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what are the criteria for selection of Non Metallic Expansion Joint (NMEJ) and Metallic Expansion Joint

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Follow prabakaran prabakaran s Selection Based on pressure and temperature only.

Temperature based:1. NMEJ joint operating temperature 60 Degc or below 60 Degc.Only. Applications:CW system,Raw water system.

Pressure based:2.NMEJ operating pressure 10 bar and below . 2 days ago Like

Follow vivek vivek srivastava But in my plant nmej is installed where temp is above 900*C 2 days ago Like

Follow naushad naushad ahmad Please Vivek Tell me the location where NMEJ is installed in your plant at 900C? 2 days ago Like Reply privately Flag as inappropriate

Follow vivek vivek srivastava @nausad In seal pot(flue gas circulation path) 2 days ago Like

Follow Jaymin Jaymin Gandhi so many parameters depend to select the type of expansion joint.Pressure, temp , media at inlet to exp joint , also depend on force as well moments at exit of respective nozzle going to flue gas duct .Some times it is used to have dismantling joint in any duct.Kindly send the link or flow disgarm where exactly it is. 2 days ago Like

Follow Brajnandan Brajnandan Singh NMEJ are of various types like there are fibre joints for withstanding higher temperature , in the flue gas path, but there also temp is in the range of 300 degree C. Naushad is correct in his interpretation- Mainly temp ( <60 & pressure <10 for generally called REJ, which is non mettalic , along with the stress directions plays a role in selection.Also stress analysis of pipeline justifies/recommends the type of ej in the pipelines.