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High Pressure Vessels 1998 - Preview - More editions Keeping pace with a fast growing industry, this invaluable study presents timely information on the basic principles of high pressure vessels.

Pressure Vessels: Design and Practice Somnath Chattopadhyay - 2004 - Preview Not just a 'cookbook,' this volume allows you to trace the origin of the design equations used in the construction codes, offering a valuable, physical insight into the design process.

Pressure Vessel Design Donatello Annaratone - 2007 - Preview - More editions This book guides through general and fundamental problems of pressure vessel design.

Composite Pressure Vessels: Analysis, Design, and Manufacturing - Page 623 Valery V. Vasiliev, Robert Millard Jones - 2009 - Full view The previous chapters of this book are devoted mainly to theoretical aspects of design and analysis. However, practical design and manufacturing of composite pressure vessels involves some miscellaneous problems which are usually ...