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Dear Mr. Green, I am writing to you because I am a big fan of your book The Fault in Our Stars.

Im not kidding when I say it is a book I will always remember. I loved it from beginning to end. Every word, every phrase and every part of this story broke my soul little by little. I cried almost during the whole book, from the beginning, when Hazel talks about the side effects of dying, to when Augustus confesses he has cancer again. But your book isnt the type of book youd stop reading just because of how sad it is. I would never have been able to do that, because this story of love during sickness, of life and death, captured me from the start with all its metaphors and humor. Augustus and Hazel Grace now have a special place in my heart, a place that is broken because of their sad story. This leads me to ask you: Does Hazel die in the end? If so, how long after Augustus? What happens to Isaac? Do Augustuss parents stay married after his death? I know these questions seem silly, especially considering that, in the end, we all die, and that death has consequences on the living, especially on those who love them the most. But, as I previously mentioned, Im caught in this story, and I wish I could know the ending, so Hazels, Augustus and their familys lives dont end in the middle of a sentence. In this moment, I feel as if I were Hazel or Augustus, writing to their favorite author. In a certain way, I understand their obsession to want to know the ending, although my life is nothing like theirs. Your book gave me a paradigm of life, even though fictitious, a model at the end. An example of how to love, live life, and enjoy what we have while we have it. It made me start thinking of all the kids who suffer from cancer, those who cant look further beyond their sickness, who cant see their future because their life is clinging on a thread, and not to mention the physical and emotional pain they must have. It made me wonder, what would it feel like being so close to death? But, of course, Ill answer that myself one day. I just wanted to tell you that your work changed me for the better. I hope someday I can do that for someone, mark them with words, just like you did with me. If you could answer my questions, I would be highly grateful. Your admirer, Andrea Vijil M.