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As we all know Indian society is one of the oldest yet surviving society In spite of many ups and downs. It is a tarn of various kinds of people belonging to different cultures & backgrounds. No doubt Indian society has been a great icon of unity in multiplicity. It is a big specimen of assent, sacrament, and progress. The creation of Indian society is itself out of the blue. People of diverse cultures, families, status, classes are living together and yet very efficiently fulfilling their needs, demands and livelihoods. But now the two broad perspectives has changed and revised the lives of Indian people chiefly the individuals. These are westernization and modernization. Modernization signify Innovation simply means introducing something new and to move on in positive respect. There are many part of life where modernization takes place such as working patterns, education, ethical values, lifestyle and so on. When people find something innovative in society relating these things thus society is said to be modernized. People most of the times tend to believe modernization and westernization as one and the same thing but in reality they are not so. Both of the term are totally different and play a different role in people's lives respectively. Today Indian citizen are wearing western outfit that is not wrong but they should know that this things won't make their society modern. People are moving away from Indian cultural value, and ethics which are making them western not modern. Though the western countries are already modernized and advanced so there is no such harm in adopting western culture but the thing which hurts the most is that in shade of adoption we Indian start denouncing our own great culture. Without trying any kind of furtherance we simply declare western pattern and culture as the best advanced and because of this we see a steady surge in westernization as compared to modernization. Now its all up to the individuals whether they want an improvement in their own prospect or simply want to become a hanger-on. Accepting some good from other culture should not be done at the poise of our own culture. Indian society should become modern in terms of its own principles, assets & opportunity. It is foremost advantageous to make society modern and then move towards any kind of acceptance..