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SPS for Windows XP (Installation Procedure) 1. Copy the file given in the CD (ekpdefaultdb.

sql & sps) to root C:\

2. Extract the file sps.zip, so we can access the file inside.

3. Now, install the mysql 5.5 dari folder yang telah di sediakan. 4.Click Next when prompted.

5. Create a password (Recommended: sps), then click next. Masukkan sps (bukan SPS) dalam ruang ini. Pastikan ianya betul ... kalau salah MATI ... yang bawah tu sama jugaklah


6. Open the mysql command line client, and enter the password sps .

8. Type this command mysql> show databases; //this command is use to show the default database given mysql> create database ekpdefaultdb349; named ekpdefaultdb Jika tersilap boleh guna command : mysql> drop database (nama yang tersilap) //create a new database

mysql> show databases; //view the new database created (ekpdefaultdb) mysql>show tables;

9. Open the command line prompt, and type the following: i) cd C:/

ii) cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\bin

iii) mysql -uroot -psps ekpdefaultdb349 < C:\ekpdefaultdb.sql

10.We will now check the database that has been transferred, whether its correct or not. Using the following command at MySQL command line client. mysql> use ekpdefaultdb349; mysql> select *from cam_school;

11. Run the bat file inside the sps folder.

12. If everything installed correctly, we should be able to see an SPS system at the browser when type http://localhost:9080/ at the url. Default username and password is admin.