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#1 Good awesome superior wonderful excellent amazing heavenly stupendous spectacular magnificent fabulous marvelous superb great super-duper

tip-top be all and the end all all that stellar first class top drawer

#2 Bad horrible horrid horrific devastating atrocious beastly disastrous disturbing dreaded ghastly hard to take rotten obnoxious monstrous no good revolting not good so NOT good terrible worst possible scenario unpleasant worst case

#3 Big monstrous huge giant gigantic jumbo humongous tremendous herculean colossal elephantine enormous immense mammoth monster stupendous towering vast leviathan mountain-size king-size Hulk-size

#4 Happy cheerful sunny content glad joyful jubilant perky pleasant pleased thrilled tickled tickled pink over the moon on cloud nine delighted ecstatic overjoyed elated

#5 Energetic fresh industrious peppy snappy vivacious zippy get up and go full of energy bubbly active animated bouncy sparkling upbeat full of life zippety-doo-dah

#6 Faithful dependable devoted loyal hard core steadfast unwavering trustworthy reliable has my back supportive

#7 Friend buddy homie bestie best bud BFF sidekick partner in crime soul mate kindred spirit alter ego wing man bud in my posse pal home boy

#8 Smart intelligent clever top of the class brainy brainiac whiz kid knowing crafty genius quick-witted wise brilliant egg-headed bright sharp a total Einstein

#9 Tiny small miniature teeny little minute pee wee pocket size wee puny microscopic itty bitty teeny weeny eensy weensy

#10 Delicious tasty yummy savory succulent divine mouth watering melt-in-your-mouth finger-lickin good appetizing delectable heavenly luscious scrumptious

#11 Angry annoyed enraged exasperated irritated fuming huffy infuriated offended raging sullen uptight cranky mad-as-a-wet-hen

#12 Tired stressed exhausted weary washed out worn down conked out frazzled sapped beat dead dog tired outta gas run down done done in

#13 Leader boss leader of the pack person in charge the Big Kahuna general commander El Jefe chief director guide head big cheese fearless leader head honcho big gun top dog top banana

#14 Positive Traits easy going eager fair sweet thoughtful enthusiastic affectionate caring honest humble considerate dependable faithful adventurous friendly generous

#15 Positive Traits (contd.) genuine loving fun to be around pleasant reliable imaginative cheerful compassionate respectful helpful responsible sincere trustworthy capable grateful kind

#16 Negative Traits angry bossy bullying sneaky lazy mean cold-hearted conceited touchy vulgar cowardly disrespectful grouchy grumpy

#17 Negative Traits (contd.) jealous obnoxious greedy pessimistic rude sarcastic cruel dishonest stingy arrogant babyish stubborn thoughtless critical

#18 Beautiful awe-inspiring breath-taking gorgeous drop dead gorgeous stunning ravishing easy on the eyes dazzling appealing captivating majestic impressive remarkable eye-candy spectacular bedazzling

#19 Sad blue gloomy depressed dejected down in the dumps heartbroken tearful sorrowful hurting heavy-hearted unhappy miserable mournful having a pity party

#20 Go Fast blitz burn rubber careen fly hurtle jet peel out race rip rocket scratch off skyrocket speed take off whiz whoosh zip zoom

#21 Go Slow
as slow as molasses in January

barely moving crawl creep dawdle edge inch meander move at a snails pace move in slow motion shuffle sidle skulk slink stroll leisurely tip toe unhurried

#22 Tastes Bad yucky bitter disagreeable rancid dreadful foul gross indigestible inedible nasty putrid rank repulsive revolting rotten sour unpalatable unpleasant unsavory wretched

#23 ugly bad looking disgusting disgusting looking dog-face dowdy frumpy grotesque gruesome hard on the eyes hideous homely loathsome mud ugly repulsive revolting unappealing unattractive unsightly vile

#24 to love admire adore am crazy about am devoted to am fond of am nuts about care for cherish flip over go ape over hold in esteem idolize prize think highly of treasure value worship

#25 Boring dreary dull humdrum lackluster mind-numbing monotonous repetitive tedious tiresome unexciting uninspiring uninteresting wearisome

#26 Interesting absorbing appealing attention-grabbing attractive captivating curious enthralling exciting extraordinary fascinating intriguing mesmerizing noteworthy remarkable spellbinding stimulating thought-provoking

#27 Hot blazing blistering boiling broiling burning fiery scalding scorching searing sizzling spicy steamy stifling suffocating sultry sweltering

#28 cold arctic bitter cold bone-chilling brisk chilly cool freezing frigid frosty frozen icy like ice nippy sub-zero teeth-chattering wintry

#29 Strong beefy brawny burly heavy-duty intense made to last muscular strapping sturdy tough well-built

#30 Weak anemic delicate drained exhausted faint feeble flimsy frail helpless Minnie Mouse puny scrawny wimpy

#31 family members ancestors aunt/uncle brother/sister brother-in-law cousin forefathers grandfather grandma/grandpa grandmother great grandma great grandpa mom/dad mommy/daddy mother/father niece/nephew sister-in-law stepfather stepmother

#32 weather blue skies blizzard breezy clear cloudy drizzling foggy gloomy gorgeous hurricane misting pouring raining cats & dogs snowy sunny tornado torrential downpour windy overcast