WORK IN UNIT CRM Flows work in using electronic system so it called e-CRM.

e-CRM Office Flow works in Unit CRM. Below of the figure flow work is explanation





Download CRM Data

Unzip CRM Data Virtual RINEX Data (RINEX file)

*.pot ASCII

RAW Data (RINEX file)

GDPM GPS Data Processing

Post-Process Baselines (*.dc file)

PVM Validate GPS Data & Transformation

GPS Data Pass PVM?



YES Update *.pot ASCII

Zipped All CRM files: 1. Real Time Data *.jxl file 2. RAW Data RINEX file 3. Virtual RINEX Data RINEX file 4. *.pot ASCII (Updated) 5. RTGA Report HTML file 6. Post-Process Data *.dc file 7. PVM Report - HTML


Append to Database


Zip File

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

Take place in the office after surveyor came back from fieldwork operation There are two modules that involved is that GDPM (GNSS Data Post-process Module) and PVM (Positioning Validation Module) GDPM is differential correcting static data and create baseline information PVM is comparison between both real-time and post-process GPS information


GDPM having the self software that is known as Trimble Business Centre (TBC). A next generation of surveying office software. Where, GNSS can support for real-time and post-processed surveys. Scalable solution designed for Standard Survey (L1 customer) and Advanced Survey (GNSS postprocessed Customer). It also must do site calibration.

OFFICE PROCEDURES Measurement of the GNSS equipment must then go through the office to coordinate the final production. The steps below are intended to meet these guidelines.
I. Observation Data Management Procedures Download the data observations must be done immediately.

Follow the download procedure the observed data as indicated by the GNSS user equipment. Make a duplicate copy of the data lie in separate media (eg, CD, DVD or flash card) for backup purposes by the observer.
II. Observation and Analysis of Calculation Procedure Time-Substantive Each epoch observations to be calculated the average value of each component and


calculate the residual value of the observations (observation residuals) in

units of meters. The formula calculating residuals observations, converted to units of meters and other matter are as follows:

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

For the purposes of receipt of the final coordinates of each observation epoch-real time, any observations that have a residual value three times higher than the RMS should be removed from the calculation the average value of the coordinates. The maximum amount of data that can be produced is of three observations. In other words, receiving an average value of the coordinates for each epoch observations of real-time must have at least seven readings. For observations that are less than seven readings, additional epoch observations to be performed. Data processing needs of static observations suggested by the software manufacturer for analysis. Download the data in the Virtual Reference Station (VRS) in respect of the website MyRTKnet / Geoportal department by using the coordinates of the estimates and the observations are recorded in the field.

Import static data for all epoch observations and data contributing to the project VRS processing. Bridle all the VRS stations in the processing of the project. The procedure for carrying out the necessary data processing according to manual processing software using the parameters proposed.

For statistical analysis provided a baseline, the things below should be taken into account: RMS of residual observations Factor variance aposteriori Types of solutions (solution type) In evaluating the RMS of residuals lie, under the articles may be considered: RMS values are low and reflect the data produced an acceptable solution. Manual processing of data supplied usually give the criteria for receiving a processing result. Generally, acceptance is the RMS value of 0.1 cycles (cycle) L1 wave. In this case an acceptable value is 2 cm. Only solutions "Fixed ambiguity" or "Fixed Bias" only acceptable for the baseline processed. Solution "Float ambiguity" is not accepted.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

Compare the resulting coordinates between the different epoch and comply with the conditions. The average value of the two epochs accepted as absolute coordinates.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________


Complete the work review of subdivision of the building by a licensed surveyor to be submitted to the department within 30 days of level 1 to 55 days for stage 2.

Advise PTG / PTD associated strata title application submitted by either regular or JTB will not be notified about the amount of fees collected from the survey to the owner. Fulfill the time set for the review of subdivision building survey. JTB determine consistently meet applicable laws and regulations while in power. Ensure the performance of the department achieved.


Managements of strata title applications received from the Land and Mines Office. Provides a title (Form 4). The office of the director of lands and minerals.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________ FLOW CHART WORK

Strata Plan Review Process Stage 1

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

Strata Plan Review Process Stage 2

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

The Work Strata Plan in Process Stage 1

Applications received through the strata of the JTB and the Department of Land and mineral and documents

Register strata file

Distribute work file to group leader

1st stage checking

Building checking

Further review of the first strata plan

Prepare the report after checking the building

Support from PTG

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________ The Work Strata Plan in Process Stage 2

Receive approval letter

Declare receipt of the strata plan

Job registration updates file

1st stage checking

Further review of the second strata plan

Receive approval certified plan (CP)

Document title(Form 4)

send a copy of the strata plan to declare PTG

Strata application files updates (eSRS and SMJTB)

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________ INSPECTORATE BRANCH INSTRUMENT


Check mark the boundary as shown on the map Distance check whether or not the building, as shown in the map strata.

ERROR Boundary wall exceed the building. The wall is not parallel to the boundary marks. Boundaries between adjoining parcels are marked only with use insert (not planted properly). Misclosure allowed: no more than 7cm.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________



1. To make sure every mark and measurement on field work is as recommendation from measurement guidelines/survey application and related regulations. 2. Re-examine, storing and sending measurement data from field work to state JUPEM.

1. Give advising services to State Authority on cadastral measurement for the purpose of developing country in future. 2. Storing, arranging and protect all cadastral record with secure and systematic for Land Administration used. 3. Receiving and carried out all cadastral measurement and examine all private surveyor company work. 4. Computing, preparing certified plan and preparing title for determining the exact lot. 5. Preparing database for PDUK, to support National Land Information System (NALIS). 6. Re-survey for planning land project such as FE LDA, FELCRA etc before title can be issue. 7. Upgrading measurement class for agriculture lot from second and third class to first class. 8. Carried out all kinds of measurement such as determining Kiblah direction Hilal measurement for purpose of determining new moon of Ramadan and Syawal month, re-survey as need by court.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________ Survey registering: Choose the related file under non-register work in job explorer

click on register tab, red flag will appear on the choosen location, on the spot the work status changed to unhand over work

Choose file in unhand over work tab and then click assign icon, choose the surveyors name and make sure the red flag have changed to blue color

File status will change to works in progress. To check whether to work has been published back to server or not, just click at work to check, choose the file

Continue to next page Check window view on the screen; check all computation process by clicking report browser, write minute to Officer Deputy, click approve icon

Make sure the blue flag have changed to green flag which mean the work is already done and perceived for further action. Upgrading SAPD system process is now completed.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________ Work flows of field work process. Lot entry By map / key in bearing and also distance Place cursor on the boundary stone

Save (diskette)


K (coordinate)

Place cursor on where we want to put coordinate e.g. station 1

Click gets point

Continue on next page To check whether area is fulfill the demand or not, clicks on area report, if < than 5% land owner signature is required. If >5% Land Office agreement is needed. Loader Utilities

Attach EDM

select the latest date

Choose File

Attach EDM

Use Title Module Survey software

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

Commonly, types of surveyors job include: Zip and post the job Check EDM (EDM report) Bearing close (misclosure) Linear misclosure Solar observation Correction at every station Field book booking Calculating lot misclosure Differentiate PO and new data from observation, if require reification need to be carried out.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________

e-TSM instruments 1. Total Station: It is a main component, it give bearing and distance which is required by surveyors. 2. Tough book: Tough book is one of the main components in field work. It is a computer but equip with software Survey Title Module, This software completed with all thing that required by surveyors at field work. 3. It is very useful thing at field work 4. Tripod : Used for stand Prism and Total Station 5. Prism : As a reflector to wave sent by total station 6. Pole : to hold mini prism 7. Mini prism : to get the estimation point for plant stone 8. Cop/hoe : used to plant boundary stone 9. Cleaver : used to cut the unnecessary object during work

e-CRM Field instruments 1. Trimble GPS 2. Tough book 3. Cement 4. Spike/nail 5. Steel pipe/PVC pipe 6. Cleaver

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________


In an effort to the University to produce students who are dedicated to excellence and consistent with current needs. The period of 5 weeks actually are not enough time for students to expose themselves to the real working world. Every time gone through is very valuable. Therefore, monitoring of the university is a must to ensure that students will use a short time with the full knowledge and practice all they have learned.

With rapid technological developments in the technology now used by the department also has increased the work done using the most sophisticated electronic devices. In the field of land surveying manual method is not used anymore. Surveying for the office and field use of e-Cadastre. Many advantages can be utilized right in the use of new methods such as: The accuracy of measurement can be maximized Save time in the measurement process is very significant from two years to two months

Thus exposure to the students the latest technology should be done from time to time. For that we recommend the university to provide the latest tools, to facilitate the students when in situations when starting job in the future. We will be proud if the tools used in the same university with the equipment in the department. Students should be exposed to working in the department and private clouds. This will give you a thousand and one very useful experiences for us.

INDUSTRIAL TRANNING IN JUPEM SELANGOR _______________________________________________________________________________________


From the practical at JUPEM, Selangor we can conclude that we get a change to get more information about survey, the process of survey, the process on how to propose the PA, and the process on how to produce the title. Although the time given was short but it still enough for us to take that as a learning process. We hope, as a suggestion that the timeframe for the JUD practical be extended in order to give students more hands-on and experience in handling the instruments and lead their own survey party. During this period, we have learned on how to fulfill the survey application at PU unit. We also get a chance to know how to process CRM data. Besides that, we also learn how to do a quality control at NDCDB unit and how to prepare a gazette plan at Gazette unit. After that, we learn how to make a 3D plan at PDUSSM and also know how to check the work of Licensed Surveyor during SSM unit. However, during the JUD unit, we also learn so many things from so many people. We can exactly feel how to do survey work and we also get a chance to do the work by ourselves. The process to propose all work is quite difficult because we must to follow the step that was given based on the circular rule that fixed by department. Each of department has their own responsibility based on the work given. We were so grateful for being able to learn all process in order to brush up our skill and knowledge. Lastly, we would like to thank to JUPEM Selangor for the cooperation and lessons that have been given to each one of us. We were so lucky to have them as our mentor. Thank you.