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Paul Kindergarteners
and 1st graders
are traveling to . . .

Adventures in

Find out how Hawaiian foods grow,

and experience how they taste!
See the Hawaiian underwater world!

May 22nd, 2009

Learn about volcanoes and Hawaiian


Take some hula dancing lessons with

a professional!
Hawaii Itinerary

What to bring! What will we do?

‘Fly’ fro m A ustin, Te xa s, to Ha wa ii

Visit a fa r mer s ma rke t an d t ry

some A ut henti c Ha waii an foo d!

Und e rwa te r T ou r

Vie wi n g Vol can oe s i n Ha wa ii

*Bring $10.00 by May 18th for a
souvenir picture with frame, tasty
Hawaiian treats, small group Hula Hul a L es s on s
lessons by Island Rhythms Hula
Ha w aiian Wa te r Fun !
*Wear your Hawaiian clothes and

*Bring your swimsuits for

Hawaiian Water fun!

*Bring your beach towel!

*Bring your goggles! (if you have For additional

information contact
Tour guides:
*Label all your items with your Mrs. Braun
name! Mrs. Mitchell
Miss Krienke

Hawaii 2009