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Conserving Land and Soil

Conserving Land and Soil

Less than a 1/4 of Earth's surface is dry land. 1.Except for the small amount added when volcanoes erupt, new land cannot be created. 2.All the people on Earth must share this limited amount of land to
Produce their food Build shelter Obtain other resources

Land is a precious resource!

Types of Land Use

People use land in many ways. 3. Three uses that change the land are agriculture, development, and mining. There are many other types of land use

4. Since land is the source of most food, agriculture is an important land use. New farmland must be created by clearing forests, draining wetlands, and irrigating deserts.

A type of land use that changes the land even more than agriculture is development. 5.Development is the construction of homes, stores, office buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures. The process continues as what?... 6.Population grows. 7.Development not only reduces the amount of farmland, but can also destroy wildlife habitats.

Mining changes the land as mineral resources such as iron, copper, and coal are removed. Once land has been mined, it is often difficult to use the land for another purpose.

The Value of Soil

8. Soil is one of Earth's most valuable resources because everything that lives on land depends directly or indirectly on soil. 9. It can take hundreds of years for just a few centimeters of soil to form. 10.The thick, fertile soil may take thousands of years to develop. Fertile soil is valuable because there is a limited supply. Less than one eighth of the land on Earth has soils that are well suited for farming.

Soil Damage and Loss

11.Soil is one of Earth's most important resources. 12.But soil can be lost or damaged.
It can become exhausted. Lose its fertility Polluted by human activities such as mining or chemical spills. It can be lost to erosion by water and wind.

Soil Damage and Loss

Soil Conservation
13.Soil conservation is the management of soil to prevent its destruction. 14.Ways that soil can be conserved include
Contour plowing Conservation plowing Leaving the soil to lie fallow Crop rotation