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Stand Alone Operation

The DVC-1000 is a complete videoconferencing solution that is so easy to use we call it a VideoPhone. Theres no waiting for a PC to boot up to determine whether you have a call and no navigating complex software. You can communicate when you want, the way you want and without having to be a computer expert. From your broadband Cable modem, DSL or Ethernet connection to the Internet, the DVC-1000 uses the power and connectivity of the Internet to communciate. By using a broadband connection you get high-quality video and audio without the quality limitations of dial-up Video Phones. High video speed and quality are possible with the DVC-1000. Using the H.323 video compression standard the DVC-1000 can display video in real-time. This lets your friends, family and colleagues see and hear you in real-time, anytime. You set up the DVC-1000 from the intuitive, easy to use Setup Wizard. You are guided every step of the way through a few short setup screens and before you know it, your making and accepting VideoPhone calls! The DVC-1000 comes with a full-function intelligent remote control so you can use your VideoPhone in the same convenient way you watch televison. In fact, you even enter information from the remote control using an on-screen keyboard. Know whos calling before you answer the DVC-1000 VideoPhone with the built-in Caller ID. You can turn off the video or audio and even activate the Do Not Disturb mode. You control the privacy features of the DVC-1000.

High Quality Broadband Videoconferencing

Streaming Video at up to 30 Frames Per Second

Easy Configuration Setup Wizard

Remote Control Included

Audio/Video Privacy Protection with Built-in Caller ID

Patent Pending

Videoconferencing is easier than ever with the user interface in the DVC-1000. The appearance of the display is controlled by the remote control, making it simple to switch from the Picture-in Picture or Full Screen videoconference display.