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Vitamin A

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Vitamin A
Pre-formed vitamin A exists only in animal products. However, there are about 50 carotenoids that the body can convert into vitamin A; the most common is beta-carotene. The vitamin A content of foods is now stated as retinol activity equivalents (RAE). The DRI is 900 RAE for men and 700 RAE for women. Vitamin A deficiency symptoms begin with night blindness and if it progresses can lead to the more severe eye problems of corneal ulcers, scarring, and blindness (1). Vitamin A deficiency also reduces immunity, and it is important for growth and development in infants and children and in red blood cell formation (1). Cooking vegetables and including some fat with high RAE foods should help increase absorption of vitamin A.

Table 1. RAE in Plant Foods Carrot juice Butternut squash Sweet Potato Pumpkin Carrot Carrot Spinach Cantaloupe Kale Broccoli 1C 1C 1 medium, baked 1/2 C canned 1/2 C boiled slices 1 medium 1/2 C cooked 1/2 medium (552 g) 1/2 C cooked 1 C boiled 1 C pieces 1/2 C dried 1 raw 2,256 1,114 1,096 953 665 509 472 467 442 120 89 80 17

1. Vitamin A. Linus Pauling Institute. Accessed 1/25/2013. | link

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RAE - Retinol activity equivalents

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