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Title of project:analysis of Mother Dairy lo Objectives:Primary objective: -To identify low sales shop (region-01) -To explore reasons

for low sales -To propose and implement solutions to enhance sales Secondary objective: -To collect information of competitor -To know the schemes adopted by Mother Dairy -To know different milk of Mother dairy -To analyze the customer buying behavior Research Methodology: The project is based on the survey plan. The main objective of survey is to collect appropriate data, which work as a base for drawing conclusion and getting result. An exploratory research is conducted in order to identify the reason for low sales and find out the solution. Based on the data provided by mother dairy like daily sales report, low realization points are identified and a questionnaire is prepared to be filled at low realization points and also by milk consuming customer to know the competitive position of mother dairy and reason for its low sales. Their views are considered as per the set questionnaire. Time period for data collection is 1 month 1. Research approach: For primary data, survey research approach had been followed 2. Research Instrument: Two structured questionnaire will be formulated for respondent-Customer and shop vendor 3. Sampling Plan : Sample Size for customer- 100(not finalized) Sample Size for shops-(based on DSR) (not finalized) Sample Frame- Sample frame consist of list of item from which sample is to be taken. w realization points to increase sales

List of Shop of low sales is considered from every zone of Region-01 in sample frame The sample frame for this research also constitute customers from every zone who consume milk in Region-01 4. Sampling Techniques: Non-probability sampling : Quota sampling-at shops Convenience sampling- for customer 5. Method of survey: Personal interview at milk shop, being the direct form of investigation will give clearer picture of the problem. Survey through questionnaire is done among milk consuming customer at those areas. That helped us to know about consumers perception, awareness, and preference for milk. 6. Product on which research was to be done: Bulk vended token milk Full Cream Standardized Toned Double Toned Skimmed Milk cow Milk

7. Data process & analyze data:After the data are collected it will be tabulated, analyzed and interpreted to the conclusion reach. Techniques Applied-Bar Chart

Questionnaire for Vendor:

Booth No:- _____ Vendor Name:- ___________________________

Location/Address:- __________________________________________________ Avg. Daily Sales(in lts) : a) Packed: _____ b) Vending Machine: _____ b) Average c) Unsatisfactory

How would you rate your present sales? a) Satisfactory If average or below average, please specify the reasons:

______________________________________________________ How would you rate Mother dairy on following parameter?

(5.Highly satisfied 4.satisfied 3.neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 2.dissatisfied 1.highly dissatisfied)

5 Margin Quality Consistency Hygiene Responsiveness/service Promotion Packaging Schemes/Incentives Demand Which type of milk sells the most?

TonedDouble toned Standard Skimmed Full Cream Which package of milk is sold faster? 500 ml 1lt No

Do you think consumer would buy 250ml milk pack? Yes

Which situation you encounter at your booth more? Over stockingShortage Do you think using advertisement can increase the sale? Yes Any suggestions/change would you like to give to the company? ______________________________________________________________ No Cant say

Questionnaire for Consumer:

Name: Age : Gender: Education: Occupation: __________________________ 10-15 15-25 male 25-35 female other above 30,000 Location ________________________________ 35-45 above 45

primarysecondary graduatepost graduate student service business professional Below 10,000 10,000-20,000 1l 20,000-30,000 2l

Monthly Income:

Average daily consumption:

500ml or below


2.5l 3l or more

Does milk get deliver at home?



Purpose for purchasing milk: tea/coffee drinking others Which milk do you consume: Bulk vended token milk Full Cream Double Toned Skimmed Milk Have you tried mother dairy milk? Yes no Which branch do you prefer: Amul Mother Dairy Gopal jee Paras other-________ What factor affect while purchasing milk: price What alternative of milk do you prefer: green tea Rate Mother Dairy on following parameter: (5.Highly satisfied Quality Consistency Awareness Price Availability Packaging Taste Brand Freshness 4.satisfied 3.neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 2.dissatisfied 5 4 3 1.highly dissatisfied) 2 1 quality availability brand Standardized Cow Milk Toned

juice soft drinks other-______

Any suggestions/change would you like to give to the company? ______________________________________________________________