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Jannat -----a old age home

Vision Mission ObjectiveGoal Tag -----come in to the child age. again campaign line ---ye dolat bhe lelo , ye shoharat bhe lelo,lota do wo bachapan ke yade , wo bachapan ke jhule ,------

No one will afraid to old age , we will finish the all problem of old in old age . mission finish old age problem with the support of society and give them better life in old age we will give a better life to old age in term of feeling , happiness, peace and a good health .

Welfare for money ( its a business ) When education , medical , social welfare , and every thing in the world can be in the business .why not old age home .

Planning/ strategy
Marketing Infrastructure ( location) Segment finance plan Human resources Public relation Services ( emotion , feeling , happiness) Child together (Orphans ) SWOT

Marketing strategy
Promotion -by social event -through campaign on radio -through magazine -through news paper (a small card in news paper) - a CD with news paper that include every thing about old age home -through personal contact by our representative at every part of place


Separate home ( like in colony ), garden , vegetable and fruit farm, flowers, park , sport ground ( yoga etc ) ,worship place , hospital , cinemaetc

Old metro cities--but we will mind both customer .or .consumer , because both will have big role .donators

Finance plan = ?
Depend on future = ? every thing will be depend on location , infrastructure cost , support by society ( money or something ),

Human resources
Willingness person who want to do welfare trained personal from hospitality

Public relation
Through welfare and support to the helpless person from society Event If we will go lose .acquire money from society ,

Emotion good feeling happiness tension free life Healthy environment and healthy life Every thing that make them happy (birthday) program, event , sport , yoga, religion lesion

Child give happiness to old age people So we will open together a Orphanage in our Old age Home

Strength-----our infrastructure , our human ,our services ,our child (Orphan) , Weakness----- ------- this is the first step as an business ( risk / lose / profit ) for old age home

Opportunity in future,,,,,,,, ,,,, old age people segment will be huge ,toward individual family , our culture are changing , people wont have time for their parent , increase the middle class and upper class segment , people are saving money for their old age , Threat --- -------Hope this is the first step toward business ( risk / lose / profit ) for old age home , .and also INDIAN mentality and culture , INDIA easily dont want to sent their parent to old age home because their esteem , society , and all that and this is globalization , threat from insurance company ,bank etc..because they can start this services for their customer .

Your welcome if you give any feed back , any advice ,any comment ..contact on email ID mahasinghiipm@gmail.com

thank you Maha Singh Gujar Zafar Mod.