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Machine Wise Sewing Thread Consumption PER Inch

Learn Apparel Merchandising, Learn Fashion design.

Machine Name Classification Require thread/inch Plain Machine, 1 Needle, 2.5" Plain Machine 2 Needle 5" Over lock 3 Thread 13.25" Over lock 4 Thread 16.75" Over lock 5 Thread 18.75" Flat lock 3 Thread 16.75" Flat lock 5 Thread 22.25" Bar tack stitching Button hole stitching Button Attaching (2 hole) Feed of the ARM Kanchai Stitching Back Tape Stitching 7" Generally P/Operation 7" Generally Per Hole 3" Per button 7" For one needle 7" For one needle 7" For one needle

After this you must include another 25% sewing thread before place the work order.

Sewing Thread Consumption per Body (Approx)

Learn Apparel Merchandising, Learn Fashion design. Sewing thread consumption is very important for the garments costing. For quick costing we use our previous idea to calculate the sewing thread cost. Please find below an approximate sewing thread consumption list for some common item. This list is based on minimum wastage. So, at first please check your percent of wastage & and try to control it. Item Basic T-shirt Basic Polo shirt Basic L/slv Woven Shirt Basic S/slv Woven Shirt Classic L/slv Woven Shirt Classic S/slv Woven Shirt Basic shorts Classic Shorts Basic L/pants Classic L/pants Basic Nylon Jogging Suit Basic Short all Classic Short all Basic Overall Classic Overall Padded Coverall Basic Romper Classic Romper Night Dress Pajama Set Skirt Panty Brief Brassier Corp set Tank Top Denim 5 Pocket Pants Basic Nylon Padded Jacket Consumption of sewing thread / body 125 mtr 180 mtr 150 mtr 125 mtr 175 mtr 150 mtr 350 mtr 450 mtr 350 mtr 450 mtr 500 mtr 350 mtr 400 mtr 400 mtr 500 mtr 450 mtr 350 mtr 450 mtr 200 mtr 450 mtr 300 mtr 50 mtr 50 mtr 100 mtr 150 mtr 50 mtr 400 mtr 350 mtr

Classic Nylon Padded Jacket Denim Jacket Twill Jacket Basic Nylon Wind Breaker

500 mtr 450 mtr 450 mtr 300 mtr