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Republic of the Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ENGINEER Kalinga District Engineering

Office Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga

June 3, 2013

The District Engineer DPWH-Kalinga District Engineering Office Tabuk City, Kalinga Province

SUBJECT: Narrative Report on the Seminar/Training on Windows 8 and MS Office 2010 Overview & Updates. Sir: This has reference to the Seminar/Training we attended at DPWH-CAR Regional Office on May 2-4, 2013 which was conducted by personnel from the Monitoring and Information Service (MIS) and Regional Office IT personnel. The said seminar/training covered an overview of Windows 8 Operating System and the updates and features of MS office 2010 Applications. The course is targeted to recipients and users of workstations the under NRIMP-II Program and aims to enable IT users to transition smoothly from previous versions of Windows and MS Office without compromising their efficiency and productivity as they shift to these new versions. The seminar/training was attended by District Network Administrators from all DEOs of the region they were each accompanied by one computer savvy rank and file employee. Interested personnel from the RO also joined the training/seminar. On the 1st day of the seminar/training they oriented us on It Policies and Guidelines and on the Advocacy on NRIMP- Institutionalize Capacity Development (ICD) and Business Processing Improvement (BPIs) Projects. The 2 nd day was focused on training and familiarizing us participants on the new Windows 8 Operating System they lectured on its features and differences from the previous version. On the final day of the training the lecturers conducted a crash course on the new MS Office 2010 especially on Word, Excel and Outlook after which it was ended with a question and answer session to which queries were resolved and answered. For your information.

Dexter G. Batalao Computer Maintenance Technologist II

Romeo D. Adora Computer Operator I