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We know that in order to come to certain definite conclusions, we need to assess not only the position of planets in the natal chart but also in transit. The transit of planets can either support or oppose the natal chart. There are some learned scholars who opine that when transits of planets oppose the planets in natal chart, the gochara scheme of things gains the upper hand. Now a days lots of people are anxious to know when Jupiter or Saturn will leave a particular sign and enter the next. One of the most dreaded transits if the sade-sathi of Saturn. But do all people perceive effect of gochara in equal measure? The answer is NO. So a convenient explanation is given saying that Saturn in his second round is beneficial, third round is not so, etc. But the real clue to deciphering the effects of planets in transit, lies in our comprehending the Ashtaka Varga system of Prediction. Now we will take a brief look at the various ways in which Astrology is used to delineate the prospects for future. a) Natal Astrology: For an individual the birth chart is the main building block from which all other results flow. Some times a query is raised about the results of Jupiter or Saturn in transit. If in the birth chart, Saturn is either the lagna lord or a yogakaraka or is well placed in faourable houses, then one need not worry at all where Saturn is placed in transit. For such natives, Saturn in good house in gochara may as well prove to be a boon. If, on the other hand, Saturn is a functional malefic in birth chart, then its passage over adverse houses can be indicative of critical periods to be faced. b) Varshphal: By casting the annual horoscope one can find out more about the immediate prospects for the forth coming year. The placement of Varsheshwar and Munthe can give a broad picture about emerging trends. c) Prasna: If there is a single issue bothering a person, the best way to find a solution would be to erect a prasna chart and seek answers. Generally prasna charts are valid for one question only. Deva prasana are conducted in temples to assess the mood of the presiding deity. Like this we have various types pf Prasnas for knowing about thief, Water in a well to be dug and many other specific matters.

d) Muhurtha: The only way to overcome destiny is through free will. The best way to begin a job is to start it in an auspicious Muhurtha. This neutralizes the doshas prevailing in the natal chart. If a child has afflictions in 2nd and 4th houses, by starting his education at an

auspicious moment, the basic underlying defects can be mitigated. So whatever be ones birth chart or its pitfalls, an auspicious moment will invariably fetch success. e) Mundane: Mundane astrology generally deals with celestial phenomena such as eclipses, comets and other occurrences which have an impact over countries, continents and governments. Its main utility is the weather forecasting. It is also used to estimate prices of commodities and fluctuations therein. Amine, drought, cyclones and tidal waves also come under purview of Mundane astrology. f) Transits: To know what will happen at a given moment in time, the present position of planets is a major determinant and needs investigation. Though Dasa and Bhukthimay be favourable, things will not happen if in gochara planets pose impediments. There is one school of astrologers who opine that in battle between natal chart and gochara, the latter may prevail, which is perhaps when planets move through adverse houses, even people with good natal charts suffer. Having understood the various divisions of astrology, let us now turn our attention to the AshtakaVarga. Basis of Ashtakavarga: The word Ashta denotes eight. It refers to the vargas viz. Lagna and seven planets (excluding , Rahu and Kethu). Gochara is usually seen from moon. Sometimes we looks at gochara from lagna standpoint also. For instance if lagna lord joins the 10 lord in transit in 10th house, then matters relating to profession become favourable. But, does the overall planetary position in birth chart have any impact on gochara? The Hindu Rishis gave their answer in affirmative and Ashtakavarga ia a unique system devised by them to assess the performance of a planet in transit based on the sum total of planetary influences in the birth chart. Ashtakavarga is a very powerful system because A strong influence prevailing in Jupiters Ashtakavarga can override yogas for widowhood etc. Among the various systems for Ayurdaya, Ashtakavarga is the best. According to Maharishi Parasara, only general predictions can be made through birth chart; definite results can be ascertained only thro ashtakavarga.

Because of the elaborate reasoning given above, it would be better if all transit results are confirmed by correlating transit results with the Ashtakavarga table obtained from a persons Natal chart. In our next article we will proceed to discuss the intricacies of the Ashtakavarga system.

ASHTAKAVARGA SYSTEM OF PREDICTION PART 2. Once we get a horoscope for analysis, we need to exert an Ashtakavarga chart before beginning our application of rules and our analysis of its impact. Present day astrologers are fortunate to be blessed with the most sophisticated tools in their armor for giving out their analysis. These tools are nothing but software packages. Only in the late seventies computerized packages for astrology started becoming popular. Earlier, horoscopes used to be cast manually with almanacs as an aid. The only date, a client is going to furnish would be the rasi and navamsa chart. The astrologer will be left with very little clue about exact time of birth (which will be mentioned as nazhigas and vinazhigas) or about the ayanamses used. Even the hand writing at times would be illegible. Today the entire horoscope with all data required for analysis can be obtained in less than five minutes using astrological software. But, has all this improved the quality of predictions given? This is a valid question but very difficult to answer. The only point which needs emphasis here is that in olden times, Astrologers had an excellent grasp over the subject, that even with very little inputs from the client in the form of Rasi or Navamsa charts, they could predict significant events to happen with a fair amount of accuracy. They also used to employ prasna charts to confirm their findings. Moreover, they used to memorise all the text book rules and upon seeing a chart, they can immediately detect the presence of yogas in the chart. What has now happened is that though there are number of software packages giving lots of data, astrologers do not give sufficient time and attention to them. Also clients have very little patience and seldom allow professionals to a meticulous and thorough job. Preparation of Ashtakavarga Chart Let us start this process from the Sun. In Suns Ashtakavarga, Sun is auspicious from himself in the 1st,2nd,4th,7th,8th 9th 10th & 11th houses. Likewise Moon is auspicious in 3,6,10 & 11 from the Sun. The crucial point we need to note is that Rahu and Ketu do not yield any bind us at all. Whether lagna should be used for computing Sarvashtakavarga has been debatable issue. The Bindus of lagna add up to 49, the student has tow options - to include lagna thereby obtaining 386 bindus in all. Excluding lagna we get 337 bindus in the Sarvashtakavarga chart. Rahus Ashtakavarga. Text books like Shambu Hora Prakash have given bindus for Rahu as well. Now the Ashtakavarga of Rahu adds upto 43 bindus as follows: From: Sun Moon Mars : 1 2 3 5 7 8 10 : 1 3 5 7 8 9 10 : 2 3 5 12

Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Lagna

: : : : :

2 1 6 3 3

4 3 7 5 4

7 8 12 4 6 8 11 12 7 10 11 12 5 9 12

Now, we will have a look at the tables of all planets and see how the magic figure of 337 is arrived at. In brief, 337 bindus is actually a proess of summation of bindus obtained in each of the individual planetary chart. I wish to repeat here that lagna or rahu is not reckoned for the purpose of obtaining sarvashtakavarga of 337 bindus eventhough there is difference of opinion among learned scholars on this point. Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Total 48 49 39 54 56 52 39 ---------337 ----------

TABLE 1. From Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Total

For SUN 48 Points Total 1 5 1 1 6 3 3 3 2 6 2 2 7 5 6 4 4 9 4 4 12 6 10 6 7 11 7 7 9 11 10 8 8 8 10 11 9 9 9 11 12 10 10 10 12 11 11 11 8 4 8 8 3 7 4 6 48

TABLE - 2 For Moon 49 points From Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Total 3 1 2 3 3 1 1 3 5 4 3 6 4 3 3 6 6 7 5 7 5 4 6 10 11 8 6 8 7 5 7 11 10 9 10 9 7 10 11 10 11 10 8 11 12 11 11 10 Total 4 7 7 6 7 8 6 4 49


TABLE 3 For MARS 39 points From Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Total 1 6 1 3 6 3 3 1 4 10 2 5 8 5 6 3 7 11 4 6 11 6 11 6 8 12 7 10 12 11 10 9 8 11 10 10 11 11 Total 7 4 7 5 4 4 3 5 39


TABLE -4 for Mercury 54 points From Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Total 1 6 1 5 1 1 2 1 2 8 2 6 2 3 4 2 4 11 4 9 3 5 6 4 7 12 7 11 4 6 8 6 8 8 12 5 9 10 8 9 9 8 10 11 10 10 10 9 11 11 11 11 11 12 Total 8 4 8 5 8 8 6 7 54

TABLE -5 for JUPITER 56 Points From Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Total 3 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 5 2 2 2 5 2 5 2 6 3 4 3 6 4 7 4 12 4 7 4 9 5 9 5 7 8 7 10 6 11 6 8 10 8 11 9 7 10 11 9 10 9 11 10 11 10 11 11 Total 4 8 7 9 6 8 5 9 56

TABLE 6 For VENUS 52 points From Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Total 3 5 3 8 1 3 1 1 4 8 5 11 2 5 2 2 5 9 6 12 3 6 3 3 8 10 9 4 9 4 4 9 11 11 5 11 5 5 10 12 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 11 11 11 12 11 Total 7 5 6 3 9 5 9 8 52

TABLE 7 for SATURN 39 points From Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Total 3 5 3 1 6 6 3 1 5 6 5 2 11 8 6 3 6 11 6 4 12 9 11 4 11 12 10 7 10 6 Total 4 4 6 7 3 6 3 6 39

11 8 11 10

12 10 12 11



To assess the impact of a planet in transit, we need to follow the three steps mentioned below in the same serial order. 1. Find out the nature and propensity of the lords of dasa and bhukti. 2. Judge the impact of these lords in transit. Irrespective of whether they are favorable or unfavorable, the resultant impact will prove to be negligible, if there is a planet transiting a vedha point from the former planet. During the course of the dissertation, we will try to understand the meaning and impact of vedha points. 3. Correlate gochara with Ashtakavarga table. Favourable planets in gochara with feeble support in Ashtakavarga do not yield desired results. Consider the case of a person running Venus dasa. There are two courses for Venus one from Pisces, sign of its exaltation to Virgo and the return journey back to virgo. Virgo is the debilitation sign of Venus. So it progressively loses its strength while moving towards Virgo. So a person running Venus dasa will be benefited during its journey towards Pisces and the movement towards Virgo would prove to be otherwise. There are a few thumb rules by which gochara rules can be understood quickly. We know the Upachaya houses are 3,6 and 11 and in a natal chart a natural malefic is good in 3,6 or 11, So the first thumb rule we need to understand is that in Gochara, Mars and Saturn are favourable in 3,6 and 11. The above rules are also applicable to Sun. In addition Sun in 10 favours completion of some great enterprise. So in addition to 3,6 and 11, Sun is good in 10 also. What applies to Sun, applies to Rahu and Ketu also. Considering this rule, we observe, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are favorable in 3,6,10 and 11. This is the second thumb rule. Moon is favourable in 1,3,6,7,10 and 11. Venus is favorable in houses other than 6,7 and 10. Thus Moon gives good results in six houses while Venus gives good results in 9 houses. To understand this rule we need to keenly observe one point As far as houses 6,7 and 10 the effects of Moon and Venus are just the opposite in terms of whether it is good or bad. This completes the third thumb rule. Mercury is favourable in all houses and in 11th (excluding 12th house). Write down all even houses.

2,4,6,8,10 12 Replace 12 with 11 2,4,6,8,10 11. This gives the list of favourable houses for Mercury. This is the fourth thumb rule.

Jupiter is favourable in all odd houses (barring 1 and 3) and in 2 also. Write down all odd houses - 1,3,5,7,9,11 Ignore 1 and 3 but include 2 2,5,7,9,11 This gives us the list of favourable houses for Jupiter and is the fifth and last thumb rule. Please note that Vedha will not act between Sun and Saturn; also between Moon and Mercury. We will now summarize all these rules in a tabular form. Sun gives good result in houses ( No Vedha from Saturn) House Vedha 3 9 6 12 10 4 11 5

Moon gives good result in houses. ( No Vedha from Mercury)

House Vedha

1 5

3 9

6 12

7 2

10 4

11 8

Mars gives good results in Houses House Vedha 3 12 6 9 11 5

Mercury gives good result in houses. (No vedha from Moon)

House Vedha

2 5

4 3

6 9

8 1

10 7

11 12

Jupiter gives good result in houses House Vedha 2 12 5 4 7 3 9 10 11 8

Venus gives good result in houses House Vedha 1 8 2 7 3 1 4 10 5 9 8 5 9 11 11 6

Saturn gives good results in Houses. (No Vedha from Sun) House Vedha 3 12 6 9 11 5

Now we are through with all the fundamental Gochara rules.However each planet in a specific house is capable of producing certain specific results.As mentioned earlier only by integration of the rules of Ashtakavarga with Gochara ,a clear picture about future trends will be obtained.In our next article we will see how planets function in producing results in transit.

ASHTAKAVARGA PART 4 By Dr. E. S. Neelakantan

In our previous article we discussed about minimum number of bindus for each bhava to become effective as well as prediction of prosperity from Ashtakavarga chart. In this article we will dwell upon further intricacies of Ashtakavarga System of prediction. Rules of Ashtakavarga do not substitute rules of general predictive Astrology. They should be understood harmoniously or in other words, in tandem with the general rules of astrology. Saturn as we all know is a natural malefic. In some charts it is also endowed with evil qualities even functionally. Its transit over a house where bindus are less than stipulated becomes a major factor in producing adverse results. Consider the Bhinnashtavrga of Moon. For all the karaka of moon, this table is crucial. If Saturn as a malefic transits over a house where Moon has very few bindus, then such a transit will forebode evil for the areas in a persons life over which Moon has control. Now we will have a brief look at what the karakatwas of major planets are: Sun : Father, Right Eye, Physique

Moon : Mother, Left eye, Mind Mars : Immovable property, brothers Mercury : Education, Speech Jupiter Venus Saturn : Children, Wealth, Intelligence : Spouse, comforts of life, vehicles. : Labourers, servants, means of livelihood, longevity.

It is important to note that a house will fare well if it has four or more bindus. The converse is also true. A house whose bindus fall short of this figure can only prodce unfortunate results. Before we discuss the effects of planets in bhavas, we need to revisit the area dealing with what each bhava denotes in a chart. This being an off-discussed and familiar area, we will mention the key points of bhavas and then proceed to the main topic.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

ones personality, phusical body. Speech, wealth, eyesight, family Courage, Co-borns, Voice, Proficiency in Music Mother, vehicles, House, Happiness. Cheildren, Merits of previous births, Debts, Diseases and enemies. Spouse, Overseas Travel Longevity Preceptor, Good Fortune, Divine grace. Work, Honour Opulence, Elder brothers Expenditure, Losses

How Planets influence a Bhava: In brief, we will now discuss how a Planet can influence a bhava. 1. A bhava gets destroyed when occupied by a malefic. Conversely it flourishes when aspected or occupied by a benefic. 2. Mixed effects will be felt if both a malefic as well as benefic occupy a bhava. 3. Planets in 6.8.12 do not yield beneficial results. ( Please note that if such a Planet happens to own One of the three evil house, then they mitigate the hardships thereby proving to be beneficial. Such as Hassha Yoga, Vimala Yoga, Sarala Yoga and Vipareetha Yoga operate on this principle). 4. A malefic in own house or exaltation yields good results. 5. A benefic in debilitation or getting combusted loses its benefic power and therefore yields bad results. Any student of Astrology who can understand the essence of these principles can easily forecast the outcome of each bhava in a horoscope. If the bhava, bhava lord and karaka are strong and are also well placed, the good effects of that bhava are assured. However Sun in 9, Moon in 4, Mars in 3, Jupiter in 5 and Venus in 7 do not yield desirable results on account of the dictum that a Karaka planet in that bhava (over which it is the karaka) actually spoils that bhava. Now we will see one important rule which gives an added dimension to the rules of astrology which we already know. 1. The well-known principle is that a planet which has good strength by virtue of being in exaltation, own house or in the house of another friendly planet or by virtue of occupying quadrant or brine would yield favourable result.

But however well placed such a planet may be, the results would not be favourable if it happens to occupy a house with very few bindus (meaning less than 40 in the bhinashtavarga chart. 2. A planet which is badly situated by virtue of being in debilitation or in Rasi or Navamsa) is known to produce untoward or evil results. sign (

Such a planet would yield very good results by occupying a house having more number of bindus ( meaning a house having 5 or more bindus) I would just like to make one point clear here. All along people have been consulting astrologers who come to immediate conclusions by just having one look at the chart. For instance if Jupiter in its Capricorn in both Rasi and Navamsa, the immediate conclusion Is that Jupiter is very weak. But really speaking if a planet is in the very same house in both Rasi as well as Navamsa, it gets a new form of strength ie. Vargothama and one need not consider the vulnerability arising out of debilitation while giving predictions. Similarly Bhinnashtakavarga chart gives two important principles which are very important for judging whether the planet is really beneficial or not. Thus the common saying, On should not get carried away by external appearances might convey precise meaning while we discuss Ashtakavarga charts. 11th house The eleventh house stands for fulfillment of wishes. As we discussed earlier this is the lasha bhava. If Karma bhava (10th house) is stronger than the 11th house (labha bhava) one has to take tremendous amount of efforts to earn wealth.Similarly we can compare 2nd house (Dhana bhava) with 11th house (Labha bhava). Both these houses are indicators of material prosperity .To become wealthy, which of the two bhavas should be stronger? The second house can be compared to a well, while the 11th house can be compared to the rain. If rainfall is scanty, naturally the well will find to become dry. Hence, the answer would be that the 11th bhava should should be stronger than the 2nd bhava, if a person should continue to enjoy prosperity. If 6th house is stronger than the 11th house, chances of welth being lost due to debts, diseases or enemies is there.

Bindus and Rekhas: To assess the performance of a planet in transit, the following three rules would suffice. 1. When a planet passes through a house with no bindus, the entire transit period is inauspicious. If the passage is through a house with 8 bindus, the whole period is auspicious. 2. Assuming that a bhava has 7 bindus and a rekha, the planet who has contributed the rekha gives inauspicious results in its transit over that bhava. 3. Assuming that a bhava has 1 bindus and 7 rekhas, then the transit of that planet who has contributed 1 bindu alone would prove auspicious. Ashtakavarga as a balancing factor: Let us say that a particular bhava has more number of bindus. From what we have understood so far, that bhava will become favourable, if that bhava is occupied by a malefic or aspected by an evil planet, would not the bhava effects be unfavourable? Here Ashtakavarga acts as a balancing factor. The effect of malefic aspecting that bhava is effectively countered by the surplus bhavas obtained by the bhava. On the same analogy, deficiency of bindus in a bhava can be compensated by the aspect or presence of a strong benefic. With these remarks, we will proceed to discuss the outcome of planetary transits in the next edition of our article.

ASHTAKAVARGA - PART 5 INTRODUCTION; In our previous article we had discussed how Ashtakavarga compensates for shortcomings in a chart that occur due to general principles of astrology. In this article, we will go on to discuss how each planet influences the Ashtakavarga Chart. How do planets influence us? They control lives of human beings through vibrations. Astrology, in brief, is the science of vibrations and it is this vibrational energy which produces all the effects that we perceive, both good and bad. SUN - AN ENERGY CENTRE Everything that we need to do requires energy. Hence we often say, I cant do anything now. I am feeling very tired. I want to sleep. When we sleep, our body revitalizes itself and when we get up we feel as though we are fresh. In a car showroom, you can see all varieties of cars. Some of them have utility value, some of them are so costly that they are termed luxury Cars, some are sturdy, some are useful only for city use but one feature which is common to all cars is that without fuel (which may be Petrol or Diesel), no car will run. One can find lot of posh houses today having all kinds of modern electronic devices but the fact remains that when there is power cut, no device will function. We know in this world, the sun is main source of energy. Plants utilize this energy for their growth. Even in our human body, certain important chemical changes are brought about through sunlight. For example human body when exposed to sunlight produces Vitamin D. When we speak of the nine planets, we know that Sun is also a planet in astrology. When we speak of the nine planets in Astronomy we exclude Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu and include in their place Earth, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. When we talk of Astrology, we treat Sun as planet. Still we need to appreciate one key difference between Sun and the remaining eight planets - Sun generates energy of its own. We can call the Sun as one gigantic nuclear power plant operating through the scientific process called nuclear fusion. All planets as well as Moon, merely reflect the light of the Sun and hence appear to be luminous. Despite the best efforts of scientists, the world over, nuclear energy through fusion has not become a viable proposition in a large scale. So it is a wonder that God was able to set up such a large nuclear power plant (propelled by nuclear fusion) without any scientists working on that or engineers to do the construction of the factory. The Sun is not only the epicenter of power but also a living God whom we worshiping daily as the soul of the Trinity, Brahma , Vishnu and Siva (Virinchi narayana Sankaratmane). The sacred Gayathri Manthra is also an invocation to the Sun and occupies a very important place in the spiritual pursuit of Mankind. With these introductory remarks about the Sun, let us now turn our attention to the Suns Ashtakavarga Chart.

Predictions through Suns Ashtakavarga

There are two important concepts we need to grasp here. 1. Though, Ashtakavarga is primarily a tool to assess transits, it can still be used to judge the strength of planets in natal chart. So the first concept we need to understand here is that, predictions based sun based on natal chart need to be based on how many bindus it has obtained in suns Bhinnashtakavarga. 2. The second concept we need to know is that not only Sun in its transit will deliver results based on Suns Bhinnashtakavarga but also other planets in their transit will influence the matters over which sun has domination, based on the number of bindus in the suns Ashtakavarga chart. Now we will have a detailed look at the first concept mentioned above. 1. Sun in the 10th house is supposed to be very strong especially when in Aries. In addition to being in own house or exaltation if it is associated with 5 or more bindus, Rajayoga is caused. 2. One becomes the owner of vast estates if all the following conditions are satisfied. a) Jupiter is in a Kendra from Sun as well as lagna. b) Jupiter is in own house in the middle of a bhava and has 3 or more bindus in the Suns Ashtakavarga chart. 3. When sun is in an upachaya house meaning 3,6 or 11 with 3 bindus or more , then those bhavas prosper. 4. When Sun is in its own house or in exaltation in Lagna,with 5 or more bindus the person becomes a king endowed with long life. 5. Diplomats, Ambassadors and ministers are people who enjoy royal favour. Lifestyle of such people can best be described as enviable. They also enjoy very good social status. One will attain this status if sun occupies the 5th house with above average bindus. 6. There are many people who go to astrologers to verify whether they will enjoy power and status. If sun as lagna lord is well placed with more than 5 bindus, one will enjoy good status and will be placed in life having access to power and regal paraphernalia.

The above concept we discussed, just a while earlier is that sun gives different results based on its transit over houses with varying bindus. The results are tabulated as follows: 1. bindu 2 bindus 3 bindus 4 bindus 5 bindus 6 bindus 7 bindus 8 bindus Diseases, sorrows Misunderstanding, worries Aimless travels, mental affliction Parity of loss and gain Meeting pious people, Learning new things or subjects. Good health, fortune Honours & riches are got. Highest honour, Universal respect.

After going through the above table, one question may be raised. Is this table applicable to Gochara movement of Sun or to the natal placement of Sun in a persons horoscope? As discussed Ashtakavarga applies only to the Gochara movement of Sun. However I wish to emphasize that the rules stated above can be effectively employed to assess the influence of suns placement in radical horoscopes also. I wish to give one commonplace example to explain this point. Schoolchildren while playing street cricket use tennis balls. So at times a tennis ball performs the role of a cricket ball. Likewise the rules of Ashtakavarga can be imported into general rules of Astrology for improving our comprehension of natal charts. In this write up. for the first time in this series of articles on Ashtakavarga, we will have a look at a few horoscopes to understand the theory part in a practical way. Before we venture into this,a few points in relation to theory and practice need to be understood clearly. In fact one reader has sent an e mail to us, stating that he wishes to have practical chart analysis done after every theoretical point is discussed. Now I wish to state that if the theory part is well understood, applying it in practice would be easy. But to understand theory from reading charts would be an exercise in futility. The story goes that a man keen on finding out what causes inebriation went to investigate a group of alcoholics. Each of them was tasting a different drink (whisky, Vodka, gin etc), which of course is usually consumed along with soda. The man arrived at the conclusion that since the common ingredient in all these drinks is Soda, the inebriation is attributable to Soda.(whereas in reality soda never causes inebriation)Though this analogy might found a bit crude, the important lesson that it teaches is that it is always possible to take the wrong logic out of analysis of the chart. Hence my earnest request is that theory should be learnt as theory only. Reading of horoscopes is not a substitute for learning the theory behind astrology.The theory tell us the cause. The chart tells us the result. So theory and practice have a cause-effect equation . With these words, we will discuss three horoscopes, now being taken up for analysis. The first chart we take up for analysis is the chart of the great philosopher and theosophist, J Krishnamurti (May 12,1895 - Feb 17,1986). He was raised under the tutelage of two great leaders of Theosophical Society, namely Annie Besant and C.W.Leadbeater. In his chart both the Sun and Saturn are exalted with six bindus each. The signs which they occupy, viz., Aries and Libra, obtain 36 bindus each in the Sarvashtakavarga chart. It is

important to note that for Capricorn lagna, Sun does not become a malefic by owning the 8th house as it is said that Ashtamadipathya dosha does not apply to the Sun and the Moon. In Chart 2, which belongs to eminent vocalist of yesteryears, M.S. Subbalakshmi, who was the first musician to be honoured with the Bharat Ratna award, Sun joins an exalted planet in both Rasi as well as Navamsa and is also placed with 4 bindus. Though Sun is in 12, it is actually placed in 11th bhava. So in placement, conjunction as well as in Ashtakavarga, the Sun is well placed to give excellent results. Chart 3 belongs to a retired Government Official who worked as a Chief Commissioner of Income Tax. In his horoscope, Sun occupies a Kendra as lagna lord with 4 bindus and in Scorpio, which has 27 bindus in sarvashtakavarga chart. Summing up this discussion, we find that in all the three horoscopes, the following features are present. 1. Sun is well placed 2. It obtains good number of bindus in the Bhinnashtakavarga chart or/and obtaining good number of bindus in the sarvashtakavarga chart. 3. They are blessed with high reputation or/and Government honour or patronage. Due to limitations of space, we need to conclude our discussion about the Sun with a request to our student readers to analyse more charts with the principles discussed so far to gain clarity in perception. In our next article we will take up the Ashtakavarga of Moon for our analysis.

ASHTAKAVARGA - PART 6 Dr. E.S. Neelakantan PhD In our previous article we discussed about the salient features of Suns Ashtakavarga. In this article we will take a look at Moons Ashtakavarga chart and its implications. In Astronomy, Moon is just a satellite of the earth; In Astrology , Moon is a full-fledged planet. The Sun and Moon give rise to eclipses, which the other planets do not cause eclipses. So the Sun and Moon, even though they are treated as planets are in some ways different from the rest. One major difference between the luminaries is that Sun generates light on its own, whereas Moon shines on account of the light rays of sun falling on its surface and getting reflected. Moon is perhaps the only planet which exhibits dual qualities as a malefic as well as a benefic while waning it turns malefic and while waxing it is considered a benefic. Moon, according to Vedas governs the mind ( Chandrama Manaso Jayatha Purusha suktam Mind emerged from Moon). So, no study of an individual chart could be said to be complete , unless a comprehensive study of the Moons placement is undertaken. In this context, we need to form an opinion about Moon after considering its effects in its Bhinnashtakavarga chart. This we will study, in depth in this article. 1. Everyone wishes to have a decent status in society, wealth, comforts, peace of mind, happiness, good influence in society, good fortune and above all, a loving mother to look after household affairs. All these things are vouchsafed when Moon is well placed with 5 or more bindus. 2. Moon is the karaka of mind. A person endowed with intelligence can grasp what is said to him in no time. Such persons can solve any problem in no time through sheer presence of mind. These qualities are found in persons, in whose birth chart Moon is well placed with 6 or more bindus. 3. Ascertain the position of Jupiter. Find out in which house Moon is placed therefrom. If Moon is placed in 6,8 or 12 from Jupiter an inauspicious yoga termed as Sakata Yoga is given rise to. There is a saying, that for a person born with Sakata Yoga, Yogabanga or cancellation of other good yogas takes place from time to time (Sakta Yoga Jathasya yoga bhangam pade pade). Effects of Sakata Yoga are: a) Loss of fortune b) Poverty, Misery and difficulties c) Lack of support from ones own kith and kin When Sakata Yoga is present and the Moon in such a case is placed with 3 or less bindus, one will have debts, diseases and enemies.

4. If all the conditions mentioned infra are cumulatively present, one becomes highly prosperous: a) Moon is waxing b) Moon is placed in 9 or 11 c) Moon obtains 5 or more bindus. One must understand the essence of these conditions for judging a chart. As discussed earlier Moon in its waxing phase is a benefic. Secondly houses 9 and 11 are very auspicious as they represent luck and gains. Thirdly Moon with 5 or more bindus is certainly bound to yield favourable results. So, in a chart if all these factors are present, success and prosperity are guaranteed. 5) A weak moon can also lead to loss of mother. If Moon with no bindus occupies 7,8,or 12 early death of mother is possible. 6) Afflictions to mother is possible of Moon with 3 or less bindus occupies 7 or 8, while Rahu is in the 2nd house. 7) Danger through weapons is indicated when Moon occupies lagna with 3 or less bindus. 8) Generally astrologers look at the asterism occupied by the moon before fixing up an auspicious Muhurtha. Suppose in a persons chart, Moon has contributed 0 bindus to a rashi. That rashi needs to be avoided for all auspicious functions. In other words, we should perform all good things only on days when the Moon is transiting a rashi, which has received good number of bindus in the Moons Bhinnashtakavarga chart. 9) Today it is said that people in western countries have more wealth than the rest of the world. One would expect them to be happy on account of that. On the contrary, depression is found mostly in western countries. So the fact remains that mere possession of wealth cannot create happiness. Anxiety, mental depression and sickness are given rise to when Moon is placed with less than three bindus in the Bhinnastakavarga chart. 10) One becomes famous or even equivalent to a King if Moon obtains 8 bindus in its Bhinnashtakavarga chart. 11) Moon with 8 bindus in exaltation enables a person to become a King. His fame and prosperity also increase manifold.

12) Sometimes when two or more horoscopes are found to be in agreement and everything is found to be okay, we are at a dilemma about choosing the correct bride or groom. In such cases Ashtakavarga can come to our rescue. a) Mark the sign and navamsa occupied by the lagna lord as well as the 7th lord in the boys horoscope. (say A1, B1) b) The Janma Rasi of the girl could be - A sign which is trine to the above mentioned houses (A1, B1) - House of exaltation/debilitation of the lagna and 7th Lords as mentioned above. c) Now, there is a third clause which could also become applicable here. The janma rasi of the bride could be the sign which obtains the highest number of bindus in the grooms Bhinnashtakavarga chart (of the Moon) The above astrological principle is stated by Mantraswara in his treatise, Phaladeepika ( chapter 10, verse11) It would be advisable for all astrologers to take up the chart, whether it be that of a boy or girl and find out which Rashi has obtained the highest number of bindus in the Moons Bhinnashtakavarga chart. Select a suitable bride or groom whose Rashi is identical with that Rashi. This is one way in which greater harmony can be introduced in marriage life. 13) There is an interesting superstition in some parts of India. One meets with good fortune if one happens to see a fox as the first thing in the morning. Now certain truths in our country are expressed as superstitions. Fox is an animal which gets up by 3 a.m. in the morning. So a person who rises early in the morning can possibly sight a fox. There is a saying Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise .Usually people who get up early in the morning are hardworking.Hardwork is the surest way to attain success and good fortune.Correlating the two, the maxim goes, Seeing a fox in the morning brings good fortune This maxim is also subject to misuse. Sighting of foxes in order to become auspicious (as an omen) should be accidental,not pre- planned. Some people keep foxes in their houses and see them in the morning in order to make the day auspicious but that is against the spirit of the maxim. Now, ashtakavarga also gives us some advice on what we should see as the first thing in the morning. a) One should visit a person in whose chart Moon is present with 8 bindus. b) Gift of cloths or any presentation to such persons will usher in prosperity.

For success in life three things are needed. They are Wealth, Knowledge and above all, the grace of God. Hence the first thing we should do in the morning is to see both palms and say the prayer Karagre vasathe Lakshmi, Karamadhye Sarawathy, Karamoolethu Govindha Prabhathe Kara Dharshanam Worshiping the palm, Wherein Goddess of wealth ( Lakshmi) resides at the top, Goddess of learning ( Saraswathi) at the middle and the Supreme God Vishnu resides at the base. There is a tradition in Kerala to see Vishukkani as the first item when the Solar Year begins. Sometimes we used to sleep in the bedrooms and the Vishukkani would be in the hall. The real fun is to get up, close the eyes and walk up to the place where the Vishukkani is kept and see ones own face in the mirror, in the morning. Usually some elder member of the family would wake up and escort the junior members to see the vishukkani. Yellow pumpkin, cucumber, Jack fruit, Mango and a special flower which is yellow in colour called Kanipoo would be kept in front of the decorated mirror. All these traditions show that some of the principles we discuss in Astrology are also found in spiritual traditions in our Country. Now we take a look at few charts to see how these principles apply in practice. The First chart we will take up for discussion is the horoscope of Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of United Kingdom. He is the only person to have led the Labour Party to three consecutive General Election Victories. He was the Prime Minister of United Kingdom from 02.05.1997 to 27.06.2007. Moon is well placed in the 9th house aspected by Jupiter and also placed with 6 bindus. Chart 2 belongs to a person who lost his mother when he was just about 12 years old. Moon is placed in the 7th house with 3 bindus while Rahu occupies the 2nd house. Also in the bhava chart, Moon occupies 8th house. This chart illustrates the principle we discussed in rule 6, above. Chart 3 belongs to a retired official of Air India, who is now about 75 years old and residing at Mumbai. His mother who is aged about 95 years is also staying with him. In his horoscope, the Moon is exalted and in own navamsa aspected by Jupiter and obtains 6 bindus. Mercury as 4th lord is in the 5th house with 6 bindus. The 4th house has 31 bindus in the Samudaya Ashtakavarga chart. All these factors have supported the longevity of the natives mother. The End.

Ashtakavarga System of

Prediction Part -7 By Dr.E.S.NEELAKANTAN.

In the last two editions we discussed the Ashtakavarga system from the point of view of the luminaries, Sun as well as the Moon. Now,we move on to the predictive aspects of the remaining planets. Now we will devote our attention to the third planet in this sequence, namely Mars. The first question we need to raise and understand the answer is _what are the significations of Mars? Mars stands for:_ 1) Mental strength as well as physical strength. 2) All products given rise to by the earth. 3) Brothers 4) Chivalry 5)Adventure 6) Fire 7) Gold 8) Relatives 9)Weapons 10) Thieves and enemies 11) Enthusiasm 12) Adultery 13)Falsehood 14) Wounds or injuries Mars and the Yoga bhavas Ruchaka yoga When Mars occupies a quadrant and is also strong(either by occupying its own house or by being in exaltation),then this yoga is given rise to. Effect :The effect of Ruchaka yoga being given rise to in an individual chart is as follows;a) The person will have a strong physique. b) Will be well -versed in ancient lore.

c) The person will either be a King or one equivalent to a King. d)The person will have an attractive physique. e)The person will be wealthy and also charitable. It is important to note that Ruchaka yoga happens to be one out of the five major yogas which are terned as Pancha Maha Purusha yogas. The word Maha Purusha means Great Man.So Ruchaka yoga can elevate a person to the pinnacle of glory. What needs to be stated additionally is that if Mars in such a good position has more number of bindus , then the beneficial properties of the said planet are greatly enhanced. SASI MANGALA YOGA This yoga is caused by the conjunction of Moon with Mars . Ancient writers say that the effect of this yoga is acquisition of wealth through unscrupulous means. But on the positive side one can say that the yoga is good for prosperity.It is said that Goddess Lakshmi will never leave that person in whose chart Sasi Mangala yoga is present. If Moon and Mars gain more number of bindus or if they conjoin in a house which has more number of bindus in the Sarvashtakavarga chart , the promise shown in the chart will be fully realized. During childhood days , lots of time is spent on day dreaming. We dream of spending our entire summer vacation in some foreign country with no botheration about studies for the whole period. Writers like Enid Blyton and Franklin Dixon used to add food to the fire by igniting the childhood passion for adventure. But the passage to adulthood quickly robs the child of its ignorant dreams. Whether ones dreams would become reality or not is the million dollar question? If the promise shown by the strong planets situated in quadrants or trines are well supported by a) Aspect or Conjunction of benefics or b) By gaining large number of bindus in the Bhinnashtakavarga chart or by the house occupied by the said planet gaining large number of bindus in the Sarvashtakavarga chart , then ones dream will surely attain fruition.

Effects of Martian transit As discussed , Mars is auspicious while in houses 3, 6 or 11 in Gochara. We also read about Gochara vedha in our previous articles. For the sake of emphasis, let us once again recapitulate the concept of Gochara veda, by studying the following table House of transit Vedha house 3 12 6 9 11 5

Let us take a person born with Moon in Cancer. Transit of mars in 3 is good. So Mars gives good results in Virgo, provided there is no obstruction from 12th house in the form of vedha. This means while Mars is in Virgo, no planet should be in Gemini. If there is a planet in the 12th house in Gochara, then the transit of mars is 3 will not yield any benefit. Astrologers while issuing predictions about the effects of planets in transit should study the adverse effects of Gochara vedha. Unfortunately this is one area in Astrology receiving least attention and consequently many forecasts based on transits are likely to miss the mark. Results of Martian transit based on the number of bindus is indicated in the following table:

Table 1: No. of kinds 8 7 6 5 4 Effect Gain of wealth Wealth to/from brothers, Favourite of the king or master Pleasing behavioural effects Equality of pleasure as well as pain

Separation from brothers/spouse,danger Quarrel Bodily afflictions Stomach pain, disease and death

2 1 0

Today the most important Hindu festival for the purpose of shopping happens to be Akshaya Tritiya. According to Scriptures, one should do lots of charity on this day because only then Dharma will last forever. Upholding Dharma is the foremost tenet of Hindu scriptures .One who upholds Dharma is protected by Dharma so goes the adage . (Dharmo rakshathi rakshitaha)Now-a-days this auspicious day is being utilized by people to buy precious metals in the hope that prosperity would last long in their homes. A word of sagacious advice in this matter is given by the Rishis of yore based on Ashtakavarga method. One should purchase land, gold etc, when Mars passes through a bhava containing the highest number of bindus in Ashtakavarga. 1. The effects of Mars passing through a house with a bindu are as follows:a) The person gains wealth b) Health improves c) Bodily lustre (Kaya kanthi) improves 2. The following diseases are caused by Mars while passing through a house devoid of bindus. a) Indigestion b) Headche c) Diseases arising out of impurities of blood and bile. We hear people saying , Yesterday night I had food in this particular hotel. So I am having Indigestion problem today ; Yesterday I watched a late night movie . I am having a dull headache due to lack of sleep. All these happen to be direct causes. But what about the Indirect cause? The indirect cause is Astrology. Astrology is a science that always works behind the scenes like a movie director. So , how is one benefitted by knowing this science? First, take an almanac and

note all the transits. EST makes our job simple by indicating all transits in the calendar year in the annual number which comes out in January every year. Next , take the horoscope of a person and see which are the vulnerable houses having few bindus. Thirdly correlate Martian transits with individual charts. One should exercise caution with regard to health especially which Mars is transitting the vulnerable houses in the Natal chart. This is how Astrology can be made into an useful science in the day to day lives of people. By using Astrology merely for Horoscope matching while deciding on matrimonial alliances , we are merely touching the tip of the Iceberg. There are far more matters in our mundane lives that should benefit from a profound science like Astrology. We have now understood in this article, some of the fundamental aspects about Mars and its transits , its role in Ashtakavarga and the two significant yogas it forms ,namely , Ruchaka yoga and Sasi Mangala Yoga . We will deal further on the role of Mars in Ashtakavarga in our Astro - lessons next month. (To be continued in next issue)


Introduction In our previous part we had discussed about the role of Mars in Ashtakavarga. As the entire discussion could not be completed in one piece , we will continue the discussion here. Medical opinion as on date is that we should consume small amounts of food at periodic intervals. In olden days people used to have heavy lunch and not have any food intake in between meals. As acidity could develop because of that, doctors advise patients not to leave much gap between meals. Here we have one similarity. If the discussion on Mars is spread over two articles, comprehension becomes easy.In vedic times, much emphasis on acquisition of knowledge was laid on revision and repetition of what has already been taught. Students of Astrology must not only keep on updating their knowledge but also keep reading what they already know; otherwise they may not be able to recollect the rules when they sit down to analyse horoscopes. With these introductory remarks we will move over to our discussion on role of Mars in Ashtakavarga.

Judgement of Mars in Ashtakavarga 1) Mars is Bhoomi Karaka or significator of immovable property.This is indicative of stability or permanency in mundane matters.Hence it is very important to have larger number of bindus in the Trikona houses in the Bhinnashtakavarga chart of Mars. 2) One will become rich if Mars with 8 benefic bindus is also exalted. 3) Find out the sign in the Bhinnashtakavarga chart of Mars, which has received Zero bindus when that house is transited by Saturn it will give rise to the following results for co-borns. (a) Death (b)Lawsuits (c)Enmity (d)Disputes (e)Legal problems or court cases 4) When Mars with 8 bindus is either exalted or located in own house and is placed in the lagna, 4th , 9th or 10th , one becomes a crore pathi. 5)If Mars in lagna is in Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn, one becomes a king if the above planet obtains four or more bindus.

6)Kings are of various types ; one can rule over a town , city, state or even a country. The greater, the area over which he has control, the more is his renown. For example, Great Britain had almost the whole world under its control and there was a saying at that time, The sun never sets on the British Empire. So the head of Great Britian was not only the head of his country but also ruler of all countries under British rule. In order to administer the conquered countries , the port of viceroy was created ; India had viceroys like Lord Ripon, Lord Curzon etc. To find out whether a person would become a king and if so to what extent his empire would be is possible through the analysis of Mars in Ashtakavarga. (a) In any bhava, Mars with 8 bindus would make a person a petty king; This we can take as the lowest grade. (b) Assuming that in the above case, Mars is in lagna or the 10th house, one becomes a king- this is the next higher grade in royalty. (c) If apart from being born in the combinations mentioned above , one is also blessed to be born in a royal family, one becomes the ruler of a country; One subtle point needs to be appreciated here. An ordinary person can become a petty king if supported by rules of astrology.A prince , having an identical combination becomes not just a petty king but the ruler of the country. This means rules of astrology should be applied after taking into consideration the persons background.

I just wish to cite one example here. Those who have travelled from Chennai to Mumbai by Chennai Dadar express train would be able to understand what I am telling here faster. When the above mentioned train halts at Pune junction , what they do is to attach one Electric locomotive engine at the rear behind the guards compartment. The next station would be Lonavala and once the train reaches Lonavala , the rear engine is detatched and only the electric locomotive in the front hauls the train.The reason for this move of Railways is that the Western Ghats is exactly in between Pune and Lonavala and the rear engine helps push the train from behind while it is climbing the hilly terrain. Similarly a prince becoming a king is a usual occurrence. Right from birth onwards , the prince is groomed in all royal matters, undergoes training in commanding the army, horse-riding, use of weapons etc. and at an appropriate time, he ascends the throne. For an ordinary man, there are too many matters pulling him down and he can become a king only by overcoming heavy odds. Here Mars functions like the rear engine in pushing him up to the top. But because the prince has the advantage of being born in a royal family, the similarly placed Mars, pushes him to a far greater level because of the initial momentum. (d) If in addition to the combinations mentioned above , Mars is also in own house or exaltation , one becomes a Emperor. 7) If Mars with 4 bindus is related to Saturn , either by way of conjunction or mutual aspect , then one will either be a head of state or a judge.

8)If Mars with 3 bindus or less is related to Mercury, by way of conjunction or mutual aspect , one will not only be poor but also subjected to sorrow. 9) If Mars with 4 bindus or more , is related to Moon , by way of conjunction or mutual aspect , one will become head of many states. 10) When Mars as lord of 4th is in the 4th house with 4 bindus , then the person born in the royal family will own three or four fortresses. Instead of 4th house , let us say under identical conditions , Mars is in the 10th house. One will be a king or dispenser of justice. 11) We all know that Mars is the Karaka for brothers. So all that we need to know about brothers , valour or courage can be deciphered from the Ashtakavarga of Mars. 12) Depending upon whether the lagna is chara (movable),sthira(fixed) or ubhaya(common) and from the position of Saturn , we can draw certain inferences from Bhinnashtakavarga of Mars. The rules can be understood from the following table Nature of Lagna Nature of Saturns Rasi Number of Bindus in Saturns Rasi Result



1-3 1-3

Loss of brothers/ Sisters. Loss of brothers. Loss of

3.FIXED ANYWHERE 1-3 brothers&fathers 4.MOVABLE ANYWHERE 5or MORE





13) When Mars in conjunction with the lord of 7th house is in debilitation or is combusted or has association or aspect of malefic, there will be loss of brothers. Now we will take up the chart of Arthur Ashe(July 10,1943 Feb 6,1993) ,former Wimbledon Champion for our practical discussion. Ashe is credited with having won three Grand Slam Titles,viz.,the US Open in 1968,Australian Open in 1970 and the coveted Wimbledon title in 1975. In his chart ,Mars is the yogakaraka-cum-10th lord placed in the tenth house itself. The salient feature in Ashtakavarga is that Mars obtains 5 bindus which is the highest obtained by any house in its

Bhinnashtakavarga.The Samudaya Ashtakavarga chart shows that the maximum number of bindus is obtained by Aries with a fgure of 35 where Mars is placed.So Mars apart from being in its own house is also strengthened in its individual Ashtakavarga as also in the Sarvashtakavarga by obtaining the No.1 rank in terms of number of bindus obtained.As Mars happens to be the 10th lord denoting karma,Ashe rose to the pinnacle of glory in his field of work,namely his career as a Professional Tennis player.He could even be termed as a Monarch of the Tennis kingdom.As we know ,Sports is one are to prove ones supremacy.A strong Mars in ancient times could make one a king and in a way ,Champions in Sports are invariably led to the top by a strong Mars. The End




Introduction We have just completed our discussion on the Ashtakavarga features relating to Mars. In this article , we will see the impact of Mercury on the Ashtakavarga chart.It is important to know the basics as for as planetary features are concerned. When we go on to analyse events the relationship between the event and the planet which represents that event should be deciphered. If we wish to know whether a person is lively to become a humorous speaker then Mercury is the main planet to be analysed. Basic Qualities of Mercury

Mercury denotes 1. Learning 2. Eloquence 3. Fine Arts 4. Oratory 5. ( Devotion to) Vishnu 6. Entertainment 7. Skill 8. Rituals (Yajna) 9. Recognition from scholars 10. Maternal Uncle 11. Friendship 12. Upasana or Focussed Meditation 13. Application of Logic (Yukti) 14. Truth (or being truthful) 15. Prince 16. Sisters children When a query is raised pertaining to any of the fifteen areas mentioned above, Mercury will have the First say in answering the query.

A brief description of Mercury is given as follows: Mercury is green like the blade of Durva grass . It represents all the three humours :- Wind (Vata), Bile (Pitta) and Phlegm (Kapha) . Mercury governs the skin. While discussing the practical whilits of these concepts , there is a joke. A budding astrologer was asked to predict the likely colour of the bride whom the person was going to marry. He noticed that Mercury was in the 7th house. He said with confidence , The bride in all probability will be green in colour. The sum and substance of this joke is that rules of astrology have to be applied with caution. What colour a person can be? In India you can see fair-skinned people , dark complexioned as well as medium complexioned whom we term as wheatish. If Saturn or Rahu is the 7th , probability of the person being dark complexioned exists. The other planets will give either medium or fair complexioned persons. So green should not be literally understood as green in this context. Suitable modifications need to be made where ever required. Yogas pertaining to Mercury The main yoga which Mercury gives rise to is the Bhadra yoga. This is actually one of the Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas euological in ancient texts. Effect of Bhadra yoga is as follows: Person born in Bhadra yoga 1. Will be strong 2. Have a well developed chest 3. Have limbs in proper proportion 4. Will be taciturn 5. Will live up to a good old age. Summing up all these qualities in a single line , we might as well say that a person born in Bhadra yoga will have a long life and a pleasing personality. There is one adverse yoga involving Mercury which is termed as Mathibhramana yoga. Moon and Mercury in conjunction afflicted by another planet in a quadrant gives rise to this yoga, makng the person loose his Sanity . Moon denotes mind and Mercury denotes Intelligence. So this unfortunate result would be expected if this adverse yoga (duryoga) is present. Parents expect their children to get First rank in class, centum in all subjects, to be good at all extra-curricular activities and above all to be head and shoulders

above their classmates or batchmates. But the problem is that a helicopter cannot fly than a Jet aircraft. So each individual will have a different intellectual capacity as indicated by strengths of Moon Mercury. So in todays education , the adage , Comparisons are Odious is the only true statement one can make. There is another auspicious yoga , where Mercury plays an important part , namely the Budha- Aditya yoga. The effect of this yoga is that a person who is born in this yoga will be highly skilful, endowed with good reputation , comforts and happiness. One needs to go in depth into this matter to appreciate its significance. We say that a planet which is close to the Sun loses its power meaning it gets combusted (or rather becomes subject to Mowdya dosha). The following table shows within what degree it should be to become combust. Planet Degrees Moon 12 Mars 17 Mercury 14 Jupiter 11 Venus 10 Saturn 16 So, this yoga will occur only when Mercury is outside the orbit of the Sun by more than 14 degrees. If mercury is within 14 degrees of Sun , it will get combusted and no doubt , this yoga will be present just like the dress worn by the model boy or girl on display outside textile showrooms fit only for display not fit to be worn . An effective Budha Aditya yoga occurs when both the said planets are in conjunction but separated by at least 14 degrees. In some sense this yoga is rare and in another sense it is commonplace . Mercury and Sun are never separated by more than 28 degrees. So, virtually in every horoscope one can find this combination . Some scholars hold the view that for two planets to become conjunct, they have to be within.5 degrees of each other. However, in practice a liberal view is adopted that two planets are said to be in conjunction even when they happen to occupy the same sign. By the rigid view expressed earlier , Budha- Aditya yoga can never be effective because on one hand they should be within 5 degrees to become conjunct and on the other hand , Mercury gets combust within 14 degrees of Sun.

I will briefly summarize some of the theories now being held in practice, eventhough one cannot claim finality of opinion on this controversial yoga. 1. since Mercury is always close to the Sun, its combination can as well be ignored. 2. When Mercury is combust (be being within the 14 degree orb), one will be intelligent but diseases to nerves etc become possible. 3. Budha aditya yoga combusted. (or Nipuna Yoga) necessarily means Mercury is

4. Another view is that the above yoga occurs when both Sun and Mercury occupy the same sign without Mercury getting combusted. Transit Results of Mercury: We will now have a look at the transit results of Mercury, when it passes over various bhavas which may contain from zero to eight bindus: 8 bindus Honour from King or Ruler: Good fortune 7 bindus Wealth, happiness, Absence of worries 6 bindus All-round success 5 bindus Acquisition of Friends 4 bindus Loss of enthusiasm 3 bindus Sickness, worries 2 bindus uneasiness due to misunderstanding with family members 1 bindus Loss 0 bindus Fear of death

Mercury as karaka for Astrology: Mercury is the key planet for deciding whether one will become proficient in astrology. Astrology as a science is closely connected to Mathematics and Astronomy . One significant aspect of Astrology is that it is perhaps the only science which deals with the life of a human being and explaining the course of life much before the actual happening of that event. Astrologer offers a valuable clue on finding out whether proficiency in astrology is indicated. 1) ascertain the Janma Lagna of a person as also the 5the lord. Now move over to Mercury Bhinnashtakavarga chart to see the number of bindus in the 5th house (from Janma Lagna as indicated above). If ketu occupies that house with 1-3 bindus, one will become proficient in Astrology. 2) Alternatively it is said that one becomes proficient in Astrology, merely because Ketu conjuncts the 5th lord. I wish to quote certain rules from various textbooks on astrology on the role of Mercury in horoscopes, which make one acquire knowledge in Astrology. 1) Moon in Gemini / Virgo aspected by Mercury. 2) Conjunction of Mercury with Venus especially in the 2nd or 3rd house. 3) Moon ( in Leo ) aspected by Mercury.

4) Mercury in 4th house 5) Sun with Mercury in 2nd house. 6) Mercury with at least 5 bindus in 6th from Saturn. 7) Mercury with five or more bindus itself is enough to give knowledge in Astrology.

Out of several rules I have confined my attention to a select few because even if the student knows them, he can make out the trend and will successfully be able to predict, given a chart, whether proficiency in Astrology could be said to exist. About dance, Music, Fine Arts: A few decades back, only certain groups of people took to music, dance or fine arts. The only aim in life was to acquire a degree in college and then seek employment. This doesnt mean that in those days people didnt have taste for Fine Arts. The necessity to get employed arose mainly due to economic reasons. That being the case, getting a degree and getting a job were given utmost priority to the exclusion of everything else. But today everywhere you find parents trying to make their children not only good at studies but also in as many fields as possible. Even summer coaching camps in cricket see lots of boys getting trained. A couple of decades back anybody going out to play cricket will get scolded by parents because it was a major distraction from academics. Studious boys never ventured to learn any extra-curricular activity. But in a very short time, the entire outlook towards sports, games, fine arts has changed and one main reason for this could be that where parents are prosperous, children are less burdened to take over family responsibilities. From the Bhinnnashtakavarga chart of Mercury, one can make out whether one will be proficient in Fine Arts. 1) If Mercury is placed in own navamsa one will be proficient in sculpture, poetry, Vedanta and Fine Arts. 2) Music and dance will be a persons forte if Mercury is associated with Saturn, venus or Moon. 3) One will be a great poet and dramatist if mercury (with more than 4 bindus) occupies the navamsa of Mars or Venus and gets aspected by Jupiter. 4) dance, Music and mimicry would be learnt easily by a person in whose chart Mercury (with more than bindus) is debilitated in navamsa and conjuncts or gets aspected by malafics.


System Of Prediction (Part -10) By Dr. E.S.NEELAKANTAN

Introduction We have just seen some of the rules pertaining to Mercury with reference to the Ashtakavarga system of prediction. We, now move to discuss further details about Mercury and its input on horoscopes. To recapitulate the last part of our article in Part-9 , we found -that Mercury in our navamsa will make one proficient in Fine Arts, poetry etc. - If the navamsa of Mars/Venus , one becomes a great poet or dramatist subject to a few conditions. - In debilitation navamsa one will become proficient in music, mimicry etc. subject to certain rules. Usually people with refined taste take to Fine Arts, Poetry etc. because it requires a mature intellect. Hence the requirement of Mercury in own navamsa as stated above. To be good at mimicry also requires skills but a person who writes poetry requires more intellectual ability than an artist who performs mimicry. So, we will now arrive at our conclusion. When Mercury has more number of bindus in Ashtakavarga , one will definitely have artistic taste and skills. If Mercury is in own navamsa , than those artistes will be good at intellectual field like poetry. When in weak navamsa , the strength of Mercury in Ashtakavarga will give artistic taste and skills but they may tend to branch out to areas like mimicry where less intellectual skills are sufficient.

Edison said Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration . But there is a contrary proverb also Geniuses are born , not made . So which of the two is correct? Astrology furnishes the answer. To be a genius in any field , you must have it in your birth chart. But if you start seeing horoscopes, you will note that many people with distinct Rajayogas in their birth chart , have fared poorly in their career. What is the reason? Planets impel but they do not compel. Without sincere effort , the promise shown in a horoscope ,may fail on account of proper initiatives being taken at the appropriate time. I wish to cite one analogy here when talking about whether birth or effort makes a person a genius . The noted Tamil poet Kannadasan was once advised to learn a little bit of English since it would be useful to him as his stature at that time was steadily rising . Actually he picked up his English lessons pretty fast . At that time he visited a friends house at night. Those days there never used to be calling bells and you have to tap the door. When Kannadasan tapped the door the inmate shouted , who is standing out? In a cool tone , Kannadasan replied , Outstanding poet standing out . I am citing this example to show that by his very birth Kannadasan was a genius in Tamil language. But since the poetic talent was latent in him with a little bit of English learning he could write wonderful sentences , like the one I have mentioned above. Now we will proceed to see some of the rules concerning Mercury in Ashtakavarga. 1. Mercury with 1 to 3 bindus in any bhava with navamsa in a female sign will destroy that bhava. We have to understand this rule in a deeper sense. In Astrology, there is a crucial link between the bhava and its occupant. Let us say for Pisces lagna , Jupiter is in Cancer. We may think that as the tenth lord is exalted , tenth house prospects are good. But in reality the maximum impart is felt by the 5th bhava in this case. When the 5th bhava is occupied by an exalted planet , it is a clear indication of excellent

poorva punya or merits of previous births. Coming to our rule here, Mercury becomes weak when it is placed with 3 or less bindus and when in a female navamsa it is not bound to do well. Hence the weakness of Mercury spills over to the bhava , rendering the bhava devoid of any merit. 2. When the lord of the bhava occupied by Mercury is in the 6th , 8th or 12th bhava from lagna , there will be many obstacles to education. As discussed in my previous article , education is accorded top priority in todays life. Your job prospects depend on your education and those who are not well educated end up in mediocre jobs. I wish to cite one example from my personal experience . There are people who practice Accountancy as a profession. They get all details from the clients make up the books and hand them over to an auditor for attestation. The Auditor , invariably will be a Chartered Accountant. In many cases , these Accountants are not properly remunerated because the clients seldom understand the efforts taken by them and secondly they do not have formal degree to command respect. Even Chartered Accountants , in spite of having a formal degree , tend to lose their dignity when they start dancing to the tunes of the clients.So it is very important to have formal education and it is even more important to preserve the dignity attached to that educational qualification . Merely looking into Mercurys placement is not enough . One has to understand how well the sign disposition of Mercury is placed . If that lord is in one of the three evil houses , 6,8 or 12, the continuity of education is bound to receive some setbacks. 3. Even though Mercury is (a) in debilitation (b) Combust (c) in an inimical house, still he confers the effects of the bhava provided he is associated with 4 or more bindus. One salient feature of astrology is that every rule has some exception. A planet in debilitation, in combustion or in an enemys house is virtually powerless and not only the planet proves unfavourable but in

the process renders the bhava over which it has control, ineffective. There are many doomsayers in the community of astrologers, who will not hesitate to give out evil forecasts whenever they come across such planets. Here ashtakavarga acts as a neutralizing factor. So even if Mercury is weak in your birth chart, all hope is not lost. Even a weak Mercury, with four or more bindus is capable of giving favourable results. This is one more area where there are compensatory features provided in Astrology. We know that there are rules for Neechabhanga, to support that the debilitation of a planet is adequately compensated by the pressure of other desirable features. Similarly kemadruma is warded off when kemadurama bhanga yogas are present. In law, there is a saying, A Man is Innocent unless proved guilty. On the same lines I wish to propound one rule which should act as a beacon for all building Astrologers. Every planet is favourable unless proved otherwise. Planets obtain strength in a variety of ways. They give out evil effects only when they are completely prevented from giving out positive vibrations. Astrologers make a Mountain out of a Mole hill by giving undue weightage to minor aberrations in the chart. It is sad to note that planets are looked upon in the same manner as ghosts and demons. Please note that according to Astrology, even the Sun and Moon are only considered as planets. Without the Sun, can activity in the world take place? Similarly all herbs in the world derive nourishment from the Moon. This is evidenced by the statement of Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita . Can any one say that Sun and Moon are capable of inflicting harm? What Astrology says is that when their vibrations do not reach us in a proper way , their beneficial qualities are curtailed , thereby bringing harm in the process. 4. Note the rasis which have more than 4 bindus in Mercurys Ashtakavarga chart. Transit of Mercury through this bhava is most auspicious for commencement of studies. Even a dull-witted student becomes proficient in studies by following this rule.

Many of us are fascinated by Astrology. But how many of us are benefitted by this great science? How many schools are willing to experiment on the above rule? All you need to do is , catch hold of all the dull students in a class. Find out when Mercury is favourably placed in transit for each of them . Then you advise their parents to devote an hour per day commencing from the date of Mercurys transit for learning the subject either on their own or from a tuition teacher . I am sure , there will not be many takers for this suggestion . The reason for this is that there are too many people who are skeptical about the effects of planets on day-to-day lives. Astrology , in our country is considered more as a superstition , than as a science. To change this state of affairs , lot of work needs to be done. 5. If a bindu is contributed by the Sun in the 2nd house from Mercury ones speech will be patronizing ; if by Saturn , mostly one will utter falsehood : if by Mars, harsh speech, Mercury , pleasing and witty. Jupiter , clean and intelligent. Venus ;interspersed with anecdotes. If the bindu is contributed by an unafflicted Moon, one will be a charming speaker ; if otherwise one will be careless in speech. It is said in Sanskrit, Lakshmir Vasathi Jihvagre (Goddess Lakshmi resides at the tip of your tongue). The message is clear ; your prosperity depends on how you speak. Sometimes, when a harsh message is given out in polite language, it has the desired impact without provoking the person to whom it is addressed. Some people also know how to use language in a clear way. I wish to cite one example here. The late Shri C.N.Annadurai former CM of Tamilnadu was adept in both English as well as in Tamil. He was once asked to speak a sentence in English with a single word being used thrice in immediate succession. He coined a sentence immediately and said : No sentence ends with because because because is a conjunction. This also shows that in English it is not the knowledge of grammar that is important but the sense of grammar. How various planets influence

the second house from Mercury is discussed in rule 5 above and in my view, it is quite self-explanatory and needs no further elaboration. THE END


In the previous two issues we discussed the technicalities related to Mercury, in Ashtakavarga. In this edition we will take a look at the various concepts relating to Jupiter in Ashtakavarga system. Before we venture into the Karakatwas (or governed areas)of Jupiter, we need to understand why we need to know them beforehand. I wish to cite one analogy here. Bhagwan Sri Sathya Saibaba of Puttaparthi has explained this in the following manner. If you file an application before the wrong department, that will not get processed. If you wish to attain prosperity, you should worship Kubera along with goddess Lakshmi. On the other hand if you pray for prosperity before Goddess Saraswathy your prayer will not be answered. What is the reason? Goddess Saraswathy has lordship only over education and nothing else. So before you start praying to God, understand what is the portfolio allocated to that deity. Coming to our subject, if Jupiter is afflicted in a particular birth chart, all the portfolios handled by Jupiter in general and the significations of Jupiter with reference to lordship over houses in that chart will all get spoiled. If Jupiter has rulership over a particular area of the body, in that chart, then afflictions to that part of the body are likely. On the other hand a strong Jupiter will boost fortunes in general and in a stricter sense, improve the fortunes over those areas over which it has attained lordship. For instance if Venus conjoins Jupiter in a particular birth chart, then that person will only be moderately wealthy. The reason is that in this conjunction, Jupiter is a stronger planet compared to Venus. Money is one area ruled by Venus. So when Venus conjoins Jupiter, to some extent, inflow of wealth gets curtailed. SIGNIFICATIONS OF JUPITER From Jupiter one should seek information about the following: 1) Knowledge 2) Nobility 3) Children 4) Minister 5) Good conduct 6) Teaching profession 7) Magnanimity

8) Knowledge of Shruti (oral tradition) and Smiriti (Written tradition) relating to Vedic and puranic knowledge. 9) Reverence to Gods and intelligentsia 10) Yagna or Vedic rituals. 11) Tapas or penance 12) Religious belief 13) Treasure 14) Wisdom 15) Control over passions 16) Honour 17) Compassion 18) Husbands happiness (in a female chart) Having understood the significations let us analyse some of the important concepts we need to know. Basically Jupiter stands for dignity and a magnanimous outlook. It also gives one a broad outlook. Mercury denotes learning while Jupiter denotes Wisdom. A man with strong Mercury has analytical and logical skills whereas a strong Jupiter gives Wisdom. I wish to cite one commonplace example here. In olden days a journey from Madras to Bombay by train might take a day and a half. Bombay mail, if my memory serves me right used to start at 10 pm, travel the whole of the succeeding day and reaches Bombay on the third day at about 5 am. Some passengers used to have a time table prepared of when to open which packet and eat during the course of the journey! Actually such elaborate preparation for this sort of a journey is unnecessary. I have even seen some passengers come prepared with basic ingredients for preparing bhel puri, prepare it then and there and have it. True, the logic is right. One may even have to starve if the train were to stop endlessly between stations. But over elaborate preparation is always denoted by Mercury, with its emphasis on nuts and bolts details. If you were to ask a Jupiter dominated person travelling he will simply say, We have taken whatever is required and it will be served whenever it is required. This approach smacks of real wisdom; no unnecessary thoughts about potential problems which may not crop up at all, and at the same time well prepared. As we all know Sun denotes the Atman or soul. Conjunction of Jupiter with Sun bestows knowledge of the self. What happens when that knowledge is conferred? It

bestows liberation from birth and death, a state often referred to as Mukthi. There is always a dividing line between mere knowledge and application of that in day to day life. Let us say, someone has read Viveka choodamani orYoga Vasishta from cover to cover. Does this mean he is well versed in Hindu Philosophy? The answer is No. Mere superficial learning is one thing, realization is another. Now we go back to point no. 15 in the list of Jupiters significations. Control over Passions. This is the outcome of realization of the Self. Many people think that controlling passions leads to self realization. Actually this is the other way round. If you read the Life History of Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi, he had a near death experience near Tortoise rock, in Tiruvannamalai. Only then he realized that what perishes at the time of death is the physical body - not the soul. Soul has no birth.So How can a birth-less entity meet with death? After this experience Ramana Maharishi learnt about the various aspects of Hindu Philosophy. Hence the statement we saw earlier Control over Passions is the sequel to self realization. There are four areas where a female Horoscope differs from that of a male. In a female Chart: Lagna denotes physical beauty Fourth house denotes chastity Eighth house refers to her Mangalya Sthana (which means the happiness she attains through wedlock). For instance a strong and powerful malefic in the eighth can make her a widow. Ninth house denotes her children Jupiter in a female chart denotes Husbands Happiness. Conversely Venus in a male chart denotes Happiness through Wife. What do we understand from this? Any Astrologer while matching Horoscopes should see how well Jupiter is placed in the brides Chart and how Venus is placed in the Grooms chart. Actually I have been seen the published Horoscopes in matrimonial sites and journals seeking alliance. At first sight it is not possible to make out whether the bio data is for seeking alliance for marriage or seeking a job. Working in a multinational company , a six digit salary, being a green card holder, being very fair in complexion are all excellent virtues but do they ensure a successful and a happy marriage? Now a days people do not know what they are seeking in marriage. If mutual love and affection prevails lifelong between husband and wife, the matter is over. Just this one aspect needs to be looked into apart from longevity, good fortune and progeny. If you want to have good meals just curd rice and Smbar rice is enough. No need to have Rasamalai, Falooda, ice cream, milkshake, dessert etc. It is very important to know what is essential and what is not essential. Today much time is wasted on non essential items and that is why many couples seldom come to know what is true happiness in married life. If you so wish you can personally verify what I have stated. People living in luxuries apartments, owning luxury cars, having all comforts but not enjoying even an iota of happiness. This is where Jupiters blessings are essential. A well placed Jupiter gives serenity of mind, power of discrimination, Knowledge of self and true happiness. Such a person will experience bliss, whatever be the social or economic conditions were he is placed. He will be an automatic recipient of divine grace .Now, we move over to a study of principles applicable to Jupiters transit over bhavas.

When a Jupiter transits over a bhava containing 0-8 bindus, effects are as follows:


EFFECTS One gets the status of a King Access to various kinds of wealth, Happiness, Birth of Children. Good dress, conveyances are acquired Success in undertakings: Destruction of enemies neither profit nor loss will accrue ear diseases are possible, loss of vitality, distress loss of landed property loss of wealth, trouble from enemies deterioration in the matters pertaining to wealth, children and ones intelligence.

6 5 4 3 2 1 0

EFFECTS OF JUPITERS TRANSITS: When Jupiter transits over a bhava having a bindu in his Ashtakavarga increase in wealth, happiness and conjugal bliss are all assured. One gets respect, gains vitality, enjoys prosperity, gains gold and apparel, and enjoys all sorts of happiness in abundance. He gets gifts from people. Now, the above rule is intended to mean that Jupiter in Asthakavargha will be beneficial only if it transits a bhava over which at least one bindu is there. Devoid of a bindu that bhava over which Jupiter transits will not only thwart good things from taking place but also yield bad results. So, how do we make sense of Jupiters effects in transit? Step 1: See what is the house over which Jupiter is moving in Gochara. We know pretty well Jupiter is favorable only in 2,5,7,9 and 11. For example Jupiter moving over Janma rasi is positively bad.It is also said that Lord Rama went into exile when Jupiter was transiting His Janma rasi. Step 2: Apply the vedha criterion .Please note that vedha applies only for houses where results are beneficial for any planet .In other words Jupiter is beneficial in 2,5,7,9,11, provided no planet occupies the vedha house shown as follows: House Vedha 2 12 5 4 7 3 9 10 11 8

Let us say you are born in Cancer rasi. Where is Jupiter now? It is in Pisces Rasi .Let us say that a planet is in Aries Rasi in transit. If you remember right, Jupiter moved over to Pisces in May 2010. At that time, Mercury was moving over Aries rasi. Now that is the time beneficial results will not accrue. The beneficial rays emitted by Jupiter from 9 are blocked by the planet in 10. So it goes without saying that for Jupiter in 9th to be beneficial ,10th house should be vacant in transit. Step 3: After ascertaining the two steps shown above, apply the rules of Ashtakavarga . In other words all effects of Gochara are applicable only in conjunction with Ashtakavarga. If you make pickles but forget to put the salt, you reach no were. Likewise merely talking about Gochara without reference to Ashtakavarga is meaningless. Out of the nine planets six are malefics. Jupiter is favorable only in 5 out of 12 houses .Even these benefits get restricted by the Vedha theory.So if you look at Astrology as a whole the benefits conferred by planets are comparatively much less compared to its adverse features. Maybe this explains why lots of people are going through difficulties. In our next part, we will proceed to discuss, the intricacies of Jupiters transit. THE END


INTRODUCTION: It is said that when you step out of your house, you see good omens, you will emerge victorious. It so happens that in this Annual Number for 2011, we are fortunate to discuss the Astakavarga concepts relating to Jupiter. As Jupiter is the most beneficial Planet in the planetary hierarchy, I am sure the readers and the EST team will be blessed with health, wealth and happiness in this New Year 2011, thanks to the benign vibrations of Jupiter. I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2011. With these introductory remarks , let us now continue with discussion about Jupiter. MUHURTHA ASPECT OF JUPITERS ASHTAKAVARGA: As we discussed for the other Planets also, movement of Jupiter into sa ign having large number of bindus can also be a favorable period for commencement of certain activities. The following activities will flourish when a person commences an activity when Jupiter moves over a house having large number of bindus. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Initiation into sacred hymns. Repetition and further study of such hymns. Oblation to sacred fires. Performance of sacrifices. Feeding of Vedic Pundits. Attempts to beget progeny. Efforts to create wealth.

An Important fallout of the above rules could be that people who wish to achieve certain things in life can benefit out of understanding and applying these rules for themselves. For instance item No. 6 above deals with Attempts to beget progeny. Many people hesitate to go in for artificial methods of producing babies due to the risk involved as well as the cost factor. Such people can take risk when 1) Jupiter transits 2,5,7,9,11 and 2) Its is not hampered by the Vedha factor and 3) Jupiter transits over a house where it has large number of bindus. This will increase the statistical probability of a person achieving his desire. When Jupiter passes over a bhava with few bindus, these pursuits will not succeed. One desirous of having a child should impregnate when the rasi representing the bhava which is Jupiters Ashtakavarga contains the maximum number of bindus is rising and is occupied or aspected by Jupiter.The above dictum is based on sound reasoning. However I will be failing in my duty if I do not point out that these rules are good for theory only and very difficult, if not impossible to apply in practice. Actually, the scriptures say that the birth of a person will coincide with the planetary position which fully explains the karma he has performed in past births. That being the case, no further act can be performed which is capable of interfering with this principle and procuring for a new born child a better destiny than it qualifies for in accordance with the karma theory.

When Sun occupies a bhava which in Jupiters Ashtakavarga, contains the least number of bindus at the time of birth, the person is unlucky and efforts for improvement will also fail. When Jupiter associated with 5 or more bindus, occupies the 6th, 8th or 12th bhava, the person will be long lived, wealthy and victorious over enemies. All along we have understood that Jupiter in an unfavorable bhava such as 6, 8 or 12 will yield only unfavorable results. But here we see a complete reversal of fortunes and even though Jupiter is in an unfavorable hpuse , it becomes favorable when it obtains 5 or more bindus. The real significance of this rule is that even a major blemish that accrues on account of Jupiter being in 6, 8 or 12 can be neutralised by more number of bindus being secured by that bhava. This highlights the role of Ashtakavarga in neutralisation of planetary ill effects. Now we will discuss a few rules which if found in totality would make a person a king. (a) Jupiter in exaltation or in own house. (b) Jupiter in a quadrant or in the 9th house. (c) Jupiter not subject to the following defects namely, debilitation, combustion, placement in enemys house. (d) Jupiter associated with 8 bindus. The problem that could emerge out of rules like this is that India which has a population about one billion has only one President and one Prime Minister statistically speaking, it is possible for thousands of people to satisfy these rules. If the above rule is to be satisfied, we might need to create posts of Prime Minister, President etc! That possibility cannot be ruled out because we had one chief election commissioner earlier but now we have three in place of one. If this suggestion is not followed, all those who have royal combinations would obey the satirical lyric of the great Tamil poet, Kannadasan when he wrote He who came in the guise of a bridegroom had no bride to get married to; He who came in royal attire had no kingdom to rule Why we are discussing these in detail (and in lighter vein) is to drive home the truth that the Rishis who wrote about Ashtakavarga also laid certain guidelines with reference to status in life. Without knowing a persons background, one cannot apply this rule in copy book fashion. If the above rule occurs in a chart belonging to a person from an intellectually oriented family background, one will do charities and such a person will rise to the level of a king and also be admired for their intelligence, valour and other good qualities. However if the person belongs to the family of a trader, one merely acquires wealth and in those with physical prowess, the above combination gives a rank of eminence in the Army. One important point we need to appreciate in this discussion is that Astrology functions in tandem with the genetic pre disposition of a person. I wish to cite an example here . Astrology is like the electric current. Genetic background is like an electric device. If current is supplied to a radio, you can hear the music. If the current is supplied to a television set, you can watch the picture. No doubt, the current is the same. But the function varies because of the nature of the device utilizing this current. So the Rishis in their infinite wisdom stated that according to the basic disposition of that person, judged genetically, the results of this astrological combination will vary.

When Jupiter is associated with 7 bindus and also having the features mentioned above and in conjunction with Moon, one will have wealth in plenty and also be blessed with children. Now to understand this rule is very easy. Moon with Jupiter gives rise to the celebrated yoga called Gajakesari yoga which itself is an indicator of fame and wealth. The supports from Ashtakavarga gives rise to a Gajakesari yoga par excellence. I wish to give one example here to highlight how yoga can either become strong or weak. Take a person born in Scorpio lagna. Let us say that person has Moon and Jupiter in Cancer. This will give rise to a very powerful Gajakesari yoga. If on the other hand Moon and Jupiter together occupy the 12th house no doubt Gajakesari yoga would exist, but the person may not enjoy the full effects of this yoga because neither of the two Planets are well placed to deliver good results. Some scholars in Astrology have devised certain methods to quantify the exact strength to yoga. Such an approach would be cumbersome as Planets obtain strengths in many ways which are not measurable. So, three factors can be taken as a guideline for assessing the strength of Planet. (1) Placement in a quadrant or trine. (2) Being in own house, exaltation and having such other types of sthanabala or residential strength. (3) Obtaining large number of bindus in Ashtakavarga. If in case, a Gajakesari yoga occurs in a chart which satisfies all these conditions, a superior form of this yoga could have been said to occur and as a consequence, the full impact of this yoga will be felt. - THE END



We have seen the Ashtakavarga features of Jupiter in our last two issues. Here we continue with the same subject and proceed to discuss the intricacies involved in the Ashtakavarga of Jupiter.

One popular misconception I wish to clear here. We always say that Jupiter is the foremost benefic for any chart. On the contrary Saturn is the greatest malefic. Prima facie, these views appear to be correct. Or, do they merely appear true? Really speaking, the above view is false. Let me place my arguments before you.

Only natural benefics are prone to Kendradipatyadosha. Natural malefics are exempt from this rule. Saturn as lord of 4 in 4 is good, while Jupiter as lord of 4 in 4 is bad.This is as far as natal charts are concerned. Jupiter in Gochara in Janmarasi is as bad as Saturn in Janmarasi in Gochara. The nomenclature is slightly different. For Jupiter we say Janma Guru and for Saturn it is JanmaSani which is part of sade sati.

Really speaking, a person born in Taurus, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius as rising sign would find Saturn an admirable ally. On the other hand, there is no rising sign for which Jupiter is an unmixed blessing.

The final argument, I wish to place before you is the dictum, Karaka in bhava is bad for the bhava(karakoBhavanasaya). Jupiter in 5 comes under this rule. Jupiter is 5 is bad for the

House of children. Saturn is an exception to this rule hence Saturn in 8 is actually a welcome placement. If you see a chart with Saturn in 8 predict long life.

Having heard all my arguments, I put you in the position of a judge to pronounce verdict on this question Jupiter Vs Saturn which is more beneficial to a person? With this prelude, we move on to discuss the intricacies of Jupiters Ashtakavarga in the greater detail. Two points I wish to stress here It is always good to have Jupiter with more than 5 bindus in a chart. Even if Jupiter is in 6, 8 or 12 the mere fact it has obtained 5 or more bindus will bestow, wealth, long life and victory over enemies.

Matters relating to children are to be found out from Jupiters Ashtakavarga. In olden days people used to have unlimited children. Two reasons can be attributed to that.

In olden days, fecundity of people was more as the level of stress was much less compared to what it is today. Cost of maintaining a family was less compared to what it is today. Today life has become far more complicated than at any other point of time in history. Even India is now getting into the same type of civilization prevalent in western countries. All these factors have resulted in families with fewer children. Even the simple pleasures of childhood seem to be strangely absent in todays world. A personwill be bestowed with as many children as there are bindus in the house occupied by the sign dispositor of the 5th house from Jupiter. The characteristic of children will correspond to the donors of the bindus.

The appearance of the children will have to predicted from the planetary indications provided by Varahamihira in BrihatJataka [chapter , verse 8] Table 1 gives us a clear picture of these indicators.

TABLE 1 SUN Well proportioned body, bilious, short hairs, coloured eyes. MOON - Proportionate body, good eyes, sweet speech. MERCURY Fond of humour ;mix of air,wind and bile MARS - Bilious, fickle minded, thin waist JUPITER Corpulent body, phlegmatic VENUS Beautiful eyes, body with more of wind and phlegm SATURN Lean, tall, rough hairs Table 2 gives the areas of the body, over which the planets exercise control TABLE 2 SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS JUPITER MARS SATURN BONE BLOOD SKIN SPERM BRAIN MARROW NERVES

The character and nature of children born will have to be interred from the planetary indications provided by Varahamihira in BrihatJataka [chapter , verse 7] [see Table 3 as follows] TABLE 3 PLANETS Sun, Moon, Jupiter Mars, Saturn Mercury, Venus QUALITY SATTWA TAMAS RAJAS

A little bit of explanation is needed here, as many people fail to understand what exactly are Sattwa, Tamas, and Rajas. I wish to explain this in the light of a parable narrated by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Once a traveller was walking through a dense forest. He was waylaid by three dacoits. The first dacoit said that the hostage be killed on the spot. The second one said that instead of killing, we will loot his money and personal belongings and tie him to a tree. The third dacoit said that hebe allowed going scot free. Concluding his story Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said that in this parable, the first dacoit is Tamas which deadens you. The second one dacoit is Rajas which binds you. The third dacoit is Sattwa which liberates you. The most significant message of this story is that, at the end of the day, all the three Sattwa, Tamas and Rajas are only dacoits. In other words they are enemies not friends. They are fictitious super impositions on the soul and therefore fit to be discarded. The real aim of life is to transcend these three qualities. The following characteristics are to be understood from Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas. [Refer Table 4] Table 4 SATTWA Kindness, fixed purpose, truthfulness, straightforward ,reverence for Gods and preceptors. One who is fond of women, poetry, literature, one who is courageous.



Deceitful, stubborn, lazy, revengeful, sleepy.

Sattwa gives happiness, makes a person wise. Rajas denotes desire for objects, binds the atman by the ropes of karmic results. Tamas denotes ignorance, makes a person negligent in his duties and also gives rise to passion and avarice. Rishis of ancient times were adepts in telling stories, pregnant with meaning and which are easy to understand.The Ramayana, for instance is just a story but for a person endowed with the faculty of discrimination, it is a mine of wisdom.

For example, by reading the qualities of the three demon brothers, Ravana, Vibhishana and Kumbakarna, what do you understand? For a moment, recount their respective qualities and see which of the three, Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas, they represent. Vibhishana was fond of Lord Rama; he was truthful so he represents Sattwa. Ravana had lust of Sita, he was also courageous so he represents Rajas. Kumbakarna was a demon who used to sleep for six months at a stretch. He prayed for Nirdevatvam or one who is on a par with Devas. When the Almighty appeared before him and blessed him with wish fulfillment, he by way of a slip of the tongue asked for Nidrevatvam or one who is always asleep and his wish was instantaneously fulfilled. So, Kumbakarna stands for the quality of Tamas. Another vexed question which often crops up is; when a person will be blessed with a child? If either of the following rules is satisfied, one will have an issue in the early part of his married life. a) The 5th lord is situated very near the 5thbhava. b) The lord of the 5th house is very close to the bhava occupied by the lagna lord. There is another way to reckon, when a person will be blessed with a child. For this we need to know the meaning of the terms Kendra, Panapara and Apoklima. The cardinal houses are known as Kendras, meaning lagna, 4th house, 7th house and 10th house. From the lagna, the 4th house denotes Sukrasthana or Matrusthana. If you treat the 4th house as lagna, then 4th from that house is the 7th house. Again 4th from the 7th house is the 10th house and similarly 4th from 10th is the lagna. We say that exactly at noon time if we perform an activity the deed will fructify soon. That is because it comes under an auspicious Muhurtha called AbhijitMuhurtha . What is

the specialityof AbhijitMuhurtha? The Sun is in the 10th house exactly over your head. If we stand under the Sun, at that moment, your shadow wont fall on the ground. Sun in lagna, means the exact time of sun rise. Sun in the 7th means, time of sun set. Sun in the 4th means, midnight. So all these points are crucial and they are areas of special importance in Astrology. Kendras, Panaparas and Apoklimas are clearly explained in Table 5 below Table 5 Kendras Panaparas Apoklimas 1, 4, 7, 10 2, 5, 8, 11 3, 6, 9, 12

The house which is immediately next to a Kendra is a Panapara house and the house which is immediately next to a Panapara house is an Apoklima house. From general rules of Astrology, we understand that a planet in Kendra gives results in the initial stages of a mans life. When the above principle is adopted in Jupiters Ashtakavarga, we derive the following thumb rules. a) When the lord of the 5th house occupies a Kendra, a person will be blessed with a child soon after marriage. b) If the aforesaid planet occupies a Panapara, one will get a child in the middle part of married life. c) If the aforesaid planet occupies an Apoklima house, delay is likely and one will be blessed with a child, late in life.



Introduction: In our previous article, we discussed some of the pointers to progeny from Jupiters Ashtakavarga touching upon: 1) Timing of child birth 2) Nature of children 3) Physical appearance of children We will now continue with our discussion on Jupiters Ashtakavarga. Before I begin my discussion, I wish to clarify one point. If you read any text book on astrology, you will be flooded with rules. Your confusion begins the moment you apply these rules to individual charts. I have seen some computer printouts of persons which read as follows: Because kemadruma yoga is present, you will be hard pressed for money. You will always find it difficult to make both ends meet. The next sentence will be something like this: There is a conjunction between a Kendra lord and a Trikona lord in your chart. This is Raja yoga because of which you will always be blessed with wealth, houses, conveyances and you will live like a King. The best course of action, which the owner of the computer print out, usually takes is to disbelieve both and continue to live his life as usual just as he has always done prior to checking up the chart! An important principle in Astrology is that only the stronger influences of planets prevail. 9th lord in the 9th is very good for luck. But at the same time the planet should have decent strength in shadvargas. Always verify whether such a planet is enjoying the aspect of benefics or is at least not affected by either the conjunction or aspect of malefics. Only if such a planet is free from adverse features it can be called as a total benefic and is capable of yielding unalloyed beneficial results. The second point I wish to stress is the employment of freewill.Even if destiny is favorable, the results will not materialize if you do not work to your potential. An example needs to be cited here. If Daivagna yoga is present in a chart, the yoga will make you an astrologer. But how do you become an astrologer? Step 1: By learning the subject from a Guru, who himself is learned in the subject. Step 2: By reading the original treatises on the subject.

Step 3: By gathering practical knowledge, by applying the textbook rules to individual charts. Step 4: By discussions with fellow astrologers and also through experience. Factors such as grace of god, mantra siddhi, luck and the horoscope of the astrologer also contribute to success. If any of the four steps above are besieged with some weakness or the other, Daivagna yoga will merely exist in the chart but will not make you a renowned astrologer. An astrologer was once questioned by a couple seeking advice on their daughters chart about when Guru Balam (Jupiters movement into good houses in Gochara)will occur and will confer marriage. The astrologer suggested the period but also gave a warning. No doubt, the period will be auspicious but Jupiter will not do the following tasks on your behalf: 1) Taking the available charts for matching to an astrologer 2) Booking of a marriage hall (which is usually done more than six months in advance as all available dates are blocked) 3) Fixing a suitable cook, buying sarees and dhotis, printing the marriage card, inviting the guests and arranging the Vedic pundits. In other words, the astrologer made it abundantly clear,that whatever is your duty, only you have to do, nobody will do it for you. Jupiter will do his job providing a suitable opportunity for the girl to get married; nothing more, nothing less. Our own expectations out of planets is not only excessive but also out of tune with reality. After the bindus in Jupiters Ashtakavarga have been computed, find out the number of bindus in the 5th house from Jupiter. We understood just now that only the stronger planetary influences have relevance. Applying this rule in practice, omit the bindus contributed by planets in 1) Inimical houses 2) Debilitation 3) Combustion The number of children will correspond to the residual bindus subject to a couple of observations, as follows 1) A planet in exaltation or own house is supposed to be strong. So this will proportionately increase the number of children. 2) Based on whether the planet contributing the bindu is male or female, the offspring will either be a boy or a girl.

Find out the house occupied by the sign dispositor of the 5th house from Jupiter. The person will have as many issues as there are bindus in that house (after effecting the reductions). The planet whose bindu remains (after the reductions) - If retrograde or exalted gives room for three children - If in own house, own Navamsa, own drekkana or vargottama, two children - If in debilitation or inimical house, premature death of children. Before moving over to the next rule I wish to give an analogy. We judge the marital prospects from the 7th house. 7th house is turned as Kalatrabhava. The point is 7th house is to be reckoned from which house? An example needs to be cited here. In Chennai, the Airport is located in Meenambakkam. An executive who came to Chennai was talking to the head of the local office.While they were talking; the executive made a remark, Meenambakkam is far off from Chennai. The local head did not appreciate the remark. What is the reason? He was residing in St. Thomas Mount, which is pretty close to the Airport. Before making a sweeping statement, Meenambakkam airport is far off, he should have ascertained, from what localityit is far off. In fact there are lots of houses close to the airport and for many of them no vehicle is required to reach home after getting down at the airport from a plane. They can as well walk to their homes! Coming to our discussion, the 7th house refers to the 7th house from lagna. But they also say, the 7th house needs to be judged from Moon as well as the Karaka planet, Venus. Many quack Astrologers have the habit of making instant predictions like the instant readymade foods available in supermarkets. Example: 7th lord in 12 your wife will die This approach is fatal not for the clients wife but for the astrologer he can go out of job in no time. In north India, there is a concept called Sudarshan view in colloquial language. For every bhava you analyse from lagna, Moon as well as Karaka Planet. From Lagna, 7th lord is in 12 may be compensated if 7th lord from Moon is in the 9th. Secondly 7th lord in 12 is insufficient to cause death of wife. If in the wifes chart lagna lord is in lagna, she will lead a long life. Moreover, one swallow does not make a summer Astrology is based on cumulative influences of all the planets and a single planet cannot determine the destiny of the person. Coming back to the subject, the number of children should be judged from the house occupied by the sign dispositor of the 5th from Jupiter.

The above analysis should also be done from the following positions also. 1) Lord of the 9th from Jupiter 2) Lord of the 5th from Lagna 3) Lord of the 5th from the Moon The purposeof these rules is not to confuse the student of Astrology. The real import of these principles is that all these houses have a bearing on progeny and as such merit serious consideration. Find out the number of bindus in the 5th from Jupiter. The following need to be excluded. Bindus contributed by Jupiters enemy. Bindus contributed by enemy of the lord of the 5th from Jupiter. Planet in Combustion. Planet in Debilitation Planet in enemys house. Planet owning the debilitation sign of Jupiters 5th house lord Saturn

Please note that Saturn is included in this negative list because he is the lord of Capricorn, where Jupiter is debilitated.As the sign dispositor of Jupiters House of Fall,Saturn will only have adetrimental effect on progeny. The remaining bindus, after omitting bindus contributed by malefics, indicate the number of children. We read just now that the 9th from Jupiter is to be reckoned for this discussion. The 9th house is a significant indicator for progeny dueto three main reasons: 9th house denotes good fortune. One gets a good child only by luck or fortune. Hence 9th house is very important. By adopting the BhavatBhavam principle 9th house is the 5th from the 5th house. In a female horoscope, the 9th house is the house of children (male children in particular) unlike a male horoscope wherein the 5th house is the house of children. In a womens horoscope, in the Ashtakavarga of Jupiter, the number of daughters will be equal to the sum of bindus in the 5th house from lagna, Moon and Jupiter. In a womens horoscope, the number of sons will be equal to the sum of bindus in the 9 from lagna, Moon and Jupiter.

The difference between the above two rules is due to the fact that the astrological peculiarity in a female chart is that the 9th house denotes sons while the 5th house denotes daughters. (THE END)

ASHTAKAVARGA SYSTEM OF PREDICTION PART 15 BY Dr. E.S. NEELAKANTAN We have been discussing the Ashtakavarga features of Jupiter in the past few issues. We continue
with the same topic, as the concepts relating to Jupiter are more elaborately discussed in ancient texts compared to other planets. One point a discerning reader would not have failed to notice is that while attempting to explain the intricacies of Jupiter, we are also taking stock of the general principles of Astrology. For the diligent student, this approach would prove highly beneficial as he gets a birds eye view of the vastness of the science and its applications. Jupiter associated with one to three bindus will not do much good to that bhava which it happens to occupy. As we have discussed earlier, a minimum of four bindus is required for Jupiter to become effective. I wish to cite an analogy from our day to day life to explain this point. When we cook rice in a pressure cooker, we keep the flame at a particular level. Once the lid is pushed up and steam comes out, we reduce the flame. Why does the lid get pushed up? The lid is a heavy object exerting downward pressure. The steam inside the pressure cooker gradually builds up until it pushes the lid up and steam escapes. But for this to happen there is a critical point at which the lid is pushed up. It is this critical pointwe need to understand when explaining the role of Jupiter. We know that Jupiter is a functional benefic. So irrespective of the number of bindus, it is going to do good only. But it needs a certain energy level to operate effectively in individual horoscopes. The Critical point is reached when Jupiter receives the support of at least four bindus. What is the correlation between Jupiter and the bindus in a house? For us to understand this point, we need to appreciate that these bindus are actually contributed by the various planets. Jupiter needs the support of the other planets to do its job successfully. Here is another example to illustrate this point. Immediately after an election, we come across cases, where no party gains absolute majority. What do they do to form the government? Take the support of independent candidates and like minded parties. If they successfully cobble up a simple majority, a representation is made to the Governor to allow the formation of a government.

HereAshtakavarga is comparable to a planetary coalition. For a house to get four bindus, the support of planets is required. This is like saying that whatever good Jupiter intends to do is supported by the other planets. In Parliament when an ordinance is proposed, support of the majority of elected representatives is required or else it will fail. Likewise when a majority of planets veto Jupiters proposal, it will fail. This is reflected by Jupiter not getting a minimum of four bindus in a bhava. This means that bhava will not live up to its expectations so far as Jupiters significations are concerned. Everybody aspires for the birth of a virtuous son. Now a days people aspire for birth of good daughters also because in recent times we come across many families where daughters perform better than sons in almost all walks of life. In Jupiters Ashtakavarga find out the bhava which obtains the maximum number of bindus. Should conception take place when Sun transits that bhava, a virtuous son will be born. We have all heard of the term Raja yoga.This yoga is just arule(or a set of rules to be precise) in Astrology which states that a person born under this yoga will get elevated to the status of a king. Certain rules clash with these category of rules (resulting in Raja yogas) and effectively cancel the occurrence of that Raja yoga. Such rules are termed as Raja yoga bhanga rules. Please note that Raja yoga bhanga is exactly the opposite of Neechabhanga Raja yoga. In Neechabhanga Raja yoga, the cancellation of debility leads to a Raja yoga. In our case, the cancellation rule wipes out the Raja yoga and makes the man poverty stricken.

If the Moon associated with 1 to 3 bindus occupies the 6th or 8th from Jupiter, the person will always be in debts eventhough born with a raja yoga. This particular yoga is known as Sakata yoga.Thepeculiarity of this rule is that Sakata yoga operates with an additional minus point Moon obtaining less than 4 bindus. Ordinarily Jupiter with 5 bindus in an exalted navamsa is bound to give plenty of wealth to a native. Even in such a case the Sakata yoga described earlier is powerful enough to cancel the effects and make the native poor and unlucky. When Moon occupies the 6th or 8th from Jupiter, the following adverse features are seen: Moon becomes a functional enemy of Jupiter. This is due to the fact that two planets in shastashtaka(or 6/8 axis) become mutual enemies even though they may be natural friends. The above yoga is one that denies the benefits arising out of Gajakesari yoga.

If Moon gets more than 3 bindus and occupies a quadrant or trine from Jupiter, the person will have plenty of wealth, land and other comforts.

A person born in Kesari yoga will be endowed with both wealth and happiness if Jupiter occupies the navamsa of Moon with 5 or more bindus. In this rule, readers would appreciate that the occupation of Moons navamsaby Jupiter involves two special qualities Moon is very friendly to Jupiter Jupiter gets exalted in the navamsa of Moon. Please note that a planet can be exalted in own house, friendly house or even in an enemys house. For example: Venus is exalted in Pisces owned by Jupiter, its enemy. The same principle holds good for Mars. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, its own house. Sun is exalted in the house of its friend Mars. Same is true of Jupiter also. In Jupiters Ashtakavarga if the lord of the Rasi occupied by Jupiter is exalted or is in his own house, endowed with 5 or more bindus, one becomes prominent among rulers. If the sign dispositor of Jupiter is in a quadrant or trine with 4 or more bindus in Jupiters Ashtakavarga, the person becomes rich and fortunate in family life.



In our previous write-up on Jupiter, we discussed some of the features such as Raja yoga, Sarala yoga, Gaja Kesari yoga and Raja yoga bhanga with special reference to the Ashtakavarga chart. We continue the discussion and in this article, we will proceed to understand its intricacies in greater detail.

We know that Jupiter and Venus are enemies even though both are benefics. Similarly Jupiter and Mercury are also enemies even though both are benefics. Please note that enmity between planets is not comparable to the concepts of friendship and enmity, as we all know in our day-to-day lives. As far as we are concerned, if we stand to benefit or profit through someone, automatically he is our friend, whether or not he is a good person.

In this context, I wish to cite an example from Ramayana. Lord Rama chose to have an alliance with Sugriva, who was being oppressed by his own brother Vali. Rama chose to kill Vali and joined hands with Sugriva in his search for Sita. When Vali was pierced by the arrow from Lord Rama, he was about to die but before that he had a long argument with Lord Rama. Vali had so much power that he could have easily retrieved Sita from Lanka,he being more powerful than the demon king Ravana.. Sugriva was weak compared to Vali. Then why did Rama choose to have an alliance with Sugriva rather than with Vali? Please recollect the words of Sri Krishna in Bhagwad Gita. In order to protect Dharma and to annihilate Adharma, I am born from time to time(Sambhavami Yuge Yuge). Sri Rama was an

incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The very purpose of the Avatar was to uphold Dharma. So, Sri Rama for the sake of petty personal gains could have sided with Vali. But in order to uphold Dharma, he sided with the good-natured Sugriva and killed Vali, thus upholding the divine will of destroying Adharma.

Coming to our discussion, Jupiter is an enemy of Venus because their natures are in conflict. Jupiter stands for inner purity; Venus stands for sensual pleasures. Jupiter reflects happiness; Venus reflects pleasures. Jupiter indicates selflessness; Venus indicates selfishness. Jupiter is a Deva guru; Venus is an Asura guru.

Another paradox in astrology needs explanation here. We know that Sun and Saturn are enemies. So our immediate conclusion is this: Sun-Saturn conjunction is bad. Sun is Atmakaraka and Saturn is Dukkakaraka or giver of grief. So soul being represented by Sun is aggrieved by conjunction of Saturn with Sun. Now bring a contrary rule into the picture-conjunction of lord of 4 with lord of 9 is a Parasari Raja yoga. So the complexion changes totally here for Taurus Ascendant. Both Sun and Saturn forget their traditional rivalry when invested with their present portfolio and conjoin to bring about a Raja yoga. Not very different from what we read and hear about Indian politics. Two rival political parties fight an election and when there is a situation where no party gets an absolute majority, the rivals even come together to form a coalition government. It is important to note that what matters here is that eventhough Sun and Saturn are natural malefics, in a situation like what we discussed just now, they transform themselves into functional benefics. So each planet has two facets-one a natural one and

another a functional one. In the whole of predictive astrology, 80% of predictions are made taking into account the functional role of planets rather than their natural role. While judging the 5th house for progeny four features are relevant. 1. 5th house is occupied by malefics. 2. 5th house contains less than 25 bindus in Samudaya Ashtakavarga. 3. 5th house falls in an even sign. 4. Moon occupies an even sign.

Out of the four defects indicated above: (a) If one is present, reason for progeny is uterine problem. (b) If there are two defects, affliction to deity is the problem. (c) If there are three,both the causes, (a) as well as (b) are present. (d) If all four defects are present, one will have no issues at all, even if propitiatory rites are performed.

In a Horary chart, one must ascertain the position of Gulika as well as trinal signs of Gulika. Take the case of the three planets, Sun, Moon and Jupiter and ascertain which of the three has maximum number of bindus in this Gulika rasi. Whenever that planet transits Gulika rasi or its trines, a child will be born. Consider the Horary lagna, Horary navamsa lagna and its trines in order to find out which of these houses has the maximum number of bindus in Jupiters Ashtakavarga. Birth of a child takes place when Jupiter transits that sign.

In order to become a king, two rules have been suggested by the learned authors. (i)Venus should be in a quadrant from Jupiter and Jupiter should be in a quadrant from lagna. In other words, both Jupiter and Venus should be placed in quadrants from lagna. (ii)Venus and Jupiter should either be in a conjunction or in opposition.

Note that the second rule is subservient to the first rule. In other words, when the second rule is satisfied the first rule is automatically taken care of, while the converse is not true. For these conditions to generate Raja yoga, Jupiter should be associated with four or more bindus.

Some people are generally dull-witted and also unlucky. What is the reason? Ashtakavarga holds the clue. (a) Lagna occupied by a weak lagna lord. (b) Lagna associated with three or less bindus. (c) Jupiter in 6 or 8. If all these conditions are cumulatively satisfied, one is both a dullard and unlucky.

Some people suffer at the hands of children or grandchildren. How to know the root cause? Ashtakavarga comes to our rescue. If there is an interchange of houses between lords of 5 and 8, without the saving grace of Jupiters aspect, one will suffer at the hands of children and grandchildren

Now we will take a look at a couple of horoscopes to see how the rules apply in practice.

Chart 1 belongs to Late Shri Brahmananda Reddi who was a Cabinet minister under the former Prime Minister Late Smt Indira Gandhi.Both Venus and Jupiter join the 7th house,a quadrant thereby aspecting the lagna.Please note that Jupiter gets 5 bindus.This yoga elevated the status of the native to that of a cabinet minister.

Chart 2 belongs to V.Shantaram (18 November 1901 - 30 October 1990) the doyen of the tinselworld of yesteryears.The Jupiter- Venus conjunction in Lagna is prominent with Jupiter obtaining 4 bindus. He was praised by Charlie Chaplin for his Marathi film Manoos . Charlie Chaplin reportedly liked the film very much. He was awarded the Indian film industry's highest award, the Dadasaheb Phalke award in 1985 and the Padma Vibhushan in 1992.


We just now discussed some of the important features in Jupiters Ashtakavarga such as the yogas involving Venus and Jupiter and their role in elevating a person to fame and power. In support of this theory we discussed the charts of Shri. Brahmananda Reddi and Shri. Shantaram. I hope, all of you, who read this column regularly would have verified this theory by applying the rules discussed herein with charts of people whom you know or those which you have with you in your file. With these introductory remarks, we will proceed to discuss the intricacies of Jupiters Ashtakavarga in greater detail. If you read books on Astrology in Sanskrit, you will come across terms like Putrarishtam, Putraklesham, and Putranashtam etc. What is the meaning of Putranashtam? Loss of a child. How? Invariably through the death of the child. This is how we understand Astrology. But please note that in every sentence, it is not the literal meaning alone that counts. I wish to cite the example of a short story by Leo Tolstoy titled God sees the truth but waits, here and then explain my view. A person by name Semyonich was going to bazaar. Some people who had first murdered a person put the knife in Semyonichs bag without his knowledge and ran away. The police searched the bag and concluded him to be the culprit and exiled him to Siberia. After a very long period, the real culprit confesses his crime to the police, who ordered the release of Semyonich, who is languishing in jail. Now Leo Tolstoy brings the story to an end with an enigmatic observation: By the time the order for the release came, the poor old man was already dead. This sentence has to be understood carefully. If a prisoner is dead, nobody is going to serve an order for release. As well the file itself may be closed. What this means is that the person is as good as dead a living corpse, if we may say so. Putranashtam as these textbooks say need not mean the child is dead. The child is as good as lost. I dont need to give here an exhaustive list of circumstances where such a possibility arises. Today you need to just open the newspaper and you will immediately see an advertisement for a senior citizen home. I dont mean to say that all people living in senior citizen homes are not looked after by their children. But in a majority of cases, these are people, who for some reason or the other have no one to count as family members or who for some other reason have chosen to spend their last days in a place away from their original homes. The next astrological rule we are going to discuss deals with loss of children. Hence I

decided to discuss this point in greater detail so that the astrologer in the making does not jump to wrong conclusions on seeing a chart. The person will lose as many children as there are bindus in the 3rd or 5th house from Jupiter provided Jupiter is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house from lagna. Needless to say, Jupiter is Putrakaraka. So is the Karaka in an evil house bad by itself? Please note that for Libra lagna, Jupiter is a functional malefic. Let us assume Jupiter is in Pisces. As the lord of 6 is in the 6th house, it is highly beneficial in a functional sense. But if we were to understand the divine grace available to that person, Jupiter in 6 would be a drawback, eventhough as lord of 6 in 6, it generates Harsha yoga. Please note that the natural qualities of a planet are different from its functional qualities. Birth of an illustrious and virtuous son is an event eagerly awaited in each and every family. Such an event is bound to happen in the life of a person provided comeption takes place under the following conditions: 1) Jupiter should not be combust. 2) It should occupy its own house. 3) It should have more than 5 bindus. 4) It should occupy the vargas of male planets. 5) It should either be in conjunct or in benefic or get aspected by a benefic. 6) Jupiter should be in lagna. We need to discuss the above rule in detail for gaining more insight into this rule. The first point is very easy to understand. A combusted planet is similar to a debilitated planet in giving effects. Even if that planet is a benefic, combustion will take away its merits. Take the case of a principal of a college. During admission season, there will be a queue in front if his office. But after retirement, the same person loses importance. The combusted planet is like a retired principal it has no powers. Please note that I mean no offence while giving this analogy it is just to enable the student to grasp the subject better. An average student follows the example of a teacher, headmaster or principal, better than anything else. The second point refers to occupation of own house by Jupiter this means Jupiter should be in Sagittarius or Pisces. The third rule is that it should obtain five or more bindus. Please refer to our previous write-up about the concept of critical point. A planet should have a minimum residential strength in a house to perform its role. Concepts such as Dikbala, Chestabala, Sthanabala etc. all centre around this principle. Imagine that for Capricorn lagna, Venus is in Virgo. As the Yogakaraka planet is in 9, one cannot ask for anything better. But Venus in Virgo will only be a helpless

spectator. It is considerably weak in Virgo. The saving grace can come about when Mercury joins Venus in Virgo or Venus occupies Pisces in Navamsa or if in any other way Neerhabhanga is obtained. So this mention about Jupiter obtaining 5 bindus or more is just one more area where Jupiter is strengthened. The fourth point is Jupiter should occupy the varga of male planets. Please note that Jupiter by itself is a male planet. So the other two male planets are Sun and Mars. Our Rishis were the first to detect a one-to-one correlation between movement of heavenly bodies and occurrence of terrestrial affairs. So birth of a male child bears a very close link with the influence of male planets. For the sake of clarity, let us now understand the sex of planets TABLE 1 MALE FEMALE EUNUCH Sun, Mars , Jupiter Moon, Venus Mercury, Saturn

One might wonder if the influence of Saturn or Mercury produces birth of eunuchs. But that is not necessarily true. It can also produce twin births. The concept of eunuch in Astrology needs to be carefully understood. Generally speaking, a eunuch is a person who is neither man nor woman. (Example: Sikhandin in Mahabharata) But in Astrology, Mercury and Saturn are planets who bear qualities of both male and female. Let us take the quality of Intelligence. Intelligence is a quality possessed by certain men and certain women. Sex has no role to play in Intelligence. Intelligence is governed by Mercury. Grief knows no sex. It is represented by Saturn. Chivalry is a masculine quality it is represented by Mars. So Mars is designated as a male planet only. Beauty is essentially feminine. It is represented by Venus. I hope this concept is now made abundantly clear from the examples discussed so far. The fifth point is that Jupiter should either be conjunct a benefic or be aspected by a benefic. There is an enactment called General Clauses Act. The word Singular is defined in that act. The definition is Singular includes Plural. When we say Jupiter should be associated with a benefic, it can also mean two benefics are associated with Jupiter or two benefics aspect Jupiter. If you read Phaladeepika of Mantreswara carefully, you will find that Chapter 7 of the book deals exclusively with Raja yogas or yogas for becoming a king. I would advise the diligent student of Astrology to understand verse 21 of chapter 7 in Phaladeepika in a comprehensive manner. What this verse states is that even a single planet in exaltation is capable of elevating a person to the status of a king provided the said planet is aspected by a friendly planet. The crux of the issue is the aspect of the friendly planet. If this aspect is not there, the planet in exaltation will not become a source for Raja yoga. In cricket you may come across a situation when one batsman has crossed ninety and the non-striker is the last batsman at the crease. If

the first batsman should hit a century, the other batsman should atleast defend his wicket, if not hit some runs. Should that batsman get out, the first man automatically loses the chance of hitting a century. So what is the second batsmans role? Help the first batsman hit a century by defending his wicket. This example needs to be applied to the rule stated by Mantreswara in Phaladeepika. The planet in exaltation is the planet elevating the person to a royal position. The second planet by virtue of being the formers friend is now a formidable ally in this combination. Once this planet aspects the exalted planet, the potential force gets converted into a kinetic one, thereby activating the process of generating a Raja yoga. Last but not the least, Jupiter should be in lagna. Though this rule appears simple, it is pregnant with meaning. When Jupiter is in lagna, it aspects two vital houses namely the 5th house of Poorvapunya and the 9th house, which is the house of good fortune. Further a planet in lagna carries directional strength or Digbala. Jupiter in lagna throws a protective sheath on lagna. The 5th house rules progeny and the 9th house also has a bearing on progeny by invoking the Bharat Bhavam concept. Jupiter is also the karaka planet for the fifth house. When all these rules cumulatively apply to a single horoscope, birth of a virtuous son becomes a mathematical certainty. Each of the six rules is important in its own way. But in practice, one may not see a chart where the rule occurs verbatim. In such charts, we may say that the rule is partially satisfied. Even if the rule is partially satisfied, possibility of the predicted result exists. It is here that free-will comes into play. An imperfect destiny can be rendered perfect by a strong action which is nothing but free-will. For instance if a boys chart shows some promise for education, by choosing an appropriate Muhurtha for Vidyaramba, the boy is assured of success in education. For begetting progeny, various remedial measures exist. Even choosing a good Muhurtha for begetting a child is also a powerful remedial measure to fulfil the promise of Astrology. Results will accrue with certainty if a person shown in the natal chart is fully supported by conscious exercise of free-will. THE END

ASHTAKAVARGA SYSTEM OF PREDICTION PART 18 BY DR. E.S.NEELAKANTAN In the previous article we saw the various points related to Jupiters Ashtakavarga and their impact on predictive astrology. Now we will proceed to discuss its intricacies in greater detail. Everybody in todays world wants to lead a prestigious life. But what is the meaning of prestige in todays life? False prestige. Before Indias independence, fighting for Indias freedom from British rule was a sign of prestige. Gandhiji, Nehruji and Subash Chandra Bose were icons. It was a matter of pride and prestige to be associated with them. Todays prestige is nothing but watching the latest movies in the world class malls which have come up, dining in luxury hotels and beach resorts, watching IPL matches in stadium and driving latest cars. Before we discuss astrological connotations of Prestige, I thought we should get the meaning of True Prestige and False Prestige clarified. When the sign dispositor of the 5th lord conjoins Jupiter a son who will ennoble family prestige will be born provided the said plant obtains more than 4 bindus in the Ashtakavarga chart of Jupiter. If the said plant is in debilitation with 1 to 3 bindus, the son will prove treacherous to his father. This verse once again highlights the role of bindus in predictive Astrology. Take the above verse and interpret it without the application of bindus. The sign dispositor of 5th lord in conjunction with Putrakaraka will give rise to birth of children. But is there not a world of difference between a son who brings lasting fame to ones own family and a worthless son? Actually the difference is equal to the difference between heaven and hell. This is why we need to reckon Ashtakavarga principles each time. .Without the aid of Ashtakavarga,predictive Astrology is nothing short of a gamble. The cutting edge of scientific Astrology will prove to be that of a blunt knife when predictions are made, without consideration of Ashtakavarga principles. Astrology as practised in India today, seldom takes into account the Ashtakavarga chart, which is why the likelihood of a prediction going the wrong way is very high. We now proceed to discuss the next rule. If the lord of 5th house is associated with a malefic and Jupiter associated with 3 bindus is hemmed between malefics, a son who is evil minded and also a disgrace to the family will be born. We need to understand the significance of a planet hemmed between malefics. How do planets give their effects? Through vibrations.

Take this example Saturn is in Aries, Jupiter is in Taurus and Mars is in Gemini. This is a case of Jupiter getting hemmed between malefics. The benefic rays of Jupiter have no exit route. The malefic vibrations of Mars and Saturn in adjacent houses counteract the benefic influence of Jupiter and it gets choked. Such a planet has no power to do any good. I wish to cite one example here. There was a debate if there is a fight between a crocodile and a rhinoceros, who would win? Prima facie, a rhinoceros is a powerful animal and it should win. But a little bit of introspection would yield newer and startling dimensions. Basically a rhinoceros is a mammal whereas a crocodile is a reptile. The correct answer to this query would depend on where the fight takes place? If it is on land, the rhinoceros would win. If it is in water, the crocodile would win. Please note that a crocodile in water is far more powerful than a crocodile in land. Applying this to our own discussion, Jupiter is the most powerful of all planets in warding off evil. When hemmed between malefics, it is comparable to a crocodile on land utterly powerless. The three bindus of Jupiter is like rubbing salt on wounds it aggravates its weakness. What is the result? Birth of a son, who is evil-minded and a scourge to the family. When Saturn passes through a sign, which in Jupiters Ashtakavarga, has the least number of bindus, the person may meet with afflictions, provided that house is not aspected by Jupiter in the natal chart. This is a very interesting rule and would merit a protracted discussion on the subject. Saturn is a dukka karaka. So it will adversely affect the fortunes of that house it occupies in chart. The trines are the 5th and 9th. Usually there is an invisible link between 1, 5 and 9. Lagna is the physical body as also the egoic self, 5th is Poorvapunya or merits of good deeds performed earlier, 9th is good fortune. So Saturn in a house in transit not only affects that particular house but also the trinal houses of that house. Now what is very important is the second limb of the rule which carries out the exception to the rule. The house which is aspected by Jupiter is immune to the adverse effects of Saturn in transit. Please note that a very important doctrine is established here, which is the link between Natal chart and Gochara chart. There is a link between a planet in a natal chart and another planet in Gochara. Let us say a person is 40 years old, who has Jupiter in 2nd house in birth chart. Let us say, Saturn is in the 8th in transit. What this rule says is that the effects of Saturn in 8th in transit are effectively neutralized by the aspect of Jupiter on the 8th house in the natal chart. No doubt, that was forty years back, whereas Saturn is in the 8th at present. Never mind, the cancellation rule will apply. Auspicious ceremonies are eagerly looked forward to in each and every house. Transits of Sun over houses, where the least number of bindus are obtained in

Jupiters Ashtakavarga are not suitable for celebration of such functions. This is a rule which has considerable value in todays set-up where we need to plan at least six months in advance for functions such as marriage. Take the lords of 9th and 10th houses and Jupiter. Let us say they are associated with 8 or bindus. Consider their sign dispositors. If all of them are powerful, then the person will be exceptionally lucky and blessed with everything. In some cases the father of a person is luckier. (The other way of putting it is the son is unlucky compared to the father) a) Lord of lagna is in the 2nd or 9th house. b) Jupiter is in a quadrant from lagna with 5 bindus. If both (a) and (b) are cumulatively satisfied the father of the child is luckier. (a) Lord of the 9th house and Jupiter occupy quadrants or they are exalted or they occupy their own house. (b) Both the above mentioned planets are associated with 5 or more bindus in Jupiters Ashtakavarga. If both these conditions are cumulatively satisfied the person becomes either a king or a judge. Please note that in ancient times the king also dispensed with justice. In order to become a king one should have a very good knowledge of law and justice. When we say either a king or a judge, obviously we are stating the rule as it would appear in contemporary society. With these comments, I bring this edition of Ashtakavarga to a close. Incidentally this will be the final write-up on Jupiters Ashtakavarga. We have discussed rules relating to Jupiter in Ashtakavarga in detail. In our next write-up, we will take-up the Ashtakavarga of Venus for scrutiny. THE END


Introduction We just now completed our discussion on the Ashtakavarga of Jupiter. From Jupiter we now move on to Venus. One of the most important planets in the planetary hierarchy is the Venus. What Venus stands for? Mantreswara in his magnum opus, Phaladeepika has given an exhaustive list of matters which come under the purview of Venus. 1. Wealth 2. Vehicles 3. Clothes 4. Ornaments 5. Hidden wealth 6. Dance, drama, music 7. Wife 8. Pleasure 9. Perfumes or scents 10. Flowers 11. Sexual union 12. Couch 13. House 14. Prosperity 15. Poetry 16. Sex and women 17. Sports 18. Lust 19. Ministership 20. Politeness 21. Marriage 22. Festivity Venus is the Karaka planet for the 7th house. The 3rd house along with the 7th and 11th houses rule over the Kama triangle. Dharma,Artha, Kama and Moksha are the four Vedic ends of life.

The lagna, along with the 5th and 9th rule the Dharma triangle. By Kama we mean the desires of a human being, which is possible of fulfillment in this world. If we look at the 22 items ruled by Venus, the predominant theme is fulfillment of desire and things required for the same. Venus, when afflicted would lead to a person living a discontented life. Venus with Mars can lead to an immoral life especially with reference to marriage. The same is the case when Venus conjoins Saturn. Hence an unafflicted Venus is a boon for every individual. When Venus occupies a quadrant, in exaltation or if placed in Taurus or Libra leads to an auspicious yoga known as Malavya yoga. Incidentally this happens to be one of the Mahapurusha yogas extolled in the ancient textbooks on Astrology. The faculty of enjoyment should be used sparingly this is the Ayurvedic view of life. A person born with Malavya yoga will be endowed with gift of enjoyment of life without abuse of the faculty of enjoyment. Such people ought to be treated as role models of society. When Venus transits over a house with certain number of bindus, it gives different effects: (as tabulated below) No. of bindus 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Effects One gets enjoyment, good dress, women, sweet smelling flowers, varieties of eatables, etc. Ornaments, precious stones Meeting beloved wife Contact with friends Mixed effects Enmity Sickness, degradation Fear from disease through phlegm, water, poison Calamities

A cursory look at the table above would reveal that when Venus transits houses with more number of bindus, it invariably gives good effects especially on matters related to Kama (desire) which we discussed earlier. Many people look forward eagerly to advent of Venus dasha in their lives. It is only some who have the good fortune to have this in the peak of their lives. When Venus dasha is on, the effects would be maximumwhen Venus is in Libra, Pisces and Taurus while its effect would be negligible when Venus transits Virgo. As the saying goes: Make hay while the sun shines- one

should enjoy life to the fullest possible extent when Venus dasha is in progress. I would slightly alter the adage and say Make hay while Venus shines. Without considering the placement of Venus in an individuals chart, one should not make sweeping predictions about Venus. As we all know the natural qualities of a planet get conditioned by its placement in an individuals chart. It is this functional role that will come to pass when Venus dasha is on. If located in own house or getting the Yoga karaka status, Venus would deliver excellent results; else it would just be mediocre. Proper weightage should be given to all the factors influencing Venus before pronouncing a verdict on its role in an individuals chart. In augmenting the role of Venus, the Rasi-sign dispositor as well as Navamsa sign-dispositor play a significant part. To understand the effect of a powerfully placed Venus let us take up the horoscope of the noted Hollywood Superstar of yesteryears,Gregory Peck as a case study.

In the chart of Gregory Peck Venus as Lagna lord is placed in the Lagna itself a very powerful MalavyaYoga.It is also exalted in the two important divisional charts namely Navamsa and dasamsa.WhileNavamsa is the most important among all divisional charts,dasamsa holds the key to Professional success.Venus secures 5 bindus in its Ashtakavargachart.Needless to say,Venus lifted Gregory Peck to dizzy heights in his profession. Peck was nominated for five Academy Awards, winning once. He was nominated for The Keys of the Kingdom (1945), The Yearling (1946), Gentleman's Agreement (1947) and Twelve O'Clock High (1949). He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Atticus Finch in the 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird. In 1968 he received the Academy's Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.Peck also received many Golden Globe awards.. He received the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 196. In 1969 US President Lyndon Johnson honored Peck with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. In 1971 the Screen Actors Guild presented Peck with the SAG Life Achievement Award. In 1989 the American Film Institute gave Peck the AFI Life Achievement Award. He received the Crystal Globe award for outstanding artistic contribution to world cinema in 1996. In 1986 Peck was honored alongside actress Gene Tierney with the first Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival Spain ,for their body of work. In 1998 he was awarded the National Medal of Arts.

On April 28, 2011, a ceremony was held in Beverly Hills, California celebrating the first day of issue of a U.S. postage stamp commemorating Peck. The stamp is the 17th commemorative stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series. One gains lasting name and fame when the Lagna is rendered strong.Gregory Pecks chart is a wonderful illustration of this dictum




In our previous article, we got a feel of overall indications of Venus. In this edition, we will look at the propensities of Venus in greater detail. Transit of Venus Generally we hear everyone talking about the transits of Saturn and Jupiter and to a lesser extent the transits of Rahu and Ketu. But one does not hear anyone talking about the effects of transits of other planets. Is it because they are insignificant? Is it because their impact in predictive Astrology is less? The answer to both these queries is No. The transit of each planet has some significance. Why people seem to pay attention to the transits of Jupiter and Saturn or for that matter Rahu and Ketu, could be due to the fact that being slow-moving planets, their transits are infrequent. Pradosham comes twice a month, whereas Diwali comes once in a year- So Diwali is celebrated with more gusto than pradosham. Of course, Mahasivarathri is also a pradosham day and again the earlier argument holds good- it comes only once in a year and therefore given more importance. In Gochara the effect of Venus transiting over twelve houses is as follows: Janma Rasi 2 3 4 5 6 7 All kinds of enjoyments Financial gains Prosperity Happiness and association with friends. Begetting Children Misery Trouble to wife

8 9 10 11 12

Wealth Happiness Disputes Safety and protection Acquisition of wealth.

I wish to place a few generalizations upon reading the Table above. Venus yields bad results while transiting houses 6,7,and10.It yields good results in the remaining houses. Conversely Moon yields good results in houses 6,7and 10. Students can read the Gochara effects of Moon and understand for themselves the astrological peculiarities of Moon and Venus in Gochara. When Venus transits over a house it may have certain number of bindus. It can be zero, one or for that matter even eight. When Venus transits over a bhava which is endowed with a bindu, the following results accrue to the native: - Ones status and respect in government service are enhanced. - He begets a daughter as an offspring. - Enjoys bodily comforts and longevity. - Takes active part in sports. - Acquires wide knowledge. - Attains success. - Acquires wealth. - Happiness and overall welfare accrue.

- Let us analyse these results in detail now. If you go through the areas where positive results are obtained, one can come to some kind of an understanding about what Venus stands for.

- Success or respect in government service is a yardstick to measure the clout of a person. To be honored by the king is the greatest achievement even today. This is why a person who obtains Bharat Ratna or Dada Saheb Phalke award gets wide recognition in media or in society. The award by itself may not be important but it gives rise to prestige. Prestige is something which only Venus can confer. Getting a daughter is also an auspicious event but here Venus is a feminine planet as also karaka planet of 7th house . 7th houses rules over fecundity. Again, one gains wide knowledge because Venus rules over shastras. Sports is an activity for enjoyment or pleasure. There are certain sports or games which are undertaken for pleasure. Examples are golf and scuba diving. Venus rules over these sporting areas. When transiting a bhava which is devoid of a bindu, Venus gives the following results -Troubles -Loss of wealth through enemies. -Affliction to wife -Quarrels -Loss of landed property -Misery -Aberration of mind -Fall from a horse -Obstacles in journeys. We will analyse the above results in detail now. Loss of wealth or landed property is indicated because by itself there are lots of comforts , only money can buy. So to make one unhappy, the best course is to deprive one of money. Loss of wealth leads to insecurity which in turn leads to worry leading to grief.

In olden times people used to travel on horseback but the same rule today can be construed as problems relating to vehicles. Misery is nothing but absence of happiness. There is a concept which says Darkness is also a form of light. Light at zero density is called darkness. So happiness at a very minimal level could be termed as Misery. When Venus passes through a house having the highest number of bindus, the following activities can be performed and if started excellent results will accrue. 1. One should acquire beds and other accessories relating to bedroom. 2. One should start learning music. 3. Performance of marriage should be undertaken. 4. Dress and other accessories could be bought. I wish to dwell in detail on the above rules. Generally we understand Astrology only as a fatalistic doctrine. If Rishis wanted it to be so, then wherefrom the branch called Muhurtha was conceived? Fate is nothing but operation of Prarabhda Karma. Freewill is nothing but operation of Kriyaman Karma. Freewill can always be applied to overcome or negate the effects of fate. In fact, Horoscope matching is nothing but employment of freewill to overcome fate. If both boy and the girl have Mars in the 7th house, the Manglik dosha is equal and if you get them married , they will lead a happy and prosperous life. So, Muhurtha is one key area we need to utilize more in order to create a happy life for everyone. Music is gandarva vidya- it comes under the purview of venus. Dress is an important area relatable to venus. When Eskimos wear a dress , they do so to protect themselves from cold. But you see ladies in a marriage auditorium on a hot summer day in silk saris so you can clearly understand that dress is not just for protection from cold, but an important sign of prestige. For women in general it is a key area of passion and therefore ruled by Venus. THE END

ASHTAKAVARGA SYSTEM OF PREDICTION Part -21 By Dr. E.S.NEELAKANTAN Introduction We have now looked at the preliminary features of Venus at an Ashtakavarga level. We will now dwell on the same in greater detail. The number of wives a person will have will correspond to the number of bindus that remain in the following houses after the appropriate reduction is made according to Ashtakavarga rules. _ House occupied by lord of 7th from Venus. - House occupied by lord of 9th from Moon. - House occupied by lord of 9th from lagna. - The exaltation house of 7th lord. - Debilitation House of 7th lord. After understanding this rule the budding astrologer should not jump to conclusions. There is one corollary to the rule. If the 7th lord is strong, choose the maximum figure out of the six results we are going to get .If the 7th lord is weak, choose the least figure. Let us say we get four. The budding astrologer is going to tell the client, You will have four wives. Here restraint is required . These rules were coined at a time when polygamy was order of the day. Kings used to have a harem, where all his spouses used to reside in perfect harmony . But times have changed. Lord Rama set up a personal example by marrying Sita and being devoted to her alone all through his life. We are now following Ramas example only. The need of the hour is to interpret astrology by using common sense rather than textbook knowledge. If Mercury occupies the 7th house, one cannot infer that the spouse will have a greenish appearance. One should say that the spouse under this condition will be a person with wide knowledge and speaking skills. That Mercury represents green colour would be immaterial in this context.

The order of the day is Monogamy and not polygamy . So the above rule cannot be applied verbatim ignoring the context. Please note that we are discussing this subject according to Indian conditions. Let us assume that the chart belongs to an American. The social norm in USA is quite different from that of India. So taking into consideration the persons age, background etc. one has to furnish a reply after taking the Ashtakavarga factors into account. When we look at Astrology as a profession , one key area of consultancy is horoscope matching. While matching two horoscopes what does the astrologer do and what is he supposed to do? Given a set of horoscopes, he selects those charts which will benefit the couple by way of a mutually beneficial martial relationship. It is said that the power of a horoscope can be enhanced by bringing it together with another horoscope by way of partnership, marriage or alliance. Take the case of Triphala in Ayurveda . Triphala is a drug prepared by mixing Amalaki, Haritaki, and Vibhitaki. (Amalaki is nothing but Indian Gooseberry). What Triphala does these three cannot do when consumed individually. Horoscope matching produces harmonious families. Please note that the greatest strong point of Indian Culture is Family relationship. Nowhere else in the world you can find family ties as you see in India. Credit for this should go to our astrologers. Ashtakavarga comes to our rescue when we start looking out for a suitable match for a boy. First construct the Ashtakavarga table of Venus in the boys chart. Also construct the Moons Ashtakavarga chart and the Samudaya Ashtakavarga chart. 1) Boys Moons Ashtakavarga Identify the house which has maximum number of bindus. (a) 2) Boys Samudaya Ashtakavarga Identify the house which has maximum number of bindus(b) 3) Boys Venus Ashtakavarga From Venus identify the 7th lord and find out houses which have at least one bindu contributed by that planet.(c) Now check where the Moon is placed in the girls chart. If that house happens to be ( a), (b) or (c) then it is very auspicious. Now this brings us to another concept called Rina raniya bhava . This means that there should be same Karmic link between a boy and a girl to become husband and wife. The Sai baba of Shirdi used to say

Unless willed by the Almighty, even a dog will not cross your path. I see a lot of Matrimonial advertisements containing various details such as height, weight, salary, preferences etc. It is very difficult to differentiate between a person furnishing the bio-data for a job and another one furnishing bio-data for marriage. If you dont like a job you can resign, join another company. In marriage, if the relationship breaks, it is very difficult to find an alternative . My personal opinion is that in marriage, astrology should be accorded top priority and all other factors considered secondary. Venus is the Karaka planet for marriage. So it is very important to have an unblemished Venus in both the charts to ensure happy married life. Another good combination to have would be Venus aspected by Jupiter. Please note that when malefics like Saturn or Mars get the aspect of Jupiter, their evil tendencies are curbed and they become beneficial. Venus indicates matters such as love, romance ,happiness in marriage, friendship and sensual pleasures. When Venus gets aspected by Jupiter , whatever negative features might be there in Venus, is annulled and it becomes auspicious. I would like the reader to take note of the fact that inter se, Venus and Jupiter are enemies. But that enmity will not alter the results indicated above. Mantreswara in Phaladeepika gives one rule which might militate against common sense but is supposed to be true. The rule is this : If Mars and Saturn conjoin in the 7th house for a person in Capricorn Ascendant, the wife of that person will be chaste, fortunate and beautiful(vide Phaladeepika , chapter 10 verse 3). This rule is really bemusing . Mars is a malefic and becomes even more malefic when in conjunction with Saturn . Further Mars is in debilitation . Saturn is an enemy of Moon and therefore Saturn in Cancer is badly placed. Mars in 7 can generate Kuja dosha. So , with such rampant negative features coupled with the fact that MarsSaturn combination is inauspicious in general,what is the justification for the auspicious results mentioned by the author? . We will discuss this in our next article on Ashtakavaga . The End.


We left the last session with a riddle: How can two inimical planets, Mars and Saturn, prove to be beneficial, when they are in 7th house for Capricorn Ascendant? We start this query and then proceed with our discussion on the role of Venus in Ashtakavarga. We know that Mars is debilitated in Cancer and exalted in Capricorn. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn. When the exaltation lord of a debilitated planet conjoins it in a quadrant, we have the neecha bhanga raja yoga. So the conjunction of Mars with Saturn in the 7th for Capricorn as Ascendant is a neecha bhanga raja yoga. This is perhaps why Mantreswara in Phaladeepika says that under this combination, a person will be blessed with a chaste and fortunate wife. If you go through all books on Astrology, this is perhaps the only rule which gives a beneficial interpretation to Mars Saturn combination. When the 7th house from Janma lagna (in the Ashtakavarga of Venus) has a bindu contributed by the Sun, while the asterism of wife falls in Krithika triad, then she will be dear to the husband as if she were his own soul. If the bindu be that of the Moon, while wifes star falls in Rohini triad, she will be very pleasing to his own mind. If the bindu were to be that of Mars, while wifes star falls either Mrigashirsha triad or the Ashwini triad, then she will be very helpful to husband while he is doing good deeds. If the bindu were to be that of Mercury, while the wifes star falls in Ashlesha triad, she will be agreeable to husbands commands. If the bindu were to be contributed by Jupiter while her birth star falls in Punarvasu triad, she will be blessed with virtuous children. If the bindu were that of Venus while the wifes star falls in Bharani triad, she will give conjugal happiness to husband. If the bindu were to be that of Saturn, while the birth asterism of wife falls in the Pushya triad, she will always be ready to serve the husband like a slave. The same holds good if the birth star of wife falls in Ardra triad.

The above set of rules should come in handy for an astrologer who is about to do horoscope matching. We are now living in a world, where it is very difficult to see harmony, whether it be in a family, or an organization or in a building, society. The reason is very simple, everybody wants to benefit, nobody wants to do anything worthwhile for other people. The biggest disease now spreading like an epidemic across the globe is selfishness. The noted Tamil dramatist and actor, Crazy Mohan once said that he began his life in a joint family meaning that he lived in a house where his parental relatives also used to stay. Such families where known as joint families. According to him a stage has come today where if the husband and wife manage to stay in same house, it can be termed as a joint family. Please note that the effects seen above vary with the nature of planets. A girl born in the Martian triad of stars will be active so under beneficial influences, she will be a hard worker and a partner in good deeds. If it were Saturn, she will be like a servant because Saturn denotes servile qualities. Mercury is the planet for communication. So if the wifes star is Mercury and if beneficial influences prevail, she will happily obey instructions given to her. Please note that in this particular scheme of things with reference to interpretation, all planets give only beneficial results. There is no such thing as malefic or benefic. There is an Ayurvedic dictum which states that every herb in this world is a remedy for some disease or the other. Every planet has something good to offer but the offering will be in tune with its innate qualities. The very first rule we discussed is with reference to Sun. Sun is Atmamkaraka. According to Adwaita philosophy, which is characterized by Sun, there is no I or You in this universe Everything is one. Everything is Brahman. So when Suns influence prevails, wife is looked upon as oneself, not as a different person. There is an example mentioned in Raghuvamsha by poet Kalidasa. A wise enemy came to be accepted (by King Dilipa) like medicine to a sick man, while a foolish friend used to be rejected like a finger bitten by a snake. In olden times, when a person is bitten by a snake, that part had to be removed surgically or else the poison will spread to the whole body, killing that person. So Kalidasas view is this; Medicine is alien to us but needs

acceptance for a disease; finger belongs to us, but faces rejection when capable of spreading poison. Likewise we should not give too much importance to the intrinsic quality of planets but rather focus on their functional role. Jupiter in the 6th can actually damage a horoscope, while Saturn in the 6th is positively beneficial. Please refer to my earlier article where I had discussed, Jupiter vs Saturn who is a benefic? for better insight into this aspect. When one of the bindus in the 7th house has been contributed by a planet who owns the spouses birth star, then the couple will love each other. For instance let us say in the husbands birth chart, the bindu has been contributed by Moon. Let us say the wifes birth star is Rohini, Hasta or Shravana. Then mutual love will prevail between the couple. This rule can be compared with the rule relating to Samasaptama. Let us say, in the husbands chart Moon is in Aries. In the wifes chart, assume Venus to be in Libra. Now Moon in wifes chart is in 7th from that of the husband. The converse is equally true. The Moon in husbands chart is in the 7th from that of the wife. What is the meaning or significance of this placement? They are equidistant from each other and if you were to superimpose the charts, the Moon in husbands chart will aspect the natal Moon of the wife and vice versa. Now compare and contrast this with Shashtashtaka or Moon in 6/8 axis. Moon is in wifes chart in Leo and in Capricorn in husbands chart. This is a case where the horoscopes should not be matched. This is because the Moon in natal charts does not have any relationship. This reflects a basic state of disharmony with reference to both the charts. The entire object of bringing two charts together is to enhance the synergistic value of the union. When the charts indicate disharmony, connubial happiness will be totally absent. Hence, Venus has to be studied carefully in Ashtakavarga and its indications could be utilized to ones advantage in horoscope matching. We will discuss more on this subject in our next article.


By Dr. E.S.NEELAKANTAN We now continue our cruise with our companion on the ship, namely Venus. One important thing which has to be mentioned here is that both Venus and Mercury move generally close to the Sun. In fact in one year, Mercury gets combusted for nearly 150 days. About 40 percent of people born in this world, will have Mercury in combustion . Similarly Venus is also prone to combustion since it follows the Suns movement very closely. But if you examine the movement of Venus on an annual basis , it cannot be said for sure that every year it becomes retrograde.Combustion of Venus is less frequent compared to that of Mercury. Both Moon and Venus gain prominence at night. The reason is not far to seek. Moon becomes prominent only if the sun has set. Otherwise its radiance gets obscured by sunlight. Venus is also a bright shining planet. It can also become prominent only after sunset or before sunrise. There is a Death-Rebirth myth sorrounding Venus which is explained in mythology and which has an astronomical significance too. Let us say Venus appears as evening star. This goes on for about 263 days. After this it gets conjunct the Sun. This phase when it is invisible lasts for about two weeks. Then begins another phase of 263 days when Venus appears as Morning Star. Then Venus gets conjunct Sun for about 7 weeks when it again becomes invisible. Once again Venus re-emerges as evening star. In other words Venus as evening star dies and is reborn as morning star and the converse is also true. It is said that what is found in Mahabharata may be found elsewhere. But what is not found in Mahabharanta may not be found anywhere The preceptor(of demons) in Hindu mythology who is considered as equal to Venus is Sukracharya preceptor of demons.We just now discussed the astronomical aspect of the Death-Rebirth theory now let us see the mythological aspect of this theory.

Devayani was the beautiful daughter of Shukracharya, preceptor of the demons.Shukracharya knew the secret of the Mritasanjivani hymn (that brings back to life a dead person). The demons were happy because their preceptor Shukracharya knew the secret of reviving the dead. The Devas also wanted to know the secret of this hymn.So they went to Kacha, the handsome son of Brihaspati, and asked him to learn the secret from Shukracharya. .Accordingly Kacha met Shukracharya and became his disciple . Kacha started living with the family of Shukracharya as per the tradition.Kacha developed a liking for Devayani ,daughter of Shukracharya and she was also drawn towards Kacha. As the years passed, The demons became suspicious of Kacha and killed him. To the great relief of Devayani,Kacha was brought back to life by Shukracharya.The love between Kacha and Devayani grew day by day. The demons were worried as they could guess that Kacha was there to learn the secret of Mritasanjivani hymn. One day Devayani asked Kacha to bring a particular flower that grew in deep forest.The demons followed Kacha and killed him once again.This time his body was ground into a paste and dissolved in water .Shukracharya once again saved Kacha by his secret knowledge.The demons were puzzled as each time they killed Kacha he was saved by Shukracharya.So next day when Kacha went out they slew him again but this time they burnt his body, took the ashes, mixed with wine and offered it to Shukracharya.,who being addicted to wine drank it. Shukracharya used his secret knowledge and called upon Kacha to come back to life .Kacha came back to life and spoke from inside the stomach of Shukracharya. Shukracharya could ask Kacha to come out but that would mean his own death. After long deliberation Shukracharya thought a way out.He knew now the real purpose of Kacha's visit.He told Kacha that there was only one way by which both of them can ensure Devayani's happiness.Shukracharya taught him the Mritasanjivani hymn .Kacha emerged from the dying body of Shukracharya and immediately brought his Guru back to life. But Shukracharya was sadly disappointed when he learnt that although Kacha deeply loved Devayani, he had to fulfil his duties towards the Devas. On the last day of his studies Kacha went to Shukracharya for his blessings.Devayani waited for Kacha to propose marriage.Devayani pleaded Kacha to take her as his wife. But Kacha replied, " I was born from your father's stomach.I am, therefore ,your brother.I can't marry you.".With the passage of

time Devayani completely forgot Kacha. She got married to Yayati later.With this story in mind we can correlate how this episode from Mahabharata is closely related to the movement of Venus.Since Astronomical Truths cannot be easily handed over to posterity our Rishis conveyed esoteric Truths through simple fables such as this one.

Now we will look at some of the Ashtakavarga rules pertaining to Venus. 1) When Venus associated with eight bindus is in a quadrant or in a trinal house one will be blessed with (powerful) vehicles. 2) In case Venus is present with seven bindus under similar conditions, one will be blessed with precious stones and wealth and will enjoy all comforts in life. What is the definition of a powerful vehicle? Probably, a vehicle which can carry more number of people. My view is that this may refer to horse-drawn vehicles because in the period in which these treatises were written, only such vehicles existed. Now we have two types of vehicles-luxury vehicles and utility vehicles. These luxury vehicles have certain snob value associated with it. Strictly speaking a vehicle is needed to carry you from one place to another. But in real life is it so? I wish to quote one real life incident here. A marriage was conducted in a city and there were several guests who came from various other cities and towns for participating in that function. One guest who had turned up phoned up a car hire agency to book a luxury car. He reached the auditorium where wedding was being held,in that car.What is the purpose if nobody saw him getting out of the luxury car? He asked the driver to go inside the auditorium and park the car just outside the entrance ,so that lots of other guests could actually see him getting out of that car. Please note that this incident is personally known to me and is not just a story being narrated to entertain people. In this particular incident the car was not just a vehicle for travel but a subtle indicator of personal status sought to be communicated by the guest to society.

Whenever Venus denotes vehicles ,it is luxury vehicles, for sure. Please note that venus is also a karaka of the 4th house , which denotes vehicles. The second rule we just saw is venus with seven bindus will bless a person with precious stones , wealth and comforts. I wish to clarify a few points here. 1) If you see consultations offered in gemology, you will noticed that diamond is supposed to be worn for venus. But here they are referring to not just diamonds-but all precious stones. Why and what could be the reason? The answer is simple: No precious stones has only utility value-all of them are worn only for ornamental reasons. Hence all precious stones are governed by venus,when viewed from this standpoint. 2) We know houses 2 and 11 represent wealth and Jupiter is the karaka planet for these two houses . Then, how come venus is projected as planet of wealth. I can suggest two reasons for this: (a) I just now discussed that in some cases even a car has only snob value. Likewise wealth beyond a particular limit has no utility other than projecting its owner as an Aristocrat. So when wealth by itself becomes ornamental in nature, it is governed by Venus. (b) For acquisition of luxuries, money is required. So when Venus denotes luxuries, how can the same be acquired without money? If I am destined to get agricultural income , I must have a land to cultivate crops and generate such income. So the basis for all luxuries is wealth and Venus ,well placed makes a person wealthy. (c) As discussed, Venus is the karaka of the 4th house and therefore venus with seven bindus gives rise to all comforts. I have just now received an email from a reader of EST requesting me to discuss charts to support the theory..Please note that I could not lay my hands on a chart where venus gets seven bindus and if the reader could locate one,it is possible to verify these rules in that chart.For the present I will discuss a chart where Venus gets six bindus,keeping in mind the request of the reader.

We will now discuss the chart of one of the greatest Bollywood heroines of yesteryears , Meena Kumari. Please note that in her chart Venus as lagna lord is in 9 with 6 bindus, which makes it sufficiently powerful. True to the nature of Venus , Meena Kumari became a house hold celebrity due to her performance in films . Her yogakaraka Saturn and 10th lord Moon are also well placed. Due to her frequent portrayal of sorrowful roles she is often cited by media and literary sources as The Tragedy Queen . Apart from being a top notch actress , Meena Kumari was also a talented poetess. During her movie career spanning thirty years , she starred in more than ninety films, many of which many have achieved cult as well as classic status. Before I sign off , let me take this opportunity to wish all readers of EST ,a very happy and prosperous New Year 2012. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Meena Kumari
1 August 1932 11:55:00 hrs. Bombay, India

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Meena Kumari
Birth Particulars
Sex Date of birth Day of birth Time of birth Ishtkaal Place of birth Country Latitude Longitude Time zone War/daylight Corr. GMT at birth LMT Corr. Local Mean Time Sidereal Time Sunsign (Western) Lagna Grand Father Father Mother Caste Gotra 1. Varna 2. Vashya 3. Nakshatra - Pada 4. Yoni 5. Rashish 6. Gana 7. Rashi 8. Nadi Varga Yunja Hansak (Tatwa) Naamakshar Paya (Rashi) Paya (Nakshatra) Tamil Year Tamil Month Tamil Weekday Tamil Date : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Brahmin Jalachara Punarvasu - 4 Marjara Moon Deva Cancer Adya Mesha Madya Jala Hee Copper Silver NA NA NA NA Female 1 August 1932 Monday 11:55:00 hrs 13:59:57 ghatis Bombay India 18N58'00 72E50'00 -05:30:00 hrs 00:00:00 hrs 06:25:00 hrs -00:38:40 hrs 11:16:20 hrs 07:54:56 hrs Leo Lib 04:08:29

Hindu Calendar
Chaitradi System Vikram Samvat Lunar Month Kartikadi System Vikram Samvat Lunar Month Saka Samvat Sun's Ayana/Gola Season Paksha Hindu Weekday Tithi at sunrise Tithi ending time Tithi at birth Nak. At sunrise Nak. ending time Nak. at birth : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 1989 Shravan 1988 Ashaadh 1854 Dakshinayan/Uttar Varsha Krishna Monday Krishna Chaturdashi 15:51:09 hrs 23:50:18 ghatis Krishna Chaturdashi Punarvasu 14:37:16 hrs 20:45:36 ghatis Punarvasu Vajra 15:49:27 hrs 23:46:4 ghatis Vajra Shakuni 15:51:09 23:50:18 ghatis Shakuni 06:19:01 hrs Can 15:37:41 19:10:29 hrs Can 16:08:58 Tue 06:19:20 hrs. 31 Jul 1932 14:00:37 1 Aug 1932 14:37:16 54:45:56 ghatis 6:45:38 ghatis Jupiter-Rahu-Jupiter Jupiter 1y 9m 1d -22:55:00 Lahiri
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Family Particulars

Avakhada Chakra

Yoga at sunrise : Yoga ending time : : Yoga at birth : Karana at sunrise : Karana ending time : : Karana at birth : Time Degree Sunset Time Degree Next - day Sunrise Moon Nak. entry Moon Nak. exit Bhayat Bhabhog Dasha at Birth Balance of Dasha Ayanamsha Sunrise : : : : : : : : : : : :

Tamil Calendar

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Meena Kumari

1 August 1932 Monday 11:55:00 hrs Bombay, India

Birth Chart

Ma 04:42 Ve 08:19 Mo 01:51 Su 15:51 Ju 04:56 Me 08:44 Ke 24:42 As 04:08

Ra 24:42

SaR 07:56



Ma Ve Ra SaR As Mo Su Ju Me Ke


Ra Ju

Me Mo


As Ma Ke Su
Pada RL NL SL SS 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 4 2 4 Ve Mo Mo Me Su Su Me Sa Sa Su Ma Sa Ju Ma Ke Ke Ra Su Ju Ve Ve Ju Ra Ve Ju Ma Ra Ve Me Me Sa Ve Ju Me Su Ju Su Ve Mo Su Status SB Neutr. Own Neutr. Grt.Fr. Grt.Fr. Grt.Fr. Own Own Neutr. 1.53 1.11 1.42 1.30 1.16 1.35 1.25

Planet Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu

R/C Sign Degree Lib 04:08:29 Can 15:51:05 Can 01:51:13 Gem 04:42:02 Leo 08:44:09 Leo 04:56:24 Gem 08:19:32 Cap 07:56:39 Aqu 24:42:30 Leo 24:42:30

Speed 00:57:26 13:07:00 00:40:16 00:12:21 00:12:41 00:23:13 -00:04:24 -00:06:13 -00:06:13

Nakshatra Chitra Pushya Punarvasu Mrigasira Magha Magha Ardra Uttarashadha Poorvabhadra Poorva Phalg.

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HP2 3

Meena Kumari

Moon Chart

Chandra, Navamsha and Bhava


Ma Ve Ra SaR As Mo Su Ju Me Ke


Ra Ju

Me Mo


As Ma Ke Su


Ma Ve Mo Su

SaR As

Ju Me Ke

Bhava Spashta - Sripati System

Bhava Number 1. First 2. Second 3. Third 4. Fourth 5. Fifth 6. Sixth 7. Seventh 8. Eight 9. Ninth 10. Tenth 11. Eleventh 12. Twelfth Bhava Arambha House beginning Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo 19:04:56 19:04:56 18:57:49 18:50:43 18:50:43 18:57:49 19:04:56 19:04:56 18:57:49 18:50:43 18:50:43 18:57:49 Bhava Madhya Middle of House Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir 04:08:29 04:01:23 03:54:16 03:47:10 03:54:16 04:01:23 04:08:29 04:01:23 03:54:16 03:47:10 03:54:16 04:01:23 Bhava Antya House ending Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir 19:04:56 18:57:49 18:50:43 18:50:43 18:57:49 19:04:56 19:04:56 18:57:49 18:50:43 18:50:43 18:57:49 19:04:56

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HP2 4

Meena Kumari

Sudarshan Chakra
Outer Circle : Surya Chart Middle Circle : Chandra Chart Inner Circle : Birth Chart

Sudarshan Chakra

Ju Me 5 Ke Ju Me Ke 5 6 6 9 8

Su 4 Su 4 As 7

Mo Ve Mo Ve 3 6 3 Ma 2 Ma

Ke 2 Me 5 Ju Su 4 Mo 3 Ve Ma 12 1

As 7 As 7 SaR 10

12 1 9 10 SaR 10 SaR 2

8 8



12 11 Ra 11 Ra

Sudarshan Chakra represents the comparative positions of the planets in the Sun Chart, the Moon Chart and the Birth Chart simultaneously, from outer to inner circle respectively. To study a house, consider the signs in all the three charts simultaneously.

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HP2 5

Meena Kumari

Ma Ve Ra SaR As Mo Su Ju Me Ke

Divisional Charts #1

Hora (wealth)

Mo SaR Ra Ke
Su As Ma Ju Ve Me

Dreshkana (happiness siblings)

Ke Ma Ve Mo SaR Su As Ra Ju Me

Chaturthamsha (destiny)
SaR Ke Ma Mo Su Me Ra As Ju Ve

Saptamsha (children)
Su Ma Ra Ve Mo Ke Me As SaR Ju

Navamsha (spouse)
SaR Ra Ju Me Mo


As Ma Ke Su

Dashamsha (great successes)

Mo Ke Ma Su Ve As SaR Ra Me Ju

Dwadashamsha (parents)
SaR Ke Mo Ma Su Me As Ra Ve Ju

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HP2 6

Meena Kumari

Shodashamsha (conveyances)
Ve Mo Ma SaR Su Me Ju Ra Ke As

Divisional Charts #2

Vimshamsha (spiritual progress)

Ju Su Ve Ma SaR Ra Ke Mo Me As

Chaturvimshamsha (knowledge)
Ra Ke Ve Me SaR As Ma Ju Su Mo

Saptavimshamsha (strength)
Su SaR Ma Ke Mo As Me Ra Ju Ve

Trimshamsha (misfortunes)
Su Ve Me As Ma Ju Mo Ra Ke

Kvedamsha (ausp. inausp. effects)

Ve Me Su SaR SaR Mo Ra Ke Ma Ju As

Akshavedamsha (all areas)

Ju Su SaR Mo Ma

Shashtiamsha (all areas)

Ma Ra Su Me SaR Ju As



Ra Ke Me

Ve Mo


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HP2 7

Meena Kumari

Sun Moon Mars Jupiter Moon Mars Sun Sun Mercury Moon Jupiter Ketu Rahu Mercury Ketu Rahu Mercury Jupiter Sun Sun Venus Moon Mars Rahu Moon Mercury Venus Venus Mercury Saturn Rahu Ketu Sun Moon

Planetary Friendship

Naisargik Maitri Chakra (Natural Relationship)

Friends Saturn Mercury Venus Rahu Sun Moon Mars Ketu Jupiter Rahu Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Ketu Mercury Ketu Mars Venus



Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu Mercury Mars Jupiter Venus Saturn

Venus Saturn

Mars Saturn Jupiter Ketu Saturn Rah Ket

Mars Jupiter

Sun Moon Saturn Rahu Jupiter Mercury

Tatkalik Maitri Chakra (Temporal Relationship)

Friends Sun Mars Mercury Jupiter Ven Ket Moon Saturn Rahu Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Ven Ket Sun Saturn Rahu Mars Sun Moon Mercury Jup Ket Venus Saturn Rahu Mercury Sun Moon Mars Venus Jupiter Saturn Rahu Ketu Jupiter Sun Moon Mars Venus Mercury Saturn Rahu Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mercury Jup Ket Mars Saturn Rahu Saturn Rahu Ketu Sun Moon Mars Venus Mercury Sun Sun Mon Mar Mon Mar Jupiter Mer Jup Mer Jup Saturn Ven Ket Ven Ket Rahu Rahu Saturn


Panchadha Maitri Chakra (Compound Relationship)

Fast Friends Sun Mars Jupiter Moon Mars Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Ketu Mercury Mars Jupiter Venus Moon Venus Ketu Sun Ketu Mercury Jupiter Sun Sun Venus Moon Mars Mars Venus Saturn Mercury Rahu Ketu Rahu Saturn Ketu Mars Venus




Mercury Moon




Venus Saturn

Jupiter Saturn Rahu Ketu

Saturn Rahu Ketu Mercury

Sun Moon Saturn Rahu Mars

Mercury Jupiter Venus Venus

Sun Moon


Mercury Mercury Jupiter

Bitter Enemies

Saturn Rahu



Sun Moon Mars Ketu

Sun Moon Mars Ketu

Saturn Rahu

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HP2 8

Meena Kumari

Shodashvarga Summary
Sun Can Leo Sco Cap Ari Sco Leo Cap Sag Aqu Can Pis Pis Can Pis Aqu Moon Own Own Own Own Enemy Own Enemy Own Frnd. Exalt. Grt.Fr. Enemy Exalt. Frnd. Grt.Fr. Enemy Moon 20 19 17 17 Moon Can Can Can Can Cap Can Pis Can Ari Tau Leo Aqu Tau Sag Gem Lib Mars Neutr. Neutr. Neutr. Grt.En. Debil. Own Debil. Debil. Enemy Own Own Enemy Moolt. Enemy Debil. Grt.Fr. Mars 15 15 16 15 Mars Gem Leo Gem Gem Can Sco Can Can Aqu Sco Sco Aqu Ari Lib Can Pis Mercury Leo Leo Leo Sco Lib Gem Lib Sco Sag Tau Aqu Sco Aqu Pis Vir Cap Jupiter Leo Leo Leo Leo Vir Tau Vir Vir Lib Pis Sco Leo Ari Lib Pis Tau Venus Gem Leo Gem Vir Can Sag Leo Vir Ari Cap Aqu Tau Aqu Pis Sag Lib

Shodashvarga Summary

Signs occupied by planets in Shodashvargas

Lagna Janma Lib Hora Leo Dreshkana Lib Chaturthamsha Lib Saptamsha Lib Navamsha Sco Dashamsha Sco Dwadashamsha Sco Shodashamsha Gem Vimshamsha Gem Chaturvimshamsha Sco Saptavimshamsha Cap Trimshamsha Ari Khavedamsha Vir Akshavedamsha Lib Shashtiamsha Gem Sun Janma Neutr. Hora Moolt. Dreshkana Neutr. Chaturthamsha Neutr. Saptamsha Exalt. Navamsha Neutr. Dashamsha Moolt. Dwadashamsha Neutr. Shodashamsha Grt.Fr. Vimshamsha Grt.En. Chaturvimshamsha Grt.Fr. Saptavimshamsha Neutr. Trimshamsha Grt.Fr. Khavedamsha Neutr. Akshavedamsha Neutr. Shashtiamsha Neutr. Saturn Cap Can Cap Ari Leo Pis Sco Ari Leo Vir Cap Aqu Vir Leo Pis Ari Rahu Aqu Can Lib Sco Can Tau Lib Sco Vir Ari Pis Leo Gem Sag Vir Pis Ketu Leo Can Ari Tau Cap Sco Ari Tau Vir Ari Pis Aqu Gem Sag Vir Vir Ketu Neutr. Neutr. Neutr. Debil. Neutr. Exalt. Neutr. Debil. Neutr. Neutr. Own Neutr. Neutr. Moolt. Neutr. Neutr. Ketu 14 13 11 11

Dignities of planets in Shodashvargas

Mercury Grt.Fr. Neutr. Grt.Fr. Enemy Grt.Fr. Own Grt.Fr. Enemy Frnd. Neutr. Frnd. Frnd. Enemy Debil. Exalt. Frnd. Mercury 18 16 14 14 Jupiter Grt.Fr. Neutr. Grt.Fr. Neutr. Neutr. Grt.En. Neutr. Neutr. Grt.En. Own Neutr. Neutr. Neutr. Grt.En. Own Grt.En. Jupiter 15 13 12 13 Venus Grt.Fr. Grt.En. Grt.Fr. Debil. Grt.En. Enemy Grt.En. Debil. Frnd. Neutr. Grt.Fr. Own Neutr. Exalt. Frnd. Own Venus 16 16 15 15 Saturn Own Grt.En. Own Debil. Grt.En. Frnd. Grt.En. Debil. Grt.En. Neutr. Own Moolt. Neutr. Neutr. Enemy Debil. Saturn 13 12 9 10 Rahu Own Neutr. Neutr. Debil. Neutr. Exalt. Neutr. Debil. Own Neutr. Neutr. Neutr. Neutr. Neutr. Own Neutr. Rahu 11 10 10 10

Vimshopaka Bala
Shadavarga Saptavarga Dashavarga Shodashavarga Sun 15 13 13 13

Dispositors in 6 divisions (Shad Varga)

Sun Ma (2) Mo (1) Su (1) Ju (1) Sa (1) Moon Mo (5) Ve (1) Mars Ma (2) Me (2) Su (1) Mo (1) Mercury Jupiter Su (3) Ma (1) Me (1) Sa (1) Su (3) Ma (1) Me (1) Ve (1) Venus Me (3) Su (1) Ju (1) Sa (1) Saturn Sa (2) Mo (1) Ma (1) Me (1) Ju (1) Rahu Ve (2) Mo (1) Ma (1) Me (1) Sa (1) Ketu Ma (2) Mo (1) Su (1) Me (1) Ve (1)
HP2 9

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Meena Kumari

Shad Bala
Sun Moon 40.38 168.75 30.00 60.00 0.00 299.13 0.64 4.31 4.67 0.00 0.00 0.00 45.00 0.00 2.76 0.00 56.74 4.67 51.42 -11.95 400.64 6.68 360 1.11 2.25 0.01 0.57 0.16 0.07 7 22.52 37.48 Mars Mercury 17.77 142.50 15.00 15.00 15.00 205.27 50.30 4.31 55.33 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 59.97 0.00 119.62 35.74 17.16 -2.71 425.38 7.09 300 1.42 2.14 1.68 1.79 0.89 3.00 2 26.75 33.25 47.91 138.75 30.00 30.00 0.00 246.66 41.53 60.00 55.33 0.00 0.00 30.00 0.00 0.00 44.25 0.00 189.58 54.92 25.74 -13.42 545.01 9.08 420 1.30 1.49 1.19 1.69 1.10 1.47 4 51.41 8.59 28.05 129.38 0.00 60.00 0.00 217.42 55.98 55.69 55.33 60.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 53.39 0.00 224.42 53.39 60.00 -14.46 596.74 9.95 390 1.53 1.32 1.60 2.00 1.07 1.78 1 37.56 22.44

Shad Bala and Bhava Bala

Jupiter 50.02 101.25 15.00 30.00 15.00 211.27 40.27 55.69 4.67 60.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 45.96 0.00 166.32 12.68 34.26 -12.52 452.27 7.54 390 1.16 1.28 1.15 1.48 0.25 1.53 6 31.35 28.65

Venus 36.22 105.00 0.00 15.00 0.00 156.22 8.49 55.69 4.67 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 60.00 59.99 0.00 180.35 57.89 42.84 -0.40 445.40 7.42 330 1.35 1.17 0.17 1.80 1.93 1.50 3 47.06 12.94

Saturn 34.02 76.88 0.00 60.00 0.00 170.89 31.27 4.31 55.33 0.00 15.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 55.75 0.00 130.40 57.06 8.58 -22.96 375.24 6.25 300 1.25 1.78 1.04 1.95 1.43 2.79 5 45.54 14.46

Ochcha Bala Sapta-vargaja Bala Ojhayugma bala Kendradi Bala Drekkana Bala 1. Sthana Bala 2. Dig-Bala Nata-Unnata Bala Paksha Bala Tri-Bhaga Bala Varsha Bala Maasa Bala Vaara Bala Hora Bala Ayana Bala Yuddha Bala 3. Kaala Bala 4. Chesta Bala 5. Naisargika Bala 6. Drig Bala Total Shadbala Shadbala in Rupas Minimum requirements % of required Sthana Bala % req. Dig-Bala % req Kaala Bala % req. Chesta Bala % req. Drig-Bala % req. Relative Rank Ishta Phala Kashta Phala

Bhava Bala
Rashi Degree From Lord Dig Bala Drishti Planets in Day-Night Bhava Bala Total I Lib 4 445 60 -31 0 15 489 II Sco 4 425 10 -13 0 15 437 III Sag 4 452 40 21 0 0 514 IV V Cap Aqu 4 4 375 0 0 -60 0 314 375 20 -15 0 15 395 VI Pis 4 452 40 -30 0 0 462 VII VIII IX Ari Tau Gem 4 4 4 425 30 7 0 0 463 445 40 4 0 0 489 545 20 -2 -60 15 517 X Can 4 400 30 -13 -60 0 358 XI Leo 4 596 50 -12 120 15 769 XII Vir 4 545 50 -19 0 15 591
HP2 10

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Meena Kumari

Aspects on Planets
Aspecting Planets

Aspects on Planets and Bhavas

Aspected Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu

Degree 105:51 91:51 64:42 128:44 124:56 68:19 277:56 324:42 144:42

Sun Moon Mars MercuryJupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu 105:51 91:51 64:42 128:44 124:56 68:19 277:56 324:42 144:42 4/4 (44) 3/4 (40) (4) (3) (1) 4/4 (56) 3/4 (33) (11) (5) 1/4 (21) 1/4 (15) 4/4 (56) 1/2 (19) 1/4 (45) (2) 4/4 (52) (6) 4/4 (50) (3) 1/4 (15) 1/4 (13) 3/4 (45) 1/2 (21) 1/4 (31) 4/4 (56) 4/4 (47) (3) 3/4 (44) 3/4 (46) (33) 3/4 (36) (38) (52) 4/4 (49) 4/4 (28) 4/4 (20) 4/4 (51) 4/4 (60) (10) (8) (46) 4/4 (60) -

Aspects on Bhavas
Aspecting Planets Aspected Bhava First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth Eleventh Twelfth Degree 180:00 210:00 240:00 270:00 300:00 330:00 360:00 30:00 60:00 90:00 120:00 150:00 Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu 105:51 91:51 64:42 128:44 124:56 68:19 277:56 324:42 144:42 33 35 11 36 50 35 20 5 9 43 27 4 58 43 28 13 1 17 30 58 60 30 15 14 59 12 40 32 4 50 47 32 17 2 14 44 59 30 58 45 59 30 32 4 51 47 32 17 2 12 40 56 7 52 46 31 3 52 46 31 49 50 10 4 24 49 50 18 55 4 24 49 50 18 55 49 50 10 -

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HP2 11

Meena Kumari

Graha Avasthas - Planets and their Moods

Baladi Avastha (set of 5) Yuvavastha (Adulthood) Mrita (State of death) Balavastha (Childhood) Kumaravastha (Adolescence) Balavastha (Childhood) Kumaravastha (Adolescence) Vridhha (Old age) Mrita (State of death) Mrita (State of death) Lajjit Mudit Mudit Lajjitadi Avastha (set of 6) Trushit Trushit Kshobit Mudit Mudit Deeptadi Avastha (set of 9) Deena (Deficient) Swastha (Stable) Deena (Deficient) Mudita (Delighted) Mudita (Delighted) Mudita (Delighted) Swastha (Stable) Swastha (Stable) Deena (Deficient)

Planetary Avasthas


Jagradadi Avastha (set of 3) Swapna (Dreamful) Jagrad (Wakefulness) Sushupti (State of sleep) Swapna (Dreamful) Swapna (Dreamful) Swapna (Dreamful) Jagrad (Wakefulness) Jagrad (Wakefulness) Sushupti (State of sleep)

Shyanadi Avastha (set of 12) Agama (Arriving) Gamana (Departing) Nidra (Sleep) Prakashana (Luminous) Agama (Arriving) Prakashana (Luminous) Shayana (Recumbent) Agama (Arriving) Prakashana (Luminous)

Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu

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HP2 12

Meena Kumari


Ashtakavarga - Bhinnashtaka #1

Ashtakavarga System - Bhinnashtakavarga

Sun Sun Sign Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Totals

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 5 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 4 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 6 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 6 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 3 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 6 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 4 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 3 8 4 8 8 3 7 4 6 48

3 3 6 6

3 5 3


Moon Moon Sign Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Totals 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 4 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 5 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 3 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 3 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 5 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 5 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 6 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 4 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 5 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 4 7 7 6 7 8 6 4 49

6 5 2 5

3 4 5


Mars Mars Sign Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Totals Mercury Sign Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Totals 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 3 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 4 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 3 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 4 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 4 7 4 7 5 4 4 3 5 39

2 0 5 5

3 4 2

Mercury 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 5 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 5 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 4 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 6 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 4 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 4 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 5 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 4 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 5 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 6 8 4 8 5 8 8 6 7 54


4 4 6 4

5 6 5

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HP2 13

Meena Kumari


Ashtakavarga - Bhinnashtaka #2

Ashtakavarga System - Bhinnashtakavarga

Jupiter Jupiter Sign Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Totals

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 5 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 4 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 4 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 5 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 3 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 5 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 7 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 5 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 5 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 5 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 4 4 8 7 9 6 8 5 9 56

7 4 5 3

5 4 5


Venus Venus Sign Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Totals 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 6 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 5 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 3 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 6 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 4 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 3 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 5 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 4 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 5 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 6 7 5 6 3 9 5 9 8 52

4 5 3 3

6 2 5


Saturn Saturn Sign Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Totals Lagna Sign Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon Lagna Totals 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 4 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 4 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 6 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 4 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 3 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 3 4 4 6 7 3 6 3 6 39

4 1 4 3

3 4 3


Lagna 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 3 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 4 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 4 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 4 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 5 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 7 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 5 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 5 6 9 5 6 7 7 5 4 49

4 2 4 4

7 2 5

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HP2 14

Meena Kumari

2 4 4 5 4 4 5 6 6 3 7 3 3 3 5 5 6 3 4 2 5 4 4 6 4 2 4 5 5 3 5 2 5 5 5 3 6 5 4 3 4 3 4 3 1 7 3 3 3 3 5 4 6 3 8 4 2 4 3 3 5 4 3 9 4 6 5 5 4 3 3 3 10 4 6 2 5 6 5 3 4 11 2 3 5 0 4 4 5 1 12 4 3 6 2 4 7 4 4 49 48 49 39 54 56 52 39

Sarvashtaka & Chancha Chakra

Sign Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Totals

1 5 6 4 4 5 5 5 4

Samudaya Ashtakavarga 30 22 31 29 24 27 33 34 28 29 28 22

33 34 28 29 28 22 27 24 29 31 22 30 337

Sarva Chancha Chakra

Ma Ju Sa Me Ve Su Ma Ju As Mo Sa As Mo Me

Su Ve Me Mo As Sa Ju Ma Su Ve Me Mo As Sa Ju Ma Su Ve Me Mo As Sa Ju Ma Su Ve Me Mo As Sa Ju Ma Su Ve

Ve Su Ma Ju Sa As Mo Me Ve

42 33 5 34 24

3645333 1 34 27 3 22 4 34 As

Su Ma Ju Sa As Mo Me Ve Su Ma Ju Sa As Mo Me Ve Su Ma Ju Sa As Mo Me Ve Su

6 3 5 5 5 5 Lib 429 5 Ke Vir Sco 28 3 2 3 5 Me 3 1 3 2 12 Leo Sag Ju 6 4 3 11 2 2 Su 5 4 6 31 Sa Cap 4 10 Can 29 6 5 4 Mo 3 4 5 9 4 5 Aqu Gem 6 7 8 Ve 3 3 Ra 5 6 5 0 22 Ma Pis Tau 28 4 5 Ari 4 3 5 3 1 3 36 30 6 6 34 24 5 74 44 4 6 4 33 5 4 4 5 455





Ju Ma Su Ve Me Mo As




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HP2 15

Meena Kumari
Before Reduction

Trikona Reduction
3 5 3 2 3 4 1 0 2 3 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 0 3 6 4

Ashtakavarga - Reductions
Ekadhipatya Reduction
1 0 2 1 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 0

Rashi Pinda Graha Pinda Sodhya Pinda 64 40 104

3 6 6

Rashi Pinda Graha Pinda Sodhya Pinda 89 15 104

6 5 2 5

3 4 5

2 2 0 1

0 0 1

1 2 0 1

0 0 1

Rashi Pinda Graha Pinda Sodhya Pinda 100 70 170

2 0 5 5

3 4 2

0 0 1 3

3 2 0

0 0 1 3

3 2 0

Rashi Pinda Graha Pinda Sodhya Pinda 71 75 146

4 4 6 4

5 6 5

1 0 3 0

1 3 1

1 0 3 0

1 3 1

Rashi Pinda Graha Pinda Sodhya Pinda 94 50 144

7 4 5 3

5 4 5

3 0 1 0

1 0 2

3 0 1 0

1 0 2

Rashi Pinda Graha Pinda Sodhya Pinda 79 45 124

4 5 3 3

6 2 5

2 0 0 0

1 0 2

2 0 0 0

1 0 2

Rashi Pinda Graha Pinda Sodhya Pinda 98 55 153

4 1 4 3

3 4 3

1 0 3 0

2 1 0

1 0 3 0

2 1 0

Rashi Pinda Graha Pinda Sodhya Pinda 96 90 186

4 2 4 4

7 2 5

2 0 0 0

5 0 1

2 0 0 0

5 0 1

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HP2 16

Meena Kumari

Dasha balance at birth Dasha at the time of birth : Jupiter 1y 9m 1d : Ju-Ra-Ju-Ma-Me

Vimshottari MD and AD

Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardashas

Jupiter (16y)
From 0 yrs. to 1y9m Antar Beginning Ending

Saturn (19y)
From 1y9m to 20y5m Antar Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Beginning Ending

Mercury (17y)
From 20y5m to 37y2m Antar Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Beginning Ending

Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu 01-08-1932 02-05-1934

02-05-1934 19-04-1937 19-04-1937 14-12-1939 14-12-1939 16-01-1941 16-01-1941 01-03-1944 01-03-1944 06-02-1945 06-02-1945 30-08-1946 30-08-1946 03-10-1947 03-10-1947 25-07-1950 25-07-1950 22-01-1953

22-01-1953 08-06-1955 08-06-1955 30-05-1956 30-05-1956 16-03-1959 16-03-1959 16-01-1960 16-01-1960 09-06-1961 09-06-1961 01-06-1962 01-06-1962 05-12-1964 05-12-1964 01-03-1967 01-03-1967 25-10-1969

Ketu (7y)
From 37y2m to 44y1m Antar Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Beginning Ending

Venus (20y)
From 44y1m to 63y10m Antar Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Beginning Ending

Sun (6y)
From 63y10m to 69y9m Antar Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Beginning Ending

25-10-1969 21-03-1970 21-03-1970 15-05-1971 15-05-1971 18-09-1971 18-09-1971 15-04-1972 15-04-1972 09-09-1972 09-09-1972 22-09-1973 22-09-1973 24-08-1974 24-08-1974 27-09-1975 27-09-1975 18-09-1976

18-09-1976 01-01-1980 01-01-1980 26-12-1980 26-12-1980 18-08-1982 18-08-1982 12-10-1983 12-10-1983 26-09-1986 26-09-1986 13-05-1989 13-05-1989 26-06-1992 26-06-1992 12-04-1995 12-04-1995 05-06-1996

05-06-1996 21-09-1996 21-09-1996 20-03-1997 20-03-1997 24-07-1997 24-07-1997 13-06-1998 13-06-1998 28-03-1999 28-03-1999 04-03-2000 04-03-2000 04-01-2001 04-01-2001 10-05-2001 10-05-2001 05-05-2002

Moon (10y)
From 69y9m to 79y7m Antar Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Beginning Ending

Mars (7y)
From 79y7m to 86y6m Antar Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Beginning Ending

Rahu (18y)
From 86y6m to Antar Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars 104y3m Ending Beginning

05-05-2002 01-03-2003 01-03-2003 27-09-2003 27-09-2003 20-03-2005 20-03-2005 13-07-2006 13-07-2006 03-02-2008 03-02-2008 27-06-2009 27-06-2009 23-01-2010 23-01-2010 15-09-2011 15-09-2011 13-03-2012

13-03-2012 07-08-2012 07-08-2012 20-08-2013 20-08-2013 22-07-2014 22-07-2014 25-08-2015 25-08-2015 16-08-2016 16-08-2016 10-01-2017 10-01-2017 06-03-2018 06-03-2018 10-07-2018 10-07-2018 05-02-2019

05-02-2019 04-10-2021 04-10-2021 15-02-2024 15-02-2024 07-12-2026 07-12-2026 12-06-2029 12-06-2029 25-06-2030 25-06-2030 09-06-2033 09-06-2033 29-04-2034 29-04-2034 21-10-2035 21-10-2035 02-11-2036
HP2 17

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Meena Kumari

Begin 02-05-1934 End 19-04-1937 Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup 02-05-1934 21-10-1934 23-03-1935 25-05-1935 22-11-1935 15-01-1936 14-04-1936 16-06-1936 26-11-1936

Vimshottari (Short) AD and PD #1

Vimshottari Antardasha and Pratyantardashas

*The dates are given for dasha beginning dates.

Begin 01-08-1932 End 02-05-1934 Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar 01-08-1932 21-08-1932 05-01-1933 07-05-1933 27-06-1933 18-11-1933 31-12-1933 13-03-1934

Begin 19-04-1937 End 14-12-1939 Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat 19-04-1937 04-09-1937 30-10-1937 10-04-1938 28-05-1938 17-08-1938 12-10-1938 07-03-1939 14-07-1939

Begin 14-12-1939 End 16-01-1941 Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer 14-12-1939 07-01-1940 13-03-1940 02-04-1940 05-05-1940 29-05-1940 27-07-1940 19-09-1940 21-11-1940

Begin 16-01-1941 End 01-03-1944 Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket 16-01-1941 25-07-1941 20-09-1941 24-12-1941 01-03-1942 19-08-1942 18-01-1943 17-07-1943 26-12-1943

Begin 01-03-1944 End 06-02-1945 Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven 01-03-1944 18-03-1944 16-04-1944 06-05-1944 26-06-1944 11-08-1944 04-10-1944 21-11-1944 11-12-1944

Begin 06-02-1945 End 30-08-1946 Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun 06-02-1945 26-03-1945 28-04-1945 23-07-1945 07-10-1945 05-01-1946 27-03-1946 29-04-1946 02-08-1946

Begin 30-08-1946 End 03-10-1947 Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon 30-08-1946 23-09-1946 21-11-1946 14-01-1947 18-03-1947 13-05-1947 06-06-1947 11-08-1947 31-08-1947

Begin 03-10-1947 End 25-07-1950 Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar 03-10-1947 05-03-1948 20-07-1948 29-12-1948 24-05-1949 23-07-1949 10-01-1950 02-03-1950 26-05-1950

Begin 25-07-1950 End 22-01-1953 Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah 25-07-1950 24-11-1950 17-04-1951 24-08-1951 17-10-1951 17-03-1952 01-05-1952 16-07-1952 07-09-1952

Begin 22-01-1953 End 08-06-1955 Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat 22-01-1953 25-05-1953 15-07-1953 06-12-1953 19-01-1954 01-04-1954 21-05-1954 28-09-1954 22-01-1955

Begin 08-06-1955 End 30-05-1956 Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer 08-06-1955 29-06-1955 28-08-1955 14-09-1955 14-10-1955 04-11-1955 28-12-1955 13-02-1956 10-04-1956

Begin 30-05-1956 End 16-03-1959 Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket 30-05-1956 16-11-1956 06-01-1957 01-04-1957 31-05-1957 31-10-1957 16-03-1958 24-08-1958 16-01-1959

Begin 16-03-1959 End 16-01-1960 Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven 16-03-1959 01-04-1959 26-04-1959 14-05-1959 29-06-1959 09-08-1959 26-09-1959 08-11-1959 26-11-1959

Begin 16-01-1960 End 09-06-1961 Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun 16-01-1960 28-02-1960 29-03-1960 13-06-1960 20-08-1960 09-11-1960 20-01-1961 19-02-1961 15-05-1961

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HP2 18

Meena Kumari

Begin 01-06-1962 End 05-12-1964 Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar 01-06-1962 17-10-1962 16-02-1963 12-07-1963 19-11-1963 11-01-1964 12-06-1964 28-07-1964 13-10-1964

Vimshottari (Short) AD and PD #2

Vimshottari Antardasha and Pratyantardashas

*The dates are given for dasha beginning dates.

Begin 09-06-1961 End 01-06-1962 Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon 09-06-1961 30-06-1961 23-08-1961 09-10-1961 05-12-1961 24-01-1962 14-02-1962 15-04-1962 03-05-1962

Begin 05-12-1964 End 01-03-1967 Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah 05-12-1964 24-03-1965 31-07-1965 24-11-1965 10-01-1966 26-05-1966 06-07-1966 12-09-1966 30-10-1966

Begin 01-03-1967 End 25-10-1969 Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup 01-03-1967 02-08-1967 17-12-1967 11-02-1968 22-07-1968 08-09-1968 28-11-1968 24-01-1969 18-06-1969

Begin 25-10-1969 End 21-03-1970 Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer 25-10-1969 03-11-1969 27-11-1969 05-12-1969 17-12-1969 26-12-1969 17-01-1970 05-02-1970 28-02-1970

Begin 21-03-1970 End 15-05-1971 Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket 21-03-1970 30-05-1970 20-06-1970 25-07-1970 19-08-1970 21-10-1970 16-12-1970 20-02-1971 21-04-1971

Begin 15-05-1971 End 18-09-1971 Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven 15-05-1971 22-05-1971 01-06-1971 08-06-1971 27-06-1971 14-07-1971 03-08-1971 21-08-1971 28-08-1971

Begin 18-09-1971 End 15-04-1972 Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun 18-09-1971 06-10-1971 18-10-1971 19-11-1971 17-12-1971 19-01-1972 18-02-1972 01-03-1972 05-04-1972

Begin 15-04-1972 End 09-09-1972 Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon 15-04-1972 24-04-1972 16-05-1972 04-06-1972 28-06-1972 19-07-1972 27-07-1972 21-08-1972 28-08-1972

Begin 09-09-1972 End 22-09-1973 Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar 09-09-1972 05-11-1972 25-12-1972 23-02-1973 18-04-1973 10-05-1973 12-07-1973 31-07-1973 31-08-1973

Begin 22-09-1973 End 24-08-1974 Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah 22-09-1973 06-11-1973 29-12-1973 15-02-1974 06-03-1974 01-05-1974 18-05-1974 15-06-1974 05-07-1974

Begin 24-08-1974 End 27-09-1975 Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup 24-08-1974 26-10-1974 22-12-1974 14-01-1975 22-03-1975 11-04-1975 14-05-1975 06-06-1975 05-08-1975

Begin 27-09-1975 End 18-09-1976 Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat 27-09-1975 17-11-1975 08-12-1975 05-02-1976 23-02-1976 24-03-1976 14-04-1976 06-06-1976 24-07-1976

Begin 18-09-1976 End 01-01-1980 Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket 18-09-1976 06-04-1977 05-06-1977 13-09-1977 22-11-1977 21-05-1978 28-10-1978 06-05-1979 23-10-1979

Begin 01-01-1980 End 26-12-1980 Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven 01-01-1980 19-01-1980 18-02-1980 10-03-1980 03-05-1980 20-06-1980 16-08-1980 06-10-1980 27-10-1980

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HP2 19

Meena Kumari

Begin 18-08-1982 End 12-10-1983 Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon 18-08-1982 12-09-1982 14-11-1982 09-01-1983 16-03-1983 15-05-1983 08-06-1983 17-08-1983 07-09-1983

Vimshottari (Short) AD and PD #3

Vimshottari Antardasha and Pratyantardashas

*The dates are given for dasha beginning dates.

Begin 26-12-1980 End 18-08-1982 Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun 26-12-1980 14-02-1981 21-03-1981 19-06-1981 07-09-1981 11-12-1981 06-03-1982 10-04-1982 19-07-1982

Begin 12-10-1983 End 26-09-1986 Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar 12-10-1983 22-03-1984 13-08-1984 31-01-1985 03-07-1985 04-09-1985 03-03-1986 26-04-1986 25-07-1986

Begin 26-09-1986 End 13-05-1989 Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah 26-09-1986 01-02-1987 03-07-1987 16-11-1987 11-01-1988 19-06-1988 06-08-1988 25-10-1988 20-12-1988

Begin 13-05-1989 End 26-06-1992 Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup 13-05-1989 10-11-1989 20-04-1990 26-06-1990 02-01-1991 28-02-1991 03-06-1991 08-08-1991 26-01-1992

Begin 26-06-1992 End 12-04-1995 Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat 26-06-1992 18-11-1992 16-01-1993 05-07-1993 25-08-1993 18-11-1993 17-01-1994 19-06-1994 02-11-1994

Begin 12-04-1995 End 05-06-1996 Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer 12-04-1995 07-05-1995 16-07-1995 06-08-1995 10-09-1995 04-10-1995 06-12-1995 31-01-1996 07-04-1996

Begin 05-06-1996 End 21-09-1996 Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven 05-06-1996 11-06-1996 20-06-1996 26-06-1996 12-07-1996 27-07-1996 13-08-1996 28-08-1996 03-09-1996

Begin 21-09-1996 End 20-03-1997 Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun 21-09-1996 06-10-1996 17-10-1996 13-11-1996 07-12-1996 04-01-1997 30-01-1997 09-02-1997 11-03-1997

Begin 20-03-1997 End 24-07-1997 Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon 20-03-1997 28-03-1997 16-04-1997 02-05-1997 22-05-1997 09-06-1997 16-06-1997 07-07-1997 14-07-1997

Begin 24-07-1997 End 13-06-1998 Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar 24-07-1997 11-09-1997 24-10-1997 14-12-1997 29-01-1998 17-02-1998 12-04-1998 28-04-1998 25-05-1998

Begin 13-06-1998 End 28-03-1999 Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah 13-06-1998 22-07-1998 05-09-1998 16-10-1998 02-11-1998 20-12-1998 03-01-1999 27-01-1999 13-02-1999

Begin 28-03-1999 End 04-03-2000 Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup 28-03-1999 21-05-1999 09-07-1999 29-07-1999 24-09-1999 11-10-1999 08-11-1999 28-11-1999 19-01-2000

Begin 04-03-2000 End 04-01-2001 Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat 04-03-2000 17-04-2000 04-05-2000 24-06-2000 10-07-2000 04-08-2000 22-08-2000 07-10-2000 17-11-2000

Begin 04-01-2001 End 10-05-2001 Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer 04-01-2001 12-01-2001 02-02-2001 08-02-2001 18-02-2001 26-02-2001 17-03-2001 02-04-2001 22-04-2001

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HP2 20

Meena Kumari

Begin 05-05-2002 End 01-03-2003 Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun 05-05-2002 30-05-2002 17-06-2002 01-08-2002 10-09-2002 27-10-2002 09-12-2002 26-12-2002 14-02-2003

Vimshottari (Short) AD and PD #4

Vimshottari Antardasha and Pratyantardashas

*The dates are given for dasha beginning dates.

Begin 10-05-2001 End 05-05-2002 Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket 10-05-2001 09-07-2001 27-07-2001 26-08-2001 16-09-2001 09-11-2001 27-12-2001 22-02-2002 14-04-2002

Begin 01-03-2003 End 27-09-2003 Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon 01-03-2003 14-03-2003 14-04-2003 12-05-2003 14-06-2003 14-07-2003 26-07-2003 30-08-2003 10-09-2003

Begin 27-09-2003 End 20-03-2005 Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar 27-09-2003 17-12-2003 27-02-2004 23-05-2004 07-08-2004 08-09-2004 07-12-2004 03-01-2005 17-02-2005

Begin 20-03-2005 End 13-07-2006 Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah 20-03-2005 23-05-2005 07-08-2005 14-10-2005 11-11-2005 30-01-2006 23-02-2006 04-04-2006 02-05-2006

Begin 13-07-2006 End 03-02-2008 Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup 13-07-2006 12-10-2006 31-12-2006 03-02-2007 09-05-2007 06-06-2007 24-07-2007 26-08-2007 19-11-2007

Begin 03-02-2008 End 27-06-2009 Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat 03-02-2008 16-04-2008 15-05-2008 08-08-2008 03-09-2008 15-10-2008 14-11-2008 30-01-2009 08-04-2009

Begin 27-06-2009 End 23-01-2010 Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer 27-06-2009 10-07-2009 14-08-2009 24-08-2009 11-09-2009 23-09-2009 24-10-2009 21-11-2009 25-12-2009

Begin 23-01-2010 End 15-09-2011 Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket 23-01-2010 03-05-2010 02-06-2010 22-07-2010 26-08-2010 24-11-2010 12-02-2011 18-05-2011 11-08-2011

Begin 15-09-2011 End 13-03-2012 Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven 15-09-2011 24-09-2011 09-10-2011 20-10-2011 16-11-2011 10-12-2011 07-01-2012 02-02-2012 12-02-2012

Begin 13-03-2012 End 07-08-2012 Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon 13-03-2012 22-03-2012 13-04-2012 02-05-2012 26-05-2012 16-06-2012 24-06-2012 19-07-2012 26-07-2012

Begin 07-08-2012 End 20-08-2013 Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar 07-08-2012 03-10-2012 22-11-2012 21-01-2013 16-03-2013 07-04-2013 09-06-2013 28-06-2013 29-07-2013

Begin 20-08-2013 End 22-07-2014 Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah 20-08-2013 04-10-2013 26-11-2013 13-01-2014 01-02-2014 29-03-2014 15-04-2014 13-05-2014 02-06-2014

Begin 22-07-2014 End 25-08-2015 Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup 22-07-2014 23-09-2014 19-11-2014 12-12-2014 17-02-2015 09-03-2015 11-04-2015 04-05-2015 03-07-2015

Begin 25-08-2015 End 16-08-2016 Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat 25-08-2015 15-10-2015 05-11-2015 03-01-2016 21-01-2016 20-02-2016 12-03-2016 04-05-2016 21-06-2016

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HP2 21

Meena Kumari

Begin 10-01-2017 End 06-03-2018 Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket 10-01-2017 21-03-2017 11-04-2017 16-05-2017 10-06-2017 12-08-2017 07-10-2017 12-12-2017 10-02-2018

Vimshottari (Short) AD and PD #5

Vimshottari Antardasha and Pratyantardashas

*The dates are given for dasha beginning dates.

Begin 16-08-2016 End 10-01-2017 Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer 16-08-2016 25-08-2016 18-09-2016 26-09-2016 08-10-2016 17-10-2016 08-11-2016 27-11-2016 20-12-2016

Begin 06-03-2018 End 10-07-2018 Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven 06-03-2018 13-03-2018 23-03-2018 30-03-2018 18-04-2018 05-05-2018 25-05-2018 12-06-2018 19-06-2018

Begin 10-07-2018 End 05-02-2019 Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun 10-07-2018 28-07-2018 09-08-2018 10-09-2018 08-10-2018 10-11-2018 10-12-2018 22-12-2018 26-01-2019

Begin 05-02-2019 End 04-10-2021 Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar 05-02-2019 01-07-2019 08-11-2019 10-04-2020 25-08-2020 21-10-2020 01-04-2021 20-05-2021 09-08-2021

Begin 04-10-2021 End 15-02-2024 Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah 04-10-2021 27-01-2022 13-06-2022 14-10-2022 03-12-2022 26-04-2023 08-06-2023 19-08-2023 09-10-2023

Begin 15-02-2024 End 07-12-2026 Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup 15-02-2024 27-07-2024 19-12-2024 17-02-2025 07-08-2025 27-09-2025 22-12-2025 20-02-2026 23-07-2026

Begin 07-12-2026 End 12-06-2029 Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat 07-12-2026 16-04-2027 09-06-2027 09-11-2027 25-12-2027 10-03-2028 03-05-2028 18-09-2028 18-01-2029

Begin 12-06-2029 End 25-06-2030 Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer 12-06-2029 04-07-2029 05-09-2029 24-09-2029 26-10-2029 17-11-2029 12-01-2030 04-03-2030 03-05-2030

Begin 25-06-2030 End 09-06-2033 Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket 25-06-2030 22-12-2030 14-02-2031 15-05-2031 17-07-2031 26-12-2031 18-05-2032 05-11-2032 07-04-2033

Begin 09-06-2033 End 29-04-2034 Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven 09-06-2033 25-06-2033 22-07-2033 10-08-2033 28-09-2033 10-11-2033 31-12-2033 15-02-2034 06-03-2034

Begin 29-04-2034 End 21-10-2035 Mon Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun 29-04-2034 13-06-2034 15-07-2034 04-10-2034 15-12-2034 10-03-2035 26-05-2035 26-06-2035 24-09-2035

Begin 21-10-2035 End 02-11-2036 Mar Rah Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon 21-10-2035 12-11-2035 08-01-2036 27-02-2036 27-04-2036 20-06-2036 12-07-2036 13-09-2036 02-10-2036

Begin 02-11-2036 End 10-12-2038 Jup Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah 02-11-2036 13-02-2037 14-06-2037 01-10-2037 15-11-2037 23-03-2038 30-04-2038 03-07-2038 17-08-2038

Begin 10-12-2038 End 09-06-2041 Sat Mer Ket Ven Sun Mon Mar Rah Jup 10-12-2038 04-05-2039 10-09-2039 02-11-2039 02-04-2040 18-05-2040 02-08-2040 24-09-2040 08-02-2041

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HP2 22

Meena Kumari

Yogini (Short) MD and AD #1

Yogini Mahadasha and Antardashas

Dasha balance at birth : Pingala 2y 2m 19d
The dates are given for dasha beginning dates. *Running age is given for dasha beginning dates.

Pingala (2y)
Beginning Ending Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Sun Jup Mar Mer Sat Ven Rah Mon

0 yrs.*

Dhanya (3y)
Beginning Ending Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Jup Mar Mer Sat Ven Rah Mon Sun

0y2m 20-10-1932 05-10-1935 20-10-1932 18-01-1933 18-05-1933 15-10-1933 13-04-1934 09-11-1934 07-07-1935 06-08-1935

Bhramari (4y)
Beginning Ending Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Dhanya Mar Mer Sat Ven Rah Mon Sun Jup

3y2m 05-10-1935 14-09-1939 05-10-1935 13-03-1936 29-09-1936 27-05-1937 03-03-1938 17-01-1939 26-02-1939 17-05-1939


01-08-1932 30-09-1932

Bhadrika (5y)
Beginning Ending Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Mer Sat Ven Rah Mon Sun Jup Mar

7y1m 14-09-1939 18-08-1944 14-09-1939 21-05-1940 17-03-1941 02-03-1942 06-04-1943 26-05-1943 03-09-1943 31-01-1944

Ulka (6y)
Beginning Ending Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Sat Ven Rah Mon Sun Jup Mar Mer

12y0m 18-08-1944 18-07-1950 18-08-1944 13-08-1945 07-10-1946 30-01-1948 30-03-1948 28-07-1948 24-01-1949 21-09-1949

Siddha (7y)
Beginning Ending Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Ven Rah Mon Sun Jup Mar Mer Sat

17y11m 18-07-1950 11-06-1957 18-07-1950 20-11-1951 02-06-1953 11-08-1953 29-12-1953 27-07-1954 03-05-1955 17-04-1956

Sankata (8y)
Beginning Ending Sankata Mangala Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Rah Mon Sun Jup Mar Mer Sat Ven

24y10m 11-06-1957 30-04-1965 11-06-1957 13-03-1959 01-06-1959 08-11-1959 05-07-1960 21-05-1961 25-06-1962 18-10-1963

Mangala (1y)
Beginning Ending Mangala Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mon Sun Jup Mar Mer Sat Ven Rah

32y8m 30-04-1965 25-04-1966 30-04-1965 10-05-1965 30-05-1965 29-06-1965 08-08-1965 27-09-1965 26-11-1965 04-02-1966

Pingala (2y)
Beginning Ending Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Sun Jup Mar Mer Sat Ven Rah Mon

33y8m 25-04-1966 14-04-1968 25-04-1966 04-06-1966 03-08-1966 22-10-1966 30-01-1967 30-05-1967 17-10-1967 25-03-1968

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HP2 23

Meena Kumari

The dates are given for dasha beginning dates. *Running age is given for dasha beginning dates.

Yogini (Short) MD and AD #2

Yogini Mahadasha and Antardashas

Dhanya (3y)
Beginning Ending Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Jup Mar Mer Sat Ven Rah Mon Sun

35y8m* 14-04-1968 30-03-1971 14-04-1968 13-07-1968 10-11-1968 09-04-1969 06-10-1969 04-05-1970 30-12-1970 29-01-1971

Bhramari (4y)
Beginning Ending Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Dhanya Mar Mer Sat Ven Rah Mon Sun Jup

38y7m 30-03-1971 09-03-1975 30-03-1971 06-09-1971 24-03-1972 19-11-1972 26-08-1973 12-07-1974 21-08-1974 09-11-1974

Bhadrika (5y)
Beginning Ending Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Mer Sat Ven Rah Mon Sun Jup Mar

42y7m 09-03-1975 11-02-1980 09-03-1975 14-11-1975 09-09-1976 25-08-1977 29-09-1978 18-11-1978 26-02-1979 26-07-1979

Ulka (6y)
Beginning Ending Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Sat Ven Rah Mon Sun Jup Mar Mer

47y6m 11-02-1980 10-01-1986 11-02-1980 05-02-1981 01-04-1982 25-07-1983 23-09-1983 21-01-1984 19-07-1984 16-03-1985

Siddha (7y)
Beginning Ending Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Ven Rah Mon Sun Jup Mar Mer Sat

53y5m 10-01-1986 04-12-1992 10-01-1986 15-05-1987 25-11-1988 03-02-1989 23-06-1989 19-01-1990 26-10-1990 11-10-1991

Sankata (8y)
Beginning Ending Sankata Mangala Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Rah Mon Sun Jup Mar Mer Sat Ven

60y4m 04-12-1992 23-10-2000 04-12-1992 05-09-1994 24-11-1994 03-05-1995 29-12-1995 13-11-1996 18-12-1997 12-04-1999

Mangala (1y)
Beginning Ending Mangala Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mon Sun Jup Mar Mer Sat Ven Rah

68y2m 23-10-2000 18-10-2001 23-10-2000 02-11-2000 22-11-2000 22-12-2000 31-01-2001 22-03-2001 21-05-2001 30-07-2001

Pingala (2y)
Beginning Ending Pingala Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Sun Jup Mar Mer Sat Ven Rah Mon

69y2m 18-10-2001 08-10-2003 18-10-2001 27-11-2001 26-01-2002 16-04-2002 25-07-2002 22-11-2002 11-04-2003 18-09-2003

Dhanya (3y)
Beginning Ending Dhanya Bhramari Bhadrika Ulka Siddha Sankata Mangala Pingala Jup Mar Mer Sat Ven Rah Mon Sun

71y2m 08-10-2003 22-09-2006 08-10-2003 06-01-2004 05-05-2004 02-10-2004 31-03-2005 27-10-2005 24-06-2006 24-07-2006

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HP2 24

Meena Kumari

Ashtottari Mahadasha and Antardashas

Dasha balance at birth Dasha at the time of birth : Sun 3y 1m 14d : Su-Sa-Ve -Sa-Sa

Ashtottari MD and AD

Sun (6y)
From 0 yrs. to 3y1m Antar Beginning Ending

Moon (15y)
From 3y1m to Antar 17y10m Ending Beginning

Mars (8y)
From 17y10m to 25y9m Antar Beginning Ending

Sun Moon Mars Mercury Saturn 01-08-1932 - 09-11-1932 Jupiter 09-11-1932 - 24-11-1933 Rahu 24-11-1933 - 22-07-1934 Venus 22-07-1934 - 15-09-1935

Moon 15-09-1935 - 04-10-1937 Mars 04-10-1937 - 08-11-1938 Mercury08-11-1938 - 07-03-1941 Saturn 07-03-1941 - 20-07-1942 Jupiter 20-07-1942 - 24-02-1945 Rahu 24-02-1945 - 17-10-1946 Venus 17-10-1946 - 01-09-1949 Sun 01-09-1949 - 28-06-1950

Mars 28-06-1950 - 27-01-1951 Mercury27-01-1951 - 25-04-1952 Saturn 25-04-1952 - 16-01-1953 Jupiter 16-01-1953 - 07-06-1954 Rahu 07-06-1954 - 23-04-1955 Venus 23-04-1955 - 03-11-1956 Sun 03-11-1956 - 12-04-1957 Moon 12-04-1957 - 17-05-1958

Mercury (17y)
From 25y9m to 42y6m Antar Beginning Ending

Saturn (10y)
From 42y6m to 52y4m Antar Beginning Ending

Jupiter (19y)
From 52y4m to 71y1m Antar Beginning Ending

Mercury17-05-1958 - 04-01-1961 Saturn 04-01-1961 - 25-07-1962 Jupiter 25-07-1962 - 06-07-1965 Rahu 06-07-1965 - 17-05-1967 Venus 17-05-1967 - 19-08-1970 Sun 19-08-1970 - 25-07-1971 Moon 25-07-1971 - 21-11-1973 Mars 21-11-1973 - 17-02-1975

Saturn 17-02-1975 - 16-01-1976 Jupiter 16-01-1976 - 11-10-1977 Rahu 11-10-1977 - 15-11-1978 Venus 15-11-1978 - 15-10-1980 Sun 15-10-1980 - 03-05-1981 Moon 03-05-1981 - 15-09-1982 Mars 15-09-1982 - 08-06-1983 Mercury08-06-1983 - 26-12-1984

Jupiter 26-12-1984 - 12-04-1988 Rahu 12-04-1988 - 12-05-1990 Venus 12-05-1990 - 01-01-1994 Sun 01-01-1994 - 16-01-1995 Moon 16-01-1995 - 23-08-1997 Mars 23-08-1997 - 12-01-1999 Mercury12-01-1999 - 24-12-2001 Saturn 24-12-2001 - 18-09-2003

Rahu (12y)
From 71y1m to 82y11m Antar Beginning Ending

Venus (21y)
From 82y11m to 103y7m Antar Beginning Ending

Rahu 18-09-2003 - 10-01-2005 Venus 10-01-2005 - 30-04-2007 Sun 30-04-2007 - 26-12-2007 Moon 26-12-2007 - 17-08-2009 Mars 17-08-2009 - 03-07-2010 Mercury03-07-2010 - 13-05-2012 Saturn 13-05-2012 - 17-06-2013 Jupiter 17-06-2013 - 17-07-2015

Venus 17-07-2015 - 26-07-2019 Sun 26-07-2019 - 18-09-2020 Moon 18-09-2020 - 04-08-2023 Mars 04-08-2023 - 14-02-2025 Mercury14-02-2025 - 19-05-2028 Saturn 19-05-2028 - 19-04-2030 Jupiter 19-04-2030 - 09-12-2033 Rahu 09-12-2033 - 28-03-2036

*Condition of Applicability of Ashtottari Dasha :

Except in Lagna, Rahu in Kendra or Trikona from Lagna lord.. Birth during day-time in Krishna Paksha or night-time in Shukla Paksha.

In your horoscope Ashtottari dasha does apply.

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HP2 25

Meena Kumari

Life Interpretation Report for Meena Kumari

Although occasionally headstrong and combative, you are an everlasting good friend to all who meet you. You are just, kind, courteous, and for the most part honest, and you need friends to pass the time pleasantly. Even when your friends misbehave with you, you quickly forgive them, and so naturally, you gain ultimately and are always in demand. You are subject to sudden passions, which also die out quickly which may be for an unusual partner. Relationships take you into higher levels of development and prosperity improves after marriage. You have to watch a tendency to be unscrupulous in business as the resulting harm to your reputation can cut you off from your public. You have an expressive personality. You have a good character and a pleasant nature. Your personality is smooth. You are good humored and easy going. You are an outdoor type. You are optimistic about evaluating the outcome of situations. You are tolerant of others foibles and can be very generous. You are loving and well centered. You try to involve as many people as possible in your undertakings for their benefit. You are a calm person. You are a quiet person. You are a person of depth. You are subtle. If a given situation is taking care of your needs, you will be very reluctant to give it up until you have secured a new solution. Security is very important to you, and you take conservative actions to ensure that you are provided for later on. Politically, you have a traditional mindset. Your temperament is sincere. You love truth but may go too far in your zeal and become a propagandist. You have a sophisticated sense of aesthetics and moral conduct. You take the moral high ground. You have a life philosophy, based on fairness, optimism, beauty, and peace. Because you can act on inner faith, you can receive benefits without blocking them with fear. There may be sparks of insight in detecting marvelous opportunities for prosperity, and the right people to advance that process. You will be able to express great intelligence, wisdom, strength, and courage in your activities. Being intuitive and sensitive, you appreciate things that are of true quality. You may have a vague aspect to your personality but you are clear-minded and geared for success. You are a settled and organized person. You are energetic. You are assertive. You are courageous. You are strong, with independent views on life, its purpose, and evolutionary direction. You are an enterprising person. You are very impulsive. Bent on accomplishing your goals, you may seem ruthless or hardhearted. Your energy and motivation are quite balanced. You have an aristocratic temperament. You always want to be the center of attention. You can be domineering. You are mentally arrogant, but deservedly so. You influence others
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HP2 26

Meena Kumari

attempting to practice piety, although your motives involve a need for real transformation from the depths. You see new opportunities for prosperity everywhere you go. Your way of getting around in the world is unique. You may be somewhat iconoclastic as far as religion and tradition are concerned. When under oppressive influences you can be stubborn, argumentative, and annoying. You are a private person and do not like to show your hurts and injuries to others. Your impulsiveness may lead you to immoral acts. It is hard to meet your scheduling commitments. You lack patience. You may lack the discipline necessary to complete a college degree. You have an angry kind of righteousness, and when you are acting according to the righteous judgments and values, you tend to act harshly and even aggressively. You are an aggressive person. You tend to be critical. You could be a shy person. You may characteristically feel lonely, miserable, or unhappy. You are a person who finds it hard to just relax and enjoy yourself. You are very perceptive, but fluctuate from being extremely logical to very emotional. When conditions are poor, you can be totally blown off track. You always seem to have too many demands to meet. You may find that you have to work a bit in order to avoid inconsistency or a tendency to drift. You are not easily affected by negativity. In your heart, you are generally a content person. Understanding life and using your intelligence soothes your heart and gives you inner comfort. Being important will give you a deep sense of fulfillment. You will always have a happy, emotionally fulfilled side to you. Lively and open situations are conducive to the fulfillment of your desires. You gain in happiness as you gain in years. You will get success and happiness mostly after the age of 35.

Your body is large. You are well proportioned. You have a good complexion. Your complexion is pale. You have a swarthy complexion. You have beautiful eyes. Your calves are well developed. You observe others' dress and mannerisms and tend to mimic them, but you are better off knowing your own needs and ability and limiting yourself to them. You will be very feminine in the way you act. You may have a nasal or grainy voice. You are a good speaker. You can express yourself well. You are articulate and witty. You seem to turn on a subtle power when you speak, make sure you use integrity with this ability or it will backfire on you.
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HP2 27

Meena Kumari

Your speech can be rough and unpolished.

You work with your brain and speech. You have a strong mind. Because of the strength of your mind, it is agile, imaginative, original, fertile, creative, extremely emotional, and receptive. Your thinking is bold and result oriented. You are known for your enlightened mind, your contemplative temperament, and your all-around culture. Your mind is intelligent, and capable of great optimism and valor. You tend to be fickle-minded and your success can vary enormously depending on the changing balance between your inner psychology and events in the outer world. You tend to dream about practical impossibilities. You use your mind and discrimination to open new opportunities for you, and lead you to new resources. Your thought process could become imbalanced at times, leading to narrow-mindedness, depression, or delusions. There may be slight tinge of perversion to the mind. Your mind is inclined to unusual, and even eccentric, interests. Sometimes you lose nerve inexplicably. Your mind is constantly occupied with plans to improve your material comforts and satisfy your desires. You do not get easily upset. You have a strong sense of ethics and morals. You have much sympathy and you think from your heart. You may feel a sense of inner peace and tranquility. You are comfortable, content, and well aware of your emotional needs. You have a strong need for emotional intimacy. You are acutely sensitive to every change in the outward world. The people and environment around you easily influence you. Your greatest need is to be understood and loved. You are given to moods and whims. Emotionally you are more prepared to be hurt than happy. Some connections may prove confusing to you. Those less brilliant than you put you off. You always muse about your past when emotionally upset. You have an instinctive consciousness but you can be easily swayed by your senses. Sometimes you are stuck in congestion. You find your way in the world through your feelings, are introverted on subjective issues and everything that you experience is held in memory. You are shrewd and although not literary or particularly humanistic.
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HP2 28

Meena Kumari

You have a sharp intelligence, very capable of penetrating obscure or hard to get knowledge. Using the intellect and logical mind is an important facet of your work. You really try hard to impress others with your intellect, and this showy cleverness may occasionally lead to conflict in which you are humiliated. You can be mentally disorganized.

Education occupies a focal point in your life. Education for you is an endeavor that yields a good degree. Education has gone well and equipped you excellently for your station in life. Your early education was thorough. Education and any learning process is a rewarding experience for you. Any money spent on education and training will pay off well. Your teachers and mentors are clever, articulate, remarkable communicators, and have a broad scope to what they do. You are a student of ancestral wisdom. The study of philosophical or religious topics is enjoyable to you. Higher studies are enjoyable for you, especially in the arts. You will have trouble in getting education. Even if your education is not great, you can discuss deep subjects well enough. Part of your studies will be in topics that most people would not care or dare to deal with. You are successful in school. You may have some deep knowledge or insights in the area of mechanical structures. You may have a savage thirst for knowledge that deprives you of friends and people who could share your thoughts. You have positive, rewarding experiences in the field of knowledge and education, formal or informal. You have a good knowledge of law. You have knowledge of some very tricky or illusionary phenomena. You have good knowledge of the field of healing and perhaps the law. You enjoy learning. You prefer to learn in a non-traditional setting such as on your own or through independent study. Learning is a lifelong pursuit.

You are able to absorb knowledge like a sponge and you retain what you learn easily. You are
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HP2 29

Meena Kumari

extraordinarily skillful when you put your mind to a job. Through your skill, you will meet success in your undertakings. Not only are you able to grasp many subjects, you are very capable of taking a wide comprehensive view of all you learn. You are skilled at participating in group activities and understand the mindset of society as a whole. You are able to explain the view of management or power centers to a wider audience. You are a good organizer and manager, and can be very practical, frugal, and careful in money matters. You have good judgment in seizing opportunities and often expanding the possibilities in the process. You are able to make proper judgments concerning human relationships. Your social skills are well developed and balanced. You may have skill in chemistry, pharmacology, or computer science. There is a sense of rhythm in you, which shows in the areas of poetry, athletics music, or dance. You are successful in financial dealings. You have the ability to create growth and expansion of profits.

It's hard for you to establish the proper connections needed to allow for successful undertakings.

You like the arts and are blessed with various skills. You will enjoy having a garden or some other agricultural involvement. You may have a flair for sports, contests, and technical skills.

You have a practical attitude. You may seem very rough and hard in your behavior externally, but are very soft and gentle inside. You are quick and clever where it comes to taking advantage of opportunities. You are hard working and steady in your gradual progress. You strongly feel like a role model and an ideal citizen. You like to act according to ethical norms and principles. You are truthful and interested in the events affecting society. You perform good deeds, commanding respect and you try to be beneficial to your community. You are bound to perform many good deeds for the good of society. You are respectful. You may help your teachers or mentors and further their methods or teachings in some way. You are an excellent listener. You are an acute listener. Sometimes you go for peace at any cost. You can be haughty sometimes. You can be disrespectful toward your father, teachers, and employer at times. You may be a little tightfisted when it comes to supporting the welfare of those less fortunate.

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HP2 30

Meena Kumari

You enjoy domestic life and puttering around the house. You like pure, clear, sharp air, such as is found on mountaintops. You are interested in the latest technological pursuits like Internet surfing or web designing. You like all that which is foreign and strange. You like exploring the mysteries of life but to express those thoughts in the format of religious or philosophical terms might make you feel vulnerable. You choose to keep those experiences to yourself. You are interested in knowing about past lives. You like to help scholars and artists. You crave independence. It is likely that you prefer to 'do your own thing'. You like to set goals and often achieve them. You aspire to make something great out of your life. You have a feeling for the arts, film etc. You are fond of nature, beauty, poetry, and literature. You are likely to have a love for religious or spiritual practices, and a deep love for the truth about everything. You have a liking for ancient wisdom, philosophy, and meditation. You like to think about the beauty of the higher order in life, and will find some way to express a devotional religious side. You may have a liking for animals. You raise animals that are affectionate towards you and benefit from them. The area of higher knowledge, philosophy, or religion might feel uncomfortable to you. You find working for an employer unsatisfactory. You have an instinctive dislike for change, originating from a certain fear of the unknown and the untested.

Your physical body demands a lot of attention and respect, for good or bad. Your physical condition may be fragile, and your emotional depression may seriously affect the state of your health. It will be good if you are careful not to pick up negative vibrations from others or from the atmosphere, as this can depress you or make you sick. There may be some complex stomach problems. Disorders you are susceptible to include: lower back pain, arthritis, kidney disorders, arthritis, and venereal diseases. You may be subject to some of the following health challenges: spinal problems, bladder infections, sterility, hernias, hysterectomy, kidney problems, abortion, or miscarriage.

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HP2 31

Meena Kumari

You are vulnerable to accidents, so carry good insurance. Serious accidents involving vehicles are not likely. Be careful when swimming or playing in water. You should be cautious to avoid a possibility of a water related accident. You should be careful while boating.

You stay connected to your parents. You are a good daughter to your parents. You are on good terms with your parents and family life prospers. Judicious and self-controlled although outgoing and a devoted companion, your mother is zealous to create secure conditions for close ones and her. She is a balanced businessperson likely to have a strong and striking partner. She self-promotes through her highly organized skills and has expertise in exact processes and technical functions. Travel stimulates her eye for antiquities and cultural refinements. Despite a restless temperament, your mother has methodical work habits and looks deeply into matters connected to earthy, practical, technical, or financial matters. She is attentive to her duty and utilizes advanced knowledge in achieving her objectives. She has spiritual inclinations, which others recognize, and she applies her intelligence toward her children, students, or those with whom she has favorable past-life karmas, who may turn out to be her employers. Your mother's position improves over time, although she may have to slog through periods of restricted development. She cares for the masses and the underdogs, and finds practical and organized ways of giving where she thinks it will does most good. She may clash with the orthodox and established viewpoint and rebel against legal conventions, but whichever side she is on she has a keen awareness of what is the traditional and expected and accepted mode of behavior. She puts some of her best thinking and planning into her career. Her partner may have high standing and assets that expand over time, but there may be some restrictions in the relationship. She works with influential people in their field and garners plenty of respect in her position as it becomes obvious that she is sincere in her charitable outlook. Promoting family values is important and she has a strong respect for material success. Your mother is a social animal. Your mother is ambitious in a cautious way. Your mother is generally methodical. Your mother can put things into effect with quick execution. Hard working, patient, and tactful, your mother is an exemplar of steadiness. Your mother is slow and persevering. Each time your mother realizes a goal, she gets new challenges that make her reach for a higher and more complicated goal. Your mother is the consummate self-made woman. Your mother has an affinity for her motherland and its philosophies. Having no control over her tongue, your mother thoughtlessly blurts out whatever she wants. Having an executive mind, your mother has decided opinions about the conduct of the government, usually not favorable opinions. For all her ambition, your mother is somewhat detached from her own achievements. Your mother is a good cook. Your mother may need a long time to let go of regrets and perceived mistakes. Your mother will probably have a long life. Your mother needs to learn to cooperate constructively with the higher powers guiding outward manifestation. Your mother may be very encouraging and urging you on to achieve greater heights. Your mother may have assisted you toward attaining your goals. You may take after your mother. Your mother is very important to you, and your emotional stability is founded on good early life experiences with her. Your mother's family is supportive of you and your good works are gratifying to your mother and community. There is a lack of emotional nurturing from your mother, and your mother may have had a difficult life, or may have had to
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HP2 32

Meena Kumari

carry on in isolation. Great communications skills added to a genial disposition and a trendy mentality make your father a sparkling dinner companion. He is humorous, witty, sarcastic, digressive, literary, satirical, and generally celebrates life with all its quirks. He has a wise sense of people and an ability to edit or embellish everyone's remarks to make them telling. He attracts intelligent people and likes to record and talk about the complexities of marital life or partnerships. Fortune, life, and career can take him on distant travels or put him into expansive associations. Rather than follow spiritual routines, he would rather communicate about spiritual and philosophical matters, or write travel diaries. Analytical, focused dissection is your father's habit of mind, and mental discipline is his strengths. He keeps within the proper scope of things, following instructions literally and using numbers and words to good effect. He can become compulsive or immobilized by information overload and can be fatigued by too many obligations. His communications are thorough and technical, and he may be insensitive to those near to him. Used to generating income through service occupations such as healing or work in communications or legal offices, he acquires merit by his self-restraint and ease in dealing with high levels of knowledge and understanding. He has been lucky to get very good teachers, and probably has benefited from his father's supportive attitude. He can handle detail others find tedious and improve by structuring his daily routines. Your father generally takes an intellectual approach to things. Living in a mental world, your father shrinks from physical contact and injury and can be intimidated by a show of violence. Your father has an astonishingly active subjective life, which may not show on his face; outwardly, he may seem unperturbed. Your father likes hot-air balloons, circuses, games, and other amusements. Your father may be adventurous. Your father is flexible and adaptable; his mood can change from trivial to serious depending on the circumstances. Your father's imagination is captured by the glory of the past or the promise of the future, keeping his heart elsewhere. Your father likes life to be intense. Boxes, chests, receptacles, and any gadget with contents intrigue your father. Your father may not stay with one opinion or attitude for very long. Ambivalence is your father's outstanding feature; no one is sure whether he has made up his mind, including himself. Because of your father's dual nature, at times he is pensive and patient and at times lively and garrulous. In argument your father is most formidable, because he can skip from one facet of a subject to another seemingly at random yet never losing sight of the main argument, which he returns to after having led his opponent through devious paths and into traps. Your father can be bashful and hesitant in speech, because speaking his mind is so meaningful for him. Your father may be a frequent traveler or live abroad. You come from a good background and your father may have a certain status.

You father is a person you look up to with respect, and you have a good relationship with him. You may find it hard to accept him as senior to you. Frequent arguments may occur between you and your father. You may be separated from your father's home or contact due to forces beyond your control that may come from realms of deep psychological transformation or from embarking on a quest that he cannot follow you on. Your father's assistance may be unavailable due to circumstances beyond your control. You are rooted in your heritage and it is an important part of your identity. Your family, relatives, and close friends hold a very important place in your life. You may be the family keystone, the pivot of family dynamics whether willing or not. You are a quiet source of strength to your friends and family. In a domestic environment, you will often be the one to keep up the rules or provide basic support that you feel is imperative for others.

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HP2 33

Meena Kumari

You are home loving and much attached to your family. You easily incur heavy responsibilities through family affairs and the home. Your family members and your partner may create obstacles in your work. You may have good communication with an older sibling. You might have some struggle with your siblings and some strain and worry in your relationship with your mother and father. Siblings may accuse you of being selfish or conceited; while you feel, you are trying to keep them in line. You may have siblings or dependents that are extravagant and deplete your assets. You are concerned for your siblings. Your older sibling, if you have one, may face some severe trouble. Your older sibling may be your rival, or your relationship may be characterized with rivalry. You may be hostile to an older sibling or already established colleagues. Your elder sibling may be prosperous or hold a high position. Your older sibling is probably career-oriented and could have a high and powerful position. Your older sibling's career may involve foreign travel or connections. You have older siblings who help you materially with the business. Your closest older sibling may suffer from heat, fevers, inflammation, cuts, and injuries or may need surgery at some time. You may be very close to one younger sibling. Younger siblings, however, are somewhat distant.

You are highly romantic and extravagant. You can be possessive in love. You expect easy success with the opposite sex. Relationships will always be a great source of experience and knowledge in your life and you will meet a wide range of people. You might be very easy-going about getting romantically involved. You are prone to play the field and find it hard to choose one partner to stick with. You are more or less happy with your spouse. You put your work over your material comforts but still manage to enjoy the benefits of a good marriage, home, and children. Your spouse is a true friend. Your marriage goes through highs and lows. It is hard to find a place where you and your romantic partner can spend time together undisturbed. Your husband is agile and lithe. Your spouse will bring wisdom into your life and a new horizon of ideas and concepts. It's more natural to argue for your husband than to concede a point. Your husband is keen to give advice. Your husband has a blind faith in religion. In an impulsive rush to get to the truth your husband seizes overly simplistic answers and tries to get
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HP2 34

Meena Kumari

everyone to jump on the bandwagon. Your spouse may be a performer of some kind and is somewhat fickle. You may marry a foreigner.

This is because the way you express your feelings and emotions is quite appealing. You feel attracted to those people who can show you higher knowledge or values in life. You may subconsciously feel as if you are in competition with your friends. You like to spend money on your friends, but sometimes their problems create trouble for you. You may keep your friends at a distance. Your friends will include doctors, lawyers, college professors, clergymen, and anyone who is erudite and wise. You tend to be very personal and loyal to your friends. You like to hang out with an artsy crowd. You are successful in friendship. Friends or older siblings may assist you in your career. You get along with most people, but you are particularly attracted to intellectuals and artists. Friendships are based on a recognition of your skills, or shared training regimens. You have more advanced colleagues who help you materially with the business. You have a wide circle of friends and prefer to do business on a handshake. You have a strong need for close friendships. You may have many enemies or competitors and friends may be untrustworthy. Persons who you thought would support you may turn out to be opponents in disguise. Your enemies or opponents suffer health problems or are embroiled in legal disputes that keep them from being able to take you on. You may find that many of the opportunities you have for gaining resources is through your opponents or competitors. Surprising as it may seem you are likely to earn well through these avenues. Other opportunities might actually have more obstacles for you. There is something very distinctive about your body which determines part of the response people have towards you. Others sometimes find you to be crude or rude, which may hold you back from deserved promotions. You will acquire a good reputation, honor, be well liked and even gain fame for your good deeds. You let your personal aspirations often yield to the needs of the society as a whole. Being socially unbalanced, you crave social contact and the assurance that others need you. You are very hospitable and like to entertain others at home. You may tend to distance yourself from those who have been close to you in your early years. There will always be wise and supportive people in your life who help you fulfill your goals. Your students may feel alternately fascinated and abandoned by you. The main relationships in your life will bring you some higher insight into the purpose and evolution of life. Cultivate sensitivity to others, or you may become hardhearted. You are liked by foreigners.
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HP2 35

Meena Kumari

You are keen about getting ahead and finding your fortune in life. You are career and status minded. You work most efficiently. You are very true to your career aspirations and faithfully follow up on them until you succeed. You carefully plan the phases of your career. You will acquire proper education and may choose this as your professional field. You are qualified for many types of work because of a natural sophistication. The enterprise you are involved in has to struggle against a sense of time limitations. You will be skillful in all aspects of your career and unafraid to explore new ventures to enhance your success. You may teach children and executives. You are engaged in business, which may be widespread, but does not generate large profits. Your work will involve administrative duties and give you great opportunities to rise in status. You go for the jugular in your business activities. Business is on an upward curve, always improving. You may be disruptive to organizations as you can be a maverick or rebel. You like your boss. Your employers and teachers may be from foreign countries. People that you employ are generally satisfied with your role as a boss. You have a fine balance between work and play. You have many jobs and feel a sense of mission. You may become a workaholic. Your work brings you into contact with groups and organizations which go through dramatic tests and trials. Some nurturing or caring aspect will be part of your work, and likely you will be involved with the public or groups of people. You will have a very successful career in psychology, counseling, restaurant or bar work, or anything in which one deals with the public every day. You may attain fame. You may hold a position of authority in your community. You are likely to see a big change in status during your lifetime. You occupy a seat of power in your community or larger arena. Needless to say, your reputation and status play an important role in your life, and you are bound to get far, attain power and influence and good relationship with the ruling powers. There will be great opportunities presented to you by people of high status in society or by the ruling powers. You are appreciated by people in power. You are destined to gain respect in society. You will be famous and respected. Your undertakings will be well supported and successful. You are generally lucky in getting results. You will enjoy the happiness of success many times in life and fame may come with it. You will be successful in fulfilling your goals in unforeseen ways. Your success will come gradually as a result of a lot of physical effort. Eventually, you will be successful due to the deep lore you acquire that others will find useful. Results and gains come at the proper time. Obstructions in your work cause great chagrin. You have much success, although there can be delays in seeing the fruits of your work. You may have challenges to face in acquiring or maintaining the position you want. You prefer to pursue several lines of work and/or study simultaneously and may become easily bored.
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HP2 36

Meena Kumari

You will be famous, respected and be hard to defeat by anyone. Your approach to work will make you rise in authority and reputation in the profession of your choice. Good relationships with authorities or government will develop.

You will earn income in a variety of ways, but always in a fair manner. You take wealth from your rivals, competitors or enemies. You are always alert to selfishly increase your income and seize any opportunity. Your own efforts and wisdom are instrumental to gain and building an income. You will be in command of significant resources. You may earn huge profits during some favorable cycles of your life. Inflow of cash is usually not a problem At other times your income will experience some slow periods. You will get results and income through hard work. In the end you will have a stable income.

Friends and friendships will contribute to your income. You will be able to handle well any worries in your mind that arise concerning your income. You will try hard to gain a good income. You will earn a lot of money from your work. Sometimes, enterprises you have embarked on, with the hope of gains, turn out to bring losses. You are fond of money and material possessions. You have problems with vehicles breaking down. Property, land or real estate, will come easily to you and you will enjoy basic comforts all your life. You may invest in land and property. You will have many houses. You should not spend too much on cosmetics and adornments.

You can be quite intense and defensive about your spiritual or religious views.
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HP2 37

Meena Kumari

Teaching spirituality is also possible. You may go deep into researches in a spiritual field. Your soul soars as you communicate insights coming from sources beyond the everyday. Having a strong connection to the astral plane, you sometimes live in the clouds. Occult subjects hold a fascination for you. You are probably interested in the occult, metaphysical subjects and astrology, etc. There may also be an inclination for abstract philosophy or spiritual knowledge. You may have some hidden inner subtle spiritual powers. You worship an all-protecting deity. You worship in private and secret. You have strong feelings for religious and cultural traditions. You can be very psychic and you are interested in reading scriptures. You may go through periods of severe doubt or atheism. You are non-appreciative towards religious values. You may be eclectic in matters of religion and spirit and offend those who are fundamentalist or purist.

You may live in old and torn housing. Finding a stable place to live may be difficult. You need to work on improving your environment. You have a liking for travelling. You are very restless, changeable and are fond of wandering and travelling; you will have many changes in your life. You are fond of water, lakes or sea, and may go on a voyage but always love to come back to your home. You love long distance travelling. Travel for educational or spiritual purposes can turn out to be very beneficial as well as socially enjoyable. You prefer not to spread yourself too thin by excessive travelling. Travel is problematic.

You will maintain a tie to your past and to your roots, even though you may actually leave your place of birth. As a child you may have suffered from sickness, although gaining full health later. Many of the opportunities for the fulfillment of your ambitions may get lost, or prove to be dead-ends, yielding disappointment on your part. Your life feels like a struggle sometimes. Your actions tend to be supported by good luck. You have good support of nature. Nature has bestowed you with success and wealth, although your
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HP2 38

Meena Kumari

fortunes will fluctuate. You are financially lucky, and even if you get into debt, you usually manage to pay it off without too much stress. You are lucky with investments. There may be some trouble related to your home. You must pay your taxes on time. A fortunate gemstone for you is blue sapphire, which helps break through any blocks.

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HP2 39

Meena Kumari

Transit Interpretations Transit of Sun in the 3rd house from Natal Moon (17 Sep 2011 11:47:39 to 17 Oct 2011 23:46:14) This transit of the Sun brings a positive boost in your professional and personal life. You are likely to progress in your career with an increased recognition from the employer or authorities. There is an increased chance for promotion or better employment. You feel energetic and enthusiastic, and will experience a heightened ability to overcome obstacles, resolve problems, and overcome possible obstruction from adversaries. Your work is most likely to be successful and bear fruit. This will result in financial gains, and absence of money related worries

You will do well socially, and feel successful, respected, and appreciated. Friends, family and acquaintances will love you and you have a chance to spend time with them. Your mind is at peace, and you feel happy and comfortable with your life. If you have children, you will enjoy parenthood.

Your heightened mental and physical fitness will come along with sound health, and absence of diseases. Transit of Mercury in the 3rd house from Natal Moon (22 Sep 2011 20:55:47 to 9 Oct 2011 23:32:17) During this period, Mercury will move through your third house from the Moon. This mostly indicates a rough phase with your superiors. You may have to be extra careful while dealing with your superiors and employer. Avoid any kind of argument that may lead to differences of opinion and misunderstandings. Stay away from your known enemies and be careful of unknown ones. However, this period may also give you few new and worthy friends whom you would treasure for life. Handle your finances carefully as money needs extra attention during this period.
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HP2 40

Meena Kumari

Be cautious to avoid any loss of wealth. This journey of Mercury may make you suffer from depression, trouble in recollection of facts, mental stress and unexpected hassles in your endeavours. Transit of Mercury in the 4th house from Natal Moon (9 Oct 2011 23:32:17 to 29 Oct 2011 15:19:17) During this period, Mercury will move through your fourth house from the Moon. This signifies progress in every aspect of your life. On the personal front you are likely to be content with your life and you would succeed and gain in all your undertakings. Your status in the society will be heightened and you would be honoured. Financially this is a very good phase as this period indicates attainment of wealth in the form of money or property. You may also gain from your spouse or other members of the opposite sex. At home, this period indicates the arrival of a new member to the family. You are also likely to make your mother be proud of you. Your mere presence in the family may bring in success to the other members of the family. You may also make new friends who are highly educated and gentle people to be with. Transit of Sun in the 4th house from Natal Moon (17 Oct 2011 23:46:14 to 16 Nov 2011 23:34:37) The period when the Sun travels through the fourth house may connote decline in your present social status and difficulty in maintaining your position at the workplace. It would be better to avoid any arguments with your seniors, mentors or well wishers during this time. This period could prove to be distressful, prone to experiencing grief and a time of misery. Your mind may have a hard time staying focussed on constructive thoughts, and instead be drawn to find an escape in something of an addictive nature, compensating for it's restless state. Married life during this particular period may become tense and there could also be a considerable decline in conjugal ecstasy. Don't let the disturbance in your
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HP2 41

Meena Kumari

mind project itself in creating any kind of quarrels with your family, or the peace at home may suffer. Overall, you may experience a dip in your happiness in the domestic and social realm. On the health front, your mental disturbance may reflect in some physical complaints or even ailments. Plans for journeys may face obstacles, and when you do travel you may have problems being comfortable, such as lack of food. Transit of Mercury in the 5th house from Natal Moon (29 Oct 2011 15:19:17 to 4 Jan 2012 07:12:22) During this period, Mercury will move through your fifth house from the Moon. This mostly indicates a troubled personal life. During this particular period you must try and avoid getting involved in any kind of arguments with your wife, children and other members of the family. This is not a conducive period for you to be headstrong and opinionated while dealing with friends as well. Be extra careful while handling your loved ones. Health could be a matter of concern at this particular point of time. Take care of your food, as you are likely to suffer from heat stroke or body heat during this time. Do not undertake any activity, which would put a risk to your life. Mentally you may feel agitated and all drained out. This period may also give you some bodily pain leading to much discomfort. There may also occur troublesome and difficult circumstances in the work front. If you are a student, you need to be more determined and focused in your studies to avoid any kind of distraction. Transit of Mars in the 2nd house from Natal Moon (30 Oct 2011 22:07:17 to 22 Jun 2012 00:05:37) During this period, Mars will move through your second house from the Moon. This mostly suggests a period of loss. Take good care of your finances and focus on the safety of your valuables as you may suffer some losses due to theft during this period.

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HP2 42

Meena Kumari

You may also face a rutted phase at your work place due to several unpleasant happenings. Keep yourself away from arguments. Watch your words before uttering them to anybody. Your work or profession may see a very low phase during this time and some of you may even lose your position if not handled carefully. Beware of your old enemies and avoid creating new ones. You may develop the negative emotion of jealousy towards others during this time. Beware of any wrath of the government or the state authority. During this particular period, you are also likely to befriend some wicked people and get involved in quarrels with your family and dear ones. Transit of Saturn in the 4th house from Natal Moon (15 Nov 2011 10:11:53 to 16 May 2012 06:35:27) Saturn in the fourth house from your Moon sign brings an uneasy time. Apart from other aspects of life, your finances will require careful handling during this transit. Avoid wasting money. You may develop a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to your work or profession. You may even start disliking your job and may face the wrath of your boss or a higher authority. Some of you are likely to be transferred to another place of work during this period. Socially this may not be a good time for you. Make efforts to maintain popularity in your social circle. Avoid any activity that might cause you humiliation. Health matters require your focused attention. Some of you are likely to develop lethargy, stomach discomfort, flatulence and other minor ailments. You may also experience anguish, fear, mental confusion and anxiety during this time. Some of you may have bad thoughts or feel the urge to do sinful deeds. Avoid getting into any arguments with your enemies. You may be separated from your friends and supporters. At home, take care of your wife and children, as they may be susceptible to disease or other life threatening situations. There may be a death in the family. Avoid getting involved in any kind of unpleasant situation with your relatives and near and dear ones. This period may see you creating enemies within your immediate family or with relatives. Beware of hidden enemies during this time. On the other hand, some of you may expect childbirth in your family. Transit of Sun in the 5th house from Natal Moon (16 Nov 2011 23:34:37 to 16 Dec 2011 14:13:38)
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HP2 43

Meena Kumari

This particular time mostly denotes a period of monetary challenges, and decline in mental peace. On the work front, you have to take extra care not to get into the bad books of your seniors. Avoid arguments with your employer or senior staff at your workplace. You may have to deal with some obstacles, which could be related to competitors, authorities or people you have unfriendly relations with. If you express your mental anxiety, you are likely to loose goodwill amongst friends and children. Health would require your attention, as you may feel sick and lethargic. Mental anguish, fear and restlessness may cast their spells on you, and make you're more prone to be offended by others. You may also become unstable in your temperament. Issues related to children may become a matter of concern for you. Avoid discussing anything at this time, as you are likely to cause disagreements between you and your son. Transit of Sun in the 6th house from Natal Moon (16 Dec 2011 14:13:38 to 15 Jan 2012 00:58:19) The period brings success in every aspect of life. You will find yourself overcoming obstacles easily, and it's a great time for successful problem solving. If anyone gets in your way, you will be able to deal with it easily, with a minimal of aggravation. It is a good time to complete any unfinished projects, and you are likely to succeed in whatever you put your efforts in. Financially you will also do well, and will find it easy to gain in general. Your mental and physical health will be excellent. Your body will stay healthy and your mind will be free of too much stress and anxiety. It's a time to enjoy comforts and social relations, especially friendship with people in powerful positions. There are good chances for promotion and honour, especially from authorities or government related people Transit of Mercury in the 6th house from Natal Moon (4 Jan 2012 07:12:22 to 24 Jan 2012 06:55:04)
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HP2 44

Meena Kumari

During this period, Mercury will move through your sixth house from the Moon. This indicates a mixed bag of positive and negative happenings. This particular period indicates success, stability and progress in your personal life. Your plans and projects will be successfully accomplished and you would also gain from the same. You are also likely to do better in the work front. You may expect progress in all your undertakings. This period also indicates your popularity in the society. Your status in the society is also likely to be heightened. Health should be fine and you would also have mental peace and contentment. However, for some, this movement of Mercury may bring in worries and troubles from enemies. You may have to be extra careful with your finances. Avoid any kind of arguments with your employer. It is better you stay away from activities involving risk to your health. However, body heat may trouble you during this particular period. Transit of Sun in the 7th house from Natal Moon (15 Jan 2012 00:58:19 to 13 Feb 2012 13:58:08) The Sun's position in the seventh house gives a tendency for travel, but such travel will tend to be tiring and troubled. You need to be extra careful not to challenge your seniors or superiors at the workplace, as they are likely to oppose you, resulting in enmity and humiliation. Even the relationship with your partner and neighbours may be a bit strained at this time. Your level of enthusiasm may be at a low, resulting in an inability to overcome obstacles that come in the way of achieving your dream objectives or goals during this particular time. This period may take you through some set backs in your professional activities, will a general lack of progress and success.

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HP2 45

Meena Kumari

Your health would require your care and attention, as you are more susceptible to health problems, particularly discomfort in the stomach, blood related problems, fever, and fatigue. Be extra cautious with your diet to avoid indigestion, food poisoning and food allergies. The health of your wife and children may also be under pressure. Transit of Mercury in the 7th house from Natal Moon (24 Jan 2012 06:55:04 to 11 Feb 2012 00:10:26) During this period, Mercury will move through your seventh house from the Moon. This may bring in some trying time for you both mentally and physically. This period indicates illness. You may have to experience physical pain and bodily weakness during this phase. Mentally you might become restless and anguished. A rise in mental perplexity and misunderstanding with the family is also indicated during this time. You may have to be extra careful to avoid arguments and communication gaps while dealing with your spouse and children. Take care to avoid any situation where you may have to face humiliation. You could feel more hassled as you are likely to face hurdles in your endeavours. Travel plans, if any, may not yield the expected result and could be troublesome. Transit of Mercury in the 8th house from Natal Moon (11 Feb 2012 00:10:26 to 27 Feb 2012 16:04:45) During this period, Mercury will move through your eighth house from the Moon. This mostly signifies wealth and success. It indicates success in all your work and projects. During this period you may expect financial stability and gain in financial ventures. Socially you would see a rise in your status. People would respect you more and your popularity would increase. This period may also let you acquire a comfortable lifestyle. You are also likely to gain happiness from your children. You are likely to receive happiness with a newborn member in the family. Your children would also remain happy and content during this particular period. This period sees a more alert and clever you. You would be able to use your
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HP2 46

Meena Kumari

intuition and intellect to make right decisions. Your enemies are likely to be defeated and will be mellowed down by your aura. Moreover, you may also expect help from all the sides. However, your health would require your attention, as you are susceptible to fall sick. Take care of your food intake and keep your spirits high to keep gloominess and unnecessary fears at bay. Transit of Sun in the 8th house from Natal Moon (13 Feb 2012 13:58:08 to 14 Mar 2012 10:50:43) The Sun's journey through the eighth house could incur loss and bodily suffering in general. Be extra careful to avoid unnecessary expenses and avoid making important decisions about finances. Support from your community, family members and even partner may seem absent to you. There could be a change in the work you do, possibility forcing you to let go of your current position, or there could be a lot of travel, which may turn out stressful. Consciously avoid getting involved in any kind of quarrel with your enemies or anyone else, as it is likely to be totally fruitless. Take care of your health as you may develop physical ailments like stomach disorder, blood pressure and piles, causing you discomfort. You may develop needless fear; especially fear of death or loss of honour, meaningless anxiety and a restless mind during this phase. It is wise to avoid activities that involve any kind of risks with your life and that of your family. A relative's issue may come up unexpectedly causing you some worries. Transit of Mercury in the 9th house from Natal Moon (27 Feb 2012 16:04:45 to 2 Apr 2012 16:02:34) During this period, Mercury will move through your ninth house from the Moon. This signifies sufferings from diseases. This particular phase may bring in obstruction and interruptions in your field of work. Take care to keep your respect and position in the workplace intact. Make sure you don't have to regret any of your actions done at this time.

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HP2 47

Meena Kumari

Watch out for probable hurdles before venturing into something new. Mentally you may feel hassled, over burdened, and unstable due to several reasons. Beware of your enemies as they could harm you more during this particular phase. Avoid any arguments with your family and relatives as this may lead to unnecessary quarrels. During this period you are susceptible to become irritable and may try to find out faults in matters related to religion, common belief etc. This period may also demand more labour from you in order to accomplish any task undertaken. However, a feeling of lack of interest may stop you from working hard. Avoid undertaking any long distance travel, as it is likely to be troublesome and may not give you the desired result. Take care of your food habits and try and keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. Transit of Sun in the 9th house from Natal Moon (14 Mar 2012 10:50:43 to 13 Apr 2012 19:19:33) Sun in the ninth house has some significant results in your life. This period could mean blame games, change of place and lack of mental peace. Take extra care at your work place to avoid disappointing your employer. You may feel humiliated and chances are that some false charges would be imposed on you. Avoid any tricky situation during this time. Financially this period could be taxing on you. You may also find it difficult to recover pending dues from others. Be extra careful to avoid unnecessary expenses. Misunderstandings, disagreements may occur between you and your teacher, or spiritual/religious leader. Opinions of your family and friends may clash with that of yours leading to fights and discontentment. Health would require your attention as you may develop physical and mental discomforts at this time. You may also feel more tired and mentally depressed than usual. However, you may also consider doing some virtuous deeds, as you are more
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HP2 48

Meena Kumari

likely to accomplish this successfully. Travel would be on the cards. Transit of Mercury in the 8th house from Natal Moon (2 Apr 2012 16:02:34 to 6 Apr 2012 16:09:14) During this period, Mercury will move through your eighth house from the Moon. This mostly signifies wealth and success. It indicates success in all your work and projects. During this period you may expect financial stability and gain in financial ventures. Socially you would see a rise in your status. People would respect you more and your popularity would increase. This period may also let you acquire a comfortable lifestyle. You are also likely to gain happiness from your children. You are likely to receive happiness with a newborn member in the family. Your children would also remain happy and content during this particular period. This period sees a more alert and clever you. You would be able to use your intuition and intellect to make right decisions. Your enemies are likely to be defeated and will be mellowed down by your aura. Moreover, you may also expect help from all the sides. However, your health would require your attention, as you are susceptible to fall sick. Take care of your food intake and keep your spirits high to keep gloominess and unnecessary fears at bay. Transit of Mercury in the 9th house from Natal Moon (6 Apr 2012 16:09:14 to 5 May 2012 21:05:26) During this period, Mercury will move through your ninth house from the Moon. This signifies sufferings from diseases. This particular phase may bring in obstruction and interruptions in your field of work. Take care to keep your respect and position in the workplace intact. Make sure you don't have to regret any of your actions done at this time. Watch out for probable hurdles before venturing into something new. Mentally you may feel hassled, over burdened, and unstable due to several
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HP2 49

Meena Kumari

reasons. Beware of your enemies as they could harm you more during this particular phase. Avoid any arguments with your family and relatives as this may lead to unnecessary quarrels. During this period you are susceptible to become irritable and may try to find out faults in matters related to religion, common belief etc. This period may also demand more labour from you in order to accomplish any task undertaken. However, a feeling of lack of interest may stop you from working hard. Avoid undertaking any long distance travel, as it is likely to be troublesome and may not give you the desired result. Take care of your food habits and try and keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. Transit of Sun in the 10th house from Natal Moon (13 Apr 2012 19:19:33 to 14 May 2012 16:10:10) This is a favourable period. It denotes gains, promotions, progress and success in all your endeavours. You may expect a promotion at the work place. Favour of your seniors, honour from the authorities and even more opportunities could be expected during this time. This period also denotes success in your endeavour and favourable culmination of any stuck up deals. Socially you may expect an even more respectable position. Your social circle will get widened, meaning more positive and gainful interactions particularly with the opposite sex, honour from your circle of friends and acquaintances. You may even expect to be honoured by the highest of authorities. You could expect more gains from unexpected quarters as well. Your health will be at its best during this time. Overall happiness would surround you. Transit of Mercury in the 10th house from Natal Moon (5 May 2012 21:05:26 to 21 May 2012 21:51:00)
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HP2 50

Meena Kumari

During this period, Mercury will move through your tenth house from the Moon. This denotes contentment and good times for you. You would be happy and successful in all your endeavours. Professionally a very good period could be expected as well. You would be able to finish off the work given to you successfully on time. Happiness at home is also indicated during this time. You could also expect to meet someone interesting during this time. Some of you may also expect to spend some passionate time with someone new of the opposite sex. Possibility of gain from this person is also indicated during this particular time. Financially, this could be a good time for you. The success in your endeavours will be gainful for you and you may expect other monetary gain as well. This period may also bring in a rise in your status in the society. You are likely to be honoured and may command more respect in the society. You may become socially more active and may get involved in social welfare work. Mentally peace and calmness is indicated. Your enemies are likely to be defeated with ease and you would find calmness in life during this particular time. Transit of Sun in the 11th house from Natal Moon (14 May 2012 16:10:10 to 14 Jun 2012 22:45:01) This transit of the Sun mostly means monetary gains, improved economic and social status. This is a suitable time for you to approach your boss/employer for any favors such as asking for a promotion. You will rise in your position at the work place, and get unexpected benefits from your superiors or authorities. You could also expect profit in trade and attainment of wealth during this time and even gains from your friends. Your social prestige would see a rise and you would gain more honour in your neighbourhood. Health would remain fine during this time and your sound health could be a happy occasion for the family.
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HP2 51

Meena Kumari

This period also signifies the commencement of some spiritual constructive deed at your home leading to even more happiness. Merrymaking, distribution and indulgence of good food and sweets at home could also be expected during this time. Overall, a comfortable period is denoted for you and your family leading to familial peace during this time. Transit of Saturn in the 3rd house from Natal Moon (16 May 2012 06:35:27 to 4 Aug 2012 08:45:44) Saturn's journey through the third house is auspicious, especially relating to work and finances. You are likely to make money in more than one way. Success comes from new undertakings or enterprises. This is particularly good time to profit from activities relating to poultry farming or agriculture. You may also consider buying land or fixed property during this time. If you are unemployed, you may hear opportunity knocking at your door or get some lucrative job offers. Those employed may get a promotion, increase in authority, or a pay rise. Attention is given to your intelligence, ability and effort and you are likely to climb up the social ladder. There is a good chance of getting assistance with your work. You will succeed in any kind of discussions and be able to put your point across much more easily than before. You will feel a spring in your footstep denoting good health and vitality of spirit. Any previous ailments will vanish, bringing you comfort and happiness. Home life too will be nourishing and full of conjugal bliss. Your spouse will be doting and more loving than ever. Your siblings and children will treat you well and be very helpful. Your enemies will be defeated and good luck and fortune will bless you during this time. For some, travel may also be on the cards. Transit of Jupiter in the 11th house from Natal Moon (17 May 2012 09:34:46 to 31 May 2013 06:49:20) During this period, Jupiter will move through your eleventh house from the Moon. This signifies a good time. During this time you may expect promotions at the workplace, gain in trade and even a position of higher authority in your professional life. This could also prove to be a socially good time for you, as your status in the society is likely to be heightened. Your splendour and physical
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HP2 52

Meena Kumari

presence will also be noticed and sought during this time. You may even expect gains from your friends and dear ones. This time would help you see your enemies mellowed down and defeated. Your interest in religious activities will rise and you could be benefited by the power of chanting mantras. If eligible, you may consider marriage and couples may expect a new member in their family. Some of you may also get romantically involved with member of the opposite sex during this time. Finances would be good and most of you would consider buying landed property, jewellery, new vehicles and acquiring material comfort in this time. You would also enjoy sound health and a peaceful mind. Transit of Mercury in the 11th house from Natal Moon (21 May 2012 21:51:00 to 4 Jun 2012 18:30:33) During this period, Mercury will move through your eleventh house from the Moon. This indicates achievement and monetary gain. This period is likely to bring in financial gains for you. You may expect to receive higher monetary gains from different sources. Your personal endeavours, businesses and investments are likely to bring in higher financial gains and more profits. If you are a professional or employed, you are likely to be more successful during this particular period. You are likely to prosper in your field of activity especially during this time.

Health should be good. You are likely to be at peace with yourself. You may become more soft-spoken and very cordial in your behaviour. At home, you may expect a good time. Your spouse and children will also be happy and cordial. You may also expect to get some favourable news. You are likely to be surrounded by material comfort. Socially this is a good phase as well. You would be able to command more respect in the society. Pleasant company of the opposite sex would also surround you. Your wit and pleasant nature would also make people flock around you.

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HP2 53

Meena Kumari

Transit of Mercury in the 12th house from Natal Moon (4 Jun 2012 18:30:33 to 21 Jun 2012 18:37:47) During this period, Mercury will move through your twelfth house from the Moon. This denotes expenses for you. You may have to spend more than expected in order to live a comfortable life. Stay away from litigations as this may also cause some loss of money. Moreover, you may also have to work extra hard to accomplish any of the task undertaken by you. Beware of your enemies and stay out of their way in order to avoid any humiliation. Hold on to your respect and try and keep your honour in the society. You could be mentally disturbed due to several reasons. You are susceptible to worries and restlessness during this particular time. You are also likely to be distressed and feel discontented during this phase. You are likely to lose interest in food and conjugal life. A feeling of sickness and suffering may trouble you during this particular point of time. Transit of Sun in the 12th house from Natal Moon (14 Jun 2012 22:45:01 to 16 Jul 2012 09:36:19) This particular period signifies monetary challenges. You would have to take extra care while handling finances during this period. If employed, you may find yourself having a bit of a hard time with your employer. He will tend to not appreciate your work and you may feel a threat of being given less responsibilities or less pay. Do not get disheartened if your efforts and hard work do not give you the desired result at this time. If you are into trade, you may have to go through a few setbacks. Be careful in your dealings. This period may also take you through a rough weather socially. Avoid arguments with anybody, as quarrels with friends and seniors could not be ruled out during this phase. You may also have to go on long trips, which may not bring in the desired result. Avoid activities that involve physical risks and make safety your first priority.
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HP2 54

Meena Kumari

Take care of your health and that of your family during this time as you may develop fever, stomach trouble and some discomfort in the eyes. Discontentment during this particular time may affect peace and harmony at home. Transit of Mercury in the 1st house from Natal Moon (21 Jun 2012 18:37:47 to 29 Aug 2012 05:12:02) During this period, Mercury will move through your first house from the Moon. This may bring in some negative results in your life. This mostly brings in a situation where you may have to serve someone unwillingly. You are also susceptible to face oppression of some kind. Take care to avoid facing a haul over the coals and the lashes of unsympathetic words from others. Keeping a low profile and doing your task best should be the focus during this time. You may also have to watch out for unnecessary expenditure as this may cause a big hole in your wallet. Be cautious with your spending and pay attention to the safety of your finances. You are also likely to befriend some bad personalities who may cause harm. Watch your words while dealing with your near and dear ones. Your insensitivity may create some unnecessary enemies within your circle. Avoid any kind of lawsuits and bad company. Be careful not to do anything that may make you lose your self worth. You would always need your good fortune, so, save it. Take advantage of your education and experience to avoid any glitch in your life. Be flexible during this period, as you may have to make some last minute changes in your plan, project or ideas due to pressure from different quarters or due to some anticipated fear. Obstructions may crop up related to your foreign residence if applicable. You may also find obstacles in performing any auspicious work at home. Take care of your family and yourself as you may become susceptible to deception particularly during this phase. Avoid travel if possible as you may not get the desired pleasure or expected result out of it. Transit of Mars in the 3rd house from Natal Moon (22 Jun 2012 00:05:37 to 14 Aug 2012 09:51:10) During this period, Mars will move through your third house from the Moon. This brings in good times and could be regarded especially well for financial gains. During this time, you are likely to make money in your trade and profession. You
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HP2 55

Meena Kumari

are also likely to acquire valuable ornaments during this phase. Work should be on a smooth sail and you are likely to succeed in matters of importance. Your new endeavours would also see success. If employed, you are likely to be promoted to a position of greater authority and honour. Your success would boost your self-confidence and strengthen your will power during this time. Health would remain good and you would shine with health and vigour. Your enthusiasm is likely to be at its top and you would be relieved from all the past confusion or obstacles. This time also sees you indulging in exotic culinary delights. Your enemies would be defeated and you would be at peace with your mind. Avoid any trip abroad as it may not bring in the desired result during this time. Transit of Sun in the 1st house from Natal Moon (16 Jul 2012 09:36:19 to 16 Aug 2012 17:59:24) The Sun's transit through the first house has a noticeable influence on your work as well as personal life. There could be a permanent or temporary change of place, difficulty at the work place, or a ruffled time with your superiors at work or your employer. You need to take extra care to avoid getting a bad reputation at the workplace, as you may feel more irritable, tired and prone to have disagreements.

To complete the tasks on hand or to meet your set objectives may take more effort than usual. There is a heightened chance for going on long trips, which may not bring the desired result, or may turn out not to have been necessary in the first place. During this period you could feel more tired than usual. Your health would need extra attention as you are susceptible to stomach problems, disturbed bowel movement, discomfort in the eyes and heart related problems during this time. Avoid activities that are physically risky, as there is a tendency toward accidents. On the home front, you need to put extra attention on avoiding disputes among family and friends, and make sure you get the extra rest to minimise irritability and
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HP2 56

Meena Kumari

mental tension. Disagreements may crop up between you and your spouse, and may affect your married life. Overall harmony and peace at home could also be challenged during this time. Transit of Saturn in the 4th house from Natal Moon (4 Aug 2012 08:45:44 to 2 Nov 2014 20:53:34) Saturn in the fourth house from your Moon sign brings an uneasy time. Apart from other aspects of life, your finances will require careful handling during this transit. Avoid wasting money. You may develop a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to your work or profession. You may even start disliking your job and may face the wrath of your boss or a higher authority. Some of you are likely to be transferred to another place of work during this period. Socially this may not be a good time for you. Make efforts to maintain popularity in your social circle. Avoid any activity that might cause you humiliation. Health matters require your focused attention. Some of you are likely to develop lethargy, stomach discomfort, flatulence and other minor ailments. You may also experience anguish, fear, mental confusion and anxiety during this time. Some of you may have bad thoughts or feel the urge to do sinful deeds. Avoid getting into any arguments with your enemies. You may be separated from your friends and supporters. At home, take care of your wife and children, as they may be susceptible to disease or other life threatening situations. There may be a death in the family. Avoid getting involved in any kind of unpleasant situation with your relatives and near and dear ones. This period may see you creating enemies within your immediate family or with relatives. Beware of hidden enemies during this time. On the other hand, some of you may expect childbirth in your family. Transit of Mars in the 4th house from Natal Moon (14 Aug 2012 09:51:10 to 28 Sep 2012 20:45:23) During this period, Mars will move through your fourth house from the Moon. This brings in some hard times in a few of your life's segments. Most of you are likely to face a difficult time when it comes to managing your old enemies. You are also likely to encounter some new enemies who could also be from your own circle of family and friends. Some of you may also befriend some wicked people for whom you may suffer later. Keep an eye on your behaviour as it might become cruel during this phase.

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HP2 57

Meena Kumari

However, a few of you may also go in for some kind of settlement with your foes. Your health would require more attention than usual as this period makes you susceptible to developing fever and discomfort in the chest. Some of you may also suffer from diseases mostly related to the blood and the stomach. Mentally you are likely to remain worried and under a spell of grief. Relationships would be demanding during this time. Make peace with your family and other relatives to avoid further sorrow during this phase. Hold on tightly to your honour and position in the society as well. Avoid any issues related to land and property especially during this time. Transit of Sun in the 2nd house from Natal Moon (16 Aug 2012 17:59:24 to 16 Sep 2012 17:54:19) The Sun's transit through the second house could prove to be a monetarily challenging for you. This period mostly portends absence of expected result or profit in trade and decline in wealth. If you deal in agriculture or trading, this period may bring you some setbacks. This is the time when you are more susceptible to fears than usual. You may feel at risk of being cheated, or experience anxiety for no apparent reason at all. As a result, you may find it difficult to handle ordinary affairs of your life as smoothly as you would otherwise do. You may find yourself not so happy and getting irritated easily even at your near and dear ones, and you may feel less compassion and flexible than usual. If you are susceptible to headaches or problems with your eyes, this is a time were the symptoms may surface. Transit of Mercury in the 2nd house from Natal Moon (29 Aug 2012 05:12:02 to 13 Sep 2012 21:31:48) During this period, Mercury will move through your second house from the Moon. This signifies pecuniary gain and growth of income especially to those who deal in precious gems.

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HP2 58

Meena Kumari

This period is also likely to bring in happiness to you in the form of success in learning and attainment of knowledge. This period also brings in the company of good people and gives you an opportunity to savour exotic culinary delights. However, for some, this particular period may bring in sufferings, bad name in the society and your enemy could also be more harmful than usual. This phase also indicates a probable loss of one of your relatives or a near friend.

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HP2 59

Meena Kumari

Dasha Interpretations
Moon Maha Dasha: 5 May 2002 to 13 Mar 2012

Interpretation of the Maha Dasha of the Moon

General Interpretations General effects which are felt during the Maha Dasha of the Moon are as follows Interest in mantras and Vedas will increase and there may be faith in elders, teachers and gods. Happiness and a good position may be attained due to the favour of those in authority. One may enjoy the pleasing company of young females and the joy of acquiring wealth, land, flowers, incense and ornaments. One may attain skill at many arts. Status and fame in society may increase. Modesty, benevolence and other good habits will increase. The mind may be lively and restless. The birth of a daughter is possible. Water related work, gardening and agriculture will be profitable. One may wish to travel. If the Moon is weak, then physical pain may be caused by cough and gastric ailments. Laziness may increase and one may feel uneasiness due to sleeplessness, headaches and mental agitation. Good people may be opposistional and there may be a loss of wealth. There may be quarrels and arguments with dear ones. The mind may not be interested in good deeds. Specific Interpretations Interpretations based on the condition of the planet and other influences in the birth chart and divisional charts are as follows During the Maha Dasha of the Moon, agricultural farming or land may yield profits and money. Honour may be attained from the king,one may be blessed with a daughter, with friends and the company of women. During the Maha Dasha of the Moon, one may fear the king, fire and theft. Ones spouse, children, and friends may suffer from harm. Long journeys may be undertaken and one may be inclined towards ill deeds. There may be failure at work and consumption of contaminated food during this period. Anger may prevail. Ones mother or some maternal relative may expire. During the Maha Dasha of the Moon, education causes fame, happiness, victory and monetary gains are attained. The number of children and servants increases.
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HP2 60

Meena Kumari

During the Maha Dasha of the Moon, there is fame, happiness and higher education. One may be inclined towards the worship of gods and may bathe at holy places. During the Maha Dasha of the Moon, there is success, progress and profits in business and industry. There may be promotion and acquisition of authority in service. Wealth and honour will be gained from the state. Interest in attaining fame, advancing education and performing yagyas prevails. One may be endowed with land, clothes and vehicles. -Bliss of parents prevails. During the Maha Dasha of the Moon, there will be interest and success in benevolent and religious deeds which may bring fame. Agriculture, wealth and prosperity increases. House and immovable property will be acquired and new work will be started. One may become skilled in many arts. Interest in visiting forest and mountainous regions arise. One may suffer from venereal diseases.

Moon-Venus : 23 Jan 2010 to 15 Sep 2011 Effects of Antar Dasha of Venus in the Maha Dasha of Moon Antar Dasha of Venus in the Maha Dasha of Moon - Wealth and food may be attained and wealth may be gained through one's wife. - Worldly comforts, pleasure due to female company and an excellent wife may be attained. - Business may be favorable and one may possess clothes, ornaments and water related products. - One may suffer from an ailment which has been passed on by one's mother. - Effects like acquisition of a kingdom (attainment of a high position in government), gaining of clothes, ornaments, cattle, conveyances, etc., happiness to wife and children, construction of a new house, availability of sweet preparations every day, use of perfumes, affairs with beautiful women, sound health, etc. - Physical soundness, good reputation, acquisition of more land and houses. - There will be loss of landed property, children, wife and cattle, and opposition from government. - Acquisition of an underground hidden treasure, gain of land, enjoyment, birth of a son, etc.. - Advancement of good fortune, fulfillment of ambitions with the beneficence of the king (government), devotion to deities and Brahmins, gain of jewels like pearls, etc. - Acquisition of more house property and agricultural land, and gain of wealth and enjoyment. - Deportation to foreign lands, sorrows, death and danger from thieves and snakes will be the results. - There will be danger of premature death. - The remedial measures to be adopted for obtaining relief from the evil effects, are Rudra Japa and giving in charity a white cow and silver.

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HP2 61

Meena Kumari

Moon-Venus-Ketu : 11 Aug 2011 to 15 Sep 2011

In the Pratyantar Dasha of Ketu in the Antar Dasha of Venus, there may be a fear of death. There is travelling from one nation to another. Some gain in-between may be attained.

Moon-Sun : 15 Sep 2011 to 13 Mar 2012 Effects of Antar Dasha of Sun in the Maha Dasha of Moon Antar Dasha of Sun in the Maha Dasha of Moon - One may attain wealth and fame from the king and acquire the authority of a king. - Wealth may be earned through work and business and influence and valor may increase. - Enemies may be destroyed, disputes may subdue, freedom from ailments and progress may be attained. - Recovery of a lost kingdom (high position in government) and wealth, happiness in the family, acquisition of villages and land with then kind assistance of one's friends and the king (government), birth of a son, beneficence of Goddess Lakshmi. - At the end of the Antar Dasha, there is the likelihood of attacks of fever and lethargy. - Danger from the government, thieves, and snakes, affliction with fever and troubles in foreign journey. - Sufferings from fever in his Antar Dasha. - Worship of Lord Shiva is the remedial measure to obtain relief from the above evil effects.

Moon-Sun-Sun : 15 Sep 2011 to 24 Sep 2011 Rebellion, loss of wealth, pain caused by women, headache, mental agony, argument with brahmins and similar painful effects are possible.

Moon-Sun-Moon : 24 Sep 2011 to 9 Oct 2011 There is a possibility of the destruction or loss of precious jewels like pearls, etc.

Moon-Sun-Mars : 9 Oct 2011 to 20 Oct 2011 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Mars in the Antar Dasha of the Sun, there may be trouble from the those in authority and enemies, bondage, and great difficulties. There may be pain from fire and enemies.

Moon-Sun-Rahu : 20 Oct 2011 to 16 Nov 2011

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HP2 62

Meena Kumari

In the Pratyantar Dasha of Rahu, in the Antar Dasha of the Sun, there is loss of employment, great difficulties, loss of wealth, fear from enemies and suffering due to ailments. There is also the possibility of mental agony.

Moon-Sun-Jupiter : 16 Nov 2011 to 10 Dec 2011 In the pratyantar dasha of Jupiter, in the Antar Dasha of the Sun, there may be aquisition of clothes, gold and ornaments. - Enemies may be destroyed and one may be victorious and progressive. There are chances of acquiring a vehicle.

Moon-Sun-Saturn : 10 Dec 2011 to 7 Jan 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Saturn in the Antar Dasha of the Sun, there may be loss of wealth, pain for animals, mental unrest, and great suffering. Inauspicious results in every field are foreseen.

Moon-Sun-Mercury : 7 Jan 2012 to 2 Feb 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Mercury in the Antar Dasha of the Sun, one acquires education, mixes with friends and relatives, and gets good food. - There is a gain of wealth. One receives honors from the government and religious benefits are attained.

Moon-Sun-Ketu : 2 Feb 2012 to 12 Feb 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Ketu in the Antar Dasha of Sun, there are chances of quarrels with enemies, fear of life, fear from the government. - One may incur huge losses. There are chances of great conflicts.

Moon-Sun-Venus : 12 Feb 2012 to 13 Mar 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Venus in the Antar Dasha of the Sun, the results are moderate. This
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period leads to moderate gains and wealth. - Happiness is acquired.

Mars Maha Dasha: 13 Mar 2012 to 5 Feb 2019

Interpretation of the Maha Dasha of Mars

General Interpretations General effects which are felt during the Maha Dasha of Mars are as follows During this period, one may acquire land, wealth and mental peace prevails. Wealth will be acquired through those in authority, through weapons, due to the mutual conflicts of contemporary kings, through medicines, skill, increase in animals, many wicked means and a lot of enterprise. Specific Interpretations Interpretations based on the condition of the planet and other influences in the birth chart and divisional charts are as follows Money may be spent in the construction or repair of the house. Enmity with spouse, children, siblings and servants is possible and there may be pain due to those in authority and fire. The effects of the Maha Dasha of Mars is auspicious. Auspicious events like weddings and yagyas may take place. Benevolent instincts may prevail. Bliss of ones mother may be short-lived. There will be ailments related to the body. Victory in conflicts, residence abroad and conflict regarding education is possible. Extreme pain and sufferings are foreseen. One may have to move away from ones motherland due to some state displeasure and will be separated from spouse and friends. Disinterest in religion and indulgence in inauspicious deeds is foreseen. There is a possibility of loss or change of position. Elders may suffer pain and love of God may be hampered by obstacles. Hurdles in good fortune are foreseen. One will undertake long distance journeys. Behaviour will be impressive and officials will be influenced accordingly. Knowledge of many things and skills may be attained. There may be opposition from friends and relatives and excessive expenditure is possible. Pain due to ailments of the ear and gastric problems may occur.

Mars-Mars : 13 Mar 2012 to 7 Aug 2012 Effects of Antar Dasha of Mars in the Maha Dasha of Mars
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Antar Dasha of Mars in the Maha Dasha of Mars - There may be differences with brothers and brothers may suffer pain. - There may be conflicts with enemies, destruction of enemies, increase of courage and valor. - Fear of king and obstacles in work may be possible. - Physical heat may increase and there may be pain due to vrana ailment and ailments caused by the blood acidity and burning sensation. - Effects like gains or wealth by the beneficence of the king (government), beneficence of Goddess Lakshmi, recovery of a lost kingdom (reinstatement in a high position) and of wealth, birth of a son. - Fulfillment of ambitions by the beneficence of the king (government) and acquisition of a house, land, cow, buffalo, etc. - Urinary troubles, wounds, danger from snakes and the king (government) will be the results. - There will be mental agony and body pains. - Lord Shiva will give relief by restoring health and providing gains of wealth and happiness, if the person concerned performs Rudr Japa and gives a red coloured bull in charity.

Mars-Mars-Mars : 13 Mar 2012 to 22 Mar 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Mars in the Antar Dasha of Mars, there is a fear of enemies, tremendous opposition, and excessive bleeding. There is the fear of death.

Mars-Mars-Rahu : 22 Mar 2012 to 13 Apr 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Rahu in the Antar Dasha of Mars, there is fear of bondage, loss of wealth and position. There are conflicts, and fear of enemies. One is deprived of good food.

Mars-Mars-Jupiter : 13 Apr 2012 to 2 May 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Jupiter in the Antar Dasha of Mars, there is degeneration of wisdom, greif, agony and mental agony.

Mars-Mars-Saturn : 2 May 2012 to 26 May 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Saturn in the Antar Dasha of Mars, there is the possibility of the destruction of one's employer. One may have good relations with father. Loss of wealth, great difficulties and fears prevail. Restlessness, conflict and agony are foreseen.
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Mars-Mars-Mercury : 26 May 2012 to 16 Jun 2012

In the Pratyantar Dasha of Mercury in the Antar Dasha of Mars, there may be a loss of mental prudence, and suffering caused by fever. There may be loss of wealth, clothes, food, and friends.

Mars-Mars-Ketu : 16 Jun 2012 to 24 Jun 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Ketu in the Antar Dasha of Mars, there is a possibility of laziness, mental agony, and disease born out of sins. Fear from the government, fear of the death and harm from weapons may prevail .

Mars-Mars-Venus : 24 Jun 2012 to 19 Jul 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Venus in the Antar Dasha of Mars, there may be danger from wicked people, and fear from those in authority. There may be trouble from weapons. Septic infection and other ailments are possible.

Mars-Mars-Sun : 19 Jul 2012 to 26 Jul 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of the Sun in the Antar Dasha of Mars, there will be gain of land, wealth, money and mental content. Company of good friends and happiness in all fields is foreseen.

Mars-Mars-Moon : 26 Jul 2012 to 7 Aug 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of the Moon in the Antar Dasha of Mars, there will be gains from the southern direction. One may acquire white clothes, and ornaments. All work will be accomplished successfully.

Mars-Rahu : 7 Aug 2012 to 20 Aug 2013 Effects of Antar Dasha of Rahu in the Maha Dasha of Mars Antar Dasha of Rahu in the Maha Dasha of Mars - There may be fear from the king, thieves, fire, weapons and enemies. - Wealth and food may be destroyed, elders and friends may be harmed and these may multiply problems. - There may be physical pain and ill deeds may be accomplished. - Effects like recognition from government, gain of house, land, etc., happiness from
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son, extraordinary profits in business, bathing in holy rivers like Ganges, and foreign journeys. - Danger from snakes, wounds, destruction of cattle, danger from animals, diseases due to imbalance of bile and wind, imprisonment, etc. - There will be loss of wealth. - Great danger of premature death. - The remedial measure to be adopted to obtain relief from the above evil effects are Naga Puja, offering food to Brahmins and Mrityunjaya Japa. They will help in the prolongation of longevity.

Mars-Rahu-Rahu : 7 Aug 2012 to 3 Oct 2012 In the Pratyantar Dasha of Rahu in the Antar Dasha of Rahu, there is a possibility of bondage, fear of ailments, and harm of many types. Friends may cause trouble.

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ASHTAKAVARGA SYSTEM OF PREDICTION PART 24 By Dr. E.S.Neelakantan It takes only a minute to change your life This is the title of an inspirational book by Willey Jolley. Why does it just take only one minute? The authors view is that the minute you decide to go after your dreams is the minute you change your life. Everybody is equally in the same position to reach it because everyone gets the same 1440 minutes per day to take advantage of that time. Those who are familiar with the biography of matinee idol Rajnikanth or music legend A.R.Rahman would know that their rise to stardom was meteoric even they didnt have a clue to the rags-to-riches story their lives were about to take. Can anyone give an example of how to correlate with this same concept in Astrology? If you cant think of one, let me cite an example. Please consider the movement of Venus from Virgo to Libra. When it reaches the fag end of Virgo, it is perhaps at its weakest debilitated rasi and debilitated navamsa. The next minute you find Venus in Libra in own house, own navamsa, in Moolatrikona, blazing in full glory in its passage towards its exaltation point Pisces. It acquires a stature through which even the Sun, while getting debilitated in Libra could bask in the glory of a neechabhanga Raja yoga. In my view, this astrological phenomenon, justifies the statement - It takes only a minute to change your life. With these introductory remarks we will discuss the Ashtakavarga features of Venus. In our previous article we discussed a couple of rules: 1. When Venus is associated with 8 bindus in a quadrant or trine, one will possess animals for transport. 2. If in the above case Venus has 7 bindus, that person will possess wealth as well as precious stones. The two yogas mentioned above stand cancelled, when Venus is in Virgo or it occupies houses 7, 8 or 12. The above rule needs a little bit of explanation. While Venus is in the 7th, it is in a quadrant and a rajayoga could possibly occur if rule (a) is satisfied. Then why does the rajayoga become defunct? The answer is simple: When Venus is in the 7th, the dictum Karako bhavanasaya" is invoked. (A karaka in bhava spoils the bhava). Every house has two different connotations namely Jivapara (soulful) and Lowkika (worldly). For instance take the 4th house: Maternal

love is indicated by the 4th house. This is something which a person can experience at the level of soul. Immovable property or vehicles relate more to worldly pleasures rather than soul-satisfaction, though they are represented by the 4th house. This means that when Venus occupies the 7th house, the soulful satisfaction that probably could enure on account of a Rajayoga is denied to the native. Coming to houses 8 and 12, we know that these are inauspicious houses dealing with denial of good fortune and loss respectively. Consequently they too fail to bestow Rajayoga even if Venus obtains bindus in excess of the specified limit. Now we will turn our attention to a series of rules which require care in interpretation since they deal with loose morals. Venus stands for spouse. Relationship between married persons occurs at three levels namely spiritual, mental and physical. Further society lays down norms for behaviour, in accordance with customs and traditions. In India, since time immemorial social behaviour is dictated by Dharma sastras. Jyothisha sastra or Astrology is an independent science whose tenets are not bound by rules pertaining to Dharma sastras. For instance let us say monogamy is the order of the day. The horoscope of the person may show that the person may resort to bigamy. These concepts need to be understood, borne in mind before we go into a discussion on these rules. (a) When Venus occupies the house of Saturn in Rasi or navamsa, the person is desirous of union with a despicable woman. Same is the case when Venus is in conjunction with a malefic. (including Saturn) (b) If Venus occupies the house of Mars either in Rasi or navamsa and is associated with or expected by Mars, the person will be fond of beautiful women. (in an immoral sense) To appreciate these concepts better we need to know the inherent qualities of planets with reference to personal traits. According to Varahamitra, Sun, Moon and Jupiter represent Sattwa guna; Mars and Jupiter, Tamas; and Rajoguna is the quality represented by Venus and Mercury. (vide Brihat Jataka, chapter II, verse 7) The following table explains this concept: PLANET Sun, Moon and Jupiter Venus and Mercury Mars and Jupiter QUALITY Sattwa Rajas Tamas

Please note that Sattwa represent purity of mind. Venus, Saturn and Mars are basically Rajas/ Tamas in quality and inter-relationships between these planets will activate the basic instincts of a person and such people will be guided by passion rather than reason. There are people who can be termed as alcoholics such persons cannot live without drinking and will even squander away wealth to consume alcohol. The quality of alcohol is Tamas since he who drinks becomes unconscious while the craze for drinking is Rajas. So the combination of Mars and Saturn could force a person to take up drinking. Impurity of mind is caused by afflictions to Mars, Saturn and Venus. A persons wife will be (a) A harlot or (b) A destroyer of husbands happiness or (c) A person with extra-marital affairs if in the chart of that person (i) (ii) Navamsa of 7th house falls in the houses of Mars or Saturn and gets expected by these planets or The Lord of 7th house occupies the rasis of either Mars or Saturn.

When The Moon in the navamsa of a malefic is in 7 or 12 and Venus is associated with a malefic, then the person comes to grief through a woman. Please note that all these rules have to be tested or applied only in the chart of the husband. The 7th house denotes the qualities of wife. When the 7th house is subject to Martian and Saturnine influences, the wife will not be loyal too husband. The next rule is an amalgam of three conditions which need to be cumulatively satisfied. - Moon in the navamsa of malefic - Moon in 7 or 12 - Venus associated with a malefic. Moon in a malefics navamsa is a functional malefic. When in 7, this planet will affect married life as 7th house is house of marriage and Moon gets vitiated occupying a malefic navamsa. The 12th house denotes sorrow. Moon, in a malefic navamsa in 12 gives sorrow through a woman as Moon is a feminine planet. Venus is Kalatra Karaka or Karaka of spouse.(Strictly speaking Venus denotes wife in husbands chart but the converse is however not true the reason is Venus is a

feminine planet.) Hence Venus with a malefic gives sorrow through wife or through a woman since Venus is a feminine planet. Generally Venus associated with a malefic is a dosha which is treated on par with Kuja dosha. According to the rules of Kuja dosha, both the boy and girl should have the same quantum of dosha in order to have a happy married life. If the doshas are unequal, then the match will not be good. If the girl is Manglik, then the astrologer will have to search for a compensatory dosha in boys chart. In such a situation, Venus with a malefic in boys chart will equal the Kuja dosha in girls chart. In Ayurveda there is a theory called Tridosha theory. According to this theory if Vaba, Pitta and Kapha exist in the body in almost equal proportions, that person will be healthy. If one is more and the other two are less, disease sets in. The matching done, based on Kuja dosha or Kalatra dosha is similar to this concept. When Mars influences the 7th dosha it generates a certain power which can destroy the spouse, unless an equivalent and opposite power is generated by planets in the spouses chart. When these forces are equal, they cancel themselves out and the couple lead a happy and prosperous married life. To be continued


By Dr.E.S.NEELAKANTAN INTRODUCTION A well built gentleman boarded an aircraft in order to fly to US for a professional visit . The plane took off and this man decided to enter into a conversation with a person seated next to him. The gentlemans next seat was occupied by an American girl, who was slim in stature but fair in complexion . After they had exchanged their usual pleasantries, the subject matter of their conversation turned to age, physique, appearance and topics on similar lines. The girl said, You will be surprised to know that though I appear young and slim, my age is nearly fifty. The stout man was shocked because he was nearly the same age but overweight and he was under the mistaken impression that the girl should either be in college or had just completed graduation. The gentleman explained Madam, we in India bother about our looks and physique, only till marriage. After that we are not concerned. The lady said, Sir, In our country , we are not sure how long our marriage will last. We are forced to re-marry when circumstances compel us . So, we have to keep our body in good shape always. Hope you now realise the need for my present appearance. The stout gentleman was really at a loss of words, hearing this practical discourse on marital affairs in a western country. This explains why I had started in part-24 of this series, In India, since time immemorial, social behavior is dictated by Dharma Sastras. Jyothisha or Astrology is

an independent science whose tenets are not bound by rules pertaining to Dharma Sastras. We now continue our discussion on Ashtakavarga rules pertaining to Venus. (1)If Saturn occupies the 5th or the 9th house from Venus, married life is not happy. (2)If Jupiter occupies the 5th or the 9th house from Venus, it bestows happiness. (3)The virtues of wife can be inferred from the strength of these planets. Let us take up the first rule for discussion. When Saturn occupies 5 or 9 from Venus, it is not going to aspect Venus. Therefore Venus will be free from Saturns aspect or influence. Then, how come it spoils marital happiness? I will give the reason for this rule. When we assess a chart for marital prospects we do it from three points of view 1) Lagna viewpoint. 2) View from Moon. 3) View from Venus(Karaka) Please note that view from Venus is only for marriage examination. If it is for progeny, you have to view it from Jupiter. Likewise if you have to study education, view it from Mercury; so on and so forth. I will briefly explain the genesis of this threefold examination. 1) Lagna denotes physique, appearance and the egoic self.

2) Moon represents mind. 3) Venus refers to Marital happiness, sensual pleasures and worldly happiness. Every human being lives at three levels; physical, mental and spiritual. Let us say a boy is good looking that satisfies one at a physical level. There are some persons who speak in such a way that everyone gets attracted. There are many speakers who can attract huge audiences, by their ability to mesmerize people by their speech. The third level is spiritual level- one may not be good looking, may not speak much but still will be very attractive. A classic example of such a person is Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi. Ultimately married life will affect the couple at all the three levels. In the first stage, physical beauty is the principal factor which creates mutual attraction. John Keats said, A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Please note that this adage applies only to inanimate things like Statue of Liberty, the, Leaning Tower of Pisa or Taj Mahal. For human beauty, we use a different adage , Beauty is skin Deep. When marriage is a product of romance and infatuation, there is much confusion and frustration, after the initial euphoria wears off. Hence viewing a chart from lagna standpoint satisfies only the physical or egoic point of view. The second and third levels at

which we judge a horoscope , namely from Moon and Venus, are far more important in deciding the quality of married life. The weightage in viewing a horoscope from these three angles could be quantitatively described as : Lagna - 100% Moon - 50% Venus - 25% When Saturn occupies 5 or 9 from Venus, what happens is that good effects of the houses of poorvapunya and bhagya (good fortune) get curtailed. Further 9th house is the 3rd house from the 7th.3rd is usually the house for friendship. When 9th is afflicted, the spouse may be indifferent or unloving . Please note that love can mean affinity even at a mental or spiritual level. Hence Saturn in 5 or 9 from Venus is a stumbling block for marital happiness. While Saturn is a planet of contraction, Jupiter is a planet of expansion. Jupiter also stands for cheerful disposition, positive bent of mind , progeny or expansion of family, benevolence and friendship. When Jupiter occupies 5 or 9 from Venus , not only it benefits the poorvapunyasthana as well as Bhagya stana but it also aspects Venus. Please note that when Jupiter aspects Venus any dosha which is attributable to Venus in the birth chart automatically gets annulled. The third and final point we need to discuss is the rule that virtues of wife stem from strength of planets.

There is a colloquial saying Determine Phalam (results) from Balam (strength). What does this mean? Only strong planets yield results. Weak planets do not yield results. According to Varahamihira , The results produced by powerless planets will be enjoyed in dreams and thoughts. (Brihat Jataka, Chapter viii ,stanza 22) What exactly do we mean by realization of desires through dreams and thoughts? It means :- Though there are yogas for achieving things , there is some stumbling block for realization of desires. I wish to cite one example here. In the seventies Indian cricket was dominated by the spin Quartet Prasanna , Bedi, Venkat and Chandrasekhar of whom Bedi alone was a left arm spinner. In that decade, three great left arm spinners played in domestic cricket Shivalkar, Goel and Dilip Doshi. All of them spent their lives in the shadow of Bishen Singh Bedi. If they had played cricket when Bedi was not there , all of them would have represented India in tests. (Doshi did play test cricket , finally after Bedi retired). This is one example I can quote to drive home the point we discussed just now that of achieving things in thoughts and desires. It means that since the desire is unlikely to fructify, one can at least visualize having achieved something and derive some paltry satisfaction out of that. The End.

ASHTAKVARAGA SYATEM OF PREDICTION PART 26 BY DR.E.S.NEELAKANTAN In our previous article, we discussed how weak planets can mar the prospects of a horoscope. We also discussed how Jupiters aspect on Venus benefits the horoscope. We will continue our discussion , now on Venus and its role in Ashtakavarga. The complexion, appearance and character of a girl will be in accordance with the planetary influences acting on (1) Navamsa sign dispositor of Venus. (or) (2) Navamsa sign dispositor of Moon. (or) (3) The lord of the 7th house. In other words all these three factors have a bearing on the qualitative aspects of a girls chart. Please note that horoscope matching is done to ensure compatibility between boy and the girl. For instance let us say there is Neecha bhanga Raja Yoga in the girls horoscope while the boys chart has Kemadruma yoga and Sakata yoga-which are both inauspicious combinations. Logically speaking the charts should not be matched. Let us say the boys parents meet an astrologer. Certainly you cannot expect an astrologer to tell his client This is a good-for nothing chart.So the boys astrologer would okay any decent chart of a girl while he would be equally delighted to approve the alliance of this boy with a girl whose chart is studded with Raja yogas. After all the astrologer is working for his client- you cannot expect him to reject a good chart because his clients sons chart is not good and may not match the quality of the girls chart.It is upto the girls astrologer to reject the boys chart on the ground that it is below average. This is why you come across so many mismatches in todays world.

Here is an instance of how astrologers get into horns of a dilemma. A particular boys parents went to meet an astrologer who rejected a girls chart on the reasoning that the boys chart was very good while the girls chart was below average. Incidentally the girls father showed the boys chart to the very same astrologer. On the ground that the girl would benefit by association with a superior chart, the astrologer consented to the alliance.The astrologer in question was a renowned authority on the subject. The boys father further telephoned the girls father and expressed his regret over the fact that the horoscopes didnt match. The girls father said that the match was very good and if required he would take him to his astrologer who had approved the match. The boys father felt too happy but when the girls father mentioned the astrologers name his joy was short lived - after all he has consulted the same person. They both hit upon an idea. Together with both the horoscopes they went to the astrologers house and requested him to clarify his opinion. The astrologer realized that the boys father was rather foolish to come to him for a second opinion. Further a learned astrologer should be shown reverence. The boys father had failed on both these counts and the girls father was only too keen to exploit the situation. The astrologer finally decided to ask both the parties to get out of his house thereby cutting the Gordian knot. Before winding up the discussion on this subject, let me reiterate that while matching horoscopes , the astrologer cannot put himself in the position of a judge , while trying to say yes or no to an alliance. He is like an advocate, who argues a case on behalf of his client, trying to obtain a favorable verdict. The astrologer knows the pros and cons of the clients horoscope. He knows the inherent limitations of the chart. His aim is to obtain a best possible match for the client. I would prefer the parents of the boy and the girl going to their own astrologer and seeking an independent opinion, while making sure, that in case of difference in verdict of the two astrologers (or by the same astrologer as in the case study presented above), a second opinion or even a third view is elicited as marriage being a once-in-a-lifetime affair, should be given the importance it deserves.

Venus with 5 or 6 bindus in a quadrant or trine, gives rise to happiness, prosperity and blesses the native with conjugal bliss. In this case, if Mars is aspected by Venus, then the wife will be from a noble family. Please note that while presence of Venus in a quadrant is a welcome feature of any horoscope, its presence in quadrant with quadrangular ownership will generate Kendradipathya dosha. Similarly for Gemini lagna, if Venus occupies the 4th it will get debilitated. For Scorpio lagna if Venus is in 4 , not only is Kendradipathya dosha generated but also the presence of 12th lord in 4 will spoil that bhava. For Scorpio lagna if Venus occupies 7, there are three defects given rise to (i) Venus in 7 will get Kendradipathya dosha. (ii) Karako bhavarasaya- Karaka in bhava spoils that bhava .Venus is karaka of 7th bhava and therefore can spoil the prospects of 7th bhava. (iii) Venus in 7 becomes a Maraka or Killer planet. Before the rule stated above vis--vis conjugal bliss is invoked,we have to see whether overwhelmingly Venus is a benefic or not. In some cases the beneficial output of Venus is negligible, while its malefic quality would be quite high. So, prima facie, Venus may be in a quadrant, but its intentions have to be studied carefully before a verdict is given. Coming to the second limb of the rule, Mars aspecting Venus ensures that the girl is from a noble family. This is a very important dictum in todays world. In olden days, the lineage of the bridegroom or bride used to be a factor for judging the quality of the alliance. Just like a cow is judged by its breed, the status of the family could impart its calibre to the bride or groom. It is in this context that a Martian aspect on Venus is supposed to enhance the nobility of the family. Please note that this rule requires a careful application. In certain other areas of Astrology, an aspect of Mars on Venus could stimulate immoral thoughts and feelings in a boy. Prima Facie, a relationship between Mars and Venus results in immoral tendencies. Probably the presence of Jupiterean aspect or Mars getting elevated to

the status of a yogakaraka could be what the Author intended to mean, when he wrote that Martian aspect on Venus is beneficial. Please note that interse Mars and Venus are not enemies. Mars is a Masculine planet while Venus is a feminine planet. So any inter-relationship between them will lead its imprint on a horoscope for good or for bad. For Ascendants Capricorn and Aquarius Venus is a yogakaraka. For Ascendants Leo and Cancer, Mars is a yogakaraka. According to Jatakachandrika, If the same planet owns a quadrant and trine, it becomes a yogakaraka. If a Yogakaraka is related to another trinal lord, what better yoga can arise which is better than this yoga ? (chapter 2, verse 20) So, the relationship discussed above involving a relationship between Mars and Venus would be incomplete if we fail to ascertain whether in this relationship, either one of them is a yogakaraka. If one of them gets elevated to the status of a yogakaraka, the effects of this rule would be completely fulfilled. About the role of Venus in Ashtakavarga we will discuss more aspects in detail in our next article. THE END.



We are now in the process of discussing various aspects of Venus in Ashtakavarga. We continue the discussion in this article. When Venus is in Lagna, 4th or the 10th bhava associated with 5 bindus and aspected by a benefic, then the person will own good vehicles. If in this combination, Venus occupies the house of Mars, then there will be immense wealth and many kinds of vehicles will be owned by that person. Please note that Venus in Lagna itself is a boon. Venus governs all the things conducive to enjoyment in this world. It is also a giver of luxury items. Needless to say, Venus in quadrants (barring 7) is capable of giving rise to ownership of good vehicles. Please note that Venus in 6 is not good in a birth chart. If a person has Venus in 6 in the birth chart that person will be bereft of wealth and much aggrieved. We know that 6,8 and 12 are evil houses. Venus yields good effects in 8 and 12, whenever it gives evil effects in 6. Curiously enough Venus yields evil results in 3 and 7. We know that 3 and 7 are Ishtasthanas (good Houses) whereas 8 and 12 are Dustanas (Bad Houses). Paradoxically enough, Venus in 3 and 7 is bad whereas it is good in 8 and 12. Please note that when we are discussing about a chart, Venus will have ownership over two houses (which will be decided once we arrive at the Ascendant sign). Given the functional role of Venus, the prosperity of those two houses, will no doubt, suffer because Venus becomes the occupant of an evil house,while in 6,8 or 12. It is in these areas of contradictions, that the student needs to study a horoscope with care. The same planet may be involved in a dual role; vis--vis its natural role it could be beneficial, vis--vis its functional role, it could be harmful. So, in such cases, Venus in 8 would benefit its innate qualities viewed as a Karaka while its role as a bhava lord would prove counter-productive for that bhava. The second point, we need to discuss is how Venus in 10, could confer vehicles. The answer is simple; Venus in 10 would aspect the 4th house. When the 4th house comes under the aspect of Venus, it would confer good vehicles.Please note that the aspect of Venus per se does not have intrinsic merit and we shall discuss this in depth a little later.

Can you think of any other explanation to justify how Venus in 10 could confer good vehicles? I, for one can think of another line of argument to support this theory. Moon is the Karaka planet for the 4th house, along with Mercury. We can say that Moon (denoting Mother) and Mercury (denoting education) are the primary Karakas of 4th house. However at a secondary level, Venus (denoting comforts,vehicles and Movables) and Mars (denoting Immovable property) also play a Karaka role for the 4th house even though this point is not made explicit in ancient textbooks on Astrology.However I would be failing in my duty if do not express my gratitude to Shri S.Ganesh who has admirably discussed the issue of karakatwas relating to 4th house in GANESHA HORA SHASTRAM a lucid treatise on the twelve bhavas.What Shri Ganesh has pointed out is that while Moon and Mercury are karakas of 4th house ,planets Mars and Venus are also karakas of 4th house since Mars denotes immovable property while Venus denotes Movables(Ibid,Pages 256,257).Hence in the learned authors opinion Moon,Mars,Venus and Mercury become karakas of the Fourth House. So, when Venus denoting comforts and vehicles is placed in the 10th, then also the native will be blessed with vehicles for the simple reason that among the four quadrants, the tenth is the strongest when we look into the digbala of a planet. Next, we will take up the Ashtakavaraga aspect of this role. Not only Venus should occupy Lagna, 4 or 10 but it should also obtain 5 or more bindus in the Ashtakavaraga chart. In other words, it becomes strong enough to convert its promise into reality. There is an English adage, which says They talk like angels, but live like Men. Promises are given in plenty but seldom fulfilled. In fact even Lord Balaji is taken for a ride by devotees. The prayer is Give me Rs. X and I promise to donate 10% of X to the temple. Due to various reasons, such promises remain unfulfilled in a number of cases. My suggestion to devotees going to Tirupati or any other holy place would be, donate whatever you wish to donate then and there what you can do today do not postpone to tomorrow.When a persons wish is not fulfilled in this birth, then that person might be compelled to take births in future to fulfill the commitment. A promise to donate in future is nothing but creation of Agami Karma ( Karma of the future ). Scriptures say Wear out prarabdha Karma but avoid creating Agami Karma. Our present suffering is explained by Law of Karma. That being the case, to create fresh Karma would be to create karma which would fructify in future.When the present life of a person itself is so miserable,why should anyone undertake future commitments and perpetuate suffering? As well,why not suffer for past karmas now and try and attain Mukti in this birth itself.In this context I invite the readers attention to the Biblical verse quoted from the words of Mathew(6:34).
Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day [is] the evil thereof.

- King James Version (1769 Oxford 'Authorized Version')

Coming to own discussion, the promise held out by Venus is translated into reality by the presence of 5 bindus. Else, the promise will remain just a promise-nothing more, nothing less. The next point we need to appreciate is that this yoga is complete only when there is a benefic aspecting Venus. The fundamental principle is this The aspect of a benefic nullifies evil; augments good. The aspect of a malefic nullifies good; augments evil. Only those planets which have Special aspect can fulfill the role of an aspecting planet effectively. 1) Mars apart from aspecting the 7th also aspects 4 and 8; 2) Similarly Jupiter aspects 5 and 9 apart from 7; 3) Saturn aspects 3 and10 apart from 7. In other words, whenever the role of an aspecting planet is described in Astrology, it relates only to Jupiter, Mars or Saturn. The aspects of Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are not capable of producing the desired effect. So, Venus should be aspected by a benefic means it can only be the aspect of Jupiter. Mercury is usually very close to Venus; So it can never aspect Venus; Waxing Moon is also a benefic and it can aspect Venus, but as discussed earlier, this is not what the founding fathers of the science meant when they discussed about planetary aspects. Please note that in certain cases, a planet can simultaneously be aspected by a malefic as well as a benefic. In such cases, what is the effect? Now, I want to explain this in the light of some of the experiments we did in our school days. We used to take a convex lens and show it on a paper, in sunlight. That paper will immediately catch fire. If you bring a pair of lens over that paper, the two lenses will neutralize each other and the paper will not catch fire. If you bring a third lens, then that will magnify the effect of sunlight and the paper will catch fire.(while the remaining two lenses neutralize each other) Suppose, both Jupiter and Saturn, together aspect Venus. What is the nature of Venus? It is a natural benefic. Take the aspecting planets Jupiter and Saturn. That planet whose nature is contrary to the aspected planet will do its role first. This means Venus being a benefic will have its quality nullified by the aspect of Saturn. The aspect of Jupiter of this Saturnaspected Venus, will revive and augment the benefic nature of Venus.

Let us for the sake of argument, replace Venus by Mars. Mars will become a neutral planet, thanks to the aspect it receives from Jupiter. The aspect of Saturn will revive the intrinsic malefic nature of Mars. The next principle which we discussed is the occupation of Martian house by Venus. Mars is not an enemy of Venus and vice versa. This is not to say that Mars and Venus are friends. They are neutrals. Two planets become enemies when one of them owns the sixth house from the other. For example, Taurus is sixth from Sagittarius. Venus which owns Taurus is an enemy of Jupiter, which owns Sagittarius. Both Jupiter and Venus are benefic but since one of them owns the sixth from the other they become enemies. Please refer to the chapter on Rajayogas in Mantreswaras Phaladeepika. When Venus occupies Ashwini star in the Ascendant and is aspected by three or more planets, it will bring into the world, a king who will vanquish all his enemies (Ibid, Chapter 7 Verse 8) Ashwini star falls in the Martian sign Aries. A King is naturally blessed with lots of immovable property and vehicles. In fact, the entire area in a kingdom belongs to the king. According to some historians, in ancient times, land belonged to the crown and no individual was permitted to own it. Hence if a person were to become a king, automatically he would become the owner of vast lands besides vehicles. I would advise the reader to compare this view of Mantreswara with the Ashtakavarga principles. My view is that Mantreswaras verse is a slightly abridged version of the Ashtakavarga concept. Instead of Venus occupying a house of Mars, it is supposed to occupy Ashwini star. (Ashwini is in the Martian sign Aries) Instead of a benefic, three planets need to aspect Venus. There is no mention about bindus. The Ashtakavarga rule states that the person would get immovable property and vehicles whereas Mantreswaras rule when satisfied would elevate a person to the status of a king.



By Dr. E.S.NEELAKANTAN In our previous part, we discussed the relationship between Venus and ownership of vehicles. We continue the discussion on Venus in this part. When Venus is in a quadrant, other than the 7th bhava or in a trine from Lagna associated with 5 or more bindus and is not aspected by Mars, the person marries early in life. This rule is supported by the general rules of Astrology. A planet in a quadrant or trine is a sure indicator of positive results pertaining to that planet. Venus is the Karaka planet of 7th house and therefore gives early marriage while in a quadrant or trine. As Karaka in Bhava, Venus in 7th is not good. Hence Venus in a quadrant is good provided that quadrant happens to be Lagna ,4 or 10. The aspect of Mars can spoil Venus. Firstly Mars is a Masculine planet, while Venus is feminine. Venus is a soft planet while Mars is aggressive. Thirdly Venus is a natural benefic while Mars is a natural malefic. In Ayurveda , Venus denotes the water (kapha) element, while Mars denotes the fire (pitta) element. Waters tendency is to put out fire . Hence the blending of the Martian and Venusion influences may not give fulfillment in marriage. There is a classic work by Dr. John Gray titled Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. It is an all time bestseller. Once a doctor friend of mine told me , All those who get married should read this book. The husband and wife should read this book together. We know

that the biological framework of a man and a woman are dissimilar. Hence they are bound to react in different ways while dealing with similar situations. This book extensively deals with those areas. When faced with a problem, a man will remain silent; a woman will keep talking about about her problems. Many marriages end in divorce because the couple are never given to understand how a womans mental make-up isdifferent from that of a man at a biological level. When Venus is with 5 bindus in debilitation rasi or navamsa but under the influence of Mars, the person will undergo great difficulties and will get married. When Venus has 5 bindus , the urge to get married is there. The placement of Venus in Virgo coupled with the Martian influences can afflict Venus. Hence difficulties surface in marriage. Unafflicted Venus is a boon. Please note that aspect of Mars on Venus is more harmful than its conjunction. Mars is a planet whose malefic quality is fully present on the house it aspects. Venus is in a trine or in the second house aspected by malefic will create several obstacles for marriage. Venus, well placed will give marriage. But for that to happen, it should be devoid of malefic aspect. When malefic influences are absent , marriage is a smooth affair. When malefics influence Venus, no doubt marriage will take place but lot of obstacles will be there. Life is nothing but an exercise in overcoming obstacles. It was Thomas Alva Edison who said that the way Nature goes about its job, there is nothing to suggest that it is conducive to life . Take Iceland for example. Lots of people live there not because of the climate, but in spite of that.

In such countries, people live and in great comfort too because they have overcome their obstacles. Recently a doctor who is running a Hospital in a rural area narrated an anecdote. A senior official of a company met him for undergoing a minor surgery. The reason was that the official was working in a city and everyone would come to know about the surgery. To avoid this he was going to the town hospital to undergo the surgery. On the surgery date, the nurse who was supposed to come , took leave. A nurse in another ward acted as a substitute. Everything went off well and the official upon returning home wrote a thanksgiving letter expressing gratitude to the doctor. The nurse who helped the doctor enquired about the patient and the doctor explained the whole episode to her. She was astonished. Only four days back, her husband had applied for the job in the same concern ,where the patient worked. The doctor while replying to the thanksgiving letter , gave the details of the job applicant and added a line of recommendation . The nurses husband got the job. The doctor himself told me the moral of this real life incident. The patient was living in the city and never needed to come to him. The nurse was not supposed to help him but was inducted as a substitute. But for this coincidence, the nurses husband would never have got the job. So you need not go in search of things. You need not wish for things to happen. Whatever is pre-destined or ordained will happen because that is how the universe is programmed to function . If God has a certain plan for you, it will automatically happen, irrespective of your thoughts or actions. No obstacle can stand in the way of divine will.

If the lord of the sign occupied by Venus is in a quadrant or trine from Ascendant and associated by 5 bindus in the Ashtakavarga of Venus, the person will be blessed with wealth , lands, vehicles and good fortune. This is a rule which correctly brings out the importance of sign dispositors. In Astrology both Rasi Sign dispositor as well as Navamsa sign dispositor play a pivotal role. However in practice, their role is underestimated. Please note that according to Jataka Chandrika neither the second lord nor the 12th lord give any effects on their own. Their effects are determined only by the sign- dispositor. I will give an example to clarify this point. Chris Gayle may play for Royal Challengers , Bangalore this season in IPL. But the next year, he may play for Mumbai Indians . Really speaking Chris Gayle has no relationship with either Bangalore or Mumbai because he hails from West Indies. Whichever club, he gets associated with, he supports them. The 2nd lord or the 12th lord may occupy some house in the birth chart. They have no preferences on their own. They look to the sign dispositor for direction. If the sign dispositor is beneficially disposed, they too turn benefics; Else they are malefic in their functional role. Venus is a planet which leads with Material pleasures . Wealth, lands and vehicles all add up to a good worldly life and enjoyment. We say that a person is fortunate if he is blessed with wealth and enjoyments. Venus is also a bestower of good fortune because it

happens to be the Karaka planet of the 7th, which happens to be the 11th to the 9th ; In other words it denotes gain of good fortune.



By Dr. E.S.Neelakantan We are now discussing the various aspects of Venus in Ashtakavarga and we continue the same in this article. If the lord of the house occupied by Venus is in the 6th or 8th house from Venus and in a trine from lagna, the person will illtreat his wife and also become a pauper in course of time. Maybe this rule appears paradoxical. A person, who loves his wife, will take her to the beach, to the movies, to restaurant etc. especially in the initial stages of married life, until the euphoric wears off. In the case of the marriage after romance, this phase occurs in the pre-marriage phase, while nothing remarkable will happen in the post marriage phase. In these cases, the person who treats his wife could be expected to become a pauper, not in course of time , but then and there especially in the last few days of every calendar month! The policy of this: When money is there, live like a king, when money is not there, live like a pauper. There was a Tamil movie, where the hero plays a dual role, hoodwinking his employer. The noted Tamil poet Kannadasan who penned the lyrics of the title wrote:

He who came in the guise of a son-in-law, had no bride on hand, to marry; He, who came in the guise of a king, had no kingdom to rule. Why I am quoting these lyrics here, is that in todays world you cannot distinguish a King from a pauper both of them look alike! Coming to the rule I quoted just now, the peculiarity is not only that the person will ill-treat his wife but also become pauper. My advice to all astrologers at this juncture is this: If you detect this rule in the chart of any boy either advice him to remain single or become an ascetic, then and there Hope you will appreciate my suggestion; you can at least save a girls life! When the lords of 5th and 7th houses are in trine to each other and Mars is in the 7th from lagna, the person will be abandoned by his wife. Note the subtle distinction between this rule and the one I discussed earlier. There, the husband was the villain but here the wife is the villain. But you cannot blame the wife here, since this combination appears in the husbands chart! The correct interpretation of this rule is this; if this combination appears in the husbands chart, it is an indication, that due to some bad Karma in earlier birth, he is destined to remain single.

One more point I wish to stress here. These adverse yogas tend to come true even if you try your level best to avoid it. If a person is destined to undergo separation, that person will get married and undergo the trauma of divorce. It cannot be avoided by attempting to remain as a bachelor. If you are destined to take birth and suffer, you will take birth and suffer: you cannot avoid being born. Therefore the emphasis is on performance of good karma, now and here. As far as Sanchita Karma is concerned, you are helpless; but as far as future is concerned what you do now is the Sanchita Karma of the future. You cannot do anything about Prarabhda Karma either. You can avoid getting into the trap of adverse Agami Karma. You can be proactive and prevent conversion of Sanchita into Prarabhdha Karma. In other words if you take full responsibility for all the three kinds of Karma Sanchita, Prarabhdha and Agami you can pull yourself out of the woods. When Mars or Saturn is in the 7th bhava and the lord of the seventh bhava has navamsa in the house of Saturn or Mars or has an aspect from them, then the natives wife will be immoral. I want to break up this rule into various components, so that it can be understood properly since conceptual clarity will be there.

a) Mars in 7 b) Saturn in 7 c) Lord of 7 occupies navamsa of Mars. d) Lord of 7 occupies navamsa of Saturn. e) Mars aspects 7 f) Saturn aspects 7 In short, the 7th house gets connected in Mars or Saturn in three different ways a) Occupation b) Aspect c) Navamsa sign dispositorship. Both Mars and Saturn represent the quality of Tamas. Hence in no way, they can improve the content of 7th house. You might ask me one question; If Cancer is lagna and Saturn is in the 7th house as lord of 7, will this rule apply? The author is not talking about ownership of houses or yogakaraka status or any other matter related to the planet. The rule is plain and simple ; Nexus is between 7th house and Mars ;Nexus is between 7th house and Saturn ; Both these prospects will affect the marital prospects of 7th house vis-a vis morality of the spouse. There may be chart where Mars conjoins Jupiter in the 7th. In another chart Saturn may aspect the 7th along

with Jupiter. In these cases, this rule will not apply. The question of loose morals will never have application, whenever the influence of Jupiter is present. Both Jupiter and Mercury have a beneficial impact on whichever house they aspect or occupy. So the foremost task of an astrologer is to compile the influence of benefics on 7th house ; If the influence of benefics outweigh the influence of malefics , one will be blessed with a good wife and married life will result in happiness and prosperity. I would like to offer my views on the scientific validity of Astrology. Astrology is basically axiomatic; you assume the rules to be true and interpret the science. The main attack launched against Astrology by skeptics is its scientific validity. My question is; can you prove Darwins evolutionary theory or the Big bang theory in a laboratory? These are scientifically accepted theories even though there are skeptics who question the validity of these theories. In this context I wish to narrate a real life incident about how a lawyer in New Orleans proved the title to a property much to the satisfaction of the lending institution and got the sanction for a mortgage loan. Here is the actual story.

A New Orleans lawyer sought an Federal Housing Administration loan(or in short, a FHA loan) for a client who lost his house in Hurricane Katrina and wanted to rebuild. He was told the loan would be granted if he could prove satisfactory title to the parcel of property being offered as collateral security. The title to the property dated back to 1803, which took the lawyer three months to track down. After sending the information to the FHA, he received the following reply. Upon review of your letter adjoining your client's loan application, we note that the request is supported by an Abstract of Title. While we compliment the able manner in which you have prepared and presented the application, we must point out that you have only cleared title to the proposed collateral property back to 1803. Before final approval can be accorded, it will be necessary to clear the title back to its origin." Annoyed, the lawyer responded as follows ... "Your letter regarding title in Case No. 767 has been received. I note that you wish to have title extended further than the 194 years covered by the present application. I was unaware that any educated person in this country, particularly those working in the property area, would not know that Louisiana was

purchased, by the U.S., from France in 1803, the year of origin identified in our application. For the edification of uninformed FHA bureaucrats, the title to the land prior to US ownership was obtained from France, which had acquired it by Right of Conquest from Spain. The land came into the possession of Spain by Right of Discovery made in the year 1492 by a sea captain named Christopher Columbus, who had been granted the privilege of seeking a new route to India by the Spanish monarch, Isabella. The good queen, Isabella, being a pious woman and almost as careful about titles as the FHA, took the precaution of securing the blessing of the Pope before she sold her jewels to finance Columbus expedition. Now the Pope, as I'm sure you may know, is the emissary of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and God, it is commonly accepted, created this world. Therefore, I believe it is safe to presume that God also made that part of the world called Louisiana. God, therefore, would be the owner of origin and His origins date back to before the beginning of time, the world as we know it. I hope you find God's original claim to be satisfactory. Now, may we have our damn loan?" The loan was immediately sanctioned and the applicant got the cheque for the loan amount.

Maybe this how Astrologers need to prove the validity of Astrology when confronted by skeptics!



By Dr. E.S.Neelakantan With this part, we enter into the thirtieth part in our series on Ashtakavarga , continuing our discussion on Venus. When Venus is associated with 4 bindus in Virgo, either in Rasi or Navamsa , aspected by Mars, then there will be scandal about ones wife. When Venus with three bindus or less, is in Aquarius or Capricorn in Rasi or Navamsa with Martian aspect, the persons wife will be an adulteress . Please note that both the yogas discussed above are not yogas as such but duryogas. They are undesirable combinations. Please note that these combinations do not determine the character of a person instead they define the character of the person whom he is supposed to marry or is married to. Let us say a boy is born in 1985.Ordinarily when will the girl whom he marries be born? Let us assume an age gap of 3 years, which is what most people prefer in todays world. Then the girl should be born sometime in 1988. Then how does the birth chart of the person born in 1985 determine the birth chart of the person born in 1988?

If you follow my argument carefully you will appreciate the beauty of the law of Karma. If two people are destined to marry, they will take birth within a span of three years or so due to the operation of law of Karma. A boy born in 1885 cannot marry a girl born in 1975, because by that time the first mentioned person should be no more; he may not even be alive to see the girl, leave alone the age gap. Now I will present the second part of my argument. If all girls born in 1988 were chaste, then the boy born in 1985 cannot marry an adulteress and therefore the rule will fail. So, the logic is the birth of a boy having this bad yoga will trigger the birth of a girl who is unchaste and the final operative part of the rule is that this boy will marry that girl with bad character. How the law of Karma works can be comprehended by the following statements:- Due to bad Karma, a person marries a girl with bad character. - Due to bad Karma, a girl is born with bad character. - Due to similarity of bad Karma and due to Karmic link, they become Man and wife.

To detect this combination an astrologer should have what is called presence of mind. One who opts to become a Yogi should have absence of mind. One who wishes to practice astrology should have presence of mind. I can give two examples to show what is meant by Presence of mind. When Sir C.V.Raman was conferred the Noble prize, he was invited to the Awards function. During the presentation, Dr. C.V Raman explained to the other scientists, the Raman Effect on various substances, including alcohol. According to protocol, there would be a cocktail party after the presentation and Dr.Raman being a strict teetotaler had to think of some valid reason to abstain from the party. At that moment, he had a brilliant idea; he told the fellow scientists, Sir, just now I demonstrated the Raman Effect on Alcohol. I dont wish to demonstrate the Alcohol Effect on Raman . So Dr. Raman was able to uphold his personal habits and at the same time do it in such a way that would not offend the sentiments of the scientists, who had assembled for the great occasion. During a Test Match at Lords, the rival captains, Mike Brearley of England and Venkataraghavan of India, went for the Toss. As they were walking to the middle Venkat asked Mike , what he would do upon winning the

Toss. Brearley said he would elect to field. Venkat knew that in case he won the Toss, he would bat first. So Venkat told Brearley , Mike , you want to bowl first and I want to bat- so do we need a Toss? The rival Captains shook hands and walked back to the pavilion. The next day the tabloids reported , Venkat won the Toss and elected to bat, but what really happened that day was, there was no Toss at all since the rival captains were having contrary intentions which did away the requirement of a Toss. Scandal involving woman is nothing new to India Indias oldest epic, Ramayana deals with this subject in elaborate measure. Rama had to banish Sita due to an allegation made by a washer man questioning her character. This chapter is also the subject matter of the work, Uttararama charita of Bhavabhuti. Please note that with the passage of time this matter has become archaic and people have neither the time nor the inclination to discuss scandals. Due to severe economic crisis all over the world, people have no time even to think about themselves, leave alone others. We will discuss the crux of the rules we saw just now. Mars, Saturn and the sign Virgo are factors governing the rule. Please note that Venus denotes passion, Mars aggression and Saturn, dullness of mind. Bad character can be due to aggression, whose cause is Rajas or due to

dullness of mind which is caused by Tamas. Mars rules over Rajas while Saturn rules over Tamas.Venus rules over passions, which is Rajas. So the influence of Mars or Saturn over Venus creates bad character. Astrologers in Kerala interpret the Madhyama rajju to mean that inter se there are nine stars, which do not match. These are as follows: Stars Category I Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara bhadrapada II Bharani, Poorvaphalguni, Poorvashada. III Mrgashira, Chitra, Dhanishta. If you analyze these three categories, the first category is governed by Saturn, second by Venus and third by Mars. So a boy who is born in a star ruled by Mars, Saturn or Venus should not marry a girl born under a similar star. Please note that this is a draconian law as nine stars will get rejected ab initio if a person in a Madhyama Rajju star. In both the rules we discussed just now, Venus should have fewer than 4 bindus , which makes it weak. When Venus is in Virgo, the quality of the planet suffers. Contrast this with Malavya yoga. In that, Venus must occupy either its own or its exaltation sign to qualify for that yoga. Venus in a saturnine sign is also a contra-indication for chastity of spouse. Please note that these rules need strict

interpretation, not liberal interpretation. This is why I elaborately discussed why an astrologer should have presence of mind. The purpose of this discussion is to drive home the fact that Venus gives bad results while in Virgo, with less number of Bindus , afflicted by Martian aspect and also while occupying either the Rasi or an Amsa of Saturn. THE END.