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UNIT-I Part A 1. Define signals and Systems 2.

. State the relationship between unit step and unit impulse functions. 3. Draw the waveform f (t) = -2 u (2-t) 4. Define Step function and Delta Function 5. What is the period T of the signal 6. Define Power signal. 7. Is the system signal. 9. Find the odd and even component of the given signal x(t)= cos t + sin t +cos t sin t 10. What is meant by time scaling and shifting? Part B 1. Define the following signals mathematically and represent then graphically. i. Step signal ii. Ramp signal iii. Impulse signal iv. Exponential signal 2. Draw the wave forms represented by following functions: i.f1 (t)=(t-1)u(t-1) ii. f2 (t)= -(t-2)u(t-2) iii. f3(t)= -u(t-2) iv.f4 (t)= f1(t)+ f2(t) v. f5(t)= f4(t)+ f3(t) 3. Test whether the given signals are an energy signal or a power signal? i) x (n)=(-0.5)n u(n) ii) x (n)= u(n) iii) x (t)=t u(t) ? ?

8. What is an energy signal?Check whether or not the unit step signal is an energy

4.(i) Sketch the following signal for the given signal x(t)


1) x(4t-6)


4. ii)Find x(3t+2) and x

for the given x(t)

5.a)Find the odd and even representation of b)Find the odd and even components of x[n]={2,4,6,8,10}