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He was born 4th december 1982 in Mel Bourne, Australia. His parents are Durska and Boris Vujicic, although he didnt has arms and legs, he married in February 2012 with Kanae Miyaharad and they have a baby in February 13, 2013 The law to Australia didnt left that Nick assisted to school in the principal street But finally Australia left that he could assist to school. Although his classmates derision to him, He ignored the derision and he tried to make friends He learned to brushing teeth, combing, swimming and get dressed. Next he studied two licenciatures, first in contability and second finance planation. He is conferensist and motivational speaker. He has talked in the 5 continents and in 30 countries face to face, he wrote no arms, no legs, NO WORRIES!, and life with limbs, He participated in the short film butterfly circus . He will plan motivate to more guys for that they follow their dreams.