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Where is your face on the moon Baba Gee ??


We have news for you:

Sai Baba’s moon miracle fails

Friday, 05 October , 2007, 00:05

Puttaparthi: Thousands of people gathered at the airport here on Thursday night after word spread that
controversial godman Satya Sai Baba would be “sighted” on the moon – but returned disappointed
when the “miracle” did not happen.

The 81-year-old Sai Baba was also present at the airport and later returned to his ‘Prshanti Nilayam’
ashram here in Anantapur district.

It all started when an official of the Sai Trust announced that the godman would make a “moon
appearance” 6-7 pm and asked devotees to proceed towards the airport.
Thousands of the Baba’s devotees from neighbouring villages rushed to the airport but were
disappointed as a cloud cover hid the moon. They waited for an hour before dispersing.

Police had a tough time in clearing the traffic on the airport road to enable the Baba to return to his
abode amid tight security. There was no word from Sai Trust as to why the ‘miracle’ failed to materialise.

His devotees believed that the clouds played spoilsport while rationalists termed it an attempt by the Sai
Trust to revive the Baba’s waning popularity. IANS. (Indo Asian News Service)


Sai Baba Did Appear and we got the clearest picture of all. Taken with a High power RamLela
Telescope built by the divine Hench men of Baba. Here it is:

Photo credit: http://www.saisathyasai.com/baba/man_in_the_moon.html

And now here is what we photo graphed with our RamLela camera: