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INVESTIGATION BY: Detective Adilson Fernandes Cashville FBI Department

Ive been asked to investigate the America Civil War. My questions Who caused the Civil War. Why did the have the war. Im thinking that the cause of the war based o my knowledge was the disagreements between the North and the South. They disagreed about the expansion of slavery and caused the Civil war to start. I also know that the president at the time Abraham Lincoln tried to end slavery. Was he the cause of the war? This investigatio will take some time and a lot of evidence.

Who Was The Cause Of This?

What was Accomplished?

Why didnt they prevent This?

What Started the Fight?

Was Mother Nature the cause of the American Civil War? Our beloved Mother Nature. I suspect her to be the cause of the American Civil War because its said that mother nature had the power of the geographic features of the earth. I suspect her because she could've made the land more separate and easier to distribute. Although the question remains if I can suspect a fictional character made by religious people to be the cause of one the most historical, bloodiest, epic wars in

So close yet so far from the real truth. I managed to gather a couple of suspects but other than that I got nothing. I will find out what caused the American Civil War

The Southerners!


The south have appeared in my suspects book countless times. They repeatedly instigated and caused disputes between them and the north. They caused congress to set agreements on new territory such as California. There obsession for expanding slavery around the U.S and their abusive and disturbing treatment of the AfricanAmericans. The Fugitive Slave Law that was created after the rebellion led by Nat Turner states a slave master can go to the north and retrieve free slaves and bring back into slavery. It is illegal act of kidnapping and was not supported by the abolitionists. Also the South used a document that was revised years before the American Civil War to split from the Union. They had no right to split from the Union and on top of that the south attacked the North and the Nations Capital thus starting the American Civil War. The Southerners felt their

Could congress be the one who caused the American Civil War. Obviously they have no power to control the states in the union. Their Compromise of 1850 all other compromises were all just ways of pushing the whole slavery issue to the side. The continued to dodge slavery by making compromises that only eased the issue down. In the end no matter how many compromises they do, it still wont be enough to end the disputes between the North and the South. Congresss choice led them the south to attack the nations

*sigh* So many suspects. What was the reason they did what they did. Why did mother nature make our land so complicated to divide equally. Why were the Southerners so greedy when it came to expanding slavery. Why didnt congress resolve the issue when it was first brought to the table.

Todays the day I make my arrest. After investigating Civil War and collecting suspects I wrote my arrest warrant request to the Cashville Grand Jury.

Request for arrest to Cashville Grand Jury


Confederate States America

South of the Union

Detective Fernandes
Causing the Civil War C 1 1861

After investigating the American Civil War I1________________ have - War. successfully revealed the real cause of the Civil 1 a lot of time and energy Working this case was very difficult and I took to find the person who will arrest. I have narrowed my suspects down to 1 suspect. This suspect has repeatedly instigated and threatened the Union and the North. Their treatment of the slaves is what caused the Civil War. This Suspect split from the Union and attacked northern military forts and attacked the Nations Capital. This Suspect no other than the Confederate States of America. My investigation has come to an end and I come to the Grand Jury of Cashville, MA. I am requesting a warrant for the arrest of the Confederate States of America. Formally known as the Southerners of the Union.
May 17th

Adilson Fernandes

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Adilson Fernandes