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Raider 1 Matt Raider Professor Gabriela R.

Ros ENC 1102 3 June 2013

Gender Roles in a Space

Spatial praxis is an interesting concept. Imagine a concept that shows how your space that you live in tells who you conform to as a person whether it is the music you listen to, the way you treat certain people, or the things you are chosen to learn in your very own school. Not only do you interact with your space but you also see that the society you live in is using the space as its ally. Sometimes it could be in a positive way and make you proud of the path you took, or it can open your eyes and see what you really been missing your whole life. Yolanda Leyva saw this with herself and her students. She was a Chicana in Texas that who iwas extremely devoted to telling her students how society has kept them from knowing and learning their Iindigenous pastheritage. Her famous quote that says it all is the meaning of spatial praxis, We didnt cross the border, the border crossed us.(Leyva 98) Her purpose was to show how society can rule what you know and what you can learn (Leyva). this is true, but for focus purposes, try to keep this to something about space Space can also act on the way people can be treated. For instance, Brent Staples made an argument that the he was seen as a criminal in some places because of his skin color. In the streets of Chicago he could hear peoples doors lock when he crossed the street at night (Staples 1). But when he lived in the ghetto he seemed to notice that he was treated
Comment [GR3]: Two things: 1. Remember what we talked about when we went over quotes. What is one of the number one no nos that TSIS mentions about saying her famous quote? 2. Leyva didnt say this, Gloria Anzalda didm and Leyva quotes her, Comment [GR1]: Who? Or what? Comment [GR2]: Careful with grammar and logic here.you are chosen to learn?

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differently because of all the crime that was expected and happening already (Staples 2). This is what spatial praxis is. It shows you how a concept can be treated differently through the language and action of others. Just like Leyva and Staples, I will show you how I see spatial praxis in my everyday life and how it might impact your life. Not only will I tell you how I see it, but how it is part of a bigger picture in everyday life. As a college Freshman I was eager to go out a lot since my parents were very controlling on what I did in high school. Over the numerous nights I noticed that the men seem to be the ones that are always expected to pay for girls drinks. Not only that but we also never get favored in specials over the women. I always see specials at Knights Library (a local college bar), Ladies Free Cover! or Ladies Drink for Free! but never anything that favors the men. I would like to explore why we live in a space that enhances this view of men having to serve women not only in night clubs and bars, but in society as a whole. In this study, I have looked at research that shows how and why men might be involved in this seeming everyday process. We will begin by exploring a study that enhances our spatial praxis theory in a different space in Europe by a simple open the door experience. Here is a chart of the outcomes that come from 479 subjects at a public library door(Ventimiglia 1116).

Comment [GR4]: How so? Read what he said about his experiences in the ghetto carefully.what is different about his experiences there?

Comment [GR5]: Which numerous nights?

Comment [GR6]: This is your argument, but you need to start by engaging what people have said on a larger scale first. What are the structures at play with respect to gender on a larger scale and how are they played out in these spaces?

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The categories explain how the individual reacts when the same or other sex opens a door for them and the numbers across are a rate from 1-100 of the category. As we can see the gratitude a women gets when a male helps her open the door is higher compared to when a female helps the man (Ventimiglia 1117). Also there is a lot more confusion when a female holds the door for the male. This can relate to me when I was at Knights Library, if a woman bought me a drink, Im not going to lie I would be a little confused, while if I bought her the drink, Im sure she would show gratitude and less confusion. Now what does this say? This says that this space in the library agrees somewhat with the space I see in the bars that women are served by the men. this is not any evidence, though, this is a hypotheticalleyva and s taples talked about actual experiences and connected them to larger social structures It is pretty obvious that in your culture the woman is the one that is served by the man. But where does this idea originate? Gender is a construction in response to local contexts, and little can be gained from a search for cross-cultural regularities in sex differences (Wood).
Comment [GR7]: Except its notthis is your opinion, but you need to engage what people have said about gender and subordination on a larger scaleso far, you havent engaged any critical commentary/sources Comment [GR8]: OK, remember all that we have learned from TSIS? What is wrong with both your use of this quote here and the way you have (or have not) integrated it?

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These scientists have been discovering that its not only a biological psychological outcome, but also the way it has been originated in the culture. As the female holds traits that appear to be taking care of the offspring, the man sees it to be more over-taking in his future and is only goal is to serve his baby carrier (Wood). In the origin, it is seen that jobs have been made for one-sex to be easier defined. This then leads to the other sex having to do all the nurturing and home activities. The one sex that happened to be made for work is the male because of his testosterone that has made him more physically fit for physical jobs in the past. Now that our future is changing into the business world, we can see cultures that are advancing turning into a both sex friendly atmosphere, which will then lead to a different space for women. So yes this space will be different for different cultures depending how relatively modern they are with the most modern day society since we see changes today. I pointed out that I see that men are expected to buy other women drinks at bars, and also saw that it is expected for a man to open a door for a woman. Is this practice shown differently anywhere else? I didnt find anything that could relate to it except what I told you about women being always condescended compared to the man, and we know for a fact that today the woman is making more and more progress towards a unisex-productive society, just look whos running for president.

Comment [GR9]: What is it here?

Comment [GR10]: Since this is about social relations and space, you will want to choose sources that have to do with those issueshaving a source on psychology is fine as long as it is balanced with something on sociology or cultural studies. Comment [GR11]: This sentence is a bit confusing (grammatically)can you rephrase it?

Matt, you have some great ideas, here. Your intro also really shows that you have a pretty good handle of what SP is and how the authors we have read utilize it. However, what is hurting your

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writing and logic here is a mix of dated sources and lack of evidence or ill-formed logic. In class today we talked extensively about how SP is about the extent to which spaces reflect or influence larger social relations with respect to power. So, you have to find a critical source to engagenot one that simply agrees with you (or vice versa), but one that gets at a larger concern and one that is current. Come see me for more clarification

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Comment [GR12]: This is your problemthe main source that you are engaging has information that is dated. You need to make sure that the sources you engage on a topic like this are current and show the most recent studies and findings.

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